“You and me

We’re going to escape tonight

On the run

Under the moonlight

Don’t think about nothing

Don’t think about nothing”

My main bands are still Generation X, Hanoi Rocks, Duran Duran, Pretenders, and Jesus & Mary Chain. I was never that metal, at all, really. Like most kids in my generation, from my part of the country, I’d heard of Motley way before I found my first Hanoi Rocks cassette. I became a dedicated lifelong Hanoi Rocks fan and kinda fell off the Motley train after the car accident and the second album, but I still remember the middle school dickhead industrial arts teacher casually strutting down the hallway with his big bushy mustache and two inches thick old fashioned glasses, casually ripping my Circus magazine pinup of Mick Mars spitting blook in all his Alice Cooper kabuki makeup down from my open locker-this was the kinda needless shit the hick adults did for no reason to assert their dominance in the tank plant town I grew up in. They’d fuck with your shit for no reason, and brainless mooks of the wrestling team and jackass golfshirt preppies would copy their behavior. It’s still real, real Planet Of The Apes, back there. Dumbfucks rule with their big trucks and numbskull apeman, flatulent dumbfuckery. I’m kinda sad for old Cryptkeeper Mick Mars, I remember seeing pix of Bob Deal in the seventies in his Bad Company coverbands with the disco mustache and hair parted in the middle and flares and silk shirt, right? He was old when they did “Too Fast”. I never lie about liking “Too Fast” and “Shout”, even among my glam hag Hanoi bretheren. I remember when Detroit’s Trash Brats were covering “Public Enemy #1” and they’d found a Nikkki Sixx lookalike bassplayer, and really being wowed by their live version of it. I still like “Starry Eyes”, “Come On & Dance”, “Take Me To The Top”, “Live Wire”, “On With The Show”, “Stick To Your Guns”, all that. Also love some of the songs John 5 did with David Lee Roth, so I’m kinda happy for 5, ya know he sorta graduated leaving Zombie/Manson for Motley Crue, the bigtime. I naturally didn’t like hearing the gossip that those other guys pushed him outta the band. They’re just a big money machine obviously, we’ve all known those guys were douchey hammerheads since forever, this is not new news, the drummer is like eighty now and still wants you to watch him wag his dingdong around, Vince never stopped drunk driving or punching hookers and Nikki is the worst kinda recovery loudmouth, quoting twelve steps scripture all day while still sensationalizing every fucked up thing his crue ever did that harmed people. So yeah, not a fan of gloating millionaire got away with it bully dickheads as people, but really, really like their original sound, a crass hybrid of punk, metal, glam, and the Runaways. They fucking looked phenomenol for their first fifteen or twentY minutes, too. They stayed Red Hot longer than Guns N Roses did. I saw that “Dirt” movie on Netflix and actually enjoyed it thoroughly in spite of not really caring for that Machine Gun Kelly Pink 182 Kardashian rapper kid at all, it was still very enjoyable to watch. I don’t like fat capitalist, sleazy businessman can’t sing Vince that much, for many reasons, but I always say a prayer when I think about him losing his child, ya know, he is still a human being with a heart and has to live with his burden like you and I have to live with ours. That’s too much to fucking shoulder, too much for anyone to bear, on top of his own errors and misbehaviors and unforgivable fuckups.. I kinda can’t help but feel for the guy sometimes. My dead friend Paul K the drunk poet outlaw singer used to say their book, “The Dirt”, was his favorite book of all time, which is pretty funny if you knew Paul. So I have some mixed feelings about seeing John 5 joining the Crue for still another already rich stadium tour victory laps. Happy for John 5 who I like, sad for old Mick who was probably the least douchey of the Raunchy 4. I still like “Danger” alot, too, always related deeply to that one when I was a mulleted bespectacled dork twelve year old dreaming about escaping the farmlands with all the fucked up hick kids and juvenile authorities and making a break for L.A.,cause Jim Morrison said, “get here and we’ll do the rest”,  and years later, when I finally got out of Baptist reform school and white suburbanite jock school, released from detention hall, and rode out to Hollywood with a crazy redheaded stripper blasting “L.A. Woman” in her sports car and walking the boulevard at night whenever I was kickedout of my apartment in the middle of the night by a Cisco sodden chick, negotiating my makeup wearing way past all the street gangs and pimps and hookers and scary army like police thugs all lookin’ for their next meal, “This Is Hollywood” in my skull, especially that Mich Mars guitar solo. Talk about Mean Streets. I lived on Cherokee and Sunset, it was fuckedup. The cops were more dangerous than the drug gangs. That city was no joke and I never got lucky at all, never met the right people, it was all just fear, struggle, starvation, and deadend telemarketing jobs. Gettin’ kicked out at night. Recordstore owner not paying me. Seizures and wakin’ up in the county hospital.

Mötley Crüe- Danger – YouTube

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Mick Mars guests on this commercial country song. Look at the artist though-always with the Industry ownership Illunimati Eye Property Patch, ya know? 


Maybe it’s cause I live in the dead end desert graveyard town where there’s just old broken down trailers and all the tourist trap, hot tub hotels are for sale even since it all dried up during the covid clampdowns, aint no bars, aint no record stores, only one real old school music oriented, eccentric avant garde dude I know of besides me in a three hour radius, but I think it’s fuckin’ weird as fuck how nobody talks about the Cramps and Gun Club anymore. Maybe my oldster punk pals are kinda just past it, already played the livin’ daylights outta those records in the eighties, but me, man, that’s my CULTURE, that’s my jam, my sound and way of life. I aint gonna change into some kinda Foo Fightin’ Billie Eyelish and Miley Cyrus I-phone streamer just cause Big Media pounds us with all that bullshit everyday. Like today, it’s fucking twnty degrees outside and my night owl family are still asleep, but I’ll probably end up out there in the garage at some point, cause I moved all my Day Of The Dead skeletons and figurines offa my grandmothers’ stsero so I can play some old Cramps and fucking Depeche Mode vinyl. I am what I am. I split the whole scene back in 95 with the first real big noticable influx of normies and preppies and shitlibs and douchebags into the skanky bars that used to be for punks. The middle class gentrifiers and obedience signalers always wanna clean it up, which means hassle people like me until we go away. I like that new Depeche Mode song okay. I’m glad those two are still doing it. Some of us are signed on for life.

