“You say your proud to be

One of the people
Hands on the money
And your feet on the ground
Shouting out loud
From the top of the steeple
Counting the flock while
Collecting their pounds
All you thieving wheeler dealers
In the healing zone
Giving me fever fever fever fever
Down to my bones

I pray
And nothing happens
It’s all in my mind
You say
Stop looking for answers
And reasons
They’re all in your mind
All in you mind

Covered in flies
And smothered in lava
I can’t scratch my itches
With these pumice stone hands
I dream of my days
As a desert farmer
Living my life
On the fat of the sand
All you thieving wheeler dealers
In the healing zone
Giving me fever fever fever fever
Down to my bones

I pray
And nothing happens
It’s all in my mind
You say
Stop looking for answers
And reasons
They’re all in your mind
All in your mind

Stuck in a world
Losing its way and wonder
I wonder what happened
To the world we knew
Splitting the atom
And feeling its thunder
Could never ever make me
Feel the way you do
You give me fever fever fever fever
Down to my bones
Fever fever fever fever
In the healing zone

I pray
And nothing happens
It’s all in my mind
You say
Stop looking for answers
And reasons
They’re all in your mind
All in your mind” (-Echo & The Bunnymen)

“It won’t be long until you do exactly what they want you to…” (-Martin Gore)

“the dream had to end, the wish never came true…” (-Robert Smith)

“I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
That I almost believe that they’re real
I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you
That I almost believe that the pictures

Are all I can feel” (-Robert Smith)

“I will always love you, I will always love you…” (-Robert Smith)

    My youngest kid turns 15 in a couple of days, he’s almost as big as me. In some ways, he is more innocent than I was, and more dangerous in others. I feel for his struggle in this confused society of late stage capitalist narcissism and power tripping control freakery where people are born into this weird I-Phone bondage, and raised in a hierarchy worshipping surveillancetech propagandaverse, to only care about TikTok fame and merchandise branding, paid for prestige, and dirty hot tub access. You know it’s getting colder, when sourfaced people like me are willingly wearing hoodies and ugly sweaters and shit. I never was a hoodie person, I guess I associate them with Emos, Hot Topics, Pink 182’s. It’s cold out there, so stay properly garbed and vitamin’d up, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. You know the evil Davos profiteers of death and disaster capitalists love it when the poor people keep dropping dead “suddenly”, I’m doing lots of grotty blue collar grunting nowadays so I’m even wearing a second layer of thermal under the jeans and leather. While working at the new place we’re moving to yesterday, I heard somebody yelling and kinda made my way over near the front to watch a split minded old beardo with a dog, he looked to be a traveler maybe, he was screaming obscenities at himself like troubled and mentally unwell people often do, immediately reminding me of this dude named Lester from another town faraway, who used to stalk the boulevards hollering jibberish day and night-one of the only things I liked about my Birkenstock clad Cheech N Chong lookalike, rich, potsmoking, gentrification hipster gropey boss at the booj restaurant I worked at was that’s he’d sometimes feed the geezer a big bowl of these deep fried red potatoes he made. So yeah we are moving to the part of town where the exiles and the outcasts gravitate, which concerns me as a primary protector of wife and child, it’s gonna be a security issue, having this old fence down, so I hope the snobby and pretentious, materialistic landlord keeps their word to help us get a fence up before the real cold hits. Ahh, so much work, moving, just stressful as hell, and realizing all my little routines are even gonna change. All my neighbors over there are super rich with horses and cows, or super poor with pitbulls and goats, but everybody has a fence, to keepout the walking in circles crazies and the walking stick shufflers like me and the old gray geezer who see each other twice a day on our own many restless streetwalking cheetah pacings. I used to think the high metal fences were for uptights, now I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna need one of those, too. Ya see the speed freaks walking down the street flailing their arms about wildly and can’t help but feel a little bit grateful it aint you, even if you’re bored as shit, the speed freaks look whackadoo as all hell. Why does autumn always bring back the memories, the ghosts, and these gripping, dark depressions? I dunno, something to do with school, maybe? Months of Sundays is how it always is, here in the slow moving deadcrawl ghost town, but once the sky goes chalkboard white and your fingers get numb, and every storefront is closed, ya know, it makes it like maximum meloncholy. I’ve been saying my band is now known as the Loneliness, just me and a Panasonic tape recorder right now, sometimes the wife will play a few songs with me. Sometimes, I’ll fuck around with the little Casio. I think it’ll look good on a t shirt: THE LONELINESS. MAXIMUM TORCH & TWANG. Antisiocial glamrachists, burntout recluse, elderly goth, cowpunks seeks guitar, bass, and drums. Dandy Highwaymen. Gypsy caravans, frontporch fiddle, washboard punk, hobo jungle getdown bonfires.

