Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “You Can’t Vote Your Way Out Of A Mess You Never Voted Yourself Into Vote for Biden. Vote for Ronald DeSantrump. Write in a pod of laundry detergent. It will make the exact same amount of difference to the large-scale operations of the US government.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone: 60 Minutes Australia Churning Out War-with-China Propaganda (

The Empire Files on Twitter: “From Episode 1 of Empire Files // @AbbyMartin visits a Veterans’ Cemetery with British Special Forces vet of Iraq & Afghanistan. His thoughts on this & #MemorialDay culture ::” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “New: Durham exposes FBI role in Clinton’s Trump-Russia deception, by @aaronjmate” / Twitter

WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Rescuing Assange’ (

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “If you’re going to fuel a proxy war and block diplomacy, I’d much rather you be honest about it. So Graham’s glee at spending US money to kill Russians is a refreshing corrective to “progressive” Democrats who pretend that they care about defending Ukraine/”democracy”:” / Twitter

Abby Martin on Twitter: “Happy birthday to the great @RaniaKhalek! Her show is one of the only worth watching these days” / Twitter

“Not On Our Dime”: Why Democrats Are Finally Challenging Israel (

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Syria, home to one of the most severe crises in the world, is also the target of the most severe US sanctions in the world:” / Twitter

Flag March: The Annual Israeli Display of Jewish Supremacy (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “RBN has been banned from posting on youtube for a week because of a bullshit strike. We didn’t even say anything to break the rules, apparently we played a video of someone saying something against the rules I call bullshit. We live in an authoritarian censorship hellhole” / Twitter

Compton Jay on Twitter: “AOC’s chaotic town hall is expected after .. ✓ Voting to send Billions to Nazis in Ukraine ✓ Refusing to Force The Vote on Pelosi because of possible relational harm ✓ Voting to break the rail strike ✓ Lied about rail workers telling her to break their strike ✓ Giving…” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Face it. America now has two greater evil parties.” / Twitter

“Democrats are already sending out fundraising emails. Don’t give them a dime. They’ve done nothing to fight back against Republicans in any meaningful way because they are on the same side and serve the same wealthy donors. Invest in your local communities & help people directly.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The Democrats don’t even allow democracy in their own Party. I guess Graham cheering Russians being killed isn’t as bad as when Bush made a joke about killing a million Iraqis, Hillary laughed hysterically at murdering Gaddafi, Obama shrugged off us running a torture program or Albright saying killing 500,000 kids was worth it.” (-Black In The Empire)

“When there is a “Democratic Nominee” that the majority have not nominated (and in fact are rejecting), it doesn’t seem very democratic to me. “Democratic” in itself implies being a part of decision making. When the decision was made for you, though, again and again and again…” (-Human Bean)

“How do you think these people become billionaires?!

Through exploitation, abuse of power and fraud.” (-Jory Micah)

“The crazy thing about Azov is that Americans were fighting harder to say they weren’t Nazis than they were” (-Black In The Empire)

In B.C., Alberta and around the world, forcing drug users into treatment is a violent policy |

“The US never actually calls for Peace, because there is no money in it. For those who already forgot, our $113 billion didn’t stop Russia from taking Bakhmut, but it sure put a lot of money into the pockets of our weapons manufacturers.The Pentagon that usually can’t account for trillions of dollars, all of a sudden found $2 billion more to spend on Ukraine.

It’s a miracle! Neither Party is against sending billions to Ukraine or increasing Defense spending. Are Dem voters ready to listen to how this Dem vs GOP is all an act now, or you gonna keep voting for these Establishment crooks again in 2024? They aren’t fighting each other, their job is to keep us fighting each other, they all work for the same people, and that’s not us.. The next time you turn around Biden will be spending another few billion on Ukraine again. When they are gonna cap or cut something they always make sure to let you know it’s not gonna be Defense spending. The US must destroy their closest military rival Russia and their closest economic rival China to maintain their hegemony. All this talk about Freedom, Democracy, Sovereignty and Human Rights are a smokescreen, as you can tell by looking at how the US behaves on the world stage.. They might be able to argue that stealing money from the American people to help Ukraine makes sense, but the problem is that they know that Ukraine has no chance to take back all the territory they lost. Which means our Gov’t is just using Ukrainians as pawns to weaken Russia. The more of our money we allow our Gov’t to spend on this war, the richer the weapons manufacturers get, the more kickbacks the politicians get and the more Ukrainians get dead. One thing you can’t count on is that no one in DC will ever even pretend that Defense spending will not go up. The US convinced the West and their allies that the sanctions would destroy Russia They were wrong about that and about their ability to isolate Russia, because I really don’t think they understand how much the rest of the world wants to escape American rule.. America has mastered going around the world and getting brothers, cousins and neighbors to kill each other for their own geopolitical goals. Everytime somebody from the West goes to a country in Africa and talks about Putin war crimes they respond with “Why hasn’t your country arrested people like Bush, Blair or Obama?” They think Africans don’t know what’s happening in the world, when it’s Americans who don’t know. Maybe one day Americans will figure out that our Gov’t are the terrorists.” (-Black In The Empire)

Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal – YouTube


GrayzoneFan on Twitter: “Why is @guardian giving publicity to a small bunch of Zionists who are making false accusations about Roger Waters ? Very reminiscent of the paper’s treatment of Corbyn when he was being smeared in exactly the same way.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “So Waters’ critics not only got upset about him wearing the same costume that he has been wearing for 40+ years as part of The Wall. They tried to make it worse by falsely claiming that this 2023 performance included a controversial prop from 10 years ago — which it did not.” / Twitter

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “I don’t remember Ostrovsky getting mad about Sarah Silverman” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Here’s an article from 2015. How can the claim of Nazis in Ukraine be “Russian propaganda” when so many Western media outlets reported on Azov prior to 2022? Was Western media itself a tool of Russian propaganda right up until the invasion?” / Twitter

Oleksiy Kuzmenko on Twitter: “Ukraine: An in-your-face neo-Nazi graduated in 2018 from a tactical medicine program supported, per the military of Ukraine, by the Canadian military and the USA. He now trains Ukrainian cadets in the “Desna” center, sometimes alongside Canadian instructors. Thread” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Here’s an article from 2018 outlining how the US re-energized the Nazi movement in Ukraine, beginning with the “Orange Revolution” in 2004.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Here’s a BBC article from 2014 discussing Mikael Skillt, a professional sniper from Sweden, who went to Ukraine to join up with Azov Nazis.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “It’s amazing how any surface-level digging exposed dozens and dozens of articles written between 2014 and 2022 documenting the Nazi movement in Ukraine. Now, suddenly, all journalism on the subject from those 8 years must be viewed as Russian propaganda.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “From 2017: When Republicans John McCain and Paul Ryan hosted Ukrainian Nazi Andriy Parubiy for a visit to Washington.” / Twitter on Twitter: “State Dept Won’t Say If It’s Working to Free US Citizen Detained in Ukraine Gonzalo Lira, a popular YouTuber and writer, was arrested by the SBU for his political views on the war by Dave DeCamp @DecampDave #Ukraine #journalists #NATO @GonzaloLira1968” / Twitter

LA Times Prints DUMBEST Covid Article In History! – YouTube corporate media is state media, suckers.

Most Infected in COVID Outbreak at CDC Were Vaccinated, Agency Confirms (

WTF is wrong with RFK’s campaign being thwarted from the inside? Primo Radical on Twitter: “RFK Jr deleted this tweet in support of Roger Waters.” / Twitter

AWKWORD on Twitter: “NEW: On this episode, I speak with @stephensemler, co-founder of @security_reform, about @radleybalko’s ‘rise of the warrior cop’, the criminalization of protest, and the connections between the military industrial complex and prison industrial complex.” / Twitter


You can’t even say you’re against the war without some deep state Biden admin spooks censoring you, or puttin’ you on some list. I am reading a good back about San Francisco punk by Will York, I’d previously thought it was by Will Shatter cause he features so prominently in the underground scene in the post punk era, but all those bands were way more radical than anything by anybody nowadays. The Manics were always kept off the airwaves over here, espacially after 9/11 when the Dick Cheney corporate spook armies weaponized the media, but to those of us who really received their vial, eye opening messages, they were transforming, if not always uplifting or peppy like the Green Day shit they thrust on us over here-the chewing gum commercial punques are the clown red lipstick of dictatorships. The Manics read a lot and encouraged their fans to learn and grow and think about the world around them. I always say my friends Max and Frank and Chaz “got” the Manics before I did-inititially, I was so ginned up about my own emerging catalog of protest songs back then that I dismissed them as come-lately Clash wannabes at first and was not all that impressed with “New Art Riot”, but “Stay Beautiful” won me over, I remember thinking it was like the Buzzcocks meets Generation X. Sounded great echoing off the high ceilings of my old roommate Nikki’s rent controlled apartment in Central Square. I always thought Murkkans were dumb fickle sheep cause even in muzak, the sceneseters always required an artist be Tipper Gore Approved by the man or some shit-you had to have a rich person vouch for you and give you money in order for people to listen to your stuff or take you seriously. Same college brainwashed P.C. idiots who all love and praise the Replacements til doomsday will Simon Cowell critique an off key band of inebritated janitors UNLESS some middle class money person throws some cash behind ’em. Same idiots who praise the Manics retroactively always gave me guff for being “too political”, it’s futile trying to communicate to most of the tv zombies who are too sports conditioned to only care about rooting for their hometeam to ever pay attention to anything except the trappings of mainstream success. They all like Rihanna or whoever they tell ’em to like, ya know? Say Nothings. They gotta have a hall pass from the ruling class, an applause sign from some media managing narrative control gatekeeper. At some point, even the Manics knew they needed to take time off cause they were getting a bit redundant, repetitive, but man, what a path they blazed, what a story-ever read about when they went to Cuba to meet Castro? I still love the Manics and think we need ’em now, more than ever. Help teach the kids about Richie Edwards, he was important. Who else would think to duet with Tracey Lords on an anthem about beauty as a commodity or objectification? He was an amazingly poignant and insightful and sensitive motherfucker. I love ’em all.

Manic Street Preachers – Generation Terrorists Special (from UK BBC 2’s Rapido, 1992). – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – Kevin Carter – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – From Despair to Where (Remastered) [Official HD Video] – YouTube

Manic street preachers — New art riot – YouTube

Manic street preachers — R.P.Mcmurphy (stay beautiful B side – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – Stay Beautiful – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – Little Baby Nothing – YouTube

Sorrow 16 – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – Repeat (UK) [Remastered] (New Film) – YouTube


This was the closest we came to having a Murkkkan version of the Manic Street Preachers and of course they brokeup acrimoniously after their ep, “Young & The Useless”. I’ve been calling on ’em to reunite and make new music for decades. Used to talk to all those guys all the time before I got lockedout of social media for antiwar shitposting. I still love ’em.

HELLO DISASTER – “Native Son” – YouTube

Hello Disaster – Make Up Your Mind – YouTube


I met Phoebe when I was just a lost soul latchkey runaway kid in NYC hangin’ around the Continental Divide in my torn Flesh For Lulu t shirt and bone necklaces and wondering the streets of the East Village all night long. She told me I have a very striking face, I think because of all the blue eyeshadow. She also told me one time that I’m never alone cause all the geniuses of all time are holding my hands, you know she is such an exceptional starburst of talent, kindness, love and soulpower. It’s weird how she is almost the opposite of me-I am primitive, coarse, untrained, unskilled, uncultivated, undisciplined, ugly, mean, and suffering from shattered hopes and lack of faith in this world, but I can still see myself in her, and all that is good and true about humanity, really. I will always love Phoebe Legere. And also Yvonne De La Vega! Me and Yvonne were fellow travelers, likeminded, kindred spirits, it was like some crazy instant connection, just effortless recognition. I was shattered when she died suddenly. God bless Yvonne de la Vega, a heroic, good hearted, righteous libertine freedom fighter! My kinda people. I miss her.

Hunter Thompson Unplugged – YouTube

Freedom Loving Heart – words & music © 2022 Phoebe Legere – YouTube

Phoebe Legere performs for ABC No Rio At The Saint – YouTube

Phoebe Legere – YouTube

Yvonne de la Vega – YouTube


Poll LEAVES OUT RFK Jr In Survey Of Democratic Primary Frontrunners, CENSORED Again?!: Rising Reacts – YouTube

His Case Will Determine The Fate Of Free Speech | A Conversation with Omali Yeshitela – YouTube

Martin Truther ☮ #M4A #GND #Kennedy24 on Twitter: “Is Revolution right for you? Ask your doctor…” / Twitter

Lisa Pease on Twitter: “When I think of people who gave their life for this country, this guy is at the top of my list. On Memorial Day, remember the Navy man JFK who saved his men when their PT boat was sunk and who tried to save the country from perpetual war.” / Twitter

Martin Truther ☮ #M4A #GND #Kennedy24 on Twitter: “We’re living in Earth’s 6th mass extinction and the rise of proto-fascist governments around the globe. We’re the 99% and it doesn’t hurt to be kind to each other given all we’re up against. The 1%, however, need to be taken down a notch. Be the Jedi you want to see in the world.” / Twitter

We Were Lied To About COVID Death Rate! – YouTube

Joe Biden Agrees To Stricter Work Requirements To Avoid Default | HuffPost Latest News

Martin Truther ☮ #M4A #GND #Kennedy24 on Twitter: “@FENCEGENERAL2 Well, social security is my sole source of income at this point in my life, so default is pretty much a death sentence to me. It’s time to roll back Trump’s tax cut for the rich and lift the cap on social security. They purposely cut taxes for the rich to unbalance the budget and…” / Twitter

Martin Truther ☮ #M4A #GND #Kennedy24 on Twitter: “#Kennedy24 Reading List: (The real Anthony Fauci) (A Letter to Liberals) (Wuhan Coverup 8/1/23)” / Twitter

“In the COVID era gestalt, “Safety” means social control through fear. Fear is the instrument of tyranny. What happened to the daring and imagination that built this country? Can’t we aspire to something higher than safety? Yeah, it’s not safe all right. It’s not safe for you to see the data. It’s not safe for you to have your own thoughts. It’s not safe for you to question authority. It’s not safe to criticize the oligarchs who are crushing your freedoms and taking your money. Not safe for them, anyway.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“It’s obvious that no one in Washington actually cares about US government debt, because, in their bipartisan deal to raise the debt ceiling, Biden and the Republicans agreed to INCREASE military spending to $885 billion – an 11% hike.

The war budget is roughly half of all federal government discretionary spending (and “non-defense” spending includes a lot of costs related to war, like veteran care, “international affairs”, and the massive police budgets). Concern trolling about the US federal debt is just a cynical strategy used to justify cutting the few remaining social programs that help poor and working people. Meanwhile, decreasing the war budget is never even considered for a second. It’s sacrosanct.” (-Ben Norton)


Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “The new episode of “America This Week” with @walterkirn is about this chill-inducing video that @MaxBlumenthal, @anyaparampil, @aaronjmate and the folks at @TheGrayzoneNews published:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Leaked documents show the US government is angry that Mexico’s left-wing President AMLO is prioritizing social spending to help poor and working people – building infrastructure, raising wages, boosting pensions – instead of spending more on militarization” / Twitter

System Update on Twitter: “It’s not at all surprising that Goldman is a rising star in today’s Democratic party. Overwhelming majorities of their voters now revere the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security—and favor increased censorship online. His authoritarian defense of their power is what they crave.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “The new episode of “America This Week” with @walterkirn is about this chill-inducing video that @MaxBlumenthal, @anyaparampil, @aaronjmate and the folks at @TheGrayzoneNews published:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “We reported on this speech’s key parts on last night’s @SystemUpdate_, and why the Ukraine war is rapidly weakening the US while China, BRICS and most of the world is strengthening at its expense. Plus: DNC can no longer pretend Biden has no primary.” / Twitter

HowIsEmpireBabbyFormed on Twitter: “check out Pt 2 of our @MediaRootsNews episode on Tucker Carlson w/ @AbbyMartin” / Twitter

The evolution of Eugene’s anarchist movements | Arts & Culture |

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) / Twitter


Status Coup News on Twitter: “@dananessel After all charges against ex-MI Gov. Rick Snyder and 8 other defendants were dismissed by MI Supreme Court–after Judges ruled Nessel’s prosecutors violated MI constitution in bringing Flint indictments through a one-man grand jury–Nessel’s office has failed to explain to Status…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@dananessel WATCH FULL INTERVIEW with Flint resident Christina Sayyae and our @JordanChariton” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@dananessel The criminal statute of limitations has run out for most of the criminal charges Nessel’s office filed and the state Supreme Court tossed. Important to note: after firing the original Flint special prosecutor and his team in 2019, Nessel dropped a variety of charges that had…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@dananessel Christina, whose kids, her, and her ex-husband were all sickened due to drinking Flint’s poisoned water, revealed Nessel’s handpicked prosecutors—after she abruptly fired the original Flint criminal team—”yelled at me for crying.” “The whole room erupted and they were like ‘why…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “🧵”I’m still in shock they dropped all charges, that they’re not going to do anything about this…this is America?!? -Flint’s Christina Sayyae blasts MI AG @DanaNessel after all #FlintWaterCrisis charges were tossed by MI Supreme Court. “They’re just traumatizing people…”” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Fighting Nazis is now antisemitism” / Twitter

Explosive Undercover Video Exposes Sen. Fetterman’s Corrupt Relationships w/ Press – YouTube

Robert F Kennedy Jr defends Roger Waters against ‘high priests of totalitarianism’ in Berlin antisemitism row (

The Democrat Party Will Not Allow RFK Jr. to be Nominated | The Post-Duopoly Show – YouTube

TPDS EP #3 | Dennis Kucinich Joins RFK Jr Campaign | Peter Dauo Quits Marianne Williamson Campaign – YouTube

How Pfizer Used CA$H To Control Hospitals, Universities & Charities During COVID! – YouTube

Jimmy Dore To Tucker Carlson: RUSSIA Isn’t Our Greatest Enemy, It’s The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX – YouTube


Black – YouTube

It’s All over Now Baby Blue – YouTube


Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Remastered) – YouTube


The Leather Nun – Force of Habit (Full Album) 1988 – YouTube

The Leather Nun – I’m just a hustler – YouTube

The Leather Nun – A Thousand Nights.. – YouTube

The Leather Nun – Desolation Avenue – YouTube

The Leather Nun – All Those Crazy Dreams (Official Video) – YouTube

Leather Nun – Gimme Gimme Gimme – YouTube

Leather Nun – No Rule – YouTube

Leather Nun: I can smell your thoughts (better audio + lyrics) – YouTube


Robbie Mailhouse the Dogstar drummer who used to be a soap opera actor when I knew him and his friend Dive DJ/video editor Morgan Reese used to let me crash at their bigass 11th floor Broadway/Astor Place loft apartment all the time. They got me into “Blade Runner”, “Eraserhead”, Love & Rockets, Joy Division, Fra Lippo Lippi, Negative Trend, Young Fresh Fellows, Happy Flowers, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, got me into bars, bought me pizza and beer, I will always be grateful to them.

Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar Plays First Show in 20 Years at BottleRock (


Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Lyrics) – YouTube

illuminatibot on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Just.A.Thought 💭 on Twitter: “The thing is I wouldn’t be so quick to believe that so many people in positions of power were pedophiles if there wasn’t proof of a global pedophile ring filled with people in positions of power. Facts are not conspiracy theories.” / Twitter

𝐶𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑎𝑛⋆☭ on Twitter: “You’re talking politics. I’m talking revolution.” / Twitter

Washington-Insider Jeffrey Sachs on US Provoking Ukraine War | SYSTEM UPDATE – YouTube

illuminatibot on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Jory Micah on Twitter: “The fascist police state has murdered another black child.” / Twitter

Rev Laskaris on Twitter: “Libya before and after NATO showed up NATO IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION” / Twitter

esotericbot on Twitter: “” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “New Documents Reveal officials destroyed far more evidence related to the Kennedy Assassination Than Prior Believed” / Twitter

Lauren McKenzie on Twitter: “The new debt limit deal includes much harsher work requirements for those on SNAP benefits. Cruelty is the point.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore Producer Mischa Paullin’s HILARIOUS Klaus Schwab Parody! – YouTube

Papa J on Twitter: “I mourn those who have died in previous wars & I believe the best way to pay tribute is to stop adding to the body count. Peace!” / Twitter

Jen Perelman on Twitter: “Happy 100th Birthday Henry Kissinger” / Twitter


Phanuel on Twitter: “This is why I do not trust Elon Musk This interview was published Nov 20, 2022. However as Whitney Webb states @Neuralink already started human trials (𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸 𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗼𝘄) There have been whistleblowers stating NeuraLink is already in some people This is not a left or right…” / Twitter Elon is no better than Gates-they are in cahoots.

原口 一博 on Twitter: “I am suffering from malignant lymphoma after receiving the Messenger RNA vaccine three times. I am a member of the Japanese parliament. A video of me discussing the effects of the vaccine with Professor Yasumasa Inoue, an expert in molecular biology, was banned by Google. Does…” / Twitter

Amazon Piss Jugs 🇭🇹🇾🇪🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Humanity: We can have a safe world for our kids Dupont & 3M:” / Twitter

Amazon Piss Jugs 🇭🇹🇾🇪🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Hey fam, when’s the revolt” / Twitter

We Need #MedicareForAll ❤️😎John on Twitter: “” / Twitter

PabloPoloPipes🖕🏼💀🖕🏼 on Twitter: “world government” / Twitter

Amazon Piss Jugs 🇭🇹🇾🇪🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Forever chemicals, now ubiquitous worldwide, cause cancer, thyroid disease, kidney dysfunction, birth defects, autoimmune disease” / Twitter but keep worshipping those billionaires who are your special science saviors for seen wokeness and feelgood pro nouns. 

redpillbot on Twitter: “Government will deliberately create crises that will so panic the people that they will allow their rights and privileges to be pulled away.” / Twitter

Robert (Durden) on Twitter: “Control the Media, you control everything. This is why Indie Media is so important; the People control it, not corporations.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Biden, Obama and Clinton all cut SNAP” / Twitter

Amazon Piss Jugs 🇭🇹🇾🇪🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Proxy war is more important than you” / Twitter

esotericbot on Twitter: “Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking children. A judge refuses to release the list of who she sold them to. Up until the list is released, we have only one conclusion: all of them are on it. Every last damned billionaire, prince and politician.” / Twitter

Stephanie Ⓥoltolin #StopCopCity on Twitter: “”[I]n the middle of a global pandemic, President Biden received more than $40 million USD from healthcare lobbyists in 2021.”″ / Twitter

Fuck You I Quit on Twitter: “If you work really hard you too can someday help further enrich billionaires” / Twitter

The fed up Chef on Twitter: “Hahaha Fuck you America” / Twitter

Jory Micah (@jorymicah) / Twitter

#RedBerets #MedicareForAll on Twitter: “The state that elects @GavinNewsom, who promised single payer #CALCARE, but is now throwing nurses and other working class folks who helped elect him under the bus??! The Democrat Party is irredeemably corrupt. In the pockets of big Pharma & the insurance lobby.🤬 #HealingUs🎥” / Twitter

Jory Micah on Twitter: “The “two party system” for dummies.” / Twitter

shitlibs are very proud women are being “seen” Michael Moore on Twitter: “The USA Government is a terrorist organisation that tortures civilians and murders them. Albanese has thrown his lot in with them making him a terrorist too. A lap dog and subservient to a criminal organisation. The more the USA Government does not take any responsibility for…” / Twitter

The Debt Collective 🟥 on Twitter: “Work requirements for people to have *food* is not a “deal” anyone should support.” / Twitter


Richard Duguay – The Last Star – YouTube

Richard Duguay “I’ve Seen ’em Come & I’ve Seen ’em Go” Speech – YouTube

Richard Duguay – Bad Juju – YouTube

Richard Duguay & the Hellhounds-Looking At You (MC5 cover) – YouTube

Fuck You Fame Whore – All Shot Down – YouTube

Ron Reyes Fame Whore “Queen Bitch” (David Bowie) – YouTube

Richard Duguay “Get In Line” from the new album Beautiful Decline – YouTube

Richard Duguay Does Alice Cooper’s…’Be My Lover’..An R.d.Cane Video – YouTube


Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate & Anya LISTED (clip) – YouTube

RFK JR’s ANTI-WAR, POPULIST Pull Has Legs With Those Frustrated With Biden Admin: Analysis – YouTube


(L-R) She-Fire Of Ice, Venus Penis Crusher, Queen Vixen and Honey 1%er of Cycle Sluts From Hell posing outside Westbeth Studios, NYC. April 1989. © Bob Gruen / Please contact Bob Gruen’s studio to purchase a print or license this photo. email: Image #: C-113

The female answer to Zodiac Mindwarp were a blast! I think we saw them at Axis, not sure. Those years were pretty blurry. How cool was it when they were on that tv show with Circus Of Power, Joey Ramone, and Ace Frehley? The Good Old Daze! I miss the Cat Club and Lizmar Lounge!

Cycle Sluts From Hell – YouTube

Cycle Sluts From Hell – I Wish You Were a Beer – YouTube

Cycle Sluts From Hell / Interview on MTV Head Bangers Ball / Honey 1%er / Venus Penis Crusher / – YouTube

Cycle Sluts from Hell 3 songs – YouTube

Cycle Sluts from Hell Cat Club NY 1988 – YouTube

Cycle Sluts from Hell HB Iinterview 1991 – YouTube

Cycle Sluts From Hell – By The Balls – YouTube

Cycle Sluts From Hell – YouTube


This Town Rocked – Teaser – YouTube


As a young man, I did not dig much of that so called heartland rock-all the gritty hardknocks Cougar, Seger, Petty songs about divorce and foreclosure, elders dying, ripoffs and disappointments of small town life, ’cause I was really trying to go all big city new wave futuristic nightclub and block out all that factory life bullshit. I did not wanna know about the plight of lonesome farmers who were abandoned by their shopping class wives. Then, it all happened to me, by the time I was 26, all the former peers were scrambling en masse for higher ground-the dames were all lookin’ for the boy with the mama mansion or biggest truck. I never got that shit. The fellas were all cleaning up and being herded into university makeovers for high paying office jobs. A couple were tragically, insanely lured into military service, came back as sad shells-ghosts of their former selves, ruined, traumatized. One guy I knew went to jail for murdering his wife’s boyfriend. A few others were killed by drug dealers, one ex drummer became a cop. I was appalled by all that shit. I was still clinging stubbornly to my own little underground D.I.Y. basement punk lifestyle, resulting in semi permanent exile to the hot hose kitchen dishwasher status. Middle class people loved to borrow my ideas and point me to the closet where I could find the mop bucket and if I wanna get started in the men’s and women’s bathrooms, that’d be great.

I never liked Sundays, residual schoolbus on Monday morning dread, I guess, but nobody ever wants to rock. Now way back in the day, we all would pool our quarters and dollar bills and get in my buddy Scruff’s fuckedup, rusty, terminally unreliable Oldsmobile and cruise over to Indiana and hangout at a punk band’s house or at some cool chick’s place if her mom was gone, or the parking lot of the Holiday Inn where everybody drank in their cars, we’d all listen to Depeche Mode and Sisters Of Mercy and Killing Joke and the Godfathers and Skinny Puppy records, drink malt liquor, boys would skateboard for girl attention, I’d break out a flask of harder stuff. Had a nice girl friend who was always drinking big bottles of vodka and weeping over her many dead traveler gutter punk friends who seemed to always be overdosing. I knew I wanted my own bandhouse where I could host parties and shows for outta town visitors and made that happen with some girlfriend’s help and Little Caesars Pizza Pizza pizza maker money. Used to like making pizza- we all sang songs while we sauced and cheesed. Summa the older guys were embezzling but me I was not even good enough at math to steal! Plus I’ve always been pretty sure that what goes around comes around, so I try to do the next right thing, as often as possible. So yeah, Sundays are always like a slow painful grind, waiting around, tedious chores, nowhere to go, old people moving ever so slow. All the people from Flyover, trained from birth to either watch sports from dirty couches while draining cases of piss beer, or the real ambitious middle class motherfuckers are all outside shirtless, hosing down the truck. I’ll never be a two truck having motherfucker wanting to be seen on his riding lawnmower-just not my thing, man. I had to deal with the general public yesterday and it is hard on my bruised old soul. The town’s five token hipster’s-the lone purple haired guy from who knows where; the video editing tech guy; the managerial type money chick with all the tattoos who is too posh to look any peasants in the eye, the ubiquitous old man who is always cruising for chicks in spite of being married. I bought a two dollar record at a gentrification hipster yard sale. Had a Nerf war with the teenage son of mine. Read a book about punk rock in San Francisco and went to bed early, worried, haunted, depressed. Abandonment issues and fear of death with a touch of boredom and despair and distrust of the murderous, fix is in, house always wins, Predator Culture we live in. Now I am up early with the birds, this is the only quiet time I’ll have today as soon as my kid wakes up, he will be blasting his generation’s music and monologuing about becoming the New Tiger King for fifteen hours without taking a breath. I dread more undesirable interactions with creepy smalltown hustlers and still have not been able to wrangle the town’s lone old punk artsy eccentric to showup with his guitar. My wife’s co worker croaked about two weeks ago and I am constantly reminded how none of this is permanent, especially not the good parts, only the grief and drudgery and slavery and dread. Cats are hassling me to feed them. Then, I gotta water the garden and some old geezer who befriended my wife is supposedly gonna show up to help install some air conditioner in my kid’s bedroom, I’m always skeptical of big talkers who mainly wanna talk to my wife. There’s no young women in this town, so the crypt keepers follow her around in mobs bragging about how they’re gonna help our disabled son with their (fill in the blank) whatever they got, whatever their hustle is-gonna teach that boy some manners, gonna teach him how to be a muscle man, gonna let him pet their dog, gonna show him how to hunt,  they got a big truck he can ride in, all that shit. It gets old. Creepy old men using my kid to hit on my wife while they themselves are married. Horrible. Men are gross. The winebox heiress airbandb remodelling new age psychic know it all rich women are even worse. More cooniving, manipulative, divide and conquer destructive. Destroying is their hobby. “There’s somethin’ happenin’ somewhere, baby I just know that there is…” Now I relate to the oldman dad rock I could stand as a kid with a leather jacket and a head full of rock dreams and a pair of creepers and a foo foo haircut.


