The Jones “Silver Faces”

Paris rock’n’rollers The JONES are back with a new 13 track album. Opening song “True Love” mixes DR. FEELGOOD to Les DOGS while “Sid Vicous” brings GARY GLITTER and T.REX to mind. The JONES are no newcomers since they played in many bands before, including BAD LOSERS and CHRIS WILSON, so you can expect some good, solid and tight playing. The 60s influences can be heard in “Shake” or in “Betty Jean” while “No One To Blame” has a cool rockabilly vibe and a pretty catchy chorus. The classic blues rock’n’roll side of the band shows more in “Come Back To Me Baby”, “Silver Faces” and in “Can’t Afford Wasting My Life”, and you’ll get your powerpop fix with “Morning Ghost” and “Look The Part.” You’ll even hear some groovy funky guitars in “Looking For A Fox” and some classy pop in the last song “Twenty Seven.”
Keith Richards once said “The rock is easy, but the roll is another thing…”, and “Silver Faces” shows us how it has to be done! /Laurent C.


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The Jones “S/T” EP

TheJonesEPThe JONES are a new rock’n’roll band from Paris, France, but these guys are no newcomers since Thierry Jones played in BAD LOSERS, Laurent Ciron used to be in the DOGS and the rhytm section Gerard Coulondre and Rudy Serairi also shared stages with quite a few rock bands!
4 songs on black vinyl with a nice Rocky Horrror-ish art-work. On side 1, “Weapons of Mass Distraction” is a catchy 70s rock’n’roll song with glammy vocals and rhythm’n’blues horns while “Bee Sting & Bankruptcy” is a rock and rollin’ STONES/QUIREBOYS kind of tune!
Side 2 takes us somewhere between “Sympathy For The Devil”, DR. FEELGOOD and MINK DEVILLE with “I Want Your Lips”, and offers us a great cover of HUEY “Piano” SMITH‘s “Sea Cruise” (mostly known because of 1959’s FRANKIE FORD‘s version.)
The JONES are not only gentlemen with good tastes, they must also be quite entertaining to watch live since every member in the band sings, but before being able to see them (if you haven’t yet), you should definitely get this fine piece of vinyl./Laurent C.

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