The Way I Walk (The Cramps music video) – YouTube

The Cramps – What’s Inside a Girl? LIVE – YouTube

The Cramps – Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? LIVE – YouTube

THE CRAMPS – “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” – YouTube

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The Cramps – Psychotic Reaction – YouTube

“The white left in the U.S. is deeply delusional. Elements of the left actually believe a radical movement leading to revolutionary change will be led by white activists with Black & colonized people as backdrops. #AntiWarSoWhite” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Censorship Operations: Covid, War, and More – Activist Post

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“There are speakers at @RageAgainstWar_

whose politics I disagree with. There might be one or two whose entire personalities I can’t stand. But it would never in a million years occur to me to start attacking that event and killing its energy and support over something so petty. If you’re looking at all this insane nuclear brinkmanship and the complete absence of public resistance to it and then deciding that the REAL problem is Tulsi Gabbard or whoever speaking at a demonstration against it, then your priorities are fucked. You’re not seeing clearly. The correct response to a large and energized protest against US militarism, warmongering and nuclear brinkmanship that has speakers you dislike is to start organizing more such protests with speakers you like, not to spend your energy shitting on that protest. I mean, like, duh. We’re closer to nuclear war than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and nobody has a foot anywhere near the brake pedal. This alone should have people protesting in the streets by the millions, but it doesn’t. These are serious problems that need to be addressed. “Oh no that event is bad because it’s got a speaker I don’t like in it!”

Is it really worse than having ZERO large demonstrations dedicated to opposing US warmongering and nuclear brinkmanship? Because that’s what you’ve got right now. That’s what you’re pushing to maintain. Like what is it people think they’re protecting by doing this? The “anti-war movement”? There is no anti-war movement. The “left”? There is no meaningful left in the US. What are you protecting if you can’t even have one big antiwar rally without everyone trying to shut it down? Of all the countless horrors in this world that one could spend one’s energy attacking, I simply cannot imagine choosing a large demonstration dedicated to opposing US warmongering and nuclear brinkmanship. For the life of me I cannot fathom any sensible reason to do that.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

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Alec Karakatsanis on Twitter: “THREAD. The book IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black is one of the best and most important books I’ve ever read. Everyone should read it, especially anyone working in tech, journalism, or law. A few things about it are astonishing.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “For those that still don’t see that social media is considered a weapon by today’s militaries. (From 2014, but still very relevant)” / Twitter

NielsMayer on Twitter: “One of the best exposées of the use of “AI” to wizard of oz and launder fascist disinformation and truth inversions while hiding the “man behind the curtain” (aka CIA and deep state) is from @_whitneywebb and @TLAVagabond” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”What is essentially being enacted here has historically been defined as corporatism, … Benito Mussolini, for example, defined his particular brand of fascism … as corporatism, a merging of private and public power.” – Journalist Whitney Webb exposes the World Economic Forum” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “You’re unlikely to see this in the mainstream media. It’s real journalism. The investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reveals how the United States, the pirate nation, destroyed Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline to Europe. When will Europe wake up?” / Twitter

Live Not by Lies on Twitter: “Roger Waters calls for peace during speech at UN: “Along with every other living thing, we will be sacrificed on the altar of two things: profits from the war to line the pockets of the very, very few and the hegemonic march of some empire or other towards unipolar world” / Twitter


“You and me are about to escape in the days of cold fire

Drugs and desire
Gas and ice are a syncopated sound that sends us back along
Where the skins hung out

But it was OK
Yeah, it was all right
We were, we were
The untouchables at night

You and me, well, we’re waitin’ on a corner share drag and a joke
With only fools to save us
We laughed and cried, split our sides at what they told us

That it’ll be OK
That it’ll be all right
We were, we were
The untouchables at night..”

So I met a kid, cool dude, has chickens and roosters and puppies that play together, knows a lot about politics, he’s a decorated combat veteran and definitely more towards the right than me, highly literate and knowledgable about all kinda shit, but he’s into the real detailed esoterica, the legalese, the lengthy bills and all that, so much of his conversation goes over most people’s heads including mine, but he’s in his thirties, like, my oldest kid’s age, so when I kept telling him how I’m really into Generation X, he thought I meant like, video games and watching sit-coms and Beck’s “Loser” the slacker anthem and role playing games and sarcasm and “Guitar Hero” and gaming and beiing Grunge/Alternative. But, no. I’m obviously talking about GENERATION X the band. Best everything, all at once. Best rhythm section, best guitar player, best frontman, Mott The Hoople influenced lyrics. The best threads-part punk, but all glam. Man I felt so fucked around and unwelcome in the big city gentrification scenes since all the normals invaded by ’95 and transformed our righteous and longstanding art ghetto bohemian enclaves into rich kid hipster country clubs that I left those places with some overall sense of bitter acrimony and went to the desert to get away from me, first trustfunded, landlordly V.I.P. dickhead culture, right? I often say the only shit I miss is Chipotle, indian food, and “Vive Le Rock” magazine. Also I was sad I missed GENERATION SEX, when Idol and Jamees played with Cook and Jones! I don’t even talk to the people I used to make music with in my teens and twenties for many reasons, but I carried a torch for them for a couple decades at least mainly cause I felt so certain we had unfinished business, we had co written and demo-taped a shit ton of songs in the tradition of all our heroe’s bands that still had not been properly recorded. Songs with weight and depth and messages and melody and cool breaks, the whole shebang-torchy love songs and rousing go geddem, storm the barricades, streetpunk anthems. I listen to the bands those other guys went on to join in later years and remain just baffled that there is seemingly little to no awareness that the stuff they did with me was super impactful in ways that are uncommon nowadays. Maybe cause I was never tight with my parents, never even met my one half sister who’s like middle aged now, but I was always rootin’ for like Van Halen to reunite while they still had some hair left and could still do kicks and hit the high note and give us the Full Bug, original band, not three of’ ’em and the fat kid. That shit just stinks of nepotism and rich people family business privilege. Circus Of Power were one of my favorite bands, Ricky was super cool to me, Alex was super cool to me, Gary was super cool to me, but some personal shit went down and as a lifelong fan, a kid who used to cover their songs and follow ’em around from town to town like a Circus Head, right? I always wanted them to reunite, too, now Ryan and Zowie are gone and Ricky and Alex don’t get along for their own personal reasons, they had an irreparable rift at some point, I’m glad Big Al found other qualified applicants and is still treading the boards performing songs like “American Monster”, “Call Of The Wild”, “In The Wind”, “Junkie Girl” and “Letters Home” with his rejuvenated lineup and Gary Sunshine even guest starred on their last record, which was cool. He makes solo albums now in the spirit of Tom Waits and Paul Westerberg. He’s good at what he does, too.But yeah back to Generation X, I think Tony James and Billy kept all the moolah and that’s why Derwood and Mark Laff don’t really wanna be involved with it no more, which is a cryin’ shame because they were my personal faves, all 4 of ’em were absolute dynamos in their day and Billy is probably still the best frontman of his generation, I mean there’s Iggy, Mike, Jagger and Tyler, too, but are any of those guys specifically better than Idol, or just equal to ‘im? I mean him and Steve Stevens are still frequently generating modern songs as good as the old stuff, and that’s the rarest thing in the world of rocknroll, ya ever heard of. C’mon, what was the last Stones song you really cared about? Or Aerosmith? For me, it was “What It Takes” or “Chip Away”, or “F.I.N.E. Fine”, right and that was all a long, long time ago, even “Jaded” and that was just like so-so. I do like some tunes on the new Iggy Pop record. Tex Perkins can do no wrong in my eyes. The Mary Chain are still good. But when I talk about what I’m really into musically, what I aspired to co creating my own unique version of, the dizzy heights I was reaching for, it was Generation X I mostly had in mind. With a little Gun Club and Lords Of The New Church thrown in there, right? That new Lordsy song Mike’s band did was pretty stellar, I must say. When nobody’s around and I have a cocktail, which I do not currently, the band that makes me still wanna dance in front of the mirror or put on some makeup, you know, it’s still almost always Generation X. Billy and Steve had a song on that album Devil’s Playground with the rolling bassline that reminded me so much of Tony James, I really ended up loving that one too. the “Runaway” song. “Come home it’s a brand new day, some home my Cheri, Cheri runaway!” So fantastic. So yeah when I get down with the blues over all the modernday ripoffs, controlled pig media fake news and lies for war, the censorship and high rent and grocery gouging and adult have to pay the man to keep the lights on non stop worries bullshit, one resource that still soothes my weary mind and feels like medicine for my broken little new wave heart is still, of course, the immortal and untouchable GENERATION X. Would you believe at different times of my life I’ve even reached out to Derwood and Tony about forming a band with me because that’s just how I am? Unrealistic and sometimes just flatout fearless when it comes to the lost art of co creating the danceable motherfuckin’ heartfelt romantic, rebellious rocknroll! But right now, today I gotta go clean the catboxes and take out the trash and vacuum up all the popcorn my kid spilt all over the floor! Mark laff and Bob Andrews, if you ever google yourself and happen up on these words, just know that although you might not have gotten the moolah you deserved, you helped touch many people’s hearts and uplifted us and gave us hope when we were scroungey little nobodies from horrifyingly abusive backgrounds who really needed that little bit of light and coolness and inspiration the four of you provided. People tell Billy and Tony that shit everynight, probably, but I could never say it enough to any of ’em. Thank You, Generation X!!!! I also love the third album that nobody else likes-I think it’s a flawless masterpiece even with other musicians. All 3 records are perfect in my book, the peak!