Despite Massive Backlash and Resistance, LAPD Implements Robot Police Dogs – Activist Post

GoodKidsMadCity on Twitter: “The cop academy here in #Chicago went from $95 million (which was already fucking ridiculous) to $128 million. Neoliberal Democrats Love to shrink the public good & invest in privatization & cops! If we don’t #StopCopCity then they will build these nationally as fascism rises!” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “I for one am shocked that the anti-democratic, wildly unpopular project pioneered by a shady police foundation and backed by the city’s corporate cronies is actually going to cost the public way way way more than we were told” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “this is a great example of copaganda. note that the headline (which is what most people read, no further) doesn’t convey that it was the police doing the chasing and causing the crash; instead, the cop is the baby-comforting hero.” / Twitter

Fergie Chambers #StopCopCity on Twitter: “GA Sen Warnock hasn’t made any public comment on #CopCity, a proj w deep $ ties to my father, Chair of the @BardCollege board. Today the Senator’s address at Bard commencement was disrupted, a banner unfurled, & pamphlets distributed. Rev Keyanna Jones of ATL is speaking.” / Twitter


Chris Hayes on Twitter: “I have to say, I’ve followed this story from afar and only moderately closely, but I remain mystified why Atlanta officials are just so so SO intent on building this thing” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Most Propaganda Looks Nothing Like This “By feeding us all these simple, foundational lies day after day, year after year from the time we are very young, they lay the groundwork for the more complex, specific lies we’ll be told later on.”″ / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Military and civilian families spent thousands of dollars going to civilian doctors when military doctors wouldn’t treat them for jet fuel poisoning from the leaking of the Navy’s Red Hill fuel tanks into the drinking water wells.” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Great action in Congress by CODEPINK’S OLIVIA DINUCCI !!! Challenging the US war budget and our foreign policy of a war with China-how stupid can it get!!” / Twitter

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Brilliant synopsis of the historical context for the Ukraine War. Can anyone read this and still maintain, as the Biden administration does incessantly, that the invasion was “unprovoked”? #Kennedy24” / Twitter

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Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “UKRAINE – This is chilling. Lindsay Graham US Senator to Zelensky… “And the Russians are dying. That’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” Almost like the deaths of thousands of young people is just a business transaction. Oh …” / Twitter

Gabriel Shipton on Twitter: “The day after he announced a new billboard campaign to free Assange @CredicoRandy account has been suspended by @twitter . Last month my account was suspended for 24hrs and came back after a bunch of community tweets! @elonmusk” / Twitter

Biden’s Debt Ceiling Betrayal is a Democratic Party Tradition | Black Agenda Report

Clayton Cubitt on Twitter: “Stop treating the Democratic Party like they’re little innocent dingbats who want the best for you but just get constantly outsmarted by big mean Republicans, and recognize that they’re also craven operators working the “good cop” angle for the same capitalist class of owners” / Twitter

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Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “DIGITAL ID – Klaus Schwab, warning of the next ‘pandemic’, a cyber attack so vast it disconnects the internet. The new internet will only be accessible to those with biometric digital ID. Almost as if this is a plan 🤷‍♀️” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “NUDGE – Your governments are using ‘nudge units’ to induce fear, so you comply! They did it with Covid & now with fear of the ‘climate emergency’ They want you afraid so you’ll do as you are told. @BareReality speaks to Russell Brand @rustyrockets” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “See the full interview here” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WHO – Thousands of people delivering 500,000 signatures to the WHO in Geneva! You are never alone! There are millions of us who refuse to comply with an unelected global authority of all life on earth! Credit @PeterSweden7” / Twitter

The Debt Collective 🟥 on Twitter: “Today, two Democrats voted with Republicans to say that not only should student debt relief be repealed, not only should the pause on payments end, but that you should make *retroactive* payments from previous months. Introducing Jared Golden and Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez:” / Twitter

David Sirota on Twitter: “YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP: They’re trying to run oil trains. Through an accident-prone canyon. On the banks of a river that 40 million people rely on for water. What could possibly go wrong?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “NET ZERO – Starting with your cities & now moving to your countryside and farming industries. An ideology where 4 central food hubs will feed the world and forced societal changes will be made without your consent. Remember, it’s all in here 👇🏻” / Twitter

Pepper Oceanna 🦋 on Twitter: “Folks, Please sign this, especially if you believe in democracy. I don’t care if you are 3rd party or independent. A debate is so needed right now. We are just shy of 6,000. Let’s do this! Sign:” / Twitter

Bean🔥 on Twitter: “”If you’re a journalist, you should be investigating Julian Assange’s case for your own sake in the future. What about your right as a journalist to be able to go after an inconvenient truth?”—@SusanSarandon #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges” / Twitter

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“… the people demonizing Roger Waters are not idiots. They are liars. They know precisely what they are doing. They know Roger Waters is not an anti-Semite. They are aware of The Wall and his other work. They are not ignorant. They are propagandists.”

The Anti-Anti-Semitism Follies – CJ Hopkins (

Rafael Shimunov on Twitter: “Last recording of Omar Awadin, a 14 yr old Palestinian helping his father deliver packages before he was gunned down on his bicycle by Israeli occupation forces. He joins 19 children killed by Israel this year without word from @WhiteHouse or @SecBlinken” / Twitter

Rachael Swindon on Twitter: “So you’re a Palestinian in your own home caring for your elderly grandmother and occupying soldiers turn up demanding you leave because they want to blow up your neighbours house. Is it just me that finds this pretty fucking barbaric?” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Farmland buying spree by Wall Street’s mammoth hedge funds and China are turning America’s and the globe’s agricultural landscapes into corporate fiefdoms and farmers into serfs.” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “”The tragic truth is: if the West had not pursued NATO expansion into Ukraine, it is unlikely there would be a war in Ukraine today.” —Professor John Mearsheimer” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Many people do not understand that small farms actually outproduce large industrial farms.” / Twitter

InteractivePolls on Twitter: “Echelon Poll: Robert Kennedy Jr. has the highest net favorability rating among all political figures Robert Kennedy Jr: +22% Vivek Ramaswamy: +7% Tim Scott: = Nikki Haley: -2% Ron DeSantis: -14% Mike Pence: -15% Joe Biden: -18% Kamala Harris: -18% Donald Trump: -19%” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Imagine how psyop’d you have to be to see mountains of evidence that there has been a Nazi Banderite movement in 🇺🇦 for 80 years— see that the Azov Battalion, Aidar, Right Sector, etc are real — but vigorously claim that those facts MUST be false because MSM never talks about it.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “@Demcytheater 1. Do you think it matters to the people being butchered in the Donbas how many seats they were winning? 2. Why was Ukraine criminalizing Left-wing opposition groups, while not criminalizing Nazi groups?” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Westerners constantly respond to criticism of US foreign policy with “You love Putin and think he is good” because they really, truly subscribe to a children’s cartoon show “Good Guys vs Bad Guys” worldview. To them, saying one side is Bad means you think the other side is Good.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “It’s truly disturbing how Democrats celebrate & mock the deaths of fellow citizens because they’re on the “other side.” Not just Babbitt — who was unarmed when she was shot & killed — but also back during the early release of the jab, many Dems mocked whenever the unvaxxed died.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Hate to take the “blue-pilled” approach, but this is a true meme. Elon’s fans are falling for an elaborate marketing campaign. They fly the banner of anti-human WEF technocracy because Elon is a white billionaire who smokes pot and is “anti-woke” (whatever that means).” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Mainstream commentators are really starting to take our candidacy seriously and see through the initial caricatures. #Kennedy24” / Twitter

Our Next President Exposes The Corruption of Empire w/ Robert F. Kenne – Aubrey Marcus | Official Website

Justine Bateman on Twitter: “My OpEd for @Newsweek on the use of #AI in the Arts, and why we #WGA writers are striking over it. @WGAWest @WGAEast” / Twitter


Ben Norton on Twitter: “Another blow to Peru’s US-backed coup regime: Brazil (Latin America’s largest country) announced it is suspending sales of military equipment to Peru until democratic normalcy is restored Peru’s coup regime deployed its military to massacre 60+ protesters” / Twitter

David Eidson on Twitter: “@BenjaminNorton I saw where the U.S was sending 100’s of troops to Peru. I was also surprised to learn Peru had three biolabs.” / Twitter


Ben Norton on Twitter: “Powerful statement from China’s embassy in Mexico 🔥 China “is opposed to the US thuggishness against Mexico” and supports “Mexico to firmly defend its sovereignty” “If the US sincerely wishes to resolve its drug problem, it should… stop evading responsibility blaming others”” / Twitter

Paul Simon’s “sudden” hearing loss; “Sam Smith abruptly ends concert”; Celine Dion cancels tour; Jimmy Buffett hospitalized, postpones concert; Enrique Iglesias cancels show (

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “LATEST NEWSLETTER: The BAP Solidarity Network’s Afghanistan Committee interviewed @HollarJulie of @FAIRmediawatch on U.S. media coverage of #Afghanistan. READ ONLINE:” / Twitter

Prem on Twitter: “Right after Elon Musk hosted Ron DeSantis on Twitter for his presidential announcement, DeSantis signed a bill shielding SpaceX from liability if workers are killed from his rockets blowing up. SpaceX lobbied state officials at least 5 times for the bill.” / Twitter

“JAW-DROPPING” Population COLLAPSE Is Coming!! – YouTube

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Margaret Kimberley – Truthout

Edward Dowd on Twitter: “Bad News: Our a website is down and has been escalated to senior analysts at our new hosting provider to research. In addition to a coordinated new line of attack that I have received personally at same time we suspect that the website has been attacked. I suspect state actor or…” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Update: we succeeded in defeating Frankfurt’s attempts to cancel @rogerwaters, but smears & cancelation attempts have not stopped. So the petition has been updated and needs your signature now! You’ll be joining signatories @SusanSarandon @Lowkey0nline & +” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “To increase lagging vaccination rates, encouraged by “stakeholder,” scientists developed specialized AI actors to talk to people online to convince them to get vaccinated. Funded by Gates, who famously trashed the vaccines after he made his killing.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “As German study finds that “vaccination” causes cancer (!), another study has been rushed out to “prove” that COVID is the cause.” / Twitter


Masuak’s relevance bites at nostalgia’s heels | Reviews (

Spoken Word & Jazz “Evening Heat” by Yvonne de la Vega, – YouTube

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Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “On today’s livestream I go over the proof that a large faction of the US ruling elite now know we’re seeing the end of the US empire.” / Twitter

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Stream The Saviors-Nightmare Years by HRH Brian Morgan | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Primo Radical on Twitter: “So apparently RFK tweeted and deleted this too? Policies aside, not very courageous to keep tweeting and deleting things.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “As I covered at length in 2020, neither Mike Gravel nor Jesse Ventura ran their Twitter accounts. It’s possible both this initial tweet and the decision to delete were RFK’s campaign staff and not him.” / Twitter


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TOOK OUR HOPE AWAY: Sick Flint Resident Blasts MI AG Over All Criminal Charges Being Dropped – YouTube

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All my old pals who used to share my love for this kinda thing died or got indoctrinated at reconditioning camps but to me, this song’s still like a serenity prayer. “It’s all from havin’ somene knowin’ just which way your head is blowin…” Do you know what I’m talkin’ about? Can ya still hear me at all? Hello…hello?


NATO’s ‘war against Russia’ inches ‘closer to direct conflict’ (

johndissed on Twitter: “Just started part 1. It’s still available.” / Twitter

The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson on Twitter: “Corporate media journalists have failed you. When it comes to fact-finding, one anonymous Twitter account is doing his due diligence to expose the intel community infiltrating Big Tech. @NameRedacted247 joined @EmeraldRobinson to break down his viral Twitter threads.” / Twitter

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Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate) / Twitter

Lowkey on Twitter: “In the last 24 hours, Israel has bombed Iran and a truck carrying medical supplies into Syria from Iraq.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Just think about the mentality that led the NYT to radically change its accurate headline about Ukraine and Zelensky into this propagandistic campaign for Biden’s war policy:” / Twitter

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Celebrities Protect The Interests Of The Empire: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Critical reading for anyone concerned about US/NATO weapons triggering WWIII in Ukraine. Even more critical for anyone not concerned about that.” / Twitter

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The Kim Iversen Show on Twitter: “Investigative journalist @_whitneywebb joins us to discuss the appointment of Jeremy Farrar as the WHO’s Chief Scientist and the potential consequences of their power grab. A must-watch for anyone concerned about global health. #WHO #JeremyFarrar #globalhealth” / Twitter

“So, again, going on someone’s show-podcast-program doesn’t mean I am their “friend”, and I have no control who comes on their show before or after my appearance. I think my research is important and deserves the widest audience possible. If the world wasn’t so totally f-ed up right now, I would definitely be more selective, but – at this point – I will go on most large platforms to raise awareness of how bad things are about to get if more people don’t start looking at global power structures and their agendas.” (-Whitney Webb)

“You can never attack another country! Unless you’re Israel and the US. So now Blinken and his Israeli madmen want to get World War 3 going in the Middle East also. The US has been taken over by fascists. Time to face reality America. First Ukraine and now Iran. The fourth Reich is right here in foggy bottom. North Korea, China.. these people are the personification of World War 3.” (-Garland Nixon)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “🚨 Peru’s US-backed coup regime, which has killed 60 protesters since December, formally requested permission to **allow foreign troops to enter the country**” / Twitter


Ben Norton on Twitter: “This is how the police from Peru’s coup regime attacks journalists reporting on their crimes against protesters. Meanwhile the United States, which 100% supports this blood-soaked coup regime, claims it’s “defending democracy”.” / Twitte

The Israeli apartheid regime just attacked Iran with drones. This colonialist rogue regime is waging a war on Iran, but if Tehran or its allies ever respond in self-defense, Western governments and media portray Iran as the supposed aggressor.” (-Ben Norton)

The Cost Of Living Has Become Extremely Oppressive And 57 Percent Of Americans Cannot Afford A $1,000 Emergency Expense – Activist Post

Biden Just Signed “The Declaration of North America.” One North American Country? – Activist Post

Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) / Twitter

The NATO Association of Canada said during a panel discussion that the “weaponization of brain sciences” would be used to exploit “vulnerabilities of the human brain.” Of course ruling our minds is nothing new to the Military Industrial ComplexOne of the most notorious programs was MKUltra — a top secret CIA project in which they experimented with controlling minds through the use of various drugs & psychological torture. Many of those tested upon were unaware.The difference with NATO’s announcement & past efforts is how public it is & the scale of the attack on “the human brain.” One panelist said “the rapid evolution of neurosciences as a tool of war hinges on developments in artificial intelligence, big data, & social media.”

The goal according to the NATO report is “to make everyone a weapon” & “to harm societies.” They also said that this cognitive warfare is “potentially endless since there can be no peace treaty or surrender for this type of conflict.” (-Lee Camp)

NATO Creating Plans For Mass Mind Control – YouTube

CIA Chief: No Evidence Iran Has Made Decision to Weaponize Nuclear Program – U.S. News –

Iggy Pop – Modern Day Ripoff (Official Audio) – YouTube

“The Anglo-American elites have been robbing from other nations for centuries. It’s how they amassed their wealth & built their empires.

And they have done it since the days of their Viking forbears. Though they may wear a suit & tie today, they’re no less barbaric or violent.” (-Ni Mingda)

Protests on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Raise Hopes For Revitalization of Antiwar Movement | CovertAction Magazine

🇮🇳Manishika on Twitter: “British Public chanting “SHAME ON YOU” to the BBC at a demonstration outside BBC Broadcasting House in London. Hated in their own country & spreading *FAKE PROPAGANDA* in other countries, especially India.” / Twitter

Tribunal in Washington Calls on President Biden to End Prosecution of Julian Assange and to Defend Rights of Journalists and Whistleblowers | CovertAction Magazine

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “Can Bill Gates explain why MSM articles from 2001 state that Epstein made his millions because of his “business links” to Bill Gates? Why don’t people ask Gates about his provable links to Ghislaine Maxwell’s family in the 90s? Or Melanie Walker?” / Twitter

US funds ‘independent journalists’ in Cuba to spread propaganda, ex CIA spy admits – Geopolitical Economy Report

Decades Later, The JFK Assassination Still Keeps Some Secrets | Defector

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It’s fooking freezing cold where I am and I do not like it much at all. Makes me wanna take some Melatonin and crawl back beneath my electric blanket and hibernate until the winter ends. I was watching a Marilyn and the Kennedys documentary and did you know Bobby was at her place that day and the housekeeper was told to lie or else? I can still relate to so much of Marilyn’s story, ya know when I got on the Grayhound as a runaway kid, her paperback bio is all I had with me except for a Walkman, a couple of cassette tapes and some clothes in a gym bag my friend Shaun gave me to take with me on the road. Now there is no bohemian enclave to retreat to, ya know? They’ve all been erased and gentrified by the tech billionaires of the new world order. So I sit here sulking in my little hovel at the edge of town, the Last Outpost and the electricity went out suddenly while I was typing that last sentennce reminding me of Chuck D’s important question what are you gonna do when the grid goes down? It’s still too cold to grow a garden here but I’m starting to think about all I wanna grow this spring, even though ya know the Dr. Strangeloves in power wanna depopulate half the world and start WW3 for their Gates Rest agendas. Life goes on, we keep doing what we can, while we can. I still wish I could find a fucking band. They still have rock groups in the UK and Australia. Not here, not where I live. There’s a yuppie harmony duo who run a trendy Airbandb, but that’s it. Oh yeah, a cowgirl wailer, one dude with a synth and a beard, some elderly Mexican bands that play the Moose Lodge but I can’t effectively collaborate with any of them. My kid dreams of getting a degree in zoology, working with big animals, or something to do with the bang bang shoot ’em up world of guns and miliary, copping or cartels, all the same, really-they start programming our young to glorify war and authoritarian power trips from the cradle in this country. Makes me sad, but I am fully a Second Amendment Supporter and think we need to arm the poor and working class cause the people at the top are not to be trusted. This whole capitalist pyraimid scheme is just a buncha sociopaths who get off on tech voyeurism, killing, plundering, decieving, and hoarding their privilege. Man those evil tech-billionaire deep state fascists who kicked the antiwar movement offa the social media platforms really did us all a favor, it was nothing but a timesuck and a heartbreak when you had to see so many fall for the Current Thing, whatever the rulers assigned the media to program all the fools with this week. The war is always a big lie and the creeps who pull the Biden admin strings wanna up the ante and start shit with Iran and China on toppa their billions upon billions they’ve squandered trying to drive Putin from power with this fake ass proxy war in the Ukraine. I’m happy to see the new antiwar movement doing big demonstrations in every major city and I even saw a “stop the war” sticker on a street lamp pole goin’ up the sidewalk towards my new town from my last town and that was a big surprise cause out here in the desert Southwest, all the rich honky old ranchers tend to be conservative riflemen spewing anti immigrant, pro cop rhetoric and let’s face it, before rank n file Democrats were seduced by Obama and hillary into unconditionally supporting every war, the Republicans used to be THE war party, now the Dems and Republicans are indistinguishable aside from the Dems empty campaign promises and performative tweeting about social justice slogan while voting with Lindsey Graham for always more war funding, more coups on countries like Peru who have vast mineral reserves, more racist jackboot militarized kkkops, more spooks, more censorship, WEF mandates and centralized government control. I still listen to the old punk bands like the Wanderers and wonder how the fuck all those guys were ever able to fund their recording projects or have underground record labels willing to put their controversial, inflammatory, anti totalitarian records out. People I know make excuses for predator class oppressors and town bullies, ya know what I mean? No one is really afforded any significant space to say things like the Wanderers and Manic Street Preachers did just a generation ago. Only bands that get to make records are like the brunch motherfuckers who got awesome threads but nothing to say besides like, “look at my threads” or “give me drugs because I have such nice threads”. It’s been twentyfive years of trust funded fratboys with no message, no real tunes, some dumb suits and dope in their deep pockets. Isn’t anybody else getting bored with that trite, meaningless, cowardly bullshit, yet? Where are all the rebel rockers? I was never in to the thrash metal bands but I’d sometimes speak to the college kids who bought rage Against The machine cd’s at Tower Records back in the nineties and found them to be significantly more intelligent than your average grunge consumers. I also knew kids who became more radicalized by the Manic Street Preachers, but all that’s gone, now. Pink Hats and Blue No Matter Whos never really even stood with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock or frontline of the Floyd Uprisings. It’s just fuckin’ Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus and Foo Fucking Fighters and Thank Obamas all day, forever. Yeah, yeah, “Orange Man Bad”, you already said that. Blue Maga is Red Maga with Balenciaga ads. They just prefer more feminine tones and want to see a more diverse squad of friendly faced fascists, red carpet gala torturers, and imperialist warmongers. Last thing I heard by the Manic Street Preachers was probably “Rewind The Film” and man, could I ever relate to that one. I still can’t believe my time is almost up here. Joey and Bobby were my age. Died Suddenly. I wanted to spend more time with my children and accomplish so much more with my former friends. What a bummer it went by so fast and all got thwarted by the rich n phony hipsters, joiner-belonger-eagerbeaver-sellouts, adult cartoon tv people, and NPR gentrifed Karens, who helped push all us poors off the platforms and outta our old places. Fuck. It’s like ten bucks for a dozen eggs, five bucks for a head of lettuce. I used to eat black bean burgers when they were $6 for 8 but had to quit now they are 8 for four. Shitlibs and media millionaires just shrug and fall back on their all purpose, “Blame Putin”, which has almost even replaced, “Blame Trump”. None of their scapegopating ever helps the poor people though, does it? The Jimmy Dore Show and Glenn Geenwald’s System Update and Revolutionary Blackout Network are the only people talking about what a sham these bogus wars have long become, ‘how fake the progressive politicians are, and how the one two knockout punch of gentrification rents and superfinflation under Gropey Joe’s administration are killing the poor. Also the only people talkin’ ’bout all the sudden death. Turns out Mark Crispin Miller and Tessa Fights Robots, Whitney Webb and Max Blumenthal were correct all along. Nobody’s sorry.

The Wanderers – Sold Your Soul For Fame – YouTube

The Wanderers – Take Them And Break Them – YouTube

Manic Street Preachers – A Design For Live (Live Jools Holland 1996) – YouTube ya know some people think Richie got Cointelpro’d. Like the Kennedys, the Panthers, Malcolm, Martin,  John Lennon, Seth Rich, Dr. David Kelly, Prince, Michael Hastings, and Paul Wellstone.

Iggy Pop – All The Way Down (Official Audio) – YouTube

Iggy Pop – The Regency (Official Audio) – YouTube


Yeah I’m gonna link to the much loathed Spin magazine, which I generally detest here, ’cause somebody smart wrote an article about the astonishingly gifted and good humored and talented and intellectual supernova comic genius singer, Tammy Faye Starlite, one of the most incredible performers left in this gentrification ruined, war machine/psy op still halfassed masquerading as a country. She is so, so fucking smart. And good hearted and genrous and merciful-everything decent human beings should aspire to, but with all these guts and extraordinary improvisational abilities, AND a great voice and AND pretty AND married to an equally remarkable guitarist husband named Keith. They are some of the only people I miss from Falsebook. If you live in NYC, go see her whenever you can. Also, Phoebe Legere, of course. 


Tammy Faye Starlite – A Film By Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson – YouTube

“These Days” Tammy Faye Starlite – YouTube




Tammy Faye Starlite, Inverted Country-Star Cliché, Strides Back – The New York Times (

FACES: Tammy Faye Starlite — The Great Pretender – hmag

At Pangea, Tammy Lang’s remembrance of Judaism past (

Dark And Mysterious Velvet Underground Singer Nico Brought Into The Light At Oberon | WBUR News

Nasty girl |

Tammy Faye ( tell her banned antiwar activist “Leonard Alfred Schneider” from falsebook sez hi.


Phoebe was an artist I discovered in the seedy streets of the Lower East Side way back in the good days of true melting pot diversity when poor people were still allowed to enter NYC, she was such an inspirational figure and remains so all these many years later, many have copied her, but she creates at suck a startlingly prolific pace that by the time ya know all those Dizney stylists and high paid industry people dress their imitation puppets up in Phoebe’s old songs or style or ideas or music, Phoebe’s usually long gone, moved on into some newer fresher realm of creativity and ever changing, magical aliveness. She’s good at everything-art, music, film, design but man I learn the most from listening to her talk, she’s been everywhere and is still a total futurist, not in a creepy NWO way, but she has always been finding the path and helping to co author a freer and more inclusive and groovier world beyond the usual elitist capitalist “just us” schemes. I really have always loved and admired her and think everybody can be enhanced by listening to her music and seeing her perform more often. An otherworldly treasure this McCulture does not deserve. For all her divinity, she stayed partly human, accepts the flaws and limitations of us dropout street kids, too. I really, really appreciate her so much. You should, too. ESPECIALLY if you live within striking distance of her shows. She’s one of those rare wild magical healing people who can make you feel like a million bucks by just basking in her light for awhile, seriously. I interviewed her at a hotel across the street from The Rat in Kenmore Square for my cheap cable access no budget, improvised tv show in the eraly 90’s and she was a total scream, a guru knower of things cosmic wise woman, a real encahnted medicine woman, you know what I mean? She makes you think about all theses perspectives you never considered previously, then, she’d asked me to light some candles and, we followed her across the street with her candelabra and train trailing behind her amazing self made costumery and accompanied by her whizkid backup band, she bedazzled everybody in that dirty nightclub, too-it’s who she is, she’s a Dazzler. A wizard, a true star, there is no other.

Phoebe Legere – YouTube

Love Is Your Power – YouTube

PHOEBE LEGERE sings Auld Lang Syne on ABC NEWS – YouTube

Phoebe Legere, art, music, paintings, abstract, affordable, gifts, perfect, lower east side, east village, marilyn monroe,

Hunter Thompson Unplugged – YouTube

PHOEBE LEGERE: 4 NURSES of the Apocalypse Live in the Marquis De Slime – YouTube

Marlene Dietrich by Phoebe Legere: Boys in the Backroom – YouTube

Blue Canoe Blues – YouTube

The Color Wheel – YouTube


Defend the Atlanta Forest (@defendATLforest) / Twitter

Cindy Williams, best known for her role as Shirley in ‘Laverne & Shirley,’ dies at 75 (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “How does the West justify supporting colonial fascism. Oh my bad. That is how the West became the West.” / Twitter

PACA on Twitter: “Some people are talking about how things would be different if the pigs who murdered #TyreNichols were white but this clouds the issue. The root problem is neo-colonialism and capitalism. Not racism. The only solution is decolonization and socialized control. Black power!” / Twitter

ShutDownDC on Twitter: ““If [prosecutors] are successful, protesters across the country could be facing similar speech-chilling ‘domestic terrorism’ charges. We must strongly reject this extreme level of repression… before it becomes the norm for activists in every movement.”” / Twitter

Joel Whitney (he/him) on Twitter: “The arguments in this article are self defeating (a crisis of democracy should use secret unaccountable CIA subsidies to push “democracy”) and have already been refuted countless times, and is pointless as we are still using disguised cutouts and pass throughs to do propaganda” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Don’t show this to your MSNBC-watching neighbor with the Ukraine flag fluttering over their front porch” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Incredibly revealing exchange in which Biden’s @StateDeptSpox Vedant Patel refuses to answer @SMArikat’s question about whether Palestinians in the West Bank are actually occupied by the Israeli military, rattling off cartoonish boilerplate instead” / Twitter

“This has to be the most pathetic group of leaders in the history of the West.” (-Ajamu Baraka)


Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper during the 2007 Spike TV Scream Awards at The Greek Theater on October 19, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

I was never into White Zombie really, I mean maybe “Dragula” was alrite kinda in a “Jesus Built MY Hot Rod” or “Stigmata” sorta way. I knew Ena Kostabi and saw that Sean Y. chick around at shows in my teens and early twenties, but I was probably more into their clothes than their music, Spyder 5000 worked at the downtown Tower when I worked at Harvard Square so I knew him mostly just from his delivering in store art displays. One thing I appreciated about Rob Zombie was at least he made every effort to be entertaining, same with KISS, I was never a fan of the Fangoria horror biz gore, but the lights and drama and costumery were always a welcome reprive from the slummin’ slacker lazy carwash flannel of buzzkill grungers. All these fucking moping rich kids who thought they were being deep and edgy by smoking some weed, stinking like bongwater, not taking baths or washing their hair got on my nerves. I don’t even remember what Filter sounds like, the 90’s post grunge scene were so faceless and generic, they all just kinda warbled and moped, I did not like any of that shit. While White Zombie were on the rise, I was still hosting like a non stop ghetto freaks on parade blacklite party of my own in the pregentrified neighborhood of Allston. There was a lotta hardcore psychedelic drugs and pageantry and feathers and sequins and flashing lights and wild womken and booze galore but we were already starting to fracture as a team. Our audio visual club guy wanted to become like the Howard Stern of Horror Punk or something and started confusing the rest of us for his fanclub whackpack. The broads all split for whiter pastures. The guitar heroes got pressured by family into upward mobility seeking. The genius writer/social commentator/bassist/Clash fan took a prestigious job working for the government which some of us still find far more shocking than anything Rob Zombie’s ever done. The peripheral boomer started covering our tunes. Me and the all night hellion indestructible motorcycle cowboy foolishly revisted the hellhole midwest where he was immediatly lockedup for ancient warrants from his farmtown youth, meanwhile in his absence I was smeared by spinster temperance leaguers about which loud divebar pole dancers I was allowed to kiss, dragged over the coals by big brute bouncers hoping to impress the ex girlfriend’s sister, punked around by a prep school network of clique wicked richkid drug dealers, nearly killed by nazis. So it remained an elusive mystery to some of us how one successfully organized theatrical rocknroll events without having like Serious Adult Investors of some kind. We tried different things over the years, we owned two big p.a.’s the guitar player took one with him to med school, dunno what happened to the other one, probbaly pawned by AC/DC guy, we charged $5 a head at crazy keg parties, rented some bubble machines AND smoke machines, painted some elaborate schoolplay backdrops and utilized some seriously blinding white dramatic backlighting, but we could never inspire any kind of real loyalty from our ranks which I take full responsibility for, it was clearly a failure of leadership. We saw so many other people come and go and do everything that eluded us like, easy breezy covergirls, in a weekend. It all started with Alice, ya know that was the band that united me with my much older punk friend who grew up in the seventies and my eighties metal friends, who first all got together doing Alice Cooper and Gun Club and Cramps and Lords Of The New Church covers, while me and the wild one were still learning how to write songs. I got like 150 originals on tape and that old stuff still haunts me cause a lot of it deserved to be properly recorded by a competant lineup in a decent studio. Instead, we always got stuck with these clock milking hustler studio owning shysters and mercenary wouldbe collaborators who’d kinda hit n run, splitting with some of our ouvre. Not always giving us any credit, Hunter S. Thompson was seldom wrong ya know and certainly right on the money when it came to his descriptions of the music industry. Iggy, too, when he said, “the DJ is a conman, the music sounds like dead ham.” That was an immaculate description of all the genric brunch grunge alternative types who hassled me when I was alone in hostile terrain, still sticking out like a dayglo middle finger, after all those wasted years. I’m not really surprised White Zombie and Alice Cooper are doing a big summertime festival with that grunge band Filter I can’t remember and everybody’s fave early industrial crossover dance metal band, Ministry. When I was between the ages of 14 and probably 26, Everyday Was Halloween. After that, I lost a job working for an abusive record store conservative, ditched by a longtime partner, and got evicted, and could no longer really even stay afloat, I was like semi homeless, lost all my cherished scrapbooks of photos, my velvet wardrobe, records, books, everything. So those hard years on the streets kinda altered my worldview, I could no longer imagine going to some big concert event. I’d been manhandled out of a Jesus & Mry Chain show by big dumb oafish bouncers when my wallet was stolen and I was marked low, even though everybody in that town including the businessowners on both sides of the venue, and multiple bartenders employed by the same bossman, could all vouch for my age. I got in some conflict with college drunks at an outdoor Human League and Duran Duran show, I started understanding that events people do not distinguish between appropriate behavior whether it’s a Chris Isaak concert or fucking monster truck rally. Events people go to those shows to act out their Woodstock 99/pro wrestler aggressions. So obviously, I won’t be attending the Alice Cooper shows, but I do love Alice and appreciate Ryan Roxy and wish them well. I heard a rumor he was bringing Kane Roberts back since Nita Strauss split to work with Demi Lavato. What happened to Orianthi?


Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Is a mad scientist set to become chief scientist at WHO? Investigative journalist @_whitneywebb joined @KimIversenShow to discuss the appointment of Jeremy Farrar, director of Wellcome Trust, as WHO’s next chief scientist.” / Twitter

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Lisa Loring, Original Wednesday Addams Actress, Dies at 64 – NBC New York

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “Can Bill Gates explain why MSM articles from 2001 state that Epstein made his millions because of his “business links” to Bill Gates? Why don’t people ask Gates about his provable links to Ghislaine Maxwell’s family in the 90s? Or Melanie Walker?” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “The Alliance for Securing Democracy, which created Hamilton68, is housed at the German Marshall Fund, recently exposed by @JohnnyVedmore as an appendage of the same intelligence-linked &shadowy networks that gave rise to the WEF. See:” / Twitter

Kevin Gosztola and John Kiriakou: Every Official Everywhere With Classified Documents All At Once – Dandelion Salad (

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “The police state is guilty and corrupt! #DefundThePolice” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Those cops were looking for a fight. Tyre was on the ground and they were still tasing him. Police don’t keep us safe. They kill us. #DefundThePolice” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “This cannot be normalized!” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In the authoritarian US police state, cops kill protesters with impunity, while activists protesting police brutality are charged with “terrorism”. Yet this anti-democratic regime insists it has the right to impose so-called “democracy” on the world.” / Twitter

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Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “🗣Why do you think countries like Brazil manage to get thousands of ppl to protest. But in the US we struggle to get hundreds❓️- Me 🗣In order to have street protests, you need to have lost faith in the political system❗️- Glenn” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Indeed, we’ve come close on more than one occasion. This game of Russian roulette isn’t safe just because the pistol hasn’t gone off yet, and ramping up brinkmanship is like putting extra bullets in the gun.” / Twitter

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Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “The US: the greatest country in the world where you can expect to die a full year earlier for every year you live in it after 2020.” / Twitter

“Fewer than 50% of Americans support further US funding to Ukraine according to poll released today. Time to use the money to take care of people here at home and push for a negotiated peace in Ukraine.” (-Prof Zenkus)

“The Biden administration is losing a war in Ukraine so clearly the move is to start a war with Iran and destroy the world’s access to Middle East oil because if you’re a sociopath, that’s just another weekend…” (-Garland Nixon)

“Victoria Nuland: Putin has committed war crimes.

The truth: Victoria Nuland is a war crime.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The WEF speaker was introduced by Atlantic Magazine CEO Nicholas Thompson, who endorsed transhumanism by promising “a wonderful future in which we can use brain waves to fight crime, be more productive and find love.”” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “A US player far from rich, Tennys Sandgren, also chose not to play in Australia – site of his greatest successes – due to the same principle. He lost a lot. I interviewed him. It’s easy to voice support for a cause, always impressive to sacrifice for it:” / Twitter

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Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “My Friends @Noggatone, @RTSG_pestomime & I confronted @RepEspaillat, @SenSchumer, @SenGillibrand, at the “State of the District” Forum. We challenged them on their Ukrainian war funding, while overdose rates increase along with their intentional destruction of poor neighborhoods.” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Which Is the Most Totalitarian Country?” / Twitter

Palestinians Are Not Liars: Confronting the Violence of Media Delegitimization (

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“Tyre Nichols’s brutal murder by the cops shows once again how police in America are nothing but a tool of social control over the oppressed.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Remember when we were supposed to be terrified of Trump cuz he was crazy & would start World War III? Now Biden is starting wars w/two nuclear powers at same time! And pro-war corporate news gets Americans to cheer it on. America is the world’s terrorists.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Hey, here is an idea that Black people who think they are “Americans” & liberals & latte-left never think about when it comes to state repression & killing of Africans in the U.S. – Support self-determination for Africans. We will take care of our business but you can support us.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “The war at home is going off the rails, like the war abroad.” / Twitter

Flea, Billy Idol, Sleater-Kinney Remember Tom Verlaine (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Memphis is over. While we empathize with the family of Tyre Nichols, the situation there will now be used as a morality play to re-legitimize the settler state domestically & abroad. In Atlanta the body count is one dead & 19 charged with domestic terrorism.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In the authoritarian US police state, cops kill protesters with impunity, while activists protesting police brutality are charged with “terrorism”. Yet this anti-democratic regime insists it has the right to impose so-called “democracy” on the world.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Marianne Williamson FULLY EXPOSED | Iowa Bill to BAN Fresh Meat for Food Stamp Recipients” / Twitter

Vishal Singh 🏳️‍⚧️ (they/he) on Twitter: “This LAPD officer aims a 40mm riot munition gun at protesters, ready to fire at close range. #TyreNichols #Tortuguita #KeenanAnderson” / Twitter

Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine | medRxiv


Ro Khanna is a Nancy Pelosi Democrat☭ on Twitter: “@UnholyRom3 My last wellness check SWAT surrounded my house because I refused to talk to them, the time before that they fractured my nose in 2 places and tazed me 3x” / Twitter


Listening to “Choose To Lose” by Throbbing Purple while sucking down some morning rocket fuel in the frigid desert morning thinkin’ about people I used to know, fretting about some loved one’s safety and wellbeing and feeling uptight and permanently frustrated I have no way of knowing if they’re okay or if they even know how to contact me in case of emergencies. I guess we all gotta live and die alone ultimately, but like the Panther Parties and Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna and Winona LaDuke all taught us, it did not have to be that way. Community is important to social creatures-the oligarchs know that, why do you think they worked so hard around the clock these past six years and since 9/11 to keep the  people divided, arguing over phony culture war divisions and sports identifications and fearful the others are gonna give you the Cooties Of Death. We shoulda stuck together. Problem is most of my old cronies and former girlfriends wanted to please their mother in laws and “get in” with the golfers and the bookies, the Stepford Wives remodeling the vacation property, and the elite “Less Than Zero” country club providers of soughtafter white powders. So there ya have it. Read ’em and weep. I’m still a conscientious objector and I want no part of their bullshit, repeat the lie, protect the powerful, gossipey suckup, asskiss cults. Kinda excited about some UK band Laur hipped me to cause they were a scuzzy D.I.Y. outfit way back in the Manic Street Preachers era, much like my own too late nonstop to nowhere, crash n burn bands, and after breaking up before putting their work down on tape, they reunited like thirty years later, and did it, and man, it rocks like a motherfucker. The guitars are great. Snaky duelling Thunders/Jeff Drake/Whoever Really played on the Faster Pussycat lp’s great. So yeah, I’m in the process of interviewing that character for my other online magazine and I’m all ginned up about it cause you don’t see people putting their differences aside and leaving their coveted nine to five world titles and ego trips at the door long enough to have fun and make wild music in times of unprecedented sci-fi dystopian darkness, like these. They must have really cared about each other as teenagers. My peeps were more like “just visiting” the underground world, or as Sinead sang in “Feel So Different”, they were just stalling. Fuckin around before going back to the grind house floor timeclock. I really like that sleaze punk band from South Wales, Sister Morphine a lot more than I expected to. They remind me of bands like the Dogs, Zodiac Mindwarp, the Crybabys, the Saviors, the Bastards, and the Naked Flames. I went to see a friend of mine yesterday, he’s a pretty traunmatized and sometimes uptight, decorated combat veteran and wide awake about a lot of the corrupt shit happening in the world today and tells me how we are being pummled around the clcok with psy ops and ballsout propaganda, he stays stoned suring the day, only drinks at night, has a new puppy and a bunch of chickens, he’s had a hard life and I feel for the brother. I think other people are better at sitting still than I am. I always wanna rock, I need to move, to get it on, to shake some action. I’m living in an elderly ghost town where oldsters come to die but I aint really ready for the rockin’ chair yet, ya know? I look at Gaz from Sister Morphine, IGGY FUCKIN’ POP, BILLY FUCKIN’ IDOL, Charlie Harper and Peter Zaremba, if they’re all still rockin’, I figure I should be too. Hell, I even tried to get the angry veteran to pick up his guitar! I’m ready. 

Nothing Dirty In The Truth – YouTube

Ghosts Of Heartbreak City – YouTube

Living To Listen – Compact music commentary about artifacts new and old: I enthuse, I don’t accuse, but I do refuse–to review anything lukewarm or colder!

George Carlin Would Be Canceled Today For Saying This! – YouTube

“At times like these, I do fear that our ragtag rebel alliance is going to have a very hard time getting the truth out to the broader public.” (- John Leake)

“The corporate press in the U.S. is not helping the public to understand that the continued escalation of weapons to Ukraine is only creating the conditions that will compel the Russians to have to remove the U.S. puppet govt. In other words, the necessity for an expanded war.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Israel raided Jenin and slaughtered 9 Palestinians, wounding 20 others. The videos are horrific. They bulldozed their youth center and prevented ambulances from reaching the wounded. If only the victims were born Ukrainian, perhaps the world would care more and send them tanks.” (-Richard Medhurst)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia refused to send weapons to Ukraine, resisting US/EU pressure. Left-wing leaders in Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Honduras have also urged peace and opposed the West’s new cold war. Full video here:” / Twitter

Neoliberalism DESTROYED The Black Movement (clip) – YouTube

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Aaron Maté on Twitter: “What could go wrong? 🤷🏻‍♂️” / Twitter

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“The Israeli apartheid regime just attacked Iran with drones.

This colonialist rogue regime is waging a war on Iran, but if Tehran or its allies ever respond in self-defense, Western governments and media portray Iran as the supposed aggressor.” (-Ben Norton)

John Pilger on Twitter: “How Australia’s government and prime minister lie about Julian #Assange as if playing with the life of an innocent citizen and the hopes of his loved ones and comrades is OK.” / Twitter

“Why Don’t You Ever Criticize RUSSIA’S Warmongering??” (

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Russell Brand EXPOSES Corporate Conflict (clip)” / Twitter

“China and Russia are SO BRUTAL look at all those videos circulating of police killing Black people in the streets!

Oh wait…that’s the United States.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “That Germany isn’t calling for an international criminal investigation on Victoria Nuland for making comments like this about a terrorist attack on its critical pipeline tells us all we need to know about German and EU subservience to the US.” / Twitter

Lee Fang on Twitter: “The “Hamilton 68” dashboard was a high level scam to falsely accuse Russian influence behind everything. Their entire opaque system was a fraud, and virtually every media outlet fell for it. Everyone from NYT to Mother Jones should post a correction:” / Twitter on Twitter: “WATCH – In 2018, @TuckerCarlson and @ggreenwald called Hamilton 68 a political establishment “propaganda campaign” to smear dissenting views as “Russian disinformation.” The corporate media promoted Hamilton 68’s disinformation and smeared Tucker & Glenn as Russian agents.” / Twitter

“Reminder the US recently gave a Grand Funeral celebrating the life and accomplishments of a woman whose most famous quote was “Killing 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it”

Spare the world the fake concern for Human Rights and respect for International Law.

I don’t hate people falling for this giant Psyop.

I used to be one. I used to believe I was watching real News, thought the Dems cared about Blacks and all working people, and America was a democracy. Thought some war was for good.

I’m sure I’m still in, but try to pay attention. Imagine the brainwashing it took to convince over 300 million people that over half our budget should go to defense when we have no real military threat and that the greatest economic system imaginable is a few people having more wealth than the entire nation. I can’t get how Americans can’t see that when your Gov’t spends half our money on defense then war becomes a self fulfilling prophecy

Don’t blame the death and destruction on me, I wanted to spend the money on us to be truly free. If the Russian military is so weak and incompetent why hasn’t 9 rounds of economic sanctions, $100 billion in cash and weapons from the West and all the help NATO can offer been able to get them out of Ukraine? Zelensky says all he needs is a 1000 tanks, 500 F-16’s, 300 HIMARS, a million more trained troops, unlimited ammo like a cheat code in a video game and some alien technology.

Put it on his tab! If the Russian military is so weak and incompetent why hasn’t 9 rounds of economic sanctions, $100 billion in cash and weapons from the West and all the help NATO can offer been able to get them out of Ukraine? The US Gov’t said they would destroy Russia’s economy, military and turn their people against their leader and are actually doing all those things to Europe. There might be too many leaders of countries talking about trying to move off dollar dependence for the US to coup or murder.

Oh Americans don’t know how this works in the real world yet? No, I’m not as pissed at Republicans because they are who I’ve always none them to be, I despise the Democrats because for years they made me believe they were better. For all that have not only yet to figure out you’re embracing nazism but are stupidly cheering on the provocation of the country with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, remember that the psychos in the US doing this have a plan for when the nukes fly. My Dem friends still insist there is nothing wrong with Biden’s mind. I still find it hard to believe that our Gov’t presented Liberals with real Nazis and got them to demand we give them tanks and missiles. Our own Gov’t called the Azov neo-Nazis in legislation. Sadly for our psychopath Oligarchs, I think that the majority in Taiwan is watching Ukraine and doesn’t want to end up like that to help the US achieve their geopolitical goal of maintaining their hegemony. The war in Ukraine is not a Left/Right issue in DC or in the media.

They all agree that Americans money should go to support this proxy war that the US spent 8 years trying to start.

#StopCopCity (@stopcopcity) / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Victoria Nuland is one shameless Warhawk. There’s audio of her involvement to depose Yanukovych, video of her handing out cookies for her candidate. The Maidan op was led by the State Dept, ending w 14000 dead. The “fight” is killing Ukrainians & the EU’s economy to sink Russia.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The OPCW censored the report by its own inspectors exposing Douma as a massively cynical chemical deception. This hopelessly corrupted organization is engaged in a propaganda war against them, and is using its media lackeys to erase their report altogether.” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “‘There is no free press without a free Julian #Assange’, writes Ben Cohen below, cutting through the nonsense that a free press already exists. I can report that Julian is putting up an extraordinary struggle to survive and needs the help of all of us.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Translation The US knows that Peru discovered 2.5 million tons of lithium” / Twitter

Tracking Biden From The Left on Twitter: “President Biden exactly a week ago: “When it comes to public safety, we know the answer is not to defund the police…They need more funding and they need ancillary help as well.” This is the problem.” / Twitter

Tanks and Tragedy (

(RIP) Remembering Robert Parry, Who Died 5 Yrs Ago Today (

“How much cash has Big Pharma and our weapons manufacturers raked in since Biden became President? It is not possible that in America a Drug company would put profits over our health and our Gov’t would help them. I really triggered some people when I said Chappelle was my favorite comedian and that I do watch Joe Rogan when I like his guest.

Wow….Quick way to determine if somebody is in the Matrix

Talk negatively about their political team and they automatically assume you are on the team they hate

The fact that you don’t support any of the criminals never crosses their mind. I will never stop exposing who Joe Biden really is, because people close to me are dead because of him and I will never let Liberals act superior because they voted for that piece of garbage. When Black people show Liberals how the president worked with Segregationists on mass incarcerating Black people, helped kill our middle class with NAFTA, tried to cut SS, said more racist things than Trump could dream of, and lied just as much as Santos, they don’t care. Left out Busing, Anita Hill, being so corrupt his own colleagues mocked him as the Sen from MBNA, how he helped the Banks stick us with Student Loans forever

Saying we don’t know how to raise our kids these elections and if we don’t vote for him we aint Black.

Have lots more. How many innocent children do you think die around the world a day because of US sanctions? They’ve been lying to us from the time they embedded the phrase ‘totally unprovoked’ in our brains. Mitch McConnell and Pelosi don’t hate each other, they’re paid to make us hate each other. I see that Nuland who helped create the 2014 coup in Ukraine was briefing the Senate on Ukraine” (-Black In The Empire) on Twitter: “Gates and Epstein have been friends since the 1990s, Gates’ scientific advisor was the backup on Epstein’s will, and this photo was taken after Epstein was a convicted pedophile. Why was Bill Gates so close to the most prolific child predator in American history❓” / Twitter

Tom Elliott on Twitter: “Thread! Here’s the real story btwn Epstein & Gates (credit to @_whitneywebb & her book “One Nation Under Blackmail”): 1) “Epstein has made many millions out of business links with the likes of @BillGates” — 2001 Evening Standard article” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Obama officials’ leaks, followed by Obama’s own admission:” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Blinken served under Obama, where officials leaked info that undermined the case that Syria used chemical weapons in 2013. He knows that intel, as well as the OPCW leaks that undermine his claims about Douma. Luckily a loyal media ensures that he can get away with lying:” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “And more background here:” / Twitter

Angela Davis: Highlights in Black History – YouTube

“We live in a death spiral. This system cannot continue as is without collapse. Yet every incentive for the largest, most powerful corporations in the world is to keep the status quo humming along. Spaceship Earth is being driven by a brain parasite.” (-Lee Camp)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Victoria Nuland brags about Nord Stream sabotage to the US Senate and Ukraine’s government is in turmoil amid massive purges, possibly CIA directed. The neocons are unraveling. Let’s talk about it LIVE in one hour 9pm eastern 6PM pacific:” / Twitter

Understanding the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I’m just signed on to a letter of support for Julian Assange to the US Ambassador to Australia. Sign here:” / Twitter

LEAKED: Emails Show How Russiagate Media Fraud Was Done (

Pfizer Demonstrates the Firepower of Its Armed and Fully Operational Battle Station (


Ghosts Of Heartbreak City – YouTube

Motorcycle Boy @ English Acid, 2.15.1989 – YouTube


Patti Smith, Chris Stein, Michael Stipe Pay Tribute to Tom Verlaine – Rolling Stone

Ciao Manhattan: Chris Barry, Snake Appeal, and The Cult of Purple… (

Throbbing Purple – Rubber Prick – YouTube

Cop Crisis on Twitter: “Florida cops handcuff homeless man who committed no crime and put him in squad car; instead of taking him to jail they take him to the woods where they beat him unconscious and leave him handcuffed and bleeding to die.” / Twitter

Black Alliance for Peace on Twitter: “WATCH LIVE: BAP Coordinating Committee Chairperson @ajamubaraka is dropping a sharp analysis on the #TyreNichols case, chatting with @Kalonjichanga on @BlackPowerMedi1. Is it enough to arrest 5 cops? Find out. #BlackTwitter #CopCity” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This reporting from @mtaibbi contains irrefutable proof that Hamilton68 was a hoax. Just as was true of the media outlets that spread the CIA lie that the Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” not one outlet that spread this hoax has mentioned this:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I know some have forgotten about the 2017 hoax called “Hamilton68,” but it’s vital: it was the first attempt to launch this fraudulent “disinformation expertise,” and the first clear sign of the new political union: Dems, neocons (Bill Kristol) and CIA.″ / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Do you see what media outlets do? When caught red-handed lying, they won’t go back and admit it happened or even discuss the unearthed evidence that proves it. *They lie on purpose.* When they lecture you about “disinformation,” scornful laughter is the only rational response.” / Twitter

CN Editor Named on Secret ‘Disinfo’ List (

New Article, AMA Responses, and Interviews (

Rounding the Earth on Twitter: “In the meantime, everyone should watch @TLAVagabond and @_whitneywebb’s exceptional discussion on the recent #letterbomb story coming out of #Spain. There’s much more to it than meets the eye:” / Twitter

Trump’s Killing Spree – Rolling Stone

“Russia isn’t my enemy. China isn’t my enemy. Iran isn’t my enemy. Syria isn’t my enemy. Cuba isn’t my enemy. DPRK isn’t my enemy.

None of us have to hate another country just because out government says so. This is the first rule to countering war propaganda.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “What’s next after the F-16 fighter jets? Intercontinental ballistic missiles? Maybe a couple of tactical nukes? I don’t understand why there’s any delay between the time Zelensky expresses his demand and the time he’s given everything. Just eliminate the deliberative process.” / Twitter

NATO’s ‘war against Russia’ inches ‘closer to direct conflict’ (

How Aluminum Damages Your Brain • Children’s Health Defense (

Facebook’s Jordana Cutler Appointed Head of Controversial Israeli Ministry, Sparking Censorship Fears (

Chris Hedges and Gabriel Shipton: Will Julian Assange Ever Be Free? – Dandelion Salad (

Sparkling Bombs (

Choose to Lose – Chris Barry [The Throbbing Purple] – YouTube

Raided by The FBI for Being Socialist, with Omali Yeshitela (

Caitlin Johnstone: What MSM Can No Longer Say (

CovertAction Bulletin: What’s Assange Charged With? Telling the Truth! | CovertAction Magazine

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Common sense to people whose brains haven’t shut down under uni-party propaganda.” / Twitter



“One day you will find that all the people who rejected you in your youth are trying to imitate you, or imitate imitations of you. Don’t be distracted. that is not fame. Keep working. Keep nailing yourself to the cross of your art.” (-Phoebe Legere)

“If you wonder what’s up in the war you’re paying for, MSM is the last place to look. Here’s why the Russian withdrawal from one side of Dnieper River to the other in Kherson is not the decisive defeat the spin machine wants you to believe.” (Dr. Jill Stein)

“Prosecuting Assange means that any publication based on leaked material would become a crime”

(-Former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nilz Melzer)

The two issues that are not being discussed in relationship to the outcomes of the midterm election are austerity & continued support for the war in Ukraine. Why? Because there is already bipartisan consensus to support a recession & war in Ukraine. The current theatrics of the midterms as though something significantly different will occur depending on what bourgeois party controls Congress is not to be taken seriously. As Biden told his corporate backers – nothing will change.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Imagine STILL thinking democrats getting one more seat in the senate is “winning,” & capping for them when they’ve literally done NOTHING for you except promise to give you crumbs & then take them back?” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Nothing enrages the official authorized commentariat like the common riff raff having access to platforms and audiences. That’s why the official authorized commentariat have been the most vocal voices calling for internet censorship …” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Joe Biden has literally armed fascists in Ukraine and elsewhere. What does that make him?” (-Danny Haiphong)

Stella Assange: ‘Corrupting the System at Every Level’ (

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (

Concealing US Militarism By Making It Sacred (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “Jimmy Dore says the war in Ukraine is about the US preserving its global hegemony.” / Twitter

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

Support Unlimited Hangout – Unlimited Hangout

vanessa beeley on Twitter: “Ukrainian troops have begun rounding up Kherson locals, suspected of having “collaborated” & supported #Russian forces. Previously civilians detained for such “crimes”, which include even accepting salary fm local Russian admins, simply ‘disappeared’.” / Twitter

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “Still no conflict of interest? Ok.” / Twitter


Brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution! Holy Stars and Stardust!!! Hozac Records the amaaazing people who brought you that poignant and dynamic Michael Goldberg penned book, “WICKED GAME” about the genius godstar JAMES CALVIN WILSEY of Chris Isaak and the Avenegers fame that is so exceptionally well written, and spilling over with so much nearly unfathomable promise, pathos and pain a gripping, emotion packed, hard driving road trip of a blazing comet who enhanced millions of people’s love lives-it’s an adventure filled empathetic portrait of a rare musician who streaked across the sky and died on the cold sidewalks that you will read again and again if you are a fan of the man and his hypnotic tone and Chris Isaak’s angelic falsetto and broken hearted divebar torch n twang, those people, at Hozac, have brought us another essential, soon to be indispensable classic, “GUILTY! MyLife As A Memeber of THE JONESES, A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, and A Federal Inmate” by JEFF DRAKE! I mean, how thrilling is it for us JONESES fans that Jeff wrote the definitive inside story of The Joneses! Our mutual pal Anthony told be the Drake boys and their sis had been raised by old fashioned conservative parents but I smiled when in the book Jeff said his mom was out canvassing for Nixon cuae I got a Nixon Now button on my jacket-funny how far to the right Clintons and Obama pulled this country cause compared to Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, fucking crooked old Tricky Dick was downright woke and progressive-making friends with China, making friends with some factions of the American Indian movement, and establishing enviornmental protections agencies-that’s a far cry from the cold warrior, surveillance tech spying and mass censorship, war on whistleblowers and torture gulags we’ve had sinec 9/11 and now corporate media is evn image rehabilitaing torture architects the Cheneys and John Woo! So yeah, Jeff was raised in a pretty conservative but still somehow idyllic Beach Boys/Leave It To Beaver old school baseball cards and ponies type enviornment but I had no idea he had suffered through so, so many health problems and traumatic accidents as a kid, half his childhood was hospitals and wheelchairs, losing his hearing in one ear like Brian Wilson, and almost losing the sight in both eyes, he had a bicycle wreck where his whole face was scabbed and his whole skull was fuckedup, poor kid-you should see the photos of how Happy Days Opie cowboy innocent he looked back then. Then, he discovered “Creem” magazine and rocknroll radio and look out, ya know? He end up forming the Joneses with skateboard legend Steve Olsen and running around with ne’er do well rocknroll rogues like Steve Jones and Danny Sugarman and shit. I love that band so much, I had some older associates who lived in a nearby town next to a used record store so they steadily accumulated a vast collection of used records with their hefty allowances, including those “Hell Comes To Your House” records, and when I was still semi on the street feral and couch surfing homeless, they would buy me beer underage and let me explore all their cool vinyl, we covered “She’s So Filthy” briefly in my late teenage years and Drake told me on the phone once I had the lyrics wrong. One of my old roommates covered “Pillbox” with his snotty kid punk band in the ya know Teengenerate/Ripoffs era, right whn I was kinda leaving the rocknroll scene which I felt had been taken over by the mainstream capitalist squares and normies. L.A. witch, Screaming Siren, Ringling Sister, Punk Hostage novelist and Disgraceland habituee Pleanant Gehman wrote his liner notes. Everybody knows he’s one of my favorite singer-guitarplayer-songwriters, me and all my friends grew up covering his songs, trying to be like The Joneses, Amanda Jones, and Vice Princiopals! This book is what your sleazy rocknroll boyfriend or girlfriend wants for Christmas, believe me! If you or your loved one like the kinda wild rocknroll music we all write about around here, this is the surefire hit of the fucking year! JUST WAIT TIL YOU SEE THE PICTURES!!! I haven’t talked to Jeff in a long time, but he knows how much I love his work and I am always rootin’ for the brother! GET THIS TOME A-S-A-P! I haven’t glimpsed the Bebe Buell book yet, but everybody around here also loves Bebe Buell, the courageous trailblazer, notorious hellraiser, model/muse/underground superstar/did it her own way rocknroll legend. Maybe after the holidays, we’ll try n wrangle some interviews with these historically significant people. HOZAC RECORDS is home to the real rocknroll beat! You’ll want to go there now!

SHIPPING NOW: GUILTY! My Life in The Joneses, A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, and A Federal Inmate BOOK by Jeff Drake – HoZac Records

WICKED GAME – The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey BOOK by Michael Goldberg – HoZac Records

PRE-ORDER REBEL SOUL – Musings, Music, & Magic Hardcover BOOK by Bebe Buell – HoZac Records

I think they should get Joey Pinter from the Knots and Fuse and Waldos to write a book, next!

Jeff Drake (

On The Record With… Jeff Drake (The Joneses) (

“However these last races turnout, we’ll still be barrelling ahead on climate collapse, crushing inequality & the road to WWIII.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

CODEPINK on Twitter: “To be fair, when you’ve destroyed just about every country in the Global South, it’s hard to keep track of them all.” / Twitter

Empire Politician – 1999-2000: Plan Colombia (


All the old timey glam people know in my snotty youth I used to put out a series of crummy fanzines about punk rock, glam, glitter and trash, very much like what we still do online here n now. one of those old bands we all loved and praised in the xeroxed glamzines was Campus Tramps. I never hear anybody mention them anymore but where I live there aint no record stores and even the make a buck hipster airbandb owning city slickers are only like ya know, “Alternative” people, still meaning Nirvana. Whatever happened to that band 16 Forever and Pilly from that band, American Ruse? In the words of Ginger Baker to Jesse from Shake The Faith, “L:ET’S JAM!” play it loud!


Another band that was good fun was Boris The Sprinkler.


Here’s some Haloes for ya! While diggin’ through my ancient swag, I found some copies of “Machine Gun Etiquette”, a zine in the same kinda spirit as summa the mags I did, edited by the powerhouse talent Christiana, co starring primo rocknrolll ink slingers, Chaz, and Max & Frank. I wish she was still publishing that magazine now. Whatever happened to Barry Bang?

The Enemy’s Within: Jimmy Reject: Books (RIP) JIMMY REJECT!


I probably heard of these cats via either Charlie Die (RIP), Deane Clapper, or Jim Budds, some cats who used to contribute pictures and columns to my zine.


this was really right up our alley in the early nineties, we were looking for musicians in all the wrong towns who were into this kinda thing-early 69 eyes were like Smack n Hanoi Rocks, ya know? They got a little too over the top for me later on, with the Ann rice NIN/Marilyn Manson production but their dirty early stuff is still hard to beat. This was pretty much exactly what i was trying to do back then. 

The Enemy’s Within: Jimmy Reject: Books


Back Behind the Kit – YouTube Long Live Nicky Turner! Truth Is The Sword Of Us All!


are still summa my fave bands, now!

$3 Mess – Only the Angels @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Spanish Song @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Red Head Churchill’s Halloween 09 – YouTube

Pillbox . bobbys shakin again – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Psycho (1988) – YouTube

Gunfire Dance T shirt – Easy Action

City Of Vice – YouTube

“BREAKING: To control the Senate:

Democrats just need 1 more seat. Republicans just need 2 more seats. 

Working people just need 51 more seats.” (-MY PRESIDENT: Dr. Jill Stein)

“I have no special feelings one way or the other about China or Russia, I just acknowledge the indisputable fact that they are quantifiably far less destructive than the US-centralized empire. If they weren’t being aggressively targeted by that empire I wouldn’t notice them much.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I have never heard anyone talking openly and honestly about the corruption and complete corporate capture of the “Democratic” party on MSNBC.” (-Ryan Knight)

“So, we are supposed to believe & care that the capitalists who owned twitter were supposed to be more responsible then the oligarch that owns it now? I couldn’t give a f..k less who owns this company as long as left voices are not suppressed.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“BREAKING: Former US President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a pubic conversation in Dallas to celebrate their war crimes and remind Americans why it’s important to start World War III with Russia.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “.@jimmy_dore went on Fox News to talk about how both parties are corrupt and put corporations and billionaires over everyday people. Telling the truth about the U.S. oligarchy to millions of people is good actually. What’s weird is thinking this is bad.” / Twitter

“The “moderate rebels” of the CIA-armed FSA are now fighting for ISIS. Does this make the group “Moderate ISIS”? (-Aaron Mate’)

Sean & Jacquie w/ Ajamu Baraka (

Peter Beinart Leads Charge to Cancel Palestinian American Journalist Mnar Adley (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “They knew the way that law was structured would be struck down by the courts. The people got played again.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Incredible how white American guys who style themselves as “progressive” will deplatform a Palestinian… at a BDS event” / Twitter

Will Our War-for-Profit System Lead to Nuclear Annihilation? –

Government Granny Gropers will not keep you safe from Muslim boogeymen or Russian hackers or communist manspreaders. The TSA Has Assaulted Us For 20 Years With Nothing To Show For It (

Heavily propagandized shitlibs will support Bush Wars Forever-they just tell ’em whatever they want and they eat it up with their silver spoon. ‘Cause Obama’s “classy” and now, according to Ellen and Bono, W’s “folksy”. I don’t get you fuckin’ people-stop worshipping evil motherfuckin’ war of terror surveillance tech spooks, virus patent owning billionaires, and white devils weapon manufacturing shareholder politicians.

Colorado voters decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms | AP News

NEWSMAX on Twitter: “Former President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a public conversation in Dallas amid questions among House Republicans about the importance of continuing to send money and aid to Ukraine for its fight against Russia.” / Twitter

Urging peace with Russia, top US general challenges DC’s proxy war (


“Mystery keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health. When you destroy mystery you create morbidity.” (- G.K. Chesterton)

“Give me back my fantasy!” (-Urge Overkill) 

All the unconditional Obama-Hillary-AOC worship totally keeps the Bezos-Waltons-Kochs-Schwab-Gates One Percent bad guys in power and the poor folks under boot. Middle class slogan reciting people just wanna build more tall fences and gated communities and never have to listen to the complaints of the unsightly riffraff homeless people and low wage owners and offensive comedians and other offscript cancelled peasants. “They shoulda gone to college”, they say to themselves, all day. Luxery for themselves, dying suddenly, for you. I’m glad Zuck and his Langley bosses kicked me offa social media, it was too discouraging and heartbreaking, to see how all the hipster rock critics, and classic car polishing 12 step celebs, and gentrification bruncher ex punks, don’t even stand for one power to the people egalitarian traditional leftist value at all, ever, nothing. Just blank check sports team celebrity worship and staying in their box to protect their private prestige and special class privileges. They believe in nothing but their own comfort and convenience. Not Free Assange, not fourth amendment privacy, not second amendment ala the Black Panthers, not fight for living wages, or protect the housless community, or end the proxy wars based on lies, nothing. NOt even opposed to Lynn Cheney torturers anymore. Just their own red carpet selfie experience of just me, who’s the fairest of them all, checking the doorbell camera to see if their Amazon goodies have arrived yet, that’s it, that’s all. Maybe they might get online to thank Obama for keeping it classy, or slag pig-media’s targeted minorities du jour, but that’s it. Love AOC, war is okeydokey and Orange Man Bad, that’s all the critical thinking they’re seemingly capable of. At best making some vague excuses for Gropey Joe, ya know?