“Why Can’t We Be Ourselves, Like We Were Yesterday?” (-New Order)


I was always into Elvis, the Monkees and the Beatles, Acidhead Dave at the old hippie record store got me into Morrison, Iggy, Bowie. By the time I turned 13 and was about to meet the one that got away, my first big new wave crush, I was discovering all the early MTV shit like U2, the Furs, the Police and the Cure. I guess it was something in that song, “New Year’s Day” that made me really wanna convene an original rock group and yell some protest lyrics from the mountain top. I always thought I was born to make records, but somehow, in the corporate rock, Foo Fighter media-monopoly era, that became a privilege for the ruling class. Now, I walk these sad streets full of wet leaves and mud puddles, I try to figure out a way to do it all myself, I have bad feelings in my mind towards all these people who were captured or programmed by the dominant culture fictions, who judge me so severely cause I ain’t got no inheritance or property or diploma or fancy airbandb with a hot tub and the obligatory mosaic tile and Buddha statue meditation gardens-all the winebox divorcees and power trip gender worshippers complaining about men and money and how some broke male needs to pay for the sins of the patriarchy. “Why isn’t he working? Here is the shovel, tell him to get busy-he can get started in the back.” All those gender studies elites in agreement that the inferior serfs need to get busy laboring, those males need to work harder. “Why aren’t they working? If you have time to lean, you have time to clean. Retail is detail. What do you mean, you are in a monogamous relationship and have to call home to tell some man you are going to be late, so he does not worry about you? I could NEVER be accountable to some…some…MALE!” It’s a badshit world, this winner takes all slavery capitalism. OF COURSE I want to retreat back to the eighties when all us new wave kids could share space, express our hearts freely, smoke and drank wine in the graveyard, singing Cure and Prince and Depeche Mode lyrics back n forth to one another, and did not have to sweat all that bullshit competition college brainwash bullshit programming. One of my old teenage girlfriends married a punk and they live on a houseboat, have pet possums, party with traveler punks and never got old, they stayed outside of society this whole time. I’m happy for them. She was real cool when we were young. She’s in her fifties now and I don’t see her bitching that her husband is not rich enough. I think that’s great that they found each other and never got hung up on ratrace materialism. 


It’s gonna be a long day here. My wife’s father is scheduled for a scary surgery tomorrow and my son turns fifteen in two days and is absolutely obsessed with the idea of adopting a pet monkey because he sees all these people making money on youtube from exotic pet ownership and he’s lonely, has sortof given up on finding peers in this no hope town where all the other kids he went to school with are totally capitalist programmed into wanting Guuci and Prada clothing, the boys all want to be drug dealing gang members, Cobra Kai asskickin’, gun wrangling ninja toughguys,  and the vaping they/them TIKTOK girls all want to have those online hooker only fans pinup smut pages. He wants to make friends with the animals, and I can sortof get it, even though I’m not much of an animal person myself, at this point. I’m kinda back to one of those phases where I can’t seem to really connect with very many people in real life, at all, and I only seem to find any solace or relief when I drink and listen to old music. Just like ya know when we were thirteen and fourteen and our only imaginary friends were those new wave singers from England-Morrissey, Dave Gahan, Ian Curtis and Robert Smith.

“Time to vote the Dr. Strangeloves out, from both the warmongering parties. And start negotiating with Russia like our lives depend on it. Which they do.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“You aren’t resisting anything. You were invited to the White House because you spread propaganda on social media to prop up the blue corporate party.” (-Ryan Knight)

Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – The Chris Hedges Report (


“Democrats could’ve fought to codify #RoeVWade into federal law at any point over the past half century. They currently hold a majority & could fight RIGHT NOW to codify Roe. But they won’t fight. Instead they will use this SCOTUS decision to fearmonger & fundraise for midterms.” (Ryan Knight)

danaka #SaveSheikhJarrah on Twitter: “my congressman just yelled at me in the street when i really calmly and kindly asked him about his campaign contributions from @LockheedMartin (it was @RepMikeQuigley)” / Twitter

Ben Rhodes on Twitter: “Notable that Biden Administration doesn’t even give an explanation as to why Cuba is on the State Sponsor of Terrorism list (hint: it’s bc they’re not a state sponsor of terrorism).” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “So NATO is practicing bombing Russia with nuclear weapons while the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne is practicing for war with Russia just miles from Ukraine’s border. Worried yet about a nuclear war? #PeaceInUkraine @codepink via @CBSMornings” / Twitter


Opinion | Chelsea Manning: ‘I’m Still Bound to Secrecy’ – The New York Times (

“Former defense secretary & CIA director Leon Panetta cites intelligence analysts who believe the probability of nuclear weapons use in Ukraine has risen from 1-5% at the start of the war to 20-25% today.” (-David Sacks)


The band that really made the most gorgeous and immortal song of my teenage years are still around and of course I still love ’em like crazy and you probably do, too. Who cares if they’re one hit wonders, they are wonders among one hit wonders. 

Censorship | Rania Khalek

NAFO Troll Army Nazi Origins Exposed | AOC’s Embarrassing Approval Rating | Israel’s Rampage | WATCH NOW (

“U.S.-NATO interference is the primary reason why peace is impossible between Russia and Ukraine, not Putin.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“A literal, Hitler-admiring Nazi founded the NAFO propaganda operation (which is publicly supported by the US government to wage information war on Russia)” (-Ben Norton)

“If you got a favorite writer, artist or musician tell them with your dollars.” (-Dan Denton)

“All wars are wars among thieves who are too cowardly to fight and who therefore induce the young manhood of the whole world to do the fighting for them.” – Emma Goldman

“No no you don’t understand, if we weren’t being told constantly by the media that this proxy war needs our full support and censoring the voices who dispute this and using giant troll armies to swarm and silence anyone who questions this, we might fall victim to propaganda.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Progressives voting to fund the Ukraine proxy war while staying silent on Biden’s rejection of diplomacy are not just fueling a dangerous crisis. They’re also enabling a Russiagate propaganda campaign that has been used to directly sabotage them, as Bernie learned in 2020.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“None of the “progressive” democrats voted against votes to fund NATO proxy war. It is about time they get called out for the class collaborators that they are.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“War is big business. And nobody exports more missiles, bombs, & arms than the U.S. Remember this next time you believe U.S. politicians when it comes to matters of war. Empires that make trillions of dollars off war will always make peace seem “radical.”

