Glampire (2001)

The best thing to describe GLAMPIRE's music is to listen to it because it is very personal. The man has a lot of interesting things to say, whether it is about his emotions or about this world -Positive music for a negative world- Veglam zine could only offer him some space... Are you satisfied with... Continue Reading →

Jupiter Blue

MySpace may give people the opportunity to listen to thousands of new bands every day but I have to admit that it’s still rare to find a band that makes me want to know more about them as sonn as I listen to them. That’s what happened when I first heard JUPITER BLUE’s “Anthem For... Continue Reading →

Rachel Stamp

RACHEL STAMP has been more than quiet these last years since their amazing 2002 release "Oceans Of Venus" . The band has recently reformed for a show in London to coincide with their new Best Of CD ("Now I'm Nailed To Your Bedroom Wall I've Only Got Myself To Blame".) If you haven't been lucky... Continue Reading →

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