Sensitivity Studies shitlibs give lip service all day to save the whales, “my pro nouns are blah blah/blah blah”, Free Tibet, got my fifth booster, “I Voted” Blue No Matter Who, and bragging some more about successfully banning reusable plastic grocery bags so we serfs have to purchase eight dollar garbage bags, because they think it’s gonna “save the enviornment” from all those billionaire jet set emissions and fifteen different Nato wars that Greenwashin’ Greta Thurnberg never talks about, they’ve naturally outlawed loitering and panhandling near the legal reefer for rich white people boutiques, and paid tens of thousands to install big sharp rocks beneath underpasses to discourage humans from finding shelter in the cold, and supposedly you know, it’s all for the sake of Science Trusting, feminism, and for the spotted owls, but they do not give a fuck, when garbage trucks run over sleeping homeless women outside the church, s’long as she voted for Hillary first, when traumatized old vets are left in the freezing cold Pacific Northwest rains and get kicked awake by class patrol downtown guides, or have their tarps and tents and soaking wet backpacks stolen from them by cops who work for hotel owbners and Nike sweat shop oligarchs. They just want you to show more respect to Kitty Piercy, Hillary Clinton and AOC, because of course, their Gender, the New Religion Of The Klaus Schwab schooled Gates Reset cultists. Same shitlibs who agreed to promptly evacuate Saturday Market park blocks during Occupy Eugene, as not to inconvenience any bankers or lawyers in love, are likely to kall tha kops karen you for smoking a fucking cigarette in the alley behind the Wow Hall, if your pro nouns do not meet their preferred approval. See something/say something snitch squad Sensitivity Studies shitlibs are cloistered and elitist landlord class, police state neo-con imperialists who recite official tv narratives and just don’t wanna know. There used to be an online pundit called Sane Progressive who spoke with great clarity about these problems of propaganda and the warmachine recruiting fake actresses to help sell Dick Cheney/John Bolton/Mike Pompeo/John McCain policies to comfy, cozy Karens, but she was hounded offline by the think tank operated bot armies and obedient tiktok fauxwoke kancel kulture kids. Shitlib fraud squads selling Dick Cheney shit to Trader Joe shopping Tesla owners with pink triangle bumper stickers is some peak dystopian capitalist madness.They told those suckers they supported healthcare for all, then dropped it when AOC got elected and private jet Pelosi instructed her to sit down, they told those suckers they opposed child cages, then dropped it when Gropey Joe got elected with Mayo Pete affiliated software company. They told those suckers they were gonna cancel student debt, then dropped it after more shitlibs got elected, It’s exactly like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away. Works everytime–like Colt 45. all they gotta do is trot Obama out on the red carpet and all the boomers and comic-con safespace kids in furry animal hat ears all swoon and obey. Mass media has even image madeover the war criminal torturers, Bush/Cheneys by blaming it all on Trump. Unreality Tv. The Bilderberg build a bitch occultic metaverse. Bizarre surrealism. Whenever the oil companies wanna invade somewhere, they just put friendly Democrats on tv to say it’s all for feminism and LGBT rights and those middle class suckers fall for it, everytime. Laura Bush went on Oprah after 9/11 to tell the boomer mom audience that Bush had to invade Afghanistan for women’s rights. People believed that shit if they went to college for navel studies and feelgood ceramics. Hillary Clinton cackled like a lunatic ON TV for savagely killing a Libyan head of state, but shitlibs think it’s okeydokey cause she’s a Female. I should not have to explain how whackadoo that shit is. Whenever someone tries, they deploy the twitterbot namecall armies. You shoulda done this, you shoulda done that, you work for Putin, etc., etc. Middleclass people are oblivious to the suffering of poor people in this country and only care about human rights when the Pentagon tells them they’re supposed to-almost everybody on tv now is “retired” military or CIA, the DNC even runs CIA as Democrats now. All the money goes for killing in regions where they wanna control the resources for Wall Street shareholder profits. All of it. The politicians do not care about us little people or do anything legit on our behalf, if they give you some medication it aint cause they are staying up late at night fretting about your children’s well being or health, somebodys’s making some dirty money every time new legislation is passed. Most usually, it’s the same five or six super oligarchs who run the world in secret nowadays. It got down into the twenties last night here in November-a lotta people in my part of the country do not have adequate heat. Utility companies are gouging us like fuck and anytime you bring it up, dumb motherfuckers have been pig-media and university politness safespace trained to blame some external boogeyman some more, never USA billionaire greed. Of their sacred and cherished puppet politician celebrity imaginary friends. That’s why I can’t stand the shitlb apologist for politicians who broke all their campaign promises and voted the opposite of their bogus feels good rhetoric. People at the bottom are suffering-death is everywhere now and the stuboornly blind shitlibs and Got Mine, Jacks still just wanna babble about the slogan of the day propaganda bullshit, or brag about their vacation or collections some more. They are mad at Chappelle, but not their beloved fraud squad who promised them student loan forgiveness, eviction moratorium, to unite the border gulag families, and free healthcare but instead just gave ’em war against Russia, heating up for war against Iran, and China. Super Inflation and “Died Suddenly”. Whoo-hoo, congratulations, mimosa sippers. Sucking up to rich, evil despots (“philanthropists” in shitlib-speak), Ted Talk third world depopulators, and worshipping war-whore politicians aint my thing.

“Subpoenas” Served On U.S. Weapons Manufacturers, by Brad Wolf – Dandelion Salad (

Top Zelensky advisor threatens war with Iran – The Grayzone

Hands Off Haiti!!—No Military Intervention!! | CovertAction Magazine

Portland police officers ‘guarding’ Fred Meyer dumpsters as residents seek discarded food –

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American – The Atlantic

For African/Black Working Class and Colonized Peoples, Midterm Elections in the U.S. Offer No Relief from War, Repression and Capitalist Misery | Black Agenda Report

Moss Robeson on Twitter: “Tomorrow, Azov Regiment press spokesperson Dmytro Kozatsky, a blatant neo-Nazi, is joining a motorcade from Washington to New York and will be speaking at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in Manhattan as part of 🇺🇸’s “Largest Documentary Film Festival.”” / Twitter

“Here we go again. Members of the oligarchy that don’t completely subordinate themselves to still predominant program of the neoliberal/neocon totalitarian project become enemies of the state.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“If you think CIA disinformation – that sold us wars from Viet Nam to Iraq – somehow isn’t driving war in Ukraine, i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The only people still defending Bernie Sanders and the squad are neocons and white leftists from the suburbs. The progressive movement is trying to gaslight us into thinking supporting all the imperial ambitions of the United States is the left position. Caring about more squad members being added is like caring about more Uvalde Police officers at the scene of a crime. I wish Americans would treat the corrupt criminal ruling class with the same disdain they treat customer service workers when they get their order wrong. Val Dmmings raised $73 million and got washed by Marco Rubio

Can we just acknowledge that the DNC is a complex money laundering operation?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The Biden administration is trying to bully Australia out of joining the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Hard to imagine a greater evil than promoting the gravest danger to humanity the world has ever known. ” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Finally, if you talk to most working class Americans off the record, they’ll admit both parties suck.

Many people just choose to lean into their hatred for one party over the other. Liberalism is not about “liberal values” or “big government” or “wokeness.” And it’s definitely not about socialism

Liberalism isn’t even a political philosophy

Liberalism is, at its core, an imperial cult around advancing the class interests of a privileged transatlantic elite. Every single day, US and NATO leaders are pushing us closer to the brink of nuclear war.

Where is the outrage? Where is the panic? Where is the survival instinct?

We should be marching in every city for direct talks between Washington and Moscow.”

(-Primo Radical)

“Even as the US and its allies are continuously escalating their war with Russia over Ukraine, they are transforming the entire Indo-Pacific into a powder keg that could erupt at any point.” (-Richard Phillips)

“Remember anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in the Iraq war? Dems supported her while it was convenient to oppose the war. Once it became obvious that Dems only opposed *Bush*, not the war, Sheehan became inconvenient, and they dropped her like a hot rock.” (-Ladies Jacket Club on Shitter)

“Biden announces the election was mercifully free of outside “interference.” Amazing how this threat always seems to dissipate the minute Democrats win.” (-Michael Tracey)

“Was just detained for asking John Bolton

about why he lied about WMD’s in Iraq, Covered up War Crimes, and celebrated Julian Assange’s arrest. Video coming soon!” (-Tayler Hansen)

“So, the progressive caucus, the Squad (the fraud) and the rest of the U.S. liberal/left and even elements of the Anti-war movement are to the right of Gen Milley and Henry Kissinger on Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“You know how bad you must be to be neck-and-neck in a race with Dr Oz or Herschel Walker!” (-Compton Jay)

“This is why liberals annoy the shit outta me

Trying to make an institutional problem into a partisan one The DHS is trash no matter who runs it. Biden is currently expanding the department after the abuses under Trump.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““Oops! Accidentally sold weapons to nazis. My bad y’all” 🤣” / Twitter

They Can’t Count Even in Vegas Now? Transcript from “America This Week” (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “That’s good. He should bring in his own writers.” / Twitter

The Atlantic Is A Shitty Propaganda Rag Run By Elitist Wankers (

The Good Priest – The Chris Hedges Report (

“The United States Gov’t isn’t trying to spread democracy, they’re trying to maintain their hegemony” (-Black In The Empire)

There is no evidence that TSA has prevented any terrorist attacks but the US has spent billions of dollars on the program over the last 20 years.” (-Mint Press)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Brazil’s far-right Bolsonaro regime happily joined the US-led coup attempt and helped support cross-border terror attacks on neighboring Venezuela” / Twitter

Multipolarista on Twitter: “Colombia’s first-ever left-wing leader Gustavo Petro took a historic trip to Venezuela, pledging regional unity following the anti-imperialist model of Simón Bolívar Meeting with President Maduro they said they are “one single Bolivarian nation, reunited”” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “EU are calling for more Defence spend because they say that since 2001 #EU has increased spending by just 22%, #US 66% Russia 292% and #China by 600% – This is Disinformation. Reality is EU now spends 3 times more than Russia + #US spend more than next 9 countries put together…” / Twitter

Compton Jay on Twitter: “The Neoliberal policies that the Democrats push hurt the marginalized people they claim to help the most Calling out AOC Hosts @jackiembouvier and @leilacleigh Special Guest @ProudSocialist #HappyHourChallengePodcast #PopulistVoiceNetwork” / Twitter

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report with Andrew Bacevich on his book “After the Apocalypse” and the folly of endless war on The Chris Hedges Report” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “I watched these monsters destroy village after village in Asia, life upon life. Australia’s grovelling elite is now beyond shame as it propels a nation with no enemies to the frontline of a coming war with China. A paramount crime, surely.” / Twitter

How Corbyn’s mass movement was destroyed by anti-Semitism smears (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The first ever Gen Z congress person got to where he is by selling out Palestinians. See a common pattern? Nina Turner, Fetterman and now Maxwell Frost. The progressives completely abandoned Palestinians, anti colonialism and being anti war This is a white suburbs movement” / Twitter

CIA Democrats—Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin—Gain Reelection to Congress, While Anti-CIA Candidate Geoff Young Loses | CovertAction Magazine

Ukraine Plans to Create “Israel-Like” Arms Industry To Produce NATO-Caliber Weapons – Activist Post

FBI Conducts “No-Knock Warrant” At Home Of Owner Of Website Devoted To Area 51 – Activist Post

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Dms open for apologies. Especially from those MSM/ “progressive” contingents who got this oh so wrong, & called for vilifying, segregating & censoring any opposition to this. I don’t hold grudges but F “amnesty” people deserve ACCOUNTABILITY.” / Twitter

FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021) – Activist Post

“If I close my eyes I see your face

And I’m not without you
If I try hard and concentrate
I can still hear you speak
I picture myself in your room by the chair
You’re smoking a cigarette
If I close my eyes I can see your face

You’re saying, “I missed you” (-Lou Reed, “Dreamin’ “)

Whipping Boy – When We Were Young (Official Video) – YouTube

When we were young, nobody died
And nobody got older
The toughest kid in the street
Could always be bought over
And the first time that you loved
You had all your life to live
At least that’s what you said

(When we were young)
The first time you got drunk
You drank Pernod and dry cider
Smashed a window in
As the police came ’round the corner
You didn’t have no time to run
And your dad stood up for you
As the judge said, you’re a fool

Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned
Robbing cars, bars and pubs, rubber johnnies, poems
Starsky and Hutch gave good TV
And Starsky looked like me

(When we were young)
The first time that you stole
You stole rubber lips and tenners
Bought a radio then ran away forever
Never felt so good, never felt so good with you

When we were young, we had no fear
Of love nor sex nor warnings
Everyone was hanging out and everyone was sorted
When we were young, nobody knew
Who you were or what you’d do
Nobody had a past that catches up on you

Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned
Robbing cars, bars and pubs, rubber johnnies, poems
Starsky and Hutch gave good TV
And Starsky looked like me

When we were young, what might have been
What might have been
What might have been

With a start, he was awoken from the middle of a dream
He’s making movies in his head that never will be seen
He’s holding Oscars in his hands and kissing beauty queens

What might have been (oh, what might have been)
What might have been
When we were young

(Songwriters: Colm Hassett, Fergal Emmanual Gerard Mckee, Paul Anthony Page, Myles 

Anthony Mcdonnell)


Some mornings, I find myself habitually scrolling through the hometown obits cause all these childhood friends of mine keep dropping dead in their fifties, dying suddenly. WTF?

Wow Man, another one of my close amigoes from way back died about ten days ago, was buried two days ago, no cause of death, they livestreamed his funeral from the Catholic school website, he was a hometown hero to many, really. It is kinda stunning, cause I been trying to get in touch with him, just sent him a postcard like two weeks ago. Hopefully he got it before his death. I met him when we were in the eighth grade probably, he looked like Dweezil Zappa when we were young, clever kid who loved outraging the squares who loved him, kinda dressed hip suburban-you know like a Robert Downey Jr. character in “Weird Science”, and had good luck like Ferris Bueller-probably the most all around popular guy at the Catholic school I was expelled from. Being from the country club suburbs, he was walking around with a tennis racket and like white shorts, ya know, being preppie, hoping to impress the chicks. I pretend served him a tennis ball, only it was a tomato and got it all over all those Catholic school kid’s daintily pressed white clothes, rather than be offended and outraged, he saw great humor in this irreverant gesture and we stayed pals after that. We had easily a zillion laughs together. He tried his best to get me elected president of our freshman class and even people who hated me wrote my name down, cause everybody loved the joke, it was widely suspected the admin fixed the count. I got him into a lotta cool music from new wave to heavy metal. Not that many of his mainstream friends probably know what a music head he was-from garage rock to Prince, Eddie Grant, Dexy’s, Madness, even Tears For Fears. I think he liked being friends with me, someone his parents and priests and sports coaches and athletic peer group were so completely appalled by. That was his sense of humor, he could come off as caustic and cocky and even belliegerent, but he was one of those rare winner types who really did root for the underdog, he championed me from a young age, when I was most of our Catholic friend’s well guarded, dirty secret. The day when I was finally released from a painfully long stint in the child abuse gulag, Joey was the friend who showed up at the get home time, waiting there to see me. Loyal, dutiful, on time, an abiding and faithful real friend. He had to hear a lotta shit about it from the awful rich kids who wanted to be near him, probably summa his family, too.The suburban rich people really, really had me marked as the town’s kickdog blamehound, main offender, usual suspect, Frankenstein monster, from a young age. Since fourth grade, actually. Tales Of a Fourth Grade Nothing til eternity. Shmoehio don’t like born weird, leather wearers in too much blue eyeshadow and clown red lipstick that makes one’s teeth look extra yellow, causin’ a commotion and hittin’ on the pretty girls, very much at all. I hated sports and was targeted by the Catholic wrestling team and their suburban public school counterparts football team, too. Joey was way more into sports than me, Tom, or Mitch, but we all mainly enjoyed the kinda sports where you didn’t spill your beer-ya know-bowling, fishing, golf, miniature golf, pool hopping…Joey came from a very famous Italian resturant and bar owning family, with many undeniably mobbedup, well known newspaper documented ties to la Cosa Nostra, he loved that shit too, believe me, probably saw himself as a bit of a Vincent Corleone, “Prince Of The City”. Growing up, we watched the first two Godfathers repeatedly but the third one was not out yet and it was ridiculous replacing the Tom Hagen character played by Robert Duvall with disco vampire suntanned George Hamilton and Sophia Coppola actually did a pretty good job stepping in when Winona Ryder got sick, if you ask me, but Joey aint here to talk about Pacino and Deniro no more, that feels crazy to me. Not normal, not right at all. I’m still mourning Corey Lott, Dave Andra, Paul K., and Bobby Cloyd. When I experienced food insecurity as a latchkey teenager, he drove his moped to the famous nightclub with secret tunnels under the street to the hotel catty corner from it that they used to call Little Chicago back in the forties downtown and retrieved a week’s worth of food from his family’s resturant and him and Tom brought me all these different pastas, salads, garlic breads to my place on their mopeds. He had a reputaion as a charismatic but loudmouthed kinda playboy wannabe character, right? The all star, preppie, football player Catholic popularity kid, but in real life, he was sweet and thoughtful and funny and kind, impeccably well mannered, and sincerely compassionate. Always up for a spontaneous roadtrip or late night card game, sophisticated prank, or concert event in some farway big city. I worked with him for his uncles’ at a restuarant as a busboy when we were 12 and 13 ish? Also worked with him at a Little Cesaers’s that employed all our drinking buddies and bowling team friends, Skeeter and Ogre. Also, he got me insta-hired, no questions asked, at another one of his uncle’s resturants, when I was going through hard times and the famous story was, I was nervous on the first day and kinda jittery and accidentally knocked over a big rack full of gallons of salad dressing and one of the older beehive hairdo old pro waitresses came breezing in carrying a big tray of dishes over her head, slipped on the oil based mess and fell. I dirtied all their linen and mops and filled two mop buckets trying to use the dust pan to shovel up the whole awful mess and finally his uncle mercifully fired me on the spot and told me I could leave, my pal Joey laughed off the whole incident. Even as we aged, the smalltown locals remained stubbornly hostile to the whole notion of he and I being friends, I was supposed to be their boogeyman scapegoat forever, amen. He had a hard time advocating for me when the frat bros blamed me for the death of our friend who was far away at some posh college in Seattle. We all had nickname’s based offa Gilliagan’s Island-Tom was the Skipper, Mitch was the professor, Joey was the millionaire and Mitch called me, “Gypsy Gilligan”, he always insited we wayward castaways were pineering pool hopping-“the sport of the future”. Really used to drive the squares and sportos nuts when they’d see us all running around together in our tiger print spraypainted “Trash Mobile” a kooky colored ’74 Oldsmobile that got us in all kindsa trouble when the waterpump broke down in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The cops in East Rutherford are as tough, intolerant, and unreasonable as all those rightwing talk radio reciting preppie fuckers in the town we came from. We were all just having fun and being young, it was not our fault all those fatfucks in the pink Izod golf shirts did not know how to have fun unless it was at some meeker, weaker person’s expense. They were some mean spirited, permanent  hiearachy oriented, cliqueish people. I was the one in the black hat. “Get him!” That state is where they manufacture the conformist  fratboys, it will always be that way. Flashy car ownership and sports bar popularity are all that matter to most white suburbans, nobody’s sorry. It’s still the same back there. Nothing’s changed. Except they allow tattoos now, I guess. Used to be you could not even get a wage slave job with any visible tattoo. And they got medical reefer now.

Joey had the keys to bars all over town so me, him, Tom, and Mitch (RIP) could go into ’em after hours and shoot pool, play the jukebox-mostly Van Halen and the Beachboys, and drink beer for free, his uncles all played poker in his dad’s garage, they were all pretty nice guys once you got to know them. His little brother Johnny used to come to parties at our bandhouse and have some beers when he was the younger kid, it was his turn, a rite of passage. Some mischievous event involving a car happened Joey’s senior year that resulted in his fam pressuring him into joining the marines, he was rel proud of his service and the only kid I grew up with that never seemed traumatized of diminished by the military. He said Semper Fi all the fucking time. When we were back in the hometown at the same time, we always tried to have a beer together, we kept in touch for decades and it only kinda dwindled off when I became caregiver to sick elderly and other high needs family members these past fifteen years. So yeah I loved the cat, will always love the cat, he was my most like normal, mainstream, preppie friend, I’m way to his left politically, he still believed the Democrats were progressives, but in the circles we came up in, he was like the radical leftist compared to all his rigtwing peers, always arguing politics on social media. He had a straight office job, a longtime partner I never met, exhibited the same witty, wry sense of humor on social media everyday he had as a young blade. Joey was always cooking steak on the grill for our former classmates and even my old bassist and his wife. I’m pretty shocked, I naturally wanna drink heavily and grieve a little, play loud music, and have a good cry, but instead, I just went digging through boxes, only found about five pictures of him. One of our cats already damaged one of the photographs I intended to frame. Still have not found the storage tub with like the ten major scrapbooks, and my two main scrapbooks were kinda confiscated by an ex many years ago, but yeah, I been thinking about him these last few hours, sent emails to some of our common friends, the few I’m still in contact with, left sympathy messages to his wife and family online in the guestbooks. I’m just like at such a loss. Whenever my friends and family and old musical heroes pass, that’s when ya wanna talk to the people who were also affected by them, but it’s such a fucking strange time. When one of our closest friends died about three years ago, I contacted a dude and he said holy shit and that was it, people have all moved on into their stoic adult hood, property owning, careerist persona, and I can’t really relate to any of that. Me and that guy Joey had so many adventures together-I’ll keep it all PG here, more stories have already been written about in my four unpublished books somebody in California said they were interested in putting out, but I procrastinated as not to offend the wives and kids and elderly parents of my ole cohorts. We were the wild bunch, at least two of our teenage gang already preceded him in death-Mitch and Dan. You know the preppier Deltas in “Animal House”? The better looking ones ones that could get chicks? That’s a little bit of Joey right there. He was part Eddie Haskell and part Huckleberry Finn! Our other main common hombre Tommy got into radio promotion and ended up working at the same commercial rock station where one of my old girlfriends is an on the air personality. I love all my friends-he was a lifelong favorite. I hope wherever he is in the universe he can appreciate how loved he was, by all of them-the masses of baseball cap normies and hissing suburbanites who hated my punk rock guts, but by me, too. Especially by me. (RIP)

The Beach Boys – Sloop John B Promo Film (Official Video) – YouTube

The Dogs D’Amour – Debauchery – YouTube

Shake Some Action (the proper 1976 version) – YouTube

The Way Josh Todd copied Waxl is the way that Waxl copied McAfferty. (RIP) And Hanoi Rocks. I’d say Mike’s still a bit influenced by Stiv Bators. This one’s pretty good, very Lordsy, like I told my long lost fomer bandmate in a recent e-mail exchange, it’s exactly the kinda sound I always expected I’d be co creating by now here in my elderly goth years, but Everybody I know took a different trip. 

Original Nazareth Singer Dan McCafferty Dead at 76 (

Michael Monroe – Derelict Palace (Official Video) – YouTube


I wish I was more excited by the promise of a new Iggy record but the last stuff I really vibed with by the guy seems like it was an impossibly long time ago. His songs I like are kinda sprinkled here and there over the last twenty some years of albums I generally only thought were like, so so. Some producer is recording a lotta people like him and Morrissey and using bigname hotshot studio dudes like Duff and the Chili Peppers and ya know I was just so NOT into that collaboration the Ig did with the stoner metal guy, it was despressing, almost as bad as Avenue B and I was not into the obligatory collaborations he did with the monopoly shitbands of punk-pop. At all. I never count him out, though. He’s been known to surprise me. I’ll be listening to the new Morrissey as well, quite obviously. He may have been cancelled by safespace kids for his alledged anti immigrant stuff but he is still one of the greatest songwriters left alive and his bands are always white hot motherfuckers-you can’t deny that. Iggy and Morrissey even got a duet on the way. I wonder if that one girl from my long gone past ever thinks about me when she hears the Smiths or the Stooges. I am still that gawky, awkward new wave kid I always was, ya know? I don’t believe people really grow up, ya know-the kid who hoarded his unopened pack of Marlboros and smoked yours instead probably still does that shit on a larger level now. The dude who never did a dirty dish in his life and only showed up to mooch beer off you is probably just like that now with gray hair. The one who sucked up to the jocks and fat Rush Limbaugh coaches back in the day is most likely doing all that same shit just with a bigger white truck. I don’t think people really go to college to learn about shit, I think they go to marry up and arm themselves with elaborate rationalizations and bullshit think tank coverstory fauxwoke justifications for why it’s okay for them to lounge leisurely in sanctimonious, self righteous Clepatra cruise ship privilege and non stop shopping while the rest of us ruin our knees and lower backs hauling all their heavy cement shit around for slave wages and gettting sick from living in toxic places consuming poisonous shit and dying young.  I been working for some different ranchers and airandb owners out here in the desert Southwest and I gotta tell ya, it’s insane to me to listen to some nutty narrative about feminist oppression from an heiress who is making you lift heavy shit and fuck with black widow nests and bossing you around, while she spends all her days remodeling her queendom with big packages from overseas. Who the fuck is oppressed-the poor people doing the labor or the rich person with unearned power? Your unearned gender is not virtue. The coastal booj pigs always insist they got special rights and extra fancy happy magic status from their prior life karma, or in the midwest, it’s the the megachurch propserity gospel hustle, it’s the bounty of God’s favor-God just loves the rich people more, cause they are so white and sinless and special flag fancy. Sometimes I think the new age sensitivity wokeness gender studies shit is mostly used to divert attention and pivet away from the more universal problem of grinding class inequality. 

Iggy Pop Sets Release Date For New Album ‘Every Loser’ – Rolling Stone

iggy pop corruption – YouTube

39 Steps – Slip Into the Crowd – 1987 – YouTube


Or as the man himself said, “my shit is better than your diamonds, my day’s better than your year”. I think he was probably on an awful lot of drugs when he was saying all that, but I still love so many songs! He probably said al lotta his crazy shit just to wind up Lester Bangs cause he knew that’d result in more pages of Creem being taken up by Lester trying to figure Lou out. Lou was electro shocked in an institution as a kid. What more do ya need to know, really? I never wrote nuthin’ even half as good as, “and something flickered for a minute, and then it vanished and was gone…” Summa my indie alternative co workers at Tower Records were all ginned up about that nineties Velvet Underground reunion thing, I was never that interested and in have always felt sorry for Mo Tucker who gets smeared as a rightwing tea party Qanon Maga whatever, much like Exene was, just because she has questione the popular narrative of known liars and admitted eugenecists who are all over youtube saying they want to depopulate the third world and usher in a transhumanist microchip cashless scoety to be ruled by just them and their fellow elite globalist Kissinger WEF pals. Mo hadda work for her family at Wal Mart, some crappy nerd band wrote a song about it. I did, too. Have to work at Wal Mart. really fucked up my knees and lower back from all the mandatory all day bending merchandising those endcaps on cement floors. I’ve not forgotten how Kroger was just as bad and Target was much worse, and Urban Outfitters were some diabolical loss prevention obsessed motherfuckers-all they cared about was busting poor people for shoplifting-it was madness to the extreme. Like everything else having anything to do with money and fame, it becomes nigh impossible to collaborate with people who consider thesmelves geniuses because of their privilege or celebrity status, there is just to unbridgable an imbalance of power. So any superfame haver advertising a reunion is usally just Waxl and his willing victory lappers selling overpriced tickets and merch to sports dummies who have no real interest in rocknroll. They all play for hedge fund managers and lawyers now. That aint rocknroll. MAN I’ll never forget how bad they fucked over Steven Adler just outta sheer meanness, malice, pettiness, it was fuckedup. I’m glad Izzy walked. His Juju Hounds drummer passed away so ya know I dunno what he’s up to noawadays but he’s probably having some coffee and fucking around on the internet. I’d like to hear some more music from the guy before he leaves the planet. Bands are hard and waxl’s a Lil’ Trump tyrant. “You’re Fired!” “You’re Fired!” “You’re Fired!” I wouldn’t wanna be HIS apprentice. Relationships are hard, you can’t negotiate with terrorists-I hadda ghost a bunch a people from my past who can’t help but be abusive, only tool they got in their box is a sledgehammer, so of course, to them, I look just like a rusty nail. I got tired of being pounded upon. I don’t give the address or phone numer out no more, this aint no crashpad. Summa my kids have ghosted me. I have no idea what’s up with that, presume it has something to do with their mom’s and their mom’s boyfriends. I sure do miss ’em, though. Life’s too fucking short as it is, we don’t get none of this time back. Whoever told all those people that what matters is just blind taker winning and chest beating apeman or posh privileged idle millionairess territorial control of the channel changer were some despot shareholder crooked monopolist profiteers. All that’s on is “Friends” and “Coach” and “Seinfeld” and “Dancing With The Stars”, whether you are watching that idiot box on a fat screen at the homeless shelter, or a super high res sleek wall size screen in your skyscraper condo. I’m not into the tv people at all. No mail today, I think some books I was looking forward to got lost in the change of address thing or were just outright ganked by my shady ex neighbor. It’s a bummer. I was sorta kinda fantasizing about getting the security deposit back from the old rental and putting a hundred buscks or so towards the purchase of some “Vive Le Rock” and old “Creem” and “Smash Hits” magazines offa E-Bay, but that was just a dream, just like any other dream. I actually dreamt about the Beatles, Stones, Fleshtones, and Bob Dylan, since we moved into a new place with heat and hot water! I love having rocknroll dreams. All night hellion and notorious motorcycle cowboy, Nasty Bastard was in one of them. Sleazegrinder called him a gravelly voiced thug in purple velvet. Perfect capture, yeah? Aint got no landline yet and dunno how to work those I-Phones, I don’t believe in ’em. Otherwise, I mighta tried to call somebody. I always end up regretting it when I do, though. They all sound like Swiffer commercials with a Devo soundtrack. My teenager has Autism and perseverates on fireworks and monkeys, all he wants for Christmas is fireworks and monkeys. I do not want to buy him fireworks, ya know me and Wuzzy and Timmy Stapleton had an unfortunate incident as pre teens engaging in a crabapple and firework battle with the Campbell boys on Makely Drive resulting in some dried leaves in their neighbor’s yard catching fire and a buncha white fire trucks appearing almost immeditaly on the scene as we ran  through the soybean fields and irrigation ditches behind Wine Sellers like guilty little pyromaniacs and I can not adopt some moneky, I got enough problems trying to domesticate this constantly meowing female feral cat he insisted we adopt from the old neighborhood. It’s a cold morning here in the deadend desert ghost town, me and my old lady have been under too much soul grinding stress from external pressurers and impossible employers and government bureaucrats and nutty neighbors and gentrification code enforcers in the pocket of shady developers and shit lately. Even the second hand stores are “inflation” gouging. That’s just ballsout greed, nothing to do with Putin or Bitcoin. Sheer greed. The kid wants me to watch many hours of firework videos and peruse these firework wholesellers with him who he wants to pay freight shipping to with money we don’t really have. Meanwhile ,I was just hoping to wrangle a couple a books and t shirts and maybe some socks outta any potential birthday money I might receive. Probably all goin’ to some firework wholesellers. Autism is no joke. Having a kid with a disability is a LOT like dating a blackout woman. You always have to leave the house in the winter and end up walking around in the dark and the cold while they reset themselves after abrupt plate hurling mania episodes.