Nothing is better than this, if you ask me. Generation X – Kiss Me Deadly – YouTube

Night of the Cadillacs (2002 Remaster) – YouTube

Paradise West (2002 Remaster) – YouTube

Untouchables – YouTube

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Valley of the Dolls (2002 Remaster) – YouTube


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Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “This is a great resolution to stop the war in Ukraine. Too bad no Democrats in Congress will touch it. Neither will most Republicans. But we should push our reps to support it. #peaceinukraine” / Twitter

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How the Powerful Use Crises to Concentrate Wealth, Manipulate the Masses • Children’s Health Defense (

“Anyone who has worked a normal job at a normal-sized business has worked with people who have odious political beliefs, but if an antiwar demonstration has a speaker whose politics you dislike it needs to be shut down, lit on fire and buried. Have you just never had a job, or ? This is because these demonstrations against US warmongering are not actually targeted for having the wrong speakers or ticking the wrong boxes. They are targeted because they are demonstrations against US warmongering. If you do succeed in getting a large antiwar demonstration going and it’s drawing lots of interest and attention, you will quickly discover why that is when your own event gets targeted in the same way as they always are, despite your meticulously ticking all the right boxes. There will never, ever be a large antiwar rally that doesn’t get attacked for having the wrong speakers or the wrong message or the wrong whatever. ANY time an antiwar movement starts gaining momentum and turning heads, it WILL be attacked. And it WON’T be for the reasons given.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Syria has received earthquake aid from Russia, Iran, Cuba and China.

These countries have lost *billions* in total from US sanctions.  

Tell me which country is the real threat again?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Not only do they team up with other countries to jointly prepare for war with China but they invite “journalists” over to boast about it. And everyone finds that perfectly normal… But a balloon, what a provocation!” (-Arnaud Betrand)

“Other questions at this press conference:

ITV: “How many fighter jets do you need, when do you need them?” BBC: “Don’t you think that decision about warplanes is taking too long?” Sky News: “Why not send more so they can finish off the job now? What is holding the West back?” Journalists at these press conferences almost always operate from the same working premise: that their job is to cajole the world leaders into escalating harder.” (-Michael Tracey)

“The empire pivoted away from the Bush-era Hulk-smash ground invasions in favor of proxy warfare, sanctions, drone wars and covert ops exactly because the protests against the Iraq war scared the crap out of them, and there’s been a major focus on narrative management ever since.The “right kind” of large antiwar rally will never, ever appear. There will never, ever be one that is not subjected to high-octane ridicule and derision by voices seemingly aligned with you politically. The last time the empire let that happen was 2003, and it never will again. For that reason, you can’t expect antiwar protests to have that kind of widespread acceptance anymore. People are far too indoctrinated, the warmongering has gotten far too subtle, and the infiltrations and manipulations to prevent the rise of an antiwar movement are too strong. We know this is true because that’s what’s been happening. Opposition to US warmongering and other crucial power agendas sees its momentum quashed before it gets off the ground, over and over and over again, without a single, solitary exception. This WILL continue. Again, I’m not asking you to believe me on blind faith. If you don’t see the patterns I’m pointing to right now, just wait, and keep watching. Pay close attention. You will see it for yourself before long. Or better yet, prove me wrong. Get a large demonstration against US warmongering going with all the right people and ticking all the right boxes, and get it lots of energy and attention. Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious that this literally never happens? Why might that be?” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The International Committee of the Red Cross has said that circulating images and interviews of Russian POWs online – as CNN is currently doing – constitutes a violation of Article 13 of the Geneva Conventions.” / Twitter

Reality Almost an entire continent and the most powerful military alliance in the world have spent about $120 billion and imposed 9 rounds of what is described as the most devastating sanctions in History on 1 country Russia still has 20% of Ukraine a year later. If Russia is a weak country I hate to see what will happen when we face a strong one. Before the war when it wasn’t basically against the law in the US for our media to tell the truth about the Azov in Ukraine.

