“I am Julian Assange because I could be next, and you could too. Do you want your government telling journalists anywhere in the world what they can and can’t publish?” (-Oliver Stone)

State power is deliberately stripping Julian Assange of his own humanity.” (- Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower)

The working class better get their shit together and stop putting all your attention on these culture wars the owners keep us fighting before it’s too late. How many trillions do they get to steal, and how much harder will we have work for less before we see we’re in a class war?” (-Black In The Empire)

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Biden indicts four members of the the Black Leftist org for “weaponized free speech.” @kthalps @aaronjmate” / Twitter

Old Woman Seeking Justice 🐝🐝🐷🐝🐝 on Twitter: “57 gunshot wounds. Shot while sitting cross legged with their hands raised. No gunshot residue on their hands. That single gunshot heard, 10 minutes after the barrage of gunfire (on the BWC video), is certainly the cops firing a drop gun. Straight up execution. #tortuguita” / Twitter

Controlled left sells ARTERIAL lies better 4 Right on Twitter: “Well, the CIA’s media is showing their degree of objectivity re RFK Jr pretty clearly.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “Tortugita’s death has officially been ruled a homicide.” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “From what I saw today it seemed like RFK Jr. was willing to call out corruption with the CIA for example but then say there are some good CIA officials. Same thing with the Democratic Party. He realizes it’s bad but thinks it can be reformed. 😬” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Wait, so Biden’s Justice Department just arrested four American leaders of the African People’s Socialist Party for engaging in *political activity* that allegedly serves Russia? How the fuck is that legal?” / Twitter

Collin Rugg on Twitter: “JUST IN: Robert F. Kennedy releases powerful campaign video. “My father and my uncle had a vision for America, a vision of racial harmony, of prosperity for all Americans. Of peace in the world and of honest government. Their lives were tragically cut short and America took a…” / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “Here’s a playlist of all the times @GetIndieNews members have talked to or covered Uhuru @_InPDUM members including @AkileAnai & @OmaliYeshitela, @PennyAPSC two of the members taken into custody.” / Twitter

“The DOJ’s case here reminds me of its prosecution of the Holy Land 5 and other US Muslim civil society leaders

When the FBI was unable to find the “terror cells” Americans believed existed after 9/11, they made some opportunistic arrests for PR purposes and destroyed many lives. This fake and racist case flows from the Russiagate hysteria that convinced millions of Americans that Russia was paying dissident groups to destabilize the US political system. The FBI was unable to find anything real, so it went after the African People’s Socialist Party.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “UK counter-terror police arrested French book publisher, seized his laptop/ phone & asked about his support for the French pension reform protests and his views on Emmanuel Macron” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “In 2005, Tapper & RFK Jr. were collaborating on a damning report re: CDC corruption/ vaccine safety. Tapper was enthusiastic and “hoping to win an Emmy” – last minute a frustrated Tapper called Kennedy to tell him that corporate was scrapping it:” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Loud applause when RFK cited his uncle, JFK, vowing to “take the CIA and shatter it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” He closed by vowing, “I’m gonna bring the troops home, I’m gonna close the bases, and I’m gonna start investing in the US middle class”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “In announcing his presidential bid today, @RobertKennedyJr delivered a blistering attack on the US war state RFK said Biden has made Ukraine “a pawn in a geopolitical battle” that has “put the flower of Ukraine’s youth into an avatar of death in order to exhaust Russia” 🧵” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK channeled America’s antiwar traditions, from John Quincy Adams’ warning against going abroad “in search of monsters to destroy” to his father and MLK’s stands against the Vietnam war “There is a direct link between poverty and violence and oppression at home and war abroad”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK Jr. framed the billions in US military aid to Ukraine in terms of the war the US government has waged on its poor at home, denouncing the archipelago of 800+ US bases abroad and calling for redirecting military spending to America’s needy” / Twitter

Black Socialists Charged for Speaking Out Against Ukraine War, Midwestern Marx Joins – YouTube

“Some will say this is a slippery slope but it’s a full-on avalanche. This is literally the ruling elite imprisoning those who don’t repeat their propaganda. Absolutely disgusting to see Biden’s DOJ indict 4 Americans who are members of the African People’s Socialist Party under the same BS Russiagate garbage that has been proven false for 6 years. Even the DOJ admits they’re charging them for “weaponized free speech.” Even if the allegations were TRUE (they’re not), this still amounts to the US government arresting & indicting people for speaking in a manner the government didn’t like. Hmmm, coulda sworn there was something about “freedom of speech” in some sort of document. (-Lee Camp)

“Bush was a warmonger.

Obama was a warmonger. Trump was a warmonger. Biden’s warmongering with Russia and China not only threatens WWIII but has already led to indictments of Black activists and Chinese nationals on BOGUS charges. In other words, McCarthyism on STEROIDS.” (-Danny Haiphong)

This is NOT America. Chairman Omali, a grass roots American, anti imperialist activist for 50 years ! He said “No one and no country tells me how to think” Below is what these anti imperialist peace activists face for speaking out against the US /NATO backed war in Ukraine:…” (-Tara Reade)

Tim Barker on Twitter: “”The indictment alleges that African People’s Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela and members Penny Joanne Hess and Jesse Nevel acted as illegal agents of the Russian government without notifying the U.S. attorney general.” They each face up to 15 years in prison.” / Twitter


Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The Georgia Gestapo murdered Manuel Teran in cold blood.” / Twitter

Atlanta Community Press Collective on Twitter: “It’s now confirmed by the DeKalb Examiner’s office that there was no gunshot residue on the hands of Manuel Paez Terán. Activists have long maintained that the State’s claim Tort fired first was a lie, and this autopsy supports activist claims.” / Twitter

Abolish Golf Courses on Twitter: “They murdered Tort. They covered it up and framed them. They lied. Then they destroyed their memorial. May the parties who did this never know a day of peace. #VivaTortugita” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The state killed a protester camping on public land. The police story has changed over and over but the story from the forest that day has remained the same — Tort was murdered by police; the officer who was shot was shot accidentally by another cop.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “multiple officers from multiple police departments murdered Tortugita — who was camping on public land, seated in their closed tent, hands in the air — and then framed Tortugita. we know their body had 57 bullet wounds, but we don’t know even one of the killers’ names.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “This is what letting the Democratic Party bring back McCarthyism because they lost an election, not caring about what they did to Assange, supporting censorship and not caring about Free Speech leads to It’s only gonna get worse and Blacks will be major targets Vote Blue my Ass” / Twitter

Greg vs Crabitalism 🦀🇭🇷 on Twitter: “Jim Crow Joe is literally out here arresting black socialists now and watch NONE of your favorite grifters and opportunists talk about this because it’s too close to election season. Instead they’ll try to gaslight you and say he’s changed over time” / Twitter

unusual_whales on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times has just reported on Congressional members trading during the banking crisis. They showed how members traded during the crisis, while the public worried. Here is the list of members highlighted:” / Twitter

“Humans are tribal so I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising but it’s still amazing how the US media treats accusations from the US Government as unquestionably true (reading indictments = reporting), while similar accusations from adversary governments are inherently false.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Gadaffi was excited when Obama won the Presidency thinking that he might have an opportunity to have good relations with America and it would be good for Africa.

He didn’t realize that it would be under the Black President that he’d be murdered and his country be destroyed. Hillary thought his murder was hilarious.

It’s way past time for Americans to realize that this war is not something that our Gov’t is responding to, and is really a war that they spent years trying to provoke.. You can’t make it to the top in politics without being corrupt.

That goes for both teams. They are throwing a whole lot at us right now, that means there is a whole lot they don’t want us to see. The Dems and GOP are playing us against each other with these culture wars, while they transfer all the wealth of this nation to their donors. The ‘Big Lie’ is calling the US a democracy. Those ‘Shock and Awe’ sanctions that they told us would destroy Russia’s economy are working, but on Europe instead.

They have to keep saying the largest military conflict in EUROPE since WWII, so we don’t think about the damage the United States has done all over the rest of the world since then.Have the Liberals who talk about how hateful and intolerant the Conservatives are, ever actually listened to themselves talk?

This country is exactly what the owners paid both the Democrats, Republicans, and their corporate media to create. I watched many of the same people on here that swear they are morally superior to others attack and mock parents of children who were injured by the jab. I am starting my plan on getting out of this corrupt. immoral, upside down country.

To be honest I can’t put up with the people trying to recreate reality on either side of most of the dumb battles the ruling class has us fighting.

I have to find a degree of normality somewhere. I should be able to respect you, love you for who you say you are, demand that you have the same rights as everybody else and still think that the things that you believe are not reality without being called names.

The same rights you have to what you believe, others do too.. The working class better get their shit together and stop putting all your attention on these culture wars the owners keep us fighting before it’s too late. I’m not a Republican and I’m not giving up my guns. My advice to the Black community is to run away from any Black politician being promoted by the Dems or GOP like they have the plague.

Anybody actually fighting for us would be getting primaried, not praised. Every 4 years, millions of Americans go out and vote, still foolishly believing this is a democracy and we get a choice.

We don’t realize we are choosing between candidates given to us by our owners, and if a ringer slips through they don’t control anything anyway.

How many trillions do they get to steal, and how much harder will we have work for less before we see we’re in a class war? Let me get this straight. The DNC who voted for the Architect of Black mass incarceration for President, all voted to arm Nazis in Ukraine, and support NATO the military arm of White Supremacy are the Party that cares about Black people? Same people who acted like Trump calling Kim Jung-Un “Little Rocket Man” could lead to the end of the world are now cheering on Biden spending $110 billion fighting a proxy war against one nuclear power and trying to start a proxy war another.

It’s always ok if their team does it. I keep trying to tell Black people and the so called Left to stop going along with the Dems BS, because eventually the Gov’t will turn it on to you. If you think Dems who got caught rigging their Primary in 2016 and pushed a spy novel conspiracy theory saying Trump didn’t really win are gonna protect this make believe democracy, you’re nuts

You probably also think Putin is a comic book villain that was totally unprovoked. When the truth started to come out all those people that said “Believe the Science”, suddenly lost all interest in ‘The Science’. Fauci lied to us to sell more vaccines, Austin, Blinken and Sullivan just got caught lying to us to prolong this war, Biden got caught telling the Afghan President to lie about what was happening there and Trump was indicted for paying off a porn star.” (-Black In The Empire)

“”Today, 22% of Americans trust their government and 22% trust the press – the lowest level ever. The media is at the lowest because we know the media lies to us now and everybody knows that.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr)

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches primary challenge against Joe Biden: “My mission… will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country.”” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr Calls Out the Corruption in Our Federal Regulatory Agencies “President Trump brought Scott Gottlieb in…He of course made $88 Billion for Pfizer on one vaccine and then left to join Pfizer’s board. That’s not draining the swamp – that is the swamp.”…” / Twitter

Joshua Reid on Twitter: “🚨👉💥Former CIA Larry Johnson with Judge Napolitano on the Pentagon Leaks. Like I said. You are watching an Op in progress. This guy is the patsy. Crash landing of US Foreign Policy and push for Restrict Act. Pay close attention to what Larry Johnson says. Various…” / Twitter

Malcolm Fle✘ – 🇺🇸Amoral Mercenary🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Don’t let the information that was leaked about this 21 year old distract you from the actual information of the leak. I guarantee you that this is the media’s way of taking your eyes off the prize the best way they can until they can get their new Restrict Act online.” / Twitter

Pat, just Pat on Twitter: “The RESTRICT Act legalizes a massive violation of our rights (Patriot Act on steroids.) If we let this pass, we’re fucked. Signing this is just one step. Spread the word. Raise hell.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “It’s funny. I don’t see any of the “free speech” right speaking out against the arrest of the four Uhuru members. I guess that would fuck with their victim narrative about how it’s only the right that’s being silenced. No fucking consistency. On either stupid side.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Covered this tonight on my show. Would love to do more fleshed out coverage if anyone knows someone I could speak with about it.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Literal spooks are running his campaign? Excellent. Solid. Totally fine.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “She’s gonna take your money and then tell you to vote for Biden” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Talk about a match made in Hell” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Maybe Feinstein needs to go and take Pelosi and Biden with her Nancy Pelosi Confused during Interview. (Good morning, Sunday Morning) via @YouTube” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity (@hannahcrileyy) / Twitter


Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Give me a sword. I need an army, and it can’t be just the Party. I need Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I won’t pretend to agree with you on every position. But I would make America a safe place to debate your positions and I will give you an ear and open mind.” / Twitter

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “Our strategy in this country has been to use military weapons to project power around the world. The Chinese did something different; they adopted my uncle’s philosophy and strategy. We were spending $8 trillion bombing bridges, ports, roads, and…” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Heal The Nation’s Divide “By Telling The Truth To The American People.” ( if you oppose a lockdown cashless world government ran by creepy oligarchs….

LIVE: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. expected to announce presidential run – YouTube “We have a government today that is scared of its people. And I say to this, if people want integrity, they should vote for me. If people want to protect the Constitution, they should vote for me. If people think that the Bill of Rights is still relevant, they need to vote for me.

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “When my uncle came into office, two months later he was fighting his intelligence apparatus and his military… in the middle of Bay of Pigs, he realized they were lying to him. He realized the function of the intelligence agencies had become to provide…” / Twitter

Almost HALF Of Dems Have Favorable View Of RFK Jr.! – YouTube anybody who cares about peace, the enviornment, the food supply, or free press should vote for Kennedy.

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr Holds Trump Accountable for the Damage Done From the Lockdowns “The very people who were profiting on those lockdowns were the ones who were strip-mining the wealth from the middle class in this country. Amazon got to close down all of its competitors…they…” / Twitter

Collin Rugg on Twitter: “NEW: Robert F. Kennedy blasts the media and Biden White House, accuses them of lying about the war in Ukraine during an interview with Tucker Carlson. “Russians are killing Ukrainians at a seven to one, eight to one ratio. They cannot sustain this. What we’re being told about…” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “There are valid critiques of RFK Jr — and they are the ones you won’t hear in the corporate media (class interests, etc). But just adopting the MSM smear that he is “an anti-science anti-vaxxer” is just lazy & dumb, especially considering how all COVID propaganda was disproven.” / Twitter

Going Underground on Twitter: “On this episode of ‘this did not age well’: Senator Joe Biden in 1997 mocked Russia’s concerns on NATO expansion and said it is not an option for Russia🇷🇺 to deepen ties with China🇨🇳, and Russia’s only option is to look West. Now Russia has a ‘no-limits’ partnership with China,…” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “During this time period, the CIA was also arming, funding & training far-right Nazi groups (Azov, Aidar, Right Sector). The CIA’s involvement with these groups dates back to 1949 during “Operation Red Sox” when the CIA began supporting nationalist elements across Eastern Europe.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “2014: US handpicks Ukraine’s post-coup government 2014: Genocide in Donbas begins 2015: Ukraine begins criminalizing left-wing opposition parties, slogans, symbols and media 2015: V.P. Joe Biden threatens to withhold $1 billion unless Prosector General Viktor Shokin is fired” / Twitter

“They were 100% sure about Iraqi WMD & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong.

They were 100% sure about RussiaGate & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong. They were 100% sure about COVID & demonized all nonbelievers. But they were wrong.

Today it’s Ukraine.. What makes RFK Jr objectively interesting is that he truly is appealing to people all over the political spectrum.

He supports medical freedom more than Trump or Desantis. He’s much more anti-war than Biden. Many reasons for independents, Greens & Libertarians to like him too. Obviously some hate him for those same reasons, but that dynamic means he shouldn’t be subject to the same “spoiler” smears Nader & Stein got. Maybe he could “spoil” the narratives of corporate American politics — bring together different races & classes, the rednecks & hippies.” (-Primo Radical)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential bid backed by 14 percent of Biden voters: survey | The Hill

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Liberals in 2020: “Black Lives Matter! Defund the Police!” Liberals in 2023: “BLM are Russian stooges! Arrest them!”” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “@TheDemocrats This is the result of our glorious economy. All money for Nazis in Ukraine.. none for us!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Burns in fury! In response to Macrons televised speech telling people he would push on, regardless of their opinions. They know their social system is being undermined by globalists, they are rejecting it. In the end the people will decide 🔥” / Twitter

Degrading Your Right to PRIVACY It’s NOT About Leaked Documents & TIKTOK | Fiorella Isabel Joins RBN – YouTube Danger Will Robinson!

Primo Radical (@PrimoRadical) / Twitter

Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits – The Grayzone

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – This time Lyon. This is the people’s response to Macrons address this evening to the people. Gathering spontaneously and singing in the streets, demanding his resignation.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “LOCKSTEP – Look around you, all Governments at the same time, pushing through changes to ‘reset’ society as dictated by non elected organisations, not by citizens. Crushing democracy in a “narrow window of time” PM Rutte explains. Resist it 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “HUMAN RIGHTS – Well this isn’t sinister at all? A Frenchman has been arrested by UK POLICE in the UK under terror laws, for attending anti government protests in FRANCE & for refusing to give his passcode for his mobile. so they could prove it! Be worried about this!” / Twitter globalist clampdowns on freedom, privacy, free speech, free press

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Macron on walkabout greeted by booing citizens and chanted of “Macron Resign” Deluded dictators call these ordinary people “far right” agitators, 70% of French citizens are now against Macron’s policies.” / Twitter

Season of the Snitch – The Grayzone Friday Live – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “TRUDEAU – Reacts to CBC being labelled State affiliated Media on Twitter, by stating it’s a direct attack on ordinary Canadians! Conveniently forgetting HE has attacked ordinary Canadians for 3 years 🤡 Self awareness level 0!” / Twitter

DeSantis MIA While Thousand Year Flood Hits Florida – YouTube torturer 

Leaked Ukraine War Docs: What’s really going on? | SYSTEM UPDATE – YouTube

Family of Lashawn Thompson Demands Justice After He Was “Eaten Alive” by Insects in Atlanta Jail – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WHO PANDEMIC TREATY – Parliament today Danny Kruger stands to defend your rights & against handing citizens health to an unelected body funded by pharma. I urge you to listen to the whole speech. Here’s an important clip. Share with your politicians, before it’s too late 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The people rage against government officials, including the Health Minister. Macron is pushing through changes to healthcare including “The fee-for-service principle” he has announced. Work longer, pay more! The new Macron mantra.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “I know I’m like a broken record but I will not stop warning you of the dangers of the WHO & one world governance. If you thought lockdown, vaccine mandates & restrictions of your life were over, think again. Take a stand, is this your line? if it isn’t then what the hell is?…” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PRAGUE – Tens of thousands of people are protesting against the government, for spending too much money and energy on Ukraine and ignoring the needs of their own people. Inflation now at 15% the people call for the globalist government to resign. They won’t:” / Twitter

“They’re not worried about Russian propaganda, they’re worried you’ll stop listening to US propaganda.’ (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I care about the health of my friends, family and community.

I care about fairness and justice. I care about maintaining and improving my community, country and planet. I DON’T care how others live their lives only that they are free to do so.” (-Erin Brockovich)

“Congress’ inability to actually represent the real live human beings of America, combined with an economic system that rewards lack of empathy and an excess of greed, has brought us to a dark time when an oncoming tsunami of financial ruin, destitution, and evictions towers over our heads, blocking out the sunlight. No matter when you’re reading this, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homeless people across the U.S. Bear in mind during the pandemic our government bailed out big banks and Wall Street to the tune of $4.25 Trillion, but on top of that the Pentagon has over $21 Trillion of unaccounted-for adjustments on their books over the past 20 years and can’t account for half their assets. This is to say — there’s plenty of money. Money is an idea, a concept, an imaginary metaphysical belief, and it’s high time we faced the fact that the U.S. government has an unlimited imagination. As philosopher Alan Watts once put it — Money is not a thing, it’s a measurement. Saying there’s not enough money to do something is like a builder saying there’s not enough inches to build a house. He has the wood, nails and hammers. He’s just out of inches. (-“Dangerous Ideas” by Lee Camp).

“Old people want to ban TikTok. And, as with all polls, it’s key to remember that young people usually tend to become just like old people when they become old. They won’t remember what TikTok was but will become just that obedient to their televisions.” (-David Swanson)

BREAKING: 200 US “military trainers” arrived in Taiwan today, 80 percent from the US Army. This comes after the Wall Street journal reported earlier this year that Biden would be sending 100-200 US troops to Taiwan, quadrupling the amount at the time. Imagine believing the US should “save” Asia from China after the US killed countless *millions* in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and Korea.

American exceptionalism is worse than fantasy. It’s an outright lie. If the US can station troops in Taiwan, China should be allowed to station troops in Puerto Rico. It’s only fair.” (-Danny Haiphong)

OLD NEW WAVE ELDERLY GOTH FRONTMAN LOOKING FOR A GUITARIST ALA BRYAN GREGORY, NEAL X, MATTHEW ASHMAN, JAMES CALVIN WILSEY, JAMES HONEYMAN SCOTT, SPENCER P. JONES, KID CONGO POWERS Graveyard Town coyotes seeking wild eyed cool ghoul gorehound for torch n twang punkroll band influenced by the Cramps, Birthday Party, Gun Club, Suicide, Clash, Stooges, Beasts Of Bourbon, Hangmen, MC5. Must be self sufficient, willing to travel, or especially adept at utilizing computerized recording software.

