Temporal Sluts “Cosmocracy” 7″

New cool looking 7" 2 song record for Italy's wildest punk rock'n'roll band, TEMPORAL SLUTS on Mental Beat Records/Striped Music: "Cosmocracy", an angry up-tempo song bringing their friends The HUMPERS to mind, and "Rum Dark Room", a more rock'n'roll track with Jerry Lee Lewis piano (played by The LEECHES' Massilanciasassi) and Chuck Berry guitar, with... Continue Reading →

Temporal Sluts / The Leeches ‘Shitville Confidential’ (Split 12″)

A split 12" bringing together two of the best punk rock bands from Italy : TEMPORAL SLUTS, who released a split 10" with The HUMPERS in the mid-90s, and the ever rocking LEECHES. You'll get 3 songs for each band on this vinyl record: Some wild, raw punk'n'roll for TEMPORAL SLUTS, and some more melodic,... Continue Reading →

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