Cream Pie “No Secrets”

Italian band CREAM PIE has been around for a while since they started rockin’ in 2007 in the South of Italy, then later moved to Milan. On this new abum, opening track “Downtown Pirates” displays some classic modern sleaze metal, but second song “Away From Me” shows us a darker, heavier side of the band’s music, while “Naked” definitely heads to the melodic heavy metal direction.
Fans of 80s US hard rock will love “Givin’ Up”, bringing SLAUGHTER to mind, while “It’s Gonna Be Alright” has a bit of a TIGERTAILZ (Kim Hooker era) and SKID ROW feel to it. If you need more comparisons, let’s say that “Disasterpiece” has a bit of a BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION vibe… The cherry on the cake here is “Friendzoned”, a cool colourful glam metal tune that will make you want to listen to it again just after it stopped.
I’m not sure if this album needed two ballads, but apart from that, it does a good job, and if you’re into high-pitched sleaze metal like BLACKRAIN, big chances are you will love “No Secrets.” /Laurent C.
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