Beast – Possessed / Wolfbane Nite [7″] – YouTube

The Cramps – 1979 footage – TV Set live NY w. Bryan Gregory rare – YouTube

Oowee Baby – The Cramps with Bryan Gregory – YouTube

Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps with Bryan Gregory – YouTube

THE CRYPT OF THE CRAMPS: The Way He Walked (Bryan Gregory RIP/WTF) (

The Loved Drones “The Day That Bryan Gregory Died ” – YouTube

Beast – Guardian – YouTube

The Cramps –Goo goo muck (Subtitulos En Español) 1981 Genero Punk Rock Tema de la serie Wednesday – YouTube

The Cramps, Beast and Beyond: A Book About Bryan Gregory – YouTube

The Cramps, Beast and Beyond: A Book About Bryan Gregory (2021 Edition): Wombat, John: 9798451746325: Books


LEAKED AUDIO: Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw BULLSH*TS Sick East Palestine Resident – YouTube

Lauren McKenzie on Twitter: “This is genuinely terrifying. They tried to treat Erin Brockovich as a terrorist for helping in East Palestine. None of us are safe.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”This is the first time in my life I think I’ve ever been afraid,” – #EastPalestine’s Eric Cozza. His urine tested for high levels of Vinyl Chloride. He’s had nosebleeds and more since the train derailment. As we broke, CDC is recommending doctors NOT TO TEST residents for VC″ / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “All of these headlines are from the past 5 days.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “NEWS: @CDCgov hasn’t responded to requests for comment from @StatusCoup on why it’s urging doctors NOT TO TEST #EastPalestine residents for cancer-causing chemical Vinyl Chloride. Multiple residents’ urine tested at elevated levels MONTHS after derailment” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “@CDCgov @StatusCoup The chemist offered a blunt assessment on why the CDC wouldn’t want residents’ tested for VC. “I believe the EPA and CDC are circling their wagons in an effort to cover their asses.”″ / Twitter

Kim Dotcom on Twitter: “Beating terrorist @JoeBiden 😎” / Twitter

Whistleblowers: Trying Hard Not to Adjust to a Sick Society – Activist Post

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@ErinBrockovich EPA official Mark Durno previously admitted the agency had planned for the “controlled burn” of one train car of vinyl chloride as of Sunday 2/5. But by Monday, Durno said “THEY” decided to burn 4 more. THEY is presumably Norfolk Southern (who claimed it was the fire chief).” / Twitter got mines still trust industry captured regulatory agencies and think it can’t happen to them, shitlivbs don’t mind if tv suppresses real news.

screaming into the mush parody abyss on Twitter: “@ErinBrockovich Evergreen meme” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “It’s been the longtime strategy of those in power to keep people fighting each other to stall progress. It’s working.” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “One thing that doesn’t get enough attention is the latency of chemicals & how they take time to impact the body. We also don’t fund enough research on how toxic chemicals affect the body. That’s something we talk about…” / Twitter

Speak Your Truth: Don’t Let the Government Criminalize Free Speech – Activist Post

unelected WEF operative Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Food inflation at 19.2% the highest since 1977. Interest rate rises cannot bring down the price of essential food. Rishi ‘Trudeau’ failing on all promises to citizens but successfully fulfilling WEF predictions of the past 3 years.” / Twitter

Submit Claim – Facebook User Privacy Settlement

“My God, they’re going to kill us all!” (- John Connally)

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The Media aren’t showing you the brutality of the police, as they try and quash any dissent against Macron. They don’t want you getting any ideas, unpopular policies are no longer debated because they know you’d say no!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “UN – it’s worth remembering as the UN’s latest report called for the decriminalisation of sex between adults and children they are also demanding global control over ‘emergencies’ It’s a silent coup of everything!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The legal route is over. The people don’t care. Water canons have been deployed on citizens who refuse to accept that parliament has been ignored and their voices are irrelevant. Go France, we hear you 🔥” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Meaning… I have no idea what happened in or around Ukraine prior to Feb. 24, 2022. I don’t know what Azov or Bandera are. I don’t know about the 2014 US-backed coup. I don’t know about NATO expansion. I’m just voicing the opinion that I know I’m supposed to have. PERIOD.” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “🔥 Robert F. Kennedy Jr Announces His Candidacy for President “This is what happens when you censor somebody for 18 years. I got a lot to talk about. They shouldn’t have shut me up for that long because now I’m really going to let loose on them for the next 18 months. They’re…” / Twitter

“This is not a democracy.

If 75% of the country right now said they didn’t want to give anything else to Ukraine, you think they are gonna hold an emergency vote to stop it, or give us their butts to kiss while they send another few billion? The leadership of these corporate Parties people swear are fighting for their culture issues don’t give a damn about you

They play on your emotions to keep us all divided so they can wage the class war their owners put them in office for and steal all they can get away with. Fauci has at best been proven wrong about his handling of Covid and at worst been proven a liar who was paid to sell as many vaccines as possible.

The gullible who called people antivaxxers who were right and fell for Gov’t and Big Pharma lies now have no interest in the Science. For a country that mocks the belief in God so easily, it’s pretty crazy to see so many atheists seem to believe that the United States has some kind of god given right to tell the rest of the world how they have to live and to punish them for not obeying us. How much money do you think these 2 Parties pull in making us believe that our vote matters every 4 years?” (-Black In The Empire)


Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “There is nothing scarier to those in power than activated citizens!” / Twitter

American Student Union of Virginia on Twitter: “Today, Chairman Omali Yeshitela was arrested on groundless charges of acting as a “foreign agent”. The US government has a long and bloody track record of repressing Black revolutionaries and accusing them of espionage such as Malcolm X, MLK Jr, Fred Hampton, and others.” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “Here is my recent interview with Chairman Omali!” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “This is NOT America. Chairman Omali, a grass roots American, anti imperialist activist for 50 years ! He said “No one and no country tells me how to think” Below is what these anti imperialist peace activists face for speaking out against the US /NATO backed war in Ukraine:…” / Twitter

Chairman Omali Yeshitela on Twitter: “#OmaliTaughtMe Sunday Study: The African Revolution of Ayiti (Haiti)” / Twitter

🇺🇸 Clout on Twitter: “Uhuru Movement Speaks On The 7 Military-Style Coordinated Raids 🧐🧐 🍿” / Twitter

American Student Union of Virginia on Twitter: “Statement of the National Committee of the American Student Union: On the Arrest of Chairman Omali Yeshitela The American Student Union condemns this flagrant political repression of the African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement.” / Twitter

♦️GALLOPING GAYE♦️ on Twitter: “………The Restrict Act Is BIG BROTHER ON STEROIDS An Intrusive Spy Agenda TO STRIP YOUR FREEDOM Please Listen And Digest The Ramifications ♦️♦️” / Twitter


Gutter Gospel salutes Rockford’s Finest! SAAAAAALLLUUUTE! Man, Bun E. is like the best drummer ever, I don’t even feel the same about Cheap Trick anymore. It’s like Wolfgang replacing Michael Anthony, makes no sense at all.

Hey, Bun E., there’s a deadend desert ghost town cowpunk and torch n twang influenced band of gypsies with some power pop influences, who would welcome you to join us at the bonfire down by the railroad tracks, if you care to make the trip, just leave word with Comrade Laur, our Secretary Of Glitter & Minister Of Information.

Cheap Trick Drummer Bun E Carlos Interview 102516 – New 2021 Version – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos – “Greetings From Bunezuela!” full album – YouTube

Tinted Windows – Back With You – YouTube

HQ Tinted Windows on David Letterman – Kind of a Girl – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos and the Blue Balls Rockford, IL 1/5/1996 Bun E’s Basement Bootlegs – YouTube

Cheap Trick Drummer & Co-founder Bun E. Carlos Interview (Part 1 of 1) 102516 – YouTube

Bun E Carlos – A History of Drum Licks – Part 1 – YouTube

Cheap Trick – RnR Hall of Fame Acceptance Speeches – full, uncut – YouTube

Your Moment of Zen E. Carlos (Cheap Trick Bun E. Carlos @ Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert) – YouTube

Bun E. Carlos (

Bun E. Carlos


Veterans’ New Plan To Stop Endless Wars! – YouTube

Now We Know The REAL Reason Pentagon Documents Leaked! – YouTube

Biden’s Words On Russia & China Come Back To Haunt Him! – YouTube

Elon Musk Schools BBC Reporter About COVID “Misinformation” – YouTube


My brother and comrade, Neen Youkhana, the pirate king and keeper of the code who sails under no flag together with me and the last remaining rocknroll outlaws opines:

“For myself, I’ve always leaned toward the guitarist that had an air of mystery with short bursts of what’s to come when they would step out of the shadows 

And man, when they do step into the light it is with swagger and reckless abandonment.

Joe is exactly that guitarist.

He has all the requirements of Guitar Hero one which influenced a generation or two.”

Man I’ve been diggin’ into some primo rocknroll motherfuckery courtesy of the Joe Perry Project. In my early 20’s, I used to run around with a very cool guitar player from a famous rock group who worked at a steakhouse in Kenmore Square and used to tell me stories about when he played the Rat and CBGB’s and met John Belushi and bartended with Keith Richards. I loved that cat but I aint talked to him in years, not since my retirement from the capitalist ratrace gentrification hipster backstab muzak scene. Anyways, he’s who got me into a lot of my fave bands like Alex Harvey, Bob Dylan and the Joe Perry Project. When we were growing up, Aerosmith was still brokeup and Jimmy Crespo was in the band, I saw him play at the Coconut Teaszer one time, maybe with Delanie and Bonnie, he was good. I was drunk. So yeah Joe Perry played on all our favorite songs you know on the red and white Aerosmith cassette that my teenage guitarists learned to play to. I loved “CHIP AWAY THE STONE” so much, that might be my favorite Aerosmith tune besides you know, “Dream On ” and “Same Old Song & dance” and “Walk This Way” and “Back In the Saddle” and “Sweet Emotion”. I lived in Boston for about five years and my old roommate/saxplayer used to work as a limo driver for Collins Mgt., chauffering all the rich wives around the town. Rumor had it they were fans or friends of the Unattached dudes so I was told I should hang around the Rat on local rockstar Jamie Sever’s wedding reception day, cause there was supposed to be an all star jam that night, but we started the heavy boozing too early that day and I did not even last until five or six and totally missed meeting any famous Aero-dudes. I have always been fond of Tyler and of course kids in my generation and the dudes five and ten years older than us, we all stole all our best onstage moves from Steve n Joe, David Joe and Johnny, Mike and Andy and Mick N Keith. I know me and my lot made careful study of ’em all. Just like Faster Pussycat, Guns N Roses and Electric Angels all did! It’s hard to not love old Aerosmith even if they got way, way, way too corporation jellyroll in their sober years and can no longer make a mountain fly. I mean, even if Joe is a Nuge like rightwing automatic weapon collecting, gung ho, pro hawk military rich guy, he had so much impeccable style onstage, all the acest shape throwing, an awesome tone, I mean I have not really liked any new Aerosmith that much except um, “Jaded” was okay kinda like Fake Beatles, and “What It Takes”, their old country song used to KILL me when my heavy metal girlfriend Dawn was fucking around on me. I was so in love with her, I’ve always been a fool for love. Even years later when she came back around with a big bottle, you know, my motel room door was still wide open. But yeah….you start diggin’ into summa those Joe Perry Project records and it’s like holy smokes, he gets me having all the rocknrolls again. I like Edward Scissorhands and Choclat and Ed Wood and “Mary” by Rock City Angels and Captain Jack Sparrow and have a great deal of compassion for him over the chick who cut off his finger and shit in his bed having had my own share of crazy expereinces with attention seeking stalker types, but so far, I just have not been able to really connect with the Hollwood Vampires, Joe’s band with Alice and Johnny Depp, even though I sometimes listen to Alice Cooper’s night time radioshow and it seems like them and the Beatles are his main obsesseions, I am rather enjoying all the Joe Perry Project videos I’ve been unearthing on the youtubes. The Dolls had a lotta resentment towards Aerosmith because they stole their management and wife but Aerosmith always dug the Dolls. Most Dolls People were mad at Tyler when he came to Johnny Thunders funeral, but not me. I love ’em all. How cool did Joe Perry look in the 70’s? Dead Cool, right? He’s basically still that cool now! Even with the money and some whackjob capitalist millionaire USA! USA! gung ho richman ideaologies. Let the music do the talkin’…

The Joe Perry Project – I’ve Got The Rock ‘N’ Rolls Again – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project Once A Rocker Always A Rocker Live – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project-Shooting Star(Live)-Milwaukee 1980 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders cover live 4/16/23) – YouTube

Let The Music Do The Talking (Live) – Joe Perry – YouTube

Joe Perry Project – Chip Away The Stone – Aerosmith – LIVE in BOSTON at House of Blues 4/16/23 2023 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – East Coast, West Coast – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – S.O.S. (Too Bad) – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – Lick And A Promise – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube

The Joe Perry Project – Lightning Strikes – Mashantucket, CT 2023-04-15 – YouTube


Lori Spencer on Twitter: “These #Uhuru DoJ indictments are troubling. The charges are so sweeping and wide you could fly a 767 through them. I never knew that “conspiring to sow discord” was a crime. That’s freedom of speech. Could be any of us, any day now, for any reason…” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out on the Arrest of Julian Assange –

‘Sad Day for Western Democracy’: Chomsky, Ellsberg, Others Denounce Assange Extradition (

Daniel Ellsberg on Julian ASSANGE: “The Press is in DENIAL!” – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “We’ll be covering these indictments (there were 2 yesterday, another involving claims about China) on tonight’s @SystemUpdate_. For now, here’s @caitoz on the Russia indictment:” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📣 Our Executive Director, @davidcnswanson, was interviewed by @RobertFantina and @latent_fire_ on @GlobalTimesPak to discuss #NATO and #Ukraine. Tune in to hear his insightful analysis on peace-building & ending war!” / Twitter

From Ellsberg to Assange: Jack Teixeira joins list of alleged leakers | Pentagon leaks 2023 | The Guardian

Cornel West on Twitter: “In the midst of the obsession with Donald Trump’s criminal case, my dear brother Tavis Smiley and I focus on the unjust treatment and targeting of my dear brother of great integrity and love of Black & poor People, Mark Ridley-Thomas! @tavissmiley” / Twitter

Cornel West on Twitter: “The great Stanley Aronowitz was my dear brother! His radical intellectual & political legacy will last forever!” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Please RSVP: The Whistleblowers: a Webinar Honoring Daniel Ellsberg @codepink” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Just how many US troops and spies do we have in Ukraine? Pentagon leak reveals more than we knew, but there is a lot more we still don’t know. #PeaceInUkraine” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out on the Arrest of Julian Assange –


Lotta times we can mistakenly believe we share some common vision or common values with motherfuckers only to realize that as soon as they started making a little bit of money and socializing with higher ups in the capitalist henchman pecking order scene, they defaulted back to just full on tv watcher, most toys wins, special parking spot oriented, me first sports fans and man that’s a bummer when you hear people you loved for years sounding way more imperilaist rightwing then even their conservative dads they tried so hard to win the approval of by all their rigorous conformity and NFL watching and big truck acquiring. It sucks, it sucks so bad, but I am starting to understand more of why my former friends avoid me like I have the PlagueTM, it’s cause they know I was not faking it, I was not a cultural tourist just slumming cause I liked being around some diehard punks rebel parties. Fuckshit man, I can’t believe summa the bullshit I see former acquaintances posting on social media. They are to the right of their greedhead boomer conservative parents now. I say it all the time. TV is a helluva drug. If you stay in those fuckedup thank-a-kkkop talk radio echo boxes and gung ho glag waver zipcode, you end up sounding like motherfucking Rush Limbaugh in Doc Martins. It is shameful and saddening. Even city slicker privilege havers just remind me of why I am grateful and lucky to be out. I would never wanna be like them in crowd motherfuckers drunk on their own paid for status and embarrassing mediocrity and television propaganda narratives. Fucking depressing, man. half of ’em still think they’re “punque”, too.

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““Who sow discord…” Not sure how to not read passage as start of McCarthyism 2.0. U start by arresting Omali Yeshitela & Black Socialist Org members knowing full well liberals nor right-wingers will defend them. Lmk if next round of targets are respectable enough to sound alarm?” / Twitter

Greg vs Crabitalism 🦀🇭🇷 on Twitter: “Joe Biden’s DOJ just arrested Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of Uhuru’s Black Socialist Movement for speaking out against war in Ukraine, and in the very next paragraph Washington Post decides to flex Americas fake “free speech” rights” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The indictment of the African Peoples Socialist Party is an attack on the Black anti-war & anti-imperialist movement in the U.S. The U.S. state is aware that Black people have been the most consistently anti-imperialist segment of U.S. society.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “If the U.S. can intimidate into silence Black people, the most consistently courageous opponents of U.S. warmongering, it believes it can put a brake on the increasingly vocal opposition to the war in Ukraine. But the Black liberation movement is alive & will not be intimidated” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Apparently it’s illegal to be a black person who does not support NATO’s war efforts in Ukraine.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For “Weaponized” Free Speech Four members of the African People’s Socialist Party are looking at a decade in prison for engaging in speech and political activities the US government doesn’t like.” / Twitter

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““FBI raided my home & member offices in 2 diff states last yr. Military agents used flash-bang grenades, battering rams, broke windows; used assault weapons to threaten my life & stole thousand$” Omali Yeshitela, African People’s Socialist Party at DC Rally to #FundPeopleNotWars” / Twitter

Brian Berletic on Twitter: “The US through the National Endowment for Democracy has created armies of organizations carrying out malign influence operations around the world including here in Thailand. When the Thai government attempts to stop this activity, the US embassy shouts “free speech.”” / Twitter

MiniNinjaLove ˈnɪnʤə’ ∞ on Twitter: “@BrianJBerletic” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “This year’s G7 Summit will be held the 19th and the 21st of May in Hiroshima where many tens of thousands of people were killed by President Harry S. Truman. WorldBEYONDWar” / Twitter

David Swanson on Twitter: “How Many U.S. Troops Are Active In Ukraine? And more importantly, how many people can you send into a war while still announcing that you’re not participating in that war?” / Twitter

“You can’t have your government dictating what speech is valid and what counts as ‘agitprop’ and ‘disinformation’, because they’ll always define those terms in ways which benefit the government” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein on Twitter: “Gen Z is doing cross racial coalition organizing and that’s one of the reasons the GOP is trying to shut down their access to books and history” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “The rot infesting our judicial system is thoroughly bipartisan.” / Twitter

FRSO | Freedom Road Socialist Organization on Twitter: “Hands off the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement! A federal grand jury has indicted chairman Omali Yeshitela and thee others associated with @APSPusa and @Uhurumovement . We demand: Drop the charges! Hands off our movements!” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “”The Biden team’s aim was to bleed Russia. But it is Ukraine that is hemorrhaging.”” / Twitter

Center for Community Alternatives on Twitter: “RIGHT NOW: Hundreds of us are protesting in Albany to REJECT @GovKathyHochul’s plan to jail more Black, brown, and poor people pretrial. This is THE civil rights issue. We stand with @BPHACaucus in saying: justice, not politics. #BailReform” / Twitter

ATLMutualFund on Twitter: “Repost from @chaospr1ncess Come celebrate Tortuguita’s birthday with us at the Saturday mutual aid event at Woodruff Park this weekend!” / Twitter

ChuckModi on Twitter: ““It’s been 17230 days since Leonard Peltier was arrested; 15098 days since fellow journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested; 740 days since Daniel Hale pled guilty 4 exposing horrors of drones. And 4507 days of detention of Julian Assange 4 telling the truth” #JournalismIsNotACrime” / Twitter

Black diaspora Voice. on Twitter: “Black people who are standing up for liberation for Black people, the US government charging for complicit with Russia. They don’t charge the Republicans and Donald Trump. Jim crow, Joe, Biden, justice department, target, Black people.” / Twitter

Jessica Rose on Twitter: “Listen to Cassie Schroeder’s testimony. “So they kicked you out of the in-person classes because you’re not vaccinated, although you have [proof of] natural immunity, but you can’t even attend on-line classes when you’re unvaccinated.”” / Twitter

8 Cops Who Shot Fleeing Unarmed Man 46 Times on Video, All Get Off Scot-Free – Activist Post

Together on Twitter: “”Spy Clause” in Online Safety Bill: UK govt want to treat every single one of us as suspects & scan our private messages This is a dangerous, unnecessary & disproportionate tool of mass surveillance RT to tell @UKHouseofLords to think again on disastrous Online “Safety” Bill” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Rishi ‘Trudeau’ had “no plans to introduce Digital ID” even though the legislation was in play. And even as Paul Scully MP announces the key part of his agenda is digital identity throughout the UK economy. Still lying to you, they all are!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “far right & left don’t mean anything anymore. There are those who see big government controlled by global corporates as a threat and those who actively demand it, even over democracy. The rest is distraction to divide & isolate those who refuse to comply with the narrative.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE STOCK EXCHANGE – Invaded by the people, for the people! Macron is spending their tax money on globalist pet projects and not on the people. This is the people deciding 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Now. Railway workers have invaded the Defense Stock Exchange against pension reform. The media are bored, the people are still demanding Macron backs down! We still hear you France 🔥” / Twitter

“I like the shine!” (-Little Richard who was also a dishwasher)


Aint it funny how whenever the Predator Class Parasites and Davos-Bilderberg-Bohemian Grove honchos wanna commence a never ending world government new rollout of their incremetal fascist dystopian agenda, how suddenly there is a buncha psy-ops shit goin’ down to keep everybody in a perpetual state of fear and panic and thinking they need their benevolent overlord super science savior oligarchs and familiar tv millionaires and the jackbooted cops to protect them from some imaginary boogeymen? Always some external threat, coming to steal the middle class boomer’s privileges or freedom fries. Who is it this week? Well, spin the wheel…is it the dastardly microaggressing manspreader? Russian trollfarms? Russian hackers? The bird flu, mad cow or monkeypox? Y2K? Muslims with boxcutters? The Boston Bomber, Unabomber, shoe bomber or mysterious Anthrax sender? The “immigrant caravans” and cartel Fentanyl peddlers from scary brown people Mexico who have no ties whatsoever to Murkkka’s upstanding intel agencies? I bet they’s a comin’ for all our good jobs and spectacular “health benefits”~!  Hozabout them “anti-science conspiracy theorists” or unsightly panhandlers who just don’t wanna work? Qshaman? Insurrection Panda? So many super villains for all our patriotic and educated Kollege KallthaKop Karens to do battle with. Myself I get pretty sick of all this tv programmed fauxwoke culture wars P.M.R.C. New McCarthyist bullshit. Dem admins going after Water Protectors and Forest Defenders, anti war black socialists, or whistleblower journalists like Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg, shitlbs calling indie media fake news cause it don’t shine AOC’s shoes to red carpet ready perfection. So I started gardening and try to step away from all the spy devices and propaganda narratives and get some sunshine and a Wop bop bop ala bop bam boom, each day.