 (-Ryan Knight)

“The Squad & Bernie Sanders have voted in lockstep with GOP and Democratic neocons to funnel billions into the weapons industry and fuel the disastrous Ukraine proxy war — all while Biden openly rejects diplomacy. As we saw this week, anti-war constituents are calling them on it.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Old-school journalists would do anything to protect a source. New-school journalists will do anything to expose a dissenter. Interestingly, the new ones make the same lofty moral and social claims for their work that the old ones did.” (-Walter Kirn)

Books – Working Class History | Shop

“When Democrats are the warmongering party in chief, what exactly is the point of voting for the “lesser evil”? Time to stop taking marching orders from the DNC & start voting for diplomacy not escalation towards nuclear war. Could be now or never.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Progressives voting to fund the Ukraine proxy war while staying silent on Biden’s rejection of diplomacy are not just fueling a dangerous crisis. They’re also enabling a Russiagate propaganda campaign that has been used to directly sabotage them, as Bernie learned in 2020.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Congratulations Establishment, After finding multiple ways to steal trillions of dollars from the American people over the past few decades, you suckered us into supporting another war and got another few billions from us. I know that Fauci is a liar and Zelensky is a puppet and say it out loud I guess I’m not very popular here. They still have people fighting over Dems vs GOP, when y’all gonna learn? They first had to spend years convincing us that Putin was some kind of evil cartoon villain and next they had to erase 2014 to 2021 to make us believe that this war started on Feb 24th and was totally unprovoked In other words our Gov’t is playing us for suckers again. If you are considered a US ally, you can not be a democracy, behead people in the streets or run an apartheid State and all is fine. The US is running the same playbook in Ukraine as they plan to use in Taiwan and have already used in several countries around the world They’re sacrificing innocent people in these countries to fight wars that they are not willing to fight themselves to maintain their power. Watching the coverage of this war in the United States is really scary It’s bad enough when both sides of the partisan news spins their own narratives to give their side the coverage they want, but how they come together during a war to propagandize us, is truly frightening. You remember when our Gov’t had people so upset about the women in Afghanistan that they wanted us to stay there How often have you heard about them now that our Gov’t is done using them? Did you know our Gov’t stole Afghanistan’s money and now many of those women are starving?” (-Black In The Empire)

“No no you don’t understand, if we weren’t being told constantly by the media that this proxy war needs our full support and censoring the voices who dispute this and using giant troll armies to swarm and silence anyone who questions this, we might fall victim to propaganda.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Anarchism is not, as some may suppose, a theory of the future to be realized through divine inspiration. It is a living force in the affairs of our life, constantly creating new conditions.” Emma Goldman

Model For A Better Society: Carry It Forward

Voices of Conscience

I Should Sue Limbaugh’s Estate (

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” ― Emma Goldman

danaka #SaveSheikhJarrah on Twitter: “Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki should be turning 26 years old next week, but ten years ago the Obama Administration authorized a drone strike that killed him. No one has been held accountable for his death.” / Twitter

Opinion | What Must Be Done to End Nuclear Extortion and Build Lasting Peace | Medea Benjamin (

“These are animals, not people”: Zelensky frees convicted child rapists, torturers to reinforce depleted military – The Grayzone

One People’s Project on Twitter: “ON THIS DAY IN 1901 – U.S. President William McKinley dies after being shot by Leon Czolgosz. Because of Czolgosz’s ties to the anarchist community, many anarchists, including Emma Goldman, were arrested under suspicion of involvement with the assassination.” / Twitter

The World Can’t Wait! Stop the Crimes of Your Government – World Can’t Wait (

Six Ways That Obama Has Been Worse Than Bush – World Can’t Wait (

Groups Call On EPA to Close Loopholes and Revoke Approval of 600 ‘Forever Chemicals’ (

How the Military-Industrial Complex Gets Its Power and Harms Workers, in 6 Graphs (

How Much Longer Can the U.S. Continue to Wage Economic War on Europe, and Much of the World, Without a Major Blowback Effect? | CovertAction Magazine

“Democrats have delivered more military spending, more censorship, no healthcare, no living wages, higher inflation, higher gas prices & they couldn’t have done it without their obedient liberal base who will vote for them no matter how many times they stab the people in the back.” (-Ryan Knight)


Nuclear Extortion? Abolish Nuclear Weapons| Countercurrents

Ariel Gold אריאל ✡️☮️🕊 (@ArielElyseGold) / Twitter

The Reconstruction of Gaza Has Been a Failure | The Nation

“EARTH TO PROPAGANDIZED AMERICANS: Sending billions of dollars of weapons to a war-zone does NOT bring “peace or democracy.” It escalates the conflict, prolongs the war & makes the weapons manufacturers richer. If you want peace in the world you have to OPPOSE WAR, not fund it.” (-Ryan Knight)

