The Delinquents “Too Late, Too Little, Too Loose”

Members of IDOL LIPS and RAZOR LIPS have joined forces in this new trio taking their influences from ’77 punk rock and early TURBONEGRO. The production is raw and some cowbell opens this record on “Delinquent” so it can’t be bad… Punk’n’roll guitars riffs and hooligan vocals with a NEW YORK DOLLS guitar touch make these songs highly enjoyable especially when the choruses get catchy (“Burning”, “Fix Me Up”, “What About You”). The RAMONES influence can also be heard in “Fall Down” or in “Love O” and if you liked high-energy punk rock’n’roll from the 00s, then you will probably love “Can’t You See Me.” You’ll also get a bit of glam with “Miss No Fun” so there’s no doubt that these Italian guys knwo what they’re talking about when it comes to rock’n’roll. Try to catch them if you can! /Laurent C.

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