“We know what you need!” Here is your recommended daily dose of LITTLE RICHARD that is essential for your immune system, sanity in an insane world. 

1972: LITTLE RICHARD interview is the GOAT | Late Night Line-Up | Classic BBC music | BBC Archive – YouTube

Little Richard and Liberace on The Mike Douglas Show (1970) – YouTube

Little Richard Live in Paris 1966 – YouTube

Little Richard – interview by Craig Ferguson LATE LATE SHOW 1/12/05 part 1 of 2 – YouTube

James Brown getting interviewed high as kite – YouTube


   Man, I been missing our whole WAY OF LIFE! I aint part of that yoga culture with the prayer flags and the bumper stickers. I hated all those fucking fuckedup hipster hive ripoff bars for rich people. Hated all the heiress night kareoke emo poser celebutante tribute acts. I was never into Lady Gaga, the Foo Fighters, Tommy London, or the Strokes or White Stripes. Honestly, I was not even that wild about the Biters, or Primadonna, or AndrewWK or the Darkness..

 You know, I came from another time, when rocknroll meant dive bars, realness, soul power, sexiness, having fun, good times, dancing on the bar, “All Those Wasted Years”, and Iggy Pop. Bob Stinson, Johnny Thunders, Cheetah Chrome, Keith Richards. Texacala Jones and Jeff Drake-you feel me? The Beasts Of Bourbon and Giovanni Vitanza. Jim Morrison and Alice Cooper. “Scratch Up Some Action” and “Disconnected”. So yeah, I did not go for the boybands or grunge bullshit or faux-woke beta kitten monarch programmed occult slutpuppets. I HATED all that fake as fuck 90’s corporate pop/punk garbage. I liked real rocknroll. Roky Erickson and James Brown. David Lee Roth and Inger Lorre. Thee Hypnotics and Lords Of The New Church. Generation X and the Clash. The Sex Pistols and the Gun Club. Patti Smith and David Bowie. Adam & The Ants and Bow Wow Wow. I was never into sports or tv, not “Friends”, not “Seinfeld”, not “Coach”, not “Survivor”, you with me? I hated the primetime so called adult cartoons that helped the social engineers dumb my generation down. Hated goofy whiteboy rappers, last video game I liked at all was Ms. Pac Man or Centipede back at the mall in 83. I do play some pinball if I accompany my kid to the pizza place at the bowling alley. I wouldn’t say I’m much of a wizrd though except when it comes to you know fronting a down and dirty late night punknroll rebel rocker band of desperate bandidoes from the bad side of town, I’m pretty good at that. I was probaly born to lose. If you like to gamble, I’ll tell you, I’m your man, you win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me. I’m a rocknroll animal, I like to drink and smoke and say offensive things that offend college people and play old J. Geils Band and Slade records. I love Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Dave Chappelle. I’ve been cancelled since the fourth garde, baby. My idea of fun is not having an I-phone or being stuck on this hypnoscreen all day. I liked to convene all my best friends under one roof with plenty of hospitable and refreshing adult beverages, play some music and dance and have a dabba doo time. The band who really taught me half of what I forgot about having fun and gettin’ down, was THE FLESHTONES, and to me, only a very small handful of other entertainers can really even remotely hold a candle to them. That’s how I feel about it. I love, love, love THE FLESHTONES. Two of my old friends, Chris Barry of Pillbox fame and Bootsy X (RIP) from Detroit also loved the Fleshtones. My first love and I used to watch Zaremba religiously on my alltime favorite tv show “The Cutting Edge” every Sunday night while we talked on the phone. Man, her parents really hated me. I’m still the same. No such thing as was. Politically I’m a little bit to the left of the MC5, and the Fleshtones are not. I still love ’em, just the same, it’s really not even much of an issue. They got the love, and that’s really what matters, in my book. They eminate beautiful light from the inside out. Funny how not everybody needs to blacklist or cancel or smear or deplatform folks they have some philisophical differences from, huh?

The Fleshtones – Let’s See the Sun – Paris – 09/12/2018 – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “I Surrender” – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “Suburban Roulette” – YouTube

The Fleshtones “Come Home Baby” Live at KDHX 3/12/11 (HD) – YouTube

The Fleshtones – “Dominique Laboubee” – YouTube

White Trash Soul: The Fleshtones – “Forever Fleshtones” (Danceteria Records, 1994)

The Fleshtones – High On Drugs – YouTube

Sweat: Bonomo, Joe: 9780826428462: Books ESSENTIAL

No Such Thing As Was: Fleshtones, Gurus, combine!


Pretenders – Louie Louie (1981) – YouTube

How Congress Maintains Endless War – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

“The Faith Healer” from Richard Duguay’s “Beautiful Decline” Album – YouTube

John Mendelssohn’s World of Hilarity | a podcast by John Mendelsohn (

Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ Feels Like It’s About The Beatles (


Sarcastic, Provocative T-shirts | Acerbia Designs (

jnm-creative (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “RFK had just praised the wisdom of China’s BRI and was highlighting the trend of de-dollarization and multipolarity in int’l relations when a saboteur yanked the fire alarm. Just a small preview of the dirty tricks the Dem establishment will inevitably pull on his campaign.” / Twitter

creepy BOURLA does not love you Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PFIZER – CEO Albert Bourla states “We are aligned very much with China 2030 Agenda & we are trying to contribute as much as we can.” Just in time for the WHO amendments to the IHR happening now, which includes the Global vaccine passport. Focus!” / Twitter

““The moment we get lazy and uncomfortable, and dismiss and diminish things that hurt our feelings, is the moment this country stops progressing to what it could be,” he says. “We are here to develop a more perfect union and the First Amendment allows us to do that.” (-Killer Mike)

“Any discussion about gun violence that is disconnected from normalized U.S. militarism is mere pro-democratic party propaganda. The same forces pushing these sincere but confused young brothers are same pushing imperialist war.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Response To Twitter Labeling NPR “State-Affiliated Media” Exposes The True Purpose Of The Labels All Along | Black Agenda Report

How the West Brought War to Ukraine: Understanding How U.S. and NATO Policies Led to Crisis, War, and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe: Abelow, Benjamin: 9780991076703: Books

Media CHEERS As Ukraine Leaker Arrested; Identified as an ‘Antiwar Libertarian’ – Blog

#FreeMumia on Twitter: “explaining Cop City to my comrades in Cuba, and they are absolutely stunned at the level of militarization, bare violence, and prioritization of pigs over people. they asked many questions to comprehend such a grand warfare training center being built in light of 2020 uprisings.” / Twitter

The US Military’s Recruitment Problem, Solved! – Blog

8 Cops Who Shot Fleeing Unarmed Man 46 Times on Video, All Get Off Scot-Free – Activist Post

Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare – Activist Post

Music rep reveals woman found dead in bathtub in his Miami Beach suite was a budding musician | Daily Mail Online

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.” / Twitter


Anything with any potential resell value–Levis, Western shirts, tapes, cds, books, magazines, stereo equipment gets funneled by management over to the elderly rich guy who dates the manager’s sister’s overpriced tourist trap junk shop, so I never find anything I like, in the way of say, sixties beat writers, or eighties new wave, or Prince, or heavy metal, or even Roy Rogers cowboy shit. I did get a pair of cowboy boots that have served me well for a long time-they were well worn when I got ’em maybe a year or two ago, and now the heel of one is falling off from all the landscaping and gardening and kickin’ up roots and shit. I love ’em cause they don’t pickup the goat’s heads like everybody elses shoes do, those things are so gnarly to track inside, I step on ’em in the house all the time and they sometimes cut deep. Some crazy glue might repair ’em but I think crazy glue at Wal Mart might cost as much as the boots did-ten bucks about two year ago. I met a nice guy who buys old storage spaces and sells the swag at flea markets and he’s gonna be at the swap meet on Saturday, so I might go check his booth out. He does it for fun and socializing, says it’s his version of playing the lottery-buying old shit-he made us some fair deals yesterday and it was shocking-I got a boombox for $10, the old lady gota couple pieces of furniture she’s gonna paint and mosaic and maybe resell. I dunno man, we used to sell some art outta the local galleries, but all these gentrifying outta towners are kinda flooding the market and man all these oldsters here are like ruthless money grubbers. So it was refreshing to talk to someone not entitrely in the throes of takin’ it all with me Scrooge McFeinstein dementia. Got some seeds last night cause not everything from my first wave of gardening has seemingly germinated, gonna plant some more herbs and peppers and onions and tomatoes today. My old lady wants to revamp my garage hideout to make it more suitable and accomodating for some long odds visit from outta town relatives who will need a getaway after like an hour of my eccentric and extroverted verbal processing teenager. I got arthiritis, I’m full of dread, just non stop anxiety, dunno why, might just be result of old head injury or trauma that gets buried in the central nervous system, I joined one of those online groups, man, but even among the other people with hangups and disorders, I don’t fit in with them, either. I’ll probably be 100 listening to that same New Order record and drinking the cheapest beer and reading the obituaries and posting some kinda misguided “musicians wanted” ad somewhere. Oh yeah-I did meet a longhair with a nosering and some punk rock tattoos, so I asked him if her played anything and he’s got a show at the Moose Lodge this weekend. I don’t go there, too rightwing fanatical for me, but maybe I can find a way to integrate him into my back nine desolate band of outlier gypsies. He says he plays psychedelic country, so I asked him if he was familiar with Beechwood Sparks and he said no, but I kinda got the idea he might work. His name was Chris and I’m just typing it so I’ll remember. I visited a dude downtown who is supposed to be playing guitar for me but I think he is a daysleeper who comes home and crashes after his early morning job and there was a do not disturb sign on the door. I walked over to some other guy’s house and was just thinking how undomesticated everybody is way out here in the desert. Guys down the street from me, my former neighbors, all these males are always in garden dirty clothes and no one ever bathes or washes their clothes or does dishes, there’s doghair all over everything, a hardcore stench of cigarettes indoors, it’s most peculiar, mama. It’s hard to find a time where that daysleeping eccentric is avaialble when my old lady is ammenable to chauffering him over here and the kid’s asleep, but if all that ever happens, I will laydown some of my better songs and send ’em to my faraway accomplices to add their parts on. Whew it used to be so much easier back in the daze we thought would never end.

Azadeh Shahshahani on Twitter: “The ongoing legal attacks on Stop Cop City protesters should concern us all — they’re part of a national trend of silencing people who disagree with government actions. @projectsouth has joined 40+ orgs telling Georgia to stop criminalizing protest.” / Twitter

Atlanta Community Press Collective on Twitter: “Earlier today, UNC students walked out of class in support of a law student arrested at the Weelaunee Music Festival on March 5. Jamie was charged with domestic terrorism despite prosecutors proving no evidence to support the charge. UNC banned Jamie from campus in response.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “Remember Chris Hani assassinated on this day. A South African militant revolutionary communist. He was assassinated so that apartheid could transition into the hands of what became the Black bourgeois while the white economic elite could maintain its dominance. Sounds familiar?” / Twitter

Abolitionist Teaching Network on Twitter: “NaTosha was racially profiled, arrested and beaten by police and now suffers major injuries! NaTosha is an Atlanta high school teacher and mother of two. Let’s band together to hold down NaTosha as she fights for justice!” / Twitter

Abolitionist Teaching Network on Twitter: “NaTosha was racially profiled, arrested and beaten by police and now suffers major injuries! NaTosha is an Atlanta high school teacher and mother of two. Let’s band together to hold down NaTosha as she fights for justice!” / Twitter

Clara T Green on Twitter: “These are the conditions of the Fulton County Jail, where Lashawn Thompson was found dead, covered in lice and feces. At the time of his death, over 90% of his unit was severly malnourished. EVERY person had lice or scabies. He was 35 years old.” / Twitter

The Kansas City Defender on Twitter: ““This Is A Hate Crime”: Kansas City Black Family Demanding Justice After A White Man Shoots Black Boy, Ralph Yarl, In The Head Twice For Ringing Doorbell Of The Wrong Home, White Man Released By Police Hours Later” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “No resources/jobs to improve our community only to keep their war machine going. GEORGIA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD plans to combine two controversial practices — military recruiting at schools & location-based phone surveillance — to persuade teens to enlist.” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “Workers & union members in Paris have showed up to police stations all over the city to demand the police release innocent demonstrators that oppose Macrons economic reforms. This 18 year old was thrown in jail without charge for 40 hours in an excrement filled cell.” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “.@loffredojeremy is streaming live for us from the streets of Paris as protests continue against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms and neoliberal measures Watch live now as riot police move in to escalate repressive measures” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “Don’t let stories like this convince you that new, “better” jails should be built, as Fulton County is currently arguing. This is an argument to close jails, and to invest in all the services and resources people actually need to be safe.” / Twitter

Poverty Kills More Americans Than Obesity, Diabetes, and Drug Overdoses, Study Reveals – Activist Post

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “BAP member @PiolinSghost continues to provide on-the-ground coverage of the movement to beat back the coup regime in Perú. Check her feed for more photos and videos.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Neocolonia criminals.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “The real work is on the block not on social media. Support @CommunityMvt community organizing, safety/cop-watch walks, community house/garden, cooperatives, mutual aid & rent fund 4 local residents. All w/ a Black radical politic or” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “The podcast is available now for supporting members and Rokfin subscribers, and will be publicly available in a few days.” / Twitter

Will Griffin: The Pentagon’s Artificial Intelligence – Dandelion Salad (

🥖🎪 on Twitter: “You still “have no idea what that flag signifies”? Liar” / Twitter


The Disinformation Hoax of the Century – YouTube

Wendy O Willams and the Plasmatics on the Tom Snyder show – Part 1 – YouTube

twinnymctwins on Twitter: “@503i7 Luke has embraced the dark side, and feigns ignorance to imperial markings…” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Who’s pulling ICC prosecutor @KarimKhanQC’s strings? Khan’s arrest warrant for Putin was based on a report sponsored by the US State Department containing no field research or interviews with supposed victims. His indictment was timed for a donor’s conference in London…” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “The Unvaccinated Won’t Be Unvaccinated for Long With mRNA in the Food Supply “We’ve confirmed: this mRNA stuff is in the food supply,” reported attorney @RenzTom. It turns out that Merck has been injecting mRNA into pigs since 2018. “For all you guys that stood strong and said…” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Full Interview:” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Ivermectin: The Untold Story of a ‘Miracle Drug’ • Discovered on a golf course in Japan • Has brought river blindness to the brink of elimination • Won the Nobel prize in 2015 • Recognized, 2nd to penicillin, for having the greatest impact on human health • Over 3.7B doses” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “This is how the US rewards Russia for trying to alert it about Tamerlan Tsarnaev before he bombed the Boston Marathon Russia warned Tsarvaev was involved with Chechnyan/Dagestani militants – the same elements covertly backed for years by the US to undermine Moscow” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “A year after the US rebuffed Russia’s warnings, Tsarnaev went to Dagestan & returned to the US w/o facing CBP screening. Michele McPhee speculated the FBI had recruited him. After the bombing, the FBI killed – and silenced – Tsarnaev’s friend, Todashev.” / Twitter

Meet a Forgotten CIA Critic Who Presciently Characterized the Agency as a Cancer in 1970 Book | CovertAction Magazine

Talk World Radio: Margaret Kimberley on a Zone of Peace – Let’s Try Democracy (

gross Katie Porter “extremely impressed” by Netanyahu – Mondoweiss

Bruce Gagnon and Will Griffin: Crisis in Ukraine Explained – Dandelion Salad (

The War On Terror Is A Typo – Dandelion Salad (

AugustFanon on Twitter: “Margaret Kimberely from Freedom Rider…” / Twitter

“Liberals love to call out racism in America, but then they turn around and support Nazis in Ukraine and support NATO the military arm of white supremacy around the world.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The falsification of history has done more to impede human development than any one thing known to mankind.”

(-Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

“The only ones talking war in the Pacific is the U.S. So, the U.S. is going to Taiwan in the same way it helped Ukraine? Folks the U.S. is a insane society.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Green Party NY 🌻 on Twitter: “More photos of Greens at Earth Day celebration at Union Square.” / Twitter

Arnaud Bertrand on Twitter: “Sleepwalking into war, illustrated. This is both absolutely terrifying and utterly depressing.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Margaret Kimberley SCHOOLS Ben Dixon Brand New RBN Clip Premiered Today WATCH NOW @SabbySabs2 @SocialistMMA @UnholyRom3 @Jaybefaunt @ComptonMadeMe @freedomrideblog” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts prohibit discrimination based on national origin. Is marathon acting illegally by banning Russians and Belorussians who live in their countries? Are there lawyers in Mass? Is anyone else asking? @MayorWu @BostonMarathon #BostonMarathon” / Twitter

It Can and Did Happen Here: Three L.A. Museums Shine Spotlight on the Hollywood Blacklist’s 75th Anniversary | CovertAction Magazine

The New Cold War and the Redoubling of U.S. Propaganda Power by Rainer Shea – Dandelion Salad (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Field of Victoria Nuland’s Dreams” / Twitter

Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai: Russia Leaves Neoliberal West To Join World Majority – Dandelion Salad (

Fascism: A False Revolution by Michael Parenti – Dandelion Salad (


The Batcave 1983 – YouTube

Sweet Sweet Heart – YouTube

Hollywood Brats reunion, Sick On You – YouTube

scientists – weird love (1986) complete, ripped from vinyl – YouTube

Nick Discusses Brazil with Fiorella Isabel | Lula isn’t Worried About Alienating the West – YouTube

The Roth Show – Season 2 – Episode 10 – YouTube

Born To Lose (Remastered) – YouTube

The Cramps People Ain’t No Good Live Rennes – YouTube

Dave Kusworth and the Bounty Hunters – I’m Your Puppet (1989) – YouTube

See the Joe Perry Project play Aerosmith rarities in Boston – Metal Edge Magazine

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont plans to WIPE OUT $2 BILLION in CT Residents Medical Debt – YouTube

Guitarist Ryan Roxie offering virtual ‘The Roxie Excess Pass’ for entire 2023 Alice Cooper Tour – Sleaze Roxx

Carmine Appice reveals he has recently received a “cease and desist” letter from Mötley Crüe’s lawyers – Sleaze Roxx what douches!

