Killer Hearts “Skintight Electric”

Another new release by Spaghetty Town Records! These guys from Houston, Texas may look like a mix of TURBONEGRO and some old-school heavy metal dudes but they sound like a real ’77 punk band. “Get Some” takes us right into the heart of the action with some infectious dirty punk’n’roll with glammy vocals! Songs like “Do Your Thing” (you’ll even get some wild saxophone in this one!) or “Buried In Leather” show us a band with the energy of old AC/DC and a raw garage rock production while the spirits of the DEAD BOYS and early TURBONEGRO can be heard in “Savage Heathen”, “Dynamite Tramp” or in “Good Time Motherfucker.” Early TOILET BOYS also some to mind at times (“247 Action”) as well as JOHNNY THUNDERS (“Scream and Shout”.) That’s probably enough for you to check this album out, am I wrong? /Laurent C.

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The Ghost Wolves “Texa$ Platinum”

This guitar duo from Austin, Texas was formed in 2011 and bring us their second album, released by German record label Hound Gawd records! 14 songs of garage punk with a riot grrl touch that sometimes bring a band like BABES IN TOYLAND to mind. “Attitude Problem” and “Strychnine In My Lemonade” both display the punk rock’n’roll side of the band, while “Crybabies Go Home” sounds as if The CRAMPS have been on a heavy psychedelic diet. Carley Wolf’s, almost childish vocals sometimes remind me of QUEEN ADREENA, and Jonathan Wolf’s wild and natural drumming sounds very refreshing in this world of pro-tools editing. The band’s minimal musical approach can especially be heard in “Triple Full Moon”, and keeping things raw, without tons of arrangements is something that fits them very well, a bit like early bluesmen when you think about it (“DYGKD” confirms this a the end of B-side.)
The band cites The KILLS as an influence, and it shows a bit in songs like “Whettin’ My Knife”, “Vroom Vroom/$$/I Got Money $$”, or in the bluesy “Bunny Run.” Blues sometimes get doomy in “Shouldnt’ Have Lied” or in “Noisy Neighbors/Yuppie Scum”, but the chaotic spirit remains.
You can hear some exciting live energy on “Texa$ Platinum”, so there’s no doubt that The GHOST WOLVES must be an amazing live act. The limited edition “ultra clear blood hazed” vinyl looks great, which is always a big bonus. /Laurent C.

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