V/A “Music For Maniacs”

As everybody knows, it is hard to sell records nowadays, and even harder to sell compilation records! If you want to be able to sell more than a few to your family and friends, thenĀ  you have to offer something that not only sounds good, but that also looks very good, a fine product. German... Continue Reading →

Every Day Is Like Sunday Megazine #5

Monsieur Nasty Samy tell us about his "Dirty Black Summer" (the movies he watched, the records he bought, etc. during Summer 2012) in this special issue which is actually the last one... But you know the man, he always has tons of ideas and projects going on. A colourful horror magazine-like cover and 74 cool... Continue Reading →

Long Gone Loser

This interview was originally published in Slime 'zine (in French), so here's a chance for all of you English readers to get intoduced to Damo's world: Long Gone Loser 'zine/podcast, his band MUSCLE CAR, his record collection/addiction, etc. Damo has got a lot to say and we won't complain about it! So, how did you... Continue Reading →

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