The Adhysters “‘… Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time” Single

It’s common to say that maturity comes late in a band’s life and that evolution goes with the experience a band gained through the years, or with a new peception of life linked to each band member’s nth divorce. It also sometimes comes with a clear spring water vision after rehab…
Considering the age of The ADJUSTERS members, I doubt that one of those things contributed to this new single orientation, so I can just deduce that this band has this little something that makes the difference.
I’m not talking about a total change but our young British guys obviously have slowed down the cadence and put their efforts on the melody in these two new songs.
Following the example of some of RANCID’s songs, “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” (I can’t get enough of this one!) easily could have been featured on between “Death Or Glory” and “Kola Kola” whereas “You Gotta Say” and its piano, backing vocals and Stones-ish guitars would deserve more than being a B-Side that is all but filling.
There can be no mistake about it, The ADJUSTERS didn’t sell their soul in order to get the first position in the charts, they just let their precocious talent express itself and they just stay who they are in the end.
A real rock’n’roll band./Franckie.

The Adjusters

The ADJUSTERS are back home in England after touring in France, from the North to the South in order to promote their new EP. They tell us about this tour, their new songs and reveal a bit of their personalities…

Your album was released on an American record label and your brand new EP is out on a French label. Is there still no record label interested in your music in England?

Were currently workin on some new material that will be recorded early next year, we’re in discussion with Various UK and European labels, we love the European response we get from our fans, so it would be awesome to possibly get involved with a European label. As far as UK goes, were really excited to be working alongside a great label called No Front Teeth Records, based in London, releasing a split EP (limited edition) vinyl in early 2012.

Your songs are now more mid-tempo, more power pop. Was this choice intentional?

We still love to play the more up-beat songs from Reckles Relations live… With the new EP, we wanted to push the boundaries with what had done in the past and create some diversity within our music… but still keepin’ the Rock ‘N’ Roll vibe! Fran also brought a lot more opportunities to the band when he joined, using his musical style and harmonies really gave The Adjusters a new dynamic to bring to the live performances and studio.

You’re just back from a second French tour. Do you plan on playing on other countries?

Definately! We’ve just had an amazing time in France and can’t wait to come back, there’s talk of going back to Europe around April, which we can hopefully confirm soon! Plans for France, Germany, Spain… and anywhere else we’re wanted!

How was the French audience to you?

We’re always very overwhelmed by the reception we recieve in France, everything from the gig response, up to the hospitality… We love France and the French people, defiantely spent our best times as a band over there.

A few words about the bands you’ve played with on this tour?

Every band we’ve shared a stage with have been awesome, great performances and really nice people… Weve made a lot of friends travelling over France and will always come back to hang out with our new friends, Brand New Hate, Hellscrack, The Laughing Chapel to name a few!

You’ve played a few covers on this tour. Who decided to play them, and why these songs?

With the cover song choice, I guess we wanted to choose songs that influenced us as a band. Recently we’ve covered T-Rex, Little Richard, Motorhead and The Damned.

Apart from the gigs, what will you remember about France?

The people and new friends we have made, the food and wine!

I’ve heard you planned to exchange a few philosophical thoughts with French girls on this tour… Any comments?

We definatley have shared some philosophical thought with the french ladies and some not so philosophical thoughts…

Dom Daley from Über Röck wrote: “These boys might just be here to save snotty British rock ‘n’ roll and I don’t say that lightly.” Nice thing to say, what do you think?

Dom is a good man and the guys at Uber Rock are doing a great job, what he wrote is a real nice thing to say lets just hope its true!

Is the Adjusters your first band or did you all play in other bands before?

Some of us jammed with mates when we were younger and some of us met eachother through going to watch live shows, but this is the first serious band we’ve all been involved with.

Do you think you now managed to find the right line-up?

Yea we all feel that this is definatley the best lineup we all work together really well on and off stage and we all have the same goals with the Adjusters.

It seems like you’re working on your image more now than in the past. Is this important to you?

Image plays a big part with us, we think bands should stand out from the crowd and look good on stage. All of the bands that influence us have a strong image and this is definatley something we want to be apart of.

You’re all heavily tattooed. Do you spend all your money in this passion?