The Jacobites – When Angels Die (1995) – YouTube

Baby, Baby (Live) – YouTube

LIVE! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Presidential ANNOUNCEMENT (On The Ground Coverage) – YouTube


“Stealing money from tax payers to make the greedy weapons industry richer and the United States more unstable and less safe. This money belongs serving the needs of the people not destroying the planet. #WarIsNotGreen The #Costofwar is killing all of us.” (-Jodie Evans)

“This ridiculous Pentagon budget passing proves again that the ruling class does not have the same interests as the people. Their goal is to enrich themselves and their friends at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon at the expense of the people. 550,000+ unhoused people in the U.S. 1 in 10 adults in “significant” medical debt $195 billion in medical debt held by individuals 16.9 % child poverty rate and our members of Congress vote to send our money to the military? We deserve so much better than this. While constituents live paycheck to paycheck and drown in debt, Congress will award the Pentagon $858 billion, over half of which will go to private companies who profit from the war economy. Now, as the US heads towards a full-scale war with Russia and seeks another with China, it’s important we remember: 

War will not solve our problems nor our conflicts. It destroys communities, ecosystems, and societies for generations. Invest in the people, not in war!” (-CODE PINK)

Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil | CNN

Ask not what the war cost the US, but who profited from the war (

Iraq: Protest death toll surges as security forces resume brutal repression (

The Iraq War has cost the US nearly $2 trillion (

To this day, Iraqi society is continuing to recover from years of the brutal American war. “The social fabric of Iraq was shredded,” -Phyllis Bennis at our 2017 People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War

“Westerners think they’re free because they can say whatever they want and vote however they want, but *what they want* is controlled by mass-scale psychological manipulation. Being able to speak and vote as you wish is meaningless if the powerful control what it is that you wish.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Peru coup: CIA agent turned US ambassador met with defense minister one day before democratically elected President Castillo was overthrown” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Musk’s claim for these bans is they linked to sites showing his plane’s movements, which he regards as doxing and endangers his family. Even if true, should be a warning at most. Permanent bans of multiple journalists looks like the old censorship regime liberals long cheered.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I mean, there should be no coming back from this. This is as open an admission that you are a collaborator with establishment power structures as you could possibly make. But there are just as many Elon stans today as there were before he tweeted it.” / Twitter

Socialist Smurf on Twitter: “@caitoz I mean the dude said this 👇 and made it loud and clear his allegiance is with establishment power structures. Him admitting to being pro FBI is just icing on the cake.” / Twitter

Popular Resistance (@PopResistance) / Twitter

Popular Resistance on Twitter: “TONIGHT at 7:30 Eastern on WTF is Going on in Latin America and the Caribbean hosted by @hey_ter – Get the scoop on the recent coups in #Argentina and #Peru. Watch live at” / Twitter

#BoicotALosEspeculadores🛢️🇻🇪🇷🇺🛢️ on Twitter: “Desde la @Asamblea_Ven en la ciudad de Caracas el movimiento @FreeAlexSaabOrg , exigiendo la liberación del enviado especial AIex Saab secuestrado por el imperialismo. #FreeDiplomatSaab #TodosConAlexSaab @codepink @DemocracyNowEs @anyaparampil @VP @secblinken” / Twitter

‘A Moral and Political Disgrace’: Just 11 Senators Vote No on $858 Billion Military Budget (


Nowadays they’ve been hiding the Real Stuff for so long and elevating Fake Garbage, that almost anytime somebody says something about goth, punk, performace art, dance music, style, nightclub subcultures, glamous, originality, any of it, shit media immediately references awful shite like Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Gaga, Pink, or McDonna. People seem to have forgotten how important and ubiquitous Siouxsie was in my generation, she was everywhere, all my friends had her t shirts, posters, albums, cassettes, and postcards on the fridge, she was probably every bit as big as Depeche Mode, The Cure, or the Smiths, the cruddy Sunday night faux niteclub we hung out at in Indiana played something by her probably every fifth song. Remember all those 12 inch dance remix singles? So yeah she’s been a recluse for quite some time now and can you really blame her? Everything sucks so much ass in this modern Musk-Bezos-Gates world, who would even wanna play for those dumbass, festival goin’ brainwashed motherfuckers? I guess if “working class symapthizer” Springsteen can charge five grand a ticket to hear his old man Orbison impressions and hard luck tales about growing up poor in the fifties some more, she deserves to make some money after all that fearlessly provocative trailblazing she did that everybody else imitated. So yeah her Glorious Return is exciting news for all us basement dwellers and night time people. I hope she makes new music with the Banshees.

Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Love In A Void – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees – 92 Degrees (Live 1986) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Sin in my Heart – Live 1981 – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Spellbound (Top of the Pops 1981) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities In Dust (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Dear Prudence (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Passenger – YouTube

Siouxsie and the Banshees ▶ The Best of (Full Album) – YouTube

Siouxsie Sioux & Steve Severin on CBS with Charlie Rose 1986 – YouTube


Ya know that corporate magaiznes like Rolling Stone and Spin are weapons now, just full of falsehood fabrications and manufactured culture, assemblyline rich people bullshit. Those hack festival goers are paid big bucks to talk about Kanye and Elon Musk and fucking all those absolutely banal and inspid monarch programmed Dizney slut puppets all day, while ignoring the Great and authentic artists who are still fully alive and still making crucial works of heavy genius and long lasting resonance. Like Peter Murphy, he’s still so vital even if you don’t see him on 120 Minutes, or in the twenty dollar fucking glossy magazines anymore. His works are always filled with vibrant emotion and contemplative prose, and onstage he still rocks like a real live wire, even with the beard. You just have to dig a little bit deeper to look for the real rocknrollers. He’s the Lion of the gothic tradition, as important to some of us as Bowie or Iggy, artistically way above most of the shit we see getting hyped nowadays. The twisted propaganda misinfotainment industry that runs all the media for the One Percent Davos billionaires agendas will have you believe like HARRY STYLES is the new Bowie, I mean he aint even the new David Cassidy, ya know? The so called mainstream has never sucked so bad, it’s all garbage, lies, and glorifying cannibalism, but people with Amazon ready income streams continue cheerfully consuming the corporate bullshit like it’s real and normal and not all fake headlines about how China protests are those sweat shop working people asking to be even more enslaved by capitalist shareholders-that aint what’s happening-those protests are the people saying they refuse to submit to the Fauchi clampdowns and mandates and big pharma protocols, this same EXACT phrama sponsored Big Media .promoted those same protocols and mandates non stop for years in the land of the gullible and home of the big tech panopticon fascists. If you wanna get wise to what’s really happening I suggest you read Whitney Webb and Max Blumenthal regularly. Gray Zone and Unlimited Hangout. Rob Sheffield is paid big money to tell you Britney Spears and Kanye West are good but I’ll still be here redirecting you towards credible indie media sources and Real Singers like Peter Murphy as long as I’m around. I turn 53 tomorrow. Hope I don’t “die suddenly”, like so many of my fifty something friends nobody wants to talk about. 

Peter Murphy Official Site

Peter Murphy – All Night Long – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up (full version video) – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Lion – YouTube

Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Crystal Wrists – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem (Lyrics) – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Strange Kind Of Love – YouTube

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up – YouTube

Peter Murphy “All We Ever Wanted” – YouTube

“Please don’t ever claim that Bernie is a radical. Bruce Dixon got it right he is nothing more than a sheepdog for democrats along with the squad.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“He’s just a water boy to a pro-wall st. anti-worker, pro-war party. What a disappointment.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Saying a US politician is bad on foreign policy but good on domestic policy is like saying a serial killer was nice to his family. It’s like, okay, who gives a fuck? They’re mass murderers and you should hate them.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The biggest gangster in the world is the US government. The biggest scammer in the world is the US economy. The biggest liar in the world is the US mainstream media.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Over 55% of the union members rejected the contract that denied them paid sick leave. The Squad voted yes on that very contract. That makes the Squad strike breakers. Workers can’t rely on Democrats. We only win if we build fighting movements, including militant strike actions.” (-Sonja Ponath)

“”This is just stunningly dishonest…Hundreds of thousands of workers who understand what has happened are calling out the betrayal of the squad & the Dem Party & pres Biden, you have commentators…saying that if you agree then you are actually sneering at workers..” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

“That’s why it’s important to pay attention to narratives — who adopts them, how they are reshaped & how “influencers” use them to destroy movements from the inside.

The anti-war movement died when it embraced Obama. The same thing happened to the remnants of Occupy with Sanders.” (-Primo Radical)

“Shitlibs who screamed Elon was “fascist” cuz he wouldn’t ban people they hate R now saying he’s fascist for banning people they like. Weird how they were ok banning the leading doctors & scientists in their field 4 challenging status quo on Covid but hack journos need protection” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Elon Musk using his control of Twitter to enact petty personal vendettas is a good illustration of why the rich shouldn’t run things.FYI if you think Bill Gates, George Soros or Pierre Omidyar are any better than Elon Musk it’s because you’re a dopey shitlib. Elon Musk could live stream himself giving the FBI director a deep throat blowjob to completion, stand up, wipe his chin, look right in the camera and say “I gave him a blowjob because I love the deep state so much,” and Musk simps would still say he’s fighting the deep state. It says so much about the power of the propaganda machine of the US-centralized empire that people not only believe the Official Lines, and they not only parrot the Official Lines, but they actively condemn anyone who calls the Official Lines into question.” (~ Caitlin Johnstone)

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says weapons flowing into Ukraine are showing up now in the Lake Chad region 

In other words, US military aid – and American tax dollars – are benefitting warlords from Azov to Boko Haram” (-Max Blumenthal)

“As The Nation said before they deleted the article from their site, “The Pentagon’s accounting fraud amounts to theft on a grand scale—theft not only from America’s taxpayers, but also from the nation’s well-being and its future.” (-Lee Camp)

Ellsberg, Donziger Among Those Demanding Freedom for Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale (

NYC Vigil to FREE Julian Assange – Dandelion Salad (

Aaron Maté, Medea Benjamin And Nicholas Davies: War In Ukraine – YouTube

Twitter Broke Its Own Rules To Ban Trump While Keeping World Leaders Who “Incited Violence” (

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Biden, who attacked Trump for his veto, who campaigned on treating Saudi Arabia as a pariah, who promised to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen, decided he actually agrees with Trump, now a major theme of his presidency. @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

John Pilger and Lowkey Expose the Permanent War State – Dandelion Salad (

The Other Son on Twitter: “Pope says everyone should try & make a donation to Ukraine for Christmas. Also the Pope:” / Twitter

Shocking Book Sheds Light on Recent Epidemic of Sudden Deaths • Children’s Health Defense (

Celine Dion was disabled from a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the COVID vaccine (99.6% certainty) (


John Pilger: The State of the UK Media, and The Resilience of Julian Assange – Dandelion Salad (

Despite Pledge, Biden Leaves Tap Open, Approving Billions in Arms Deals to Saudi Arabia (

Opposing War Is The First Step Toward Moral Politics: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030 ( while they keep us arguing over nickel and dime bullshit, their one world government microchip control grid is well underway with full support from the office professional/managerial class. The Real Resistance does not worship billionaires or pretty red carpet puppets.

Government Pushs A “Digital Dollar” So It Can Seize Assets At Will & Enslave Humanity – Activist Post


Glen Ford Speaks about the Black “Mis-Leadership” Class – YouTube

Black Agenda Report Editor: “Obama is not the lesser evil” – YouTube

The Black Agenda by Glen Ford (

Growing Up Black in American Apartheid – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) – YouTube

Glen Ford: A Remarkable Revolutionary | Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Report Founder Glen Ford’s Panel Discussion at the Left Forum on Exposing Democrats – YouTube

The Black Agenda by GLEN FORD | OR BOOKS

Glen Ford Ukraine 2014 remarks – YouTube

Black Agenda Report’s 13th Anniversary Celebration: Glen Ford’s Remarks – YouTube

Glen Ford: Breaking the Obama Spell, at the United National Peace Conference 7/23/2010 – YouTube

Big Think Interview with Glen Ford | Big Think – YouTube


2022 Rail Solidarity Rally – SMART Union (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “On this day in 2008, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at war criminal G.W. Bush who illegally invaded Iraq and slaughtered over a million Iraqis based on WMDs lies. The journalist described his move as a retaliation for the invasion.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “When you absolutely have to print the worst take on war possible…” / Twitter

How Democracy Dies at the Washington Post Editorial Board (

Calls to ‘Stop Building New Oil Pipelines’ Grow as Data Shows Severity of Keystone Leaks (

“Read my @MintPressNews

investigation into how Jeff Bezos bought the Post, made everyone work hardcore hours (just like Musk) and turned it into a vehicle for his own economic interests.” (-Alan MacLeod)

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This is why billionaire-owned media is a problem.” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Great event and book launch tonight at Peoples Forum in NYC. @PeoplesForumNYC @KillSanctions #SanctionsKill” / Twitter

“We need to remember that there are psyops being done on every dissident group. That is how they control all conceivable opposition.

As such, there is no real litmus test. There are “anti-jab” feds, “pro-Palestine” feds, “anti-imperialist” feds, feds who “support” Assange, etc.” (-Primo Radical)

Vinay Prasad MD MPH on Twitter: “The @nytimes that recommends we all mask Says there is strong evidence masking helps Click on the word ‘evidence’ and it leads to a cluster RCT that was…. wait for it… Negative. It Failed to show a benefit of masking The strongest evidence they can find is negative! 🤣🤣” / Twitter

“Standing with Rail workers is considered “Ultra Left”??? If you were actually trying to discredit the DSA you couldn’t do a better job.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“I said it a year ago and I’ll say it again because it’s even truer now: The real division today is no longer left/right, liberal/conservative, or Democrat/Republican. It is between those who will accept a technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime and those who will resist.” (-Aaron Kheriaty, MD)

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “Why would he care? He is an economic leader not a doctor or scientist.” / Twitter


Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “”The Congressional Black Caucus is so immersed in corporate contributions…And Hakeem Jefferies comes out of that environment…Now, Hakeem Jefferies, unknown to most people, had a very radical uncle…It didn’t rub off.” @RalphNader″ / Twitter

“Rally for Railroad Workers! Tues 12/13. Support the fight against brutal & unsafe working conditions, 24/7 on-call scheduling & virtually no family/sick leave. This is what the future looks like for us all. Stop the war on working people! Worcester & across the US.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Independent Socialist Group on Twitter: “National Day of Action! Solidarity Rally for Railroad Workers Worcester, MA Central MA Korean War Memorial 12pm-1pm on Tues Dec 13 See you there!” / Twitter

“Shame on Joe Biden and the Democrats for opposing the Yemen War Powers resolution that would end the U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. And shame on Bernie Sanders for caving and continuing to caucus with the warmongering Democrats.” (-Ryan Knight)


Michael Parenti, Conspiracy and Class Power – YouTube

Michael Parenti Terrorism Globalism and Conspiracy – YouTube

Pirate Television: The Myth of Capitalism with Michael Parenti – YouTube

Michael Parenti, The Darker Myths of Empire: Heart of Darkness Series – YouTube

Michael Parenti: “Super Patriotism vs Real Patriotism” (1988) – YouTube

Diversity & Orthodoxy in the Media-Modern Media Censorship Lecture 1 – YouTube

“”Investigators noted that the Army’s database claimed that service officials reviewed facilities in the years 0012, 1776, 2201 and 3013.” …So the Pentagon claims to have inspected buildings they can’t find, filled with weapons they’ve lost, in years that haven’t happened yet. The Pentagon LITERALLY loses buildings, planes, guns, & missiles. Don’t ask how one loses a building, but they somehow manage it. But it gets worse. Sometimes they don’t even know what YEAR they’re in. “16,000 records that might reveal either the source or the destination of some of that [trillions] had been ‘removed’.” So if this were not a crime, then why cover up the paper trail? In this latest audit failure – “What they found were several new weaknesses in how DOD accounted for its assets, [including] 2.9 million personnel; equipment &weapons including 19,700 aircraft… & physical items including buildings, roads & fences on 4,860 sites worldwide.” To put $21 Trillion into perspective, if you earned $100,000 every year (after taxes) for 70 years, you’d have to live that same life 3 MILLION times to get to 21 Trillion. Forbes & The Nation were some of the few outlets to cover the scandal & they made it clear it was not just discrepancies. “According to gov records & interviews with DoD officials, congressional sources, & independent experts” this was & is fraud. The Pentagon avoided federally mandated audits for 25 years, but that didn’t stop the truth from coming out that there had been over $21 TRILLION of unaccounted-for financial adjustments over 17 years. If you ran a market, or a shoe store, or a daycare & you couldn’t account for HALF your inventory, you’d quickly be arrested. Yet the Pentagon does just that & it’s met with a yawn by the ruling elite & the media. But this is worse than just negligence.” (-Lee Camp)

Yasha Levine on Twitter: “writing about a tech oligarch and his court journalist is “sensitive content” on musk’s new free speech platform. haha.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Ryan Grim STILL Protecting The Squad! 2nd Round of “Twitter Files” Irks Corp Media! With Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb Featuring Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger & Stef Zamorano @MiserableLib” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Too bad this woman isn’t in congress. Maybe she could help us. Oh, wait…” / Twitter

Elon musk Electric vehicles Neuralink Synthetic mRNA SpaceX Starlink Cryptocurrency Quantum computing that I have no doubt that twitter will now be integrated as the core A.I. brain of the majority of his agendas. Elon wants to sell you the transhumanism dream….” (-Scrap Iron Ryan)

The FBI is worried that TikTok can be used by the Chinese to spy on Americans. Meanwhile, the FBI is using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and probably Pinterest to spy on everyone around the world.” (-Primo Radical)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Any suggestion that a New York evidence warehouse didn’t just spontaneously combust on its own is an unhinged conspiracy theory, and the only people who would utter such a contemptible idea are Russian trolls and white nationalists.” / Twitter

Finding Jesus & Prayers to My Saints by Dan Denton (Gutter Snob Books) | The Literary Underground (

“My investigation for Mint Press News

found that the US has sold at very least $28 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen. 

The real figure could be as high as $63 billion.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“Joe Biden isn’t a communist.

Joe Biden is an imperialist war pig who serves Wall Street first, last, and only. The GOP is selling anti-communist lies to fuel partisanship. The reality is both parties are agents of corporate oligarchy.” (-Danny Haiphong)

War and sanctions are driving killer inflation in the EU & US, and sky-high windfall profits in Russia. Brilliant.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“18 months later the Peruvian Oligarchy drove Pedro Castillo into prison, preventing him from entering the Mexican Embassy for asylum. But just like they never expected Castillo to become President they also never expected thousands of people on the streets demanding his freedom! Thousands of people keep flowing into Lima to protest the overthrow of Pedro Castillo. The people of Peru insist on overturning the 1993 constitution written in blood by the Fujimori Regime and that Castillo hoped to replace through a constituent assembly. The situation in Peru is intensifying after the coup against Pedro Castillo. Protests & roadblocks continue to grow across the country & in the capital Lima. These are already having effect. Dina Boluarte, head of the coup govt, has even slipped having to call for early elections. Today is the 7th day of protests in Peru. There are now major roadblocks across Peru. The scale of the protests continue to grow despite 7 people, mostly underage, being killed by police. The coup govt. greatly underestimated that people would fight back & defend Castillo.” (-Manolo De Los Santos on CIA coup in Peru)

“Congress is this insanely undemocratic congress where they’re just constantly overthrowing Presidents, it’s true that he dissolved congress, but it’s not a Coup, it’s legal politically, it’s in the constitution” (-Benjamin Norton)

“Imperialism is the single most important issue facing the working class.

When the US wages war on the world, it’s waging war on working people everywhere.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Shadowy US Spy Firm Promises To Surveil Crypto Users For the Highest Bidder (

Congress To Sneak $37 Billion Ukraine Aid Into Must-Pass Omnibus Bill – Activist Post

The British American Project and Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby with Matt Kennard, Asa Winstanley and Huda Amori (

ADL Using Impact Investing to Target BDS (

I’ve said for years that I could tell my tweets weren’t reaching as many people as they should, based on my follower count. The thing they don’t seem 2b reporting is that twitter did this to people they thought were “too left” as well- & again, they never let a strike trend.” (-Boots Riley)


Pig-media, schools, and secondhand, NFL, vicarious, chickenhawk, flagwaving keeps Murkkkans drunk on their own passivity, complicity, filth and slovenly sloth, torture camps, CEO planes destroying the atmosphere, crass consumption and mass murder, all of ’em seem to be forever identifying with military family members service, or Thanking Obama, some more, for knowing Beyonce and walking behind Chelle or whatever, cause Gender and “LADIES FIRST!” keeps it all so classy, that p.c. fauxwoke cancel cult is all so powerful now, just a non stop juggernaut of nuttines and lies and transparent obedience signaling that almost every last fucking member of my former schoolmates, old bands and former creative arts gang have succombed to. It is terrifying how quickly they’ve all regressed, defaulted, forgotten, missed the meeting, been reindoctrinated back into the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Toby Keith patriotism world from which they came. This is paricularly appalling coming from ex punks and mean former liberals who we now refer to mostly as Gotmines or Shitlibs. You know the people who used to have all the Save The Whales signage and saw U2 concerts and liked Will Smith and Chelle Obama to prove how they were “Not racist”TM, and cried during those commercials for pets with that Sarah McLaughlin angels song, or “Everybody Hurts” by REM. These same folks now are in lockstep with anything Bill Gates, Gropey Joe, or Klaus Schwab order of them. It is truly some “THEY LIVE!” or “Twilight Zone” or “V For Vendetta” or “Matrix” like shit. Beyond Orwellian, just crazy. I sent some antiwar shit to a former companion and they wrote me back some crazy belligerent pro war gung ho bootcamp bullshit about how that’s just how it is now, Bitcoin and Bezos and obeying the transhumanist Harari twerp for science and war is good. I can’t fuckin’ believe how malleable everyone has become. No one in the Squad or Sanders fight for any real leftist value anymore, ever, at all. Nothing-they are all full on Hillary/Pelosi/Reagan/Cheneys!  Anti Trump tweets mean nothing to those of us at the bottom of your okey dokey, hokey pokey Ten Thousand Dollar Pyramid Scheme, the propertarians and Airbandb owners just wanna get back to sports and beer and online shopping. WTF? I know I stand alone here, but I’m still all like, power to the people for real, not just as some podcast advertisement. Revolution. Rocknroll. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Now more than ever. They all pretend hated Reagan back in their long forgotten adolescence or college slumming phases but Obama and DOUBLE DOWN DOCTOR DOCTOR JILL BIDEN made ’em all just love alla Reagan’s policies. They pledge alliegence to The Man. Or Wokey Whoa-Man. Whatever, man. Meanwhile the Real Anti War Community is spied on, hassled, harrassed, disrupted, censored, slandered and demonetized. Everybody is getting the Cointelpro treatment while they yuppies holding their I-phones in one hand and channel changer in the other just keep repeating how we should all just be more obedient to the rich people above us, meaning themselves, of course. Everybody from Chris Hedges to Abby Martin. Medea Benjamin and Ray McGovern are censored and shadowbanned. Anti-imperialist and all pro freedom voices have been purged by the spooks from both legacy media and repleced with actual spies, or cenosred by the billionaire techlords on social media, but the Hillarybot Squad worshippers don’t see a danger with Assange and Hale being lockedup or Hastings  and Rich and Wellstone and Dr. David Kelly dying mysteriously. Just okeydokey whatever Hillary wants. And her Powwow Chow Pocahontos Pal and fellow eager beaver Republikkkan Gal Senator Millionaire Liz Warren. I can’t believe middle class people look to Condoleeza Rice, Hillary or Pelosi for advice about anything-they are all known crooks, far rightwing liars and war criminals. Lyn Cheney’s the devil’s daughter-don’t tell me nothing about Ivanka if you like Lyn Cheney. Bernie’s a big sellout coward and a disappointment, but I highly doubt he’s a sexist, but the Gender divide is all these undercover Republikkan, fake as fuck, pro war, Bloomberg Wall Street Dems have to run on, madeup divisions, so they continue to smear Sanders, and he pitifully continues to capitualte to the deep state oligarchy. So sad. Sanders was the only member of congress who refused to stand and applaud their CIA puppet they tried to install in Venezeula-all the rest of these jetset Pelosis and Met Gala starlets are all for coups of socialist democracies, that is NOT DEMOCRATIC by any actual definition-these hacks and mannakins and empty suits won’t even fight for sick days or Julian Assange. You brunchers who enable them kinda suck. Bill Gates is not your special sweater science cuddlybear.

