“The rise of censorship, the rise of the suppression of religious freedoms, of property rights, closing a million businesses without just compensation or due process, the abolition of jury trials, which are guaranteed by the Sixth and Seventh Amendment for any vaccine company that hurts you, all of these — and the rise of a kind of track-and-trace surveillance state has been troubling to people, both Democrats and Republicans. During that first year, we literally got rid of every amendment to the Constitution except the Second Amendment. We have a government today that is scared of its people. And I say to this, if people want integrity, they should vote for me. If people want to protect the Constitution, they should vote for me. If people think that the Bill of Rights is still relevant, they need to vote for me.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)


The Institutional FAILURES of DSA and Progressives (w/ Kshama Savant) – YouTube

Modern Culture Is Traumatizing and NOT Normal! With Dr. Gabor Maté – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF – Now partnered with the WTO & World Bank, to bribe and manipulate poorer nations into behaving as the globalists tell them to! Colonialism is alive and well in ‘Great Reset’ WEF has reached the top table of world governance; unelected & unopposed 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF – Has stated that the UN 2023 summit in September will agree how to ACCELERATE Agenda 30! If you thought 15 minute cities, Digital ID, personal carbon limits and CBDC’s were far into the future, you were mistaken. It’s coming faster then ever!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – The people make their voices heard to Macron at the Stade de France yesterday. He declined to appear and cameras were told to avoid showing him on the screens. Probably so this didn’t happen! We hear you France, even if he refuses to 🔊🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “The push for Digital ID will be a repeat of Covid vaccines. You’ll be told it will stop 🆔illegal immigration 🆔crime 🆔tax 🆔fraud 🆔make your life easier Millions will comply, those who don’t will be shamed to comply, the few that remain will be locked out of their lives!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “Wtf?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – France stands firm in its demands to have democracy restored. “We penetrate the cabinets” – Klaus Schwab. The world watches as France battles the globalists & its propaganda machine.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “TRUDEAU – on China slave labour in the supply of lithium. Conveniently forgetting 45% of the world’s solar-grade polysilicon supply is by Uyghur slave labour Canada buys solar panels from China.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “‼️ PARLIAMENT – If you watch nothing else today make it this. Andrew Bridgen MP explains to @thecoastguy why MPs won’t speak against the biggest vested interest in the world He knows, they know, the media know and the people know. This won’t end well.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF – Yuval Noah Harari (known as the Prophet within the WEF). On the rise of AI “What do we need humans for? at the moment our best solution is to keep them happy with drugs and computer games” Know your enemy.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “COVID – Independent SAGE want you to wear masks again because of a new Covid Variant. Even though it has been proved they had no effect on stopping transmission. Under the terms of the proposed pandemic treaty backed by IHR amendments, the WHO would have powers mandate it!” / Twitter

“Our ruling class isn’t protecting us from disinformation, they are keeping us from the truth. Nothing like watching neutral corporate media take every chance they can to smear the people running against

Joe Biden in a Democrats primary race where they have already said they refuse to allow any debates

. These are the people who are gonna save our make believe democracy. Our Gov’t, media and Big Pharma can never admit that they all worked together and put profits over telling the truth during a time as terrifying as the pandemic was for our citizens and people all over the world. Even when the proof of what they did is now undeniable. We have reached the point where telling the truth about the jab will get you erased faster than telling the truth about Ukraine and all the other atrocities the US is involved in with our foreign policy around the world. Our rulers are using the politicians and the media that they own to censor the truth and make us believe that their lies are reality.

It’s not Russia or China, it is us Americans who are the most propagandized population in the world We have reached the point where telling the truth about the jab will get you erased faster than telling the truth about Ukraine and all the other atrocities the US is involved in with our foreign policy around the world. Iraq War Phil Donohue “MSNBC top rated show”, and Ashleigh Banfield fired, Jesse Ventura’s contract cancelled and Chris Hedges forced out of NY Times, all for telling the truth. Ukraine War. Tucker Carlson, only one not afraid to tell the truth, forced out. Pentagon celebrates.” (-Black In The Empire)

IrishDimsum☮️☘️🥢🥡 #M4ANOW #PeaceNotWar on Twitter: “Join us next Wednesday, May 3rd in DC!” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “What the fuck…” / Twitter

fraud squad deployed again to promote censorship are the actual fascists, by the way…Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “AOC = 🗑️” / Twitter

identity politricks window dressing Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Spoiler alert: she’s not going to do a damn thing other than make overly dramatic speeches, sign strongly worded letters, and tweet.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “#FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “That’s a lot of evil for one photo.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I love this. #ProtectWhistleblowers #JournalismIsNotACrime #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

READ IT OUT LOUD! Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “#FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

“Tony Blair and Bush have not been charged till this day. Obama is still free, after murdering Gaddafi and destroying Libya. We don’t want the ICC’s hypocrisy to apply here in our country. “

(—South Africa’s EFF Commander-in-Chief, Julius Malema)


Where I grew up, it was actually the richer people who did most of the “bad behavior”. Ya know-think about it…who had all the access to underage booze and cocaine? Rich kids. Who beat up smaller people just because they can? Rich kids. Who got away with doing all kindsa dispicable hometown harms and still strut around like BMOC’s in their fat fucking fifties? The rich kids, which is kinda why I was never into the copaganda shows like, “COPS” , that always portrayed policemen as these sensitive, selfless Superman social workers being ever so patient with all the shirtless trailer trash domestic violence crazies and all those daytime tv shows, where producers encouraged adulterous poor people to come on their shows and fight it out. So yeah I was just thinking about how I always detested the way Jerry Springer gleefully exploited poor people on his stupid sensationalist show, but a comrade pointed out to me how he was a staunch advocate for free speech, and in this post Constitutional, post truth age where only billionaires get to decide what speech is legal and what speech gets deplatformed, where legacy media is even brazenly editing the shit out of Robert F. Kennedy videos for the crime of actually knowing the real science and citing the real studies and statistics and fighting for free speech and talking about industry capture of our regulatory agencies on tv, I will take a brief moment to say Cheers to a media personality who did not promote censorship as woke and progressive or scientific or any of that shit, like all the millionaires on tv they pay pay big money to lie to us peasants everyday about every topic. I guess I should be out there working on weeding the yard, but of course I’m here inside listening to the new Damned album, “Darkadelic” which is fantastic by the way, and also that fabulous Richard Duguay record I’ve been raving about! What would I like to do on a Sunday? I’d like to fetch a couple of 12 packs and invite the desert rat musicians over to help me bash out summa these new tunes I’ve been writing, but family obligations kindof prevent that from being a viable possibility today, so that is a real thorn in the side of the afternoon, here. I don’t wanna weed the yard or clean the catboxes, honestly. I wanna rock. I never hear any quality fucking real rocknroll in these horrible modern times, but man, when I do get a good daily reccomended dose of nutritious rocknroll it does kinda restore the pep to your step, if ya know what i’m sayin’, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. I love the Damned and Richard Duguay so much. They show ya how it’s done. I’m supposed to be getting things ready for a possible visit from outta town family which can always get real dicey for many reasons, when coping with all the usual anxiety-parenting, inflation, bills, all that, it helps immensely to at least have some real genuine rocknroll music being made at a true standard of excellence. Not that many people still know how to do it, which is why I’m always surprised that no one asks me, anymore. I’m better than ever.

Richard Duguay Wasteland from the album Beautiful Decline. – YouTube

Richard Duguay (

THE DAMNED ‘The Invisible Man’ – Official Video – New Album ‘Darkadelic’ out now! – YouTube

The Damned: DARKADELIC Vinyl & CD. Norman Records UK

The Damned Talk New Album ‘Darkadelic,’ Canceling Musicians & More – Billboard


Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Unfortunately, the DNC said in court that they can actually just pick their candidate if they want. That’s how much they really care about democracy. But if you want a petition to sign I saw this one” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Sorry @TheDemocrats who got caught rigging your 2016 primary and spent 7 years claiming you didn’t really lose the 2016 Presidential election Looks like @marwilliamson and @RobertKennedyJr aren’t gonna go away and let you and your media erase them Oh and we want debates” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “If you think that’s bad @MSNBC, I mean MSDNC must not have let you have a real interview yet. If they did I can imagine what kind of smearfest they turned that into.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Thanks to Michael @Smerconish @CNN for hosting me in this far-ranging and uncensored interview. #Kennedy24” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “It didn’t happen often, but occasionally before Feb. 2022 the corporate media would tell you what the Ukraine Gov’t was doing to their ethnic Russian population in Donbass If you do it now you’ll lose your job” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PANDEMIC TREATY- Mark Fletcher MP template reply He hasn’t read the briefing notes. With the amended IHR, it will give the WHO control of global health Every country will give 5% of its health budget to unelected elites including Bill Gates For the UK that is 9 BILLION a yr!” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “wherever Victoria Nuland goes, death and destruction follows..” / Twitter

TikTok: Chinese “Trojan Horse” Is Run by State Department Officials (

George Galloway on Twitter: “Never forget this…” / Twitter

Melissa Mays on Twitter: “4/25/2023= 9 YEARS of the ongoing #FlintWaterCrisis & we keep asking WHY IS POISONING FLINT NOT A CRIME? Thank you @StatusCoup for sticking with us, continuing to help us expose the truth & connect the dots to the other poisonings & coverups across the US!” / Twitter

Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “Quick!! Someone call @AOC so she can make a photo op and cry about it 🤣” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on TYT’s $20 Million Deal – YouTube

Harry Belafonte — Confronting the ‘Triple Evils’ (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Seeing my friend and libertarian Scott Horton QT my friend and socialist Nick Cruse on an issue they agree on makes me happy. This is the way.” / Twitter


RFK Jr. SURGING In The Polls Against Biden! – YouTube

When Harry Belafonte Ripped Obama & Hillary TO THEIR FACES! – YouTube

How Incredibly Sad U.S. News Media Has Become – w/ Seymour Hersh – YouTube

Pathetic: Bernie & Progressives FALL IN LINE & Endorse Joe Biden w/ Norman Finkelstein – YouTube

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 If you are in the DC area or can make it to DC PLEASE show up for this. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Biden ADMITS He’s Not Mentally Fit Any More – YouTube

Poll: Biden “Not Mentally Sharp” Say Majority Of Americans – YouTube

War Machine THRILLED To See Tucker Carlson Go – YouTube

“Mehdi Hasan Is A Sewer Rat” – Norm Finkelstein! – YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Recipe For Imperialism! – YouTube

Biden CAUGHT Using Cheat Sheet During Press Conference! – YouTube

Primo Radical on Twitter: ““Listen, we’ve run out of time.”” / Twitter

Lithium in Bolivia — A Looming Clash of Views (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Getting ready to go live! This is gonna be fun!” / Twitter

Bre 🪷 on Twitter: “Some News that needs to be spread far & wide for the people/public to learn about & know! When are we gonna stop having cities poisoned by train wrecks, oil spills, and factory pollution?! @KyleKulinski @esaagar @krystalball @marwilliamson @ninaturner @AOC” / Twitter

Horn of Africa Leftists Podcast on Twitter: “🔴The Fire Of The Sudanese Revolution Remains” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Forced integration led by alienated Negros was worst thing to ever happen to Africans in the U.S. – until Obama.” / Twitter

Unfortunately Raegan on Twitter: “Badass city council candidate is asked a redbaiting question about his history with the Communist Party and gives THE BEST response!” / Twitter


It’s kinda funny how intensely impacted I was as a kid from smalltown Kentucky by all these eighties post punk new wavers and eccentric goths from England, but that was the stuff that made me first really, really wanna be in bands, have a rdio show, write songs, create wild looks, publish my own fazines, host parties, appear on cable access cult tv, all that. 

Visage Steve Strange Night Train TOTP – YouTube

Mind Of A Toy – YouTube

Visage – The Horseman Official Video HD – YouTube

Toyah Willcox interviews Steve Strange 1980 – YouTube

Steve Strange (Visage) TV-AM Morning Feature – YouTube

The Damned Don’t Cry – YouTube

BBC Documentary ‘Steve Strange’ (Visage) – YouTube

VISAGE – Fade To Grey [Rare Video 1981] HQ – YouTube


The Late Steve Strange, Visage performing “Fade to Grey”, The Citadel, St Helens, 1 February 2014. – YouTube


You know I read every book about the old punk, new wave, goth, glam, and new roamntic movements I can get my arthiritic old hands on. I’ve always been a distant fan of Phillip Sallon, cause he was the Original Club Kid, really influenced all the Perri Listers, Rusty Egans, Princess Julias, Marilyns and Martin Degvilles and Steve Stranges and Boy George. He kinda reminded me of a death rock Quintin Crisp, one of the old school proto Blitz Club scenemaker-designer-event organizer-nightlife celebrities back when nightlife meant something. In the eighties, it was not enough to just have wealthy parents and go to the bar every night, you were expected to like, contribute, create, compose, invent, innovate, perform. Phillip was part of the original first wave of Sex Pistols-Malcolm-Vivienne-Bromley Contingent punks, he ran a night called Planets back in 81 and his protegee George O’Dowd was the DJ. In 83, he promoted another venue called Mud Club not to be confused with NYC’s Mudd Club, his was in Leicester Square in collaboration with McClaren for all the fabulous stars of Smash hits magazine and The Face and I.D. I always vibed with Sallon cause I used to kinda promote my own after hours salons in various dark basements and tattoo parlors and sticky keg party basement speakeasies and always enjoyed being host to all the fabulous flames at all our old school rent party shindigs and rooftop luaus. I’ve also been beaten savagely by dumbfuck nazi homophobes and rednecks and fratboys for cutting a dash in conservative hellholes.

Philip Sallon | ➢➢ Shapers of the 80s ➣➣

My London: Philip Sallon | Evening Standard

Sallon In Soho – YouTube

Philip Sallon And The Mudmen – Summer Dream (1984) – YouTube

Boy George: when we were heroes | Boy George | The Guardian

philip sallon Do Ray Me – YouTube

Philip Sallon’s 71st birthday at Sera’s, London – YouTube

Taboo – Documentary (Boy George, Steve Strange, Philip sallon, Peter Robinson..) Sottotitoli ITA HD – YouTube

Martin Degville Interview 2 – YouTube

The Cruella Diaries with Philip Sallon Ep1.Deconstructivism – YouTube

Taboo – The Boy George Musical (Broadway Production, Feb 8th 2004) – YouTube

Taboo – The Boy George Musical (Broadway Production, Feb 8th 2004) – YouTube

The Blitz Kids – Heroes – YouTube

The Face Philip Sallon Interview — Test Pressing

Homophobic attacks: ‘There’s so much hatred out there’ | LGBTQ+ rights | The Guardian

Steve Strange dead: Sad and bizarre final days of the Visage frontman revealed – Mirror Online

Boy George & Marilyn : Talk About The Blitz Night Club (2021). – YouTube

The Sigue Sigue Sputnik Story – YouTube

“You’re Not Deficient, You’re Just Ruled By Assholes.

In a totalitarian dystopia that’s held together by mass-scale psychological abuse, it’s entirely reasonable that people are finding themselves struggling with despair, alienation, depression and anxiety. “There’s no reason we can’t provide for everyone while technological advancement gives us all more and more free time. There’s no reason we can’t learn to live in collaboration with each other and with our ecosystem instead of in competition for the benefit of a few abusers. It’s actually amazing anyone’s functioning at all in a civilization that’s ruled by exploiters & abusers who dominate the world using mass-scale psychological manipulation.It’s a testament to human resilience that anyone is sane.