Home – PopularResistance.Org

Jose Vega – Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “My friend @Noggatone and I confronted Congresswoman @AOC on her support for Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis. I call her out for being a coward in the face of the party that will push us all into Nuclear war right now. Will she stand up like @TulsiGabbard and fight for peace?” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 (@SocialistMMA) / Twitter

“Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to liberty.” -Emma Goldman

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “NAFO is the single most phony astroturfed thing that has ever happened.” / Twitter

“I feel like we don’t talk enough about how the founder of NAFO was posting actual pro-Hitler Nazi propaganda up until very recently and how this Nazi-founded trolling operation has been amplified and celebrated by liberals, think tanks, government agencies and western news media.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

BAY AREA GLAM … Michael Raphael former Jailhouse guitarist takes Fans Back to his Glam Roots with ‘You Talk We Talk’ from 1986 – Metal Sludge

Netherland’s Scandal-Ridden Prime Minister Mark Rutte Embodies Hypocrisy of Global Ruling Elite | CovertAction Magazine


“The top is the place where nobody goes/you just imagine…” (-Robert Smith) 

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

“When, in the course of human development, existing institutions prove inadequate to the needs of man, when they serve merely to enslave, rob, and oppress mankind, the people have the eternal right to rebel against, and overthrow, these institutions.” ~Emma Goldman

“All that “propaganda” you hear coming from Russia and China is mostly just facts about the US’s war criminality.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“So-called “anTi-eStAbLisHmEnt” Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard praise neocon Ron DeSantis, who: -tried to make boycotting apartheid Israel illegal in Florida -pushes for war on China & Iran -strongly backed the US coup attempts in Venezuela & Nicaragua -loves the blockade of Cuba.” (-Ben Norton)

“How many LatinX enlisted soldiers from your district could become disabled when the criminal $80 billion proxy war you voted to authorize turns hot?” (-Max Blumenthal calling out AOC’s empty justice tweeting and gender fixating rather than fighting for M4All or saying No Wars.)

“Who would have thought that not funding Nazis in Ukraine was too big of a purity test for you guys?” (-Revolt Politic)

“FYI: This is a proxy war provoked by US & Nato, please stop pushing State Dept. talking points cuz it’s prolonging Ukraine’s suffering.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“AOC I defended you when others on the left were criticizing you before you had been in office a year. But I must say you have not lived up to the confidence some had in you to represent an authentic radical politics.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Pelosi is the ring leader of congressional stock trading, and today she’s being celebrated as a hero for knowing how to use cell phone to literally save her own life.” (-Waft Don’t Sniff on twitter)

Alex Knight – #FreeAssange #FraudSquad on Twitter: “@ravelesm” / Twitter

Alex Knight – #FreeAssange #FraudSquad on Twitter:13 Oct 2022

Democracy Now! on Twitter: “Noam Chomsky says the U.S. must stop undermining possibilities of negotiations with Russia to end the war in Ukraine and “drop the official position that the war must go on to weaken Russia.”″ / Twitter

Ford Fischer on Twitter: “”We are all Julian Assange, we all need Julian Assange,” Green Party 2016 and 2020 presidential candidate @DrJillStein said. She called prosecution of Assange “a threat to the life of our democracy” and “mockery of our judicial system.” Full video:” / Twitter

“Thinking “anti-establishment Republicans” are the alternative to “establishment Democrats” is nuts. We need alternatives to both war parties – that’s people-powered parties/candidates that don’t take corporate money.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Have everyone become national chauvinists? Why hasn’t this generated more outrage or are people silent because they know who pulled this off and are participating in the cover-up?” / Twitter

New Podcast, Interview, Book Shipping Update (

Pelham on Twitter: “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla should be arrested and charged with fraud…” / Twitter


I started getting hassled about my weirdness or outsider otherness in the fourth grade when my mom married a sicko creep and put me in an abusive football school in Ohio. When ranaway to NYC and discovered Gibby Haynes and the Pyramid Club dragqueens and the Fleshtones and the Deadboys and later on took my Lower east Side bohemian, eighties new wave punknroll sensibilities and let me entetain you all night hootennany and drunken soul booze review back to Ohio in my mid twenties, I was again targeted incessantly by the status quo forces of conformity and all those bitter clock punching wallflowers who thought my leopard print pajama clad cowboy, and face tattooed anarchist friends had too much fun and needed to be exiled for the sake of decency and racist sports bar continuity or some shit. I’ll never live like the other half. I was not put here to be a screw or squarehead. “They said I was a freak….I AM a freak…” (-Jesus & Mary Chain) Now, I am almost 53 and would you believe it-gentrification landlord Karens and uncool shitlib airbandb owners are once again wanting to make some bad hoopla about my appearance and class and work ethic and bad habits and means of livelihood. That is madness to me. Fuck off, ratfinks. On a day like today, I just wanna go somewhere and not be hassled if I wanna drink and listen to music. Should not be so hard.