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “@ShellenbergerMD @bariweiss @JohnBasham @TitaniaMcGrath @RealJamesWoods 66. Lastly, people on the left, right, and in between want to know what else is in the #TwitterFiles, from suppression/shadow-banning of leftists to lab-leak theorists, or amplification of military propaganda or conservative accounts. We know everyone has questions.” / Twitter

FACT CHECK: Was Elizabeth Warren Once A Card-Carrying Republican? | Check Your Fact

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Show me a liberal, and I’ll show you a white supremacist and imperialist war pig.” / Twitter

‘Corporate Greed Is a Disease’: Tlaib Delivers Fiery Speech in Support of Rail Workers (

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Revealed: How Twitter Functioned as Arm of the FBI and Intelligence Services – Activist Post

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Pentagon Admits They Can’t Account For HALF Their Assets Amid Latest Audit Failure (

As UK Premier Polishes His “Brand Rishi” Image, the Country Slides Into Recession | Black Agenda Report

The Nakba Day Triumph: How the UN Is Correcting a Historical Wrong (


When you were young did you ever love somebody? I remember buying the 12 inch single and a silver book of Hendriz poetry when I was 14-ish from It’s Only Rocknroll on 8th Street, walkin’ ’round in the snow with the Walkman on, my main two cassettes that year were the Cult and Thompson Twins. I was in love with a girl and this music made me think of her, but I had to leave that smalltown where she lived and fled to NYC where a couple of older broads had taken me in. It’s funny how music and memories swirl together so deeply that even a certain time of year or temperature drop can bring all that stuff straight back to life. 

Dream Academy – “Life In A Northern Town” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

the dream academy – edge of forever – YouTube now that you’re older…?

This would come on the radio when I was in juvenile corrections. Dream Academy – “The Love Parade” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

It used to drive my hardcore punk and dude-metal Scorpions bros crazy that I loved this band. My Randy Rhoades shredder, mulleted headbanger guitar hero, Dekan used to dismissively call me, “The Flower Power Popster”. I still love the Dream Academy. “This is dedicated to the one I love…” 

“it’ll go on forever…”

Dream Academy – Love – YouTube

“When you were young

Did you ever fall down
Graze your knee
And want to run to someone
‘Cause now that you’re older
I’ve been falling down

I want to run to someone
But there’s nobody around…”

It was right around that same time I discovered “Hunky Dory”, Inxs, the Fleshtones via the MTV IRS CUTTING EDGE HAPPY HOUR, Lords Of The New Church, Divinyls, Billy Idol and the Cult. I stupidly went back to that loathsome hellhole of a town but after what I learned and experienced in Lower Manhattan, I was never the same again and I started fighting back, believing in myself, kicking against the pricks.

Andi Harriman

Stream Andi music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud


These rowdy punk soul sixties influenced R&B all night motherfuckers along with Animal House/Blues Brothers and Van Halen and the Time, kinda taught us boisterous black sheep how to really get down. We were from that kinda tradition rather than the mopey grunge buzzkillers that bought up all the stages who followed us. Peter Zaremba was like a garage punk James Brown back in the day, they STILL rock like fuck!

The Fleshtones – Shadowline – YouTube

The Fleshtones “Our Own Time” – YouTube

Cutting Edge Garage Sale (Final Episode) Part One, Fleshtones appearance, 1983 – YouTube

The Fleshtones – Screaming Skull + American Beat (live tv) – YouTube

The Fleshtones – Leather King (1987) – YouTube

FLESHTONES – Hexbreaker + Supervindicators (french TV 80’s) – YouTube


I will admit, as much of a radical rabble rouser as I’m accused of being, sometimes, summa the Great Old Bands can be a little too one note Billy Bragg preachy for me. I like a whole symphony of ideas, ya know what I’m sayin’? Like what made the Stones, and the Clash and even Hanoi Rocks so great was their diversity-they could play tear in your beer old truckstop country, or ska, or disco, or angry protest music, or freaky psychedelic, or speed warped highway songs and still have that continuity, their own sound, that identifiable stamp as a band, so yeah, summa the big sky bands from the eighties that U2 kinda did a more watered down and commercialized version of could get a little bit too single mindedly focused on some miner’s strike or something-the war in the Falklands, but if all Stuart ever wrote was “Big Country”, he’d still be among the greats in my book. The Skids were also anthemic. Mike Peters credits Stuart for being his a-ha lightning bolt moment, immediate predecessor. That’s a pretty bold thing to admit. In Murkkka, people don’t even own up to having influences-they’re all so W Bush unapologetic,and dummy sports popular vote competitive, ALL THE CLOWNISH PLAY ACTORS LIKE TO STRUT AROUND LIKE THEY ARE BO DIDDLEY ORIGINATORS NOT COPYCAT COME LATELYS SPENDING THE INHERITANCE.Staurt Adamson, now that guy was a pathfinder, a trailblazer, a sing from his heart guy. I was already bored with the xerox-rock, way back in the early nineties with all those Orange County bands in “Maximum Rocknroll” just unimaginatively regurgitating dumbed down, suburbanized, mama money, allowance punk, silver visor from Spencer Gifts in the mall versions of  the Clash or Ramones til doomsday, which, in my opinion, was when dorks like Robbie Thomas and Dave Grohl came on the scene. Doomsday. Turned everything into a class clown joke. The WEF are depopulating the third world and want to microchip enslave whoever survives their dumb wars. Schwab was Kissinger’s protegee but even more entitled and empowered. You should probably do the opposite of whatever he tells you to do. He is  not the emperor. Or at least he shouldn’t be. Fight the NWO.

Why Stuart Adamson was the greatest songwriter (and rare live video “Shattered Cross”) – YouTube

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction (

Time to Revive the 1995 Act that Called for Abolishing the CIA | CovertAction Magazine

CovertAction Bulletin – Eyewitness Report Iran Protests: Truth or Media Distortion? | CovertAction Magazine

Ricky Varandas on Twitter: “NEW #TheRippleEffectPodcast (@_WhitneyWebb & Dr. Jessica Rose | #Epstein, #Covid & Cover-Ups) WATCH: LISTEN: SUPPORT:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Free Brittney. If she is free we should hear from her. #letBrittneyspeak” / Twitter

Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed | The Nation

The 60-Year U.S. Blockade on Cuba is an Abomination Just as Great as Guantanamo Bay—With no End in Sight | CovertAction Magazine

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, & MSNBC Have Spent Just 14 Minutes Combined Covering The “Twitter Files”: Report – Activist Post

Will Belated Open Letter by The New York Times and other Media Outlets Be Enough to Compel Julian Assange’s Release From Prison? | CovertAction Magazine


In my early twenties I got his greatest hits and realized what a formidable songwriter the guy was. When I first got out of detention hall, I had hoped to rekindle a little love I’d had with a beautiful girl a couple years before but she’d sadly moved on. His song, “State Of The Heart” was a 45 I listened to over and over again while me and Tom and Joey and Fred drank many 12 packs, until my older pal, Dan Yorksie who was running a chop shop bicycle operation outta my basement broke it against the cement wall and got me to set fire to the Polaroid I took of that girl on the first night we met. It only burned even more permenently into my memory. It felt exactly like “Pretty In Pink” as I carried her memory in my heart for years. She went with some trendy soccer star who had the nice clothes, the nice smile, the car, blue eyes, popular. I was Duckie, he was Blaine. Now I’m Harry Dean without a fuckin’ pack of smokes.

This was the B Side to “Love Somebody” Rick Springfield – The great Lost art of conversation – YouTube

New Order share classic ‘Sunrise’ performance at The Haçienda (


I don’t want some halfassed My Chemical Romance Hot Topic Emo Version and I’ve lost so much of my once proud shag that I just don’t think I have enough left to really adequately achieve the old fashioned Aqua Netted Johnny Thunders-Alarm-Nikki Sixx-Steve Stevens oversized, razorcut jetboy mane I had when Mickey Mac sent a black limousine to retrieve me and my scuzzy, mohawked old guitar player for our high school graduation, well her graduation anyways-they chased me outta that school years prior. I think I got kicked outta six schools and quit two or three, school was not for me. . I sat in between a girl named Regina, whose uncle had kicked me out of the downtown school, she was all cute and Bambi eyed in a white Mary Ann dress and then, there She appeared in a burst of blinding white light–that one true innocent teenage love of mine who attended a Catholic school that the volleyball coach had me expelled from for having No Doze caffeine pills and for wasting their expensive glittery Thunderbirds stickers you were supposed to sell to some rich relative for $500 by just sticking mine on my school desk and locker, she had shown up also, in all her brightly beaming Brigitte Bardot black glasses splendor, but not for me, she had only shown up to give a graduation card to the popular kid she ditched me for while I was in detention hall on my way back to her, so that was honestly a bit of a jab to the deslusional wishful thinking little boy heart. She went her way that day but I got to see her smile. Whoa he was something else back then. I mighta mentioned her in a song. 

That night, while I was in her Poison postered bedroom makin’ my moves on the also exquisitely beautiful Mickey Mac, she had just been dating Bobby Doll, so that was mostly what she wanted to talk about: Poison. Or her gigantic dogs. Meanwhile, her mom was getting my surly guitarist wasted with big bottles in the kitchen and her mom’s dubious boyfriend was asking him if he was up for a gas station robbery or something like that. I guess he saw the nosering and combat boots and black leather jacket and ripped jeans and Max’s Kansas City or GBH t shirt and assumed my guy was an armed robber, rather than a future academic glass artisan. My life’s been a tragiccomedy in that way. Anyhow, yeah, like I was telling my comrade Neen, the Alarm were the prototype of bighaired glammy bandido, desert rebel, Zapatista outlaw gang that first inspired me to recruit my own black flag drunken pirate army. It was pre internet, so we did not know how many other bands were already doing all the same shit as us, in the grebo movement over in the UK, so we thought we were way cooler and more edgy and innovative than we actually were, but for 1986 in a smallish conservative tankplant town, a regular hotspot on the crack highway in between Dayton and Toledo and Detroit, we were radical as all fuck, there. Hell In Fishnets & Blue Eyeshadow! The local evangelical tv station even did a whole anti rock epidode and brought in an outta state PMRC crusader to warn all my other girlfriend’s mothers about the dangers of Aqua Net and eyeliner and all the strange goings-on at that chipped yellow painted, rain faded, long neglected farmhouse on the outskirts of town across from the old K Mart. “They had Eastern tapestries and Christmas lights all year round! Motorcycles in the yard and a Super Nova spraypainted green! A pale and scrawny pasty guy in scarves! Many booze bottles on the old piano! ” Just greasy kids really, drinking beer, playing covers. Wearing all the things that nobody wears.You know that Spencer P. Jones song, “You’ve Peaked”? Some peopel say I peaked early, I say I’m ready for primetime.

The Alarm – Shout To The Devil, Interview, Chant Has Just Begun – Cutting Edge, MTV 3rd March 1984 – YouTube

The Song That Changed My Life – In a Big Country – YouTube

The Alarm ‘The Stand’ the Tube 1983 – YouTube

The Alarm – Marching On, Interview, Sixty Eight Guns – American Bandstand 15th April 1984 – YouTube

The Alarm – Live at Rockpalats ,Germany (1984) Full Concert – YouTube

The Alarm – Warriors – Live at the Ritz, Manchester – YouTube

The Alarm – VH1’s Bands Reunited – YouTube

The Alarm – Spirit of ’86 (Full Broadcast) – YouTube
Dave Sharp to appear with The Alarm as special guest in Glasgow and London – The Alarm

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “There goes @UnholyRom3 again delivering clean water to the people who our politicians have forgotten about.” / Twitter


Ozzy Osbourne – US Festival 5/29/83 Pro-shot w/ Soundboard Sync – YouTube

Van Halen – 1983 US Festival Full Concert – YouTube

the ufo guy Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? – Activist Post probably an inside job like Alex Jones

Where do they all come from??? | Black Agenda Report

The Exploited Vocalist Wattie Buchan Collapses After Heart Attack on Stage | MetalSucks suddenly

The Exploited Shop – Merchandise Deutschland | The Exploited Deutsch

British MP calls for immediate halt of COVID vax in 20 minute speech (

Breaking Points Host CALLED OUT For Defending Dems Over Rail Workers – YouTube

Sean Penn Hates On The Unvaxxed! – YouTube

Newborn Baby In Washington State Dies Of Blood Clot After Hospital Gives Him Vaccinated Blood Transfusion Despite Arrangement Parents Had Made For Untaxed Blood (

Publishing is not a crime. Demand the Biden administration respect the First Amendment and drop the prosecution of Julian Assange now. (

Cop Fired But Never Charged for Feeding Homeless Man a Literal “Sh*t Sandwich” — Is a Cop Again – Activist Post

A ruling based on outed rubbish and quite frankly, ignorance (

When Orgs Have Integrity (

WWI Christmas Truce Inspires Call for Ukraine Ceasefire (


I can really enjoy repeat listens to “GYPSY ROAD” in a certain mood, at least partially because it brings back so many good memories of all night laughing with my famous celebrity DJ/radio programmer friend way back before he started making the big bucks, when he still lived in a dumpy get high trailer with a metalhead guitarist and a couple of big stinky dogs named Glenn and KK, but you know more than a few Cinderella songs in a row kinda can grate on my nerves, I like ’em, don’t get me wrong, but only for about maybe four songs tops then I need a break from all the screeching. I always kinda thought Britney Fox were like Cinderella wannabes. Every band who ever made it to “Headbanger’s Ball” is still trying to milk the old brandname and fractured off into feuding factions, it’s kinda sad really-like with that whole stupidly tedious L.A. Guns debacle. Or Gene Loves Jezebel. Which one does mom like best? I only feel bad for people who got rippedoff like Chris Holmes in WASP. Britney Fox are more Spinal Tap than even like, Quiet Riot or Roxx Gang.

BRITNY FAUX … Britny Fox is back with Billy Childs, but their Official Facebook page warns fans: “You Are Getting Billy’s Version (COVERBAND)” – Metal Sludge

Radio Birdman | EP: Burn My Eye | Rock | Australia | 1976 – YouTube

A Day of Mourning: Bill of Rights Day – Activist Post

New World Next Year 2023 with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato – Activist Post

Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack (

Education International, ITUC and the Global Push to Inject the 4IR and Transhumanism into Schools (

Cuba and Black Liberation | Black Agenda Report

Dennis Kucinich: where are the pro-peace Democrats? – The Grayzone


“It says so much about the power of the propaganda machine of the US-centralized empire that people not only believe the Official Lines, and they not only parrot the Official Lines, but they actively condemn anyone who calls the Official Lines into question.” (~ Caitlin Johnstone)


Gutter Gospel By General Labor: Cait, Art-Ghetto 80s Goth, Gringo, Wah Wah Hut, Pyramid, Dive, Legere, Shooting Gallery, Pilger, Shipton, Whitney Webb, Wendy Wild, Antoinettes!

“Folks, if you were not diverted by Russiagate BS you might have noticed the scandal of FBI infiltration of Trump campaign & coordination of intelligence agencies to undermine his presidency under guise of protecting the nation. This is nothing new.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“”The persecution of Julian normalizes going after journalists and putting them in prison.” (—Stella Assange)

“The fact Dick fucking Cheney gets over 80k likes means that there are 80k people who are either brain dead or don’t know who Dick Cheney is” (-Whitney Webb)

“In the days when you were hopelessly poor, I just liked you more…” (-Morrissey)

“The FBI murdered Fred Hampton. It infiltrated the Black Panthers and Civil Rights movement. It smeared Malcolm X and told MLK to kill himself. It backed CIA cocaine trafficking into Black communities. It just raided the Uhuru Movement. Jimmy Dore is not your enemy. The FBI is. The FBI and the rest of the trillion dollar military industrial security state has nothing to do with protecting Black leftists or any working class American. It exists to suppress dissent and ruthlessly maintain the empire. It exists to protect the government from its people.” (-The People’s Party)

“Good to see Cleveland Police Foundation board member Nina Turner push back on calls to defund the FBI. If she ever wins an election, she’ll be able to join the rest of the Squad in voting to increase the Bureau’s budget!” (-Max Blumenthal)

“You might be a conservative if…you haven’t been calling to abolish the FBI after what they’ve done to the Panthers, MLK, and Malcolm X.” (-Kim Iverson)

“”Knowledge has always flowed upwards to bishops and kings, not down to serfs and slaves.” (-Julian Assange)

“Every country our Gov’t helps winds up destroyed and in a state of chaos, and our weapons manufacturers always wind up billions richer.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Are you a pretend socialist or do you support the dismantling of the western empire?” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Twitter outlines its plot to “protect” the US midterm elections from “misinformation” (

“Incredible. I’ve reported from conflict zones and dictatorships around the world for 18 years and I’ve never been arrested for journalism. And yet it happened to me here in Britain. They confiscated all my devices.” (-Saeed Taj Farouky) Palestine Action on Twitter: “BREAKING: British police arrest an Arab photographer for no reason, outside the occupied ‘Good Packing Company’ who package and transport Israel’s military hardware #ACAB #ShutElbitDown” / Twitter

“I’m out now but they still have my phone and laptop.” (-Saeed Taji Farouky on twitter)

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder′s case endangers press freedom, his wife tells DW | News | DW | 11.08.2022


Gord Lewis dead: Son arrested for murder of Teenage Head guitarist (

Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis found dead; Jonathan Lewis charged with second-degree murder |


Following objections from the Ukrainian government, CBS News has removed a short documentary which had reported concerns from numerous sources that a large amount of the supplies being sent to Ukraine aren’t making it to the front lines.

The Ukrainian government has listed its objections to the report on a government website, naming Ukrainian officials who objected to it and explaining why each of the CBS news sources it dislikes should be discounted. After the report was taken down and the Twitter post about it removed, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this was a good start but still not enough.

“Welcome first step, but it is not enough,” Kuleba tweeted. “You have misled a huge audience by sharing unsubstantiated claims and damaging trust in supplies of vital military aid to a nation resisting aggression and genocide. There should be an internal investigation into who enabled this and why.”

CBS Removes Documentary on Ukraine Military Aid After Pressure from Ukrainian Government#Ukraine‘s FM called for investigation into the documentary, which found that most military aid wasn’t making it to the frontlines
by Dave DeCamp@DecampDave #cbsnews

— (@Antiwarcom) August 8, 2022

The CBS News article about the documentary was renamed, from “Why military aid to Ukraine doesn’t always get to the front lines: ‘Like 30% of it reaches its final destination’” to the far milder “Why military aid in Ukraine may not always get to the front lines.” An editor’s note on the new version of the article explicitly admits to taking advisement on its changes from the Ukrainian government, reading as follows:

This article has been updated to reflect changes since the CBS Reports documentary ‘Arming Ukraine’ was filmed, and the documentary is also being updated. Jonas Ohman says the delivery has significantly improved since filming with CBS in late April. The government of Ukraine notes that U.S. defense attaché Brigadier General Garrick M. Harmon arrived in Kyiv in August 2022 for arms control and monitoring.”

CBS News does not say why it has taken so long for this report to come out, why it didn’t check to see if anything had changed in the last few months during a rapidly unfolding war before releasing its report, or why it felt its claims were good enough to air before Kyiv raised its objections but not after.

Someone uploaded the old version of the documentary on YouTube here, or you can watch it on Bitchute here if that one gets taken down. It was supportive of Ukraine and very oppositional to Russia, and simply featured a number of sources saying they had reason to believe a lot of the military supplies being sent to Ukraine aren’t getting where they’re supposed to go.