When everyone’s mind is always being pummeled…Everything seems phony, meaningless and needlessly difficult because it is. This isn’t a statement about human nature or life as it naturally exists, it’s a statement about the artificially constructed systems we live under currently.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

You’re Not Deficient, You’re Just Ruled By Assholes | by Caitlin Johnstone | Apr, 2023 | Medium

They want mind control. They just admitted it. | By LEE CAMP (

Harry Belafonte in His Own Words on Opposing Iraq War & Calling George W. Bush a “Terrorist” – YouTube


The Democrats are the TRUE Cutting Edge of US Neofascism | Ajamu Baraka Joins RBN to Discuss – YouTube

AOC Goes on “Inside with Jen Psaki” to Tout the Benefits of State Censorship – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – hand held audio devices at protests have been ‘prohibited’ So obviously people are protesting as noisily as possible. Pots and pans are the choice of weapon! It should be funny, except it’s not, it’s the fight for their democracy !!!” / Twitter

RFK Jr. CIA? 2024 Line up | Ro Khanna and Progressive Dems Support Biden Over Marianne Williamson – YouTube

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WHO – Never let a good crisis go to waste! Dangerous bio labs operate in Sudan? & they have been attacked? releasing deadly pathogens into a fleeing population? Sounds like they need a global health authority, to oversee our safety 🙄” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on the FAILURES of Modern Black Leadership | Black Alliance for Peace – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald Goes on Glenn Beck & Tucker Carlson to Defend Black Socialists Where is the Squad? – YouTube

Ajamu Baraka-Race Has Been at the CENTER of the Settler Colonial Project – YouTube

The Crimes of the FBI | Craig Pasta from Convo Couch Joins – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “It would be reasonable to assume the Biden WH is pushing YouTube to remove RFK interviews as he edges up in polls They similarly pressured Facebook & Twitter to censor criticism of Fauci, including a parody account This is about protecting the establishment from the public” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “An entire section in the July 2022 UK parliamentary report on extreme right-wing terrorism is redacted. It concerns foreign fighters returning to the UK from a certain nation, and precedes the section on Russia. I wonder what the nation that shall not be mentioned is.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “An anonymous “Tehran-based analyst” blames Ayatollah Khamenei for poisoning schoolgirls because he’s like the Taliban, or something Falsely describing Putin as Khamenei’s “mentor,” the nameless author implies a Russian role because poisoning is “Putin’s playbook” This crackpot…” / Twitter

Eleanor Goldfield on Twitter: “Yep, this looks like WV. An estimated $3 trillion has been mined from the mountains there. But the ppl got none of that wealth: they got poverty and pain. This is US history, this is US today. I talk more about this in my documentary about WV:” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “The only person who really challenged RFK Jr and then let him speak was Megyn Kelly. This was great.” / Twitter


Bernard B. Kerik on Twitter: “No one has to say anything. Look at the faces of these men and women as they watch their president in disarray. He, by far is the biggest embarrassment we’ve ever had in the White House.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “US propaganda just backfired haaarrrd” / Twitter

New York Communities for Change on Twitter: “BREAKING: Climate activists storm the barricades at @BlackRock and shut down entry to the world’s biggest asset manager and fossil fuel investor. #StoptheMoneyPipeline #BlackRocksBigProblem” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “You can listen to a conversation I had with Graeme on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks here:” / Twitter

Lyndon Johnson-Murdered-John Kennedy on Twitter: “Lyndon Johnson got a murderer Mac Wallace to spend NO TIME IN PRISON after being convicted of murder in 1952!!” / Twitter

Lyndon Johnson-Murdered-John Kennedy on Twitter: “Lyndon Johnson – Thanksgiving 1963 address to nation. Fresh off of his murder of John Kennedy the Friday before. Nov. 28, 1963” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “”the most shocking and corrupt censorship of political speech since the US Constitution was ratified.”” / Twitter

Stef Zamorano on Twitter: “CloseUp: Kennedy will put himself to the test of NH voters via @YouTube #RFKJr2024” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “BREAKING: Israel is dropping bombs on Syria in the middle of the night again in yet another unprovoked a

sarah on Twitter: “Hypocrisy at its finest. Crying over the invasion/occupation of Ukraine while celebrating 75 years of brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine.” / Twitter

ggression. Israel has bombed Syria 10 times since the horrific earthquake in February. Where is the international community’s outrage? Or is that only reserved for Ukraine?” / Twitter

Steven E. Greer, MD on Twitter: “Piers Morgan censored Bobby Kennedy. He made a false excuse to end the interview right as he was talking about vaccine data. That is the same thing as what ABC did. @elonmusk @RobertKennedyJr @DrAseemMalhotra @stkirsch @MartyMakary” / Twitter

Lyndon Johnson-Murdered-John Kennedy on Twitter: “@PrezWisdom Lyndon Johnson: having an enema while giving dictation to his secretary Marie Fehmer and yelling at Bill Moyers, with Lynda Bird and Lady Bird in the room. As told by Coates Redmond, the widow of Hayes Redmond, who was a White House staffer under LBJ.” / Twitter

Steve Kirsch on Twitter: “Kim Iversen interviewed RFK Jr but YouTube censored the video. They control the narrative. This should be illegal.” / Twitter

McVeigh and the Second Ryder Truck – by Richard Booth (

🇿🇦 #FreeAssange ☘️🌹#BLM on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA 🥋 Nick welcomes the fantastic activist and journalist Misty @SarcasmStardust from @TNTradiolive etc, and the great troublesome Jose Vega himself @JosBtrigga, about speaking the truth to the faces of the @nytimes editor etc 🗨️ Assange is in jail for doing your job ✊🏼 #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Gary Numan -Cars-The Aztec Theatre, San Antonio, TX, 25-04-2023 – YouTube

“Elitist liberals aren’t defending Ukraine.

They are defending a genocidal NATO puppet regime set up after a US-led coup in 2014. They do so because they instinctively recognize that a non-subservient Russia & China represent a challenge to US hegemony, and thus their privilege. (-Primo Radical)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “What a stupid question. Who decides what qualifies as “mentally ill”? Does garden variety depression/anxiety count? What about preppers? Are they mentally ill? Activists? Anyone who doesn’t buy in to the establishment narrative? Tim may qualify for asking this ridiculous question” / Twitter

RFK Jr for President on Twitter: “”RFKJr was polling at 14% among Biden voters even before he announced. And nearly 44% of Democrats want anybody but Biden, with only 25% wishing him to run in 2024.” -John V. Walsh @LAProgressive #Kennedy24 #Ukraine #RFKJr2024” / Twitter

RFK Jr for President on Twitter: “”I don’t believe that we should be the party of war. I don’t believe that we should be the party of Wall Street. I don’t believe that we should let neocons dictate our foreign policy and I don’t believe in #censorship, for starters.” @RobertKennedyJr #RFK” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “This is what the US looks like to the rest of the world outside of the West.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “We have been asking same questions about all of issues the U.S. involves itself in. What gives it the right to interfere in Venezuela, Syria, Africa, or anywhere? The answer: arrogant white supremacist imperialism.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is the kind of undignified leadership that white imperialists want in global South.” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “TAIWAN & UKRAINE WALK INTO A BAR: Ukraine orders a drink called a “bloody suicide” on the rocks, drinks it, and immediately drops dead. Taiwan says to the bartender, “I’ll have what he just drank, but I’m sure it won’t have the same affect on me.”” / Twitter

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Slams CBDC, Claims It Will Lead To Banning, Seizing Of Bitcoin (

White House hopeful RFK Jr. says instant payments may lead to ‘financial slavery’ (

Future first lady? Everything to know about RFK Jr’s wife Cheryl Hines (

Guest Ajamu Baraka Speaks on the USA’s Desperate Attempt to Maintain US Hegemony | The AFRICOM Watch – YouTube

RFK Jr. throws down the gauntlet – YouTube



Another English band my former old punk crowd and me were quite thrilled by back in the day was Age Of Chance-we were all big Clash-Big Audio Dynamite-Dead Or Alive-Nena Cherry-Prince fans, and AGE OF CHANCE were a super cool and sleek new hybrid of all that lot! We had endeavored to sortof combine our own love of old Suicide and Sputnik and early rap influences as well, but usually, it would end up us playing with the primitive drum machines and casios on the guitar player’s cold cement floor and us three goths pretty much just getting drunk with my hip hop friends rather than really pioneering any great new wave crossover like when Afraka Bombatta and Johnny Lydon merged their genres.

Age Of Chance – Kiss – YouTube

Age Of Chance – Time’s Up – YouTube

Age Of Chance – Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise – YouTube

Age Of Chance – Disco Inferno – Old Grey Whistle Test – YouTube

This Is Crush Collision – YouTube

Higher Than Heaven (Gates Of Heaven) – YouTube

This Is Crush Collision – YouTube

Time Zone (Afrika Bambaataa feat.John Lydon) – World Destruction – YouTube


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #370 – YouTube

Presidential hopefuls RFK Jr. and Ron DeSantis rail against FedNow (

Over half of Democrats back RFK Jr.’s challenge to Biden (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “My dude was consistently for free speech.” / Twitter

Video RFK Jr. opens up about presidential bid, controversies – ABC News (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Ridiculous.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Not the only person who has said this. Nothing has changed under musk in terms of Assange tweets. Much free. All the speech.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I think about this all the time. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

RFK Jr Takes Strong Antiwar, Anti-Empire Stance in Presidential Run. (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Hey everyone! Many of you have asked for a link to my chat with @jimmy_dore. It’s up on the TNT Radio website now. Check it out.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. rips DNC for skipping debates, reshuffling primaries to protect Biden (

The Crime of “Talking to Tucker Carlson” (

ABC News admits to cutting down RFK Jr.’s vaccine claims: ‘Used our editorial judgement’ (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Sweet cheeseballs y’all. This is so disturbing. We need people to snap out of it and fight back against this shit. This is not okay.” / Twitter dumb motherfuckers consent to censorship.

Will RFK Jr. replicate Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign of 1976? (

RFK Jr.’s longshot presidential bid may still give Biden a headache (

‘So many hot MILFs’: Inside RFK Jr’s White House bid launch (

The Dictators- 16 Forever B/W Stay With Me (DEMO) – YouTube

CNN on Twitter: “Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would decriminalize homeless encampments in public places and allow homeless people to sue for $1,000 if harassed or told to leave” / Twitter

The Great Divide – CJ Hopkins (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “47 USC 315 makes it illegal for TV networks to censor Presidential candidates but Thursday, ABC showed its contempt for the law, democracy, and its audience by cutting most of the content of my interview with host Linsey Davis leaving only cherry-picked snippets and a defamatory…” / Twitter

DiedSuddenly on Twitter: “Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla: “I truly think the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because Covid was for me like a rehearsal.” They are going to do it again.” / Twitter

System Update on Twitter: “STUNNING facts emerge about the notorious—and debunked—statement from intelligence officials claiming the Hunter laptop story was Russian Disinformation: New testimony reveals that not only was this letter drafted to help Biden win, it originated with the Biden campaign itself👇” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “It takes an unstoppable force to move an immovable object. We must continue to be that force – for our own sake as well as Julian’s.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “🧵”I lost my 17-year-old daughter to an asthma attack; my 32-year-old son is on life support,” – Kalamazoo MI resident Deann. Her poor Black neighborhood is being POISONED by multi-billion dollar corporation Graphic Packaging – who’s releasing 30+ toxic & foul-smelling gases…” / Twitter

Treebeard/Psycryptik on Twitter: “I dont get it. The DNC argued in court (and won, iirc) that they are under no obligation to honor the results of their primaries as they are a private corporation… …and yet people still push RFK Jr or Marianne Williamson as if none of the above is true. I just dont get it.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “True then. Even truer now.” / Twitter

Christian Smalls on Twitter: “Today our US delegation of Labor delivered dozens of 50lbs bags to the local Trauma Hospital in Cuba 🇨🇺 because of the U.S. embargo they’re not able to receive basic medical supplies and medicine. @JoeBiden ending the #Blockade will end these inhumane conditions!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “Seriously, you must see it now. The unvaccinated against Covid will be bared from travelling outside their country when the Pandemic Treaty, amendments to the IHR and the Global Health Certificate are rolled out. What did you think the code was really for??” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “VACCINE PASSPORTS – Didn’t go away! They were just renamed as Global Health Certificates. As per the G20 declaration. This gives the WHO the power to demand what vaccinations you will need to travel. When they said they wanted every human vaccinated… they meant it ‼️” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PANDEMIC TREATY – Corporates demand the G20 make Digital health certification a WHO standard to identify the vaccinated The CDC says it still refuses entry to those not Covid vaccinated. & Now you know THAT vaccine will be WHO required to travel!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “I still cannot legally travel to the US. This control will continue until the G20 agreed Global vaccine Health passport is rolled out, as part of the Pandemic Treaty. Those unvaccinated for Covid may never be allowed to travel again! Think about that !!!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “US – The State owns your children now! And passed Bill 5599. Children who run away from home can now be hidden by the government from their parents, if parents don’t agree with children’s choices to be transgender or have an abortion. Wow!” / Twitter


 “Poverty can be really stressful, the inflation is no joke, everything doubled where we are post Covid clampdowns and ya know in July the Biden admin is supposed to drop some cashless society bullshittery. I can’t stand the tv watching mainstream identity politricks shitlibs. The gentrification motherfuckers can kiss my ass. At least the rightwing gun nut ranchers out here will leave you alone. The Kalltha Kops Karens were ruining my life up in Eugene and saying it was for sensitivity, pro noun etiquette, veganism, feminism and transkids rights, but really it was just some Gladys Kravitch nosy motherfuckers trying to control their environment by calling the cops on the loud autistic kid.” (-General Labor)


Western Promise – YouTube

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The Gymslips Evil Eye 1984 – YouTube

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Michigan Gov. Approved Paper Mill POISONING Poor Black Neighborhood for EXPANSION – YouTube

Workplace Democracy: What You SHOULD Know, Smiles and Blind Eyes – YouTube

RFK Jr Sees 19% Dem Support In New Poll; Biden Aides WORRIED Kamala Could Sink Ticket: Report – YouTube

“I love you, Siouxsie”: Hear Garbage’s new cover of Banshees classic “Cities in Dust” (

Richard Duguay – ‘Beautiful Decline’ (Cursed Blessings Records) – RPM Online

Doc Antle finally launched that show he was talking about. : r/TigerKing (

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “TONY BLAIR – Every country in lockstep with iris and facial recognition biometric ID. Tracked, monitored and controlled. Every human, everywhere. Unelected elites deciding your life. They didn’t ask you, they knew you’d say no!” / Twitter

Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop (1973) | Music Video – YouTube



“AOC & liberals are now openly calling for the govt to determine what is acceptable content for media dissemination. I have consistently said that while they got you just focused on the Trumpien right, neoliberal democrats continue be be leading edge of fascism in the U.S.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Democrats do not care about you or your basic rights. The only thing they care about is using you for your vote and fundraising off the plight of marginalized people. If you cannot see that by now then it’s time to take the blindfold off. They are as big of a scam as the GOP. Liberals: “The DNC doesn’t rig its primaries.”

DNC Lawyer in 2017: “We can legally select the candidate over cigars in a back room.” Yes, a DNC lawyer said this in court in 2017 and liberals pretend like it didn’t happen. Anyone who believes in democracy should leave the party.” (-Ryan Knight)

Democrats are more obsessed with and excited by accusing their adversaries of being Kremlin agents than Joseph McCarthy ever was. It’s just surreal watching US liberals on an endless paranoid witch hunt for Russians lurking under every bed and Moscow controlling everything.” (-Ryan Knight)

“For all of my disagreements with Tucker (immigration/China/domestic policy etc), it’s just a fact that on certain issues — Ukraine, neocons, Syria dirty war, Assange, censoring dissenters — he was more accurate/adversarial than anyone else on TV and most leftist media.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“This is what Truthout has become? They were so great during the W years. Before Nobel winner Obama turned out to be the same, only with more bombs.” (-John Dissed)

“You only know what they want you to know…” (-Lords Of The New Church)

The Broad, Vague RESTRICT Act Is a Dangerous Substitute for Comprehensive Data Privacy Legislation | Electronic Frontier Foundation (

The War on Free Speech Is Really a War on the Right to Criticize the Government – Activist Post

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “No one else in all of Corporate news ever brings on anti-war voices, the one that did just got axed. Doesn’t matter that he’s the most watched show in all of news – much like when MSNBC fired Phil Donohue for his anti-Iraq War coverage when he had #1 show on network. #WarMachine” / Twitter

The CIA, AQAP, and the Never-Ending Excuse to Bomb Yemen – Vanguards of Illusion – Activist Post

What Is the RESTRICT Act? Proposed TikTok Ban Explained. (


You know millions of people did not believe that W and Cheney beat Al Gore. So when the “her Turn” Hillarybot “Vote Blue No Matter Whos” cried wolf that “RUSSIA!” helped Trump beat Clinton, we just kinda shrugged, it felt more like a cover story for Hillary-Podesta and Wasserman-Schultz rigging the primaries and to distract from the Who Killed Seth Rich and Michael Hastings stories. When Maga people doubted Biden, who rarely camapigned except from his basement with his wife and his mask on, was probably not the real forerunner no matter what pig-media insisted, of course it seemed fishy–Trump was popular, Bernie was popular-Gropey Joe was only popular with bankers, pig-pharma, the war industry, and spies. We all knew the Bernie Sanders platform of tax the rich was the one that filled the stadiums. So when they claimed on Super Tuesday that people in Michigan, home of Flint water poisonings, abandoned houses, crazy crime rates, and closed schools, Post Nafta, all mobilized in big millions to vote for Gropey Joe the Crimebill author who made up stories all the time and yelled at auto workers: “I DON”T WORK FOR YOU!”, in a pandemic with long lines in black neighborhoods, while Biden barked about how “you aint black, Jack!”, while reassuring bankers and elite Wall Street insider honchos that, “Nothing Will Change”, there were plenty of people on the left who agreed with the Maga people, that questioned the election results-we all know the hackable voting software was never repaired since the Diebold CEO promised that selection to W Bush that was ultimately decided by the deep state when the recount got calledoff by Supreme Court and deep state people his father had appointed or worked with, so yeah the fix is in, and now that Kennedy has thrown his hat in the race, the DNC just cancelled their own debates to deny Kennedy an antiwar platform in the mass media. The crooked DNC have been infiltrated and overrun by Republikkans for years now, probably since the coup in ’63 and can only pretend to somehow distinguish themsleves from Republikkkans by focusing exclusively on culture war bullshit and bait n switch tactics. Two wings of the same oppressor warhawk. We do not have democracy, or a free press in the militarized big tech-money monopoly owned USA, USA. Vanguard and Blackrock already own everything. Intel people run the media. All the money goes to the weapon makers and pharamceutical mafia. And for war. Millions of homeless people are exiled outdoors, thrust by shameless landlords and property buying big corporations outta their shelter by grotesquely jackedup impossible rents in this country, and that’s why the capitalists are still mad at other places like Cuba, where they believe it is a basic human right to house their whole population. I fear for Kennedy, not because pig-media always calls him a conspiarcy theorist, but because his own daughter in law who runs his presidential campaign is a “former” spook, herself, and look at Sanders-he undid his whole populist movement by endorsing Gropey Joe and obediently recites talking points for police state giveaways, regime change coups and wars and domestic psy-op culture war bullshit. It is sad. All the Squad fakes vote for war and promote censorship. Never even mention free healthcare or housing the poor or stopping torture or or ending the wars. If you don’t loudly advocate for the unconditional immediate release of Julian Assange, you are not even kindof progressive. 


