The Innocent “S/T”

Italy has brought us some exciting rock’n’roll bands these last years (GIUDA, IDOL LIPS, LESTER GREENOWSKI, etc.), and it seems like it won’t stop now. Max (vocals/guitar) studied rock’n’roll at a good school since he played with RICKY RAT both in Europe and in the USA. Back in Italy, he found three rock’n’rollers to express his love for glam punk rock’n’roll. His JOHNNY THUNDERS guitar style hits us right from the start with “What You Gonna Do”, and influences such as the DEAD BOYS or The PROFESSIONALS can be spotted in “Out Of Kicks”, “Nobodies From Nowhere”, or in “Nothing At All.” The raw energy and angry anthemic backing vocals on this album also remind me of The BLACK HALOS, and songs like “Crazy Talk” or “Blah Blah Girl” have no problem to get stuck in your head! The INNOCENT sometimes flirts with street punk in songs like “I Can’t Find A Cure” or “No More”, but you’ll still get these cool THUNDERS guitar solos. The band even has their own “Pipeline” with the closing song called “Lafayette.” Nine ’77 punk infuenced songs played with syle, and no fillers, this is the kind of album I needed to listen to these days! /Laurent C.

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