Ash works at a tattoo studio and we all get our ink done there, so we get good deals!

Ash, favourite singer… Why ?

gotta be iggy pop i think he is a great frontman, unpredictable and just really good to watch, me and phil got to go see him last year at the hammersmith apollo and he put on an amazing show. I love his vocals too, whether its the stooges or his solo stuff!

Phil, favourite guitar player… Why ?

there is too many to choose from but i’m gay for johnny thunders!!

Fran, favourite guitar player… Why ?

Keith richards style and attitude is a big influence, i think he was one of the first true rock n roll guitarists taking all the old bluesy riffs and making his own unique sound.

Matt, favourite bass player… Why ?

Lemmy! enough said.

Manning, favourite drummer… Why ?

I guess I like musicians based on their attitude, Keith Moon has gotta be the all-time Rock ‘N’ Roll drummer… so I gotta say him, his drumming is amazing, but his life-style was insane!

A few words for your French fans?

Thanks for the all the support great shows and good times in 2011…seeyou 2012! Ash, Phil, Fran, Matt Raffin, Manning…XtheAdjustersX

***INTERVIEW (February 2010)***

The ADJUSTERS are back with a new album and certainly have a few interesting things to tell us…

You put out an EP not so long ago, how has your band schedule been since it got released?

Pretty hectic, we sent out 500 self released EP’s and then quickly got a record deal with Zodiac Killer Records (USA) for a full length release which has just arrived in January! So we was busy writing and recording and playing as many shows possible!

Was it important for you to quickly release an album after the EP?

Yea I want to keep pushing it I don’t want to be a band who comes out with something and then you never hear or see anything again. I wanna take it as far as it will allow us, so it was cool to get a LP deal with Zodiac so soon and now our debut album is out we can look forwards to our sophomore release!

Do you think that this deal with Zodiac Killer Records can open new opportunities for you abroad?

Yea for sure! There’s already talk of a possible tour in the states, when and where I cant say but there’s definitely something in the works!

The title of your new album is “Reckless Relations”, what does this mean to you?

I came up with the name one day, I wanted something that was original and I think it goes hand in hand with the material of our album and the whole essence of the band etc. we are 5 pretty reckless individuals and a lot of the songs deal with our relationships with girls and how reckless they are, it has a nice ring to it too!

You’re not an old band but you already had line-up changes, how come?

I guess some guys just ain’t built for it, I dunno seems we’ve always had a trouble with the fifth member! Again we’re looking for ANOTHER lead guitarist! Maybe we scare them away or something like that we do like to hit it hard!

Did you get the idea of covering “Do Anything You Wanna Do” after opening for Eddie & The Hot Rods?

Yea we got the gig with the Hotrods which was a great night and next practice we just suggested covering it in the live set and then we decided to do our own recording of it, we got permission off of Barrie Masters himself too which was cool, hope he doesn’t think we’ve ruined it! Haha!!

Why didn’t you decide to include this cover on the album?

The Eddie & the Hotrods cover was actually recorded way after we finished recording ‘Reckless Relations’, we just had a new song written (Nothin’ To Prove) which we wanted to record for our myspace and then decided to record the cover at the same time, so maybe they’ll appear on the new record we do!

I’ve heard that you’re planning a tour going through the UK , Germany and France , am I right?

Yea that’s the idea with our good friends XX-Cortez if this happens or not is another thing but if all goes to plan we should have some dates around may, the idea is to start off in Southampton XX’s hometown an work our way through to London then hop on the channel tunnel and do some dates in France ! We’ll see…ha

Isn’t it easier to concentrate on girls rather than concentrating on music when you’re in your early 20s?

It can be a lot easier at times but you gotta remember one vital thing the music will never leave you! Haha!!

Is there any British band you feel close to at the moment?

I feel really close to XX Cortez at the minute like so close I think it may venture into the homoerotic, haha nah them boys are sick! Their live show is intense! Check em out
And our good friends A Sailors Grave have just released a great debut album (Set a fire in your heart!) check it out!

Keith Richards said “Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll”. Do you agree?

