The Thick Un’s “Greasy Gambit”

The THICK UN’S is actually a one man project. Mark Kennedy recorded these 4 songs in a DIY, lo-fi way. His inspiration seems to be vintage sci-fi/horror movies and 70s psyche rock. “Savage Sea” is purposely out of tune, and “Winter Warfare” sounds a bit like BLACK SABBATH on acid! Things sometimes get very chaotic (“Reckless Rider”, “Cold Cabin”), but if you like crazy lo-fi music, then this one might be for you! /Laurent C.

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The Barbarellatones “The Sound Of Love”

TheSoundOfLoveWatch out! The BARBARELLATONES are back with 17 songs full of glitter, cryptic guitar riffs and cinematographic references (opening song “The Sound Of Love” tells us from the start “I’ll be James Bond and you’ll be Brigitte Bardot”!)
The second track is a spaced-out version of BOWIE’s “Rebel Rebel”, probably one of the best covers of it I’ve heard!
When listening to a BARBARELLATONES record, you’re never too far from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (“Feeling Haunted”) and the band often flirts with 60s garage psyche (“Sunshine Death Mask”, “Roasted”), this is why The BARBARELLATONES are unique, they mix genres and influences in the best way you can imagine in order to give life to their sleazy B-movie monster rock’n’roll… and they aren’t afraid of anything, not even of some country-ish touches, just listen to “Sex Cow” and “Redneck Riviera”!
One of the best songs on here is “Dolph Lundgren”, dark music and humorous lyrics as a tribute to the famous Swedish actor and bodybuilder “There’s a rumour that Dolph’s father was an actual dolphin in the Norwegian seas..” Now, can you beat that?
The BARBARELLATONES also offer us their own glittered version of The VELVET UNDERGOUND’s “White Light, White Heat” and experiment with funky grooves on”Give It Up!”
As good Californian people, their love for surf (“Surf Beat”, “Ride Surfer Ride”) is also still intact since their first album, and you’ll get a bit of sun from their songs (“Summer Of Love”, “Lonely Beach.”)
The BARBARELLATONES have been working with manager Vicky Hamilton (early GUNS N’ ROSES, POISON…), so don’t be surprised if one of these days you see their name everywhere!/Laurent C.

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