Our Gov’t funded them knowing this. Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine via

@YouTubeThis doesn’t mean everybody in the Ukraine military is a Nazi, or there aren’t brave soldiers just fighting for their country It does mean that our Gov’t are liars, but you should already know that, especially when it comes to getting us into wars. If a Black person is lost enough to defend Massa Joe because he has a D next to his name on a ballot in spite of what he has done to and said about our people for the last half century, I don’t have time rnow to try to pull you out of the Matrix. Stick around and pay attention.” (-Black In The Empire)

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Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The Philippines surrendered their sovereignty to the U.S. in order to defend their sovereignty against the Chinese. This is the colonial logic of vassal states.” / Twitter

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Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “So while RUS proposed a treaty to resolve the Cuban-missile-crisis-level threat on its border, the US planned Nordstream sabotage – rupturing German-RU relations, destabilizing the EU w surging energy costs, & shredding prospects for peace.” / Twitter

Stefania Maurizi on Twitter: “1. I had been advised against travelling to #Stockholm to discuss the Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks case and my book #SecretPower. And yet I have received such an amazing welcome and feedback: warm support and press reports from respected #Swedish media” / Twitter

Rep. Elise Stefanik on Twitter: “The FBI paid Twitter over $3.4 million of taxpayer dollars to censor stories – including the Hunter Biden laptop story. 53% of Americans made aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story would have changed their vote in 2020. This is unconstitutional election meddling.” / Twitter

Arnaud Bertrand on Twitter: “Wow! Seymour Hersh, one of the biggest legends of American journalism – he revealed such massive scandals as Vietnam’s My Lai massacre or the torture at Abu Ghraib prison – just released this huge piece: “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline”” / Twitter

Robert W Malone, MD on Twitter: “Dr. Malone Reveals Study By Fauci Admitting mRNA Vaccines Hardly Work.” / Twitter

Pepe Escobar on Twitter: “From another one of my Deep State sources: “Biden is basically senile and the Straussians are running the show. Sullivan, Blinken and Nuland, among others, are quite incompetent. The Pentagon does not want this war; other than Poland, NATO is nothing but the US.”” / Twitter

Study: 50% of All Vaccinated Young Athletes Have Myocarditis (

Miko Peled on Twitter: “Blinken visited Palestine and some thought he could broker peace No. The US is a full participant in the atrocities against Palestinians. They pay for it & allow it to happen. And the US decided the men in this video, the JDL, are not terrorists. That helped give us Ben-Gvir” / Twitter

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Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Sy Hersh is one of the most accomplished and important journalists of his generation. Someone who works for “Business Insider,” @miajankowicz, has never broken a story of note in her life. This is how she and that site describes Hersh’s report on the US blowing up Nord Stream:” / Twitter

Alexander Mckay on Twitter: “The bourgeois press is where you can find far more barbarity and calls for genocide than you could on old 4chan pages. The calls for mass slaughter are just more politely worded though.” / Twitter

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Read Jackson Rising by @CooperationJXN on Twitter: “This train derailment situation is so much worse than they’re indicating. The explosion, the toxic chemicals, and then this reporter getting arrested while broadcasting by the press conference. Horrible from top to bottom.” / Twitter

Truth Justice ™ on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: Swiss President and the Minister of Health are under investigation, indictment, and prosecution by the Attorney General for Covid Crimes involving lying about the vaccine effectiveness and safety. Thailand convening war crime tribunals to nullify Pfizer Contracts.” / Twitter

AOC CONFRONTED: Watch Her Reaction – YouTube

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “BBC journalist hugs Zelensky in the middle of a press conference with the UK prime minister. Perfect little encapsulation of how journalistic standards get tossed right out the window on this subject” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Read Jackson Rising by @CooperationJXN on Twitter: “This train derailment situation is so much worse than they’re indicating. The explosion, the toxic chemicals, and then this reporter getting arrested while broadcasting by the press conference. Horrible from top to bottom.” / Twitter

New Push for ‘Oral Vaccines’ to Vaccinate People Using Food; 23 Percent Sales Tax May End Income Tax (

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“Our rulers hate Russia and China because they see them as a threat to their hegemony

Americans hate Russia and China because our rulers told us to. if Pelosi was a Republican, liberals might actually be curious about how she and her husband made a $100 million on the stock market while she was a public servant. While these politicians you love or hate attend their children’s weddings, sip cocktails together and collect money from the same wealthy people and corporations, we fight each other over which corrupt Party is our ally. Our rulers and their Western allies don’t want to lose their control of the world Almost all the world chaos you see is the result of them trying to maintain their hegemony. The biggest danger on the planet is not the countries they programmed us to fear, it is the people in DC. Our Congress voted for several years on whether or not we should fund neo-Nazis in Ukraine that they now tell us never existed. I guess that either makes them the real Russian propagandists or you a damn fool for belieiving these liars. Americans are still believing the same Gov’t and media that told us Iraq had WMD’s and that they were winning in Afghanistan for the last 20 years without even giving what they are being told a second thought. I don’t live in Russia, China or Iran so I can’t vouch for or denounce them with anything I can say is fact I’m an American and I can vouch for how evil, greedy, murderous and dishonest our Gov’t is and prove it by simply revealing our own words and deeds that are in the public. I won’t be bullied into supporting Nazis, pretend this isn’t a proxy war the US has been trying to start for years or believe the rulers of my country gives a shit about democracy here or anywhere else. I’m gonna tell the truth, and I have the facts and evidence to back it up. Americans, Our Gov’t took $100,000,000,000 from us, refused to let is track where it went, gave most of it to their donors, and the rest went to a country labeled the most corrupt in Europe that has Nazi Battalions in its military. Then got you to attack anybody against it. Dem and GOP leadership and their media allies have successfully transferred trillions of dollars to their donor class from us over the past few decades by getting us obsessed with fighting culture wars while they are fighting a class war. How much do you think weapons manufacturers made on this war?” (-Black In The Empire)


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The Last Show Of Mötley Crüe “Nuit du Long Couteau et du Rêve Américain“ – Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA 31/12/2015

Je n’étais pas vraiment prédestiné à me trouver là ce soir, je n’avais encore jamais écouté un seul titre de Mötley avant les années 2000, et pourtant on est devenus très intimes en peu de temps, ils font désormais partie de ma culture musicale et de chacune de mes visites en Californie. Ce soir c’est la 6e fois que j’en suis, je passe même nouvel an avec eux. Comment ça se fait? J’aurais pu les découvrir dans les 90’s avec “Generation Swine”, c’était ce genre de son grungy, pop-noisy qui m’excitait à l’époque, mais leur label en France apparemment n’en a pas fait sa priorité, et l’album n’a donc jamais attiré mon attention (la pochette oui par contre) chez le seul disquaire à Saint-Dié (les métalleux trouvent le nom particulièrement cool) dans les Vosges. J’ai plutôt écouté 4 autres californiens omniprésents à l’époque et particulièrement appréciés par les débutants en slap bass. Il faut croire que le Zeigeist rodait plutôt de leur côté.