Live from Paris – Jeremy Loffredo at anti-Macron protests – YouTube

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Two factors here: 1) Liberals have been more psyop’d over the past 15 years. The CIA didn’t like the anti-war movement & Occupy, so got American liberals to obsessively focus identity politics. 2) Dems have superdelegates to ensure no candidate like McGovern can ever win again.” / Twitter

Tim Robbins on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “”First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out, because I was not a socialist.” If ever there was a Niemöller moment in our lifetimes, this is it. Fight this assault on dissent like it’s coming for you next, because it may very well be.” / Twitter I said the same thing in one of my last columns!

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “How crazy is it that Tucker Carlson is defending black socialists meanwhile Bernie, the squad, and the entire DSA establishment left is silent? Another reason he may have been fired from Fox News” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Turns out Kiev rescinded popular plans to name a street after the Waffen SS Galizien co-founder and late Ukraine diaspora leader Volodymyr Kubiyovych after Israel’s ambassador freaked out, and out of fear of embarrassment to Zelensky.” / Twitter

‘The media makes a very distinct commitment to be pro-Biden…none of them have followed this story…except to write counter-stories given by the intelligence community’ (- @SeymourMHersh on the media blackout over his bombshell Nord Stream report )

Tim Robbins on Twitter: “I wonder how many in the US are aware that their tax dollars are paying for propaganda & censorship on tech platforms like Twitter. It’s “…a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives. It’s the opposite of what a free press does.”” / Twitter

Black Power Media ✊🏿 on Twitter: “Who else, besides Black Power Media would Political Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal spend his 69th Birthday with?” / Twitter

By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik (@bamnecessary) / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Neoliberal online troll Neera Tanden is being reported as “pretty damn firm” to replace Susan Rice as Biden’s domestic policy advisor” / Twitter

Bill Gates Foresees AI Taking Over For Teachers – Activist Post

“And so now you’ve got this terror, particularly on the left, that misinformation is somehow going to destroy our democracy,” he added. “And it’s kind of a bait and switch because the real threat to our democracy is that our government is lying to us. And people don’t trust the institutions of our democracy anymore and with very good reason. Every nation, every individual has a darker side and a lighter side. The easiest thing for political leaders to do is to appeal to those darker instincts—the greed, the anger, the fear, the bigotry. But people are able to hear a difference message if they’re spoken to honestly. And my father did that, and he was ruthlessly honest, and it allowed people—even people who did not agree with him on all the issues—it allowed them to take the risk of seeing themselves transcending their own narrow self-interests and their fear-driven lies and seeing themselves as part of a larger community, as part of this noble experiment that we have in this country of being in self-governance [and] of being the world’s exemplary democracy, and summoning people to find the hero in themselves and really feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves.””

(-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Court Filing Suggests Troubling CIA Links To Two 9/11 Hijackers – Activist Post

Facebook censors journalist Seymour Hersh’s report on Nord Stream pipeline attack – Geopolitical Economy Report

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In this propaganda, warmonger Tucker Carlson says it clearly: “Russia is not America’s main enemy… Our main enemy is China. The US ought to be in a relationship with Russia, aligned against China”. He claims China is a “profound threat” that is “murdering” thousands in the US.” / Twitter


Bob Vylan – We Live Here – YouTube

Bob Vylan – Wicked & Bad – YouTube

Bob Vylan – “I Heard You Want Your Country Back” – live in Denver – YouTube

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BOB VYLAN Interview – “We’re Talking About Issues That Are Real To Us” – YouTube

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Status Coup News on Twitter: “@FlintGate @JordanChariton READ/SHARE @JordanChariton’s deep dive on where things stand on the 9-year-anniversary of the water crisis—or DAY 3,287—the water is STILL CONTAMINATED, there’s STILL a COVERUP, and it’s highly unlikely anyone goes to prison.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@JordanChariton “My water has a sewer smell off and on…and black shiny stuff coming out in the water,” resident Joelena Freeman tells SC. “It’s gross and we have no idea what it is or what it could be doing to us. But we have no choice but to shower in it and hope for the best.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@JordanChariton “My water has a sewer smell off and on…and black shiny stuff coming out in the water,” resident Joelena Freeman tells SC. “It’s gross and we have no idea what it is or what it could be doing to us. But we have no choice but to shower in it and hope for the best.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”The chemical shower I got today is burning my skin, my makeup actually burns right now, everything is on fire; it gets real hard to pay for ur poison & watching them lie saying [the water] is fine” -@FlintGate on 9-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY of #FlintWaterCrisis. THREAD…” / Twitter

“When I ran for Pres in 2020 the debates were rigged but in a subtle way. Preferred candidates were given more time and fed softball questions. This time Democrats are taking no chances so there will be no primary debates. This is another example of their disdain/disrespect for the American people.” (-Tulsi Gabbard)


“There’s something sadistic about that; they’re trying to essentially kill the very idea of protest” –

@SDonziger on revelations Georgia cops shot #StopCopCity protester Tortuguita dozens of times —leaving them w/ 57 gunshot wounds.

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@SDonziger @hannahcrileyy WATCH FULL INTERVIEW @RonPlacone and @TinaDesireeBerg did with @SDonziger and @hannahcrileyy” / Twitter

NoBonzo on Twitter: “Today is Tortuguita’s birthday” / Twitter (RIP!)

Nick Joins Glenn Greenwald on System Update – YouTube

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

Jikkyleaks 🐭 on Twitter: “Gaddafi pointing out the now-obvious… The emergence of multiple new viruses is manufactured to create a vaccine industry worth trillions.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “LISTEN + SHARE my interview last night with @joelpollak where we discuss key priorities of my campaign. #Kennedy24” / Twitter

Our Next President EXPOSES The Corruption of EMPIRE | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – YouTube

Naomi Brockwell on Twitter: “There’s a complex web of misinformation surrounding Assange intended to smear him, because of what he revealed to the world. This is one of the most important precedent-setting cases for freedom of speech of our generation. 📺” / Twitter

Twitter Files Author EXPOSES Major Nord Stream Censorship On Meta: Brie & Robby – YouTube

Going Underground on Twitter: “NEW EPISODE OF GOING UNDERGROUND⚡️ Seymour Hersh on his BOMBSHELL Report of Zelensky Embezzling $400 Million from US Aid to Ukraine WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW:” / Twitter

Going Underground on Twitter: “The Biden administration, persecuting the African People’s Socialist Party and labelling them as Russian agents, while simultaneously sanctioning much of the Global South to ‘promote democracy’. Though Tucker Carlson was ideologically opposed to the African People’s Socialist…” / Twitter

Going Underground on Twitter: “Footage of Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in Ramallah. No sanctions imposed on Israel by the West, instead the US gave Israel $150 billion (not adjusted for inflation) in aid from 1948-2022 to expand colonial settlements and militarily occupy Palestine🇵🇸. Watch…” / Twitter

The Perception of Black Boys and Girls by the Law and Society – YouTube

GA Cops LIED About Killing ‘Cop City’ Protester Tortuguita, SHOT THEM 57 TIMES—w/ Steven Donziger – YouTube


In the 80’s summa my pals like Jaysin and Heather and Steffani and Scruff were new wavers-you know, like Smiths-Cure-Depeche Mode kids. The others-Deke, J.R., Dustin, Dave, and his stoner crew-Dougie and Bryan Bastian, and also all my catholic school beer drinking friends-Mitch, Tom, and Joey, they were all metalheads. They were into Ozzy, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P., Dio, the hairbands, and New Wave Of British heavy metal bands like Saxon, Def Leppard and Judas Priest. I liked Girlschool early on, we’d read about ’em in Kerrang! magazine and Metal Hammer-lots of heavy metal magazines from the UK back then, we associated them with the Plasmatics and Motorhead, I liked a lot of different kinds of music made by lots of people, some of whom were female like Cyndi Lauper, Nina Hagen, Vanity, Lisa-Lisa, Janet Jackson, Deborah Harry, Fuzzbox, Joan Jett, Concrete Blonde, Pretenders, Siouxsie, Go-Go’s, Bebe Buell, ya know, I liked all kinda music but I never felt obliged to pretend like some artist because of their gender. I think it’s different in this new TikTok era of faux wokeness and gender worship. I loved punk and glam and new wave and goth and even some heavy metal if it was cool and had style  and good lyrics and made you wanna jump up and dance or at least nod your head a little bit, and this was before the whole Lilith Fair/Kathleen Hannah era of every other magazine article in Spin and the entertainment weekly being perpetually about how hard it is to be female and have a band. You should ask your lower working class friends who are male rocknrollers if any producers or entertainment weekly columnists ever once wrote cover stories about them, or provided them with free rehearsal spaces, free instruments, free studio time, and agreed to put out their music just because. Of course, I did kinda halfass try to get my new wave girlfriend to dress more like Kelly Johnson, in the late eighties, right?!  I was sortof dressing a bit like Girlschool, myself. It was glorious being young in the 80’s. Jack Daniels, leather, hairspray, blue eyeshadow, okay, I still look like Girlschool now, only picture Girlschool with a white beard from being too broke to buy razors, and a fat belly from not smoking. She was like the ultimate rock chick back then, stiill is the embodiment of rocknroll to many of us. (RIP) Like the Runaways, they were always instinctively a hybrid of punk and heavy metal with some 70’s glam influences and it was not until “Pyromania” blew up on MTV in the States, that the labels were leaning on them to go more pop. They always kept a rock edge, though. Back in the day, for the kids to like you, the main thing was you had to be able to rock like fuck. The Runaways, Chrissie Hynde, they outrocked most of the guys, so there was never any question about their talent or awesomeness. Same with Kim McAuliffe, Enid Williams, Denice Dufort, and Kelly Johnson-the longest running female hard rock band in the world. When they first came out in the 70’s punk era, they just kinda kinda rocked like proto grebo biker barbarians, heavier than most mainstream rock acts, they were wild and they dressed like traditional biker chicks-rebel rawkers-ala the hard partying boys of early Def Leppard-they did all the usual heavy metal guitar heroics but were a stripped down, gutsier working class version of heavy metal, all denim and black leather, bandannas, until later on when the record company tried to refashion them into some kinda Pat Benatar commercial idea of what was sexy, to mass-market Murkkan consumers of MTV. They started pressuring the band to become more poppy and adding keyboards and the fans got bummed out when Kelly Johnson left the band, she sadly died in 2007, they had a lot of lineup changes, but soldiered onward, even toured with Dio, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth and Hanoi Rocks. Record companies were never really able to turn them into a bubblegummy hairmetal VIXEN, but they tried. They were born to be a hard rock band, ya know? You know you really rock when SLADE volunteers to be your producers. I mean SLADE is probably the best rocknroll band OF ALL TIME, really. So there, I said it. Who compares, really? Motorhead? Girlschool also made an EP with Motorhead! They were just like the realest rocknroll to us, as teenagers, but then again we found almost any female who was cool and wore leather like, unfathomable…super cool. Where I went to school, all the girls my age dressed like the boys-golf shirts, feathered hair, high end tennis shoes and designer jeans. I did not ever want to be like those suburban acquisition, winebox and golf people. Like the Runaways, Girlschool appealed to punks, metalheads, new wavers, thrash metal dudes, divebar rejects, crusty punks, the whole rocknroll universe. I remember a NYC glam gang even called themselves Demolition Boy back in the Limelite/Scrap bar metal years. Girlschool were flatout undeniable, still kickin’ ass in this tragically unrock world. Barmy Army forever! I hoist my glass to Girlschool!


Girl School – Leader of the Gang – YouTube

Girlschool Don’t Call It Love Live Japanese TV 198X – YouTube

Girlschool – Race With The Devil (High Quality Sound) – YouTube

Girlschool : Nothing To Lose – YouTube

Girlschool – Play Dirty (Official Video) (1983) From The Album Play Dirty – YouTube

Motörhead & Girlschool [HeadGirl] – Please Don’t Touch [German TV appearance 1981] – YouTube

Emergency – Girlschool – Live 1984 (Running Wild Tour) – YouTube

Girlschool – C’mon Lets Go (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Girlschool – Demolition Boys — live rehearsal 1980 – YouTube

Girlschool – Hit And Run (TOTP 1981) HD – YouTube

Girlschool – Fox On The Run [Good Quality] – YouTube

Girlschool – 20th Century Boy – YouTube

The Top 10 Best Girlschool songs | Louder (

Girlschool – Race With the Devil / Bomber ~ Trillians, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 8th February 2023 – YouTube

Girlschool | London (


Liberal Media WON’T COVER FBI Raid On Black Socialists – YouTube

Why Is The Government Targeting Black Socialists? – YouTube

BREAKING: Biden Told CIA To Lie About Hunter Biden Laptop! – YouTube

Biden Taking Away 14 Million Americans’ Dental Care! – YouTube

Facebook CENSORING Info About Nordstream Pipeline Bombing – YouTube

RFK Jr. BLASTS War Machine Over Ukraine In Announcing Presidential Bid – YouTube

Line up children, the COVID sniffing dog is here to judge you (

The Spectator World on Twitter: “”When information leaks that embarrasses the liberal establishment, such as the Wikileaks dump in 2016, the media acts to sweep the contents of the leaks aside in favor of a laser-like focus on the publisher of the leaks — presumably Julian Assange.”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “How White America (with Dems Help) Changed the Meaning of WOKE | Joe Rogan Talks WOKEISM | Tucker Carlson Redefines What It Means To Be Woke | Tulsi Gabbard misuses WOKE | How WOKENESS was weaponized by the RIGHT” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Iraq war Vet, Mike Prysner, Speaks at Peace In Ukraine Rally | #PeaceInUkraine | CODEPINK | Black Alliance for Peace” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Anti Imperialist Summit Day 1 | Aaron Mate, Jill Stein, Ben Norton, Danny Haiphong, Margaret Kimberley” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Anti Imperialist Summit Day 3 – Dr. Gerald Horne, Dr. Vijay Prashad, Israel/Palestine” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Anti Imperialist Summit Day 1 – Part 2 Ben Norton, Danny Haiphong, MCSC Network, What is Imperialism” / Twitter

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News—Suddenly, With No Replacement Host For Tonight’s Show (

johndissed on Twitter: “”Many of the supposedly independent consumer, medical and civil rights groups that created the appearance of broad support for the mandate received funding from one of the vaccines’ manufacturers.”” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Fox fires @TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the…” / Twitter

“AOC is just another brainless shitlib now” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “The Fed just announced it will introduce its “FedNow” Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in July. CBDCs grease the slippery slope to financial slavery and political tyranny. While cash transactions are anonymous, a #CBDC will allow the government to surveil all our private…” / Twitter

“This is interesting more censorship, who would’ve seen this coming??” (-Hard Lens Media on shameless and repugnant sellout AOC, I’m ashamed I was fooled by her for so long. Obama 2.0)

” The Democratic Party’s POTUS primaries are a fraud on the public. It’s a rigged election with a predetermined winner, in this case, a senile war monger they won’t even put on stage for a debate.” (-Piper’s Creek)

“Name one time in history when the pro-censorship crowd were the good guys.” (-JV Graz)

“Tucker Carlson is a virulent propagandist who’s probably responsible for more anti-China sentiment in the US than anyone alive. He’s got well-documented overlaps with the CIA and has helped keep Americans roped into the mainstream two-party system. That said, his firing suggests that he probably did become unacceptably inconvenient for the powerful in some way.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“AOC is pro censorship FYI” (-Robert Durden)

“Looks like the idiocy quotient has been ratcheted up a few notches.

Calling for increased censorship is one of most fascist things you can do at this point.” (-Throne Of Blood)

“The DNC refusing to hold a single primary debate is undemocratic and robs the voters of choice.

