Jarama 45 RPM Recs 7″ releases: Neon Bone “I Wanted You To Know”/ F.A.N.T.A “El Paciente Cero”

Neon Bone “I Wanted You To Know” 7″

Four pop punk songs with vocals reminding of BAD RELIGION. “I Wanted You To Know” is quite catchy, “Put It On a Rest” is sunny enough for the summer, “Why Did You Go Away” has a bit of a RAMONES feel to it and “Island Of Dreams” brings early SOCIAL DISTORTION to mind. Worth getting if you like good pop punk.

F.A.N.T.A. “El Paciente Cero” 7″

F.A.N.T.A. is a melodic punk from Barcelona and they offer us two songs on a 7″, the old-school way! “El Paciente Cero” is a pretty cool rockin’ tune and “Yo Nunca Tuve A Nadie Como Tu (I Never Got The Girl)” sounds more like the slower RAMONES songs. The Spanish vocals fit quite well with this kind of punk rock. Quite a pleasant release!


Monster Zero Records Special: Neon Bone/So-Cho Pistons/The Skullingtons

Pop punk champion record label Monster Zeros Records are bringing us 3 hot releases for this winter:

Neon Bone “Make It Last”
Punk pop from Germany with songs going from RAMONES influenced punk rock (“Number One”, “I’m Coming Home”, “Another You”) to 90s sunny pop punk (“I Got A Friend”.) You also get to think of BAD RELIGION while listening to “Baby Don’t You Cry” and “Don’t Say No More” or NOFX (“You’re Eating My Brain.”) The band sometimes clearly slides to the pop side with “Girl You Should Know”, “Talk Yo Me”, “It’s Up Yo You” or “Surrender To You.” An album that keeps the pop punk flame high in the air!

So-Cho Pistons “Knuckeheads”
Hiroshima punk rock veterans are back and offer us 18 ultra fast punk rock songs in 30 minutes! “No Way”, “Don’t Be A Liar” or “To Dancing” show us that these guys must dig the RAMONES but you’ll also hear a bit of 77 punk/street punk (“I Love Fifi”, “No”) and traces of 80s punk hardcore (“Rise Up”, “Tou Senbo” “Teo Nobase – Raise Your Hand”, “One Rocket”) You might need to learn Japanese to understand the lyrics but it fits well with the music. This is fast, this loud, this is raw, this is punk! Ready Steady Go!

The Skullingtons “En”
This is the first release of this Norwegian band although they’ve been touring a lot. The intro song “S.K.U.L.L.IN.G.T.O.N.S” is pure RAMONES style but then “Phantom Limb” takes us somewhere where The MISFITS could be hanging out. This is no surprise that you’ll get a bit of horror influenced lyrics (“Jenna is a Necrophiliac”, “I Don’t Wanna Go on the Murder Train”, “Highschool Of The Dead.”) The band can sound very poppy on “She Could Be The One” and even sound 60s influenced on “No Spark.” The vocals stand somewhere between The GROOVIE GHOULIES and the TOY DOLLS and the raw production fits quite well with the teenage punk spirit of these songs.