It’s cold as fuck here all of  sudden-another weird part of desert life is how it goes from crazy knock ya down high winds, to shook up soda pop monsoons, to insanely hot blistering lays you down heat, to need to double sock and wear ugly wool swaeters fucking willingly, like overnight! Was woke early by needy fucking animals, I’m told I’m obliged to do a lotta bullshit labor and heavy lifting all day today but in the middle of a move, my old lady has to stop the world and go complete a mosaic tile art project for her employer and I’m annoyed by the presence of brown recluse spiders nesting and making babies in our outdoor furniture. Everything kinda sucks right now. I’ve realized the space in the new place I was promised has been cancelled. Everybody I know is being magnetically drawn to some varying faroff quarters. I keep receiving these fuckyou reminders of how nothing is forever, nothing lasts, your loved ones are all going away, there’s no one to call who understands. Everything down here on this planet is a backstab ratrace and then you fucking die alone and some mean bitch says you had it comin’ and they throw your shit in the dump and go on winebox vacations. My wife works for one of those airbandb owning idle heiress garden tub gardening mosaic tile Artistes who do not like males except when they need a man in a tool belt to get on the roof or push a wheel barrel around, as pack mules, worker slaves. I’ve known the rich remodeling heiress types before so I get a bit triggered by them to use a phrase from their trendy gender new age lexicon. I got a teenager watching “Breaking Bad” fantasizing about being a tough guy on the corner, that’s worriesome, he’s been known to put his hands on people. My old lady’s consorting with meanspirited spinster divorcee women who have this idea of “adulthood” being some ownership society plantation serfhood shit where your indentured servants are moving cement blocks in circles while you wear scarves and think about the moon. I’m looking at this back corner of a fucked up packed to the ceiling garage filled with chemicals and home improvement shop tools and a jack hammered cement floor that’s supposed to be my space, and understanding, oh wow, man, this is bleak, some slave quarters shit. This little corner really looks like Julian Assange’s cell at Belmarsh. Spiderwebs, paint thinner cans upon paint thinner cans, pallets stacked six foot high of floor tiles. Big crack in the floor. Your aging menopausal women folks like to talk about how stupid males are for wanting to party or smoke and drink, listen to loud music or drive old cars, “mid-life crisis” they call it, but I don’t believe for one minute there’s anything more sophisticated about wanting to have winebox sewing circles where one complains about the shoddy service of these incompetent servants, how it’s so hard to get good help these days, moaning about having to wake up at four o clock in the afternoon to get some fucking Amazon packages, or devoting all their time and energy to perpetually advising women in couples to break up with their man, so they can play front porch witchy woman on the steps with the tapestries and wicker chairs and overfed cats.  Talk about how male should make more money working and not drink alcohol…for wokeness and gender science!

I just wanna fly back to another time, when the music was beautiful and egalitarian, merciful and united us.

“Nothing will come  of this cuz she’s lying at the behest of Big Pharma— which is always welcome. The truth gets censored & punished not pro-establishment lies told by willing corporate tools. The vaccines never stopped transmission which is why mandates were immoral.” (-Jimmy Dore)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “This checks out:” / Twitter

Kate on Twitter: “I’m not a lawyer, so @Barnes_Law please correct me if I’m wrong here— but did the Alex Jones case just open the door for the people to now sue Rachel Maddow for billions of dollars since she pushed a conspiracy theory that lead to injury and death in some cases?” / Twitter

Gabbard works for psy-op army unit in propaganda but when Hillary Clinton called her a commie traitor and slandered her as a Putin collaborating socialist or whatever it’s just the usual DNC mudslinging. Also the great Dr. Jill Stein. Maddow, CNN, DNC are the New McCaryites.

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The fact that *this* person is routinely called “far right” in our political discourse — just years after she endorsed Bernie Sanders for President and then Biden over Trump — is reflective of how bereft of meaning these labels are, how their only function is punitive:” / Twitter

“As far as I know (there are most likely a few exceptions), in all cases where a mass school shooting has happened, and it was possible to know the medical history of the shooter, the shooter was taking a psychiatric medication that was known for causing these behavioral changes.”

Petition update · Oct 1, 2022 Marked the Start of Ross’s 10th Year in Prison ·

Ford Fischer on Twitter: “”We are all Julian Assange, we all need Julian Assange,” Green Party 2016 and 2020 presidential candidate @DrJillStein said. She called prosecution of Assange “a threat to the life of our democracy” and “mockery of our judicial system.” Full video:” / Twitter

Nick Cave tour: How tragedy has shaped his longing for Australia (

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In Context on Twitter: “US Secretary of State Blinken recently said “no nation can redraw the borders of another by force”. What was his opinion in 2021 on the Golan Heights, illegally captured by Israel in 1967?” / Twitter

“Once again, Biden is proving more Trumpian than Trump.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

David Sirota on Twitter: ““Biden’s expansion of Trump’s efforts to privatize Medicare is helping a shadowy set of big-business beneficiaries: private equity firms and major health care companies, including one that previously employed the government official overseeing the plan”” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: ““Hence, the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of military bases in all corners of the world, NATO expansion, and attempts to cobble together new military alliances, such as AUKUS and the like. Much is being done to create a Washington-Seoul-Tokyo military-political chain.”” / Twitter

“BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian President Zelensky demands that food is immediately snatched from the mouths of hungry US and EU children and given to swastika tattooed Azov troops. US Democrats, led by the squad, vote unanimously to grant his request.” (-Garland Nixon)

Share petition · Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. STOP USA EXTRADITION ·

“Despite Russia’s clear RED lines, the West has been blaming Russia & painting Putin as the villain, saying his intervention was “unprovoked.” But recently NATO admitted that it DID have plans to expand along the eastern flank YEARS ago longer before 2022.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

Top Fed Official Says Corporate Price Hikes Are Fueling Inflation (

12-Year-Old Succumbs to Injuries as Israeli Forces Kill Four Palestinian Teens (

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Watch Stella Assange Slap The Mustache Off John Bolton’s War Criminal Face – Caitlin Johnstone

Roger Waters’ Success Shows You Can Be a Star and Pro-Palestine At the Same Time (

I’m having trouble figuring out what keywords are triggering the spy software the government uses in our private emails now that is marking this column as spam. Are you not allowed to type the name Roger Waters?