No one who feels confident in their record and/or ideas would hesitate to stand on them. The DNC should hold debates. This is supposed to be a democratic process.” (-Nina Turner)

The Democratic Party says it will NOT be holding any primary debates. You are handing this country over to Trump or DeSantis in ‘24 if you don’t change course on this.” (-Jen Perelman)

‘Investing in Climate Chaos’: Vanguard Is Now World’s Largest Funder of Fossil Fuels (

Tim Robbins on Twitter: “Recently, independent journalists @mtaibbi @shellenberger @bariweiss have been exposing a massive censorship operation by the US government to control content on social media and eliminate any dissenting voices. Have you read their reporting? Or are you listening to the…” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Only half the story. Yes there’s election interference via media & political manipulation but there’s also interference at the ballot box, via computers & of course the usual malfunctioning of the entire process. The US talks about dictatorships but we don’t have fair elections.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Donziger’s Democrat Party Protest | Jamaal Bowman Dragged Again | RFK, T…” / Twitter

Netanyahu Picks Self-Described ‘Racist’ May Golan as Top Israeli Diplomat in NY (

Kaepernick to Fund Independent Autopsy for Atlanta Inmate Found Dead in Insect-Infested Cell (

Gil Gamesh on Twitter: “I just randomly clicked the timeline at 1:25 and there was Aaron Mate deliverying a great monologue on Ukraine. Probably many more gems in a six hour stream.” / Twitter

Steve- living in dystopian times on Twitter: “This says it all. US exceptionalism displayed. Arrested activists. Not Arrested” / Twitter

Proud_Peacenik on Twitter: “Didn’t we already learn that the corrupt DNC (and their media allies) will never allow any progressive candidate to rise within the Democratic Party? Williamson is wasting our time and taking money from people who cannot afford it. We know she will ultimately cave & endorse Biden” / Twitter

Blue Moon on Twitter: “And there it is, the moment a violent @marwilliamson supporter ran and tackled someone just for taking pictures and asking her why she supports zionism. So much for the ‘love’ crowd. 🙄 Big thanks to @bigmadcrab for the video.” / Twitter

Gross pro censorship pro war police state fake Squid Diddly ☭ on Twitter: “Says a woman who went to a gala and accepted illegal gifts while wearing a 10k dress made by a millionaire who didn’t pay taxes or pay her workers” / Twitter

Monnie 💚💚💚 on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA Y’all can say what y’all want about Nancy Pelosi, mama bear flipped AOC right before or eyes in a matter of months. Give that evil b*tch credit for that one😂😂” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Nick Joins Glenn Greenwald on System Update” / Twitter

Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “DNC: “the national Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.”  Do not vote for this party ever again. They don’t care about democracy and they definitely don’t care about you.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““We can’t run third party because if we do the establishment will ignore us!”” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Democratic Party has NO plans to sponsor primary debates. Hate to say I told you so. 🤷‍♀️” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Didn’t mainstream media call people conspiracy theorists for claiming they health issues after getting the jab? 🤔” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Tucker was the cable host who most: * Opposed US proxy war in Ukraine; * Denounced CIA, FBI and DHS for its systemic lies and corruption; * Devoted himself to a pardon for Julian Assange; * Objected to regime change efforts in Cuba; * Criticized Trump Admin’s militarism.” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “He also accurately covered and challenged the dirty war on Syria — including the OPCW’s Douma cover-up scandal — unlike everyone else on cable TV, and almost all of leftist media.” / Twitter

Franz Glaus on Twitter: “@ReadeAlexandra @TuckerCarlson Tucker addressed every major deepstate issue. Big names in journalism and politics are claiming Tucker’s departure is due to the way he addressed their pet project. RFK Jr says it’s the power of Big Pharma that got him axed. Glenn Greenwald says it’s the military industrial…” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “I appreciated that when no mainstream journalists would fairly cover what happened to me when I worked for Joe Biden in 1993, @TuckerCarlson did. He has been out spoken against the proxy war the US and NATO fighting in Ukraine and other major topics as the Biden administration…” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Obama’s CIA director just cooly admitting that he used his intelligence connections to orchestrate a psyop to “help Vice President Biden… because I wanted him to win the election” invalidates anything the US government does under the banner of fighting “election interference”.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Fox fires @TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the…” / Twitter

“Big picture, the run represents something beyond RFK or parties; it speaks to how American institutions have become openly corrupt & divorced from their values, and how it really will take people from across the media-imposed “political spectrum” uniting to defeat the elite. I don’t think RFK Jr can win the Democratic nomination. Even if he somehow got majority support, they would just rig the primaries against him.

That said, starting a run as a Democrat to show the disparity between old school Kennedy liberalism & Biden NeoConservatism is valuable.” (-Primo Radical)

Defense Review Binds Australia to US War Agenda (

The Triune Times on Twitter: “Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Asks RFK Jr. If He’s Afraid of being taken out like his father and uncle. #Kennedy24” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “As we predicted when the liberal reactionaries started that Russiagate BS that the public was being prepared to accept repression & that first targets would be Black movement.” / Twitter

By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik on Twitter: “Listen to this critical conversation w/@ajamubaraka of @Blacks4Peace as he breaks down how the @POTUS Biden Administration Continues The Long History Of Targeting Black Activists w/the indictment against the #APSP & #UhuruMovement” / Twitter

FantomasFanto on Twitter: “it’s useful idiots monday mourning with @kthalps x @aaronjmate and katie talking about Robert F Kennedy Jr x @marwilliamson & the tactics that media tries to obscure their presence live rn-” / Twitter

Why is Facebook censoring Sy Hersh’s NordStream report? – Responsible Statecraft

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “After Mehdi Hasan’s dishonest attack on @mtaibbi, Rep. Plaskett threatened Taibbi with jail time for perjury in his Congressional testimony. @lhfang explains: “That is bullsh*t. His testimony is 100 percent accurate.” @aaronjmate @kthalps Full interview:” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “AOC Does State TV w/ Jen Psaki | Tucker Carlson Gone at Fox News | Don Lemon Fired at CNN | DNC Says No Primary Debates in 2024 | Kshama Sawant Calls Out Marianne Williamson on Bad Faith w/ Briahna Joy Gray @SocialistMMA @UnholyRom3 @Jaybefaunt @SabbySabs2 @ComptonMadeMe…” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Please join us on Thursday, May 4 at 8pm ET. Vietnam to Ukraine: Lessons for the US Peace Movement–Remembering Kent State and Jackson State!” / Twitter

Jaybefaunt🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “An anthropologist explains how the war on drugs is regressive in our society. Thank you, Hilary.” / Twitter

Going Underground on Twitter: “On this day in 2004, the US lifted economic sanctions against Libya as a reward for cooperating to destroy its weapons of mass destruction. Just 7 years later, in return for Gaddafi’s cooperation, Libya was bombed by the US and other NATO countries, leading to Muammar Gaddafi’s…” / Twitter

Rachel Blevins on Twitter: “The arrest of the alleged Pentagon leaks suspect was made possible by the NYT, WaPo, and the notorious U.S. Intelligence-linked group, Bellingcat. In the interest of never letting a good crisis go to waste, the Biden Admin is now reportedly planning to increase its surveillance…” / Twitter

‘Commanders, colonels…would personally resell weapons or retail them back into the dark market’ (-@SeymourMHersh
on corruption in the Ukrainian military fuelling the illegal arms market)

“People who bravely speak out against the bullshit of people like Williamson, Blinken, Nuland, Austin etc need to have tough Sons of Anarchy type guys protecting them from the strong armed bullies who shuffle these brave folks away.” (-John P.)

I am impressed by how fast and easy it was for the Biden Administration to get 51 former intelligence agents to lie for them and intefere in our elections. Russia defeated Ukraine last year, they are now fighting NATO who doesn’t care how many Ukrainians die as long as Russia is weakened. The Dems don’t care about you any more than the GOP They are both owned by corporations and the wealthy. They don’t hate each other, their job is to make us hate each other and keep us distracted while they fill their donors pockets with our money. Our Gov’t is lying and stealing our money to continue a war they provoked to defend a country they don’t give a shit about so they can weaken Russia, before they move on to starting a proxy war with China who they hate because China is now the world’s leader. China set off a wave a peace talks in the Arab world. The US set off a proxy war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia survived 10 rounds of the most devastating sanctons in History our Gov’t told us would destroy their country Russia survived approx $150 billion in weapons, cash, training, logiistics, and intelligence to Ukraine NATO still hasn’t accomplished any of their stated goals. Especially when it comes to our Gov’t pushing war, Americans should ask ourselves if we are really thinking for ourselves or being told what to think This question should start with us realizing our Gov’t has never told us the truth about a war in our lifetime. Stop fighting over these corrupt wings of the corporate Party

None of these people care about you and no matter how much money, control and power the rulers of our country accumulates, they have no intention of sharing any of it or using any of it to make our lives better.” (-Black In The Empire)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Tucker Carlson wasn’t fired because of the Dominion lawsuit because he wasn’t implicated. Fox News found a way to get rid of him because of his stance on the Ukraine war is my first guess” / Twitter

Joe Biden Hates Black People on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA And he had on Glenn Greenwald to defend black socialists. I can’t believe all those words are all in the same sentence about Tucker Carlson but here we are 😂” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “DOA: Bernie & AOC Can NOT Support Marianne Williamson | Pro-War Super Bowl | Ohio Train Derailment” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The U S Left is at a Crossroad | The Kshama Sawant Option | The Marianne Williamson Option” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The Evolution of AOC: From Activist to Dem Shill | Sanna Marin Got Destroyed in Finland’s Election | Marco Rubio Upset Over Collapsing Petrodollar | Liberals MELTDOWN over MTG on 60 Minutes | Africa Calls Out US Imperialism | AOC’s Burner Account Revealed” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Mehdi Hasan vs Matt Taibbi | David Sirota’s SOFTBALL AOC Interview | AOC Plays Captain Sav-a-bro | China is Ghosting The USA | Cenk Uyghur and Ana Kasparian Make the case for Defund The Police | Raytheon Director Killed in Crash” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “So now there are ZERO people telling the truth about Ukraine or war in general on tv news. Zero.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “History is what they say it is. Memory is a thought crime. And don’t even think of doing any research. 2+2=5” / Twitter

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “”Your enemy is not China. Your enemy is not Russia. Your enemy is the Military Industrial Complex.” This is why they got rid of Tucker Carlson, btw. He was allowing people like Jimmy Dore to come on his show and say the uncomfortable truth.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Is it the failure of American foreign policies, or the success of American war profiteers, sowing conflict the world over?” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “I would love to continue. It’s not up to me, although I’m not done reporting the material I have.” / Twitter


“I actually got to play once I got to Boston in the early ’80s, and initially, I was playing rock/punk bands. There were bands that I was singing in as well, but it was tough to keep finding players as most people want to do what was popular at the time. Most people wanted to get instant applause by full-on copying the bands of the day instead of using their influences to shape their own sound.” (-Billy Tsounis)

One of the only real visonary hard rock guitar stars to emerge in recent years is Billy Tsounis from Circus Of Power who cites all kindsof crazy influences from Tommy Bolin and Daniel Ash to Steve Stevens and Andy Summers and Billy Duffy and all sorts of Zappaesque avante garde players I’m not even hip to. I’ve got some of his experimental instrumental albums, and they are always exceptionally great and I’m not usually into any kindof deedly jazz, they are real melodic and inspired and shot through with light, like when the sun is right behind the clouds, he’s a psychedelic illustrator taking sonic Polaroids of spacedout starscenes and surreal sunsets and moonlit drunken revelries. I hope to collaborate with him someday. I really liked his Doorsy garage band, Fat Nancy that later became Captain Zapped. He’s been playing with Alex Mitchell from Circus Of Power for years and years now and they are always amazing together.

Live with the Blonde Moondust # #rockguitarist #improvisation #livemusic #spacerock – YouTube

Sunday Sermon – YouTube

Vasoline Tuner , live @Harvard Street Music Exchange, Hemet, CA – YouTube

Vasoline Tuner -clouds are sexy – YouTube



Lonely,fucked Up and Blue – YouTube this song is so good-summa Big Al’s best lyrics!

Billy Tsounis Of Circus of Power: The Interview –

Circus of Power (featuring Nick Oliveri) – “Blood at Standing Rock” – YouTube

Circus of Power | Goddess of the Sun – YouTube


I obviously discovered her in the eighties cuzza her guitarist Bob Derwood who is probably my third fave guitarist after Ronson and Honeyman-Scott, but yeah she is awesome. Seems like she’d be fun to be around.

Elizabeth Westwood (Westworld) & Vive Le Rockers – Sonic Boom Boy – Shepherds Bush Empire-April 2023 – YouTube

Westworld performing ‘WHERE THE ACTION IS’ on THE ROXY – YouTube

Banana Bamboo by Westworld featuring 3D and Goldie. – YouTube

Westworld performing ‘SILVER MAC’ on BBC PEBBLE MILL – YouTube

BAD BARBEE / Totally Wired Radio No 7 – YouTube

BAD BARBEE fun songwriting sessions – YouTube


Robert (Durden) on Twitter: “Well well well…who could’ve possibly seen this coming??” / Twitter

Blue Moon on Twitter: “After putting up with my trolling Donziger decides to get back to the basics and switch up his messaging. Good on you Steven! are you going to keep capping for Marianne though? I know you HEARD me STEVEN! @SDonziger 🤣🤣🤣” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “9 bridges out of 220,000 $300 million for American bridges and $113 billion to fund a war in Ukraine Looking good” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Tonight, France will roar! This is the map of demonstrations against Macron. They aren’t giving up, your media just wants you to think they have! Bring out your illegal pots and pans France. Hold. Your. Line 🔥 We hear you !!!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Protesting workmen simply build a wall on a highway! They want to be heard, they want everyone to hear! Only Macron is deaf to the cries of his people. Keep going France… we hear you 🔥” / Twitter

Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News 🙌 on Twitter: “Everybody needs to listen to this. Every last human being.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – @MattHancock you are lying to the British People. Read the documents! Then face me and we’ll discuss your idiotic video! Your lies don’t work any longer. We see you for what you are. Corrupt, weak and eminently stupid! And we see you 🔥” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “CENSORSHIP – WEF says it has recruited hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media for “misinformation” & conspiracies which will be shut down! Authorities only want you to know what they want you to know! And now you know!” / Twitter

Simon Ateba on Twitter: “SHOCKING WARNING – HEAR IT: Renowned human rights attorney @JesselynRadack, known for her work protecting whistleblowers and journalists, WARNS about what the US govt will do to JULIAN ASSANGE in America. Assange is an innocent man being detained for reporting the TRUTH.…” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “‼️What’s happening to Omali Yeshitela is wrong! You think you have rights. But you don’t have rights in this country. You don’t even have free speech. Look at what they did to Julian Assange. Look at what they’re doing to Matt Taibbi.” / Twitter

Evil B on Twitter: “Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer on the Cognitive Dissonance Around Vaccine Injuries “I have a great friend and his daughter in college gets the shot, she ends up in the emergency room and she’s got blood clots on her liver…People do anything to not blame it on the vaccine.”” / Twitter


Primo Radical on Twitter: “Another fire at another food plant. Once again, no explanation.” / Twitter

“If the US lost in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, what makes anyone think that it could win a war against China or Russia.

American exceptionalism is pure delusion.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“While China was building, the US was bombing.

The rest of the world is choosing the builder. The US Gov’t will not accept this loss and just compete as the 2nd most powerful country in the world . They will try to regain their spot by the same methods that caused them to lose it. The owners are using Ukrainian bodies and the money of American citizens to try to ensure their rule of the world over a rising China Taiwan is in line to be the next proxy. Americans foolishly go along with this suicide mission that even if successful we will gain nothing from. It was inevitable the DOJ would expand this return of McCarthyism to attack Black Activists from just weaponizing it against Trump world. All of the Left, and any dissenters who stray too far away from the script we’re given and too close to the truth being hidden is in danger. We are being slow walked into normalizing our Gov’t censoring and spying on us, and punishing citizens for publicly going against the narratives they are feeding us. It appears to be primarily Liberals that not only have no problem with this, but some are even encouraging it.. The Biden Presidency I remember started with Black leaders told we weren’t getting any executive orders so work with Hispanics and Haitians being chased on horseback. No George Floyd Act, “Lift every Voice Plan” disappeared, and instead of a wage hike, we got an inflation hike. The country with evil dictators that are enemies of democracy, that doesn’t respect the sovereignty of other nations, that invades other countries, is the main violator of human rights, and that would do anything to make sure they rule the world is the United States. Anybody consider the chance that we Americans are in a country with evil leaders and oligarchs, believing State TV feeding us propaganda, that wants to rule the world and is going around the planet killing and stealing?

The rest of the world has, that’s why many side with Russia. I watched Blinken, Price, Austin, Milley and crew stand in front of the American people and lie about what is happening in this war for over a year.

Hardly anybody would listen to me and others try to warn our people.

We just found out they really were lying, and nobody cares. I grew up the typical Black American Democrat, I always knew that I would probably never become a Republican, but never thought I’d be more afraid of what my original Party has become

They’re like robots for the State, programmed to destroy dissenters and take freedoms away.” (-Black In The Empire)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “BREAKING: Biden announces he is seeking 4 more years of crashing the economy & instigating nuclear war. “I am, myself, going for the, the uh… the damn thing,” Biden said while facing a flagpole. The President groped 3 bystanders during his announcement” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “It’s almost as though the colonized peoples of the world are sick of the NATO world order.” / Twitter


The Damned are the rarest band in rocknroll, really, not only did Vanian and friends continue making a glorious racket for what forty some years, but they also still kick ass right now. Still writing fabulous new songs, still a blast to watch onstage-still cutting a deadly cool profile. Still gother than thou. Man, I love the Damned. Vanian is a master, he just knows how to save his energy, stalks the stage, remembers his breathing, I mean there are not many who can come close to the Damned. Maybe Billy Idol or Morrissey or Mike fronting the Lords Of The New Church, but like I said, not many. They are the best! I wrote a song a long time ago called “We Are The Damned” for a project I had planned with somebody who decided to do something else instead, but I still hope to record it this year, with somebody. I know I’m running out of time.

