The Bad Somethings “S/T”

Opening song “Yeah Yeah Yeah” brings us back to 70s KISS with Ace Frehley inspired guitars and vocals bringing Gene Simmons to mind, but The BAD SOMETHINGS actually are a duo! Songs like “Let It Roll” or “Along For The Ride” are simple and catchy with raw energy, cowbell and classic rock guitar riffs while “Oh Honey” has a bit of Southern rock to it and “Body Language Psychology”‘s guitars could be a tribute to BALAAM AND THE ANGEL. The BAD SOMETHINGS play hard rock the old school way in a modern shape, and it is somehow refreshing to hear such an album that could also fit in between your favourite Scandinavian rock’n’roll records. /Laurent C.
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Squib Kick Records new single releases

Squib Kick Record is a new record label specializing in hair metal/glam/bubblergum bands. Their three latest releases are:

ATOMIC LIP BOMB “Blow It Up” (single)
Sleaze rock that first started as a studio project with vocals that remind me of FASTER PUSSYCAT although the band’s music sounds more hard rock than Taime Down’s gang. Keep an eye on these cats!

THE BAD SOMETHINGS “Along For The Ride” (single)
Hard rock’n’roll with strong 70s influences such as AEROSMITH, KISS, CHEAP TRICK, etc. Quite promising!

FULL BLOWN ELECTRIC “Just Another Day” (single)
Classic hard rock, nothing really new… But they do it well!