Bitch Queens “L.O.V.E.”

This record opens with a song called “Anti-Social”, but it’s not a TRUST song! It sounds more like old TURBONEGRO, but well, these guys will probably admit it since they’ve never hidden their love for Norway’s Denim Demons. Punk rock’n’roll guitars and choruses that are easy to sing along is what you’ll find on “L.O.V.E”, with songs like “Deadbeat Generation”, “Girls Girls Boys Boys”, or “Collateral Damage”. The band can get more groovy on “Naked or Denim” and “Boy Toys Of Glory”, or straight punk rock on “Polymeric Lover”.
Fans of BACKYARD BABIES will probably love “B-Stock Babies” since it almost sounds like an outtake of “Making Enemies Is Good”, but although influences are sometimes quite obvious, BITCH QUEENS also know how to sound more personal, especially on the last song, “Techno is Dead.” “L.O.V.E.” is probably the band’s best release to date, so don’t be afraid of the beard on the cover, this is no stoner or hipster folk! (“L.O.V.E.” will be out on May 5th.) Laurent C.
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Nasty Rumours “Girls In Love/Barbwire Heart” EP

NastyRumoursEP’77 punk rock from Switzerland on Germany’s best punk record label Wanda records! You’ll only get two songs on this great looking 7″ vinyl (the band’s logo is actually on the plastic sleeve rather than on the cover itself), but they’re definitely worth it if you’re into bands like The BOYS or The CUTE LEPERS. “Girls In Love” has an early NY punk sound mixed to snotty British punk typed vocals, and powerpop injected “Barbwire Heart” has a chorus that won’t leave your mind for hours and hours…
Apparently, the band has another 7″ released by No Front Teeth Records, but no full album yet. This 7″ comes out with a download card for the mp3 versions, so you know what you have to do…/Laurent C.

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Bitch Queens “Kill Your Friends”

Kill_Your_Friends_FrontSwitzerland’s #1 Denim Demons are back with 12 new songs. If TURBONEGRO‘s friends were all dead, then BITCH QUEENS advise you to kill yours! The glammiest side of the Norwegian band is still a major influence here, from “Kill Your Friends” and “Gimme a Kiss”, to “Who Are You?” and “Tick Tick Tick.”
On this album, the band also displays some more classic melodic punk rock traces in “Again, Again & Again” and “Take Out The Trash”, a good dose of heavy rock in “Waste Me” or “Get Out Of My Way”, and some fuel-injected action rock can be heard in “That Girl.” Songs like “Joan Is A Creep” or “Bullseye Baby” even could have been released by some horror glam, MURDERDOLLS kind of bands.
BITCH QUEENS have been around for quite some time now (they started in 2008), doing mostly everything themselves, the DIY way, and following TURBONEGRO‘s religion, so don’t be afraid of the darkness, and check them out if you haven’t yet!/Laurent C.

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Bitch Queens “Suck It Up!”

Suck_It_UP-CoverTURBONEGRO fans might have felt a bit disoriented with the new album/singer, but on the other hand it seems like the remaining Apocalypse Dudes still have a lot of fans among which you’ll find BITCH QUEENS from Switzerland. Songs like “Burnin’ Up” or “Ain’t Good Enough” could have been on any post “Ass Cobra” TURBONEGRO records.
The limit with being a tribute band is sometimes thin, but BITCH QUEENS manage to sound more personal on songs like “Does It Get To You”, “Wipeout Kids” or “Suck It Up.” There’s also some DANKO JONES in “Hot Shot”, so these 6 songs should make all of you Turbojugend/punk’n’roll fans happy for Christmas!/Laurent C.


Dr. Cranknstein “L.A.”

An album about Los Angeles by a band from Switzerland with an American singer, Eliot Chambers who released several solo albums before. The opening song “Fly’n To L.A.” has a CHEAP TRICK feel and this can’t be a bad thing, can it? DR. CRANKNSTEIN plays hard rock’n’roll with big 80s influences and they do it quite well, good instrument playing and solid vocals in that style.
This brings a name to mind: KROKUS! You can find a quite simlar energy in the vocals and in a song like “Fuck’n Attitude” for instance. There’s also a bit of early ACCEPT here and there (“Bloody Tattoo..”), and when the band slows things down a bit with a ballad (“Walk Thru (Downtown L.A.)”) it works well too.
I honestly wasn’t expecting something that good when I first looked at the cover. American hard rock fans and old-school Euro heavy metal fans will headbang to this together!/Laurent C.

Bitchqueens/Trashmonkeys “Split 7″”

BITCH QUEENS from Switzerland join forces together with TRASHMONKEYS from Germany to bring you this nice 7″ vinyl. BITCH QUEENS offer us two songs that aren’t as TURBONEGRO influenced as the ones from their “Female Shotgun” album. This is short, this is fast, this is rock’n’roll in an early BACKYARD BABIES way and “Wipeout Kids” is a killer track!
TRASHMONKEYS are more influenced by modern garage rock, “Give That To Me” heavily reminding of The HIVES and “Zero” having an interesting psyche-punk fuzzy feel.
This 7″ comes at the right moment to remind me how cool split records are./Laurent C.