C’est le soir du Nouvel An, je me rends au Staples Center avec mes rock bitchez overlookées, l’endroit est connu pour accueillir les Grammy Awards. On est au centre de Downtown, un quartier peu fréquentable il y a encore 10 ans, mais en pleine ébullition depuis quelques années. De loin Downtown dessine la skyline de L.A et fait penser à un quartier d’affaires très huppé. Sauf qu’une partie du quartier renaît à peine de ses cendres de quartier chelou „à éviter“ et attire aujourd’hui dans ses entrepôts et anciens hôtels des années 20 une nouvelle scène underground, une évolution un peu à la Berlinoise ou Brooklynoise début 2000. On doit la réhabilitation de Downtown ainsi que de Hollywood, un quartier qui n’avait plus rien de glamour depuis très longtemps, entre autres à la venue de jeunes gens fuyant les loyers exhorbitants et inhumains de San Francisco ou New York.
Le Staples Center quant à lui n’a rien d’underground ou alternatif, on est là dans une cathédrale de l’entertainment ultra-capitaliste: une jungle interminable de sponsors, un magasin (et non un stand) tout entier dédié au merch du groupe, la bière à 12$ (environ 12€), et des prix de billets ahurissants. On sent vraiment les efforts déterminés et presque sauvages pour nous soutirer le maximum disponible et indisponible de notre compte bancaire.
Mais c’est Nouvel An, et le dernier show de Mötley Crüe, on ne va pas regarder à la dépense. Je me prends un gobelet de vin blanc (après avoir calculé ce qui me fera le plus d’effet en dépensant le moins) et m’en vais aller fumer une clope dans un endroit totalement isolé et très loin de nos places.
Premier d’une longue série de paradoxes: le plus gros pays producteur de tabac t’interdit de fumer quasiment partout. En gros, avec une clope et une bière, tu te sens davantage comme un délinquant qu’en portant une arme dans un Starbucks. Ca ne pouvait être donc que de ma faute d’avoir loupé l’entrée en scène du Crüe sur Girls Girls Girls pour avoir osé fumer une clope après les excellents chauffeurs de salles anglais The Struts. Je cours, mais j’arrive seulement à la fin du morceau.. Tant pis, je crie quand même, de joie de voir les 4 survivants du Sunset Strip des 80’s une nouvelle et dernière fois. Ma 1ère fois c’était avec Laur Veglam himself, mon mentor en rock flamboyant et mon Tommy Lee et Nicky Wire du temps de notre aventure glitteresque au sein de Sparkling Bombs (R.I.P). On était à l’époque en tournée sur la Côté Ouest quand Laur m’a transmis le virus de L.A et de sa scène Glam et Sleaze Rock. La machine à rêve m’a donc engloutie à mon tour, et je fus dépucelé par un 1er show de Mötley en 2008 à LA LA Land.

7 and plus tard, même ville, j’assiste au dernier show ever! Ever? Alors contractuellement ils se seraient mis d’accord de ne plus jamais tourner ensemble. Perso j’ai du mal à le croire au vue des annonces du même genre déjà lors des dernières tournées. Un fan me racontera plus tard que le contrat n’excluait pas les shows ponctuels, donc à mon avis tant que Mick Mars tient debout, on aura peut être encore la chance de les revoir ensemble. Tous les derniers shows étaient sold-out, les bénefs considérables, pourquoi s’en priveraient ils? Pas au nom de l’intégrité en tous cas.
Aux USA business et musique sont indissociables. Il n’y a qu’en France où on est pas trop à l’aise avec ca. Je me dois néanmoins de rappeler que la qualité des shows de Mötley ont toujours été à la hauteur. Le groupe est connu pour le soin et les moyens investis dans leurs shows et ne font pas d’exception ce soir, on en a pour son argent.
Certainement une des nombreuses raisons de leur longévité.

Mötley n’a pas été le plus vendeur ni le plus populaire de sa génération et pourtant il est le dernier groupe à être encore là, et les salles n’ont jamais été aussi pleines.
On doit ce succès à plusieurs facteurs:

-Le leadership et le sens des affaires de son fondateur Nikki Sixx.
-Une endurance exemplaire: car même au plus bas de sa carrière le groupe ne lâche pas, joue les petites jauges, les afternoon slots dans les festivals et continue à enregistrer des albums malgré les problèmes de santé, de drogues, de conflits internes, du départ de Vince, puis de Tommy Lee.
-La street cred: GnR et Nirvana ont un peu ballayés toute la scène avec leur style moins polissé et sophistiqué. Au revoir Poison, Ratt, Skid Row, Warrant, ..
Mötley sortaient du lot, ils étaient plus crades et rugueux que leurs contemporains, et ont réussis à fédérer un public féminin ainsi que les rockers, punks et bikers.
-Et dernier point, le plus important: la sincérité quant à leurs vies privés racontées dans le best-seller The Dirt. Jamais un groupe auparavant aura raconté avec autant d’humanité ses propres ups and downs. C’est dans son côté sombre que Mötley révèle sa vulnérabilité, et c’est dans cet aveu de faiblesses que le groupe attire la sympathie du grand public (dont je fais partie).
Le respect de l’échec personnel ou professionnel est profondément ancré dans la culture américaine. On accorde d’ailleurs davantage de confiance à quelqu’un qui a connu des échecs qu’inversement. Et des échecs dans la vie du Crüe, il y en a un paquet. Et même si l’écriture extrêment romancée de Neil Strauss (connu entre autres pour l’hyper biograpahie de Manson) ne lésine pas sur l’exagération, on se rapproche humainement du groupe comme jamais auparavant.
Tout ça, plus Pamela Anderson et une sextape mondialement connue ont fait que Mötley Crüe est encore là ce soir, envoyant le bois devant 20 000 fans des plus fidèles.

Le public est chaud, le groupe rodé, c’est la fin de la tournée, et la dernière d’une série de 3 dates dans leur fief où tout a commencé il y a 35 ans, autant dire que la tension est à son comble. Ca explose de partout, les flammes chauffent jusqu’au dernier rang, tout en enchaînant les tubes:
Same Ol’Situation, Smokin In The Boys Room, Looks That Kill.. un crowd pleaser après l’autre bien qu’une setlist sans surprise aucune depuis 10 ans. Les die-hard fans auraient aimé des extraits un peu plus obscures et rugueux de leur discographie, mais bon l’heure est à la fête et on ne va certainement pas changer une setlist qui gagne au dernier concert!