THE DAMNED – LEADER OF THE GANG live @ Hole 44, Berlin, 08-MAR-2023 – YouTube

The Damned-Captain’s Interlude-WOT-Eloise-Live in Hamburg March 7 2023 – YouTube

THE DAMNED ‘Beware Of The Clown’ – Official Video – New Album ‘Darkadelic’ Out April 28th – YouTube

The Damned-Bad Weather Girl & You’re Gonna Realise-Live in Hamburg March 7 2023 – YouTube

The Damned-Street of Dreams-Invisible Man-Live in Hamburg March 7 2023 – YouTube

Damned – Wait For The Blackout – YouTube

The Damned Original Lineup 1st Show 28th October 2022 Hammersmith Apollo – YouTube

pmcall ⏳#FreeJulianAssange on Twitter: “A toast to the Radicals who help people think and who enable change to happen. Without them nothing would change and there would be no nuanced middle ground views only the status quo.” / Twitter

Wall Street Silver on Twitter: “Fact Check: TRUE ✅✅✅” / Twitter

“When did the “left” turn into authoritarian, intelligence agency loving, big pharma trusting, pro censorship, deep-throating the boot, fascists? Genuinely asking” (-Fiorella Isabel)

Holding Biden Accountable on Twitter: “You can’t make this up – Biden is bringing back McCarthyism by using Red Scare tactics to go after black activists.” / Twitter

System Update on Twitter: “Why do left elites/partisan hacks push identity politics? @NormFinkelstein cites 3 primary motives: 1) Attracting new Democratic party voters to replace their former working class base. 2) To stop a class mobilization from below—like one the Bernie Sanders campaign had…” / Twitter

BarefootHippie_EndtheDuopoly✌️⬆ on Twitter: “War is a racket” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The most bloodthirsty people on this app constantly talking about killing Russians and going to war with China over Taiwan have the nerve to call for censorship because others “incite violence” The modern liberal incites more violence than anyone else in politics” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Keep this in mind as the US government continues churning out indictments and ramping up authoritarian measures to fight “election interference”.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The people who endlessly and shrilly insist they are fighting fascism constantly advocate: * A union of public power (CIA/FBI/DHS) and corporate power (Big Tech) to censor the internet; * The president ignore court orders; * Adversary media be banned. Very odd anti-fascism.” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “A bill in Brazil is rapidly lurching toward approval that would vest the government more power to control social media than any country in the democratic world. We’ll report on it tonight on @SystemUpdate_: it empowers the state to decree Truth, and censor/punish dissent to it.” / Twitter

“Banning political commentators you disagree with is called fascism. AOC needs to be voted out of office and fast.” (-Dr. Fill)

AOC gone full-Feinstein, thinks she gets to define free speech and journalism: BarefootHippie_EndtheDuopoly✌️⬆ on Twitter: “Summary: Everything I disagree with is violence. 🤡 🌎” / Twitter I used to like her and feel like such a fool, just another phony baloney corporate pantssuit Obama. 

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “Tucker Carlson is a powerful voice that has consistently called out the elite corruption regardless of party.” / Twitter

Barack Obama Has Been One of the Worst Ex-Presidents Ever (

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “As #US was ending it’s destructive War in #Afghanistan Politicians + Media were overflowing with concern for Afghan women + a pro War campaign tried to reverse withdrawal – their hearts were bleeding for them now that there was a prospect of Western Arms no longer killing them…” / Twitter “FOR WOMEN”!!!

“The Libs and Democrats can’t fight fascism because they don’t even realize that they have become everything they have convinced themselves they are fighting against. Americans need to grow up

Not only did our Gov’t create some of the terrorist groups they later told us we had to go fight, but we used the same terrorists they told us we were fighting to try to overthrow Gov’ts we wanted coup

Not much different than the Nazis we’re using now. Don’t forget that we’re dealing with the same system that was capable of blowing off a President’s head to keep a war going.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Tucker Carlson and the far-right’s “anti-war” narrative is that Russia is white, capitalist, and Christian, and therefore the West should try to recruit it to wage war on China, which these racist imperialists see as an Asian, communist, atheistic threat to “Western civilization”. Anyone claiming Tucker Carlson is “anti-war” is a useful idiot. He’s just a neocon 2.0

The only reason he criticizes NATO’s war on Russia is because he wants war on China instead. Tucker lamented, “If Russia ever joined forces with China, American global hegemony would end”. While meddling in Brazil, making propaganda for fascist Bolsonaro, Tucker Carlson complained, “Under Biden, the Monroe Doctrine is no longer enforced”, praising the 200-year colonial policy. He also spread new cold war propaganda fearmongering about China. In 2006, white-supremacist neocolonialist Tucker Carlson said: “Iraq is a crappy place filled with a bunch of semiliterate primitive monkeys… I have zero sympathy for them or their culture, where people don’t use toilet paper or forks… They can just shut the fuck up and obey”? Reminder that Tucker Carlson -applied to join the CIA -travelled to Nicaragua to support CIA’s fascist Contra death squads -is son of head of CIA propaganda front -constantly lobbies for war on China -supports colonialist “Monroe Doctrine” in Latin America.” (-Ben Norton)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “The collaboration between the White House and health and intelligence agency bureaucrats to silence criticism of presidential policies is an assault on the most fundamental foundation stone of American Democracy.” / Twitter

Dripped Out Trade Unionists on Twitter: “”If we don’t get it, shut it down” is taken literally in France as protestors build a concrete wall in the middle of a national road in Toulouse. #A69” / Twitter

Children’s Health Defense on Twitter: ““The press and these tech players act to manufacture and reinforce ‘consensus’ around selected and approved narratives. And then this is being weaponized to attack dissenters including highly qualified physicians.” @RWMaloneMD #TheDefender” / Twitter

Rachel Blevins on Twitter: “”There’s a woman named Rachel Blevins, whose name I saw on one of [the Foreign Influence Task Force] lists recently,” @mtaibbi on the special intel reports the FBI, DHS and ODNI are sending to Twitter. Watch more from the interview with @SabbySabs2 here:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Responding to US gov’t criticism of Mexico’s popular electoral reform, President AMLO denounced US “meddling” and support for coups: “There is more democracy today in Mexico than in the US… Here the people govern; there the oligarchy govern” Full video:” / Twitter

Ben Norton | The Grayzone


Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The clear message from the US security state is that intelligence cartel insiders like Mike Morell are allowed to interfere in US elections and orchestrate brazen psyops to circulate disinformation because they want a particular candidate to win, but ordinary Americans are not.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “”We need to censor the Bad Guys.” ‘Who decides who the Bad Guys are?’ “The Good Guys!” ‘Can you not understand that that’s a completely arbitrary definition open to limitless manipulation by those you’ve entrusted with that power?’ “Sounds like something a Bad Guy would say!”” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Really good 20-minute video about the way propaganda factors into every aspect of our mind-controlled dystopia where everyone thinks, speaks, works, shops and votes in ways that benefit our rulers, with some solid analysis on how this fits into the neoliberal capitalist model.” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “I am often asked for alternatives to the mainstream. Try Katie Halper’s show. Here we are discussing the roots of propaganda – critically, in an age of facades — for more than hour. I hope you enjoy it.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I still think about this quote from @samhusseini from time to time:” / Twitter

BarefootHippie_EndtheDuopoly✌️⬆ on Twitter: “The US is raging about Russia jailing a Wall Street Journal reporter on espionage charges, while the US is: Jailing Julian Assange for doing good journalism. Threatening to imprison Matt Taibbi. Charging African People’s Socialist Party members with “propaganda” crimes.” / Twitter

W.A.S.P. – L.O.V.E. Machine – Watch In High Quality – YouTube

Dan Hanke on Twitter: “If the rumor is true the DNC won’t allow debates due to Biden’s mental decline then he’s unfit for the job and there should be debates anyway to select a new nominee. But we damn well KNOW what this is about: denying RFK jr. A mic and an audience.” / Twitter

Kawsachun News on Twitter: “Erica Caines and members of @Blacks4Peace Haiti/Americas team connected with organizations in Cuba and discussed how racism is being address on a structural level:” / Twitter

JP (@grosmorne29) / Twitter

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “Join BAP Haiti/Americas Team Co-Coordinator @grosmorne29 on April 29 at @AmericasPolicyF in Washington, D.C. REGISTER:” / Twitter

Are AI Lawyers Coming for Us? What We Need to Know (

Jikkyleaks 🐭 on Twitter: “@TGAgovau How can you do this when there is no follow-up clinical data published after the completion date of the RCT just 4 months ago… and you have suppressed reporting of the serious adverse events including death. Are you serious?” / Twitter


Courtesan – YouTube

Hollywood Brats – Chez Maximes LIVE in London – YouTube

johndissed on Twitter: ““To understand the importance and significance of RFK Jr’s campaign, his bestselling book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is required reading.”” / Twitter

Exposing the neocon ‘right-wing populism’ scam, from Trump to Tucker Carlson – YouTube

Bob Vylan – Armshouse – YouTube

John Perry on Twitter: “One of the first victims of the 2018 coup attempt in Nicaragua was a student, burnt to death when a university building in Leon was set on fire by the opposition. In reports by the OAS etc, he was counted as killed by government. Here Sandinistas in Leon commemorate his life.” / Twitter

Oriental Beat (The Re(al) Mix) – YouTube

80+ Groups Mark 4/20 With Call for Biden to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition (

Abandoned War Veteran’s Home left with Everything Still Inside | Time Capsule – YouTube

Exclusive: RFK Jr. Slams DNC for ‘Rigged’ Primary System (

The Ukraine Kill List and Weaponizing Anti-Semitism, with David Miller (

From ‘Tutti Frutti’ to preacher: Little Richard’s complicated life analyzed in new film (

THE DAMNED – LEADER OF THE GANG live @ Hole 44, Berlin, 08-MAR-2023 – YouTube



“They are not Liberals.

That is what they call themselves, but they are not Liberals.” (-Clifton Duncan)

“Monday Night Football – It is now impossible to watch sports in America without constantly idolizing the military and war. The US has transformed completely into a totalitarian war machine. The cultural infrastructure is used to promote militarism.” (-Garland Nixon)


Julian Assange Activists | 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | Activist Edition – YouTube

“Americans really believe that this war started in February, came out of nowhere and for no reason, other than Putin is a movie evil villain that decided to try to take over world.

Our Gov’t can make us believe just about anything, and steal billions from us while doing it.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Twitter has suspended the account of Palestine Online, one of the most influential Palestinian news outlets on Twitter, to prevent them from conveying the truth of Israeli apartheid to over 80,000 followers.” (-Geoffrey M. Young US House candidate, KY-06)

CN VIDEO—Women’s March on the Headquarters of War: The Full Video Report (

“Ukraine shot missiles into Poland and tried blaming it on Russia

Missiles supplied by our tax dollars.” (-Jake Shields)

The Inter-American Commission’s Landmark Case (

If you think it’s nuts that Ukraine will get tens of billions more from NATO after bombing a NATO member state, then you’ve obviously never heard of the USS Liberty.” (-Primo Radical)

“Zelensky is a war criminal and NATO is his enabler.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Want to attend a New York Times event where featured speakers include the top instigators of nuclear war and the coming recession? That’ll be $2,400.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Why are so many liberals turning into authoritarians? Do they not see how dangerous it is to characterize opposing views as beyond the pale & worthy of official suppression? Are these the liberal values we hear so much about?” / Twitter

What has always been interesting was that we all were supposed to pretend that this actor wasn’t acting and actually had independent thoughts & positions. This irrational insistence represents the real Zelensky – someone out of their depth from day one.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Hill on Twitter: “Zelensky insists missile that hit Poland was not Ukrainian” / Twitter

Palestinians are Native Americans: It’s Time to Correct the Language of History (

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US government has long supported this fascist, Nazi-saluting Bolivian gang Washington funded these anti-Indigenous racists to destabilize Bolivia’s socialist government and break up the country with Santa Cruz separatism @KennardMatt documented this:” / Twitter

“This is the colonial mindset of Black petit-bourgeoisie. She decided to capitulate to the sensitivities of whiteness while her husband smashed universal healthcare, expanded AFRICOM, attacked & destroyed Libya, started wars in Syria & Yemen – in other words – serve white power!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Journalism in Crisis: The War on Dissent — Presented by Whitney Webb | Childrens Health Defense

The Washington Post on Twitter: “First lady Michelle Obama considered wearing her hair in braids while living in the White House. But then she thought of the American people. “Let me keep my hair straight,” Obama said of her mind-set at the time. “Let’s get health care passed.”” / Twitter

“It really would not matter if she retires because democrat party has no credible moral & political leadership waiting in the wings to step forward. The party is intellectually & morally bankrupt & unable to rise to the historical task to eliminate the capitalist dictatorship.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Hill on Twitter: “#BREAKING: Pelosi to “address her future”” / Twitter

“Text Of Pelosi Speech : Warmongers such as me are bent on nuclear human extinction. I can count on the squad to support Nazis & promote the lies necessary for such a horrific ending for humanity. Who cares about the future, there is none.” (-Garland Nixon)

Corruption Exposed: US Meddled in Ecuador’s Election, Using Julian Assange as Bargaining Chip – Orinoco Tribune – News and opinion pieces about Venezuela and beyond


Steven Donziger & Lee Camp: Big Oil Owns The US Justice System – YouTube


My 15 year old woke me up singing the 1963 closet classic “Surfin’ Bird” outside my bedroom door about 4:30 this morning and has only paused singing it to do some early morning Badfinger while I wash dishes. I’m trying not to be in a bad mood so I gotta make some coffee.

The Cramps “Sunglasses after Dark” Live 1987 – YouTube


Man ya know way back in my heavy Cramps and Gun Club phase when I had my Tower records co worker Erika bleaching my hair and shit, I thought Nik Fiend was like the koolest rockstar on the planet. He probably still is. I used to live with a girl who ran his U.S. fanclub and we always dug all their art and crazy sounds. When I used to holler for some long forgotten basement goth gangs, this is who I ripped my whole look offa. They were too much fun. I wish Nik and the Mrs. Fiend all the best things always. Coolness, personfied!


I never met the Asheton brothers but my second drummer knew ’em real well and talked about ’em all day at the old hippie used record store I worked at in some Mayberry farmtown in the eighties. Once my fabulous furry freak brother Dave Andra got me into the Doors and the Stooges, ya know, that was it for me. We used to read “Black To Comm” magazine. Old “Creems”. “Well, alrite!” Ashton brothers wre just like us, from the same exact kinda place, we got into all the same kinda jams, growing up, ya know at the resevoir and in detention, smoking under the bleachers and meeting girls at church and sneaking into the drive in and shoplifting heavy metal magazines and probably some underage drinking and getting put in the juvie hall. I was not wild about “The Weirdness” but was happy those guys, a little like Killer Kane, got to have their happy ending before they left the planet, they wanted to return to the stage as the Stooges and Iggy finally made that happen. God bless ole Iggy. He does the right things more frequently than most rich or famous people.

The Stooges – The Stooges (Full Album) [2019 Remaster] – YouTube

The Stooges – Fun House – YouTube

Down on the Street (2005 Remaster) – YouTube

STOOGE: The Ron Asheton Story – YouTube


If you’re anything like me, you need that daily dose of real rocknroll just to keep trudging onward in this wicked swamp of bullshit lies, propaganda, fabrications, backstab scoundrels, all the violence and horrors and creepy cannibal capitalist scum warcrimes. Cleanse your psychic pallette with some hell ya allright motherfuckery from the best of the best. The baddest of the bad. Jim Jones is the crawling king snake, man. You know how I always think I’m a better rocknroll hellion than all these other frontmen? I don’t think I’m anywheres close to Jim Jones. Or Eddie Nichols. I love those guys.

Jim Jones Revue – Rock’n’Roll Psychosis – YouTube

Jim Jones Revue – Hey Hey Hey Hey – YouTube

Jim Jones Revue – Elemental – YouTube

The Jim Jones Revue – Where Da Money Go? – YouTube

The Jim Jones Revue – Shoot First – YouTube

RATBOY69: THE JIM JONES REVUE – Burning Your House Down (


Roses for the Rich – YouTube

L.A. survivors The Hangmen ride on | Reviews (

HYMN TO THE DUDES: Old Beat Angels Records Never Die! (

Uncensored (

Rudi Protrudi (

Texacala Jones (

K Bombay (

Paul K Wilderness – Paul K and The Weathermen

‎Paul K & The Weathermen on Apple Music


Yeah I worked at Target for about a year when my youngest son was small, fuckedup my knees from all the bending, merchandising endcaps four hours a day. Eating suburbanite shite at the register for the other four. All the moms there buying sour patch candy cheap to take to overpriced movie theater next door want to teach their kids how to pay so here come the baggies filled with pinnies and nickels. Target sucks so bad. They’d keep you on call, send you home early, make you come in during the blizzard, I don’t drive, so that job was a real pain in the ass hardship for my wife with a newborn baby, driving me to work, having to come back and fetch me two hours later-they really fuck you around at that place and I never got a raise. Okay, they did give me a dime raise. A fucking dime. I hated Target-it was worse than Wal Mart for workers and you can never be promoted to management without a four year degree, in spite of all the feelgoodist marketing aimed at Karens and mandatory asskissing policies. Did you see this article about Target targeting goths? I mean are those comic con cosplay Lady Gaga splatter people even GOTH? I got chased outta school by zero tolerance admin hardons for looking like this in the eighties, now all the mainstream people say they like punk and goth but I think they mean Lana Delray and Pink 182 and trendy vacuum cleaners they saw coupons in the Sunday paper for but it was bait n switch-Target may have advertised all that patio furniture for $100 but there was only one in stock and now you have to go stand in the customer service line to get your raincheck. They only have one $39 Dyson Spaceage Dust Sucker 5000, yeah I know you got a coupon, want me to call the manager on my walkie talkie, he’s not here on Sundays.