The original article quotes the aforementioned Jonas Ohman as follows:

“All of this stuff goes across the border, and then something happens, kind of like 30% of it reaches its final destination,” said Jonas Ohman, founder and CEO of Blue-Yellow, a Lithuania-based organization that has been meeting with and supplying frontline units with military aid in Ukraine since the start of the conflict with Russia-backed separatists in 2014.

“30-40%, that’s my estimation,” he said in April of this year.

“The US has sent tens of thousands of anti-aircraft and anti-armor systems, artillery rounds, hundreds of artillery systems, Switchblade armored drones, and tens of millions of rounds of small arms ammunition,” CBS’s Adam Yamaguchi tells us at 14:15 of the documentary. “But in a conflict where frontlines are scattered and conditions change without warning, not all of those supplies reach their destination. Some also reported weapons are being hoarded, or worse fear that they are disappearing into the black market, an industry that has thrived under corruption in post-Soviet Ukraine.”

“I can tell you unarguably that on the frontline units these things are not getting there,” the Mozart Group‘s Andy Milburn tells Yamaguchi at 17:40. “Drones, Switchblades, IFAKs. They’re not, alright. Body armor, helmets, you name it.”

“Is it safe to characterize this as a little bit of a black hole?” Yamaguchi asked him, perhaps in reference to an April report from CNN whose source said the equipment that’s being sent “drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

“I suppose if you don’t have visibility of where this stuff is going, and if you’re asking that question, then it would appear that it’s a black hole, yeah,” Milburn replied.

“We don’t know,” Amnesty International’s Donatella Rovera tells Yamaguchi at 18:45 when asked if it’s known where the weapons being sent to Ukraine are going.

“There is really no information as to where they’re going at all,” Rovera says. “What is more worrying is that at least some of the countries that are sending weapons do not seem to think that it is their responsibility to put in place a very robust oversight mechanism to ensure that they know how they’re being used today, but also how they might and will be used tomorrow.”

Don’t worry, @CBSNews, I saved it for you.

— Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) August 8, 2022

A news outlet pulling a report because their own government didn’t like it would be a scandalous breach of journalistic ethics. A news outlet pulling a report because a foreign government didn’t like it is even more so.

We’ve already seen that the western media will uncritically report literally any claim made by the government of Ukraine in bizarre instances like the recent report that Russia was firing rockets at a nuclear power plant it had already captured, or its regurgitation of claims that Russians are raping babies to death from a Ukrainian official who ended up getting fired for promoting unevidenced claims about rape. Now not only will western media outlets uncritically report any claim the Ukrainian government makes, they will also retract claims of their own when the Ukrainian government tells them to.

It’s not just commentators like me who see the western press as propagandists: that’s how they see themselves. If you think it’s your job to always report information that helps one side of a war and always omit any information which might hinder it, then you have given yourself the role of propagandist. You might not call yourself that, but that’s what you are by any reasonable definition of that word.

And a great many western Zelenskyites honestly see this as the media’s role as well. They’ll angrily condemn anyone who inserts skepticism of the US empire’s narratives about Ukraine into mainstream consciousness, but then they’ll also yell at you if you say we’re not being told the truth about Ukraine. They demand to be lied to, and call you a liar if you say that means we’re being lied to.

“Russian Propaganda” Just Means Disobedience

Empire apologists are raging at @amnesty for pausing its aggressive facilitation of western imperialism to issue one brief criticism of the way Ukrainian forces have been endangering civilian lives.

— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) August 6, 2022

You can’t have it both ways. Either you want the mass media to serve as war propagandists or you want them to tell the truth. You cannot hold both of those positions simultaneously. They are mutually exclusive. And many actually want the former.

This can’t lead anywhere good.FREE JULIAN!

Not all of us are gentrified or assimilated cogs of the Bad Machine. I do not have to agree with you about your preferred oligarch candidate to support your right to ask questions, contest election results, protest media lies and the growing tech surveillance dystopian police state, and/or demonstrate against these fuckedup forever wars based on fabrications and provocations. If the whole thing was not a secret society and deep state rigged sham, don’t you think even one politician would be loudly advocating for our right to privacy as promised in the Fourth Amendment, freedom of assembly, free speech, and freedom of the press? Why does every mass media warpig platform keep bleating on and on about torture lobbyist Lyn Cheney (D), or her waterboarding war criminal father who killed millions of innocent Iraqis for Halliburton and Carlyle Group profits, and their obscenely crooked opinions? Most Murkkkans believe that first Bush selection was a deep state fix is in operation. Many recognize the matter of fact irrefutable, proven in court, on the record, hard awful truth that Clinton and Wassermans Scholtz, Podesta, and company rigged primaries against Bernie and then, did it again when they ran 22 establishment candidates against his tax the rich platform and spent a Billion Bloomberg Bucks running against him, but then, mysteriously, Sanders and Turner and Gabbard all GOT IN LINE endorsing longtime conservative bureaucrat Gropey Joe and expanding the domestic police state and funding needless wars. It was never just Republikkkans suspicious of the election count. Now, every three days media tells us what failed comic actor Zelensky is demanding-more weapons, more billions, no reporting about what’s happening on the ground. I do not remember voting for Zelensky-do you? Why does he get 8 billion every five days, but we no ones get ripped off at the gas pump and grocery store, jackedup rents, kkkops shooting black folks in the back, and super inflation all blamed on Trump or Putin. If this country’s real rulers gave a fuck about human rights, they would not be bombing all these human beings, mass incarcertaing black people, overthrowing our neighbors, or paying proxy armies to do their dirty work, or enabling, hell, super funding (!!!) Israel and the KSA to commit atrocities. No wonder these imperialist liars and think tanks and weapons companies and their compromised phonies like AOC and Sanders won’t FIGHT TO FREE ASSANGE! Dick Cheney’s mercenary Blackwater contractors may have started the fires in Cuba for all we know. They’ve tried to kill the Cuban revolution for what, sixty years? Paid a nazi to track down Che, cut off his hands, call that freedom. They keep trying to overthrow Venezuela, also. They want to replace their sovereign leaders with Klaus Schwab future leaders cult puppets. That’s not democracy, children.

Opinion | While Cuba Deals with Blazing Fire, the U.S. Heartlessly Watches and Waits | Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan (

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: ““What is wrong with the f#cking Israelis?” Good question @rogerwaters asks as he breaks down and cries, reading a quote from a Palestinian boy afraid of being blown to pieces by an Israeli bomb. @codepink” / Twitter

Long USA wars channel cash to transnational security elites – (

New footage of a US military convoy smuggling stolen oil out of Raqqah, Syria. The US army has been consistently looting the country’s oil and smuggling it into their Iraq bases. Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria’s oil output per day MORE

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is a fascist white supremacist who ran with a campaign ad shooting the word socialism. No one on the left should ever praise this fascist. When she criticizes the FBI, it’s for opportunistic partisan reasons. She would love to use the FBI to crush the left.” (-Benjamin Norton)


The only drummers in our town were deep suburbia rich people in bed with musclebound jock abusers, playing Zeppelin and Priest covers, so my misfit cretin friends and I started out making really crap cassette tape demos with garbage drum machines from Sears and me singing through a bass amplifier. We were not Suicide or the Mary Chain, but we were learning how to write real songs. It was a big break through, when we started adding in a break, or middle eight, “third part”. My heavy metal guy who now lives uptown on Central Park West was good at that. I eventually, determinedly, stole my other, older guitar player from a smalltime D.I.Y. goth trio after the Pet Shop Boys keyboardist in the long trench coat went away to sportsfan college and the brooding and depressed Skinny Puppy influenced lead singer became a gravedigger in Indiana for awhile before resettling into real estate in Arizona. They were a good little band, creative, completely D.I.Y. and doing it with the most primitive of instruments. You don’t see that enough, anymore. I think he was hesitant to join forces with me at first, because I was not a conventionally good looking guy, like all his other collaborators, I lived in the bushes and an unheated attic and still had these ridiculous bug scientist glasses. I was a controversial, supposedly disruptive, smalltown hated Frankenstein’s monster into Duran Duran and Prince and Van Halen. We were anti-social, unaffiliated, unassimilated, free thinking outcasts. We did some Gun Club covers, me and that character, with our amateur hour early garage bands, but never graduated into the kind of darkly polished goth grandiosity I always aspired to, best personified by Bauhaus and Sisters Of Mercy. It’s said that Jeffrey Lee Pierce hated Andrew, and I get why, he had secured the big Jim Steinman production budget and got to make big epic Blade Runner videos and Patricia joined ’em. Me, I could only ever dream of receiving a Gun Club production budget. Heh! Most of my music is only on cassettes-recorded badly in echo-y kitchens, bathrooms, and dark basements on broken boom boxes. I could write a whole book about my many goth girlfriends and our struggles and adventures and fleeting moments of ecstatic bliss in the eighties, and in fact I did. Probably about three of ’em, but so many of my other friends have slick professional careers, family, mental illness issues, so it’s still too soon to publish that stuff, discretion being the better part of valor and all, but yeah, I love Sisters Of Mercy, never stopped listening to them, really. We would have liked to have gone to the Batcave with Flesh For Lulu, or been New Romantics at the Blitz, but we were born in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the closest we could come to having any fun was by wearing bad makeup and convening in a poorly heated basement apartment in a stinky building full of crazy poor people-hookers and pimpswho eventually burned the place down, and making tapes for girls of Arcadia, Joy Division, The Cure, and Mary Chain songs. We were poor white trash in a really repressive tank plant town. Targeted ceaselessly by juvie authorities, overzealous dress code enforcers, ignorant conformists and savagely homophobic rightwing brutes. The biggest sport in the Midwest is not college football or professional wrestling, it’s always been, yelling abuse at goth kids. Even when those atrocious nu metal idiots who love Korn and Hot Topic Marilyn Manson emo kids started kindof ruining the romantic subculture with their cheap and tawdry affectations, the stupid as fuck fratboys and Nascar idiots and Slim Shady honky drug dealer wannabes never stopped enjoying Middle Murkkka’s Favorite Pastime, Yelling Dumb Insults At Smaller Strangers Who Look Different, and now, it’s all been ransacked by manufactured Lady Gaga illuminati horror story slut puppets. I wanted to become a suave crooner ala Nick Cave or Andrew Eldritch, but at that time I was still more like a kooky Alien Sex Fiend/Specimen weirdo-reject. My girlfriend back when I was I dunno 17-ish really was like a the character Wynona Ryder played in Beetlejuice, she was a real highbrow intellectual bookreader who eschewed the daylight and only came out at night and had all the usual gothic obsessions. From Diamanda Galas and Psychic Tv, to Skinny Puppy and Roman Polanski movies. We mighta stayed together had I not been such a buckwild, hard partying, hedonist hellraiser back then. She was real cool. She had a black bedroom, not just dark but actually painted black, her mom and I became close for many years even after her daughter had moved on beyond me, she and I stayed in touch and I still have love for the both of them. I’m not one who really believes in past lives or anything but I always felt an abiding connection to them. I took it as a HIGH COMPLIMENT when idiot assholes my former friends now associate with would yell, “Look! It’s Sisters Of Mercy!” at me and my super cool deathrock girlfriend when we tried to go the record store in the mall together. What morons they were, and probably still are. No one ever changes from back there, they just jump on this week’s fad train-is it video game, Spice Girls, “Friends”, white rappers, commercial country, Skrillex, The(fraud) Squad TM, “Jersey Shore”, Spencer and Heidi from the Hills, the Tide pod deaths or fucking evil coven cultist Kardashians, Lil Nas X, Foo Fighters, Lyn Cheney (D), Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Kanye West, Dr. Fauchi, Nikki Minaj, Russiagate, whatever this week’s fad or media prescribed celebrity is. All those loathsome gamer dorks worshipping Elon Musk. All those sad girls slavishly emulating Miley Cyrus or Bella Hadid. They mainly chase fads and worship celebrities. Right now, it’s all “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”. I’m not that into the glamourization or glorification of violent drug dealers, OR the DEA, I’ve just seen the corrupt and racist drug wars destroy so many people’s families. In this country, rich people with access to drugs are edgy hipster celebrities. poor people with access to drugs are scary bad criminals who should be killed by men in uniform or go to jail. It’s all fuckedup. Remember when Peter Murphy got busted in Potlandia and all the squares acted so SHOCKED and AGHAST that a famous post punk performer would ever dare to alter his consciousness recreationally with officially prohibited substances?? I detest yuppies who make believe they’re all Lou Reed hipster beat cool, but character assassinate people for doing drugs. This whole society runs on drugs. Look at your own medicine cabinet, motherfucker. Handsome Dick thinks booze aint a drug. Ha. How come boomers never hear anything about gigantic class action settlements awarded to people all the time when Johnson & Johnson or Bayer/Monsatan poisons folk,s or big pharma gives illegal kickbacks to doctors to overprescribe for Sackler profits and shit? Then they use that as justification for UNDER prescribing medications to people with legit pain and suffering, it’s all fucked, all corrupt, all upside down and all for profit and or black ops, and no I’m not really taking any advice from Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew or Dr. Oz or Dr. Jill Biden. I do like “Doctor Doctor” by the Thompson Twins. Doktor Jeep Plays On…I don’t know if anybody will create a monumental masterpiece as perfect as “Vision Thing” co starring Tony James the Space Boss ever again, but I still listen to Sisters Of Mercy, for medicinal purposes mostly. And flagrantly without a prescription.

The Sisters Of Mercy Homepage (


“More proof that “globalist” doesn’t mean anything and is just a right-wing buzzword Viktor Orbán, the far-right leader of Hungary (member of imperialist NATO/EU) gave a speech in the imperialist US condemning “globalists,” while surrounded by warmongering neocon US imperialists” (-Benjamin Norton)4108

“What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? I give private information on corporations to you for free, and I’m a villain. Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he’s Man of the Year.” (-Julian Assange)

What Does Ghislaine Maxwell Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s John Does? (


“The government giving handouts to for-profit real estate developers to build so-called “affordable housing” [that’s not actually affordable at all] is NEVER going to end homelessness. We need a housing first solution, which means providing unconditional public housing.” (-Ryan Knight)

“I don’t want self-driving cars and trips to Mars, I want a planet where we don’t get headlines like “all the rain is now toxic” (-Joshua Potash Read Wobblies and Zapatistas)

“The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization.” (-Julian Assange)

“REMINDER: The FBI murdered Fred Hampton. They are not our friends.” (-BlackBernieBabe on twitter)

“Democrats somehow still being shocked to find Roger Waters is to their left is always every bit as funny as Republicans doing it with Rage Against The Machine…” (-Weston Pagano)


“We’re being taken for a ride. We’re being totally looted by a bunch of people who fuck kids”. (- Whitney Webb discussing the manufactured economic crises that enrich the oligarchs.)

“BREAKING: A federal judge just ordered the NC State Board of Elections to place the Green Party and our campaign on the ballot. We won against the Democratic Party establishment’s scheme to sabotage our campaign for working people. Now let’s win this race and make history!” (-Matthew Hoh For Senate)

“The last thing the rulers want is a united country, because we might all unite against them” (-Black In The Empire)

Shared post – Why Kim Iversen Is No Longer On The Hill’s Rising (

Stella Assange on life with and without Julian: ‘I thought, this guy needs all the help he can get’ (

Pentagon Contractors in Afghanistan Pocketed $108 Billion Over 20 Years (

70+ Economists Say US Must Return $7 Billion Stolen From Afghan People (

Ickonic on Twitter: “In episode 4 of InnerViews, Sean Stone sits down with Whitney Webb to discuss a range of topics from the 2008 financial crisis to her take on Epstein. Stream the full episode now exclusively at #Ickonic #InnerViews #SeanStone #News #WhitneyWebb” / Twitter

Live w/ Whitney Webb Talking Maxwell Epstein & More! 8/10/22 | Rokfin


I was always into rocknroll-The Monkees, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Iggy, Bowie, Alice, Pistols, Go- Go’s, Pretenders…from a young age. My early role models were the Fonz, Dr. Johnny Fever, Stiv Bators, and Peter Zaremba. Then, I saw the Surfers at Dancetera while tripping-Gibby blew my mind. I tried to bring that libertine bohemian spirit with me back to the football hellhole of the Midwest where they manufacture the fuckedup fratboys, but needless to say, they are still not ready to let their hair down and dance around the fire-they are idiots. Every generation says it– that the Golden Days have already been and gone, but yeah, by the time D-Generation were doing their big Coney Island High nightclub, I was sortof over it, the trust funders and deep pocketed millionaire kid forces of gentrification moving in and ruining my East Village, as McDonna once sang, “This Used To Be My Playground”. I used to drink underage in every bar in NYC, only started getting I.D.’d everywhere I went in like, grunge/alternative sucksass 1995. My exultant merriment was happening in bars like King Tut’s, Danceteria, Robots, Downtown Beirut and the Pyramid Club way back in 1984-1986. Wendy fucking Wild ruled my world. I saw The Antoinettes while tripping on acid! If you wanna know about what The Scene was like back then, read that book about The Fleshtones, “SWEAT”! That Love Delegation LP was a real driving force in my life. I was good friends with Larry Lame’ and Chet Grant from the Jickets as a 14 and 15 year old runaway living on Rivington Street. I did not like the nerdy keyboardist, Sid, because my beautiful older girlfriend started dating him at some point and I kinda distanced myself from Petey also just outta guilt by association. We used to see ’em play at the after hours bar Neither/Nor. We hungout at the Dive alot. It’s crazee to me how those wild, wild days and nights are gone forever. So many people I knew and loved are already long gone.

The Fleshtones – Live 1983 Glasgow, Scotland (Full show) – YouTube

I was friends with Phoebe in my long lost youth and interviewed her in her hotel room bed for my old cable access tv show. She’s one of our greatest geniuses. Always encouraged me and made me feel good about myself, I will always love her.

Things were a lot more fun back then. I used to run around with Spacely as a kid. He dated a chick named Lily and I dated her friend. He taught me how to shoplift.

I never saw Thunders with Billy Rath-only with Tony Coiro Heartbreakers reunions and the Oddballs. Red Spot was a real cool one, me n Thunders had a moment. I did not feel like he liked me, but I’d stolen his hairdo off the cover of “Night Of The Living Dolls”!

When Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party Brought Klaus Nomi, Blondie & Basquiat to Public Access TV (1978-82) | Open Culture


Boys from Nowhere: The Story of Boston’s Garage Punk Uprising | Film Threat

I never saw this dude’s movie but I lived it and sortof knew Mitch and Mr. Butch from the Rat, and Monoman and Willie Loco and Minehan and Whitfield and Dando a little from my record store jobs. Parcellin memorably compared my singing to John Felice, and Tom Shannon has said his song, “My Friends” was about me and Alpo from Real Kids.

Cheater Slicks – Don’t Like You (Full Album) – YouTube

The Corner Man (Lyrics) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – YouTube


Kim Iversen (@KimIversenShow) / Twitter

Millionaire media whores paid to pen excited headlines about the latest Jeff Bezos mega yacht or Elon Musk space ship to Mars fantasies or Bill Gates opinions. Orange Man Bad tweeting AOC’s many millions of fawning wish they were her boyfriends. Middle class gender fixaters actually spending money on Hillary Clinton’s boastful merchandise bragging proudly about how she got away with all that murder of Libya, while they try to bust Trump for a protest at the Capital…and gender worshippers reveling in her secondhand glorying. Horrific.

 We live in a country that’s so media ruled, they get people crying and fretting, and shitting themselves over bawdy talk, blue language, black comedians who are never supposedly P.C. woke enough, or even about actual real doctors, or members of our permanent ruling class, saying the latest advertising slogans are phony, but mass murder? Totally okeydokey with the haves on the hill, and the got mines, and Amazon shoppers, s’long as the correct party, They/Them, Blue No Matter Who, is in office; or the hasbeen wish they were still relevant, desperate for some airtime celebrities are rolled out, to promote a certain flag. That’s some insane shit. 

   I guess I first saw the tendency of people to wanna go along to get along, or go with the flow, or say anything to fit in with the mad herd and powers that be, by pretending to believe the dummy bully culture, all the way back in middle school, when I contradicted the wrestling coach and his nakedly racist version of Murkkkan history and he grabbed me by my little bony arm, repeatedly-probably at least three different times, dragging me to the back of the classroom and put me in the closet as a “let that be a lesson to the rest of you” example to my classmates. Of course, those rich jock preppie motherfuckers were thrilled to see a “wimp” and “fag” and bigmouthed “nerd” like me being shutdown and silenced by the musclebound rightwing wrestling coach. They loved that shit. The sports moms on the corner, too. They’d see me bleeding from my palms, elbows and knees, after getting knocked off my girl’s bicycle by their son’s basketball playing friends and yell at me to go home, as if my blood was soiling their precious end of the street. When I foolishly revisited a bigger city of that state after spending considerable time on both coasts, I did not expect to be hassled again in the godawful grunge/alternative era by some locals-only, uncool jock, music scene infiltrating social hierarchy, but that’s exactly what happened. I was tight friends with a famous local promotor-singer-disc jockey, who put a scuzzy bar on the map by booking cool underground and indie bands from bigger cities, but when he left town to take a bigger job, the local gentry who took over his former duties were an uptight dick clique, a real bitchy, territorial pissing, private school circle of rich kids, and man, they were some ruthless bullying fratboy fascists, fatcats, wannabe drug dealer, or mobster types. You can see ’em all on social media podcasting about their three years of being grunge famous, back in the nineties-they were mostly all rich fucking kids and have since gone to business school and shit, residing in their family mansions, all of ’em wearing these ridiculous capitalist outfits. Navy blue country club blazers and khaki pants, glasses and dumb haircuts. Talking all corporate lawyerly. And just like in eighties honky-suburbia, they had these overindulgent mothers helping them crowd out undesirables, and groom any temporary potential targets that appealed to the fortunate sons. I was shocked by all that, but then, one day, I saw the nice guy bartender drummer get in line, then, the seemingly benevolent Cheap Trick record store nerd, and just like that, one by one, all the once friendly followers, who wanted to climb some perpetual middle school social pyramid, they all started adopting a bullshit, transparent, mostly fabricated, good guys/bad guys narrative. Good guys, in their version, were the rich drug dealers and popular abusers who ran the scene, the bad guys, according to them, were of course, the misfits and dropouts with face tattoos who hung out at the dirty divebar down the street. It was quite the opposite really, but I was watching people fall for it, fall in line. 