Lou Reed – Dirty Blvd. (Official Music Video) – YouTube

LOU REED – TRANSFORMED! – Madeline Bocaro (


Has been playing shows in Japan with his glammy accomplices, Hiroshi Nakagome, the Golden Arm and the GOLDEN RAT! I’m happy he’s returned to the stage, he’s not only been a good friend since we first met at a Johnny Thunders benefit show in NYC when I was maybe 21, but in my eyes, he’s one of the more sensational talents that keep the rocknroll flames burning! If you aint got a copy of his Vicious Kitten release, “We Got A Right”, yet-whatsamatter witchoo? To me, he’s as important to rocknroll as the UK Subs or Michael Monroe band or Thee Hypnotics reunion from a few years back, one of the real torchkeepers. He’s got a rocknroll heart. Where were you in 92? I was following those Pillbox guys around downtown. If ya see Chris tell him I said hello. His Mrs. made me the most fantastic Christmas card last year-I just hung it up in my new old new wave garage hideout. “All roads lead to Babylon for people like you and people like me…” (-39 Steps) He was in my dream I had last night-been having a lotta music dreams, might be the melatonin I take to help me sleep through all the loud kid hollerin’ and all night media blare. Chris was with me at a bar and so was my friend Joey who just died like two or three weeks ago. I hope Chris is happy and healthy and making some new music up there in Canada. last thing I heard by him was a guest appearance on theat Black Halo guy’s side project. Chris Barry is one of the best rocknroll singers left alive. Chris Barry, Tex Perkins, Jim Jones, Bryan Small from the Hangmen…tell me, who else has that nasty gutterpunk soulpower we all love? Oh yeah….

Mr Ratboy A Gift – YouTube

Mr Ratboy – “a gift from mr. ratboy” full album 1998 – YouTube

Mr. Ratboy – “Rocket to Reno” – YouTube


“The capitalist West cannot compete with socialism, especially with Chinese socialism,& so its answer is war. The working classes in the West along with colonized peoples fighting for national self-determination have no interests in supporting wars against socialist states.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Right after the midterms. You can all go on pretending this wasn’t carefully planned. Don’t worry they’ll throw you another carrot before 2024. Vote harder!!!” / Twitter

“Great video of one of our Stop Assassin Drones in Hawaii. With lots of history of Hawaii and militarism.” (-Col. Ann Wright)


Tell the Truth: Veterans Day Is A National Day of Lying, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine – The Grayzone

The Government Is Still Waging War on America’s Military Veterans – Activist Post

COP27: Alaa Abd El-Fattah & ‘Defying Defeat’ (

A Veteran Remembers, by Howard Zinn + How the U.S. Poisoned its Veterans – Dandelion Salad (

COP27: Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Swarm Climate Talks (


“Marx & Engels concluded that with emergence of capitalism from the worm of colonialism, the primary contradiction of the system was between the minority capitalists & workers. Today the primary contradiction of the global capitalist system is between capitalists & all of humanity” (-Ajamu Baraka)

It’s fucking cold as fuck this morning, the internet aint workin’ cause we aint got no landline and I guess you gotta charge the cellphone or something to make it work via a hotspot, whatever that means, I’m processing another friend’s passing, can’t call nobody even when I’m alone and finally got some early morning peace and quiet cause I dunno how to use these newfangled cellphones and we ain’t getting a landline til next Monday, I was out in the freezing garage rummaging through some boxes of old photos and punk fliers, letters from teenage goth girlfriends in the eighties, magazines with old articles I wrote about Rich Coffee and Phoebe Legere in my twenties. Lost contact with a lotta people when Zuck’s deepstate borg buddies gave me the boot from Fascist book for all  my relentless anti war posting. Ya know I mighta told ya how I called an old friend about a month ago, I guess we aint really pals no more, he’s always gotta run. His mom is the one who’s always encouraging me to call him cause we were like brothers as kids and she still sees me as one of the boys, but my ole pal, I guess he thinks something bad about me now, like I’m not at his level of sophistication and maturity now, or some shit like that. I aint got no wheels. Just a shoebox fulla used cassettes. My second youngest kid aint talkin’ to me, I figured that was just like to please the mother, but apparently, the kid aint talkin to dad OR mom, now, it’s been way too long, immensely worrying. Youngest just turned fifteen-as big as me, great expectations, expects hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of cash and prizes for holiday haul. Unrealistic demands for kangaroos and alpacas, wants whole pallets full of explosives freight shipped from overseas. Couple of my writer friends gone missing too, I dunno what’s up with that. There was a former child actor who thinks he’s I dunno, Obama’s buddy or something, a real DNC shitlib, maybe he’s influencing people. That’s what happened with the national punk mags I used to write for. Big city oldsters got shitlib offended I don’t make P.C. exceptions for war criminals based on their gender identity, hue, political party, or sexual preferences, got me kicked off the platform. Who knows? People are fickle as fuck, they just go whichever way the wind is blowin’. Ya help make somebody famous, that don’t mean they’re ever gonna remember the little people, you feel me? Whatever happened to “principles before personalities”? Got Mine, Jack shitlibs are just neo con rightwingers with guilty consciences, they tell themselves their “Black Lives Matter” sticker somehow undoes a lifetime of support for systems of intuitional racism, and ongoing oppression of the underserving poors they so disdain. You’ll hear middle class people straight up slagging “the uneducated” and “low information voters” AS IF NPR is giving anybody the straight scoop, post Karl Rove. I remember a lotta dialog from “Donnie Brascoe”. Like when Lefty says, “even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk”; and “if anything happens to me, make sure Annette gets the car”. All these wasted years with nothing to show, been in stasis, immobilized, shutout by the Man and his gentrification posers. It’s a stone cold drag, babies. I dunno what happens to everybody, I dunno what drugs they’re on. But I guess we aint pals no more, I looked for you but you was gone. Poof, just like that. I got that old Stiv Bators song ringin’ in my head this morning. My old lady asks me why I don’t call him out, ya know, there aint no point, really-friendships are two way streets, if he don’t remember me, he don’t remember me, same with all of ’em, if they aint got no love left for their dirty old hoodlum brother from way back when cause I aint never made it big in show business like summa them did, or they are busy being rich and popular or whatever that’s just how it is. You can’t make nobody love you, you can’t ask no one to care about your art or what happens to you with what little time remains-they are all on their own trip, their own distant dream. choose your delusion, everybody’s dreaming. I just happen to be way more sentimental than those other motherfuckers. I’ve smoked less than a pack of cigarettes in the past couple years but there are these cold, lonesome mornings of mourning when I still crave ‘em. Kid had a tantrum last night and I had to exit stage left and I can’t even tell you how bad I wanted a cigarette. Got a bottle put away for a rainy day but never any free time to guzzle it cause the kid could wake up at any minute and I gotta be vigilant and rarin’ to go, parenting requires alla my capabilities. I dunno what the temperature is cause like I said, I’m not online, but there is a paisleyfied layer of frost on everything outside-the windows, the weeds. I got a $2 dvd at a southwest swap meet a week ago-“Duran Duran in London”, but it’s just too freakin’ cold to watch it out in the even less heated garage this morning. About every ten minutes it hits me again how my old Catholic school brother is no longer with us and how our wanna be popular mutual friends have not even forked over our other friend’s email for me to send my condolences-that’s how catty and bitchy people from our hometown can be-even when somebody dies, they’re still jockeying for social position and protecting their prestige or whatever, just concentrated on their personal in crowd status, man people suck. People who had my address for years but never wrote me, people who never responded when I asked for their phone number, others got old demos of my songs they’re holding for ransom, hoping I’ll hurry up and die and they can tell their butch, bullying asshole record collector colleagues they were the sole authors. I don’t really trust anybody, anymore-people have disappointed the shit out of me countless times for decades now, just wasted my time and pilfered my creative property and like I said, they aint sorry. That middle school shit goes on forever. Like Bob Dylan sang they just wanna be on the side that’s winning. Part of me begrudgingly understands why the privileged class materialists give up on people and get all focused on their objects. Or pets. People just follow instructions from the ruling class super villains in the ivory tower, there aint no D.I.Y. resistance no more, no intimate circle of rebels sharing a bottle at the bonfire anymore. Everybody’s just out for their own next fix. For some it’s crack, for others it’s control of their empires and nannies and assistants and shit. They think they deserve to be treated with more respect, more V-I-P upgrades, they might throw you some crumbs but they are gonna need  ALOT MORE FLATTERING AND SUCKING UP, they got used to people being disingenuous and kissing their asses. I have never been good at sucking up to power, it just never sat right with me to be phony like the joiners and belongers. Fuck those people.

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“Maybe now that the elections are over and the Democrats were trounced in So. Florida, Biden can move to a sane, humane policy on Cuba instead of kowtowing to the Cuban rightwing that was never going to vote Democrat anyway???” (-Medea Benjamin)

CODEPINK on Twitter: “We had a meeting at the US embassy in Havana today to talk about US policy toward Cuba and the need to remove the country from the state sponsors of terrorism list. #UnblockCuba” / Twitter

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Whenever I get too down, I go back to the music that always carried me through dark times. A Kid named Stewart Strunk from Lexington, Kentucky got me into the Go Go’s in the third grade. We used to draw comic books together based on Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and we both felt real naughty and scandalous when we started adding in the boobies on the female characters. I think he gave me a little Go-Go’s pin. I love Jane! If ya aint seen their documentary, well, it is a thing of fabulous beauty. I watched it like five or six times! I wish I had like a big gorgeous glossy coffee table ultimate Go Go’s book. Ya know? Always wanted Jane to be the minister when me and my ole lady get enough bread to get hitched someday. I guess she’s gettin’ married herself. Mozel Tov, I wish her well. Somewhere out in all those stacks of boxes, I got a Jane Wiedlin comicbook somewhere.

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“A short list of what the Democratic Party blames for its problems:

✔️Black men ✔️Russia ✔️Third parties ✔️ Leftists ✔️ Donald Trump A short list of what’s actually to blame:  

✔️The Democratic Party and the monopoly capitalists that control it.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“No matter what party emerges as dominant in the U.S. Congress both parties pursue the politics of racist paternalism & imperialism in Haiti. And while the international left stands with anti-colonial struggles globally, we ask, who stands with Haiti?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“After a visit to Syria, where 90% live below the poverty line, UN special rapporteur Alena Douhan

calls for the lifting of US-led sanctions, which are having “catastrophic effects” on Syrian civilians & preventing “recovery, rebuilding and reconstruction.” Sanctions are sadism. Advice to pro-dirty war sadists/dupes: to make it look as if you care about Syrian civilians, take a break from trying to whitewash the OPCW cover-up/CIA dirty war and at least pay occasional lip service to the US sanctions that are immerisating Syrians from all walks of life. Here’s Joey Rayburn,

, one of the key architects of US sanctions on Syria — approved overwhelmingly by both parties — bragging about how US sanctions really the “lowers the bar” in its ability to cripple Syria’s economy and prevent reconstruction:.” (-Aaron Mate)

“BREAKING: Big Business and the billionaire class win yet another election in the United States and retain full control of the House, Senate, and both corrupt parties who do their bidding.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Missouri legalized marijuana! South Dakota expanded Medicaid! Nebraska passed $15 min wage. And many more. These are RED STATES. Like I’ve said before…when you give voters questions without a candidate, they just vote for the question. Not a political party!” (-Sabby Sabs)

“I’m grateful to everyone who voted for our campaign.

In an election where we had to fight some of the most powerful political elites in the country just to get on the ballot, every single vote we earned is a win. Proportional #RankedChoiceVoting won last night in Portland Oregon and Portland Maine!

Could this be the beginning of a movement for real democracy from sea to shining sea?” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“Biden canceled a mere $10k in student debt relief—it didn’t even hit people’s accounts yet and youth turnout soared, preventing Dems from losing key seats across the country.

Imagine what full, unilateral and immediate cancellation would do.  

Imagine if he canceled medical debt.” (-The Debt Collective)

chris dorf on Twitter: “DR. JILL STEIN: We were taken to a dark site,nobody knew where we were, unmarked facilitybeing run by, I think, Homeland Security and the Secret Service local police. We were surrounded by some 16 police handcuffed to these metal chairs about seven hours.” / Twitter

tim anderson on Twitter: “Serial war criminal John #Bolton effectively admits that the U.S. is using the ‘Syrian Revolution’ copybook in #Iran. He says weapons are seized from Basij militia and imported from US occupied Iraqi Kurdistan. Bolton has ties with the #MEK terrorist group, based in Albania.” / Twitter

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Well brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I dunno what’s gonna happen next but I am sending good vibes out to alla you last surviving rocknroll motherfuckers, human rights advocates and  peace and free speech activists. Boycott pig-media-we don’t need no thought control. STAY WILD, STAY FREE!

 Gutter Gospel: General Labor Rants On Replacements/Dramarama, Pig Media Insists Gropey Joe Is Very Popular, Hipsters Suck, Sinead, Abbie, Ryan Roxy, Nader, Thompson, Ventura, Schwartz, Gary Webb, Ultras, Manic Street Preachers!

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“…the FBI once again interfered in a presidential election by bolstering the fabricated notion that Hunter Biden’s laptop was possibly ‘Russian disinformation,’ thereby justifying unprecedented censorship of reporting about it.” (-Aaron Mate’) 


I guess I been Writing too much since getting locked outta Falsebook by Zuck and his Langley spook cronies, but I suppose I just feel a bit powerless about all the bad corruption and wars and shit I see goin’ down and the most I can probably do is gently shake summa my former associates from their big pharama numb hypnoslumbers, even that much is a long shot, but as Lennon sang, “we’re all doin’ what we can…” My old lady might help me put one of those Substack things together but for now, I just wanna say thanks to all our friends and fellow glamrarchists for giving me a mic and a soapbox, here. I feel like it’s just us damaged dropout malcontents and aging androgynes against the fatcat fascists and evil billionaires and all their baffled tv watching slaves.

Hey man I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this, but much like Ajamu Baraka, the social media monopolists have not only censored, Facebook jailed, and finally, locked me outta their platform for being Anti-war, but where I used to get hundreds of “likes” on every fuckin’ post, gradually, over the past couple years, it looks like I only get one or two likes or reposts. I get that the fix is in, but do me a solid, as the kids say, and if you agree with anything I got to say here, “like” and repost and subscribe just in case any of it might work, so my webzine homies can know you value my rebellious ravings on some level. Thank You Friends.


I guess it was my sixteenth birthday, when my arty downtown high school girlfriend brought these two hardcore/goth mohawked punks over to meet me. Some asshole local stoner heavy metal guys had crashed my no alcohol attic party and stomped loudly down the step dad’s stairs  kicking or knocking heirloom Christmas decorations down the steps and disappearing an old bass amp on their way out, so my stepdad threw me out again, and I was happy to be free of him. I started hanging out with the mohawked guys who had a crappy goth band. I say crappy, cause that’s how I felt about it back then, but now, I see how creative and innovative they were with such limited technology. They were doing like a Ministry/Skinny Puppy thing on a no budget, D.I.Y. level and we would convene nightly in the older guitarist’s nasty rodent infested, loudly clanging furnace basement studio apartment nightly and he’d play us old seventies imported punk vinyl and we’d drink beer. I was already on my second make believe bullshit garage band with the metalhead guitar players and we could never find drummers where we lived cause we were not into Bon Jovi or even Led Zeppelin. I got along with a pothead drummer who went to the Catholic school and we used to walk home together, but he was friends with some real sadistic heavy metal goons, and burnt somebody’s house down and got away with it, and was afraid to be seen with me by the metalheads, so I never really trusted the kid, and looking back, I’m glad I chose to stay away from him. The older mohawk was really fascinated with Charles Manson so all his artwork always had like a visual reference to say, Barker Ranch, or something. I had grown up loving the Doors so I had always felt a calling to the desert, and now I live in the ghost town South West, I get to see stuff like a skunk just chilling with my outdoor feral cat friends on the side of our disintegrating trailer this morning. Some pimp named Red was said to have burnt down the guitarist’s low income housing apartment, but I had become good friends with the mohawk kids. One went to the downtown high school with me and my arty girlfriend but was given a wider berth for dresscode violations than me because he was honor roll and his mom sold real estate. He grew up and got into real estate. I’m still violating the dress codes.

   Being an empty pocketed pauper with many responsibilities, it is seldom that I am able to indulge in some selfish purchase like a book or hat or something, but I’m aware of those Alvin Gibbs books-I know they’re out there, and the “Trouble Boys” book about The Replacements, and yeah, of course, I am kindof coveting those tomes. I often say that as a crazy kid, it was Dramarama and The Replacements who gave false hope to me and my gang of underage beer drinking record store clerks and alcoholic janitors that if we composed a diverse oeuvre of songs we might also be discovered and recorded and able to make a living performing shows, making record albums, and selling black skull t shirts from the back of our scuzzy black van-that was the popular mythology, anyway, pre Nirvana. There was a whole network of basement show and bandhouse venues, college radio stations, and medium sized magazines about underground music like CMJ and Alternative Press and Flipside and Maximum Rocknroll. Soul Asylum and the  Goo Goo Dolls were two other examples of Replacements inspired garage rockers who broke into the mainstream. I loved the whole Replacements story because it was so easy for us to identify with all those characters-they were so much like my lot. I had an older guitar player who was living like a crusty punk, not bathing very often, kinda being a little antisicial and self destructive, who drank alot,  but I knew he had real potential and artistic ability that bled out when he played guitar. I remember the first time hearing he had learned the Brian James solo from “I Never Believed” rather than just letting our other kid, the flash “Young Wayne Kramer” learn the part. 

    When half my band fled the Midwest and got convenience store jobs on the East coast, we met a kid named Jake who was a writer. In the words of the Great And Terrible Heavy Metal Impresario, Sleazegrinder, “he’s an even better writer than US!” Jake never officially joined the band but my lead guitar hero taught him how to play bass and he joined a more popular local band, but contributed many lengthy screeds to my subversive fanzines back in the day, before joining the nine to five world in later years. He shared my love of The Clash, The Replacements, and Hunter S. Thompson, we’d stay up all night long talking about resistance subcultures and him and his gutter punk girlfriend Theis would sing background vocals for me and my dueling guitarists in their big Park Drive bachelor pad. Summa the songs we wrote back then have been covered by other people. Even after those guys were on their way into proper adulthood, me and the crazy rhythm guitar player were still stubbornly trying to get discovered with our heartfelt garage punk Songs About Drinking! I kept trying to encourage the lost lads back into our broken dream, but they were already gone for good.  The Replacements pissed all the Adult World people off at “Saturday Night Live” and on some Tom Petty tour. They drank. So many of their songs spoke so deeply to my generation, ya know even the squares who followed the prescribed path to cubicles and cable and purchasing Glade Air Fresheners and Dyson vacuum cleaners from Target on Sunday loved shit like “Unsatisfied” and “Answering Machine”. I’ve seen Joan Jett bring everybody at the county fair together-from the pink haired LGBT kids to the old bikers singing, “Androgynous”, which everybody now thinks she wrote. Of course I relate to Bob Stinson, many of my closest friends were tortured clowns and soulful guitarslingers. I was not as wild about the stuff they did without Bob Stinson, though all the tunes Paul wrote about band breakups and shit like say, “When It Began” and “Happy Town” and “Rocknroll Ghost” all got tattooed on my heart n soul. 

     I could always identify with The Replacements, until Paul started phoning in stuff like a professional pandering power balladeer. I liked all his early insecure romantic shit better than his overconfident actress wooing stardom shit. Me and a guy named Brett Milano, I think he was some bigfish Boston Rock critic, were both actually pogo jumping for joy in the front row, when we saw Westerberg with Dave Minehan from the Neighborhoods covering “Daydream Believer” at a tightly packed sweaty show in Central Square. By the time all those Professional Replacements Imitators came along-you know, like half the bands in “Big Takeover” magazine and EVERY band in “No Depression”, I was becoming increasingly cynical about the value of showbiz and celebrity and even the songwriting itself cause it was all becoming so rat race-y. People I grew up with just wanted to become “popular” and ride that fucking awful, loathsome, fuckedup alternative hoax grunge train no matter where it went-they’d join generic bands with dudes who had nothing to say. Whoever had access to pay to play “popularity”, post Nirvana, all the bands became so contrived and formulaic and insincere and eventually, every band was consolidated into just the fucking Foo Fighters, all that was left of rocknroll on the airwaves was Foo Fighters-the ultimate triumph of goober mediocrity. An emo kid band came out and called themselves Plain White T Shirts. They did a really overtly precious tribute to Westerberg and company, not only were all the middle class college people in the ya’allternative public radio world imitating Westerberg like those Wilco and Uncle Tupelo dudes, but now all these horrible fucking suburbanite emo kids were, too. I made friends with a crazy alcoholic bartender we’ll call A2-he’s dead now, but he used to wear this leather cowboy hat I gave him that made him look like a real pirate, and he had a dart team called the Whiskey Dicks, was something of a pool shark-he was the biggest Replacements fan I ever met, he’d always give me quarters for the jukebox and want me to play “Here Comes A Regular” at the little old man, dirty, dark divebar where we were both artists in residence for a couple of years, in our mid to late twenties. Like 25-27. I sure have missed that guy and most of our common friends who have also long since passed. I say my youth ended in ’95 when my high school friend overdosed like two weeks before he was set to graduate from a prestigious college way out in Seattle, but the next two years after that, I spent it with about seven or eight hard drinking, hard living, extremely soulful, kind, misunderstood, and extremely talented people at a disreputable hoodlum bar in the Midwest, all of us were kindof  haunted and traumatized, embittered and broken hearted but making each other laugh through the tears and even dance in the streets. One by one, they all disappeared from this world but I still write songs about all of them that nobody ever hears. My wife told me the one I wrote a couple weeks ago was not as good as the stuff I used to write about ’em. I guess I never got over it. Any of it. And yeah I used to be better than I am now. Don’t you know who I think I used to be?


Digital Militarization of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations – RAIR – Vigilant Links

Petition update · Julian Assange Files Appeal + The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights met Stella & lawyers” ·


Sorry Slaves, dude in the tall hat and the dress and rhinestone slippers who never holds any of his big cult child abusers accountable and lives in a city of gold is not more important than any truth teller with soul. One thing I always loved about Sinead is how she always insisted we can all sing undermining the whole Simon Cowell proper pitch Olympics. I kinda objected when she eviscerated Aerosmith for goin ‘down in the elevator but free passed Eazy E and Ice Cube, but now I am old, I see where she was coming from. Sinead got me into Public Enemy actually. Kristofferson was one of my favorite lyricists so when he came out onstage to defend her when Dylan failed to, made me like him even more. In the years since they killed Tupac, ya know all we’ve had are these dumb model robots like “Marky” Mark Wahlberg and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus who they pummel into superfame with their bullshit mockingbird media first, and then pay Rolling Stone and Spin wankers to artistically legitimize later. I think they all suck so bad. Man I miss real artists with soul power like Tupac and Sinead an awful lot. I said it before, Fuck Dr. Phil and all assholes like him.


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Fuck Pete Townshend. What a dick. Abbie Hoffman is ten times more rocknroll.

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Abbie Hoffman: Leading the 60’s Counter Culture Revolution – Bing video


Man, I miss my old teacher-mentor-filmmaker-girlfriend, Lisa, sometimes. Don’t even know if she is alive or dead, she took me in off the street and protected me and I’m still sorry about the shit I did wrong under her watch. The Lower East Side was still a magical world back then.


We had such a good staff at Tower Records-the mgt. were even decent. I don’t think I could befriend loss prevention people nowadays, but back then, Sam, Mike, Dave and Tim were all goodfella close pals of mine. Old dude Jim M. was a manager, Thom was the indie/import guy. Michael Dow, Noah from New Orleans, Chris who did his big college paper on the NY Dolls. Danielle who used to do my reg shift so I could sneak out the side door to Charlie’s Cheeseburgers. Mark O’Connor, Barrie and Dermot from Ireland. A chick named Erica who bleached my hair Warhol white in my wannabe Jeffrey Lee Pierce phase and sang the fuck outta Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” with a townie band uptown.

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A real cool teacher from Missouri got me into Dramarama who were the best band besides The Replacements in the era we grew up in. My bands were way more glam than Replacements or Dramarama, like we were equally as in to Hanoi Rocks and Generation X as we were these song oriented bands, we wanted to put on a big blinding backlit Rock Show as well as write so many sad slow songs about drinking in small towns, but yeah it was hard to find an audience because we were too sincere and sentimental for the Guns N Roses mobs and too silvery trousered and pink winklepickered for the college peeps. The lady who booked the Middle East at the time, I  don’t think she ever even listened to out tape because we had long black hair she wrote us off as headbangers. I met John Easdale at the Coconut Teaszer when his side project The Bentback Tulips were playing. He was so, so cool. I loved all his lyrics and the highest compliment I ever got from somebody besides Bebe Buell or Phoebe Legere was the underground music journalist who compared one of my shortlived dead end crash and burn bands to Dramarama. When Clem Burke was in the band they probably became the best band in the world and I am glad they are still around.


When Billionaires And The Government Work Together To Control InformationFacebook restricted visibility of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 election after receiving counsel from the FBI, according to Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.“So we took a different path than Twitter,” Zuckerberg said during a Thursday appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. “Basically the background here is the FBI, I think basically came to us — some folks on our team and was like, ‘Hey, um, just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. There was the — we thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. We have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump of — that’s similar to that. So just be vigilant.’”Zuckerberg said a decision was made to restrict that information on Facebook’s multibillion-user platform. He said that unlike Twitter, which banned the sharing of the article entirely, Facebook opted for the somewhat subtler option of censorship by algorithm.”The distribution on Facebook was decreased,” he said, adding when pressed by Rogan that the decreased visibility of the article happened to a “meaningful” extent.As we’ve discussed previously, censorship by algorithm is becoming the preferred censorship method on large Silicon Valley platforms because it can be done to far more people with far less objection than outright de-platforming and bans.BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.— Minds�� (@minds) August 25, 2022In addition to being censored across social media platforms, the Hunter Biden laptop story was first ignored and dismissed by the mainstream news media, then spun as a Russian disinfo operation. Those media outlets eventually came around to admitting that the leaked emails were probably authentic, and Hunter Biden tacitly authenticated them himself when he acknowledged that the information “could” have come from his laptop. Nothing that came from that laptop was anywhere near as scandalous as the unified front presented by the news media and Silicon Valley in reducing the political impact of an October surprise before a presidential election.And now we know that the reason the world’s largest social media platform censored that particular story was because they were cautioned by the FBI against allowing such information to circulate. How many of those other institutions suppressed that news story because they were told to by the FBI or other government agencies? How often are US government agencies involving themselves in the act of censorship? What other information is being suppressed in this or similar ways? What other information will be suppressed in the future?Because of the veils of government and corporate secrecy which obscure our view of the behaviors of power, we don’t get to have answers to these questions. All we get to have is what oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg choose to tell us, in whatever way and to whatever extent they choose to tell us about them.But even what we’ve been told is pretty ugly. A government agency and a social media platform of unprecedented influence teaming up together to silence impactful political speech is censorship by any sane definition. Mainstream liberals can come up with all kinds of arguments for why the continually expanding justifications for online censorship are fine and normal and not really censorship, but are they able to maintain those justifications when government agencies are actively involved? Is it really better when political speech is being censored by a collaboration of government operatives and billionaires than censored directly by the government alone?Thread��Twitter is hiring a TON of FBI agents. Searching employment websites, it is clear Twitter has been extensively recruiting from the FBI, employing a dozen former feds.My new @mintpressnews investigation explores why and what this means for us.— Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) June 21, 2022Alan MacLeod has been putting out a number of reports with Mintpress News documenting the way many veterans from the FBI, CIA, NSA and other government agencies have been recruited to work for tech companies like Google/YouTube, Facebook/Meta, and Twitter. The intimacy with which these government and corporate entities are working together is growing closer and closer, and they’re making less and less effort to conceal it.In a power structure without clear boundaries separating corporations from the government, corporate censorship is state censorship. The mightiest power structure on earth is growing more and more brazen and shameless about this reality.You know you are living in an oligarchy when Mark Zuckerberg has more political influence over your country than any elected official. Democracy is an illusion. Those who live under the US empire are a propagandized and politically impotent population who only think they are free because they’ve been given the illusion of freedom, and less and less effort is being made to sustain that illusion.We are ruled by unelected sociopaths who have no wisdom, no compassion, and no intention of ever relinquishing their rule. This will continue unless and until enough of us wake up to what’s going on to stop them.


“People often ask me where I stand politically. It’s not that I disagree with Bush’s economic policy or his foreign policy, it’s that I believe he was a child of Satan sent here to destroy the planet Earth. Little to the left.”
― Bill Hicks

“They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you’re high, you can do everything you normally do just as well — you just realize that it’s not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.”
― Bill Hicks

People I’ve known in real life have actually told me they now love Lyn fucking Cheney just because she goes on tv and says she dislikes all purpose bad sexist boogeyman Donald J. Trump, like that is some kinda feminist forward leaning position. Still blows my mind how many rich white zipcodes have legalized reefer boutiques just operating out in the open, while other poorer peoples are still in fucking jail or on slippery slope probation or parole for non violent so called drug offenses. I never really liked reefer, personally, but obviously, believe no one ever should have gotten shot by cops in bed, or beaten to death, or mass incarcerated. for smoking a medicinal herb. I’ve been outside trying to cutdown my frontyard desert weeds, post monsoons, before the fanatical gentrification zealot fascist code enforcers show up again in their shiny black, new, tank like vehicles to fine us or whatever. I got blisters on both hands and it feels like I been workin’ on the railroad all the livelong day. I do my work with a very primitive garden tool my ole lady bought at the farmer supply store-we had an actual working and more realistic weed whacker from Wal Mart but it fell apart first time I used it. I know you’re REALLY smart having gone to college. You heard of planned obsolescence. So yeah, my hands hurt, my clothes are wet, I’m ill tempered alot of the time. Arthritis, depression, anxiety, PTSD,bitter about the band stuff, about being banned, but no relief is forthcoming. Burroughs said he had to write his way out of the hole-maybe that’s what I’m trying to do, too, against my better judgement. Man, I miss Bill Hicks, Paul K., Paul Mooney, Tattoo Mark, and Glen Ford. (RIP)

Blondie’s mind-blowing “Against the Odds” box set includes the fan’s Holy Grail of archival songs |

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The Bush-Cheney Cabal – Ralph Nader

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“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly colored, and it’s very loud, and it’s fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, “Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?” And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, “Hey, don’t worry; don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.” And we … kill those people. “Shut him up! I’ve got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.” It’s just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”
― Bill Hicks

Who Killed Michael Hastings? | Civil Liberties Defense Center (

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered? –


Mainstream media really is a fear factory, aint it?! One of my former Facebook friends was a fearless seventy something lady activist from California who died last year, she was a good soul who’d gardened and demonstrated and organized, she endured much in her lifetime including having her kids taken away from her by a richer former spouse, which is something I know about, and I’ll miss that good lady who would always give me courage, spur me onward, advise me, “fuck fear”, that’s how the sick sociopaths at the top of the ivory towers control us serfs and peasants. With fear. Fear they’re not gonna sign your band, or let you work at the record store, or steal your original work, or not let you ever record your original works, or blacklist you from all begrudgingly even desirable jobs, or offer all your girlfriends high paying easy jobs, or use their rich parent’s money to monopolize the Scene or take away your kids, or dispatch oversized, brainless mooks with dumbfuck Lollapalooza tribal tattoos and cargo shorts to pound you into the sidewalk again, or whatever. I’m not sure if it was Burroughs or Thompson who said that paranoia is just knowing a little about what’s really goin’ on. Bravery is doing the next right thing, in spite of your fear. Imagine being Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who saw his cousin put out that magazine, the title of which is said to have dimed his father’s killer. How frightened would you be, if you’d seen your uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews exterminated by shady powers and secret societies? He knew what happened to Paul Wellstone. Bernie Sanders promised to fight for The People, but apparently received the Dick Cheney memo and got in line and endorsed rightwing corporate police state Gropey Joe. Another Facebook friend, Martin Truther, talked about all this stuff before dying when the cops showed up and assassinated him in his home for failing to pay back taxes. I personally got no space in my life for people who cheerlead for the Cheneys or Pompeo or Clinton or Kissinger or Gates or Zuckerberg or Bezos or Musk or Bloomberg or Obamas or Bush family. I can’t even get past the Benie Sanders betrayals. But yeah, the secret police probably threatened him or his loved ones, and Lockheed Martin is the biggest employer in Vermont. I never believed that it was just another oopsy daisy, whoopsie coincidence when JFK Jr. died in a small plane crash so Hillary got to become senator from NY instead of JFK Jr. There are documentaries about it. Look for ’em. Same way Jackie O sought refuge and safehaven with billionaire super yacht owner from Murkkkan deep state, post hit, so did Princess Di, post jockey’s son Harry, post divorce, ya know? 