Ya know how I know? The always ungrateful and ungratified greedhead got-mine, (want all yours too) landlords are always hissing their never ending, spiteful complaints, the passive income stream business owners won’t shut up about their money for nothing they try to pass off as bootstraps hard work and virtuous, sweat of their highbrow philanthropy. I wish I could record my songs, I wish people would not give me so much shit when I wanna drink and listen to music-of course I sometimes wish I had a little more surplus to buy books and hats and glasses and cowboy boots, or old new wave cassettes, but really, I have not much desire and certainly almost zero motivation to try to “get rich” like all the people on the hill who trash talk us low wage serfs, mainly cause all those clenching, clawing, shit hoarding, head stepping, back stabbing, turf guarding, status having, plagiaristic phony motherfuckers are scared to death their yesman inner circle entrouge or higher up superiors are gonna find out their poor friend is actually the one generating all their content. People who own recording studios never seem to motherfucking have any new songs to record. A guy in my town has to take his flash car downtown everynight, parks it in front of a hotel, hopes some female tourist sees it. I dunno if that shit really works like some kinda magic love spell. For me, it’s all ephemeral, I always want more booze, more songs, more food, more kicks. The most precious stuff I love the most just ceaselessly eludes me and the ex friends chase me around like Pac Man, feels like I’m forever fleeing from the Hungry Ghosts who just wanna steal all the life and eat all the fruit. Music is what brings me the most joy besides my loved ones. I do like the booze.


Stray Cats, Cramps, and The Clash were the early MTV and Creem magazine powered coolest rock bands that me and many other smalltown kids stranded in loathsome midwestern towns could easily connect to because they really had a whole idea, they were retro in a cool as shit way that picked up where all the Death Of Presley and fifties greaser Thunderbirds nostalgia and the Fonz left off, but they had everything, really. Hip songs, fuck school rebel attitudes, exquisite hair, pink creepers and leopard print suit jackets, heartfelt love songs, a standup drummer, standup bassist, amazing guitar player with marvelous pipes, teddy boy pinup looks the chicks could swoon over, blue suede shows and vintage old bowling shirts, unbreakable cobs galore, hot rods, they came as a whole package-even the merch was dynamite. Made us all wanna be in bands. All my little friends and me were total outcasts back then, real primitive untrained hacks just bashing away but that was all we needed really-a belligerent enthusiasm and an idea. I have no idea what all those modern day scene queen posers think they are doing with all their expensive gear and clothing but they do not have any ideas or enthusiastic belligerence, and that’s a shame really, the main reason none of it really rocks that much at all. I know summa those guys who play in those real gentrified nowadays bands-they’re the  kinda guys who got old and cheesed out, became inlaw pressured, uncool and uptight so now they like to play that he’s the “good guy” and I’m the “bad guy” game, it’s so corny now, these poor fuckers, it always makes me laugh, that they still need some kinda mirrored shades wearing feather earring boogyman to blame for their youthful indiscretions among their posher than thou in crowd friends. The money havers are such a joke to me. Clinging to it, shaking with fear I’m gonna show up someday and get ’em in trouble somehow with their fancy wife from the upper crust. Hoo Hoo. Can’t take it with ’em. But I get to KEEP my bad reputation. Stray Cats brought all that atomic jet fuel energy, plus dedication, real committed musicianship and whizbang songwriting. That was it for me, they really had it all, and even as I got a little bit older, I remained really invested in Brian Setzer’s solo albums-they really always spoke to me. Part of my whole thing really can easily be traced back to Brian Setzer. If you’ve seen ’em live, you know they rock like motherfuckers. “Runaway Boys” was probably one of the reasons I felt motivated to split that town and quit that town when I was 14 and had more than my fair share of bullshit from the 700 Club antirock church fanatics and the uncool uptight square juvenile corrections professionals. So yeah, if you had any style or flair or rebel spirit and were from some miserable dump where you could seldom find any underground records, at least back then you could still access all that primo eighties mainstream music they were playing on the radio like the Stray Cats, Joan Jett, and The Clash! Me, I loved Van Halen, ZZ Top, J. Geils, the Blues Brothers, Madness, I liked it all! My idea of awesomeness back then was like, checkered Vans, parachute pants, and a knitted see through shirt and some kinda cool leather hat and a spiked bracelet and four spiked belts from like, Merry Go Round in the Indiana mall like those big city teenage street gangs you’d see in “Breakin'” or “Beat It”, or “Beat Street”. I had a big jock friend named Bobby H. (RIP) who liked The Cars, his mom forbade him from socializing with me because all the parents disapproved of my appearance, an awkward mishmash of breakdance hip hop, new romantic, goth, and Jeff Spicoli infused heavy metal. Bobby and Brent W. stole his mom’s fancy sports car, painted it to look different and then took it outta town on a wild muti Chess King extravagant shopping spree on Bobby H.’s mom’s credit card. They got in big trouble for that shit. I’m glad I was not involved. Me and Dekan did steal some Jim Morrison books and heavy metal magazines from the bookstore in the mall. Years later I got cuffed when Dekan sprayed blue Halloween hairspray in my hair, walking around Value City. We drank and smoked cigarettes, too. Got laid in the cemeatry and on the railroad tracks by the cemetary. “The Bad Kids”!