Target Really Has a Goth Section of Its Online Store (

Kymberly Herrin, ZZ Top ‘Legs’ Video Star, Dead at 65 (


I only saw the Throbs live one time-they were pretty sensational, though. Sweetheart was from Canada and grew up immersed in Canada’s dynamite punk scene, briefly played guitar in a band that featured future Skid Row rockstar, Sebastian Bach, I think it was called Vo5? Early Throbs “Proud To Be Loud” stuff sounded like the Ramones. “It’s a nucleur attack, baybee, and I aint never comin’ back, baybbbee…” He moved to NY, formed an over the top glam gang with Roger Erikson from Smashed Gladys, Danny Nordahl from Angels In Vain, and Ronnie Magri from Sweet Pain. “The Language Of Thieves & Vagabonds” was hyped as the East Coast answer to Guns N Roses, it was produced by Bob Ezrin, had that epic old Alice Cooper concept album feel, guest starred Little Richard. They were in all the magzines, had a couple vids on Headbanger’s Ball. I dunno why they never became mainstream stars, they seemed to have all the right pieces in place, but showbiz is all a big mystery to me. I still really have no idea how any of that works. I mean I know there’s payola, shit like that, but still…! Somebody said they released a second lp called “SECOND” but I never heard it. I thought their big first record sounded an awful lot like Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction, quite honestly. They’ve grown on me over the years. I really like that song “Underground”, I can really relate to that one somehow. I think I always appreciated Sweetheart cause he did not sing in that obligatory Iron Maiden high metal screech like Waxl and Jason McMasters-ya know I can’t tell you how many guitar players I tried working with in the metal years who were all bummed out I could not belt out the high note like Bruce Dickinson or Queensrhyche or whoever. I’m just not a metal guy, never have been. I mean, I like Van Halen, but I come from more of an underground punk tradition. I like vocalists like Stiv Bators and Steve Leckie. Jim Carroll. Jim Jones. The kids in one of my online glam groups are all still crazy about the Throbs. I think they still have reunion shows every few years, Ronnie Magri lives in New Orleans. I remember when they kickedout poor ole Ginger-that wasn’t very nice! Ya know sometimes band chemistry is a very elusive, mystical thing-you can like all the same records and both wear a polka dotted scarf but not have that sorta natural unspoken connection. I had dinner and drinks with a former Throb named Pete Pagan once when he was forming a band that was supposed to be bankrolled by Bas; and my friend, the World Famous Ratboy dragged me along! We used to see Danny Nordahl boppin’ along on Second Ave. all the time. I met him when he was in the NY Loose, really fun guy.

The Throbs @ The Ritz 7 14 88 3 of 3 – YouTube

The Throbs ; Rainbow – YouTube

The Throbs – Pin-Up Girls – YouTube

Driftin & apos – YouTube

$8.99 through Amazon:

 Underground ~ The Throbs NYC 2004 – YouTube

Ronnie Sweetheart of The Throbs Interview – Sleaze Roxx

Is the music loud enough ?: The Throbs

The Throbs Come Down Sister Crazy Donkey NY 3/5/10 – YouTube

The Throbs – Pin-Up Girls – YouTube


I always say upfront I never, never liked their dumb Beastie Boys rap song or all those years of Taime with a revolving door of blackhaired dudes doing all the loony techno tributes to Marilyn Manson, whatever that shit was, but ever since ex Throb/NY Loose bassman, Danny Nordahl joined  the Pussycats, they seem like they’ve gotten their old sleazy punkroll asskick back. Danny’s a real rocker and I always liked summa the scroungier, sleazier, AC/DC meets Joneses type Pussycat stuff. So all their old school fans oughta be pretty excited about their newish single in late November, on transluscent blue vinyl, no less.

Faster Pussycat | Golden Robot Records


The James Calvin Wilsey bio by Michael Goldberg is by far one of the best rocknroll books I’ve ever read. I can’t stop reading it. You’ll want to again and again. The writer is impeccable and knew Jimmy personally and really effectively tells the story. It’s like a movie. Author Michael Goldberg pours so much heart into this careful study, I feel for Waylon n Winter. (RIP) Jimmy He really was one of the most exceptional, innovative, creative guitarists on the face of the earth. Up there with like all the greatest guitarplayers ever. I’m a singer/songwriter so ya know I’m ALWAYS seraching for a cat who can play with that kinda graceful nuance and subtlety, spooky, edgy soulfulness and danger! My friend Paul K would’ve loved this book, but of course, he is also dead, everybdy’s dropping dead now, all the good ones, all the soulmen. Jimmy had some flaws for sure-he lied to everybody all the time, probably even started believing his own lies himself, and like a lotta junkies, he lied about shit he never had to lie about-he was a bad junkie with lifelong depression and hardcore habits, but boy could he play guitar.By the time I saw Chris and his band live, Wilsey had been gone for awhile. I think he left the band around “San Francisco days, which was the last of his records I really loved. I saw Chris on a daytime bill with Human League and Duran Duran but the whole day wa kinda ruined by the usual drunken herds of buffoonishly loud, idiotic sports fan fratboys who go see anybody famous in those stadiums and just scream shirtlessly like it’s the Big Game all day. Summa those fuckers kept like stepping on us and shit, some loud mouthed soroity girl yelled at me for asking her not to drunkenly step on my oldest kid. That whole state is a hellhole. I’m sure Wilsey’s former manager/producer and Silvertone bandmates know deep down they kinda fucked him over on the songwriting and publishing credits, same shit happened to half of Generation X, I feel bad for Bob Andrews. I see why he’s bitter. Some people in showbiz are in it for the money. Other people make music cause it bleeds outta them all the time, like almost involuntarily. Wilsey “The King Of Slow” was a real special player. His solo album goes for like $200 now. I aint got no bread to buy shit, but I sure do love the Wilsey sound, I love Isaak’s early work to tears, he’s one of the best singers in the world, his songs about heartbreak and despair and how nobody loves no one influenced by own songwriting-what an entertainer, what a band, his drummer is amazing, too. I will treasure this book about JC Wilsey, you should get yourself a copy if you’re an Avengers or Chris Isaak fan.

“The faster you drive, the less you can feel

The lights on the road, are strange and unreal
When there’s nothing to lose, there’s nothing to win
In a night without day, on a road without end, darling
Kings of the highway, we will be…”

Chris Isaak’s Kings Of The Highway – YouTube

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Official Instrumental) – YouTube

WICKED GAME – The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey BOOK by Michael Goldberg – HoZac Records

James Wilsey “City Of Broken Dolls” – From The Album “El Dorado” – YouTube

LONG READ: ‘The Wilsey Sound’: The Rise & Fall of James Calvin Wilsey – Rhythms Music Magazine

Unchained Melody (feat. Jimmy Wilsey) – YouTube

James Wilsey “The Rattler” – From The Album “El Dorado” – YouTube

WBP – Ep. 53: “Wicked Game: The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey…Part 1?!” – YouTube


His autobiography is real good. Mandy should get back ro makin new music with Jeff! I wanna see that unreleased video the Joneses made at that hotel and hear some unreleased Amanda Jones songs like the one they co wrote with Iris Berry!

The Joneses – 1, 2, 3 – YouTube

O.C. POP BEAT : To Hell and Back – Los Angeles Times (

Amanda Jones – The First Time (The Boys) – YouTube

“There is no left wing in the US government. The US is led by sociopaths. They intentionally kill children & other innocent people on a daily basis. Stop acting like these are serious & rational adults.” (-Lee Camp)

“Congress can’t find the $ to lift millions of kids out poverty, get health care to ~70,000 who die each year for lack of it, or house 1/2 million without shelter.

But to sustain war in Ukraine, they can’t give it away fast enough.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“When you are rogue state you can just make up any excuse to invade a nation to prop up your puppet govt. Nothing to see here but Western values at work!!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The thousands of tech workers being fired from these Billionaires without notice should remind each and everyone that your Job is NOT safe without a Union no matter what the industry is don’t wait from join up!” (-Christian Smalls)

“RECYCLED NATO FRAUD: The entire Western media and Slavoj Zizek promoted a UN envoy’s claim that Russian soldiers were on a Viagra fueled rampage in Ukraine. That UN envoy now admits she had no proof, and was influenced by an ex-Ukrainian official who’s confessed to lying.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“So, a police officer has been found to have sent an image of Grenfell on fire to others, titled “The Great Muslim Bake off.” As someone who was there and saw armed police on the streets that night, I am not suprised.” (-Lowkey)

FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga – The Grayzone

WEF’s Klaus Schwab Gives Speech To G20 On The “Need To Restructure The World” – Activist Post

“Ukraine suppressed opposition parties. Ukraine abolished collective bargaining and unionization. Ukraine has prevented Western media from covering Kherson while it publicly tortures “collaborators.” This looks a lot more like fascism than “democracy.” (-Danny Haiphong)

White House Asks Congress for $37.7 Billion in New Ukraine Aid – Activist Post

Pushback Against Empire: CovertAction Magazine’s Holiday Party & Fundraiser Tickets, Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrite

How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 1: A Brief History of BlackRock – Activist Post

The CIA and the News Media 2.0 – Activist Post

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The US empire cares about Ukrainians as much as scientists care about their lab rats, and for the same reason.” / Twitter

Leaked Files Show DHS “Ministry of Truth” Lives On In Secret (

Russia-gate: Still Can’t Handle the Truth – Ray McGovern

James Corbett Interview – One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb – Activist Post

Attempt to Try Russian Leaders for War Crimes is Part of the West’s Weaponization of the International Criminal Court | CovertAction Magazine


“The lesson from yesterday should be that one small mistake has the potential to end most life on earth.

Every sane human being should be calling on leaders on both sides to hold peace talks now, and not continue down an escalatory rabbit hole that can only lead to nuclear winter.” (-Primo Radical)

Russell Brand on Twitter: “Today on Stay Free with Russell Brand: “The Dark Truth About Bill Gates”💭 Join me LIVE on Rumble from 12pm EST / 11am CST / 5pm GMT” / Twitter

Mnar Adley (@MnarMuh) / Twitter

Chris Hedges & Lee Camp: War Is The Greatest Evil – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Repulsive episodes like Mnar’s cancellation happen when the Palestine solidarity movement courts Beltway climbers like @PeterBeinart and plays respectability politics. It’s also symptomatic of the role @JewishCurrents plays as liberal gatekeepers who shun Arab anti-imperialists.” / Twitter

Gabor Maté: Go ahead, blame your childhood –

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “While our elections shed no light on the dangerous, destabilizing war in Ukraine, here’s an event that will. Join Corbyn, Prashad, Medea, Becker & yours truly for a hefty dose of empowerment for peace, Sat. 11/19.” / Twitter

The Real Reason the US Is Against the Entire World on Cuba (

Israeli Drone Sales Fueling Are Military Occupations Around The World (

PRIMO RADICAL is creating Podcast, Videos and Media Website | Patreon

FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga – The Grayzone

“So now, the same people who flooded the country with fentanyl hope to make additional billions on vaccines that will supposedly solve the problem they caused. This is a tried and true business model for Pharma. You can’t make this stuff up.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Scientists create vaccine for FENTANYL – the frighteningly potent opioid killing 200 Americans | Daily Mail Online


but I saw the Phantom Chords-they were good. Vanian and company were a main influence on almost every real rocknroller I ever knew, still going strong all these years later, God love ’em, God bless ’em. This song says it all for me right now. I just feel trapped and controlled and angry/anguished this morning. Not a good vibe. The Divided Staes Of Gotmo Amnesia is a real motherfuckin’ buzzkill and almost everybody I know has memorized The Script. Makes me laugh when punks say they hate hippies-everything the fuckin Damned ever did was fucking heavily influenced by hippies. Ya ever hear of Arthur Lee? Naz Nomad sure has! The real punks and real hippies know what’s up, all fight the same systems of bullshit and oppression. The real resistance culture is not celebrity worship or rulebook mongering. “I just can’t be happy today!” It’s a miracle the original Damned lineup is scheduled to reunite in the UK this year, you know those guys all have really big, cantankerous, clashing personalities but there is something real wonderful, special about seeing the originators doing it together again. Goth, punk, fifties croonsome Elvis from hell, retro garagey pyschedelia? These are the badass granddaddies of it all!

The Damned – Grimly Fiendish (1985) – YouTube

The Damned Original Lineup 1st Show 28th October 2022 Hammersmith Apollo – YouTube


So I been reading a book here by a famous underground cult figure I grew up loving and much to my surprise, he mentions an interview I’d forgotten about doing with him for a national magzaine I used to write for when I was stll living with my two middle children and their mom what seems like 100 years ago. He did not use my name in his book but he remembered the title of the article which was also a lyric from one of my unfinished, unreleased, but still seemingly widely circulated, old songs. A friend of mine made a youtube video to that old song but I asked her to take it down cause I never got to record a real lead vocal, and what she hears is the guide track I did for the rhythm section, a scratch take. Anyways, yeah, I used to write for a famous magazine in the late ninties, early double 0 zeroes. That magazine had a whole mission statement in the beginning about being a no holds barred, free speech platform, but when I started writing about the race riots in the bad town I lived in and the murderous police and their known ties to hate groups, the editor started censoring my shit. That became a pattern, I’d write for some punk mag, and they’d incrementally keep censoring, or altering, or otherwise kinda diminishing my work, cause they were all run by in crowd fame hags who just wanted to keep it on script, as to never offend the famous red carpet celebrity, book signing at the museum people they wanted the approval of. How punk is that? Not really punk, at all. Sucking up to rich people is not my mission in life. I can’t stand the fucking suckups, man. Just horrible. Fuckoff. Media professionals might as well just call themselves liars and whores for war, cause that’s all you’re allowed to do on corporate airwaves or imperialist print media-there is no real underground here, anymore-they all just wanna build brands, sign deals, get money, marry up, Have More stuff, and be famous on Tiktok as scab members of gentrified namebrand headliner Gotham City cover bands. Anybody with a decent job in media nowadays is Controlled. I used to like Jeremy Scahill’s work, he wrote the book about Blackwater, Dick Cheney’s oligarch friend, Eric Prince, the secretive, plausible deniability proxy army, corporate mercenaries and white billionaire, faux Christian jihadists, who can freely mass murder Iraquis and operate outside any international laws, or basic human rights dignity, and be billion dollar black ops paid by the Pentagon for overthrowing governments, or helping the secret police murder foreign heads of state, or crush any native resistence to endless Nato invasions and brazen plundering of their country’s natural resources, like in Iraq and Syria and Yemen and Afghanistan and Libya, Obama and Hillary’s war, but now he’s like, writing these Bush/Cheney official narrative cover-stories for the billionaire who owns the Intercept and it saddens me, same with Amy Goodman at Rockefeller financed Democracy Now, she has sadly become just another imperial stenographer, serving up lockstep official narrative propaganda in “an old hippie voice” in the memorable words of Max Blumenthal.

Trump pardons Blackwater contractors jailed for killing Iraqi civilians – YouTube

Wokeup pissed, we got too many cats, they wake me up at all hours, last night, motherfucker knocked down on all my wife’s fancy dishes she was trying to sell on Ebay, broke some shit, they circle me like sharks meowing before I’ve had my first cuppa coffee and the teenager starts yelling “meow, meow”. One of these needy, neurotic cats has psychological issues. Middle class people care way way way more about their fucking cats, your cats, his cats, her cats, any cats, way, way more than they ever, ever, ever will care about a human being. I can’t help but notice how few of these cat crazy people are capable of sharing space with other people, ya know they don’t have peer relationships-middelclass people aint really able to acknowledge others as equals. They suck up to the powerful and reserve the right, think they got some kinda license, to just mistreat, smear, slander, exploit, plaigirize, or otherwise rob the poor. They are fucked up fucking shitlib capitalists. ‘Racist woman I know hates people of any hue, aside from honky Wonder Bread whiteness, she always supects Mexican people are stealing at her store, can barely contain her seething hatred of others, esp. if she aint got enough fucking middle class prescription pain pills, but man she never shuts up about her cats and cat problems and gives them all these people like, detailed, cinematic biographies, like this one’s a movie star and that one’s a cowboy, and of course that one there is always the reincarnated Cleopatra, every shitlib has one. Cat with different colored eyes named Bowie. The pitbull people are even fucking worse. “I always say he rescued me!” is a tiktok meme joke my kid quotes but it aint no lie, the crazy pitbull people where I live say that everyday, exactly. I used to go on walks by the riverside and all the batty new age ladies who talk to themselves and get off intimidating people with their leashless pitbull duo say the same script out loud to no one in particular, everyday.

