The Irradiates “Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost”

10 previously unreleased, live, or rare songs by France’s best surf rock band The IRRADIATES. “All You Need Is… Transmutation” puts you right into the band’s vintage sci-fi world with some strident punked-up surf rock. “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die” is a great song title, and no wonder that you can hear the DEAD KENNEDYS‘ spirit in it. The IRRADIATES have never been a trad surf band, but they sometimes get close to it in songs like “Ca$h” or “Dr. Holidays.”
While the tracks are mostly instrumental, you’ll hear some vocals in “Slide Machine” (13th ELEVATORS cover with JERRY SPIDER GANG‘s vocalist Lo as a guest), “Everything Turns Grey” (live AGENT ORANGE cover with Mike Palm guesting on vocals!), or in “Knowledge From Abroad” that surprisingly almost sounds like a FUGAZI song.
This record comes out in a cool gatefold cover, including notes about each song and black and white pictures of the producers/audio engineers who worked on these songs. Good job again, guys! /Laurent C.
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The Irradiates “Revenge Of The Plants”

RevengeOfThePlantsWatch out! France’s best cosmic surf punk band is back with 12 new songs recorded and mixed by Jim Monroe (CJ Ramone, The ADOLESCENTS, etc.) in Besançon, France (Cube Studio.)
“Revenge Of The Plants” is mixed in a more old-school (trad-surf rock) way than the band’s previous releases (Their 2010 release “Audio Mental Manipulation Device” was recorded by Steve Albini, and thus had a more “indie/punk rock sound”), here guitars from Dick Den’s and Arno DeCea are orgasmically fighting with each other (“Locked In The Chromatic Spectrum”, “Malherbologie”, “Audrey Jr.”) while Buanax and Macst’s groovy punky rhythm section solidly stands in the back.
You’ll hear some raw guitar riffs mixed to moody ones in songs like “Shut Up. Let’s Grow” or “Parola 12345678(9)”, some classic rock’n’roll guitars and punk rock vocals (“Jack-In-The-Pulpit”, or the amazing “Tales Of A Poisoned Seed” and its DEAD KENNEDYS vocal touches), and clever tributes to the pioneers of surf music (Link Wray, Dick Dale, etc.) in songs like “Caulerpa Taxifolia”, “Unidentified Wild Flower”‘ or “Sap Rain.”
Ending on a dramatic note with a track called “Herbivore” (not too surprising for a vegetarian band, right?), “Revenge Of The Plants” will drown your mind in a colourful Sci-Fi, B-Movie sea while your feet won’t do anything but dance!/Laurent C.


Scott “Deluxe” Drake/The Gee Strings (split 7″)

ScottGStrLITTLE RICHARD on a cover can never be a bad sign when you love rock’n’roll, right? These guys sure know it! You get two originals and two LITTLE RICHARD songs (or songs popularized by him to be more precise) on this split 7″ vinyl, so no bad surprises ahead…
The original thing here is that these two bands share the same rhythm section: Mad Macst and Buanax from French surf punk rock band The IRRADIATES. Both have been touring with SCOTT DRAKE and The GEE STRINGS for a while now, so the idea of a split record appears to be as logical as good.
On A-side, Scott “Deluxe” Drake (The HUMPERS…) offers us one of his songs “Your Secret Face”, a good mix of ’77 punk and garage rock’n’roll, and a cover of “Keep A Knockin” that leads him close to a band like The JIM JONES REVUE. By the way, check out Scott’s new band The LOVESORES!
On the other side, German female-fronted punk rock’n’roll band The GEE STRINGS rock hard and tight with their song “Detox Too”, and their cover of “The Girl Can’t Help It”, a song which really fits them well. The kind of cover that makes the audience want more when you play it live as an encore!
There’s only 330 pieces (220 black and 110 coloured vinyl with 2 different covers) of this American/German/French split 7″ on Spanish record label Ghost Highway recordings, you should hurry up!/Laurent C.