Sons Of Buddha “Didoudam”

SonsOfBuddhaSONS OF BUDDHA have been playing NOFX influenced punk rock for almost 10 years now (they released 2 albums before and a split record with The APERS from The Netherlands.) On this new album, the French band offers us 12 new sunny pop punk songs, including a great cover of M.O.T.O.’s “Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance To The Radio” featuring Kepi Ghoulie (They toured together in last January, the SOB guys playing every night as Kepi’s backing band and as the SONS OF BUDDHA as well.)
Strongest songs on “Didoudam” include “Last Night” (because cowbell and hand claps are always a big plus!), and the humorous “Gérard Depardieu” (probably a fun one to sing along live!)
I’m still not the biggest fan of the vocal harmonies of the style, but if you can survive the intro, then you’ll have a good time listening to this album./Laurent C.