Yea! Everyone sayin’ their rock this rock that but don’t even look at where its from who started it or anything it’s all about the forefarthers ya kno!

Imagine you have only one gig left… What venue would you choose for it?

I’d love for it just to be a sold out club to be honest, their the gigs where you can feel the audience and feed off their energy! That would be great!

What are your craziest dreams about the band and your career?

First of all to keep doing what where doing if we continue to do that we’ll be orright haha but id love for us to churn out some more records get on vinyl hit the states and Europe and just keep the train a rollin, so to speak!

***INTERVIEW March 2009***

More inclined to immerse themselves in the 1977 punk wave rather than going into ecstasies over the JONAS BROTHERS, The ADJUSTERS are a young British band that you’re going to hear about. Interview with singer Ash.

First, can you introduce the band?

We’re a bunch of adolescent fools who tend to make the stupidest decisions, which seem to be right at the time, we all share the same interest in rock n roll and early punk, often bad mouthed we’re the fucked up group at the end of the bar that often ends up in a scuffle outside. What started out as a four piece, after several drummers and line up changes we are now comfortable with the noise we come up with as a five piece and are currently looking for a label, not really giving a damn what people think we’re just here to write some bopping tunes and play some real rock n roll.

I’m a bit curious about the name of the band, why The Adjusters?

Well were ‘Adjusting’ the modern state of so called ‘rock n roll’ back to its real roots! haha that and we just think it’s a really cool name!

You’re all in your early 20s, so who or what got you into this old-school kind of punk rock and rock’n’roll?

As my dad has always been a rock’a’billy I was brought up on Elvis from an early age, so that was my first real rock’n’roll influence, but we each got into the early stuff being fans of punk bands and then just started doing research into the bands that started it all, and realised just how much more badass and ballsy early artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis or The Boys are compared to this awful modern sounding stuff!

Am I wrong when I say that Wigan (close to Manchester) is more famous for its football team than for its rock’n’roll scene?

It sure is! That and Rugby, so we tend to stand out from the crowds of short back and side haircuts and tracksuit clad fools following the trends!

You’ve just released your first EP, how were the recording sessions?

The recording sessions went pretty good, as best as they could have with our disfunctional demeanor! Some days would run real smooth and others band members would turn up or leave the studio at different times due to everyday commitments! But over-all I think I can speak for the whole band when I say how happy we are with the outcome of our debut E.P!

How did you pay for this EP? Is it self-produced?

We scraped the bottom of the barrell so to speak with regards to money! Our bass player sold his body on numerous occassions! It is self-produced and we’re hoping to get some good feedback or a million pound recording contract! haha

How many copies will you release?

We’re set to release 500 copies real soon! And will be available free of charge at our shows!

None of you ever thought of changing style to play some more commercial kind of music?

No not at all we’re sticking to our guns with that one, and keeping to the real roots of rock’n’roll, obviously since starting out in 2007 we have progressed and changed our style of songwriting but nothing as drastic as changing the style of the music!

I think I’ve heard that you also like psychobilly bands, what bands for instance?

A Sailors Grave (check them out!), Demented Are Go!, The Grit, Mad Sin, Guana Bats, Batmobile the list goes on and on…..

You’re going to play a few gigs in England soon, have you also planned to play in other countries in the future?

Well we’re working on it! We have actually had alot of interest from America, Australia and Europe recently, its just getting the funds together to get our broke asses over there! Untill that day comes we’re going to continue to start a party at every venue we play in england!

What do you all do outside of music?

Party hard! We tend to do everything possible to stay away from the boring mundane daily grind. Some of the band spend time with their girls and the rest are just slags!

The dream gift: Johnny Thunders’ guitar or Stiv Bators’ mic?

Although I’m a big fan of Stiv I would have to say Johnny Thunders guitar! The band would shoot me if I say’d otherwise, all being BIG Thunders fans…

100 euro question: could you give me the name of one good rock’n’roll band from France?

The Jet Boys are real good!

Last words…

Thank YOU for giving us the time of day to do this interview, and all you ladies should come to our future gigs your guarranteed a good time and a free E.P! P.S. : SOMEBODY SIGN US ALREADY! AND GIVE US EXTENSIVE TOUR!