Pretty Boy Floyd, The Renegade Playboys and The Plastix @ The Underworld, Camden, London, UK 15/02/04

Pretty much a de rigor opening act at any TB Records endorsed gig now Nottingham’s The Plastix consistently provide a lively wake-up call to kick off an evening. Dealing in a messy Glam-punk stomp, that references a more punky KISS, and singing about the simple teenage politics of it not being fair and playing music... Continue Reading →

Kristy Majors

Kristy Krash Majors has released a new album and is about to rock Europe so PRETTY BOY FLOYD's former guitar player has got a few things to say about what is going on in his world as well as in the world in general... You just released a new CD (“Sex Drugs ‘N’ Rock N... Continue Reading →

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