   Your shitlib friends all say the one and only thing that ever threatened Murkkan “democracy” is Trump lovers convening in the rotunda of the Capital insisting that elections were rigged, when Clinton and Wasserman Schutz had already admitted in court(!!!!) the DNC private services corporation fixed the primaries. The Dems argument was they have a right to fix the primaries, because they are a private corporation. Similar argument shitlibs have been taught to repeat ad nauseum is supposedly, how it’s not censorship, if big tech in bed with the soldout government, buries big stories for big pharma, big oil, the deep state, the DNC, or other power grabbing shock doctrine disaster capitalist billionaires. Everytime someone has a big audience and is critical of the USA, they have an accident-from Hugo Chavez to Gaddafi. Fred Hampton and the Kennedys. Bill Hicks to Seath Rich, they always mysteriously die young. Always an oopsy daisy coincidence, say the shitlibs. A random burglary. Pancreatic cancer. Small plane crash, suicide with two bullets to the back of the head. All these scientists, investigative reporters, almost all the people who made films or who wrote books about 9/11—just youtube that shit, Ferguson and Baltimore uprising activists, vault #7 and drone whistle blowers, Dr. David Kelly said that Iraq had no WMD’s, found dead. Shitlibs think Epstein killed himself and the fact that monarch mind controlled Hinkley, a Bush cousin, is free, is just another whacky, zaney, oopsy daisy coincidence. Um-hummm.

SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTube – © blogfactory

SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTubeReblogged on

“There are so many things going on re 9/11 that just don’t make sense”.

— Senator Paul Wellstone

“I asked him how his week had been. He said, ‘it’s been tough. Vice President Cheney called me in and told me to get on their bandwagon or there would be serious ramifications in Minnesota. ‘And stop sticking your nose into 9/11; there are some rumors going around, but we are going to get to the bottom of this.’ When Paul made this statement, there were about 10 military veterans standing around us, and he spoke to them about 9/11…’There are so many things going on about 9/11 that just don’t make sense…’ Wellstone knew 9/11 was staged. Wellstone was after 9/11.”

–Pat O’Reilly, Wellstone’s close friend.

Although warned by Dick Cheney to “tow the line”, Senator Paul Wellstone questioned the official version of 9/11. For that he paid with his life. What follows are interviews with eyewitnesses, first responders and friends on his fatal “air crash”…

“The Joint Operations Command (JSOC): It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on.”

Wellstone: They Killed Him – preview

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“Here is my final point…About drugs, about alcohol, about pornography…What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, or take into my body as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet? And for those who are having a little moral dilemma in your head about how to answer that question, I’ll answer it for you. NONE of your fucking business. Take that to the bank, cash it, and go fucking on a vacation out of my life.”
― Bill Hicks


Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) on the Iraq War & the Bush Presidency | Democracy Now!

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Hunter S. Thompson’s 9/11 Essay Is Still Chillingly Accurate 16 Years Later | HuffPost Latest News

Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century: Thompson, Hunter S.: 8601400093351: Books

Did Hunter S Thompson witness Bush selling cocaine? – Democratic Underground

“Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”
― Bill Hicks\


Jesse Ventura Calls Out Dick Cheney – YouTube

Soul Hangout » Blog Archive Jesse Ventura On The View: “Bush and Cheney Did 9/11!” | Soul Hangout

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Gunfire Dance Limited Bundle LP + T shirt – Easy Action

Bill Hicks – Relentless [1992] – Stand Up Comedy Full Show – video Dailymotion

 The Untold Truth Of Bill Hicks (

Even though top US officials admit that US troops are in Syria for “leverage” (a fancier way of Trump’s admission that US is there to steal oil), US outlets never report that. (-Aaron Mate’)

“Some 40% of Black DC public school students 12-17 will be refused education under this policy, which aims to coerce them into taking an injection that does not prevent viral transmission or infection, and which requires constant boosting. Welcome to actual vaccine apartheid”. (-Max Blumenthal Gray Zone)

DC’s NAACP chapter complains, “Mandatory vaccinations may negatively impact attendance, and attendance impacts school funding, resources and students’ academic success.”

“Billionaire Jared Kushner got PPP loans that were forgiven in full—meanwhile small business owners like Jamie, a Philly bar owner, will be paying off his PPP loan of $32,700 for the next 15 years.” (-Staus Coup News)


By the time I made it out to L.A., glam was kinda dead, except for like the Last Call dregs who lived with strippers and played cattle call concerts at the Coconut Teaszer on like Thursday nights. Those Motley Crue babies were all way more into living out some kinda Tommy Lee party lifestyle than they were into songwriting, which was sorta my thing. My old girlfriend Steffani tried to introduce me to some famous locals and gave me phone numbers for people like Kristy Krash Majors who I had not that much in common with but I thank her for endeavoring to help my search for the right group of players. Another cat she hooked me up with was Alistarr from The Ultras who was dead cool and funny and generous and sweet to me. I was surprised by how open and accessible he was because having herd his Bruce Duff produced EP, I had already sortof put him on a pedestal. I felt like he was far and away the best lyricist in the whole glam scene. He had accomplished what I had set out to do, which was to form a larger than life spacedout seventies glam rock band with the showmanship and panache of old Ziggy Stardust and Alice Cooper but also writing vivid and lyrical SONGS! He was one of the only people I took seriously that I met in my hard times year and a half or whatever starving on the Sunset Strip. I was living on this horrible fortified wine they only sell in black neighborhoods called Cisco-the ingredients are classified as a trade secret. That shit makes people crazy. Alistarr was different from all the Aqua Net blackhairs who lived with my ex girlfriend because he was smart and cool and kind. 

Most of the metal years people were just kindof fucking dumb. Alice was hip to stuff like, the Only Ones. The rest of ’em never got past Poison, Skid Row and the Crue. I liked all that shit when I was like fourteen and even seventeen, but by the time I made it out to California, I was 22 and kinda past “I Want Action” and “Same Old Situation”.

“Biden just authorized a ~$200 B bandaid for the gaping wound of student debt. But every year the president authorizes ~ $ 1 trillion for the bloated military that impoverishes us at home & endangers humanity the world over. The duopoly has plenty of money, just not for us.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Just one of the ways the US security state manipulates domestic politics behind the veil of democracy. Another example: the high election season Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot manufactured by the FBI.”  (-Max Blumenthal)

“Nothing to see here, just a billionaire with a monopoly on information was censoring accurate news stories at the behest of the FBI to favor a political party & outcome.” (-Jimmy Dore)

Minds�� on Twitter: “BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.” / Twitter

“How is this not a huge story?” (-Matt Taiibi)

“Epstein was the mastermind of that Ponzi Scheme and, while Hoffenberg went to prison for that and related financial crimes, Epstein instead got involved with Clinton presidential fundraisers.” (-Whitney Webb)

“I don’t care what shitlibs say. Joe Biden is still a terrible president and a servant of oligarchs.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Still in Syria…. Getting rockets shot at us so Centcom can pull in a war budget, defense contractors can get paid & senior brass can have combat commands. And maybe we can bumble our way into a fight w/Iran/Russia/Turkey/Assad. What a scam.” (-Joe Kent for Wa-3)

“Stop occupying Syria. Stop bombing Syria.” (-Justin Amash)

“New documents show the US & EU plans to plunder Ukraine have been in the works for years. They plan to sell off public infrastructure, destroy worker rights, & secure massive giveaways to billionaires. Much of this has already begun.” (-Lee Camp)

“Ron DeSantis was the lone legal oversight for US Special Ops in Fallujah during the brutal troop surge,  tasked with ensuring “fair & humane treatment of detainees and military compliance with law”—he previously had that same job at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush torture program.” (-The Empire Files)

Intelligence Expert Believes CIA Behind Car Bomb Assassination of Daughter of Alexander Dugin – CovertAction Magazine

“On manufactured “crime surges”: “corporate retailers, police, and PR firms fabricated talking points and fed them to the media… All told, major “index crimes” tracked by the FBI are at nearly forty-year lows” (-Boots Riley) Police Departments Spend Vast Sums of Money Creating “Copaganda” (

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      Unless you count, say, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleroes or Hello Disaster, to me, the Last Band that mattered was the Manic Street Preachers. I had a girlfriend who was still in love with me back then who would go to the record store and buy me a stack of English tabloids and music papers, a fiddle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes and bring it all home to me tied up with a purple ribbon. I read all the early hype from UK critics but was pretty skeptical, was not into the idea that the guy who wrote all the good lyrics could not play guitar, so that was already kinda weird, then the singer had that high Freddy Mercury vocal range but was shouting slogans like that first Clash album, spraypainted clothes, ehh. I was still trying to get my own band together in the Generation X/Hanoi Rocks vein, part glam and part punk, and I had been talking to and working with these guys from deep Massachusetts smalltown suburbia hoping they would become our fulltime rhythm section, but the bassists was a lyricist/songwriter and they were a package deal, so they ended up doing a very Manics influenced band with the shorthair and skinny ties and stuff called Bang Bang Satellite while me and my two faithful longhaired guitar cronies from the Midwest in the scarves and black leather pants continued to stockpile originals and have no reliable drummer for years on end. It was those Bang Bang Satellite guys who got me into the Manics. One of their wives published a cool fanzine called “Machine Gun Etiquette” and that gang collectively made me reassess the Manic Street Preachers. I had bought “New Art Riot” from Newbury Comics but dismissed it as Clash copycats. We had songs of our own I figured were every bit as good as “Suicide Alley'”.  “Stay Beautiful” was what won me over, I played those four songs like a million times a day and yeah my old friend, the Famous Rock Critic, is telling the truth when he says I did not keep up with popular music or get into Crystal Pistol or Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rockstars From Mars or Whatever, or Brides Of Destruction or Velvet Revolver. The Last band that Really Mattered to me were the . They wrote about matters of the heart AND social commentary AND fought the empire and the forces of conformity AND wore makeup when they felt like it. They were the People’s Choice, the last real motherfuckers. I love ’em. 


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“What if I told you that U.S. aggression toward Russia and China is the single biggest threat humanity faces today.” (-Danny Haiphong)

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Cut your hair in front of businessmen
Kill yourself and censor health

Destroy words and ignore their truth
Wanna die and have never worked

I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling

I can’t feel no need to care
Narcotic of ambition poisoned my air

Wearing hate like they wear money
Sucking down vodka, spitting out Perrier, huh

I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
In hate

Oh, the road is beautiful
You live stoned in obedience
Your vanity kills people, paint your ego in blood
Oh, the road is beautiful

The wall is a reason for you to believe
Is there too many numbers for us to sleep?
The wall is a reason for you to believe
Because there are too many numbers, numbers, numbers

Oh, the road is beautiful
You live stoned in obedience
Your vanity kills people, paint your ego in blood
Oh, the road is B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L.B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L

(Manic Street Preachers)


Free Assange! You Gutless, Evil MF’s! What a fuckedup, sad time to be alive and watch all the good ones lose and get disappeared, while all the malevolent assholes win big forever. (-By General Labor)

The older you get, the more your life becomes miserable-the people you’re brought up with die. Your grandparents and parents die. Your dog dies, your energy diminishes. There are fewer books to read, no more groups to discover. You end up a barren wasteland, trying to find something new that never occurs. The sad thing is there’s nothing worth doing, there’s nothing you truly enjoy, and there’s no purpose in your life.”  (-Richie Edwards)

“The real story of this material is that it’s war, it’s one damn thing after another. It is the continuous small events, the continuous death of children, insurgents, allied forces, maimed people.” (- Julian Assange, Frontline Club Press Conference on Afghan War Diaries, 2010)


“What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear”. (- Julian Assange)

“Julian lives in us. He lives through us and he’s fighting for us. So yes, you are all guilty if you don’t do something. Julian already did the risks for you. You are not really risking anything.” (— Slavoj Žižek, DiEM25 Advisory Panel member)

“US corporate media has provided glowing coverage to Paul Gray, a notorious American white nationalist fighting in Ukraine. A DHS document warns he’s not the only US fascist drawn to Kiev.

As the United States undergoes a national mourning process over a spate of mass shootings, American white nationalists with documented histories of violence are attaining combat experience with advanced US-made weapons in a foreign proxy war.

That’s according to the Department of Homeland Security, which has been gathering intelligence on Americans who have joined the ranks of the more than 20,000 foreign volunteers in Ukraine.

The FBI has indicted several American white nationalists associated with the Rise Above Movement after they trained with the neo-Nazi Azov Battaliion and its civilian wing, the National Corps, in Kiev. But that was almost four years ago. Today, federal law enforcement has no idea how many US neo-Nazis are participating in the war in Ukraine, or what they are doing there. 

But one thing is for certain: the Biden administration is allowing the Ukrainian government to recruit Americans – including violent extremists – at its embassy in Washington DC and at consulates across the country. As this report will show, at least one notorious extremist fighting in Ukraine has received extensive promotion from mainstream media, while another who is currently wanted for violent crimes committed in the US was mysteriously able to evade FBI investigators looking into war crimes he previously committed in Eastern Ukraine.

According to a Customs and Border Patrol document released thanks to a May 2022 Freedom of Information Act request by a nonprofit called Property of the People, federal authorities are concerned about RMVE-WS’s, or “racially-motivated violent extremists – white supremacy” returning to the US armed with new tactics learned on the Ukrainian battlefield.

“Ukrainian nationalist groups including the Azov Movement are actively recruiting racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist white supremacists to join various neo-Nazi volunteer battalions in the war against Russia,” the document states. “RMVE-WS individuals in the United States and Europe announced intentions to join the conflict and are organizing entry to Ukraine via the Polish border.”

The document, which was drafted by Customs and Border Protections, the Office of Intelligence, and other Homeland Security sub-agencies, contains write-ups of interviews conducted by law enforcement with Americans en route to Ukraine to fight Russia.

One such volunteer interviewed in early March “admitted to contacting the Georgian National Legion but decided against joining the group as they were accused of war crimes,” according to the document. Instead, the volunteer “ hoped to obtain a work contract with the Azov Battalion.”

That interview was conducted nearly a month before additional war crimes committed by the Georgian Legion were reported by The Grayzone. However, the volunteer’s allegation may also refer to the illegal execution of two men who had attempted to break through a Ukrainian checkpoint, or an additional, unreported crime known to insiders within volunteer networks.

One key “intelligence gap” listed in the document speaks to the US government’s complete lack of oversight in the proxy war it is sponsoring in Ukraine. NATO arming campaign which has offered no assurances that Western weapons won’t fall into the hands of Nazis. “What kind of training are foreign fighters receiving in Ukraine that they could possibly proliferate in US based militia and white nationalist groups?” the document asks.

Property of the People shared the document with Politico, which sought to downplay and even discredit its explosive contents by inserting the caveat that “critics say” the Department of Homeland Security document “echoes one of the Kremlin’s top propaganda points.”

But as this report will illustrate, the presence of hardcore American neo-Nazis in the ranks of the Ukrainian military is far from a deception cranked out by the Kremlin’s propaganda mills.”

(-Alexander Rubenstein-Gray Zone)

“Something I don’t see being discussed: how a whole industry emerged around school shootings, an industry of consultants and experts that have fueled nightmarish, abusive drills around the country, terrorizing students — and to what end, exactly? What have these people given us? And now these experts are talking about how this outcome in Texas was inexplicable. Was it? Or could it be that all of their rhetoric and training and “expertise” are worthless, and that they have been fleecing a terrified nation for the last two decades while delivering nothing? We need to get cops out of schools. They are not a deterrent to violence. Today, the wider school security industry peddles everything from bullet-proof whiteboards to facial-recognition software to transparent backpacks. Worth some $2.7 billion.” (-Puff The Magic Hater on Twitter)

“I have a 120K followers & use to see hundreds & thousands likes & retweets. Now I barely see a hundred retweets. I understand the game. All of the “left” forces who give ideological cover to the colonial/capitalist project have not experienced any problems.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Our Gov’t is waging an economic war on the American people.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Newly revealed documents show the US government believes “in times of emergency” they have the right to revoke due process under the law, privacy rights, and any right to communicate via phone or internet. Can we please make Orwell fiction again?” (-Lee Camp)

“Biden voted against the 1991 Gulf War, then quickly said he was mistaken. He transformed into a top Iraq war hawk. During nearly 50 years in public office, Biden has seldom seen a U.S. war he didn’t support or help facilitate.” (-Jeremy Scahill author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars)

“No other nation in the world is producing this many mass shooters because no other nation in the world has a political and economic system that breeds as much inequality, terror, and violence as the United States.” (-Ryan Knight)

“I know how you feel about life…I share your views…Every artist that passes touches me more…The passing of Andy Fletcher hit home…Felt the same when founding member of Cabaret Voltaire passed…The dying of scenes or clubs ..The sickening youth culture Tick tock Youtube influencers Logan Douchebags have killed my passion for the arts.. It used to be you had talent or stuck to your convictions that garnered respect and fan loyalty but things have changed..Truly a culture based on Money for nothin….” (-Neen Youkhana)

“In a better society, a socialist society, baby formula wouldn’t be sold by private interests. It would be provided free of charge to every family and yes, the government would make it. The “market forces” which we are told solve every problem actually create very serious ones. In this country even the effort to provide infant formula to all, regardless of income, is yet another means of supporting monopoly capital.

The Women Infants and Children (WIC) program provides exclusive contracts with just two companies in exchange for discounts. The handful of companies providing formula get rich but the market does not do a good job of caring for kids. Formula doesn’t provide a big enough profit margin to be of interest to corporations. This market we’re told to believe in with semi-religious fervor doesn’t provide for other needs very well either. Only public outcry from desperate parents got the needed response after months of shortages.

Even cynical politicians eventually pay attention when babies’ lives are at risk, but this problem is not unique. Higher education should be free or at the very least inexpensive as it was before neoliberalism turned the country into a failed state. Health care should also be free but the one promise Biden has kept is to make sure that doesn’t happen. The very term “medical debt” is an abomination yet it is the reason for most personal bankruptcies. It seems that baby formula is the canary in the failed state coal mine.

This time the crisis is about feeding babies but there are more to come. Food shortages and rising prices, gasoline prices, and voracious hedge funds snapping up houses are all symptoms of a very big problem.

Of course, capitalism creates all these crises but levels of indoctrination are so high that very few people make the connections. While all fingers should be pointed at the market forces which create so much misery, some people prefer to shame women who don’t breastfeed. Others are angry that babies in immigration detention get the formula that the law requires them to have.

Pete Buttigieg isn’t alone in cutting off any discussion of alternatives. The “socialism doesn’t work” trope is quite effective. Even as the quality of life diminishes in a myriad of ways, there is little  improvement in the willingness to reject American exceptionalism and its many lies. The cognitive dissonance required to face these many predicaments is too great for many people to experience, even as their expectations of basics such as a steady supply of infant formula crumble around them.

This particular crisis will ease but it will be followed by more. There is still $1.9 trillion in student loan debt incurred by people who only wanted to improve their lives. After allocating $30 billion for policing, the Biden administration is telling states and localities to use unspent covid stimulus funding for the police, who apparently can’t get enough public money. Covid hasn’t disappeared and neither have any other health care needs that could sorely use this funding. Of course, the Ukraine cash cow has to be milked to the tune of an additional $40 billion.

When the next calamity hits the fan the true villain has to be named. Regardless of other symptoms, it is capitalism that causes our problems.” (-Margaret Kimberly)


     So yeah, like I mighta told you before, I did not come from a rocknroll town-in fact, the little villes I grew up in were all about sports and patriotism. Sports patriotism. I stood out like a middle finger. Stand up like a nail and get hammered. There were a couple of faux surfers though, who had like, little bleached wrestling mullets their moms got ’em in the big city, two and a half hours away in any direction. They wore their Ocean Pacific Painter pants rolled up like Tom Sawyer, Vans, multiple Swatch watches, Polo golf shirts with the collar turned up, Polo fuckin cologne, tried to get sun tans at the country club pool. One kid who mighta been named Kevin moved there from outta town-you could tell. He spoke with the same Valley Boy accent as the rest of the Ohio Surf Squad, and Beavis n Spicoli metal dudes, but was a little less of a dickhead, because wherever he came from, they had punks. He’d even heard of Suicidal Tendencies and The Cure and started dating this chick named Beth who was like the head of the Spirit club. She was always brimming with peppy ENTHUSIASM! I can’t remember if she was a cheerleader but she probably should’ve been. She had a Belinda Carlysle appeal. Their big love song was that Double cocktail jazz shit, “The Captain Of Her Heart”. She used to write me letters in class on GUESS jeans ads she’d pre torn outta like Details magazine in silver marker and fold them into elaborate origami shapes. I think she sensed I liked the New Music, and she was positively koo koo for like, the B-52’s. That was who she was sorta trying to be with the oversized rhinestone sunglasses and postcards and Judy Jetson toys and trinkets and jelly shoes, and fifties housewife pink capri pants, rubber bracelets and garish flower prints and the like. I also remember her talking about Wham! and Baltimora and Belouise Some. I remember going to a carnival with the two of them at the Catholic school. She was telling the tall new kid who might’ve been named Kevin how he looked like Simon Le Bon and Sting and Billy Idol. Her own big claim to fame was when she became the only teenager in our tristate area who somehow got ahold of a “Frankie Say Relax” t shirt that she would wear to teen night at the downtown preppie bar where one of my older pals, Bobby, was the superstar DJ. She’d slowdance with her bleach tipped surfer beau to “Careless Whisper”. I think I may have once slow danced there myself, with the bombshell love of my young life, most likely to Duran Duran-“Save A Prayer”, but you know I’ll have to ask her someday, if that really happened, as I very well may have just dreamed it. You kill as many braincells in the eighties as I did, once you start getting old, summa your careless memories start to blur with songs and hazy half forgotten dreams. 

    Most nights, I’d sit up in the DJ booth with my homie Cowboy Bob, and try to get him to play wilder, edgier sounds. Some nights he might play something by Ministry or Bauhaus or Skinny Puppy or Thirwell or Einstürzende Neubauten and clear the whole dance floor. They were not even really ready for “What You Need”, or “Oh, Sheila”. All the sports-patriots wanted to hear was like, uh, Madonna, Journey, Bon Jovi. Metallica was big. Later on, it was Pearl Jam, Kid Rock, and Korn. We’d have waitresses bring us epic trays full of shots and watch the kids dance on the floor way down below. I dunno what happened to their Trendy Love, but B-52’s Beth moved into this place we called the Airplane Hanger, or Airplane House, a splinter faction of moody boys from rural townships in long trench coats with the sleeves rolled up, Miami Vice style, paisley shirts from Chess King in the mall buttoned all the way to the top, stonewashed black jeans and combat boots, foo foo haircuts, in the words of Mojo Nixon. One chick named Kris who lived there was a sexy dancer who always wore all white and loved Inxs and Love & Rockets so that’s the one I kinda liked to makeout with in her room. The other chicks were into like, visiting cemeteries and that movie The Lost Boys, they were trying to be hip n cool, but were just sorta mainstream margarita bimbos. Destined for middle age in big white houses with big white kids and big white trucks parked out front. Future winebox moms.

   One night, the extremely cheerful B-52’s chick showed up at my place unexpectedly with her other friend-the only semi-cool girl from my original middle school and high school I’d been expelled from, and she just started kissing me. It was good times. Patti. Loved her. What a cool girl she was. Took a lotta guts to be her at that school, too, cause it was all Mean Girls and Dumb, Fat Fratboys and future Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney loving Republikkkans From Hell. So Yeah, Ohio Sucks. Don’t believe the hype about the Pagans and Pere Ubu and Electric Eels and Rubber City Rebels. It’s so rightwing there, my thrash bassplaying girlfriend’s, mom’s biker boyfriend, who was always very kind and hospitable and protective of us kids and therefore seemingly nice, he had some relatives from the deep South, who had been in the facking white supremacist hate groups. That’s why so many of the good Amurkkkan college grads who went to OSU, solemnly pat each other on the back for being, Thank Obamas. Or for liking, “Bust A Move”. Or that “Big Butts” song. Thank Obamas all like that awful Diddy song that sampled Diana Ross. Diddy was the rapper who could not rap, dance, write or produce, so naturally the anti-music machinery made him a big celebrity. Thank Obamas love a man in a white suit.

    Obama is their proof that they are not racist, like their uptight white parents. They like Chelle, and Will Smith, too. Of course, nobody ever told the Thank Obamas about his wars or overthrowing Libya, indefinite detention and end to due process, warrantless wiretaps, or the disposition matrix-they just know he likes basketball, and they like basketball. He likes Beyonce and Jay Z, and they like Beyonce and Jay Z. He speaks carefully with genteel manners, they speak carefully with genteel manners. They are practically RELATED! I lost touch with most of the Airplane House people when I turned twenty and left town, they were called the Airplane Dancers because they danced in circles with their arms flailing about like airplanes, I think they were trying to be like Michael Stipe. My bassist, the celebrity DJ used to play some Dead Milkmen and Violent Femmes for them and they’d GO WILD. I’m sure they all grew up and became Thank Obama Buckeye fans. Game Day and Stuffed Crust Meat Lovers Pizza and Cinnamon Sticks. One of the other chicks who moved into the airplane house was named Cindy-she was a senior when I was a Freshman, she lived on the corner and her brothers threw the biggest party one time any of us had ever seen, on the dirtbike trails behind their corner house–they had kegs and a big P.A., she’s actually babysit me in the fourth grade. By the time I was eighteen and she was maybe 21 or 22, we shared the briefest infatuation, I kinda had a full dancecard already, but it was thrilling when she fancied me for a minute. She had a twin sister named Sandy and they had a big mural of the one tone, ska hitmakers, the Bleach Police in their garage, which, for my town, was just about the edgiest thing ever. DE DOO DOO DAH. There was one gay bar in that town we’d all go to on Sunday nights cause we liked the music they played and I’m smiling now remembering when I was trying to tell my gay friend, a genius, beautiful piano player named Jeff Jerome, that there is just NO WAY that George Michael is gay! Ha ha, his songs like “Kissing A Fool” are what I listened to while mooning over The One girl I was always mad for. So yeah, most everybody in that town was pretty square and there were maybe thirty, forty kids who’d really even been exposed to commercial MTV music, tops-Most of ’em never really even had a teenage music phase-they all knew about Madonna and Michael Jackson, of course, but mostly, they focused all their attentions on owning cars, namebrand clothing, expensive tennis shoes, and sports and looking forward to going away to the big city of Columbus where they would paint their faces and chests orange and gray and drunkenly scream for their home state college football team. They all kinda thought the Beastie Boys were the ultimate band. The Chili Peppers socks on dicks thing never went outta style there. It’s all still bongwater and baseball caps. So besides rooting unconditionally for their home team colors, I really think the main things they learned at Sports Patriotism U were to never, never, never question authority, because that would be unscientific, and if any information ever makes them uncomfortable, they can either seek to have the sources deplatformed, or just dismiss them as conspiracy theorists. You’ll always know a Thank Obama by their appalled reaction when you bring up Julian Assange. If Hillary says he is a baddie, that is THE SCIENCE. They love being lied to, it’s comforting to them. They were raised to follow orders. Mention BUILDING NUMBER SEVEN and they leave the room, or wish they could have have you tasered like when a honor roll student mentions Skull N Bones and the Bush selection Florida hanging chad recount upended by the Supreme Court, to John Kerry at a college lecture. Ask ’em about Michael Chertoff or Eric Prince, or Klaus Schwab or the World Economic Forum or CFR or what does Haarp do and has it been decommissioned, or Drunk Aunt Pelosi’s ushering in the cashless society chip paperwork, and they will change to subject to like Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, or The Simpsons. They call that, “keepin’ it classy”. I knew all these stoner college grads who watch Bill Nye The Science Guy and any topic you might bring up, from hackable Diebold (rebranded as Premiere) voting boxes, to the Kennedys, and they’ll always tell you the Official Story is “SCIENCE” and any lingering question is just a “conspiracy theory.” I got acquaintances who attended posh colleges in big cities on the coasts who talk about safe spaces and shit. Where we came from, nobody was at all, ever shocked for one minute by Donald Trump. They are almost all exactly like Trump there-the country club men and racist coaches and ill tempered history teachers and zero tolerance juvie judges, all the old males are flatulent, coarse, salty, arrogant, sadist, narcissistic, Jabba like blubbering tyrant blowhards. Love it or leave it. I left and hope to never return. I still love George Michael, though!

“We said Russiagate was a joke from day 1 – We were proven right. We said Ukraine is a proxy war – We were proven right. We said there were no WMD in Iraq – We were proven right. We said there was mass surveillance of US citizens – We were proven right. We said blackbox voting machines were a bad idea – We were right. We said climate change is real & critical – We were right. We said there was no Syrian chemical attack – We were right. We said there’s no accountability for the Trillions dumped into the Pentagon – We were right. We said collapsing Libya was a bad idea – We were right. We said the US was using torture – We were proven right. We said Israel is an apartheid state – We were right. …Maybe it’s time to listen to the independent journalists the mainstream media attacks.” (-Lee Camp)

“The greatest purveyor of violence globally is also the greatest purveyor of violence domestically.” 

(-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Liberals & latte-left are pissed at Trump. While they slavishly support agenda of U.S. transnational capital, Trump’s opportunism is drawing lines of demarcation between neoliberal global agenda & “national interests.” Proto-fascist, of course, but democrats are enabling him.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Liberals long ago sold their soul and abandoned their most basic principles to line up behind a bankrupt Democratic Party…They sit placidly on the sidelines as the Democratic Party leadership betray every issue they claim to support.” (— Chris Hedges)

“Year after year, Australian prime ministers and officials have been asked to stand up for Julian #Assange. They’ve done nothing. They’ve colluded. “By failing to act,” says Stella Assange, [they are] not just negligent; it shows that whoever is in office is not fit for office.”” (-John Pilger)

“You’ve got to graduate from an Ivy League university and read all the latest reports from the most esteemed think tanks to get smart enough to understand why it’s a good idea to fight Russia and China at the same time.” (-Cait Johnstone) HA HA HA HA HA! MAN, I LOVE THIS SOUL SISTER!

