Lovesores “Formaldehyde” 7″

lovesores2After touring Europe under his own name, ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott “Deluxe” Drake is back with his band The LOVESORES (they already released “Bubblegum Riot”, a 10″ record before), and a brand new 4 song 7″ on transparent yellow vinyl! Quite a good looking piece for you vinyl lovers!
There are some strong rock’n’roll roots in the LOVESORES‘ music, and this makes me think about a clash between British ’77 punk and 80s Californian punk (There’s a bit ot DEAD KENNEDYS in Scott’s vocals, and some BLACK FLAG in the guitars) giving birth to some high-powered tunes (“Your Secret Face”, “Lightning”…) You’ll even get a bit of Johnny Thunders’ HEARTBREAKERS in “Revolver.”
Fast and tight, if you have to buy only one 7″ this month, then make sure it’s this one!
The LOVESORES will be touring Europe in 2014!/Laurent C.

Scott “Deluxe” Drake/The Gee Strings (split 7″)

ScottGStrLITTLE RICHARD on a cover can never be a bad sign when you love rock’n’roll, right? These guys sure know it! You get two originals and two LITTLE RICHARD songs (or songs popularized by him to be more precise) on this split 7″ vinyl, so no bad surprises ahead…
The original thing here is that these two bands share the same rhythm section: Mad Macst and Buanax from French surf punk rock band The IRRADIATES. Both have been touring with SCOTT DRAKE and The GEE STRINGS for a while now, so the idea of a split record appears to be as logical as good.
On A-side, Scott “Deluxe” Drake (The HUMPERS…) offers us one of his songs “Your Secret Face”, a good mix of ’77 punk and garage rock’n’roll, and a cover of “Keep A Knockin” that leads him close to a band like The JIM JONES REVUE. By the way, check out Scott’s new band The LOVESORES!
On the other side, German female-fronted punk rock’n’roll band The GEE STRINGS rock hard and tight with their song “Detox Too”, and their cover of “The Girl Can’t Help It”, a song which really fits them well. The kind of cover that makes the audience want more when you play it live as an encore!
There’s only 330 pieces (220 black and 110 coloured vinyl with 2 different covers) of this American/German/French split 7″ on Spanish record label Ghost Highway recordings, you should hurry up!/Laurent C.