Supergroupies “La Musique Pornographique” demo CD (2004)

We’ve heard about many good punk’n’roll/glam punk bands from Sweden lately. Even though The GROUPIES are not that far from this genre, they definitely have their own identity which is more influenced by early (70s) glam rock. There are four amazing glitter pop songs on this demo CD that you will really enjoy if you’re into  sweet sexy glamourous pop rock. Damn! listen to “You Will Do” and you’ll think that these guys are the new T-REX!! That’s just awesome! The band has a thing for the French language (the title of this CD, the French part in ‘Scream Shout Adore’ -no doubt that French girls will love that accent!- and the title ‘Hot In Paris’.) I was waiting for a band like that and as a consequence I can’t wait to hear more from SG!!
/Laurent C.

Supergroupies (2002)

They have the look, the style and they have songs that you’ll sing again and again after listening to their first and promising demo CD ‘La Musique Pornographique’. Kim (vocals/guitar) tells us more about the GROUPIES and their future…

So could you tell us a bit about the history of the band?
Before Supergroupies I played guitar in various heavy metal bands. At that time I was into playing technical and aggressive, true to the style of heavy metal. However; I was never really happy with the songs nor the image. I wanted to form a band with songs that prioritize the vocal melodies to go with a pronounced visual image. Being brought up on the Stones, Beatles, Kiss and Abba, it was kind of going back to my roots, both musically and imagewise. I started to write songs and looking for musicians. First in was Micael [Grimm; bassist], then John [Linden; drummer]. The three of us began to reherse and did our first show in June, 2001. Though it’s a lot of fun playing lead guitar, I had gone from being a downright guitarist to more of a lead vocalist. We wanted someone who could concentrate on the guitarplaying a 100%. Finally [it wasn’t easy] we found the fourth groupie and guitarist in Robin Berner.

Do you think that it is an advantage to live in Sweden where some rock bands got famous lately?
Yes, Sweden is now the third largest exporter of music in the world, [after the the US and Britain]. Therefore, I believe the music industry really has got their eyes and ears set on bands from Sweden. So, it’s probably easier to get known worldwide if you’re a band from Sweden than e.g France.

Are you satisfied with the songs on your demo CD “La Musique Pornographique”? Why this title in French? Yes, we’re really happy about how the songs turned out on the cd, especially the songwriting and arrangements. The sound quality of the recordings, technically, can get a lot better though. But that’s a question of studioequipment and working with the right tecnichian.The title came up when John was joking around with titles in general. And we have always thought that the french language has a certain glamorous sound to it.

SUPERGROUPIES seem to be inspired by the early glam bands, what are the other influences of the band?
We’ve been inspired by the early glambands such as Sweet, T-Rex, and David Bowie, but also by later glambands like Motley Crue and Poison. We all listen to a broad variety of music that has been, or is inspirational, e.g Micael is hugely influenced by the Ramones, my main influence is the Beatles, Robin was a jazz musican before he got into rock ‘n’ roll, and John has always been a huge Led Zeppelin fan.

You should have put out your full-lenght on Fastlane records but you told me that it won’t happen, have you found another label?
Not yet, but there are a couple of labels who’s interested – we are negotiating with one of them.

Do you often play live? Have you already been on tour?
We’ve been concentrating on writing songs and trying to get a label to put out our debut album – that has been our main priority. We’ve done a couple of shows in Sweden, but no tour as yet. We’re definitely looking forward to it – we love to play live!

Have you got a lot of media support in your country and abroad?
In Sweden, the media has been supportive, they really love what we do, but abroad there hasn’t been much so far. A couple of radio station has contacted us, mainly in Italy and the US, wanting to play our songs. Most of the rock ‘n’ roll/glam www-sites has reviewed our demo-cd or put up a link to the Supergroupies site. On the whole, the support and interest in Supergroupies has been, and is great.

What are your projects?
To put out a record as soon as possible. With a record out, it’s so much easier to get to play live and flourish as a band.

Anything else to add?
That we’re really looking forward to do shows all around Europe – to share what Supergroupies is all about; unlimited, unconditional, tremendous LOVE and having a good time!!