“People who accuse you of having Kremlin loyalties when you question or criticize the US empire are admitting that they don’t care whether statements are true or false, only whether they demonstrate loyalty to our rulers. That’s the lens through which they examine the world.” (-Cait Johnstone)

‘If the Home Secretary certifies the US request to extradite Julian Assange it will violate the prohibition against torture and set an alarming precedent for publishers and journalists around the world’ (-Amnesty International)


“Sit tight and listen keenly while I play for you another musical biscuit!” (-Big Audio Dynamite)

   Man. Most of the people I’d like to converse with on a windy day like today are already gone on to the other side. I’ve been binge watching a survivalist show about individuals dumped off in hostile natural environments who start to disintegrate emotionally after being forced to confront their selves without the usual distractions. I know what that shit’s like, cause all my amigos been gone forever. Most of the time, it’s just me and these old memories. Middle school, grandparent’s house for the holidays, the Dairy King and old drive-in. Duran Duran videos. Meeting girls underneath the underpass near the old Pony Keg. Missy who used to carry her brush around, even at night on clandestine rendes vous with dubious hoodlums. Building forts with lumber appropriated from old building sites, friends breaking limbs doing BMX tricks. Hours spent listening to old homies learning how to play “Talk Dirty To Me” or “Livin’ After Midnight” on guitar. The dreaded schoolbus with those older twins Sindy and Sandy in the backseat with Melanie and whatever her sister’s name was-they all smelled like hairspray and bubblegum, ya know? The good old record stores, man it’s all gone. Holidays are a trigger for me cause all my kids spend holidays with somebody who ain’t me. You’d think I’d be used to their absence, by now. I’m not though. There’s a hole where they should be, in my life. In “The Curse Of The Black Pearl”, Will Turner struggles to accept that his father Bootstrap was a pirate and a good man. I worry for those kids out there in this cold world. NWO media tells them they are free to choose which tyrannical overlord executive they like more.

 Raytheon, Thiokol, Northrop, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer/Monsanto, Black Rock and Vanguard profits are what matter to your so called reps. THE SQUAD not only dropped the whole topic of healthcare for everyone or reuniting families kidnapped in the immigrant border gulags, they approved the proxy regime change war billions on Russia’s frontdoor in the Ukraine. THEY DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR THE RELEASE OF JULIAN ASSANGE. They are just empty words sayers. Halfhearted tweeters. Pelosi obeyers. They, like most capitalist got-mines, mainly care about their own mimosas, glamour shots, and red carpet celebrity privileges. Not your health or well being, not regular people in the Ukraine, or teachers and kids being slaughtered in schools.  How sad is it to behold mf’s still actively rat racing, all the way in to their fucking sixties? How many people you know think they gonna get to sit with the jocks at the lunch table if they just parrot bullshit cable slogans dutifully enough? I really can’t relate to many people at this point. All the brave and righteous ones like Mike Gravel (RIP) and Glen Ford (RIP) and my personal amigos who were faithful and sincere to me, seem to have all gone on to whatever awaits us all, Julian Assange is still being tortured by the empire in the belly of the beast at Belmarsh prison and not one of your fakesass bullshit politicians has the integrity or guts to speak out about this inhumane injustice. That’s how you know it ain’t real. NOBODY from “the Squad” or the “McResistance” believes in free speech or freedom of the press. They are all just empty pants-suits, lyin’ ass spokesmodels from Central Casting. Books are better than Tik Tok. READ A FUCKING BOOK:


“I always thought in spite of dreams, you’d be sitting somewhere here with me.” (-Pet Shop Boys)

Sundays have always sucked for me. Monday mornings are almost even worse. My thing was rocknrollin’, ya know? I write songs and try to photograph my experiences with words and sounds. Most all my old cohorts though, have either died, were seduced to the dark side of the force by vampiric, godless, evil rich people, or just got so reindoctrinated by capitalist hierarchy culture you can’t communicate with ’em no more. They sadly lack the capacity to just be honest and sincere. They’re like fucking commercials. And not even cool commercials like say, 1980’s Juicy Fruit or Sunkist commercials–they’re warpig commercials, winner takes all fascists, obedience mongers. Narrative managers. Fuck. Somedays ya wanna pack up the old stagecoach with the rockin’ chair and jukebox on top, and makeoff down the lane for some freer place, but ya know they killed the California Dream, they killed everything. The fuckin’ elective surgery mansion dwellers and their awful music festival idiot children. Like yesterday, I was sitting in my old girlfriend, Lisa’s pad on Rivington Street, circa 1984 thumbing through a Smash Hits magazine from Gem Spa, looking at pictures of Nik Kershaw and Specimen, ya know, and dreaming of forming a crazy, spacedout new wave/post punk band of my own. I loved all that lot-Boy George, Adam Ant, Sue Catwoman, Bow Wow Wow, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Public Image: “hello, helloo…” When I’d hear that Pet Shop Boys song, “In Suburbia”, I’d think of my true fine love who I’d written a sophomoric early song about called “White Suburbia” about how foreign and farout it seemed way out there in the deep burbs where she grew up, beyond where I’d gone to school for about four years, from fourth through eighth, with all the big houses and tall trees and all the leafy green yards and blonde children ringing bells on their tricycles and running around on streets all named for woodsy tree nymphs or something. Oakleaf Lane. Everybody was named ya know, Kirk Woodhome or Tommy Elmhaven, ya dig? Very white and woodsy and elven. I was already full on the rank outsider, with my spiky hair and ripped Andy Taylor jeans and feather earrings and cowboy boots. Nobody wore no shit like that, out there. I had an ugly girl’s bike painted housepaint gray. Even my bike was ugly. I was so impossibly smitten, though, there was a girl, she was all I ever dreamt about. It’d take me about two hours to peddle out to her house on that fuckedup girl’s bicycle. If her parents weren’t home, I could come indoors and hold hands and read lyric sheets and listen to The Smiths or U2 with her. I wrote alot of songs about that era. It was so exquisitely golden, dreamlike. You know that song by The Pretenders, “Birds Of Paradise”? That’s what it was like. Heavenly. “Old House” by The Smiths. “All I Want” by U2. “Somebody” by Depeche Mode“. All those old songs are still in my head and in my heart, forty years later. It was like some imaginary, Ken & Barbie Dreamhouse idyllic Shangri-La out there, cheerleader paradise, blue suburban skies, but one of these things were not like the others. You could see me coming from miles away. I never belonged there. I was just visiting. Sometimes, if I close my eyes, with a slight buzz, ya know, I can listen to “More Than This’ by Roxy Music and be right back there, chatting away with that girl about Prince and Paul Westerberg and Pete Burns and Martin Gore. She was like Tinkerbell, we just had these Neverland Hearts back then. Those were more innocent times.


     So yeah, all through the eighties, I loved so many different bands. From the Psychedelic Furs and Jesus & Mary Chain to Hanoi Rocks and Circus Of Power. Fun Boy Three, King, Madness, Dexy’s, Human League. I liked Warrior Soul-great lyrics, sang with emotion. “LOVE” by The Cult was one of my alltime fave records. The Four Horsemen were so much like my gang and I….had we only found a good producer who loved the hard rocknroll. I remember being surprised by the original sound The Pixies had on their first two albums. When we met the Flaming Lips and they gave us their address and invited us to come open for them in Norman, Oklahoma, it’s a bit stinging to recall how some band members of mine  felt like, they were just too busy. They had like, beer to drink and low wage jobs to fuss over. By the time I’d escaped the midwest, I was still enjoying the Dogs D’Amour and Mother Love Bone, I met all those guys, even had a little friction with the Love Child, but by the end of the night we had exchanged phone numbers and addresses and loud laughs and hugs and high fives and were gonna stay in touch. He was wearing a big yellow leather hat that night and a Circus Of Power t shirt. Onstage, he was amazing, shuckin and jivin’ and swaggering and sashaying like a wild cross between David Lee Roth and Steven Tyler. His ep was fabulous and we waited and waited for the debut full length. I have always been a lyric man, ya know, like trying to work with 4 sets of brothers in bands over the years-somebody always wanted to pen the lyrics and the brother took the swing vote. Coulda joined  a band with some of the most talented people in L.A. at one point, but I don’t join bands to interpret other people’s lyrics, that’s what I do. My department. I write my own songs to sing, in style or not. That’s meant not getting to sing in a band for a long time now, but I believe in my songs more than almost everybody elses, but certainly I took my hat off to L’Andrew, he had it all-melody, soul, comedy, pathos, bravery, showmanship. His songs just meant the world to me: “Bone China, my friends…Let the summer come again”.  That’s right up my alley, “Gentle Groove”, all those tunes. Loved that band! Once we made it to the big city, we were discovering bands like Killing Joke, New Model Army, The Waterboys, and The Jacobites. Sisters Of Mercy kept making fantastic music. I was influenced by all that stuff, but my teenage friends and me were drifting apart. Summa those guys were doing some kinda music I wouldn’t even know how to properly describe except the drums were good, it was fast, Thunders solos for eight bars in the middle. A guy singing in an Elvis impersonation on top but you could never understand what ever he was singing about. Something bout money and being a monarch-not my jam at all. My main lead guitarist started playing with like, these foxy Fiona Apple style ingenues and in a corny Hard Rock Cafe style blues band. The others were into the grunge shit, but I was not, at all. I liked Soul Asylum I guess. Maybe two Soundgarden songs? Just not my scene, man. Mark Lanegan had a nice voice though, wrote some good songs, I just could not stand some of his friends. So yeah, I loved a couple local bands during grunge like Scarce and Morphine, a crazy punk band called Facts About Rats. Mazzy Star-I liked them. I did not care for grunge at all, or much from Lilith Fair or Riot Grrrl or white boy rappers. No one really touched my heart like Andy Wood, though. So here’s a moment of love and silence for Andy and Xana. Love ’em.


After that fiery revelation, Mother Love Bone had done it all with so much grace and soulpower, I was simply not at all into the moaning beagles who became so grunge famous, after that. It was all a big shrug to me. From Nirvana to the Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains, none of that shit spoke to me. Certainly not any shit like Tool or Pantera.  I immersed myself in Sinead O’Connor and Bob Dylan, in those years. Still kept making my own original music with a small circle of talented people I’d met in Boston-a talented guitar player who was into Love and T Rex joined our band and made our little Dogs D’Amour songs sound more like The Crybabys or Hollywood Brats. Me and the rhythm guitarist wrote about fifty songs in a dirty basement, that people still cover in four or five different cities. We loved the Beasts Of Bourbon, The Comatones, Pillbox, The Waldos, Ronald Koal, Imperial Drag, and Hello Disaster, but the main band that came along after the big grunge glut, who genuinely made a real difference for me and my little crew was MANIC STREET PREACHERS.

Even back in Ohio, as a kooky new wave and D.I.Y. low budget punk teenager, I’d already been mocking all the spandex party bands for years, especially the songs sung in some over earnest, power balladeer voice that said nothing, cause the vocalist was dumb and really just had nothing to say. I’m thinkin’ bout “Something To Believe In” by Poison, for instance. The corporate metal wankers only got signed cause somebody looked like a lifeguard or knew a moneybags producer or drug smuggling manager. After grunge/”Alternative”TM became as ubiquitous as hairbands, it was like people no longer even cared if music was any good, or had anything to say, at all. It was like they killed it dead, on purpose. All that awful moaning. There were some bloated, suit wearing fratboys going through the motions, who some people were willing to pretend were relevant, because they wanted to be around their cocaine, but no one was being honest about music anymore. Spin and Rolling Stone been promoting Spice Girls and Bieber and Adriana Grande and those women with the surgically enhanced big butts for all these years. After the fake as fuck hoax of “Alternantive”TM, it was just years and years of shit like Creed and Matchbox 20, Bush and Nickelback. Foo Fighters became the only band. Just horrible. I liked maybe two songs by the big Brit-Pop bands, maybe three songs by Buckcherry, but really and truly, it was just the Manic Street Preachers. They also had such a broad spectrum of ideas and styles and songs that said real stuff, ya know? AND they knew how to pissoff all the NME and Melody Maker fey and twee K records and Beck and grunge devotees. They were real entertainers, even better songwriters, punk rock provocateurs who loved Magazine, Guns N Roses AND The Clash, and sincere as fuck. I really believe they were the last band that really meant something. 4 Real. 

“It says so much about the state of western academia that it’s treated as a major scandal if university professors don’t unquestioningly regurgitate what their government says about international affairs.” (-Cait Johnstone)


“You and I! Go back in time, from the very start, but now I, I never tried to break your stupid heart!” (-THE HUMPERS)

One of my bad mistakes was going back to the midwest in the grunge gross mid 90’s to be near my kid. I had no way of knowing that even the fast food shitjobs were tightly controlled by a spiteful, uncool network of locals who leveraged them to blacklist or reward people. All the same rules from my fuckedup teenage years were still at play there, even though they still had a couple record stores-they were owned by rightwing greedhead dicks. The jocks and preps, the mooks, and nerds, everybody you never got along with or wanted to be around in middle school, those kinda dorks were all still there in flyover states, monopolizing every resource, ruling the roost with their lousy gimmick bands and money to burn. Me and them clashed for about three years, pretty much on a daily basis. When I still had enough money to buy magazines, that first year, though, I was being courted by SHANE THE ROCKNROLL BANKROBBER WILLIAMS to be a columnist for Flipside, to basically just rant about music and my life, and the world around me, but of course, the deciders at the top of the masthead had never heard of me. My time in L.A. had been a dismal failure. I did make some great friends there who were still being regularly written about in Flipside. Bands like The Ultras, Tommyknockers, Glamour Punks, and Miniskirt Mob. I met Gio and Divo while passing out fliers on Melrose. Loved those guys. So Flipside was still a real important part of my little personal underground subculture, even if the college town grunge bellowers were cocaine pocketed fatsos passing other people’s songs off as their own, and basically paying everybody to pretend-like them. My big discoveries back then were Hello Disaster who were the short-lived Amurkkkan equivalent of Manic Street Preachers, Celebrity Skin, who were a fab pop band, and The HUMPERS from Long Beach, California who had been previously known as Suicide Kings and were blood related to THE JONESES!!! The last remnants of my sleazy bluespunk torch n twang operation opened for them when they toured through our unfortunate part of the country. The fanzine writer who was road managing them back then, dismissed us as a “glammish band” in Flipside, cause he just wanted to talk to the lousy three piece girl band on the bill, and all the private school hipsters who hated me for scoffing at their pay to play, Fauntleroy-social hierarchies showed up to kinda boo my band. An ex guitarist named KY Mike came to see us play that night, but was so belligerently wasted on drugs (“one beer aint gonna kill ya”, he always said. RIP) he ended up almost getting his ass kicked, for stealing The Humpers beer.
Last time I ever saw him, sad. Some guys I knew from the fanzine scene traveled into town to see us perform that night but never properly introduced themselves. They thought we were doing “an Oasis thing”, which is probably a compliment in a way, particularly being as how him and his brother never really liked me, either, so he probably meant it. We were a ramshackle operation even on the best nights, as I said, we were diehard Comatones and Beasts Of Bourbon and Tex And The Horsehead and Fleshtones devotees, but this was not our best night. The HUMPERS, I dunno if you’ve ever seen ’em live, but no one wants to be on a bill with them, except me, because they come out and just rock the whole place like motherfuckers-they really are “Fast, Fucked, and Furious”, they shake the whole block, get everybody in the room popgo dancing, it’s just unbridled mayhem when they let loose, plus they dressed cool and wrote great fucking songs like “HEY SHADOW”, “SOUL SURGEON”, “ROCKET & THE RETARDS”, “DRUNK TANK”, “ANARCHY JUICE”, “MURDER CITY REVOLUTION”, etc. etc. WE made friends with the band that night and the band’s manager gave me and my cronies gas money to follow them to Chicago, and we did just that and while we were there, supposedly my car just magically caught on fire and had to be towed away. The midwest is evil. Don’t go there, it’s where they manufacture the fratboys. The Humpers, man. They’re like Rose Tattoo! They can’t be beat.

In Loving Memory Of The Manic Street Preachers (-by General Labor)


You were born in the middle of the most sophisticated and expansive mass-scale perception management operation that has ever taken place.

The news media is propaganda and schooling is designed to condition us to accept that propaganda.

Public understanding of what a normal moderate position looks like and what a radical extremist position looks like has been warped to the most insane extent possible.

Noam Chomsky is not a radical and is in fact far too aligned with establishment power on far too many issues.

The difference between an AOC Democrat and a true anti-imperialist socialist is greater than the difference between an AOC Democrat and a Republican.

The difference between the mainstream media narrative about the world and actual reality is greater than the difference between the mainstream media narrative about the world and literally any work of fiction.

You’ve been lied to your entire life about your nation, your government, your nation’s official enemies, your society, and your very self.

Your brain and your senses were evolved to keep your evolutionary ancestors alive, not to tell you true things about the nature of reality.

Your mistakes don’t matter and neither do anyone else’s.

The self is an illusion and all beliefs are false.

The world is so much more beautiful than you realize.

You are so much more beautiful than you realize.

The world is secretly perfect.

You are secretly perfect.

It is safe to relinquish all labels and let all of life be ineffable.

It is safe to relinquish all identity and let yourself be ineffable.

The universe is forever out of control, and that’s a good thing.

There is nowhere to fall to.

This is all infinitely supported and profoundly cherished.

This is all meaningless, gratuitous, astonishing, and delightful.

We are dancing together in the heart of eternity.

Your every molecule is intimately embraced by all that is.

Everything in existence says yes to itself.

Everything in you says yes to everything in existence; even your “no” is made of yes.

You are beloved.

You are love.

(Caitlyn Johnstone, Rogue Journalist)

“The weaknesses of what passes for a left wing movement have been fully exposed ever since Russian troops entered Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Of course many people who are called leftists and even those who consider themselves as such are in fact just liberals. They do not stand against imperialism as any leftist ought to do. The eight-year long U.S./NATO scheme to use Ukraine as a weapon against Russia should be universally condemned by anyone claiming to be in that cohort. Leftists can have principled disagreement about Putin’s decision, but they should not ignore the culpability of the U.S. and NATO and their support for the 2014 coup which overturned an election and put neo-Nazi groups in power.

Their confusion on Russia and Ukraine is emblematic of their confusion about so many other issues. The faux left are a highly problematic group, making common cause with the democratic party wing of the war party, and ignoring the war crimes committed by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. Not only do they fail to ask, “What about?,” but they have no critique of the U.S. role which instigated this crisis. They say nothing about the U.S. and its NATO allies refusing to engage in negotiations which might end the suffering of the Ukrainian people they claim to care about so much.” (-Margaret Kimberly)

“The immorality of U.S. policy in Ukraine is once again on display with the cynical policy of instructing Ukrainian leadership to take a hard-line with Russia. U.S. policy-makers know Ukraine will not win this war but bleeding Russia is more important to them than Ukrainian life.” (-Ajamau Baraka)


I dunno how you feel about any of it in these dismally dark days. Me, personally, I was CONDEMNED to rocknroll. If I ask you to name the last truly Great Band, you might recall some good times you had during the Oasis hour, or even jumping up n down to that Cocaine song by Buckcherry that Steve Jones played on, but come on, if you dig a little deeper, you probably know, in your heart of hearts, that the last sincere and meaningful, super talented band with substance and intelligence and poetic depth and an egalitarian punk rock point of view was, obviously, the Manic Street Preachers. man, when I hear all that corny recycled, tenth hand formulaic shit people are forcefed through repetition until they start expecting me to go along with it, I just kinda roll my eyes and think fuck that shit and yearn to hear moving and powerful and courageous and insightful songs like, “Why So Sad” and “Rewind The Film, “You Stole The Sun From My Heart”, “Kevin Carter”, Everything Must Go”, “Ocean Spray”, “Design For Life”: (“libraries gave us power, then work came and set us free, what price now, for a shallow piece of dignity?”) Ya know? I mean, top THAT, motherfucker. I sure haven’t come close, and I try my little heart out, almost everyday. With all the warmongering and ceaseless cold war red baiting and Rachel Maddow fake left Russiagate bullshit where anything we don’t like is automatically classified as, “Russians!” I mean, what the fuck? It’s almost as if media dupes of the USA USA just somehow forgot all the innocent people murdered in Libya and Iraq and Yemen and Afghanistan in wars for control of oil based on known and proven falsehoods. So I been thinking about the Manic Street Preachers who were among the Last True Rocknroll Artists Of Conscience who sang about anything that mattered and how much I miss that shit. This song about Paul Robeson makes me think of poor Julian Assange rotting in Belmarsh while all your former peers think about unreality shows, made for tv psy-ops, and sucky stripper-pop. I know it’s hard to keep trudging through the muck and it can seem real hopeless when so much of society has given up and joined the stormtroopers of the empire, but we gotta keep struggling for truth and soul, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Compassion is everything. Even the people who you think oppose you in the media induced culture wars also live in an environment of unprecedented censorship and fear peddling, divide and rule propaganda, and most likely are tools and suckers of the Dick Cheney darkside establishment Honky Death Machine, we’ve all been lied to our whole lives. Have mercy!

“I gotta learn to live like you, sing like you….”
I meet rich people as I walk through this life and am frequently surprised by just how plain stupid, illiterate, and uncivil they are. Just today, I was walking around a very poor town and nodded to a lady who was obviously just checking in on one of her multiple deteriorating, neglected, empty surplus former rental properties and ya know, I just smiled and said hello, cause I’m a neighborly human being, it’s a sunny day, and that’s how I was taught we are supposed to act. This nutty broad could not even find it within herself to acknowledge my simple hello. That’s the state of this world. People who believe they are “liberal, educated, scientific, sensitive progressives” don’t really even invest a few moments of their day to read past the internet headlines. They are just invested in identity politricks, where they will call Maxine Waters and Deb Halland “Aunties’ without really knowing anything about their policies, donors, or actual voting records, it’s all just blind belief in empty tokenism. Five highly visible mansion dwelling women of color promoting the same old Bush/Cheney imperialist bullshit is not improving the quality of “Black Lives”. You’d think all those college sensitivity studies mf’s would get that. They don’t remember anything, either. Not what Obama said about the Water Protectors. Not what happened to Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, or John Crawford III, they just know they like AOC because she tweets against Trump and Tucker Carlson and she looks vogue with her empty slogans at the devilish Met Gala. They don’t remember watching any of those Michael Moore movies or “Iraq For Sale”, about how the whole war on terror was launched on the basis of fabricated bullshit lies. They never learn from history, because they never learn history. They just think our country spreads democracy and commies and Muslims are coming for their good jobs and make believe benefits that barely exist. I don’t think they think about much, beyond whatever they hear on the Kardashian, Obscenely Rich Housewives Of Wherever, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s talk show, or “The View”. They all think they are “woke”, though. Everybody blindly believes either Fox, or CNN, and none of ’em think they are brainwashed, or lied to by their preferred cable millionaires. Just, “The Others”. Those gullible, stupid others.

If you own a lot of shit, tattoo shops, and record labels and N.A. celebrity hot rods and lord over extravagant collections and play shows on boats for ten grand a night, you probably wonder sometimes why some grouchy old punk rock dishwasher keeps asking more stylish people online to post longwinded rants about civil liberties and the death of the free press and corporate media lies, on music oriented websites. Well, let me tell you, if this Nato manufactured war “over there” keeps escalating, with everybody in the states just dumbly watching Pentagon controlled tv, and mindlessly cheering for actors like they do partisan-politics and pro wrestling, and it goes nuclear, it aint gonna just be you and your brunch-band ordering shit from Amazon all day like John Bolton assures you it will be, there ain’t gonna be no champagne on super yachts for you, either, no matter how many famous people, who got lucky in the seventies that you might know, fourth hand, who will put you on the guest list at the whoop dee doo Ramones covers ball on Saturday night.

They kicked our deeply appreciated kindred spirit, motherfucking truth telling,  leftish standup comedian, LEE CAMP (!!!) off the airwaves, a fantastic and courageous comedian in the noblest tradition of Bill Hicks and Dick Gregory, but gullible mainstream puke consuming, gentrified, mean ex liberals think that’s just outright okeydokey, since they’ve all embraced and celebrate mass surveillance-techlord censorship because they don’t like Chapelle, or Rogan, or Robert Kennedy Jr,. or Dr. Judy Mikovitz, or Alex Jones or Dr. Robert Malone, or Russell Brand. Anything that does not primarily elevate Hillary and Kamala’s reputations as saintly saints is discarded as Fake News. The way you can see that most citizens are brainwashed in the land of the free is that they all care way more about protecting their fave tv celebrities and superstar politicians than they do their blood relatives, former friends, or the guy on the street who aint got nothin’.

 If you have a platform, you should be using it to amplify voices from the peace movement like David Swanson and Ray McGovern, Col. Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink For Peace, Black Alliance For Peace, Courage To resist, and the Answer Coalition, and human rights whistleblowers like Daniel Hale, and and truth telling journalists like Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate, not just dumbly echoing million dollar propaganda whores’ programming campaigns and feeling self congratulatory about it. As Stiv Bators said thirty years ago, “truth can’t be found on the television.” Read a fucking book. Everything is not as simple as Fox is fake news/MSNBC and CNN are the gospel truth for Science and Diversity. Notice how there is ZERO discussion in big media about all the Displaced Millions who can not pay that bullshit greedhead Goldman Sachs/Blackrock impossibly jackedup rent. No one is talking about all the food stamp recipients who are simply not recieiving their food stamps right now. WHERE are all the poor people who used to live in your hispster enclave? Ever think about that? Also, there is little to no discussion about all the ridiculous price gouging at the grocery store by Wall Street’s cherished corporations. Nobody’s talking about all the different ways children have been pushed back into devastatingly deep poverty, all you hear about is the gas prices, which tv people just blame on Putin, or Maduro, or the unthird boosteds. Easy peasy. Or the conveniently rotating villains-Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Manshin and Sinema, etc. It is not hyperbole, or exaggeration, or conspiranoia, anymore to suggest that no one, not even established stars, is allowed to really participate in Mass Media in the USA, unless they are willing to read the teleprompter and do what they’re told, promote The NWO Agenda and mock anyone who ever asks intelligent questions. Even iconic eighties millionaire new wave bands I love are being used for cheap war propaganda now, it’s so tawdry and unbecoming, and I really don’t think they have a choice. 

   I’ve said for years (and years, if you really know me) that the big bands that used to rock me, sadly, mean almost nothing to me now, cause they got almost nothing real to say. Nothing, whatsoever. Just cash grab namebrand victory laps, gouging the rubes and letting sports morons pay to shake their hands at fucking book signings. The smaller bands I hear are, approximately, as useless. More say nothing genre hags just forever recycling the past and usually just so poorly. I’m trying to give even half a shit about this heavily hyped, playedout, mainstream nostalgic pushead, Guns N Roses Thor soundtrack song, but when I think of them, I think of ten narcissistic, overpaid, self absorbed, boring careerist people on stage, pretending that Slash never knew David Geffen and David Bowie, growing up, that they were just these nobody street rats, Waxl looking like some kinda gold bling Shady, No Izzy, no Adler, Duff thinking about real estate and making money, “knock knock knockin’ on Heaven’s door, haay haaay haay haayyy..” and I’m just so over it, have been for decades, ever since they lost Adler after Farm Aid, but I saw the Brand Name Owner’s new employee, Fake Amerikkkan Idol Skid Row replacement singer #x09786432-x2.O cover “Night Train” with his unfamous high school crony on youtube a couple days ago and was taken straight back to 1987 when both of those bands really mattered to me and all those fortified wine guzzling, denim clad, black t shirted, attic smoking, long lost beloved friends of mine. There’s only two of us left who did not die or go straight. WTF?! Ya know? One of my favorite old bands vanquished all the dysfunctional addict personalities and replaced them with eager beaver, studio pros who show up on time to punch the clock and take credit and cash checks and bask in all the third hand, vicariously reflected glory, but the weirdness has gone missing, it’s become slick and formulaic and assembly line. Total professionals. Still the best in the business, but that aint my business. I’m looking for the young soul rebels, some poor doomed fuckers who can’t help but tell the truth. The next Richey Edwards, ya know?

by Kevin Cummins, C-type colour print, 30 April 1991

 The people in celebrity fame bubbles just get too pampered and genuinely disconnected all the way from us everyday people to really have much to offer us. Their newer shit just says nothing about our lives. It’s all gentrification celebrity red carpet reminiscing about punk rock at the museum or CBGB’s airport restaurant while eating a thirty five dollar Sid Burger or talking about that time they saw Jesse Malin signing autographs at the Roberta Bayley or John Holmstrom exhibit at John Varvatos. It’s all obviously decades removed from any real danger or can’t pay the bills, or threat of evictions, or even just walk down the street common folks sincerity. That new documentary about “Paralell Lines”, “Blondie’s NY”, is the shit, though. So good I watched it twice! Man, I love Blondie, that “Save The Bees” concert they did had me buzzing, too. “Do You Love Me Now” is such an amazing song. That shit gripped me by the heart.

 Another guy who’s still got it is Billy Idol: “Now I am running through streets that are frightening”. Yeah, right? Wish I could find my own Steve Stevens songwriting partner. I keep running into all these dangerous crazies on the desert trails. Creepy dudes gawking at all the out of towner females on the avenue near the tourist trap ripoff hipster hives. Frowning bums in Hollywood Planet jackets and little transistor radios and wobbly stolen bicycles drinking 24 ounce cans of ICE beer on the riverbanks next to the wooden cross and statue and toys memorial for a young kid killed by a crackfiend parent. Nevermind all the aggressively domineering new age divorcee psychic bathrobe women strutting down the middle of the road with their leashless double pitbulls to get back at whoever intimidated them some fucking lost youth, fifty-five or sixty-five, years ago. I’m beyond tired and weary. The last person I tried making music with promptly pivoted to wanting to steal all the copyright credit and publishing and reduce me to some “content provider” for hire employee, it’s a sick world. Gets me down.

It’ll break your heart until you can barely stand to mosey on down the path in the evening hot winds. As I just confided to my old confidante, fellow traveler, kindred spirit, and former seamstress for the band, “I know pretty much all relationships are hard in these trying times, especially between any of us older, been burned a lot, distrustful, damaged  survivor type o’ people, how does anyone let down the walls again and put down the weaponry and allow one another to just be ourselves without the same old mainstream leveraging hierarchies and authority trips and standard manipulating to extort desired behaviors or ‘get stuff’ from others? I don’t wanna joust with nobody no more, fuck Chess, I don’t like their tactics-the Hillary style lawyer evasions or new age psychiatric self help Dr. Phil double talkin gobbeldygoop-certainly not the chest beating jail behaviors of midwestern males-I’ll just gut out what years remain sticking to my own old school punk rock pirate codes, even if it means dying with no meaningful recordings or never returning to being a star of stage or screen ha ha, I just can’t stand the disingenuousness and social jockeying and gratuitous bullshit scams of most people at the bottom or middle of this backstab culture. ” We gotta keep trying to get along with the neighbors cause when the grid goes down, we’re gonna be relying on each other, and not famous people we never even met. No billionaire motherfuckers are coming to rescue you. No billionaire motherfuckers are coming to rescue you. No billionaire motherfuckers give a fuck about you. I hate the Big 5 Juggernaut Heavy Rotation Culture. Dave Grohl is like, the worst, man. What a goober, I was never a big Cobain fan, but that guy just could not be more generic or ubiquitous. Courtney is an abraisive megalomaniac too, but she called it with Dave Grohl. The Absolute Triumph Of Mediocrity. Just keep it. You’ve really lowered your standards, if you are a Dave Grohl apologist. Come ON! His music says NOTHING. Glorified cover bands. Ruthless gung ho, just out for themselves, corporate rawk, fame whore, money chasers still suck so bad. They’ll step on your face for a Whole Foods gluten free artisinal doggy treat to feed their luxury pet who they believe deserves more human rights than these untidy and coarse and offesnsive, uncultivated human beings panhandling at the off-ramp cause they were kicked out onto the streets by their landlordly peer group and bankster superiors.

