International Rocknroll Overthrow by Anguish Young…

There are some bad people on the rise…” (-Morrissey)


Sometimes, it seems like “most people” still don’t get it. How consolidated-media exists only to distract the many, from the horrific atrocities of war and to train the ever-dwindling, consumption-oriented, debt-slave middle-class to uncritically worship talentless heiresses and right-wing blowhards and to blame the Wall Street crimes of the elite, top 300, super-rich, greed-head billionaires on all of us poor people, who have no real vote, no real say, no real rights, no representation, viable opportunity, or now obsolete, Constitutional liberties. We are groped, spied on, tasered, rendition-ed, under constant surveillance in the post 9/11 police-state U.S.A. America has just five percent of the world population, but TWENTY-FIVE percent of the world’s prisoners. Who, exactly, do you think is the invisible iron-fist, behind the genocidal wars in the Middle East and Drug Cartel Violence in Latin America, with their clandestine kill-lists, mass assassinations, masked mercenaries, embedded media, and false flag attacks? Big Hint: It ain’t poor people in hoodies with camels or box-cutters. Tv watchers will tell you, “it can’t happen here”, but peaceful protest anywhere near Cheney, Bush, Obama, or anyone protected by the American Secret Service is now a felony. It’s already on the books, HR 347. Look it up. American tax-payers can already be kidnapped without charges, or trial, and imprisoned, indefinitely, or assassinated (Search: “disposition matrix”) while we discuss Lady Gaga, Lance Armstrong, or the fashion faux-pas of rich people’s children on our cell-phones, while being monitored by the over-funded NSA. We have Hannah Montana, in place of Kathleen Hannah. Nickelback, instead of Nirvana. Kid Rock—not the Trash Brats. On and on and on and on…which side are you on? Boycott Pig-Media.
Maximum Rocknroll” was absolutely right, in the 80’s, when they taught us that corporate rock is just one more Amway-style pyramid scheme. Why does every American know about Snooki, Green Day, Jessica Simpson, and Avril Lavigne, but not Mike Martt, T.V. Smith, Jayne County, or Stevie Klasson? Because most home inheriting college graduates still like their cozy denial and false sense of moral superiority and “belonging”, wrongly derived from investing their faith in slick magazines, cable news, cops, Democrats Vs. Republicans pro-wrestling distractions, big pharma (a pill for everything, if you have overpriced insurance), colleges, military, and the corporate establishment. You really think Obama cares about your kids, the Bill Of Rights, gay marriage or abortion? “Now, who’s being naive, Kay?” You really think feckin’ Mariah Carey(!!??) actually sold all those records? There just aren’t THAT many gay hairstylists with bad taste. All the same people who told you that YOU “can’t sing”, always willingly pretended like Eddie Vedder and Greg Dulli COULD sing. You think Patti Smith or Johnny Rotten would make it on “The Voice”???? If you dare question the extremist Dick Cheney rightwing police state policies of Netanyahu or Obama, you will likely be branded a “racist”. Fortunately, the masses against the classes are steadily waking up, all over the world, and recognizing how efficiently religion, nationalism, the outdated left versus right paradigm, and corporate propaganda are always used to steal the pursuit of happiness from the many, to pay for the designer purses full of drugs, of the few. Stop supporting fascism and war, rocknrollas!


Music is powerful. Why else do you suppose they stopped playing real boogaloo dude rocknroll on radio and cable television? They similarly killed genuine hip-hop when they killed Tupac and demonized Public Enemy and replaced their thoughtful and provocative presence on the airwaves with Fergie and Diddy and refried Janet Jackson and Madonna clones. What was the last thing that passed for rocknroll in the big media? Buckcherry-those sub-Kiss, say-nothing, cock-rock, NFL jingle janglers? That U2 commercial from 15 years ago? Billionaire Bono claims he can’t speak out against war or torture or drone attacks or government deception anymore, because supposedly, his new world order bankster buddies forgave some third world debt, in exchange for feeding people sterility-inducing Monsanto frankenfood, and forced vaccinations, and “liberating” all their natural resources. I’ve had the distinct displeasure of interacting with some “can’t beat em, join ’em” former music people on the social climbing escalator, “going up”, and ooh, let me tell ya. It was just awful. Almost needed a translator because nowadays, they only speak in “Sharper Image” catalog. Oh so quick to forget, heartbreaking shit, but I’ll get over it. One thing I’ve learned is you can’t communicate, or negotiate, with capital-crazy, rat race, Agent Smith, sold soul robots. Leave ’em to their feeding frenzy, let ’em chase their gods—the idle rich. Give unto “The Donald” what is his. I have zero desire to become a stick up my arse, posh, bourgeois swell. Let the dead bury the dead.


