In Loving Memory Of The Manic Street Preachers (-by General Labor)

JUST SAY NO TO WHORES FOR WARS! You were born in the middle of the most sophisticated and expansive mass-scale perception management operation that has ever taken place. The news media is propaganda and schooling is designed to condition us to accept that propaganda. Public understanding of what a normal moderate position looks like and... Continue Reading →

Down To Rock #13

My name is Teddy Heavens and I’m bringing you the latest Sleaze/Glam/Punk/Metal and Trash rock and roll news from the Golden State and the streets (and gutters) of Hollywood, California! From the Valleys to the alleys, I’ll find the coolest bands to report on and let you know what’s up from the Rock and Roll... Continue Reading →

Generation Manics

From the early 90s debut as a working class glammed-out punk band influenced by The Clash, Guns n'Roses, Public Enemy as well as writers/thinkers such as Albert Camus, Valerie Solanas and Guy Debord to the 2000s' stadium pop rock band playing in Cuba and shaking hand with Castro, the MANIC STREET PREACHERS have always divided... Continue Reading →

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