Pour rappeler que MC fut à la base plus punk que heavy, ils envoient Anarchy In The UK au milieu duquel une poignée de mecs cagoulés et habillés Guantanamo style envahissent la scène en tirant sur le public.. avec des fusils à eau… 1ère réflexion: ”mmh, too soon?“, mais après avoir checké qu ils le faisaient déjà sur la tournée avant les attaques du 13 Nov, je suis un peu rassuré tout en avouant avoir trouvé ca quelque peu déplacé après coup. Mais bon, très honnêtement, je crois avoir été le seul à faire le rapprochement et je ne voudrais gâcher cet instant fun punk pour rien au monde.:)
Et je crois bien que ce serait surestimer un peu l’intellect de nos 4 rockstars préférés. Ca a d’ailleurs le mérite de les rendre encore plus sympathiques. Une rockstar politisée aux USA, ça peut parfois déraper très à doite à en lire les positions d’un certain Jesse Hughes.. too soon?

Anyway, les anarchistes (je présume) cagoulés se barrent à la fin du morceau, personne n’est blessé, juste humidifés et gonflés à bloc, on est au milieu du set, un moment crucial dans un show, on est au sommet de l’excitation et du coup méga réceptif émotionnellement. Et c’est bien sûr de ce moment que Nikki profite pour créer un moment d’intimité avec le public en racontant à lumière tamisée sa version du rêve américain, ce pourquoi on est tous là ce soir. Il s’agenouille comme un chevalier après un long combat et tire de sa botte de rock’n roll un long couteau… et là il raconte le patelin paumé (et dieu sait qu il y en a beaucoup dans ce vaste pays) d’où il vient, qu il n’avait rien à part ce couteau offert par son père et des rêves pleins les yeux en arrivant à L.A. C’était touchant, car sincère. Et on comprend une fois de plus que toute l’histoire de ce pays est bâtie sur cette simple philosophie du „plongeur devenant millionaire“.
Une bien belle idée, sauf qu’elle n’est pas réaliste à moins de défendre le concept de darwinisme social. Mais le pire étant que la plupart des gens y croient vraiment! Et le nombre de sans abris, de mendiants, de mecs habitant dans leur bagnole, qu’on voit partout dans les rues ne les fait pas douter une seule seconde que ce rêve puisse être totalement fumeux. Non, bien au contraire, ça leur rappelle en permamence qu’il faut encore doubler d’efforts pour réussir et ne pas finir comme ce type qui a tout perdu car on lui a pris sa maison.. On connaît l’histoire mais ca ne change rien. C’est cette foie imperturbable doublée d’un instinct de survie transmis dés le plus jeune âge qui caractérise le peuple américain. En tant qu’européen assisté, protégé, qui ne croit plus en grand chose, on est tout simplement fasciné par cette énergie. Jusqu’à un certain point. Et ce point c’est la perte de toute notion de réalité, le fait de tout analyser de manière émotionelle, de ne pas se baser sur des faits, sur des résultats scientifiques, et de déléguer les pleins pouvoirs à une force spirituelle et à un ordre moral suprême. Une morale qui se veut au dessus des lois, des institutions, et de l’état, et qui définit pour l’ensemble de la population ce qui est bien et ce qui est mal. Scary!!!

Ce pouvoir de la foi et de la morale aux USA est garantie et entretenue par une société de consommation extrême, car tant que tu consommes, tes besoins primaires sont satisfaits et tu ne remets pas en question la main qui te nourrit. Une main invisible qui te nourrit, te guide et qui gère tout. Tu n’as pas besoin d’en avoir plus. J’en veux pour preuve ce texte publicitaire imprimé sur un paquet de lait entier (en gros le lait entier, ormis le fait qu’il ne soit pas bon pour notre organisme et qu’il est le fruit de l’exploitation d’animaux par l’homme, n’est pas très populaire en ce moment comme tout aliment qui n’est pas estampillé ”fat free”): „On pourrait vous raconter plein de choses intelligentes sur le lait entier mais franchement pourquoi le ferait on car vous venez déjà de l’acheter. C’est du VRAI lait et c est vraiment délicieux!“
Ca montre à quel point on désinforme pour mieux pouvoir formater ensuite. Et ce que dit la pub est vrai! C’est toujours vrai car toujours dit sur le ton du „bon sens“. Du coup, on gobbe des trucs comme „avoir des dettes c’est horrible, avec ”Kill The Debts” vous vous débarrassez enfin de vos dettes“ (en en créant de nouvelles cela va sans dire), ou bien: „vous êtes obèse et vous sentez mal dans votre peau alors achetez ces pillules approuvées par de vrais médecins, et restez libres en continuant de manger comme avant, ne vous laissez pas vous faire manipuler par tous ces régimes, une pillule et hop“.
On nous a appris à croire plutôt qu’à réfléchir donc on gobbe. Et on nous a appris ce qu’était bien et mal, donc on le sait tout simplement.
Cette idéologie a traversé les océans et nous est transmise tous les jours par les produits culturels américains, cela fait partie de ce que l’on appelle ”soft power”, un pouvoir politique exercé de manière non économique ni militaire.

Mais qu’est ce que je raconte, je suis venu ici pour le pain et les jeux, à savoir un putain de show qui défonce et des nachos gratinés aux cheddar. Et puis c’est tout! Je veux croire en cette illusion, comme un gosse qui voit un magicien sans se demander comment ca marche. Et comme Tommy Lee, je veux voir des „Titties“! Rien de plus simple d’ailleurs à L.A, car aller dans un stripclub, c’est comme aller boire un coup dans un bar. Enième paradoxe ricain: Tu te fais jarter de Facebook en moins de 2 pour un simple téton, et ici tu vas voir des trous de balles en famille le week-end, weird! Peut être que le sexe en rapport avec l’argent c’est cool mais le sexe nature c’est ..evil?

En parlant d’evil, un autre symbole qui domine le show c’est l’ami satan et son pentacle. Avec Shout At The Devil et Louder Than Hell, et un immense pentacle enflammé derrière la scène, on fête le devil mental en nous.
L’image du diable est très présente aux USA, il représente 2 choses: le mal incanré pour les uns et donc la justification d’une pensée manichéenne, et pour les autres c est le culte de l’individualisme, de la nature humaine et l’indépendance par rapport à un dieu. Dans les 2 cas, il représente une force dont l’Amérique a besoin de se nourrir pour exister.
Et dans le Rock’n Roll, la sympathie pour le diable est assez commune, c’est un peu un pote d’enfance. Une enfance qui n’a quittée personne ce soir, et surtout pas Tommy Lee qui est désormais à l’honneur avec son mythique drum solo.

