Danny Garcia “Looking For Johnny” Book

'Cause I wanna be there wit cha and I know what to bring ... Ya don't get no respect until ya die, if you're a friend of mine... ALONE IN A CROWD (-by Daddy Rollin' Stone and the Endless Party) It ain't no fun being a symbol. Once you come to represent something powerful in... Continue Reading →

Mental Beat #1 Fanzine (Spring 2014)

Issue 0 was cool, Issue 1 is even cooler! Printed in black and blue on white paper, Mental Beat offers us an interesting mix of old and new rock'n'roll in both English and Italian: Interview with The FLESHTONES, Zig Zag Magazine ( the first rock magazine in the UK), and Mike Hudson (about Johnny Thunders'... Continue Reading →

The Batusis “S/T” EP

"New York City's Such A Whore!" (-Electric Frankenstein)ATTN CITIZENS: Speaking as someone who got chased out of public schools for dressing alot like Karen O, at her splashiest, way back in the mid-eighties, I can tell ya, not just anyone can rock the Raggedy Andy look, and "Make It Work", like Sylvain Sylvain. He's the... Continue Reading →

Nina Antonia

After enjoying the privilege of being able to do this interview with Nina Antonia, I finally came to the decision of asking her a few questions about her latest news, but I think that nobody would have forgiven me if I had not asked anything about her past as well… Nina, you were born in... Continue Reading →

Sam Yaffa

Is there anyone out here who wouldn't enjoy collecting some thoughts of one of the most talented and enigmatic bass player on earth? We humbly did it, but also with a bit of pride. Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Sam Yaffa... When did you start playing music? Could you have ever imagined in your craziest dreams... Continue Reading →

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