No Tomorrow Boys “Who Killed Johnny?” 7″

The NO TOMORROW BOYS, from Portland, Oregon are back with two new songs on this cool looking clear vinyl (also available in black) released by Hound Gawd! Records: "Who Killed Johnny?", a tribute to JOHNNY THUNDERS that will please all of you LAMF rock'n'roll addicts, and "Get Out Of Denver", a CHUCK BERRY meets LITTLE... Continue Reading →

The No Tomorrow Boys “Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me”

I was expecting some '77 punk rock when I first saw the cover and name of the band, but The NO TOMORROW BOYS sound more like 50s rock'n'roll on speed ("A-Bomp Bop", "Rosie Rose"...) mixed to The SONICS and GUITAR WOLF! Their biography introduces them as "the rabid lovechild of LITTLE RICHARD and The CRAMPS",... Continue Reading →

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