IMG_1706Vu que son solo a suivi une certaine surenchère durant ces 35 années de carrière, on était en droit d’espérer ce soir un climax dans le genre. Et on était pas décu! La batterie de Tommy est censée traverser toute la salle comme une montagne russe, pendant qu’il tape de toutes ses forces sur son kit qui tourne sur lui même. C’est assez dingue d’imaginer comment il défie la loi d’apesanteur en bourrinant à l’envers. C’est marrant, car dans toutes leurs interviews Mötley ont précisé qu’ils faisaient une vraie distinction entre dilletantisme et professionnalisme dans leur carrière, et que le show du drum solo était définitivement à l’image de leur coté pro! Ha. Trop fort, car au milieu de la trajectoire l’ami sévèrement membré et éternel ado Tommy Lee a dû faire face a une panne de son joujou préféré, autant IMG_1689dire qu’il a bandé mou devant 20 000 fans en tirant son tout dernier coup. Sauf que là aussi, ils sont trop forts car „the show must go on“, Tommy fanfaronne, raconte des conneries „at least show me some titties“ et ne se laisse pas abattre, plus cool tu die.
Seul problème est que le show perd du coup de sa dynamique et son timing aussi. Le temps que Tommy escalade le bordel et regagne la scène, on est plus dedans…
Mick envoit son solo voodoo noisy et récolte une dernière fois toute la chaleur du public qu’il mérite tant, s’il devait y avoir un bon gars dans le tas ce serait incontestablement Mick Mars.
Argghhhh il est minuit moins 5 (en France tout le monde dort déjà la bouche ouverte et la langue bientôt pâteuse), et le Crüe démarre Dr. Feelgood, sauf que le morceau dépasse minuit pile et à minuit cinq une fois que tout le public s’est deja bien galoché, Vince nous fait un petit décompte de circomstance quand même, allez ca passe.
Happy Fuckin New Year!
„Explosions! Pan! Paf! Paow! Ballons! Pluie de confettis! Flammes!“

Ca y est, un des derniers fuseaux horaires passe en 2016.
Il ne s’est jamais rien passé de particulier dans la nuit du Nouvel An, pas de bug, pas de fin du monde, mais l’idée de faire un bilan, de remettre les compteurs à zéro me convient. C’est le moment de se poser les questions importantes afin d’essayer de changer un peu notre trajectoire.
En parlant avec les gens et en lisant la presse, on sent que l’amérique se questionne aujourd’hui plus qu’avant: „quelles lecons doit on tirer de la crise ? Est-ce que l’on veut continuer à mener une politique étrangère agressive et non profitable sur le long terme ? Est-ce que l’on veut plus de justice sociale, s’enagager dans une économie verte et durable ? Ou bien opter pour le replis sur soi, se barricader derrière de longs murs, continuer à défendre coute que coute un empire qui ne fait que créer des conflits partout dans le monde, continuer à vouer un culte à l’individualisme et continuer de croire aveuglément à un rêve qui ne se réalisera que pour 1% d’entre nous?”

Après avoir été pionniers dans l’élaboration des droits des l homme, inventé le concept de nations unies, excellé dans le progrès technique et scientifique, et en étant toujours à l’avant garde de nouvelles tendances, les USA tout comme l’Europe se trouvent aujourd’hui à un même carrefour de l’histoire, devant assumer les conséquences de leur arrogance, faire face à une crise identitaire, faire des choix importants pour l’avenir de la planète et de ses espèces. Une partie de moi (très certainement ma partie californienne si toutefois j’en avais une) croit en un éveil des consciences et à une profonde volonté de changement. Tout peut encore arriver.


Le concert se termine par l’inconditionnelle ballade Home Sweet Home qu’une poignée de „chanceux“ pourront voir de très près, assis carrément à coté du groupe dans le Crüe Nest à 3000$ le siège au centre de la salle, le tout accompagné d’images d’archives du groupe. L’heure est à la nostalgie, tout ce que Mötley aura accompagné dans notre vie défile dans nos têtes. Un tout dernier „thank you, we love you“ et le groupe quitte le ring sur fond de My Way (dont les droits de la musique continuent à être reversés aux héritiers d’un chanteur à paillettes francais, Yes Monsieur!). La sortie est épique mais la fin tout de même brutale, les lumières s’allument, les bars sont fermés, et ne restent que les souvenirs pleins la tête des fans en larmes, abandonnés. Car même si les sourires sont souvent plastiques, les larmes, elles, sont toujours sincères. Des larmes qui n’ont pas eu le temps de sécher depuis la mort de Lemmy il y a quelques jours, le monde du Rock est en deuil, le parrain du genre et gardien du temple nous a quitté, une étoile de plus s’est éteinte sur le Sunset Strip. Cette mort soudaine et la fin de Mötley nous rappellent la fin d’une époque et la mortalité de nos idoles. Même l’annonce de la reformation de GnR n’arrivera pas à nous soulager du deuil, il suffit de voir les récentes photos du père Axl qui spécule à mon avis déjà sur notre nostalgie hautement bankable.

Il est 1h du mat, on quitte l’arena, devant nous marche un couple „just married“ qui a profité de ce dernier show pour célébrer leur union devant les tout puissants rois du Sleaze, et forcément on ne trouve pas de taxi pour rentrer… Comment faire sans bagnole dans une ville où personne ne marche et n’ose prendre le bus? La réponse est sous terraine, et pour la 1e fois de ma vie et celle de nos amis locaux, nous prenons le métro à L.A, personne dans cette ville n’a jamais pris ce metro qui existe pourtant depuis toujours.
Je m’assieds dans un wagon rempli de visages au maquillage coulant, entre costumes burlesques des années 20 et fans de Mötley perruqués de la 1e heure, direction Hollywood, where the dreams never end!

Alice Gift

Photo credits: Jessica Andree


Vicky Hamilton – “I decided to be the best female RnR manager in the world…”

If you own more than one 80s glam metal album then you’re probably familiar with the name Vicky Hamilton, since you could see it on almost every thank list on these vinyl inserts. I briefly met Vicky at Bar Sinister in L.A. in 2005, and when Robbie Quine (The BARBARELLATONES) told me “You should talk to my friend Vicky”, I thought it would be interesting to send her a few questions…

Can you tell us about your background? When did you move to Los Angeles?

