The Gee Strings – Let’s call it rock’n’roll!

The GEE STRINGS have been around for quite some time now. After getting addicted to their new LP ā€œI'm So Gee!!ā€, we thought it was the right time to ask them a few questions. Bernadette (guitar) tells us about the new album, the band's different line-ups, his experiences with SONNY VINCENT, SCOTT DRAKE and The... Continue Reading →

The Gee Strings “I’m So Gee!!”

Any band starting with a JOHNNY THUNDERS guitar intro can only fit on here, right?... Well, apart from this, The GEE STRINGS have been rockin' all over Europe since 1994 with different line-ups, establishing themselves as one of the leading '77 punk bands in Germany. On this album, you'll find the atomic rhythm section of... Continue Reading →

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