Warshow Angels “S/T”

WarshAngelsAny band mentioning T.REX and The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH in their biography is worth talking about, right? Well, good chances are you’ll hear about them on here!… Formed in NYC by Kneel Cohn (Vocals/Guitar) and Todd Bryerton (who played drums on the last CONSOLIDATED album) after recording a few songs in Manhattan, WARSHOW ANGELS offers us a very interesting and unexpected debut album full of special guests, mixing 70s glam sexiness to industrial/post-punk atmospheres.
“Bruises” and its SISTERS OF MERCY kind of bass played by Tony Barber (BUZZCOCKS) reminds me a bit of MARILYN MANSON‘s “Mechanical Animals” era, a retro-futuristic mood that can also be found in “Prozac Smile” and “Dive.” SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK synths and groovy Bolan-esque beats/guitars meet up in “This Is Not A (Hit Song)” (with HANOÏ ROCKS‘ Sam Yaffa on bass!), and LOVE AND ROCKETS often comes to mind while listening to this record. Other guests include Martin Shellard (SPIRITUALIZED) on the sci-fi ballad “Red Plastik Crush”, Peter Holmstrom (DANDY WARHOLS) on the spacey-psyche “Planet Girl” and Nicky Garratt (UK SUBS) on “Love Hz”, a dark sexy dancey electro-glam tune.
Beware! Songs like “Bang Bang Love”, “Sexy TV Trash” or the infectious “Flaunt It Like This” won’t leave your mind after listening to them a couple of times! (and since too much is neve renough, you’ll also get a “Flaunt It Like This” remix version à la SSS by Julian Beeston (NITZER EBB, PIGFACE) )… The 70s, the 80s and the future in one album, definitely the best surprise of these last months!/Laurent C.

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Velvet Condom “Vanity & Revolt”

vanity-and-revoltThe Berlin-based French synth pop duo has been around for 8 years already, and have released 2 albums, 1 EP as well as a few songs for various compilations. Thus, Rustblade records has rightfully decided to release this “best-of” compilation (the limited box also includes a DVD with some videos and live footage.)
While duos were really popular until a few years ago, it seems like the trend has been fading out a bit lately, but the best ones remain, and VELVET CONDOM is definitely one of them. Their mix of synthpop and post-punk with glammy vocals has always managed to evolve through the years… Starting as a minimalistic neue deutsche welle influenced duo, they then developped their style to get closer to 80s French coldwave, and finally included little by little more noisy (almost shoegaze) guitars on their last album “Stadtgeil”, a fine mix of dirty pop and weird wave in their own words.
So, whether you like to dance to 80s drum machine/synth beats (“Never Ever”, “Kalter “Lippenstift”), enjoy more dreamy-sexy atmospheres such as “Collapse In Slow Motion”, “Rouge City” or “Menace”, or 90s noisy guitars mixed to fine melodies (“Separ-Hate”) you’ll find what you need among these 19 songs. Add the creepy post-punk blues “Silky Lolita” and and the dark and catchy “Self Injury”, and you’ll get the perfect VELVET CONDOM compilation. Influences from a band like The CURE are also obvious on early songs such as “Trash Vaudeville” and “Poison & Maquillage”. Among the few rarities that have been added, 70s glam fans will also enjoy the amazing version of BRIAN ENO’s “Driving Me Backwards” that closes the record.
Icing on the cake, “Vanity & Revolt” is a great title and the cover art looks really good. Come on and feel the Velvet touch!/Laurent C.


Todd Is New Each Moment “A Thousand Nights” EP

TODD IS NEW EACH MOMENT is an 80s influenced synth pop duo from New York that probably listened to a lot of “Neue Deutsche Welle”. Vintage drum machines and keyboards mixed to post-punk/new wave guitars and poppy shadowy vocals is what you can expect here. SUICIDE, NEW ORDER or SOFT CELL fans will probably enjoy this 4 song EP too. Opening track “A Thousand Nights” is a kind of electronica meets DEVO song while “Traps” is a very good 80s danceable tune and “Flooded Highways” is more experimental, almost psychedelic at times but still catchy enough, reminding a bit of the fantastic “Goodbye Horses” (Q LAZZARUS) in the chorus.”Uneasy Dreams” is the song that probably combines the different aspects of the duo’s music the best.
This scene has been quite crowded these last years but TODD IS NEW EACH MOMENT should be able to stand out next to Berlin Frenchies VELVET CONDOM for instance./Laurent C.

Wayward Gentlewomen “The Last For…”


A new and possibly last (as the title suggests…) album from these fine French GENTLEWOMEN who previously released two EPs and one album (“Death of The Tree”.) The band has decided to put the acoustic/folk influences a bit aside to try and experiment with new things on “The Last For” musically as much as when it comes to the record production (Lucas Trouble) itself, and the result is quite interesting…
Opening with a LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH kind of intro (“She”) and a Lou Reed on speed meets a punk gospel choir (“The Preacher”), just followed by the catchy “I Try”, you can tell that WAYWARD GENTLEWOMEN have now gained enough experience to materialize their ideas and wildest fantasies into music. Late 60s melodies collide with 90s noisy guitar distortion and flirt with garage fuzz (“Kings”) or country punk (“Night Fears”.) Most of these songs would actually work really well as a movie soundtrack, whether they are sad ballads (“Stupid Idea”) or cryptic wave-ish rock’n’roll tracks (“Don’t Bug Me”.) You can also find a bit of the amazing French band les DOGS in this album, especially in the moving “So Lonely”.
Experimenting with new styles lead the band to write songs that can sound a bit surprising at first, like “I Was Alone” and its 80s hip-hop touch, “Jungle” and its wild animal backing vocals or the shoegazing “Laughing”, but in the end these songs bring more variety to the album.
This might be one of the last chances for you to check WAYWARD GENTLEWOMEN out, so don’t miss it…/Laurent C.