Monster Zero Super Involved: Mondo Wave/Snotty Cheekbones/Animols/Sonic Angels

While Austria was under lockdown #4 last month, Monster Zero records decided to help and promote a few records whether they released them or distribute them.

MONDO WAVE from Austria/UK offers us some garage punk with some 90s lo-fi flavour with this “Quarantine Dream” 6 track EP. “Black Leather” is keeping the 90s indie spirit alive while “Dust Over Time” has a dark surf rock vibe and “Only You”,”Fade Into The Time” and “Say Ahh!” all mix punk and psyche with style. Short and intense!

SNOTTY CHEEKBONES from Switzerland were already playing pop punk in the 90s alongside bands such as The OFFSPRING, SUM 41 or RANDY and here they are back with a new album untitled “Avanti”. Opening song “I Remember” is quite catchy as well as “Island”. “Idiot Parade” offers us some pop with slight reggae influences bringing NO DOUBT to mind while “Loudmouth” flirts with fast punk hardcore. “Spoiled White Kids” might be my favourite song on this album since you’ll hear some ’77 punk influences in this one! This record sounds like it was recorded in California in the mid 00s and that is not necessarily a bad thing. You’ll get the energy, the melodies and good spirit you need to put an end to 2021!

“2”, the second EP of Italian punk rockers ANIMOLS is about animals so it can’t be bad. It’s actually quite fun, some RAMONES influenced punk rock tunes sung in Italian with a garage production. 5 songs that will take you straight to Italy!

Last but not least, French veteran garage rockers SONIC ANGELS are back with 4 new songs. “Love Is The Law” takes us to an almost psychedelic garage land while “Up & Down” and “On The Radio” have more NYC early punk influences and “Farlopa” slows things down with some 60s garage vibes. You’ll dig it if you like it dirty! /Laurent C.