Spencer Robinson releases “Live & Acoustic on Hot Licks with Lina”

On December 17th, 2017, Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders dropped by the Luxuria Music radio station to appear on Lina Lecaro’s Hot Licks with Lina. While on the show, the band played a short acoustic set. This is a raw recording from that radio show.

The EP can be downloaded for free:

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Spencer Robinson “Standing at the End of the World” EP

Former LORDS OF ALTAMONT bass player (and professional blackjack player!) Spencer Robinson takes us into his own world with five songs full of dark and melancholic melodies that bring NICK CAVE and ROWLAND S. HOWARD to mind, especially in songs like “Standing at The End of the World” or “Say Hello To The Devil.”
Sometimes between 60s garage and Tom Waits (“Don’t Need No Jesus”, Tunica”), or more minimal (“Spider”) these songs could be the soundtrack of lonely drives in dusty California, or could be featured in a David Lynch movie.
Johnny DeVilla (former guitar player in the LORDS OF ALTAMONT too), and Tom Hernandez (The SUPERBEES) joined Spencer for the recording of this EP that will out as a limited edition cassette on Solid 7 Records. The digital version is out on Bandcamp, and you should definitely check it out! /Laurent C.

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