   Then, 9/11 went down-a goofy dude I worked in a hot kitchen with was a jam band pothead, you know a Midwest Bob Marley “Legend” boxset, freshman college kid, faux hippie, after seeing the footage of the towers collapsing in NYC one million times on tv, and listening to all the rah-rah Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham pro war talk radio bullshit, this dumb kid in the tie-dye with the longhair enlisted to go kill “those Muslims” who he believed were to blame for the asbestos towers crashing to the ground, he never heard nothing about Cheney and Norad, Israeli art students, Marvin Bush, Lucky Silverstein’s insurance policy, Prince Bandar Bush, the missing trillions Rumsfeld speech the day before, or Building #7 being “pulled” cause no plane ever hit it. I started to observe humans getting in line with whoever they thought could provide them with some kinda easy job, or party invitations, overnight ticket to local stardom, name on the guest-list, whatever. No matter how evil, no matter how corrupt. Nobody read books, nobody hung around together listening to records anymore, they all got the cellphones and started watching the lifestyle programming and boyband/lapdancer videos that replaced real music in the Carson Dailey era. I could not be party to any of that bullshit, so I had to withdraw into my private world seclusion of old cassettes and stacks of books. Then after losing a shitty restaurant job, I was forced to sell most of my books and records to the smirking inheritance gloater at the hipster record store for pennies, but it was not enough to keep the lights on for very long. I was forced out. I kinda became a migrant worker, had to go where there was work. They piss tested me at the hometown bowling alley for a pizzamaker job and I commenced a very long and grueling career as a dishwasher and pizzamaker for a town full of redneck Republikkans and crazy predator crackheads, and knew I would have to leave that part of the country. I would never fit in with the frat boys, nor did I crave their acceptance like so many of my groveling former peers who would do stupid human tricks for permission to drink Jager bombs with the assholes at the sports bar. They really seemed like cattle, cows for the slaughter. Just sadly oblivious. I did not want to become them. I wanted to flee back to the eighties Pyramid Club, all day-glo garage rock, paisley underground pop songs, Blue Whales and jangly jewelry with Wendy Wild, the Antoninette’s, or the Fleshtones….but all that was being erased by the billionaires and social engineers, too-or hijacked and co-opted for their bizarre Gates Reset agendas, where it was a lot less fun, cause I always kinda rejected all dresscodes and B-52’s wigs were becoming like, Netflix mandatory in certain zipcodes. Huh? What? Confusion was the new weapon of the ruling elite-anything that sparkled spontaneously, or united people from various tribes, or represented any kinda traditional subculture rebellion, was being mass-marketed and weaponized against us. Instead of do your own thing, it was all about conform and obey and change your way of talking, alter your way of living, you were supposed to only “identify” as this or that, or with that or this corporate vetted preassigned celebrity, and stay home and watch tv, and live vicariously, second hand ,through the ludicrous notion of these supposedly “self-made” (har har har) idle heiress, rich people getting plastic surgeries and buying things, being so bitchen and admiration worthy, that was supposed to be one’s self-empowering “identity”. Tik Tok’ing. And that was all coming from the media programmed faux left. Gentrification, they called it. Be rich, or get out. I got out. As a wiseman named Useless Bastard used to say, “Fuck Those People. Nobody Cares. Nobody Remembers”. He was so right-on. People I thought I knew, were suddenly all thumbs up, A-okay with drones, torture, mass murder, so called pre-emptive wars, mercenary armies, mass warrantless wiretaps, and TSA granny gropers in our airports fondling their loved one’s body parts. AND SCARED TO SAY OTHERWISE! Just worry about enforcing preferred pro nouns on the Twitters, getting your stickers for getting your third boosters, single mindedly gender-identifying, and waving flags for Ukraine, because nothing else matters. They never stopped thanking Obama. I think of them as “Thank-Obamas”, that seems to be all they are capable of doing now-that is their college graduated critical thinking: “Orange Man Bad”. Yes, yes, we know that…you said that, already…and of course finding extra additional new ways of punishing that scary and dastardly and unforgivable ULTRA SUPER VILLAIN the Q-Shaman! “Thanks Obama! FOR KEEPIN’ IT CLASSY! He ALWAYS walks behind CHELLE! BRING BACK OUR GIRLS! LADIES FIRST!” CLASSY! CLASSY! CLASSY. “Keepin’ it classy!” Ya know that’s the real issue here, people been media conditioned to uncritically worship rich people. Class.

Even droners and torturers, people who spy on their phonecalls, fondle their family, rig primaries, outlaw protest, censor the internet, laugh about toppling Libya and assassinating their leader, or who continue to unapologetically lie them into ever more endless wars. As long as they say they like Beyonce. Ellen “being nice” to George Bush. Vanity Fair photographers taking glamour shots of W at a make believe ranch in a cos-play cowboy hat, like he is anything more than a deep state fratboy fortunate son. Condoleeza on 30 Rock. Dick Cheney on commercials. Nobody Cares, Nobody Remembers.

CBS deletes documentary promo on corrupt Ukraine military aid after US gov’t pressure – The Grayzone

John Shipton’s desperate bid to bring Julian Assange home (

“You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.” (-Julian Assange)

ESSAY: Women in Prison: How We Are, Assata Shakur, 1978 | Black Agenda Report

Establishment smear merchants The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone and their perceptible intelligence ties – The Grayzone

Dozens Of Whole Foods Stores Allow Customers To Pay With Palm Print Biometric Data | ZeroHedge

“Reality is an aspect of property. It must be seized. And investigative journalism is the noble art of seizing reality back from the powerful.” (-Julian Assange)

Nancy Pelosi, White Supremacy, and China | Black Agenda Report

For the American Empire, Hypocrisy and War Go Hand in Hand | Black Agenda Report

Crazy Like a Woodfox | Black Agenda Report

Hamilton murder victim believed to be Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis – YouTube

“Our Gov’t lied about and hid what was really happening on the ground in Afghanistan for 20 years The lies they are telling us now about what’s really happening on the ground in Ukraine are already falling apart now.” 

(-Black In The Empire)

“There is something surreal, or perhaps psychotic about this position coming from a U.S. official from what is clearly a failed democracy controlled by capitalist oligarchs. Hey Blinken, here is a tip. Build a democracy in the U.S. before commenting democracy anywhere.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The FBI terrorized striking workers throughout the early 20th century. The FBI waged war on the Black Panther Party, killing and imprisoning its leaders. Why would I trust the FBI to bring justice to anyone, let alone Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? (-Danny Haiphong)

“Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what Orwell called the official truth. They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as functionaires, functionaries, not journalists.” (-John Pilger)

“A bunch of neoconservative hawks at right-wing Washington, DC-based think tank CSIS (which is funded by the US, more Western governments and the weapons industry) are sitting around drinking coffee and playing board games to plan how they can wage war on China and colonize Taiwan”. (-Benjamin Norton)

“CBS: Here’s an investigative report on how only 30% of the weapons we’re sending to Ukraine are getting to the frontline! Ukrainian government: No. Take it down. CBS: Okay sorry. If you think it’s your job to always report information that helps one side of a war and omit information which hinders it, then you have given yourself the role of propagandist. You might not call yourself that, but that’s what you are by any reasonable definition of that word. And western Zelenskyites see this as the media’s role as well. They’ll angrily decry anyone who inserts skepticism of the US empire’s narratives about Ukraine into mainstream consciousness, but then they’ll also yell at you if you say we’re not being told the truth about Ukraine.You can’t have it both ways. Either you want the mass media to serve as war propagandists or you want them to tell the truth. You cannot hold both of those positions simultaneously. They are mutually exclusive. And many actually want the former.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Russia and China to the United States: We want peace and cooperation. The United States: No thanks. We want to make billions in profits on war with each of you. Mainstream media: Russia and China are being aggressive!” (-Danny Haiphong)

Bloodthirsty neoconservative Republican US Senator Ted Cruz threatens democratically elected left-wing leaders in Latin America and elsewhere: “Any leftist leader who chooses socialism will be held accountable by the United States” A mafia-style threat from the global dictator. (-Benjamin Norton)

“Roger Waters was right. Joe Biden is a war criminal.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Conspiracy theorists” and “anti vaxxers” have been howling about inflated Covid death tolls for two years. Now that massive capital has been extracted and unprecedented control has been exerted, corporate media can acknowledge the facts too. (-Max Blumenthal)

9News Perth on Twitter: “We have a Covid bombshell tonight with figures revealing the true number of deaths is much lower than feared. Just 10 per cent of WA lives claimed have been from the virus alone. @lourennie9 #9News”We have a Covid bombshell tonight with figures revealing the true number of deaths is much lower than feared. Just 10 per cent of WA lives claimed have been from the virus alone. @lourennie9

Gates calls social credit scores an ‘asset’ — are they coming to the US? – Rebel News

CBS Wanted To Do Critical Reporting On Ukraine’s Government But Ukraine’s Government Said No (

“1. Zelensky closes all opposition media in Ukraine.  2. Biden Institutes massive media censorship in US 3. Zelensky arrests leading political opposition leader 4. Biden FBI attacks leading political opposition leader in US. Like Puppet, Like Puppet master.” (-Garland Nixon)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Here’s last night’s Fox segment I did on the repulsive but revealing embrace by liberals of both Dick and Liz Cheney (beyond the above examples, Pelosi heralded Liz as a “leader of great courage, patriotism and integrity”), despite crimes far worse than what they accuse Trump of:” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Jim Crow Joe and Kamala Harris pretending to care about Brittney Griner while they are actively waging a drug war is insane. They literally have no shame” / Twitter

“It’s only when journalists understand the role they play in this propaganda, it’s only when they realize they can’t be both independent, honest journalists and agents of power, that things will begin to change.” (-John Pilger)


Three monopolies most tv watchers have never heard of are buying up everything. BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard are like the Borg from Star Trek, or Bill Gates. While their monopoly media keeps you brainwashed with partisan pingpong pass the buck politics, they are actively purchasing all the property and so-called “homeland” farmland, they already own all the weapons manufacturing companies and big pharma and big 5 mockingbird media, which has obviously merged with deep state intelligence agencies. Gullible Lyn Cheney shitlibs keep squawking on about how Q Shaman shirtlessly bellowing in Capital hill was the darkest day in “the history of democracy”. HUH? WHAT? “This is what democracy looks like”-people convening on the steps of washington and in the rotunda to address their grievances. Over on the Qanon Maga quacky right, the Breitbart Bannon bunch are moaning about how the FBI raiding Trump’s Mar A Lago compound is the “darkest day in Murkkkan history”. I saw evil Dick Cheney trotted out to call Trump a coward-the guy who brought you torture gulags, the war on terror, 9/11 tyranny, and shot his lawyer in the face. I also saw Trump’s new commercial with all the rumbling thunder where he says Biden has made the USA into a joke to the rest of the world. Then, he goes on to say that he wants to perpetuate or start wars with Russia, China, and Iran…for patriotism…JUST LIKE BIDEN, and all the pig-media brainwashed shitlibs and Hillary Hawk democrats. What a fuckedup shitshow, but pig-media keeps Murkka in their rock ’em sock ’em robots blue versus red hypnospell, so we, the people, never unite beyond our preferred tie color to defy the ruling class mega donors and corrupt Davos billionaires and their lobbyists. All the BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard operatives and Klaus Schwab secret society agents are working together, so the job of all pig media is to keep you and me divided, and boy, have they gotten good at it. Aint that hard though, is it? Like with self- checkout counters-me, first ratracing middle classers are happy to do the work themselves if it means paying faster. All the consumerist shitlib people can’t wait to be Bill Gates microchipped if it means a shorter line at the airport private parts groping terminal for woke science and feminist diversity. The shitlibs will believe ANYTHING s’long as there is an attractively darker hued female AOC presented to them as an object of blind worship and second hand “identification”. It’s really gotten weird with the faux wokes. They keep Tik Tok and Netflix programming them with this whole new age obedience-cult,  transhumanist cyborg techlord lexicon. I would not be that surprised if the fake liberals of the corrupt DNC and crazy gun nut racist rightwingers of the Republikkkans eventually succeed at baiting the people into civil wars so they can declare martial law and put people in camps and execute them for wrongthink and chip everybody into a Davos obedience cashless society hustle where you can’t get food if you disobey Kalus Schwab and Pill Gates. People like me will get the Victor Jara treatments. My ex associates will still be Thanking Obama. Drinking mimosas, praising Gayle King. Talking’ about some big money, whore of babylon manufactured puppet celebrity.

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Who REALLY owns the world? This is who.” / Twitter

“Jim Crow Joe Biden is to the right of Republican voters. He’s to the right of red states that have decriminalized, legalized medical marijuana.” (Rey Da Pollinator @ Atlas Rey)

Boys From Nowhere – 66-5-4-3-2-1 (Troggs cover) – YouTube


Man, when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I so wanted to be like Billy G. Bang in the pink leather pants-when I read in Kerrang! how he had suddenly quit the Dragons, I wrote to ex Lord Danny Fury in the UK, who read my fanzines, and offered my services as a heavily Stiv influenced replacement frontman. I did my best to dress all my friends up like the Dragons and Shooting Gallery but it was real hard to assemble a glam gang in my unfortunate part of the country back then, everybody was going grunge or doing a really lame buzzsaw generic New Bomb Turks imitation in the shorts and baseball caps and I could not relate to any of that. Gentrified was just another word for generic. I’d grown up on Alice and Bowie and The Stones and Lords so I wanted my bands to look as cool as we sounded. I had great faith in our songs that were kinda like The Hangmen or Black Halos. Sleazy, hard hitting, firebrand politico-punk. The Wanderers minus the prog production. I knew I did not have Billy’s higher end range, and was nowhere near as pretty, but I did have a lotta bottle back then and a gutter punk quality that would have complemented what all those big hatted gutter glam Dragons guys did. On the night when Bush first started bombing Iraq, I went to meet with Steve Von Saint in NYC at some big dark nightclub, might been Webster Hall, or the Ritz, I’d been a fan since I was a 15 year old runaway of fancy pants ex Angels In Vain guitslinger Steve Von Saint who Danny told me to chase down and we just sadly very simply did not hit it off, he kinda was half lidded under those bangs and distracted and blase and real deadpan seemingly way more enamored with a pink paisley umbrella twirling dandy named Nick who worked at a store called Mudhoney downtown and was bedecked in more lace and frills than Prince and the whole Revolution. I told Steve Von I wrote better songs than “Devil Calling” which was by Hanoi Rocker Nasty Suicide I think, and that’s just the kinda obnoxiously belligerent and socially abrasive thing I was known to blurt at that age. I think I was about 22. Purple plastic pants from Lip Service. Leopardskin newsboy cap and pink creepers, big mouth, garishly applied makeup all black eyes and red lipstick ridiculously and clowninshly emphasizing my yellow teeth, heavy drinking, sleazy, over confident, overtly cocksure brat. I got to know BGB a little on social media years ago and sent him some interview questions he never responded to, but then I saw how he had already done this interview covering alot of the same history I’d been inquiring about. I was looking forward to reading his autobio, as he is a fantastic storyteller as you will see upon reading the int I will link to. Shooting Gallery were the most talented band to ever fail so grandly, so splendidly, so completely! God bless ’em! Andy should reunite that lineup.

Is the music loud enough ?: Billy G.Bang! (aka Billy Douglas) – part 1


Bye Bye Miss Amerikkkan Pie, This Diabolical Reset Is Tyrannical Dystopian Hell, Death Of Free Press, Everybody’s Zombified! (-with your host, Murkkka’s Favorite Dishwasher, General Labor),of%20New%20Baghdad%2C%20including%20two%20Reuters%20news%20staff.

I don’t know ’bout you, but I’m not really sleeping. Restless and upset about this Assange railroading. Call me old fashioned, I still believe in freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, legit democracy, free speech, and a free press-and REAL ROCKNROLL. I don’t know if you know, or noticed, or can even bring yourself to believe it, but since the perverse Citizen United shady supreme court ruling that made it legal for corporations to outright, straightup just buy politicians saying bribery money is free speech, the bad guy billionaires have bought up all the institutions and media and regulatory agencies and social safety nets that were supposed to protect us and weaponzized ’em against us. Even misusing the traditional lexicon of real people’s movements, hijacking that shit for profit. CIA people posing as journalists. Journalists kidnapped and killed. The whole shebang is fucked up and we are ruled by shadow tyrants we never really voted for. Stiv sang, “they take their pills and they never question why”. Today’s red carpet rockstars help The Man gaslight the people when they actively promote creepy elite abusive reset agendas, and act as propagandists brazenly promoting bullshit wars, police state spying, journalists in torture gulags, and official narratives, alla showbiz has been weaponized. If you want a job in the fields of media or entertainment now, you gotta be on board with the one world government sleaze-police. All the comedians, whistleblowers, truth tellers, even medical professionals and intelligence experts who deviate at all from strict top down narrative control are being relentlessly censored, deplatformed, smeared and demonetized. In the words of Lee Camp who’s been kicked off multiple platforms for his anti imperialist views, and advocating for Assange, “This is the most disgusting morally bankrupt decision in recent years. The UK Home Secretary just now signed off on extraditing Julian Assange to the  US to be tortured for the rest of his life for the crime of journalism.” Never forget the champagne swilling fake punks and soldout cowardly politicians who never fought for Julian Assange. THANKS to Vivien Westwood, Banksy, Pamela Anderson and Susan Sarandon for championing a genuine free press that holds the powerful to account.


Here’s a cool cat who never gets enough credit, the good brother BOOTSEY. He was a “Pusherman Of Love”. It’s funny ya know I met that dude through a weird series of events like twenty some years ago and did not “get” him at first. I remember looking at like, his low budget artwork and hearing all his machinegun speed raps and faster than light velocity and kung fu moves and James Brown kneedrops and elaborate high five handshakes and shit, and it took me awhile for it to set in, what a righteous rocknroll motherfucker he was. One of a kind. He’d drummed for a famous Detroit punk band called The Mutants and lobbied actively for the drumstool in one of my shortlived garage gangs, offered to put me and my old lady up when we were homeless. His apartment burntdown back in the day with all the rare records and shit and I told Brother Wayne and him n Margaret sent Bootsy a check to help out-how cool and right the fuck is that? Man, so yeah. If you like crazy goodtimes Motor City Motorbooty Motherfuckery, here’s some BOOTSY X & THE LOVEMASTERS for ya. I miss the brother, he was good people. (RIP)

Also really missing the midwestern legend “Cowboy” BOBBY CLOYD who played in summa my smalltown post punk and new wave bands back in the 80’s.

“Juneteenth’s only value is if it becomes a day of serious study and political education. That process can start with learning why “Jim Crow Joe” Biden received 90% of the Black vote or why the 2020 rebellions after George Floyd’s murder created a need for the state to placate Black people, if only symbolically. The Civil War is a perfect starting point for this practice. If there is a day off it should be used wisely and well. In the future, all people’s holidays should stay that way. Perhaps they should be kept secret so that commemorations aren’t used to give legitimacy to bad actors. It is too late for Juneteenth, but the hard lesson can be the beginning of something far more valuable.”