I dropped our of art school in Indiana in 1980, I moved to Hollywood in 1981 where I decided to be the best female rock and roll manager in the world…
I had 2 bands from the midwest that I was pumping when I first moved to LA and that is where it started. I was also a record buyer for Licorice Pizza Record Store on the Sunset Strip.

How did you start managing bands?

By accident! My boyfriend in Indiana was in a band and then the band broke up. I decided to manage his career and help him find a new band. I got the management bug…I worked with 3 bands in Indiana and then decided I needed to move to Hollywood, as to take it to the next level, I needed to be where the action was.

I read that you helped MÖTLEY CRÜE in their early days… In those days, did you ever imagine they could have become so big?

I loved Motley Crue from the beginning. What they were doing then (1981) was really fresh as the glam/metal thing was just starting. LA until the Crue was pretty punk rock. Yes, I did think they could be huge, and I saw it as a new trend in rock…which it was.

You also managed POISON. I’ve always read that despite the party image, the band was a hard working one, were they?

No one worked harder than Poison, they didn’t have day jobs, they made promoting the band their day job. They didn’t take “no” for an answer and they were the kings of self promo.


Do you remember the first time you’ve heard about GUNS N’ ROSES? Then the first time you met them? They lived at your place for a while, right?

I met Axl and Izzy when they were in Hollywood Rose. I was a booking agent at the time and they came by my office and played me some tracks. I was blown away, and booked them sight unseen. I met Slash around the same time, he was playing guitar in another band I booked called Black Sheep. I booked both bands on a show with Stryper at the Music Machine and that was when GNR started coming together. Yes, they all lived with me, except Duff who lived with his girlfriend while we were shopping a record deal. You’ll have to buy my book to get that story though…hopefully will be out in the next few months.


When did the band actually start to make enough money to live off their music? Just after the release of “Appetite For Destruction”?

They got an advance from Geffen, but burnt thorough that pretty quickly. I think it took at least a year after the record came out before they had real money to live on.

Talking about managing STRYPER. That must have been very different from dealing with Axl & friends…

I worked as a management consultant to Stryper and Motley Crue, I wasn’t their manager. Surprisingly, a band is a band whether they are Christian or not, the business is pretty much the same. I didn’t live with Stryper and they didn’t date strippers or have drug habits, but it was all about business, just like GNR.

Didn’t you feel that the magic faded away when Steven Adler got fired and Izzy left?

Yes. Those five guys had the magic. When you start taking pieces of the magic away, the sound is different. I don’t think it will ever be as good as it was when those 5 were together.

Are you still in touch with them? Do you think they will ever reunite with the original line-up?

I talk to Slash on a fairly regular basis and I am friends with all the other guys. I have not spoken to Axl since the mid 90’s unfortunately. I wish him well, and hope one day were will get to chat. I don’t think the original lineup will ever get back together, I would love it, but I think the chances are slim to none.

You also got FASTER PUSSYCAT to sign with Elektra, right?

Yes, I took Faster Pussycat to my friend Peter Philbin who was an A&R man at Elektra at the time. Peter signed them.

Faster Pussycat early
Any other bands you managed that should have deserved to make it big, but didn’t?

Many! Salty Dog had a good run, but could have been bigger. Lostboys, featuring Randy O from Odin. Darling Cruel signed to Polygram but the record didn’t get as much attention as it should have. Rick Parker, I,Napoleon, Half Way Home, Shadowland, Graveyard Train…all bands I brought or worked with at Geffen, could have had bigger careers…as recently as The Art…sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to this business, but you have to make the best of it.

I read in an interview that it wasn’t always easy for you on a financial level during those years, have you ever thought about stopping band management at some point?

Financially the music business has never taken care of me other than the years I spent at Geffen and Capitol. I have never worked with young bands for the money, it’s always been for the love of the music. Somebody has to try and break new talent, and I have had more success at it than most. Also I had a Grammy win on my own label Small Hairy Dog with June Carter Cash in 2000, I just loved what she did and no one wanted to sign her, so I started my own label to get her music out there.

Were you still managing bands during the 90s?

Yes, I have never quit managing bands! I managed Sex With Lurch, The Art from Sydney Australia. I worked with a great irish band named The Future Kings Of Spain, among many others…

Then you were a booking agent at Bar Sinister in the 00s. Have you done this for any other clubs?

Yes I worked at Bar Sinister for 9 years! It’s a great club even now! I booked The Malibu Inn for awhile…I promote a few shows still here and there.

Do you still manage bands today in this Internet era?

DMeyerI currently manage Diana Meyer who is amazing singer songwriter who rocks and Co-manage Talk Like June featuring Suzanne Harper Talk Like June is California Country and about to play Nashville Jan 17-23, I’m going with them, I’m excited!


Can you tell us about “Glitter Beach”, the musical play you wrote with Robbie of The BARBARELLATONES?

Glitter Beach is mine and Robbie’s love child. It’s a bout a Glam rock surfer dude named Reef Bedrock who invents Glam rock music in 1969. Imagine Rocky Horror meets Hedwig with a little Bowie and Dick Dale thrown in. We are planning on doing a couple more workshops in 2015 hopefully in LA, Vegas and Miami!! It’s such a great musical, Robbie out did himself writing the music for this and it is all about misfits coming together…it’s a beautiful play and I know one day it will be huge! I am hoping to write another play with Robbie soon, I love working with him.

You run the Aesthetic V blog. Can you tell us about this too?

Yes, I am doing a video blog called Aesthetic V Blog My partner is Micheal Kraemer who was my street scout at Geffen. Micheal shoots the videos and takes care of the website and I put together the interviews. It’s all about the creative process. Its about finding the muse, weather it’s music, art, writing, film…all things creative. Its a way to expose new talent to the world, and get advice from people who are working in the arts. Again a labor of love, but hopefully it will start making enough money through ad sells on the website so we can keep it going. It’s all about the internet these days, and I have had a lot of help from some of my friends like Andy Stack at YouTube and Gregory Markel at Infuse Creative to learn this new medium.


Are you still working on your autobiography? Please tell us a bit about it…

I have finished my book! It’s called Appetite For Dysfunction. It’s my life story about all the bands I have worked with, my creative journey through the arts, writing etc. It also goes into my personal life and the process of getting sober etc. It will have a lot of great pictures and stories from the humble beginning of the rock artist you know and love. It’s also about being a woman in the business. I have been working on it for 7 years. The book is finished, just needs a professional edit and I have a manager who is shopping it currently for a book deal, the book has some strong interest. I’m very excited! Getting this book out there is a dream come true for me…hopefully by summer!

Vicky Hamilton
Artist Mgmt & Creator of Aesthetic V Blog