I remember being in juvenile hall and my grandfather writing a letter to me responding to some Brian Setzer quotes I had sent to him on a postcard!

The establishment tried to kill Elvis/wild rocknroll by making him go away and serve in the military but it will always find a way to come back to life-that’s what Fred Hampton means when he says you can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution. I tried to ignore that stupid swing revival, because I could not stand almost any of the suburban swing types, but then I met this dude Eddie Nichols in a bar and we became friends, instantly. We kept in touch for a couple years and we’d even get together anytime he came through my part of the country back then. He has it. Bigger than movies, bigger than life. He is a bold blue flame. And a righteous hombre. You know I don’t say that about everybody. Eddie Nichols is an exceptional talent, a real star. It’s hard to see him sing without wanting to smoke and drink.

One of the next bands in the early eighties nowheres, Quiet Riot kids lurking around the arcade with Marlboros behind our ear, were able to access, gradually over time, was THE CRAMPS. Man, whenever you’d visit a big city when we were preteens and young teenagers, you’d pick up something related to The Cramps. Postcard, t shirt, vinyl-you’d spend hours gawking at the sleeve art. You could catch ’em live like two hours down the road, too cause they’d come play the bigger college towns. Back then us graveyard kids and Marlboro smokin’ dead end brats in the combat boots and leather jackets knew to stick together. One of my first garage bands used to do “Garbage Man”. Ya know bands like those ghouls had the deep dark cool of authenticity, they weren’t pissin’ around, wasting my time with half hearted bullshit-they left it all on the stage, and showed me how.

The Brutal Arrest and Political Targeting of Ray McGovern (

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It’s Only A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ When It Accuses The US Government (

“There is an historic crisis in the West of mass anxiety and poverty imposed by unusually stupid people who follow a cult offering war to all and riches to the few. The question is:  Is stupidity and its self-destruction the new plague? Please read on: Patrick Lawrence: The West—Technocrats, Incompetents, Ideologues –” (-John Pilger)

No Cold War on Twitter: “Former US President Jimmy Carter turns 98 today. His thoughts on US-China relations may surprise you: “Since we normalized relations with China in 1979, the US has been in constant war. China has not been in combat with anyone.” “[The US] is the most warlike country on earth.”” / Twitter

“The Hill’s move to censor @kthalps

 is shameful and sends a chilling message to journalists who want to report accurately on Israel’s occupation of Palestine. This monologue was well-written, well-researched, and an important example of journalistic integrity.” (-CODE PINK)

“The heavy-handed tactics of the U.S./UK in blowing up Nord Stream pipelines has finally stripped away any pretense in Germany that the U.S. is an ally. The problem is that the extreme right will benefit from this new awareness if the left does not take a strong Anti-war position.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Here’s Trump in July 2018 lecturing NATO on why the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Germany & Russia needs to be stopped. I don’t think this clip ever aired on CNN and MSNBC, which were only interested in speculating that he was a blackmailed Russian asset:” / Twitter

Blinken Says Nord Stream Sabotage Is a ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ – News From


Me and my hard partying drinking buddy Dan C. both got Elvis haircuts one year and strutted around combing our hair with Murray’s pomade all day and at night underneath the streetlamps make believing we were in West Side Story. People seem to understand when I tell ’em I’m really influenced by David Lee Roth and Billy Idol, but they always raise an eyebrow when I start talking about how Chris Isaak‘s gotta be one of my biggest influences because my singing voice is nowhere near angelic, nothing like his golden pipes, and I’m not pretty, but you don’t have to look like Elvis to be influenced by somebody’s songs about heartbreak and despair. “I don’t want no counseling…” About twice a year on a rare drinking night for my honey, we’ll pull out the guitar and she will play my old songs, we still do a few of my slower old ones, like a private latenight Lux N Ivy Revue. All my songs I wrote in the Bastards, the Naked Flames, and the Loneliness were heavily Chris Isaak influenced.


Chris Isaak & Silvertone – Heart Full Of Soul (Live Zurich 1987) – YouTube

 and of course, TEX PERKINS!!! 

I’ve never been much good at not drankin’.–AvCsh48bk

Caitlin Johnstone: News & Conspiracies – Consortium News

“Is it a surprise war criminal John Bolton doesn’t like that Wikileaks revealed what lunatics he & his friends are?” (-Lee Camp)

MintPress News on Twitter: ““When you try and equate yourself with Julian Assange, you’re making a very dangerous gesture.” A key figure in the Bush administration, John Bolton sends a veiled threat to journalists standing in solidarity with the jailed Wikileaks publisher.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “The New York Times bows to Israel lobby pressure and fires Palestinian photographer in Gaza, Hossam Salem, for expressing support for his country.” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “When I interviewed John Bolton, the voice of lunar American extremism, he was so affronted by informed questions, he asked, ‘Hey, are you a communist?’ Watch Stella Assange demolish Bolton as surely as Mohammed Ali:” / Twitter


came along about the same time I was discovering stuff via an older friend from the big city, like, X, Gun Club, Chris Isaak, Tex & The Horseheads, Charlie Sexton. I naturally loved all that stuff, but as usualy, being from Maysville Kentucky before getting stuck repeatedly for years in bleak and always thoroughly hellish Ohio where they manufacture the fratboys, somebody has to wear thoes dumb cargo shorts and baseball caps, I guess. Talk about chili and sports at the Beer Barrel pizza. It aint gonna be me, though. Jason & The Scorchers will always have a profound influence on my own deadend desert ghost town elderly goth and “Maximum Torch & Twang” band, The Loneliness, and our spontaneous getdown latenight hoedowns. Looking for a lead guitarist who is a cross between Bryan Gregory and Kid Congo Powers. 

