The DeRellas “Something’s Got To Give”

The DERELLAS offered us a glimpse of the new version of the band last year with “Highrise Supersize” and “Inner City Rock’n’Roll”, two early MANICS influenced amphetamine songs that you’ll also find on this brand new album. The band describes the tracks of the new abum as “songs of defiance and hope, fear and LUV for the 21st Century” which is quite an appropriate description. Opening with “Don’t Tell Me What I Did Last Night”, a heavy rock’n’roll/punk song with a slight ZODIAC MINDWARP touch in Timmy’s vocals, the band then offers us some razor-sharp ’77 punk with “Underground LUV.” Speaking of “LUV” you’ll hear a bit of NEW YORK DOLLS in “Emergency 2020” and you’ll find quite a few good decadent anthems like “Soho Hotel” and “Life’s Crashing”. “Pressure Gonna Get You” brings a touch of 90s noise rock to the album, “Sweet Fatal Attraction” is a pretty good glam punk tune and Timmy’s voice gets to the edge in “Sonic Detonator”, you’ll even hear a bit of DEAD BOYS in “Our World Tomorrow”! This is spray-painted rather than polished and you’ll probably luv it! /Laurent C.

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The DeRellas “Inner City Rock’n’Roll” (Single)

The DeRellas probably had more singers than you can think of, so this time bass player Timmy stands behind the mic and it’s working really well on this brand new single “Inner City Rock’n’Roll”, a glam punk rock’n’roll song full of street energy bringing early MANICS to mind. The band will release their new album “Something’s Got To Give” at the end of the year and it should be a good one if it’s as good as this new song! You’ll definitely read more about it on here when it’s out… /Laurent C.

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The DeRellas “High Rise Supersize” 7″

While changing vocalist is always risky for a band, The DERELLAS welcome Joey DeRella (their third singer!), and reinforce their glam punk sound on this brand new flashy 7″ vinyl record… “High Rise Supersize” is a catchy poppy snotty glitter punk song in the vein of HANOÏ ROCKS and early MANICS (the guitars and energy naturally bring “Motown Junk” to mind.) Joey’s voice sounds more bubblegum than the previous singers, so it pefectly fits the band’s glammy punk rock’n’roll, and opens a door for a slightly different musical direction for The DERELLAS.
Side B offers us “Got Something To Say”, an angry ’77 punk song, and a really cool cover of The SWEET‘s classic “Fox On The Run” which shows us the more melodic side of Joey’s voice, and again, young James Dean Bradfield comes to mind.
If you wear eyeliner and pink leopard print, then you will love this record, if not, then just give it a try, ’cause it looks as good as it sounds! /Laurent C.
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The DeRellas “Freakshow” 10″

“Freakshow” is the first release of The DERELLAS with new singer/guitar player Stevie D, and while it was difficult to imagine the band without Robbie, The DERELLAS didn’t die out, and came back with fresh ideas and drummer Billion Dollar Bish (ex-FLESH FOR LULU, BUBBLEGUM SCREW…) to complete the new line-up.
“Rip It Up”, and “Strung Out Sin City” shows us a band holding the glam punk flame high in the air, and “Soho Hotel” is one of the catchiest tunes The DERELLAS have ever written. The song “Freakshow” displays a new side of the band, somewhere between the DEAD BOYS and FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, and “Dress Up Mess Up” makes you wonder: Where have all the glam punk bands been?
The icing on the glitter cake is a cover of ADAM AND THE ANTS‘ “Plastic Surgery”, and the record is out on CD and 10″ slime green vinyl. You can always count on The DERELLAS!/Laurent c.
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The DeRellas “Rock n Rollercoaster” 7″

This is the new flashy single the band has been promoting on their recent French tour. “Rock n Rollercoaster” is a cool RAMONES influenced punk song that you can also hear on the band’s new album “Slam! Bam!”, and side B offers us an unreleased crpytic (and mostly instrumental) rock’n’roll song (“Day Of The Dead.”) You’ll also find an old classic of the band that hasn’t been released on vinyl before: “She’s a Pistol.” If you haven’t heard the band before, then this 7″ will give you a right idea about what they’re all about, and if you’re already a fan, then you get something new for your collection…Hey Ho! Let’s PoGo! /Laurent C.

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The DeRellas “Stick It To The Man” 7″

The DeRellas have members living in Brighton, UK and in the US, but that didn’t prevent them to tour Europe a few times these last two years, which probably helped the band to sound tighter.
This new 7″ is not only a cool looking piece of vinyl, it is also their best produced record so far! And guess what? “Stick It To The Man” is also one of their best songs I’ve heard, think of Gary Glitter boogie drums with the energy of The RAMONES! The B-Side offers us the band’s anthem “Go Go DeRellas”, a simple and catchy punk tune that will leave you wanting more. Perfect song to open a live set!
Good job, guys!/Laurent C.