Midnight Crisis “Heart Beatings”

Drummer Marty E. (The DIRTY PEARLS) turns into a frontman in this NYC based band. Opener “Take Control” has a cool vibe (although I was afraid it would start with a U2 cover after listening to the drum intro!), somewhere in between early GUNS N’ ROSES, BANG TANGO and The CULT. You sometimes get to think about The THROBS (“Midnight Somewhere”, “Sister Vicodin”) and their sleazy street rock’n’roll, or about ZODIAC MINDWARP (“Kiss My Apocalipps”) and their decadent choruses when listening to this 8 song album. The band’s darker side shows in “Make It Alright”, or in the 80s influenced “Bloodbath Wine”, two songs flirting with goth’n’roll and the spirit of The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH.
“Heart Beatings” proves that NYC hard rock’n’roll is still alive, even if it’s been hiding in the dark lately… /Laurent C.

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