Teenage Renegade “Continental Divide” CD+Book

Nasty Samy is known for being a road warrior, taking his bands (DUMBELL, TEENAGE RENEGADE, BLACK ZOMBIE PROCESSION, SIMON CHAINSAW…) all around Europe, but two years ago he decided to take break in order to cross the USA with his American wife for 6 months!
“Continental Divide” is all about this road trip, a 170 page book (in French) in which he’s taking us all over the great America, from Mississippi to New Jersey, Texas and California among others (more than 30 States!) The amazing thing about all of this is that this book also ends up being a really cool record shop guide since Sam tells us about everything he buys (more than 300 records!) on the road, offering us nice, detailed and personal reviews (he actually lost most of his collection in a fire one year before this road trip, so this is the perfect occasion to re-buy some of his lost records and tell us what they mean to him.) You’ll also get to read show/film reviews and cool interviews (and I’m not only saying that ’cause I’m interviewed!) This is a crazy amount of work and a must-read for all you French readers and rock nerds!
The book comes out with the new TEENAGE RENEGADE album as a musical companion. It was recorded and mixed in various places along the road (France and USA) and the production ends up being very good, tight and full of energy. The band still plays 90s power pop influenced punk rock, but this time you’ll find more variety in their music, with surprising metal parts (yes, that EARTH CRISIS riff in “Fade and Fall Away”!) and radio friendly arrangements (“Do me In”or the beautiful ballad “Continental Divide”.) Of course, you’ll get some crazy Nasty solos, and Erin’s voice only gets better and better, I still can find a bit of Kim Wilde in her voice! Good surprise in the cover choices as they decided to record Chaz Matthews’ “Detox Girl”, and “We” by The DESCENDENTS. They also cover a song by PORTER HALL, a band that sees to play HOT WATER MUSIC kind of emo punk.
This will only cost you 24 Euros, so hurry-up before it’s all gone!/Laurent C.http://www.nastymerch.com/index.php?r=1