After two albums under the name VIETCONG PORNSÜRFERS and quite a few European tours, the hard working Swedish band has decided to shorten their name to VCPS. This name change is also linked to a slight change of music direction, less high-energy punk rock'n'roll, more hard rock. While oprening song "Ain't Nothing For You" is... Continue Reading →

16 Ton Rockers “The Vintage Retro Tapes 1977”

Good to hear from our Swedish rock'n'roll friend Spinx B' Stard (SWINDLE-A-GO-GO, SALVATION STAR BRIGADE, SUICIDE PACT, etc) again. It's been a while! Back with 4 punk rock pistoleros, Spinx's vocals still sound as good as in his previous bands. These guys got together last year, and chose 3 songs among lots of material to... Continue Reading →

Vietcong Pornsürfers “We Spread Diseases”

Swedish punk rock'n'rollers VIETCONG PORNSURFERS have been around since 2007. After several line-up changes, here they are back with a new high power release. As years went by, the band's music evolved towards an early TURBONEGRO kind of rock'n'roll mixed to some MISFITS influences that can be heard mostly in Tom K's vocals. While The... Continue Reading →

Highlight Enemies “S/T (EP) + Covers”

This is the new band of Revlon and Suicide from French punk rock'n'roll band TRACY GANG PUSSY. Stuffy (HIGHSCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS, PLEASURE ADDICTION...) is on bass and the singer Magnus MP comes from Swedish band STARRATS. Opening song "(As Soon As I Forget) The Bad Times" introduces a band that is mainly influenced by SOCIAL DISTORTION,... Continue Reading →

Sugar Shock “First Date” EP (2004)

First, let me tell you that the cover of this promo CD from Sweden is just great ! I mean, it's nice, original,quite funny and romantic at the same time. This little boy standing up could symbolize every broken-hearted outcast glam/punk rocker, you know who you are! 🙂 In fact, it perfectly illustrates the lyrics... Continue Reading →

Sugar Shock (2000)

"Sugar Shock personify the snotty stage of the teens. With a cockiness not seen since Guns ´n Roses, these boys give their nailpolished mighty middlefinger to the rest of the world. These brats are the rebel rousers of the 21st Century." Yeah ! it sounds like a good introduction for this Swedish band. Put on... Continue Reading →

Twopointeight “Twopointeight II”

Twopointeight is by far the most creative band in the punk rock scene nowadays. Unless you live in a bunker built under the sea, or stopped listening to punk rock and decided to cover up all your Rancid tattoos, you must have heard about them and checked out their first self-titled album. Six years have... Continue Reading →

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