We’re in an Evictions Crisis. Here Are 4 Steps to End It. (

The Quiet Merger Between Online Platforms and the National Security State Continues (

Requiem for the Antiwar Movement by Cindy Sheehan (

Patrick Lawrence: Why Are the Russians Retreating in Ukraine? –

Far-Right “Landlordism” Wants to Dispossess Entire Populations (

“Working class unity will not be achieved as long as the collaborative settler-left continues to evade dealing with its’ internalized pro-West, normalized white supremacist worldviews that are buttressed by the imperialist rent that corrupts workers movements in the West. The U.S. & its colonial allies prepare plans to invade & occupy Haiti violating its territorial integrity & sovereignty but gets a pass while the G-20 issues its hypocritical condemnation of Russia. Hey U.S., Iraq asked you to leave its territory but you refuse & so did Syria. The arrogant colonial mind is so pathological that it doesn’t comprehend that the real world – not the 10% that make up the U.S. & Europe – see the incredible hypocrisy of the U.S. with its world-wide military force & intelligence units subverting, attacking & destroying nations? “

(-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Dems are gonna do everything they can to get people to not pay attention to what comes out about Hunter and his Daddy, as if enough hasn’t come out already. Don’t worry Democrats, there are enough corrupt Republicans that are dirty enough in Ukraine with your Biden buddies and yourselves to make sure no investigation goes too far.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Is it objective reporting when your side represents objective positions and the other side’s positions are propaganda? Shouldn’t that be an assessment made by the consumers of your reporting? Shouldn’t they determine what is “baseless” from evidence produced by the reporting?” (-Ajamu Baraka)


To most people, rocknroll was never their real calling, true passion, or way of life, it was more like their side hustle when they were younger-a way to meet chicks or hobknob with celebrities. Only people I know still even bothering to really make new music are like, trust fund artsies, people with Very Nice Hats and parents in publishing. A few boomer hobbyists in silly skinny jeans and Hot Topic costumes stealing younger people’s copyrights, or old punks who made it big with their band in the seventies of eighties, whose old band name still has some kinda marquee value, even though they are the only remaining member. Some guys who wrote fistfight books and became 12 step stars with vintage automobiles. I mean, ya see any unfamous people who aint rich, having any access to recording studios or rehearsal spaces anymore? Not where I live. It all costs too much, nobody can afford $100/hour. Are you kidding me? I can’t even afford cigarettes. I had to quit smoking and now, I’m just angrier all the time.

So ya know I did not end up where I thought I’d end up and I have very little security where I am now, it all hangs precariously by a thread here really. Not much space to be myself, requires a lot of shutting up and taking shit, doing mundane and tedious busywork almost all day everyday, with no space or time for getting down, and letting nutty bullying rich people always have the lengthy anecdotal last word, always, always about their own genius, superiority, and philanthropy. I’m aware of having been caricatured, one dimensionalized, written off, or otherwise dehumanized by the old gang, the old crowd. I’m just like a scarecrow in a Ramones t shirt in the eyes of the joiners and belongers, never real, not flesh and blood, just like a symbol of a long lost cause and long obsolete subculture. I aint got no vintage echo machine or tube amp or smoke machine or record collection or purple motorcycle, ya know? I got some good songs, though. Love my family, wish the music had gone different so I could give them more stability and mobility, choices and security. Sometimes in life you can make plans, do your homework, engage in lengthy prolonged negotiations with former associates, employers, and friends, and the obligatory network of friends of friends, though many of us recognize that in capitalist culture, by say age 27, everybody’s already kinda redefined the definition of friends to mean people you went to school with who you compete with on Instagram. Look at my boat, my booze on the beach, my smiling blonde kids on vacation. Namaste. You think you’re gonna move somewhere free and tolerant, hip and groovy, and do your thing, but that kinda enclave is shithoarded by the filthy rich people and you end up in an entirely unforseen set of circumstances of which you had almost no control. I’d been planning on relocating to a certain bohemian artist colony where some like minded musician friends had settled and it seemed for quite some time like the promised land, but then things changed almost overnight like they do if you are an immobilized slave at the bottom of the capitalist hierarchy and none of our seemingly well researched and thought out out, master plans could be implemented anymore, due to a variety of reasons including the pandemic hysteria, jacked up gas/groceries/utilities and rent, the intense distrust and antipoor paranoia of the haves-with the subconscious notion they all seem to harbor, that poverty is contaigious-they’re always telling my old lady she should buy real expensive stuff to prove she does not have “a poverty mindset”, see, this whole time she just needed to “think abundantly” so some male who has a big fortune will “manifest”. Me, I don’t drive, got no wheels, have an eighth grade education and a checkered work history as a dishwasher/entertainment weekly columnist/plantation go-fer indentured servant/record store guy over twenty five years back, there’s an old eviction on my background check, a loud kid with special needs, and what with the ever shifting agendas of some former associates who may have gotten cold feet, second thoughts, or even plausibly sabotoged our endeavors from behind the scenes, I’m kinda stuck between the big machine and the whims of wealthy landhoarders. Narcissitic powertrip bosses who think of themselves as saintly indie martyrs but push all their employees around insensitively and talk down to us like we’re fools. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.


Can’t tell you how close I’ve been to reaching that “next level” of bargain basement independent punknroll records generating, I dunno how many times. I been this close at least four times, with a cool band, in the studio, good tunes, glowing reviews, offers to open for big bands and the whole thing comes crashing down again cause ya gotta have shit tons of money to grease the wheels like almost every step of the way, everybody wants a fast buck handout and a free lunch and a plane ticket and a hotel room with a hot tub and their selfie with Steve Conte or that chick from the West Coast “Barbed Wire Dolls”. I don’t know anymore what really happens when shit goes off the track, for no logical reason, least none that makes any rational sense to my little pea brain, and people say I can be paranoid. Usually feels like greed, envy, mutiny, competition, money. If you dunno why shit went wrong, it’s almost always money. One wouldbe collaborator’s entrouge seemingly determined I was just not as famous as he was, therefore, I’d be somehow second hand getting some kinda social cachet popularity currency I do not deserve if we were to work together, his wife felt like I might soil his merchandising/fame brand with my working class attitudes and belligerently rebellious power to the people class consciousness, something like that, lotta those rich people require I not exist in their zipcode so THEY can be the lone blackhaired working class rebel with a big house and a motorcycle and a buncha spare rooms full of flea market finds all neatly bagged and alphabetized for Buddhaism, Science and Genderfluidity or something, and I chuckle at the whole notion, cause I see so many people actually doing those kinda jiveass, disingenuous, social climbing suckup song and dances, maybe I’d be distrustful of people if I was in his position making big money playing at famous fame festivals and shit, Joan Jett says once you’re famous everybody’s nice to you all the time, I dunno, but you’d think if he’d really read anything I wrote or sang about, over the course of the past thirty years, he’d have some idea of what I’m about and what I stand for. It aint for backstage laminates or selfies with the rich. I see an ex friend who got rich has all these parasitical suckup money grubber assholes from our hometown always posting all their family’s Gofundme shit to his social media like it’s his job to pass out all the alms for the poor cause we went to school with these people thirty five years ago, even though I don’t remember very many of them being very kind to us at all back then. I would not want to be in his shoes with all the dysfunctional relatives and disabled nieces and nephews and horny stepfathers and other emotional blackmailer extortionists–all those people clamoring for a piece of his fortune like he owes them, but after he deals with all the impressed by money suckup gimee gimees kissing his ass all day, ya know he aint real interested in hearing from me, which is too bad cause we used to be real cool, complimented each other, enhanced one another, did comedy together, were friends. Everybody else wants something from him, of course, he sadly thinks I’m only here to shake him down, too. I think he thinks I’ma wait in line to ask him for a favor at his daughter’s wedding or some shit like in “The Godfather”. Nahh, I gone this long without those guys, I might as well ride it out alone. Rich people are crazy and they guard their territory with like a fanatical surveillance tech skittishness. We know a dude who keeps cameras on all his female employees all day, records their conversations at the cash register, brags about how his properties are all wired so he can see every room at any time on his I-phone, knows what his dog is doing. He’s one of those dudes that gets inappropriately giddy around any female. He kept trying to rent one of his places to my wife and family. He can’t keep employees cause he shits all over males, abusing his authority, insulting them in front of customers to assert dominance or whatever-thinks that insulting and demeaning other dudes is alpha wolf, winning quarterback behavior, that it impresses the chicks, and all the chicks you see at the crosswalk downtown who used to work for him all quit and are filled with rage over him disrespecting or sexually harrassing them, and the dude is married. Keeps offering jobs to me or my wife, thinks he can buy his way into a divide and conquer scenario with his secret spy cameras, minimum wage, and mighty might big truck ownership. Come ON, now-how dumb do we look? Rich people think you’re stupid if you’re poor. People are crazy, crazy times. Old men are creeps. I avoid sports fans and big truck owners.

     Another outta town target destination wouldbe employer was clearly not super comfortable with the fact that I was distant friends with his famous ex girlfriend who admired my old music and writing stuff, so anyways, it is hard to move with a family in this kind of bullshit rich get richer economy, when every fucking landlord wants to charge maximum rent shamelessly, and also requires you always grovel and assure them they are the saintly martyr greatest, for doing you an unrepayable favor, so you are obliged to be forever in their debt. I am not anywhere close to where I expected to be after all the years of grinding on any level but fucking hell, summa my old pals just unexpectedly up and “died suddenly” these past two years, so I guess I gotta be grateful I’m above ground and have shelter from the cold, even if it’s not where I expected I’d be and have somewhat limitd access to music making, free speech, or any kind of real genuine, artful revelry. We did catch a break from some unexpected quarters, and that aint always how it’s gone for me so I’m trying to not complain. I have heat and I am thankful. I keep having to reiterate to multiple old homies how I aint in the position to offer them any kinda financial assisatnce or provide any living space or livelihood to them, it’s insane. I got nothin’, and what little my wife has belongs to her and our disabled kid, not my fellow adult slaves, aint no underground railroad here, I wish there was. Where can one flee to get free from the evil empire clampdowns and dystopian pyramid schemes? Let me know if you find out. I feel bad for the Cubans, still being fucked with by the bully capitalist scumbags. One friend of mine’s talkin’ bout visiting that place, the Flats they made a movie about, looks to be a real lawless Road Warrior/Planet Of The Apes/Welcome To the Jungle like vibe to me there, he could probably do well. Not me. I’m a smaller person, not a wrestler or bar brawlin’ man. This whole world is looking more and more like one of those eighties apocalypse movies ya know? “Escape From NY” or “The Warriors” or some shit. People I know are all just waitin’ for the society to just hurry up and finish disintegrating so they can run wild like in those riots from a few years ago. My kinda anarchy involves like volunteering to contribute and help out, not just pillage the gas station. You’re supposed to bring something to the bonfire besides your entitlement and appetite. Capitalists are just all wrapped up in their own private ego trips, they don’t share what’s theirs, they want what’s yours and then it’s on to the next sucker/victim/host. The shameless takers will suck you fuckin’ dry, hell, they pretend to be you. Like the Ultras sang, they all just wanna “eat your face and be you”. This is not a civilized country-it’s all corruption, bribery, hate groups, bullshit, media control, surveillence tech overlords ushering in a cashless microchip society, fake liberals, fake elections, fake medicine, fake everything. lies for war, torture, inhuminity and shameless excessive greedy shithoarding and some people like are cool with all that shit-the TSA and dudes in camo busting down somebody’s door for reefer or fireworks or some shit, that’s all just been normalized here. The brutes are applauded, revered and celebrated-alphabet gangs, mercenaries, paid thugs and trained killers, bouncers and bullies are looked up to. I don’t support the USA USA plundering other people’s oil. I oppose that shit, don’t care how much pinkwashing or woke bullshit they try to cover up their crimes with-a female torturer or a female drone operator or a gay deep state spook aint no cooler than a honkified “cys born” dude one. Civilization is supposed to be civilized, but the media hypnotized everybody with empty security theater and bogus identity politrickis-a black suave droner in chief toppling Libya for his Wall Street donor class Goldman sachs bosses, that kinda shit. You ever see that movie, “IRAQ FOR SALE”? Well ya should, cause the warmakers are using the exact same playbook in every country now targeted by the WEF and bankers and weapon makers and oil barons. I’m not one to romantisize big dummy violence, here or abroad-how many times a day do you read about cops killing the wrong guy? People I grew up with wanna be the cops. I can’t believe friends of mine actually joined the police or military-that is some batshit kooky brainwashing. I view things from more of a Cuban like perspective-invest in helpers. I can’t rely on my barbarian big stick to take somebody’s lunch. That’s jail behavior I aint no good at. I aint no caveman, aint no Terminator Road warrior motherfucker though I’ve often been stereotyped, or manipulative guilt tripped as if I am, I just like the Standells and the Deadboys. Mostly, the Coma Tones and Beasts Of Bourbon. Rocknroll was not my side hustle. It’s my whole thing.

For African/Black Working Class and Colonized Peoples, Midterm Elections in the U.S. Offer No Relief from War, Repression and Capitalist Misery | Black Agenda Report


love to spew official narrative empire propaganda, like it’s some kindof rebellious act, and can sadly even influence their been famous too long celebrity bosses into echoing the staus quo. UGH! Fuck those people. One self appointed suckup, vicariously second hand popular by association deputy of truth and “science” even told his bosses band’s fans to social media unfriend themselves if they refused to spout the preferred slogans of the one percent. No problemo, backstage boy. Ciao. VIP room celebrities and their overreaching bigmouthed employees still suck. Everybody was a foo foo fighting….

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When I was about 17, my old partner in crime, former eighties punk/rocknroll guitar hero, Dave W painted the back of my leather jacket with the phrase “SEX GOD” in a biker club sorta tattoo tapestry on the bottom panel of the jacket and the black and white sillhouette of the chick with the gun from the cover of the Jonese “Criminals” album, some skulls on the sleeves he copied from an old Lords postcard on the front porch where our hellion rhythm guitarist lived and we hot glued some leopard fabric into the frontpanel by the zipper and all along the belt. This fucking jacket caused such a ruckous in the hyper conservative 700 Club, tank plant weapons of war building town we went to school in, it was like a swastika to the hicks and preps-the audacity of a gawky Ramone kinda guy, pale and scrawny, having the nerve to strut around in a jacket that said, SEX GOD! It even infuriated our own so called friends. It’d been autographed by several members of Dogs D’Amour, the Mike Monroe band and Circus Of Power. I loved it alot-we’d been covering some Cramps and Gun Club songs and whenever I wore that jacket with no shirt underneath and some rosaries, maybe some Nik Fiend clown white kabuki makeup, I felt just like Bryan Gregory or Jeffrey Lee Pierce, like I got my mojo workin’ and wanted to dance around the bonfire like a screamin’ tribesman, burnin’ like a voodoo man with Lords skulls on his sleeve. That jacket got stolen outta the back of Dave’s woody station wagon while we reluctantly applied for convenience store jobs in Harvard Square. I was crushed, it had become part of our deadend band, hicktown mythology-when aging outsiders at the hometown record store tell the stories of what few public performances we played around that part of the state back then, it’s always a little exaggerated, there was never a real “riot” like people claim, but the jacket was considered unforgivably provocative by the Nascar rednecks and golfers, while me and my precious few faithful punk rock supporters, most of ’em from Wapak, we just thought it was wholesome rocknroll fun. It’s a fuck you Sunday in the ghost town I live in, got cats running around like crazy, my wife and kid are gone to his sometimes employer’s house. She’s giving the boss’ wife some English lessons. He’s playing with their new puppy. I got no landline, no one to call. My friends are dead, and the couple of folks I still talk to either live in Canada or the UK, France or Australia, or they don’t talk on phones, they just text, and I don’t know nothin’ bout texting, just not my thing. Plus the wife and kid are night owls, whereas, I still wakeup on my grandparent’s old Kentucky farmer schedule, so I only see other humans for a few hours a day, roughly 2-7-ish. Kinda makes me weird, I used to go on walks, now, we moved to like the middle of meth country and I have no desire to fuck with the drug crazies, gun nut rightwingers, or their perpetually unleashed junkyard dogs, so ya know, I read a bit, walk around the yard, think about my dead friends, wish I had a band, or at least someone to talk to who was not tv bamboozled, type some crazy shit about the long gone past that’s never coming back, repeat. I take pictures of the sunup and sundowns except when my second hand camera stops working, like now. My make believe band is called the Loneliness. THE LONELINESS MAXIMUM TORCH & TWANG. Sortof like Chris Isaak if he sang more like Lux Interior. Aint no punk rockers around here.