Meanwhile, there are little pockets of heroic rocknroll resistance popping up all across the country, and indeed, the world. Badass motherfuckers, who recognize that in the age of unreality-shows, fame is empty currency, and that embedded journalists and media-class whores of tv’s hypno-spell, only exist, to keep people from waking up to the evisceration of the Bill Of Rights and non-stop war-crimes being committed by the ruthless, profiteering, shadow empire of the private prison profiteers with their bogus drug wars, and the globalist military industrial media triangle fascist billionaires, who own the big five corporate media monopolies. Where some dumb sock puppets and hopeless showbiz nephews yearn for vacant fame, real rockers are more concerned with tending to the good old FLAME. I know so many authentic bluesmen and genuine punk icons who are having severe health problems and still scrounging for rent, while the sports-drink morons of mainstream war culture distract themselves with Spencer and Heidi and Honey Boo Boo and “Keeping Up with the Kardashian”s. The worldwide rebel alliance is strong–just don’t look for it on the brainwash-box. Cancel your cable subscription, today! All kinds of cool alternative media streams are popping-up, like the Sons Of Dolls and Veglam websites, and rebel-rockers all over the planet are pro-actively podcasting and returning to printing up homemade fanzines and broadsheets, D.I.Y. is the only way.

Check out the BULL-PIT, with your host, John Dissed:

Psychobilly super-stars, Cold Blue Rebels, have a new CD out February 19th, called “Love Of The Dead”, available for pre-order now:

Even David Bowie‘s come back out of the cupboard.

Someone is making an in-depth documentary about Johnny Thunders and endeavoring the uncover the truth about his mysterious death in New Orleans. Cool Kids who are sick to death of Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are currently organizing and congregating in England, Atlanta, Austin, L.A., Indianapolis, Detroit City, rejecting the gutless rap and hipster techno that’s been force-fed to us for the past two decades by shyster shareholders of the war machine echo-chamber. Young bands like Cyanide Pills, the Biters, the Adjusters, and Prima Donna are hipping enthusiastic audiences to the real rocknroll of their forefathers, and bands like The Boys, Tango Pirates, the Hangmen, Dave Kusworth, the Joneses, Waldos, Lovesores, Jim Jones Revue, and Michael Monroe are enjoying a tremendous resurgence, often rivaling their popularity at the zenith of their heyday, as more hip kids flood to their shows to kick out the jams, punk rock style. Hollywood’s music scene is bursting with vital rock action and fresh sounding, pulse hastening rock bands like Dirty Eyes and the Crazy Squeeze who are attracting legions of Mexican Morrissey hooligans, shag headed post-emos, hot models, and straight-up punknroll glitter brats who all wanna press flesh, fly their freak flags high, and party like it’s Rodney’s English Disco, all over again. Manhattan’s last stubbornly lingering 70’s punks, bar-owning, show-promoting moguls usual suspects like Jesse Malin and Handsome Dick Manitoba are still hosting all kinds of glam revivals at bars like Manitoba’s, Bowery Electric, and Otto’s Shrunken Head. Buddy Bowzer, Brass Knuckle Evangelists, C.J. Ramone, and NY Junk have all been seen bashing out a blast-off brand of jetboy music that keeps the diehards young and infuses the club scene with an electricity seldom witnessed since the Giulliani/Bloomberg clampdown on civil rights and non-stop trustafarian gentrification killed off the C.B.G.B.’s/Coney Island/Continental nightlife in the late 90’s. Brandy Row, a rising punk rockstar from Merry Olde and Proto-Punk Revolutionary Hero, Wayne Kramer are both coming to NYC. Trigger is hosting a Continental Divide reunion show, as I type this international scene report. On Saturday, April 20th, Roy J. Morgan from the Excessories and Neurotics is hosting a Johnny Thunders tribute show in L.A. featuring the Waldos with Uncle Walter backed by Dino Everett, Roy, and the dynamic JOEY PINTER on white hot lead guitar. Also confirmed for that show are Crazy Squeeze, Devil Dogs West, Telephone Lovers, and Electric Children. I am heartened by this popular groundswell, organic movement, happening worldwide, as more people get hip to the Corporate Ruse of the war machine, and turn away from consolidated media to get their kicks around the proverbial bonfire with the red pleather soul people of the rocknroll revolution.


One town that’s in for a special treat on March 30th, is NEW ORLEANS, when the legendary, surviving WALDOS come to town to entertain their faithful punknroll constituency and commune with the ghosts of J.T. and Willie Deville, in the sleazy big easy. If you got rocknroll amigos in N’Awlins, tell ’em all about it. This will be one historically significant, wildass barn burner, party lights shindig, they don’t wanna miss. Hard-knocks Joey Pinter wrote the book on gutter grace and is a shining example of the unenviable, but utterly admirable, difference between vapid, manufactured celebrity and purist punk individualist. He ain’t no manufactured emobot. He is a lived it, seen it all, twice, rock STAR. There’s nothing more righteous than an outlaw soulman who overcomes all the odds, endures all, and stays true to himself. JOEY PINTER is the 4-Real essence of rugged independence and Max’s Kansas City cool. He’s currently hard at work in the recording studio with Bomp! power-pop personality, Arthur Alexander, who is producing his hotly anticipated solo debut. You already know and love charismatic Heartbreaker, Walter Lure. Together, they are an essential combination. Catch ’em while they’re still alive!

The Waldos on Facebook

R.I.P. Jim Sabre of Happy Death Men & George Bjorling of Poopy Butts.