The Gee Strings – Let’s call it rock’n’roll!

The GEE STRINGS have been around for quite some time now. After getting addicted to their new LP “I'm So Gee!!”, we thought it was the right time to ask them a few questions. Bernadette (guitar) tells us about the new album, the band's different line-ups, his experiences with SONNY VINCENT, SCOTT DRAKE and The... Continue Reading →

The Gee Strings “I’m So Gee!!”

Any band starting with a JOHNNY THUNDERS guitar intro can only fit on here, right?... Well, apart from this, The GEE STRINGS have been rockin' all over Europe since 1994 with different line-ups, establishing themselves as one of the leading '77 punk bands in Germany. On this album, you'll find the atomic rhythm section of... Continue Reading →

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