(-Margaret Kimberley) “Hard to express how much better US political discourse — and policy — would be if the left had an actual anti-establishment dissident-leader like

@JLMelenchon. But alas, it only has Dem Party loyalists like Bernie and AOC who play-act, then faithfully snap into line.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Even though I have some issues with Melenchon, this is a left position. Unlike the pro-U.S. imperialist collaborators & left opportunists we have in the U.S. You know, the ones who believed Russiagate, condemned Assange & get misty eyed when they hear Zelensky.” (-Ajamu Baraka) 

“Venezuelan fake president Juan Guaido was attacked the other day, having his clothes ripped off. Only the US could create & continue to support such a clown. Only the US has the hubris to think we can announce a random hack as the president of another country.” (-Lee Camp)

“What a coward Anthony Albanese is. Julian #Assange‘s approved extradition has stirred not a peep from the new PM of Julian’s homeland, where Labor’s doe-eyed believe ‘Albo’ is different in Washington-sucking Canberra. No, he’s not. The killing of #Assange is our final surrender.” (-John Pilger)

“So Marjorie Taylor Greene is standing up for Julian Assange and press freedom while


 and the squad remain silent. If this doesn’t wake you up to how phony and fake these so-called progressives are then nothing will. #FraudSquad” (-Ryan Knight)

 “If I’m Prime Minister on Monday, Julian will be naturalized a French citizen and we will ask for him to be sent to us. Mr. Assange should be decorated for his services to the French people.” (- Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of France’s left coalition NUPES)

“Compare this statement to the complete and absolute silence from




 on Julian Assange. This is what a proper, outspoken left sounds like, not that garbage they give you from the Democratic party.” (-Richard Medhurst)


Man, the empire could care less about freedom, democracy, human rights, the emperor is naked and none of the people I grew up with can even like THINK anymore, they just do and say whatever the tv tells them to, it’s REALLY “Twilight Zone”. They never even freed Leonard Peltier, and it seems these insanely sociopathic ruling class evil oligarchs are hellbent on crucifying Assange, it is sickening to me, that people are still insisting they live in any kind of democracy, when obviously, everything is being done now exclusively to benefit weaponmaker profits, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Harari and Schwab’s preferences, they own the media, the government, the regulatory agencies, the whole system is corrupt. It’s all a sham, man. The UK media even convinced the public that Corbyn was racist, same way Snaky Liz Warren smeared Sanders as a sexist. Now I don’t think Corbyn is racist and I think Bernie’s a sellout, not a sexist, but tv is a powerful drug, man, it just baffles the sheep into a helpless hypnospell. Black Rock and Vanguard are these obscene monopolies, buying up everything. EVERYTHING. Most people I know have never heard of either company. Like George Carlin said, THE OWNERS want to keep us stupid and have spent the past 25 years dumbing us down. I told myself and my imaginary constituents I was gonna step away from online content generating for awhile, but man, I’m so upset about poor saintly JULIAN ASSANGE, it affects my whole mood. I have to fight for whistleblowers while there is a breath left in my body. I think everybody with any kind of platform should do at least one thing for Assange everyday. He’s sacrificed everything for US Dumb motherfuckers who are fed a nonstop stream of pro war and police state propaganda, because they still impulsively watch legacy media, think they can be LEFTIST and not support ASSANGE, because their soldout, cowardly centrist shitlib politicians refuse to fight for him, and the tv people have slandered him so mercilessly. Hillary said she wanted to drone him-she said that IN PUBLIC and people I know are still peachy keen on her. Not me, man. I’m seeing people on THE RIGHT stepping up to defend ASSANGE, but not your pants suit mimosa brunching heroines of the squad, or fakeass, Biden endorsing, Sanders. BATSHIT! THAT IS BATSHIT! People I used to know are STILL making excuses for BIDEN and blaming TRUMP for everything fuckedup BIDEN does. Sheer madness! Lyn Cheney is a diabolical fascist, she is not your friend-her family privatized endless war by hiring all those proxy armies to topple other people’s governments, they built torture gulags and spy on your phonecalls and grope your granny in the airports but mf’s still think she is their special friend cause Trump said sexist shit to Billy Bush. No shitlibs stopped to ask themselves, why are BUSH relatives embedded in the legacy media. This country is hopeless. One of my activist comrades who was a powerful advocate for houseless people in the Pacific Northwest moved to FRANCE and says Murkkkans would SHIT themselves if they found out how much groovier and free it is there. I hope the Klaus Schwab puppet Macron loses his election, but fear the globalists in charge of the voting software will have it fixed. Nobody in my country besides the banking elites, military industrial complex and big pharma ever wanted Biden, and I’ll never believe he beat Bernie on Super Tuesday in Michigan, but here he is, the “nothing will change” guy, sniffing your daughter’s hair, playing chicken with nukes and allowing corporations to hammer us everyday people senseless with their ruthless price gouging under cover of Covid and their fucking played out “Russiagate!” narratives and Capitol Hill bullshit. Sanders tax the rich platform filled stadiums but he tragically got in line when the higher ups told him to. Won’t even stand up for Assange. PATHETIC! SAD! FRIGHTENING, really. I guess he really was just a sheepdog for the DNC, looks like it’s up to you and me, now.

 Debunking All The Assange Smears – Caitlin Johnstone


I just finished Debbie Harry‘s autobiography that I got for Father’s Day and man it is so good-what a life she had! Did acid with Alan Watts and Timothy Leary.  Living on Saint Mark’s Place in the sixties, going to the Dom to see the Velvets, hangin’ out with the Dolls, friends with Basquiat and Burroughs, muse of Warhol, brushing with Ali and Dahli, she waited on Miles at Max’s! Acted in “HAIRSPRAY”, John Waters best movie! Made her own clothes, lived by her own rules, did drugs, had sex, explored every kind of underground culture, helped invent punk rock and new wave. Took Duran on tour. Sacrificed her career to care for her loved one, something that she shrugs off as no big deal, just because she is a thoroughly decent and sincere, loving human being in a time when most people only give a fuck about their own money, property, fame or prestige. She basically did everything they torture and punish people for in the flyover states-she was a true trailblazing, hell raising, punk bohemian from way back! I love her! BLONDIE are still so great! Clem is probably my fave drummer. She’s so groovy, such a dream. Overcame all kinds of harrowing horrors and horrific experiences, and still shines bright from the inside out. Chris Stein did some production work for legendary Canadian rock star, Chris Barry from 39 Steps. None of these awful fucking McDonna mockingbird media mk ultra beta kitten techno hookers forced on us against our will nowadays can even hold a candle to her, man. She’s like 76 or something and she is still utterly fucking ATOMIC!


It’s crazy listening to all the old music in these dark times cause even eighties bands we considered poppy lightweight fluff back in the day had so much better content than the toxic phony bullshit they hurl towards us nowadays. Can you imagine a rock group saying this kinda stuff getting ANY airplay now? Forget about it!

Me n Nick were Myspace pals and correspondents for years when I’d become primary caregiver of my two middle children and brought my older teenager into the house, but was still trying to get a little record deal on an indie label, and he even offered to let my tiny little, nobody band open for some dates when he and Rocco had scheduled like I dunno-a dozen reunion shows here in the states. A former bandmate put the ixnay on the opportunity, cause he was in several other bands already and kinda just probably spread himself too thin, already, which was always very sad to me cause I always looked up to Nick and Rocco, and had been a devoted fan of theirs from a young age. He’s another one of those blinding bright comets that you just always wish was still here with us “in the flesh”. I keep his wife and daughters in my prayers. We miss ya, Nick. I encouraged him to blow the cobwebs offa this old deep track and he brought it outta mothballs and started playing it again. (RIP) NICK


In October 2004, journalist Ron Suskind wrote a first-person article for The New York Times about the presidency of 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush, in which he included a grandiose quote from someone described only as a “senior adviser to Bush.”

Many have assumed the comment was made by Bush political adviser Karl Rove, though there isn’t any publicly available evidence to that effect. Here is what Suskind wrote:

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

“On this day, it is worth remembering that corporate media outlets played a key role in condemning Julian Assange to his fate.” (-Alan MacLeod)

Media Cheer Assange’s Arrest – FAIR

Survey on Censorship of Spike Lee – Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth ( 

“Democrats spent years blaming their 2016 loss on Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon and then the second they got back in power they made their slogan “Vote for us because we’ll make everything more expensive and do absolutely nothing to help you.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

WIKILEAKS BREAKING: UK Home Secretary approves extradition of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the US where he would face a 175 year sentence – A dark day for Press freedom and for British democracy The decision will be appealed.

“Hard to believe, but it looks real. Every serious press freedom group in the world has protested this. It is an appalling symbol of how far the British and American governments’ commitment to human rights has declined. How can we condemn authoritarian abuses abroad like this?” (-Edward Snowden)

“Home Secretary Priti Patel has approved the extradition of Julian #Assange to an American hellhole. A new appeal will now challenge the political rottenness of British ‘justice’. Either we raise our voices as never before, or our silence colludes in the death of an heroic man.” (-John Pilger)

“NYC is one of the most expensive places to live on earth. The median rent has risen to $4000 in Manhattan. Homeless services and the education budget was slashed by over $200 million. Meanwhile, NYPD gets over 10.4 billion and Eric Adams is wondering why there’s crime.” (-Olayemi Olurin)

“Assange revealed United States war crimes so he went to prison and not the war criminals.” (-Black In The Empire)

“We’re going to fight this… I’m going to spend every waking hour fighting for Julian until he is free, until justice is served” (-Julian Assange’s wife responding to decision to approve his extradition to the US for publishing, where he faces a 175 year sentence)

“Julian Assange’s case is so important because we’ve lost journalism. We’ve lost the ability now to find the truth.”—


“Extraditing a foreign journalist for exposing your war crimes is as tyrannical an agenda as you could possibly come up with. The US, UK and Australia colluding toward this end shows us that these are member states of a single empire. Assange keeps exposing the true face of power.” (-Caitlyn Johnstone) 

“Increases for the pentagon, increases for the domestic army known as the police. It is quite clear that the capitalist rulers are going to fight to the last working class & colonized person to maintain white Western colonial/capitalist dominance.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Home Secretary’s decision to allow Julian Assange’s extradition to the US is utterly wrong and marks a very dark day for press freedom and the justice system. We will continue the fight to free Julian Assange.” 

(-Jeremy Corbyn)

“(It) has really been a war waged via technologies and their masters to dissolve human culture and disempower human beings. It is a war on free thought and free speech — a war against our most fundamental beliefs.” (- Dr Naomi Wolf)

“We know one of the reasons the U.S. backed a coup in Haiti is because they were thinking of raising the minimum wage. And of course, multinational corporations could not have that.”   WATCH


 call out the U.S.’s crimes against Latin America:


Man, I remember the suckshit nineties when it all started going downhill, ya know for a few years, big record labels just signed so much horrible shit, post Nirvana, I really do feel like they were trying to assassinate real rocknroll systemically. In all the even medium sized cities, all these franchise clone tribute acts killed any kind of genuine music scenes with their high school social jockeying richkid reindeer games and sadly derivative, second hand, trust fund garbage-rawk. One band from that time that was writing standout, standup, REAL HEARTFELT POP music, the likes of which we never seem to hear anymore were Material Issue, who were too good for this world. Of course their genius singer songwriter, JIM ELLISON killed himself over a loveless chick. (RIP)

They don’t write ’em like this no more:



My ace best pals and me used to follow CIRCUS OF POWER around as kids, I mean we’d drive fifteen hours to see ’em, no sweat, just loved their music and whole vibe really. They were like our Doors or Stones. They were all really nice to us, too, which was thrilling, cause at least a couple of us were much hated Edward Scissorhands outcasts in the hick town where we grew up. Meant a lot when some cool older rocknroll dudes kinda went outta their way to talk to us and ask us sensitive questions and let us drink backstage with ’em. Then they stroll out on stage and tear the damn place down. FREAK SOCIETY! Now Gary writes songs like a cross between Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg, lives in the midwest, plays intimate gigs at pizza places and bars, sometimes accompanied by his teenage daughter who sings. He guest starred on a recent CIRCUS OF POWER tune called “Magic Gator Boogie”. Ryan sadly passed away, Ricky is still in L.A., I think he sells guitars. No idea whatever happened to Zowie, but if you do, hit me up. You can find Gary on Facebook.

Assange Is Doing His Most Important Work Yet – Caitlin Johnstone

Met Police Invokes “National Security” about Epstein Meeting with US Senators in the UK (

They got some comedian insisting cancel culture is relative but some voices are not even allowed near a microphone anymore because they contradict official narratives and that freak out the control crazy neocon deep state establishment. Like Hersh, who said the whole official Bin Ladin story was just fake ass fictitious boogeyman bullshit. Pulitzer prize winning old school journalist Seymour Hersh is shadow banned by big 5 corporations media. But your shitlib friends only watch tv and only care about official television narratives.

 Training Terrorists in Nevada: Seymour Hersh on U.S. Aid to Iranian Group Tied to Scientist Killings | Democracy Now!

Our Men in Iran? | The New Yorker

It is perfectly obvious by now, to anyone who cares to look, that mainstream media in America and the other Western powers are not reporting the Ukraine crisis accurately.

Let me try that another way: The government-supervised New York Times and the rest of the corporate-owned media on both sides of the Atlantic lie routinely to their readers and viewers as to why Russia intervened in Ukraine, the progress of its military operation, the conduct of Ukrainian forces, and America’s role in purposely provoking and prolonging this crisis.

So far as I know, this is the first war in modern history with no objective, principled coverage in mainstream media of day-to-day events and their context. None. It is morn-to-night propaganda, disinformation and lies of omission — most of it fashioned by the Nazi-infested Zelensky regime in Kiev and repeated uncritically as fact.

There is one thing worse than this degenerate state of affairs. It is the extent to which the media’s malpractice is perfectly fine to most Americans. Tell us what to think and believe no matter if it is true, they say, and we will think and believe it. Show us some pictures, for images are all. 

There are larger implications to consider here. Critical as it is that we understand this conflict, Ukraine is a mirror in which we see ourselves as we have become. For more Americans than I wish were so, reality forms only in images. These Americans are no longer occupants of their own lives. Risking a paradox, what they take to be reality is detached from reality.

This majority — and it is almost certainly a majority — has no thoughts or views except those first verified through the machinery of manufactured images and “facts.” Television screens, the pages of purportedly authoritative newspapers, the air waves of government-funded radio stations — NPR, the BBC — serve to certify realities that do not have to be real, truths that do not have to be true.

This leaves us in a sad and very parlous place.

Sad: Is there some state more pitiful than having no genuine connection to one’s own thoughts, perceptions, experience—altogether to one’s life? If Americans are not a profoundly sad people behind all the smiles we see in advertising, idiotic comedy shows, and on Facebook, then I must be missing something.

Parlous: Over the course of some decades — from the mid–Cold War years, I would say — Americans have been rendered highly vulnerable to the manipulations of those who control the images through which most people have come to live. Anyone who has read a history of the 20th century knows where this can lead.

The five weeks that have passed since the Russian intervention on Feb. 24 have been shocking on both these counts. The derelictions of the press and broadcasters are without precedent in my lifetime, and with Vietnam, the Iraq War, and the covert operation in Syria among the wreckage in the rearview mirror, this is saying something.

I will let the American public’s enthusiasm for the sinkhole that is Ukraine, the Azov Battalion, and the ridiculous posturing of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the comedian who is no longer funny, speak for itself.

(-Patrick Lawrence; PATRICK LAWRENCE: The US Bubble of Pretend – Consortium News)


I dunno how I feel about these guys really, it’s mixed cause obviously they can PLAY and I get why Dweezil Zappa and the Van Halen News Desk love ’em, they share some of the same influences and style as me and my teenage cohorts, but what is it? I can’t quite put my finger on it, just for me, it feels like something’s missing, just hard not to smile when I hear these guys singing about the real nitty gritty with all their slickness and fancy shit. But def. worth mentioning.

The eleven-year persecution of Julian Assangewas extended and escalated on Friday morning.The British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, approved the U.S.’s extradition request to send Julian Assange to Virginia to stand trial on eighteen felony charges under the 1917 Espionage Act and other statutes in connection with the 2010 publication by WikiLeaks of thousands of documents showing widespread corruption, deceit, and war crimes by American and British authorities along with their close dictatorial allies in the Middle East.

This decision is unsurprising — it has been obvious for years that the U.S. and UK are determined to destroy Assange as punishment for his journalism exposing their crimes — yet it nonetheless further highlights the utter sham of American and British sermons about freedom, democracy and a free press. Those performative self-glorifying spectacles are constantly deployed to justify these two countries’ interference in and attacks on other nations, and to allow their citizens to feel a sense of superiority about the nature of their governments. After all, if the U.S. and UK stand for freedom and against tyranny, who could possibly oppose their wars and interventions in the name of advancing such lofty goals and noble values?

Having reported on the Assange case for years, on countless occasions I’ve laid out the detailed background that led Assange and the U.S. to this point. There is thus no need to recount all of that again; those interested can read the granular trajectory of this persecution here or here. Suffice to say, Assange — without having been convicted of any crime other than bail jumping, for which he long ago served out his fifty-week sentence — has been in effective imprisonment for more than a decade.

In 2012, Ecuador granted Assange legal asylum from political persecution. It did so after the Swedish government refused to pledge that it would not exploit the WikiLeaks founder’s travel to Sweden to answer sex assault accusations as a pretext to turn him over to the U.S. Fearing what of course ended up happening — that the U.S. was determined to do everything possible to drag Assange back to U.S. soil despite his not being a U.S. citizen and never having spent more than a few days on U.S. soil, and intending to pressure their long-time-submissive Swedish allies to turn him over once he was on Swedish soil — the government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa concluded Assange’s core civic rights were being denied and thus gave him refuge in the tiny Ecuadorian Embassy in London: the classic reason political asylum exists.

When Trump officials led by CIA Director Mike Pompeo bullied Correa’s meek successor, ex-President Lenin Moreno, to withdraw that asylum in 2019, the London Police entered the embassy, arrested Assange, and put him in the high-security Belmarsh prison (which the BBC in 2004 dubbed “the British Guantanamo”), where he has remained ever since.

After the lowest-level British court in early 2021 rejected the U.S. extradition request on the ground that Assange’s physical and mental health could not endure the U.S. prison system, Assange has lost every subsequent appeal. Last year, he was permitted to marry his long-time girlfriend, the British human rights lawyer Stella Morris Assange, who is also the mother of their two young children. An extremely unusual unanimity among press freedom and civil liberties groups was formed in early 2021 to urge the Biden administration to cease its prosecution of Assange, but Biden officials — despite spending the Trump years masquerading as press freedom advocates — ignored them (an interview conducted last week with Stella Assange by my husband, the Brazilian Congressman David Miranda, on Brazil’s Press Freedom Day, regarding the latest developments and toll this has taken on the Assange family, can be seen here).

The Home Secretary’s decision this morning — characteristically subservient and obedient of the British when it comes to the demands of the U.S. — does not mean that Assange’s presence on U.S. soil is imminent. Under British law, Assange has the right to pursue a series of appeals contesting the Home Secretary’s decision, and will likely do so. Given that the British judiciary has more or less announced in advance their determination to follow the orders of their American masters, it is difficult to see how these further proceedings will have any effect other than to delay the inevitable.

But putting oneself in Assange’s position, it is easy to see why he is so eager to avoid extradition to the U.S. for as long as possible. The Espionage Act of 1917 is a nasty and repressive piece of legislation. It was designed by Woodrow Wilson and his band of authoritarian progressives to criminalize dissent against Wilson’s decision to involve the U.S. in World War I. It was used primarily to imprison anti-war leftists such as Eugene Debs, as well as anti-war religious leaders such as Joseph Franklin Rutherford for the crime of publishing a book condemning Wilson’s foreign policy.

One of the most insidious despotic innovations of the Obama administration was to repurpose and revitalize the Wilson-era Espionage Act as an all-purpose weapon to punish whistleblowers who denounced Obama’s policies. The Obama Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act of 1917 than all previous administrations combined — in fact, three times as many as all prior presidents combined. One whistleblower charged by Obama officials under that law is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who in 2013 revealed mass domestic spying of precisely the kind that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (now of CNN) falsely denied conducting when testifying to the Senate, which led to legislative curbs enacted by the U.S. Congress, and which courts have ruled unconstitutional and illegal.

What makes this law so insidious is that, by design, it is almost impossible for the government to lose. As I detailed in Washington Post op-ed when the indictment was first revealed — arguing why it poses the greatest threat to press freedoms in the West in years — this 1917 law is written as a “strict liability” statute, meaning that the defendant is not only guilty as soon as there is proof that they disclosed classified information without authorization, but they are also barred from raising a “justification” defense — meaning they cannot argue to the jury of their peers that it was not only permissible but morally necessary to disclose that information because of the serious wrongdoing and criminality it revealed on the part of the nation’s most powerful political officials. That 1917 law, in other words, is written to offer only show trials but not fair trials. No person in their right mind would willingly submit to prosecution and life imprisonment in the harshest American penitentiaries under an indictment brought under this fundamentally corrupted law.

Whatever else one might think of Assange, there is simply no question that he is one of the most consequential, pioneering, and accomplished journalists of his time. One could easily make the case that he occupies the top spot by himself. And that, of course, is precisely why he is in prison: because, just like free speech, “free press” guarantees in the U.S. and UK exist only on a piece of parchment and in theory. Citizens are free to do “journalism” as long as it does not disturb or anger or impede real power centers. Employees of The Washington Post and CNN are “free” to say what they want as long as what they are saying is approved and directed by the CIA or the content of their “reporting” advances the interests of the Pentagon’s sprawling war machine.

Real journalists often face threats of prosecution, imprisonment or even murder, and sometimes even mean tweets. Much of the American corporate media class has ignored Assange’s persecution or even cheered it precisely because he shames them, serving as a vivid mirror to show them what real journalism is and how they are completely bereft of it. And the American and British governments have successfully exploited the petty jealousies and insecurities of their failed, vapid and pointless media servants to get away with imposing the single greatest threat to press freedom in the West without much protest at all.

Free speech and press freedoms do not exist in reality in the U.S. or the UK. They are merely rhetorical instruments to propagandize their domestic population and justify and ennoble the various wars and other forms of subversion they constantly wage in other countries in the name of upholding values they themselves do not support. The Julian Assange persecution is a great personal tragedy, a political travesty and a grave danger to basic civic freedoms. But it is also a bright and enduring monument to the fraud and deceit that lies at the heart of these two governments’ depictions of who and what they are. (-GLENN GREENWALD)