Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Halo” EP

Finally some good music coming from the UK! It’s been long!… And it’s been long since I got to hear a band with this London glam pop feeling I love so much, bringing to mind images of early SUEDE and Velvet Goldmine! JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES already released an EP (“Postcode Wars) and an album (“In Debt”) but I only get to hear about them now with this new 4 song EP. Better late than never.
“Halo” is the song I’ve been waiting for from a British band, think of Bowie and PULP with amazing Bernard Butler influenced guitars, groovy sexy dandy pop at its best!
“Rain Stopped Play” gets more in the MANICS/early PLACEBO territory, a punk rock song with an indie pop feel while “Ripples” displays the softer pop side of the band, as if MORRISSEY and JOBRIATH wrote a song together.
New Romantics haven’t been forgotten on this EP since the last song on this EP is a brilliant cover of ERASURE’s “Ship Of Fools” that fits very well with the three other songs.
Imagine if Brit-Pop never turned into something dull and boring, then JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES would be selling millions of albums now./Laurent C.