“Liberals never really believed in their values. What has always matter is protecting liberal privileges by aligning with the colonial power of the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

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UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 01: Photo of Phil THORNALLEY and CURE and Lol TOLHURST and Andy ANDERSON and Robert SMITH and Porl THOMPSON; L-R: Phil Thornalley, Porl Thompson, Robert Smith, Andy Anderson, Lol Tolhurst – posed, studio, group shot (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

were the other mainstream punk influenced bands ya know, along with like the Ramones and the Damned that were heavily merchandised enough and got enough college airplay to have made it to our fuckedup little tank plant Ohio town. Cool girls at school liked Prince, Madonna, Duran and Siouxsie. The boys all loved the Mifits-we covered “Skulls” and “Astro Zombies”-our drummer’s sporto older brothers were discovering like Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, TSOL, and Dead Kennedys but they were all still Budweiser swilling conformist jock dicks who mostly hated me and my friends except for two guys who got the pass, but had to do a lot of kissing up for it. By 87 and 88, I was out of detention hall but not off of double secret slippery slope, school to hoozgow pipeline, sticky trap, semi-permanent probation and the authorities were still fucking with me all the time for my Aqua Net and hoop earrings and nosering and rosaries. The boys in our crowd were all starting to like shit like Suicidal Tendencies and even some corny DC/HC. Me and the girls were all still listening to like Prince and Peter Murphy, Billy Idol, Sisters. the Bolshoi, and the Cure. Lots of Duran Duran and New Order. Mary Chain and Roxy Music and back to Inxs and the Furs. I was hanging out with a girl named Jenna, but she was just too popular for me in her hometown of Ft. Wayne. She reminded me of my first great innocent new wave love, it was all about the Cure and shyly holding hands, smoking cigarettes in parking lots, drinking whatever booze we  could find and wearing leather jackets. 



It’s true I was also very into like, Van Halen and Cheap Trick, Billy Squire, Rick Springfield, but completely devoted to a lotta sullen new wave beauty like Depeche Mode, Joy Divison/New Order, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Psychedelic Furs. I was really always into the Furs, so when I first fell in love, with a certain Smiths enthusiast from deepest Ken N Barbie Milk N Honey Suburbia  ya know, I might have been thirteen or fourteen-I think I was fourteen, she mighta still been thirteen, but we had the perfect and innocent young love, ya know, mostly cause it was soundtracked by the likes of the early Police, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello,  the Church and Echo, Inxs and Duran, Fun Boy Three, Depeche Mode, the Smiths and the Psychedelic Furs. I wrote all my songs about her for years really. Then I ranaway to NYC and got into Joy Division and Bauhaus. Video editing-filmmaking-actor-DJ’s, Robbie Mailhouse and Morgan Reese got me into Fra Lippo Lippi. They took me to see Butthole Surfers at Danceteria, it was wild. I was attracted to the low budget entertainers at the Pyramid Club. John Sex and the Fleshtones and Wendy Wild & The Mad Violets.

Ghost In Me: Thinking about dead ends, dead friends and the Furs in quarantine lockdown on the 4th of July | Columns (

“If you needed proof that the political process is utterly rotted, see the American Right trying to defund the SEC, while Democrats are refusing to crack down on lawmakers’ corrupt stock trading.” (-David Sirota)

“The relationship of parasitic colonialism that gave the West the material advantage to run the world. That dominance is coming to an end & they can’t handle it.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Putin has just signed the unification treaties turning Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye into Russian territory. Any attack against those regions is now officially an attack against Russia itself. The most dangerous phase in the US proxy war begins and winter is coming.” (-Kim Dotcom)

“Everyone has lost their fucking mind. Propaganda has made madness look like sanity and sanity look like madness, has normalized cheerleading for nuclear world war and abnormalized calls for de-escalation and detente. It’s truly as bat shit insane as anything could possibly be.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The Azov Battalion = band of neo-Nazis. The New York Times celebrates Azov with sympathetic puff piece. What does this make the New York Times?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“According to Sec. Blinken, the Nord Stream pipeline bombing “offers tremendous strategic opportunity for the years to come.” Too bad that this tremendous opportunity for DC bureaucrats will come at the expense of everyone else, especially this coming winter.” (-Aaron Mate)

“I am very worried that we are on a path to nuclear war.” “A lot of the world doesn’t like NATO expansion, which they interpret as at the core of this.” –Jeffrey Sachs slams Western media coverage of the war in Ukraine and warns that we are heading towards a global catastrophe.” (retweeted by No Cold War and Dr. Jill Stein on twitter)

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