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So yeah ya know I never connected with much in the way of grunge/alternative after Mother Love Bone and Thee Hypnotics, the nineties were a nightmarish blur of like ugly piercings, dumb goatees, junkie drugdealing richkid superstar celebrities, and rich people I could not stand making bad muzak that was sadly always derivative of Sonic Youth, Seattle, or the Beastie Boys. I had foolishly revisited the loathsome midwest to say involved with my kid, but it was not my kinda place, not my kinda scene, I did not fit in there with the trust fund people or frat bros, at all. A few of ’em were doing some tenth generation, spazzy, Hot Wheels garage punk ala New Bomb Turks but cargo shorts and baseball caps are not for me. I found some metal kids-a Kentucky born L.A. Guns fan who had heard of Pussy Galore and liked to drink all day-he was a bit Elvis-ish in his own way, had a Southern gentleman charm in spite of flagragntly running around sloppily swigging from a fifth of Jack all day wasted, early Slash style. He was a charming rogue and a drunk driver whose hatchback was always running out of gas or getting stuck in the snow. He was always getting too wasted, permanently fucked up. I taught him summa my old band’s “hits” and started co-composing some new ones, we stumbled upon a slacker grunge suburbanite who had a bad attitude and played bass and loved Mother Love Bone, and Cheap Trick, and had been a founding member of the local retro punk band that had a single out on a national hipster label. He knew a guy with a rich kid drum kit and a pink bandanna who liked to twirl his sticks like Riki Rocket and Tommy Lee, so we tried workin’ with that guy for awhile. An even richer lawyer’s son who lived in a mansion but saw ghosts and said he had a government listening device implanted in his neck showed up somehow, he was a medicated schitzophrenic but allowed to drive a vintage 67 convertible and played guitar like a metal gawd, deedling all over our very fast two and a half minute angry punk songs, it was all I could come up with in that backasswards sports town. I had met the famous rich kid with the smoke machine and big record collection and he promptly nicked our initial drummer who was more like a Ramones dude. So it was pink bandannas and medicated rich kids who saw ghosts, for a while. We played at dork suburban bars for people in baseball caps and they only vaguely connected to what we were doing cause they recognized the furiously fast deedle-deeedling of the spook seer and the stadium metal theatrics of the Tommy Lee guy as reminiscent of eighties hair metal. The L.A. Guns guy quit the band and started kinda sucking up to the fat grunge playboys who owned shit and was on his way, but he died on the West Coast with his indie rock band, like almost overnight. My original sideman hellraiser motorcycle cowboy and allnight rocker Nasty B. got out of jail for his old warrants and joined me in the hellish sports town and we resumed making loud music. Got rid of the pink bandanna guy, found a nutty bartending motorcycling drummer named Boogie Jack The Bad Joker, “Your Personal Mixologist”, back North in Flag City who loved to laugh and shared our enthusiasm for partying and things started looking up a little. We’d opened up for some nationally famous punk bands and were hosting after hours parties at an old poolhall the sleazy sideman had rented up North. A famous bassplayer who’d worked with Neil Young and Marrianne Faithful was even coming to our jams. 

   The internet was buzzing with all these new sleaze rock bands from like, Sweden and shit, who looked like us, but had access to like the epic production value of major label heavy metal-ya know? Bands like Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Turbonegro, Vains Of Jenna, Black Halos and Crash Diet were all the rage in faraway places so we started thinking maybe we stood a chance of being discovered again after two or three years of being studiously ignored or blacklisted by the indie hipster mafia. We made a demo in a crazy crackhead’s old seventies country music studio. It was good-we did not have much money so we had to work fast, the drummer broke the snare almost immediately and had no replacement so we had to come back a second time, but we got about five songs on tape. Crazy country music dude added some real cool honky tonk piano to our sound it gave it more of a glammy, Dollsy, Joneses feel. I wish I still had those demos now, but no tapes survived all the hard years of moving and divorces and shit. Everybody in the band had like one copy of our songs on cd, but everybody went through spells of homelessness and living in cars and being arrested for vagrancy and shit, so I aint heard any of those tunes in years and years although some city slickers we were associated with in the early nineties had learned those songs and decided on performing covers of them and even using one of our old band names, which we thought was almost comedic at the time. Like, really??! I knew a lot of our songs had promise-they were mostly all uptempo rockers a bit like say, the Romantics. Meets the Humpers. We were pretty confident we’d be discovered by one of those labels that were putting out 45’s by bands like the Candy Snatchers and Teengenerate and the Mummies and D-Generation. The first demos were almost like basement tapes, really raw sounding, but catchy songs were there, that could easily be elevated with a better production. They weren’t polished-they sounded like basic demo tapes,but I sent ’em out to some fanzines anyways. One compared us to Dramarama and the Hangmen, okay, that was flattering. The big magazine with the glossy cover compared us to the Humpers who we were friends with, and the Turbo A.C.’s who we’d never heard, but knew were a popular band in the big cities. One of those songs, “Ultraviolet Girl” was very popular in our little glamour punk circles, so even if one of the dudes in bands that covered our songs is probably trying to steal the copyright, everybody knows I wrote it about a hard partying, purple haired stripper I used to drink with at the old junkie dive bar named L.A., it was reviewed in multiple magazines years ago, and it is well known and established that those old tunes are mine-I lived ’em, wrote ’em with my friends, about my friends, so ya know, it’s unfortunate that all those dudes in bands who covered our songs somehow convinced their wives or selves that they actually had some hand in writing them rather than, at best, adding a break to their cover version and calling that an arrangement revision, wanting to cut me out of some publishing/copyrighting scam. People always liked our songs even if they personally disliked me or the guitar player or bratty bassist or wildass drummer. So I was looking forward to doing some more recordings, but the guitarist and drummer were rival bartenders on Main Street in a small town so they started having competitive friction, were sniping back n forth all the time. Mutual accusations being leveled back n forth about how the other one was doing drugs or sleeping with someone they maybe should not have been, non stop, back n forth, jealous rivalries, petty gossip hissing celebrity bartender shit. Big fish in the small pond issues. An amplifier I had borrowed from some famous friends of mine came up missing. Some other internal band conflict and “creative differences” (me being hurled onto the cement by the musclebound sideman) were appearing, as various band personel were kinda having their own personel fleeting hot minute of local limelite bar stardom, and got a bit dazzle drunk on their own press for a year or two, I think the guitarist’s girlfriend was telling him he should be the singer. He found some locals and started bossing them around, recorded a cd that opened with one of our tunes, him singing. I decided I needed a break from that dude after the amp disappeared and I was thrown on the cement. By this time, five bands were covering material I wrote. Not all of ’em emphasizing who the real author was. One rendition of my old songs was cut at the fat grunge guy’s super suave high end recording studio and even if the singer changed my lyric to something dumb, sang some sub-Crue shit in the middle of it I would never sing myself, the sound of it was epic, it really sounded like some “Appetite For Destruction” quality tune, and my ex partner, the famous rawk critic, put that band on a glossy import magazine compilation where I thought one of my bands belonged, but that’s showbiz. A couple years back, I had a publisher wanting to publish my memoirs but I decided that discretion is the better part of valor and all that, felt it was still “Too Soon”, ya know? I never hear from her anymore cause I ain’t been makin’ no new music, so I think she lost interest, there’s always another semi-reformed old reprobate storyteller with bad tattoos willing to spool out their sordid misdaventures. I think I probably missed my chance. I’ve been good at that in this lifetime. About twenty years ago, though, there were three different record labels saying they were gonna release my record but ya know, the bands all mutinied when the records were only halfway finished. We fucked around so long that a famous power pop kid band kinda stole the title of our record, and another glam band wanted to steal my old band name, and wrote a song about my fanzine. Me? I could only get dishwashing jobs, but it seemed like every motherfucker, every housepainter, office tech nerd, everybody got to have a band in the “altenative” era…except me. I knew I could write songs and other people kept doing only so so versions of ’em. East Coast dude even paid hotshot famous people to play on his recorded versions of my old tunes. You can’t make this shit up. I had my own tribute band before Wire did. Not me, but a simulation. Had a couple of those, really. A gunge kid in the suburbs was even doing my songs with my ex bassplayer. Whacky, right? Bassist got an inheritance, blew it overnight, became homeless, but not before bankrolling some other kid going into the expensive grunge studio to record, yep, you guessed it, a cover rendition of my fucking song. My old pal Paul K went through a lotta shit like that, too. People would cover his songs without really saying he was the actual author. One story had it a band got signed to a hipster label by doing his back catalog and some Motown peppered in and the label honchos just weren’t hip to none of those tunes so it seemed like really prolific songwriting-Paul K and Smokey Robinson, Holland-Dozier-Holland–ya know?

The jovial drummer of my constantly disntegrating blues punk guttersnipe band was still gung ho though and insisting we should soldier forward minus the surly guitar player for awhile, so a record label mogul we were pen pals with suggested I try out a dude from a semi famous band I’d known way back in the eighties, and we got together and it was real positive for awhile, we were able to pretty much instantly start writing pretty good songs at an effortlessly efficient pace. He was into most of the same old bands and records that I was, so he totally understood where I was coming from, and what I was trying to do-make music in the spirit and tradition of Hanoi Rocks, Generation X, the Clash, and Lords Of The New Church. That fella was Detroit based so we sent tapes back n forth, did a lot of talking on the phone, and I’d ride the bus up there on weekends, for a couple of years. We drank all night, sang, wrote, told each other stories, he introduced me to a lotta good people, some of whom I’m still friends with, some of whom have sadly died, or become too famous to consort with lowlife hoodlums such as myself now. He found a local rhythm section and they’d get together and work on tightening up the songs, even when I was not around. I had a couple of kids at the time, and a soul draining nine hour a day job at a corporate bookstore, so it could not yet be a fulltime band thing, but I had ambitions and a friend of ours said they might be able to get me hired on in the office of the Detroit entertainment weekly, so I started trying to negotiate with my baby mama to relocate with me to the Motor City. Everybody liked our songs and we kept writing new ones. A famous filmmaker who made like the definitive movie about the legendary Boston garage rock/ seventies punk scene showcased and awarded all around the world,at film festivals and shit compared my singing to John Felice from the Real Kids, while our own rocknroll heroes compared my singing to Stiv, so I never fretted much about summa the scratch vocals on some studio bed tracks not sounding like I wanted them to, they are scratch vocals for a reason, guide tracks. Motherfuckers who spent hundreds of hours polishing all the real emotion outta some vocal of their own, ya know can say I sounded hoarse or off key on this demo, or that bed track, but that don’t mean I suck, these same Simon Cowell pitch critical motherfuckers get drunk and misty eyed listening to the fucking Replacements, ya know? I don’t get people at all anymore, except I think they’re all rat race competing, even with their friends they are supposed to be supporting. It’s a mad, mad world, this last stage capitaislism, whoever dies with the most stuff wins mentalities, so I always kinda mope back to my lair real disappointed in humanity, everytime I get involved with the schemers and the scenesters, and the hustlers and the fame hounds, the knows some dead rockstar’s girlfriend and the coat tail riders. I’m an outlaw singer not a fuckin apple polisher. Like Tex Perkins sang, “I know I stand alone.”

 In my experiences, bands are hard even if you grow up together, so many different reasons people get into music in the first place, for the girls, for the beer, for the therapeutic release, for the time on stage, to travel, some people just like the recording studio, others are extroverts who crave attention, some people are like processing all their childhood trauma in song, you know, and everybody at a certain age has other stuff to contend with like kids, girlfriends, health insurance, house payments, ripoff rents, etc., etc. Back then, in the late nineties, there was not enough real straightup, genuine, or sincere communication between me and summa my bandmates though, cause by their mid twenties, people stop sincerely communicating, or maybe I just could not hear them, but when I really tried to make the big push to move to the big city fulltime with my family, as to be better poised and supported by our faithful supporters and ardent fans up there (and we really did have some faithful supporters and ardent fans) that would have required my booj ex wife selling her house and shit, my main dude would keep joining more other bands that were able to tour overseas, leaving less and less time for our little project and he was steadily becoming less able to host visits from outta town rock singers with kids, and upwardly mobile wife problems. Some dude in one of his other bands disliked our bassplayer, insisted he could not play properly, so the whole dynamic was sortof dissolving. Plus, I think the guitar player was ready to become the singer in his mind. He had been the sideman in several groups and I think he was ready for top billing. Meanwhile, at home, I quit the bookstore job cause I was being paid as a columnist in the paper, but the beautiful wife at the time was waitressing at an upscale, high end, rich people restaurant in the rich part of town and being hit on by all these rich males who owned shit. All her friends and former business partners were wealthy, buying big mansions, buying nightclubs, flying around. So yeah, we got back in the recording studio, with the help of a boutique label honcho who I kinda thought was gonna be our manager back then, and laid down what, maybe 11 bed tracks, but then, my newest guitar dude vanished with his more established bands, the chick ditched me and took my kids, moved a preppie dude into the home, my grandfather died, and I was out on the streets again. All that in less than a year. A famous DJ friend offered to put me on the air at his Louisville radio station, he was gonna give me my own radio show where I could play my kinda music free format and talk about politics and have call ins and shit-sounded perfect for me, so I spent some time on his couch in Kentucky, drinking with our famous songwriter friend, crying over my broken home. Wrote some good songs about it all. Still having troubles getting many of them recorded correctly. I’m waiting for the cable guy right now, we live in the boondocks and the prior tenants never had cable out here, so they gotta get permission from the neighbors to trespass on their property to rig up the telephone poles or whatever, and no one has ever seen the neighbors, they might live outta state. If we do get cable again soon, I plan on downloading some recording software so I can hopefully get more tunes archived before I die. An old collaborator wants me to do an “American Prayer” type of cinematic poetry album. Feels like I’m runnin’ outta time. So many of my old pals keep “dying suddenly”, just dropping dead in their fifties, who knows how much time any of us have left? It’s complicated having any houseguests around, even if they are just there to hookup the cable, cause it kinda triggers my rambunctious kid.I have developed social anxiety over the past couple decades, don’t really like having to fuck with people much at all anymore. I’m becoming more antisocial everyday. So yeah all my bands crashed and burned and it was a bummer. The last couple had so much promise, at least in my head. How could those guys not recognize our songs were awesome? An old amigo unerathed a scrappy demo of a tune I co wrote with a guy I don’t talk to anymore that sounds like a Joe Strummer & The Mescaleroes outtake. It still stands up like, twenty years later. I can’t believe we never recorded it or took it on the road together. I think the rocknroll people would have really connected to that song. I still believe in summa that old stuff. Not all of it but the real good stuff’s still good.

  Only saw that Motown guitarist one more time after that, after he kinda split with his many other bands to go on tours, when I showed up at his door unexpectedly with a bottle of booze and a case of beer, accompanied by my next girlfriend and we watched some Andy McCoy movie and an Elvis concert, he did not seem hospitable or bon vivant any longer, there was no more loud laughs, making plans, enthusiastic all night merry making, and I recognized he’d sortof moved on, like the wealthy chick I’d had two kids with. Sheesh. He did summa the songs we wrote together on a series of solo 45’s and cd’s. His record label guy finally sent me one or two. He’s in a famous band now. So yeah that was a bad couple of years for me. The chick moved my kids across the country, without my permission, but I was busy taking care of my grandmother, so I was not really able to put up much of a fight. My grandmother died, my new old lady had an emergency appendectomy while pregnant with our child, and it took me a couple more years to relocate my new family out West where my kids wer taken. By then, the kids had been bonded to my Colorado ranch owning replacement, were confused, seemed like they’d forgotten me. Hard times. I guess overall, you could say I missed out on the nineties “sleaze rock revival”. American Heartbreak sounded a LOT like us, so did Black Halos, really, people compared me to D-Generation all the time, though I was never a fan of that band aside from the lyrics to “Helpless”. I just never got to finish my vocals on that motor city record, so that was that. I started another band with another former guitar player, and his Midwestern college town record collector friends, we put out a 45 that received shit tons of positive praise in magazines, then there was a scandal during my divorce when I was unavailable to perform at an AC/DC cover night, and then we brokeup, too. My youngest kid was diagnosed with Autism and I became his primary caretaker. When my middle kids turned eighteen, we left that town of shitlib gentrifiers and fraud squad worshipping Hillarybot landlords, cause we never really saw or heard from the children anymore, in spite of spending ten years in that overpriced hipsterville and going into deep debt, to be in their proximity. Now I’m a hermit in the desert and almost never talk to people. Aint heard a word from one of my own kids in about seven years now. One of the ex guitarists was thoughtful enough to at least ask me first about recording some of our old tunes with his rich and famous people band in the big city. Says he’ll make sure I am properly songwriter credited. I appreciated that. The mightabeens can kill ya, if ya let ’em. If only this woulda gone like that, if only that woulda gone like this. I been awake so long the coffee got cold, I’m bored, restless, resentful, kinda caffeine crashing into depression, really struggling to just sit perpetually in a dumb swivel chair by myself in these dead sober rooms silently all my days, starts to feel like captivity. I can’t fuckin’ relate to nobody-they’re all on a different frequency now. I’m still more like an eighties person-I never did grunge, adult cartoons, sit coms, unreality tv, I-phones, techno, festivals, brunch, rental property hot tub, any of that bullshit. I’m not gentrified-fluid.

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