Seventh Veil “White Trash Attitude”

SeventhVeilWTAThe Italian gang is back with 10 songs (they released a 3 song EP last year) still influenced by 80s Sunset Strip bands and melodic heavy rock. Sometimes reminding of “Girls Girls Girls” (Obviously one of their favourite albums as the band’s name suggests) Crüe era in the guitar riffs (“Red Light In Your Eyes”, “Are You Ready To Die?”), SEVENTH VEIL has their roots in European heavy metal before all (Steven’s vocals, the guitars and double bass definitely sound more heavy metal than glam metal, just listen to “Sister Cigarette”,”No Fear” or “Slimy Snake” …)
The melodic hard rock side of the band is actually what fits them the best on this album, even if can mostly be heard in just one song (L.A. Dream”) this time.
The musicians can play, the singer can sing, but in the end, the songs on “White Trash Attitude” suffer from a serious lack of hooks. Maybe next time?/Laurent C.

Seventh Veil “Nasty Skin” EP

Named after West Hollywood’s famous strip club (Nikki Sixx suggested the name to the Italian band’ singer when signing autographs at Sunset Strip Music Festival last year), SEVENTH VEIL introduce themselves with this 3 song EP, but some of the guys already played together in the past in a band called LASTRIDE.
No big surprise when it comes to the influences as you’ll find some “Ten Second To Love” guitar riff in “Rock’n’Roll Veils” and more generally lots of 80s hard rock references (“Nasty Skin” has a bit of a DOKKEN touch in its chorus), but SEVENTH VEIL also gets closer to punk’n’roll on “Jack N’ Roll”.
Short but quite promising. Keep your eye on the money, I mean on this Verona Crew!/Laurent C.