If you were a human rights activist, someone organizing on behalf of the homeless online, or just an individual hoping to hold powerful institutions to account-like fake political parties/primary rigging/fictitious sleazoid-dossier manufacturing fixer operatives, captured regulatory agencies, murderous police, Wall Street mortgage shysters, or outta control monopolies like Blackrock and Vanguard; or just an old time new wave, glam, or punknroll enthusiast, who used to be friends with me on social media, you already know they had me Facebook jailed for years, or were severely limiting my algorithms reach, what with all the bogus fact checks, and nonstop censorship of conversations, interviews, and links to articles unapproved by the techlords at Davos, benefiting big business, the soldout DNC and entrenched power structures. Twitter, Youtube, they’re all in cahoots fucking over the entire Left-Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, Oliver Stone, Michael Parenti-everybody’s gone! All the shitlibs got as giddy saying, “it can’t be censorship cause Zuck aint the government” as they did saying any other empty slogans they were college programmed with, but obviously, we’ve never, never seen so much ballsout propaganda and censorship of all dissident voices, like we’ve seen these past three years. Only the preferred narrative of the one percent billionaire establishment is allowed online, or on the airwaves. Nader, Glen Ford (RIP), Hedges, Assange, Whitney Webb, Sibel Edmonds, Greenwald, the Convo-Couch, Scott Ritter, Ben Norton, everybody on the Real Left tried to warn us about our very dire, boiling frogs, dystopian police state rollout, but it was too late, cause all the privileged gotmine office classers just lost their minds with personal privilege and hating Trump and Q Shaman more than they care about civil liberties, the Bill Of Rights, genuine democracy, or poor people here, let alone, poor people being slaughtered by design in designated sacrifice zones like Afghanistan and Yemen and Palestine. Mostly, shitlibs love feel good celeb pinups, and stay busy unconditionally worshipping all these manufactured marketing hoax puppets and media false prophets like Obama, Zelensky, Mayo Pete, AOC and that Juan Guaido guy they tried to install upon the people of Venezuela, against the will of those same people. I gave up on whole cities of people I used to know who just knowingly, consensually promote false bullshit all the time, or who just fell so hard for the latest thing slogan of the day bullshit and hoopla, you can’t talk to them, all they can say is, “Fauchi good/Trump bad”. They are still thanking Obama for walking behind Chelle, keeping it classy. “Ladies First” They love this Zelensky Marvel Comics Avenger even more than their last media assigned saintly “self made” heiress  or tennis shoe designing satanic rapper or justice tweeting supermodel fake messiahs. Repost the flag they were told to. That’s as deep as they ever got or ever will, they rarely even skim past the headlines, and then, it’s back to bragging about their hype beast name brand luxury items, or gentrification hipster businesses, or legal reefer in wealthy white people zipcodes, or fake ass copycat music played at homeless hater hipster bars. Man, that’s why I am still living in the eighties. Democracy is in a coma and no one like the early Manic Street Preachers is even allowed anywhere near the microphone anymore. 


Down To Rock #13

My name is Teddy Heavens and I’m bringing you the latest Sleaze/Glam/Punk/Metal and Trash rock and roll news from the Golden State and the streets (and gutters) of Hollywood, California! From the Valleys to the alleys, I’ll find the coolest bands to report on and let you know what’s up from the Rock and Roll capital of the world!

Check out my Glam Punk website at


The state of Los Angeles rock and roll:

Whiskey A Go Go

This venue has been having a lot of cool hard rock shows: Wed. 13, LA Guns, Adler, Glitter N Glam nights, Krokus, Faster Pussycat, Tom Keifer, Black Oak Arkansas, Slaughter and the Dogs, Fear, Stryper, etc., with a lot of cool shows coming up. Definitely the place to be for visiting rockers on any given night, and things will be picking up even more since the House Of Blues just shut down.

Loaded-Metal Sanaz shows

Metal Sanaz is putting on some cool heavy metal shows at the Hollywood Blvd. club Loaded. She is a fair promoter and the club is straight up rock and roll, with killer live room and sleaze DJ out front and super cheap drinks. Nice place to get the down and dirty Hollywood rock and roll vibe from back in the day. The place to start or end your evening.

Lucky Strike Jam Nights

Chuck Wright runs the popular Wed. night Lucky Strike jam nights in Hollywood, that is all the rage right now for local Hollywood Rockers. The jam puts local and visiting rock stars of all levels together to jam hard rock and heavy metal cover tunes, and it is pretty amazing how good some of the players are. Place has been getting more and more packed recently and the rock stars are getting bigger and bigger. It’s a lot of fun and a good place to see a lot of your favorite players in one place, check it out when in Hollywood.

Cathouse Festival-Irvine, Ca.

This is the debut of the festival that pays homage to the glory days of the Sunset strip with the glam and hard rock bands that were kicking around in the late 80’s. Bands like LA Guns, Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd are all representing at the festival and with any luck the event will be successful so that it can continue and include more bands from the day (signed and unsigned) that tore up the strip, like featured on the Hollywood Rocks Box set. Keep an eye out for the reviews and videos if you were not able to make it!

CD Reviews:

Frank Dimino-Old Habits Die Hard

Frank is one of my favorite singers, and Angel in the 70’s and 80’s was one of my favorite bands. I got the Angel release, In The Beginning, in the 2000’s and was lucky enough to see Frank and Barry in Angel, play in L.A. around that time. Seeing those guys play all the Angel hits was awesome and a dream come true. I also had the pleasure of seeing Frank perform in Las Vegas with his cover band, also featuring Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith) and Johnny Lust (Creature), which was awesome, as they played The Tower and other Angel classics. Now Frank has a solo release and it hit me like a ton of bricks, because his voice is just as good as it was back in the day, with the same tone and vibrato that he is know for. Playing those covers and Angel tunes in those bars and casinos in Vegas was Frank’s best move, as it preserved his voice for this very “comeback” release, as well as keeping him lean and mean looking.
The release opens with “Never Again”, which is very much in the vein of classic hard rock Angel tunes. Next up is “Rocking In The City”, a contemporary hard rock song that showcases Dimino’s voice with a closing scream rivaling the best Deep Purple track. “Can’t Stop Loving You” is a Zeppelinesque tune and “The Rains About To Fall” has a big Montrose/Mountain riff showcasing Frank’s influences and songwriting style (honed at the Berkeley School Of Music as a youngster), and the power pop ballad “Even Now” is a direct cousin to the songs from the classic Angel Sinful release, complete with ending from that period.
Frank has many guest stars on this release including Punky Meadows, Oz Fox and Ricky Medlock, but the songs and Frank’s voice are the stars of this release. “Tears Will Fall” is the modern day “Tower”, the track that is closest to Frank’s past, and “Mad As Hell” is another nod to influences Deep Purple/Rainbow, with the Track “Sweet Sensation” bringing the sleaze rock opening riff to the party. “Tonight’s the Night” kicks out a Darkness/Status Quo vibe, adding to the variety that this release has, along with the top notch musicianship of all the players supporting Frank. “The Quest” opens with a Pantera riff, but turns into a keyboard driven fast pace number, featuring Giuffria period sounding keyboards, and the closing “Stones By The River” is the perfect cap to this perfect release, a real 70’s vocal driven number with Punky Meadows (my guess) adding guitar, proving old heroes don’t go away, they just get better and show how it’s done time and time again! This release will be my pick for album of the year, great songs and vocals, and top notch musicianship from all the backing players, can’t wait for the tour to hit Los Angeles.

Spiders N Snakes-Year Of The Snake

These guys are L.A. Glam Rock legends, going strongly for over two decades. Lizzie Gray is a survivor from the Hollywood music scene, who has seen and done it all!!! I want to write a book about this guy someday. He started London, who spawned a lot of big name rock stars, starred in the classic Decline 2 movie (currently now available as a box set trilogy) in the 80’s, and has rocked L.A. with Spiders N Snakes since then. Drummer Tim Yasui is another Hollywood survivor, along with guitarist Chris Sheridan and bassist Phil St. Vincent. This CD release also features guest appearances from some of my favorite players, including Rik Fox (Steeler) and Betsy Bitch (Bitch).
All band members take turns singing lead vocals on various tracks, but the standout song is “Kawasaki City”, with Tim on Lead Vocals, a song about his good times partying it up in Japan. The band also pulls out the Angel version of “Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore” with duel vocals from Tim and Betsy Bitch, with Rik Fox on bass, Bad Ass!!!! I had the pleasure of seeing this line-up perform the song live at Loaded and at the CD release party a few months back.
Overall, “Year of the Snake” is a killer release of hard rock, Glam Pop songs with top notch musicianship. Fun and Raw, the way Hollywood rock and roll should be! Buy it now!!

Billy Idol Live review- The Wiltern in Los Angeles, Ca.

I was lucky enough to get VIP passes for this show from BI bassist Steve McGrath, so I was stoked to have some elbow room and a cool drink to witness one of my favorite artist live. Billy has a top notch band, featuring Steve Stevens, who is able to replicate all of the cool guitar tones and sounds from the 80’s hits (and he is also an impeccable rock and roll dresser).
Billy Idol has tons of hits, and he played them all, but the crowd went off for “Eyes Without a Face”, “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell”. Billy looks good, he’s in perfect shape and has complete control of the stage, never overdoing it, but simply doing the “Billy Idol” thing, which is Elvis 2015!
After reading Billy’s autobiography, I was amazed to find out that he was smacked out on heroin all during the time he was at his biggest in the 80’s and 90’s, but it’s a testament to his talent and survivability that even today he’s still the ultimate punk rock star, looking and sounding better than ever.

Manic Street Preachers Live review- The Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, Ca.

Anytime MSP tour the US I have got to see them, as I am amazed they have not broken big in the US. But that allows me to see them in small up close venues, the 3rd time so far! MSP were touring as a 3 piece to commemorate the “Holy Bible” release, so they played all that record in its Gloomy entire glory, which was cool, but a little too downtrodden for me, so I was glad that they encored with multiple hits from the last two decades. My highlight is always gonna be “Motorcycle Emptiness” and “If You Tolerate This” and “Love’s Sweet Exile”. I love the early Manics stuff and James is such a good and underrated guitar player. When they first came out, I read an interview where they described themselves as a cross of Hanoi Rocks, Guns N Roses and Public Enemy, so of course my interest was peaked, and I have loved them the same through all their releases. I hope this is not the last time I see them live.

The Dictators/Prima Donna live review-Billy O’s in Ventura, Ca.

Rebel Rebel had the pleasure of opening for the seminal NYC punk rock group The Dictators, featuring Ross The Boss and Handsome Dick Manitoba, with legendary producer (Ramones) Daniel Rey on 2nd guitar. Also on the bill were L.A. favorites Prima Donna, who are now a slimmed down 4 piece. PD are a tight music machine onstage, the years of major world touring show in the playing, and interaction with the crowd. You can tell these guys love playing live rock and roll, they will play anywhere at any time! They have a new release out now that you should pick up, called “9 Lives and 45’s“, support this hard working band and share with friends.
The Dictators hit the little Billy O stage like it was CBGB’s in the 70”s, and played all the Dictators faves. Handsome Dick is a funny ass cleaver front man, interacting with the crowd and hitting on good looking chicks in the crowd that were digging on him. These guys play a lot of huge festivals in Europe and back east, so it was a treat supporting them and seeing how an OG NYC punk band does it! The highlight of the set was the song “Baby Let’s Twist”, with HDM singing from the middle of the crowd and passing the microphone around to the crowd to sing the chorus. Cool night to remember and I added a Dictators pick and set list to my collection.

Acoustic Saints Live review-Twisted Oak Tavern in Agora Hills, Ca.

This band features Chuck Wright from Quiet Riot and Giuffria on bass and Stan Bush on vocals and guitar, along with a mando/fiddle/guitar player that is off the chain talented. Stan had a solo career in the 80’s and Chuck runs the popular Wed. night Lucky Strike jam nights in Hollywood, that is all the rage right now for local Hollywood Rockers. The AS play classic rock in the acoustic format, with Chuck playing a fretless bass, and the place is always packed out as these guys are top notch players. The set list is always changing, but staples are 70’s hard rock like Eagles and Zeppelin tunes, played with expert musicianship. These guys are a must see when visiting the L.A. area.

Cool bands I’ve been listening to:

Royal Blood

Two man bands are now a novelty, usually guitar and drums or synthesizer and vocals, but bass and drums, that’s a new spin on things and RB have the sound down. Hard rock with strong pop melodies played by lead vocalist/bassist and drummer, with a full sound. The bass is heavily effected, but still sounds original and contemporary. Big in Europe already, but fighting to break the US currently, check them out with open ears.

The Montecristos

This is the new band from Neal X ex Sigue Sigue Sputnik. He plays surf guitar and sings, much like he did in the last version of SSS. This band is mainly surf/rockabilly sounding with a stand up bassist and horns, but the songs still pack a punch. Neal X has been busy through the years playing with Marc Almond, and his signature sound is in tack-big holly body Gibson guitar with a lot of echo and delay. This band is a cross of The Cramps/Dick Dale/Eddie Cochran and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. They have been playing a lot of gigs in Europe and Spain and I’m praying they come to the states.

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Manic Street Preachers “Rewind The Film”


(-review by Geordie Pleathur)

“I have two rules in life – to hell with it, whatever it is, and get your work done. You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.”
(-Ray Bradbury)

“I’ve never understood why CONservatives despise the idle poor, but worship the idle rich.”
(-Peter Crowley)

“The hardest job I ever had in this country was being a homeless person with no money. ”
(-A. Razor)

“Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.”
(-Hunter S. Thompson)

“The Tea Party is low hanging fruit—Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman were all literally invented by the Empire as persons for the “left” to loathe and ridicule as Obama and Hillary serve these purposes for the “right.” Can we focus on the root and quit hacking at all these branches? The only reason I ever mention any of these people is to point out the hypocrisy and fraud of the Empire.”
(-Cindy Sheehan)

“We are not good at anything else anymore… can’t build a decent car or a television, can’t give good education to the kids or health care to the old, but we can bomb the shit of out any country…”
(- George Carlin)

“First the terrorism-industrial complex assured Americans that they were only spying on foreigners, not U.S. citizens…Then they assured us that they were only spying on phone calls, not electronic communications. Then they assured us that they were not spying on American journalists. And now both [major political] parties and the Obama administration have assured us that they will not detain journalists, citizens and activists. Well, they detained journalist Chris Hedges without a lawyer, they detained journalist Laura Poitras without due process and if allowed to stand, this law will permit the military to target activists, journalists and citizens in an unprecedented assault on freedom in America.”
(-Carl Mayer)

“Rebels have always been a small minority of the young, even in the 1960s. A lot of the men were in college to escape the draft and being sent to Vietnam. People did turn out for occasional large peace marches, but in between most of the organizing was done by a small number of people, while the rest of the young focused on getting their degrees and qualifying (they thought) for the middle class. Which does not rebel because it’s too comfortable. And because they don’t know anything, including the college graduates.”
(-Lynn Porter)

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”
(-Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“There is not even a lone voice of dissent straining to be heard over the chest-thumping, war drum-banging, and jingoist palaver within the self-referential bubblescape of the U.S. corporate media. Nor, it seems, is there a member of the political class, who is endowed with any political power or clout, who even holds a scintilla of deference regarding the will of the people — the vast majority of… whom stand overwhelmingly opposed to U.S. military involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Yet: The machinery of empire trundles towards war, as the media truckles to authoritarian power on bended knee and promulgates a 24/7 propaganda campaign in its behalf. Why is this so? The populace of empire sups on the blood of the colonized, thus empire’s operatives feel zero need to garner our consensus regarding how empire is sustained. They believe that they have the public’s implicit support, so there exists no need for consultation; we have granted the elites the power to wage war by the plebiscite of our appetites, by our feelings of entitlement insofar as maintaining our way of life.

The nation’s elite, unlike the toxically innocent general public, possess the ruthlessness to be frank with themselves: They know that the soil of empire is fertilized by blood, its gaudy, bloated mansion is constructed upon a mountain of corpses. But they will never publicly admit to such a thing; no one will who is allowed to be part of the mainstream dialog would dare to venture such an utterance. To even ever such a thought would be cause for instant and permanent banishment.”
(-Phil Rockstroh)

“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.”
(-Ivan Illich)

“What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open
their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination?
Moloch! Solitude! Filth! Ugliness! Ashcans and unobtainable dollars! Children screaming under the
stairways! Boys sobbing in armies! Old men
weeping in the parks!
Moloch! Moloch! Nightmare of Moloch! Moloch the
loveless! Mental Moloch! Moloch the heavy
judger of men!
Moloch the incomprehensible prison! Moloch the
crossbone soulless jailhouse and Congress of
sorrows! Moloch whose buildings are judgment!
Moloch the vast stone of war! Moloch the stunned governments!
Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch whose
blood is running money! Moloch whose fingers
are ten armies! Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dynamo!
Moloch whose ear is a smoking tomb!
Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows!
Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long
streets like endless Jehovahs! Moloch whose factories
dream and croak in the fog! Moloch whose
smokestacks and antennae crown the cities!
Moloch whose love is endless oil and stone! Moloch
whose soul is electricity and banks! Moloch
whose poverty is the specter of genius! Moloch
whose fate is a cloud of sexless hydrogen!
Moloch whose name is the Mind!
Moloch in whom I sit lonely! Moloch in whom I dream
Angels! Crazy in Moloch! Cocksucker in
Moloch! Lacklove and manless in Moloch!
Moloch who entered my soul early! Moloch in whom
I am a consciousness without a body! Moloch
who frightened me out of my natural ecstasy!
Moloch whom I abandon! Wake up in Moloch!
Light streaming out of the sky!
Moloch! Moloch! Robot apartments! invisible suburbs!
skeleton treasuries! blind capitals! demonic
industries! spectral nations! invincible mad
houses! granite cocks! monstrous bombs…”
( –Excerpt from Howl, Allen Ginsberg )


“Feeling a bit of cognitive dissonance today between twerking, Miley Cirus’ pathologically-desperate-MSM-fuelled-need-for-attention, Chelsea Manning, Syria, chemical weapons, and a nation that has seriously lost its moral high ground between Iraq, secret rendition, torture, GTMO, and the NDAA. I feel stretched to extremes inside, and a little bit hollow. It’s hard to be sane, while living in an insane time. I just want to remind myself, and others, that it’s ok if you feel rather odd today. Or regularly.”
(-Tangerine Bolen)

“A whistleblower who exposed US war crimes just got sentenced to more jail time than murderers, slave dealers, and people who sell nuclear weapons to terrorists.”
(-Abby Martin)

“I don’t even know what American liberalism is anymore in the era of Obama. I don’t know what set of principles and beliefs they’re adhering to when you see so many liberals on a network like MSNBC lashing into people like Edward Snowden and defending the NSA. I don’t understand what liberalism is when they’re defending endless drone warfare. It really seems to me like Obama has dragged liberalism along with him and dragged it into this kind of abyss where it’s become hollow.”
(-Max Blumenthal)

“I was a top student in college. They feed the egos of such people until their sense of identity depends on being smart and they equate smart with being able to regurgitate official academic explanations of everything, for the ‘benefit’ of the ‘un-educated’, of course. Advanced indoctrination is a difficult handicap to overcome. It’s basically the ‘teacher’s pet’ syndrome internalized and carried beyond the school walls– easy to see past if you’re not the one– difficult to get over if you are.”
(-Martin Truther)

“The sentencing phase of Manning’s trial revealed that contrary to the claims of pundits and politicians, Manning had no blood on his hands — the Departments of Defense and State were unable to tie his releases to the deaths of any U.S. informants…”
(-The Young Turks host, Cenk Uygur)

“A man searching for paradise lost can seem a fool to those who never sought the other world.”
( Jim Morrison)

“The blood-sodden Neo-Con agenda trundles forth, with Syria in the crosshairs, and Iraq and Libya reeling in the kind of tumult and terror required for the imperial plundering of a nation’s resources by ruthless, foreign interlopers.

Empire’s nasty, little secret: Denied of the militarist-enabled stealing of resources,… the U.S. empire would collapse within weeks. This is why it is essential that the minds of the rabble (that would be you and I) on the homefront remain colonized. A collective sociopathic mode of mind must be maintained. The knowledge that the structure that sustains what is termed our lifestyle is, in reality, a deathstyle that could cause members of the general population to have a bit of difficulty swallowing their hormone-bloated, antibiotic-ridden slabs of animal flesh at family outings at their local Applebees. First, as a starting course: What is required swallow whole the lies of empire.

For example, crackbrained casuistry, such as the following: Those will be humanitarian bombs tearing to shreds the bodies of Syrians when the U.S. Military makes its move on the nation. Sure thing, bestowing humanitarian values are the abiding concern of the leadership of imperial powers. The people of Iraq would simply love to testify as to the beneficence of the forces that invaded and occupied their nation. Strange isn’t it, that no one, possessing power and influence, in the U.S. seems interested in soliciting their opinion on the matter?”
(-Phil Rockstroh)


IMG_5565_ALEX_LAKE_0America has no visible artists like the Manic Street Preachers, perhaps they could have had some, before the media consolidation, but now, all our would be gutter-poets, prophets and whistle blowers are wearing hairnets and sandwich artist golf shirts and trying not to get fired from Subway and Arbys. Our entire controlled media is corrupt. Industry has captured the regulatory agencies. The medical establishment might as well be the mafia and no one wants to face it until it’s there own grandma who dies because of naked malpractice, otherwise suffering some bad side effects (the ones everybody now knows from, for example). University campuses harbor torturers and war criminals like John Yoo and David Patraeus and war machine recruiters have invaded our gutted public elementary schools.
Congressional approval rating was only 6% in June. Psychologists tell us that about 6% of the population are sociopaths, while war profiteer-owned big-media claims that 9% of Americans are pro war in Syria/Iran/Etc., so you gotta figure in that six percent, plus another three percent probably comprised of private mercenary families, military brass, weapons building families and big-oil shareholders, but my gut says even that 9% statistic is high. Nobody wants America to spill more blood in the middle east for G.E., B.P., Exxon, Halliburton, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, but the orders have already come down from the chain of command, from high above Obama.
Besides the willfully and diligently uninformed, soy chai tea latte sipping, Prius drivers who believe you affect positive change by wearing shoes shaped like your toes, juicing, and sitting on pink pillows, oh so many of us understand we now live in a full fledged, clampdown, Beyond Orwell, Beyond Kafka, fascist surveillance, war horny, police state; where graffiti artists can be tasered to death over the price of a coat of paint. For writing the letter “r”. Thugs will laugh and high-five over his body fully certain that the cop union will protect their jobs while rightwing state radio does a number on the victim’s good name.
Cops use military grade chemical weapons on peaceful demonstrators and get paid forty thousand dollars for the stress of the negative publicity. Secret agents search every cavity, it’s stop and frisk, non-stop. Everyone is demoralized, except for those in dedicated flight from reality; or these eager blue-gloved and badged participants of state violence—the steroid drunken tough guys who use pain compliance holds on waifish, peaceful protesters, fire-fighters and seniors, who are assembling in public spaces and standing up for their pensions; and public schools, standing up for THEIR right to organize, standing up for the right to know what’s in their food, but the chairs are on the table for democracy. Dennis Kucinich tried to impeach the Bush administration, so they gerrymandered him out of office. Dr. Cornel West has said that justice allows suffering to speak. Ever since the Bush gang’s corporate coup de tat and the Murdoch media-grabs, loudmouthed liberals like the Dixie Chicks or Sean Penn are relentlessly pummeled by the Ann Coulter whores for war, while belligerent blowhards for fascism and state violence are reWARded with cushy jobs in bullshit broadcasting. Rich people treat the rest of us like objects.
Female academics can still speak sometimes, as long as they keep to the approved script of gun control, gay marriage and abortion, but otherwise, the lower classes are kept away from the microphones, and expected to stay quiet in our little boxes, or face the wrath of the Pinkerton brutes. The middle-class has been trained by their universities and cable brainwashing subscriptions to identify with tyrants and slave owners and blame the poor for the crimes of the rich. Only property is sacred. In Columbia SC, homelessness is illegal. In Raleigh NC, it is now illegal to feed the poor. Diane Feinstein wants to narrowly define a journalist as a paid flack for war-state propaganda. She also wants to make it a crime to say anything critical about the NSA spying. Teacher’s salaries are tied to standardized testing in over-crowded class-rooms, while oligarchs install overpaid administrators to slash funding for public schools, lay-off employees, and scapegoat educators. This push to privatize is a fully bipartisan effort on behalf of the plutocrats who shape our destinies-the Koch brothers and AIPAC. Bill Gates, the Heritage Foundation, CFR, and Rahm Emanual. The Walton family and the shadowy ALEC business group, who writes the nation’s laws. Rahm Emanual closed sixty schools in minority neighborhoods and is building gigantic sports stadiums and prisons, and sic’ing his uniformed goons on students and teachers, exactly like Koch whore, Scott Walker, in Wisconsin. He gives raises to cop brass willing to oppress their community. We live in a society that allows one man to make fifteen million dollars A DAY while a low-income mother gets $4.50 for food, and much of Congress and many of your own misinformed friends wants to slash the $4.50.


With more and more of our most vulnerable and powerless citizens being typecast, slandered, demonized and disenfranchised, with the bully culture mass-media, lack of jobs, foreclosures, cuts to food-stamps nation wide, the bulldozing of community recreation centers, the greed of all the juicer-crazy, ex liberal, yoga mat homeowners who refuse to rent to low income families on government assistance, the planned absence of affordable housing in a post-Nafta, deindustrialized war economy, with frequent police attacks on Food Not Bombs and other charities who nurture, feed, and advocate, on behalf of our meekest populations, people are feeling the fear.
The drone lobbies are instructing the corporate media not to use the word drone. Talk-radio trains the enforcer class to talk tough, and indiscriminately “intimidate and dominate”(Viper team TSA motto) like the Nuge and Bill O’Reilly. The Pentagon is staffed by war machine lobbyists and Raytehon lawyers, who keep gifting local law enforcement with these gigantic tanks and Lrad weapons of war that all have “Rescue” painted on the side! Even ex punks spew hateful venom at the vulnerable populations while sucking up to fascists and white collar criminals. As a pal of mine says, if you want to do a lot of cocaine, you have to wear very expensive, pin-striped clothing and own a fine time-piece, because only poor kids with small amounts go to jail. But the criminal class in office have promised their private prison shareholders with manufacturing contracts a fresh wave of “new offenders”. Cops are registering croc-wearing college dude partiers who urinate outside of crowded festival porta potties as sex offenders at Burning Man.
I warned you ten years ago they would come also for the middle class. We’re seeing hundreds of armored vehicles being moved around the so-called homeland. Rabid enforcer class bureaucrats and frothing monsters call for violence against advocates and activists for the poor and still call themselves “Christians”. Uniformed hard-ons will mace and taser anyone, indiscriminately at most anytime, but generally, if you look rich, or drive a newer vehicle, they give you a wider berth. The rich can drink in the streets at sidewalk cafes and craftbeer stocked coolers at summertime softball games in the parks and at their drunk-driving, tailgate parties, and out-of-town vendor, summertime wristband public-intox orgies. A poor person with an unapproved beverage in a brown bag on a hot day, gets twelve cops responding to the scene to mace and cuff him for open container and always the bogus resisting arrest. Local office professionals see no problem with this. Ten thousand raging football fans drunk and shirtless, screaming, fistfighting? They call that All-American. A couple of dreadlock hippies sharing a joint under a tree? The police state calls that criminal, a justification for a beatdown and arrest. Honor students asking war pigs like Kerry and Patraeus uncomfortable questions on university campuses? Tasers, beatdowns. Punk rockers questioning classist bigotry spewed by rightwing punks? Avalanche of hate mail from fame worshipping fanboys hoping for a backstage coke and stroke with their idol. If you live long enough you may discover your blessings become a burden if your “Got Mine, Jack” Donald Trump programming prevents you from sharing them. It takes a lifetime for some privileged folks to figure it out. Who needs love when you have enough high-quality, legal, white people prescription drugs? Who needs friends, when you can hire employees and interview personal assistants? Who needs mercurial bands when you can manufacture underage beta slaves to lip synch to slutty techno excrement? Who needs Republicans when you have Obama and Biden, Clinton, and Kerry?


While the NDAA indefinite detention prez and the AIPAC lobby drags the nation to always more dirty wars based on lies, most Americans are STILL all a chatter over Hannah Montanna’s tongue wagging, fly catching performance; or Justin Timberlake’s klieg lit mediocrity. Where were you when N SYNC replaced the Replacements? Glen Ford calls Obama “the dreamer with the kill list” because he gives a vague, feel good Bill Clinton speech about Martin Luther King Jr., one day, then bombs brown children, the next. The powers that be, who force us to live like we do, are banging drums for more wars, based on dubious and quite possibly manufactured threats. The ocean is a radioactive soup from the Tepco spill that’s still being covered up by the media. B.P. destroyed the gulf and the government sent in mercenaries to hide the damage. Nobody has any disposable income anymore and the few who do are climbing the evil pyramid, claws first.
They poisoned the food and water supply. These “smart-readers” they’re installing in our apartments are dangerous, but the oligarchs obviously mostly fear YOU SMART READERS, the NSA follows your every move. Meanwhile, most of the cable dizzy and hate-radio programmed people are still sleeping. “Shhhhhhhh….Los Angeles is sleeping….”: Hello Disaster sang that line in the 90’s, and it still rings pretty true, as all our best writers, screenwriters, songwriters, and truth-tellers have gotten either shut-out by the Big Machine, or sidetracked by wanting to rub shoulders with bikinis and cigars. I know you know some of the TV people, who just spew non stop Bill O’Reilly talking points and outdated-for-decades bullshit platitudes about how free America is, and all the shining opportunity that awaits us all, if we’ll just take out a mountain sized college loan, and piss in a cup, and jump on George Jetson’s 9-5 treadmill. Don’t you wish you could mute the programmed TV people? The “People” magazine and “Entertainment Weekly” subscribers? It’s only the peace makers and unions and whistle blowers and victims of fracking and Corexit who have been silenced. The really heinous part about growing up in the empire of lies is that most times, no actual black clad adjustment bureau government agency needs to neutralize a critical thinker, the conformist parakeets of the bourgeoisie will do that, just instinctively. They really are Agent Smiths. That’s what all those so-called reality shows are about. Boot camp conditioning, shaven heads, cult brainwashing, weeding out the weird. They promise the khaki class all the privileges of membership. You can be a celebrity DJ for a day. The biggest hot tub, a wraparound sundeck, the V.I.P. pass, CABLE! Maybe that inside job Alex Jones dude is a blowhard, but he’s right about a domestic propaganda war. We’re now seeing anti-war activists accounts suddenly suspended on the Fascist-Crack surveillance grid, as the so-called social networks are being used as effective tools for consciousness raising and peace activism by the waking masses. Homeless people are being vilified and criminalized, even as low wage workers stand up for a living wage in the slave-class retail and food service industries. Nowadays, those heartless robots who yell “get a job” out of their speeding cars are clearly willfully oblivious to the fact that homeless people are competing for minimum wage jobs with college grads, retired people, and former home-owners.
The people that scapegoat the poor, these haves who have no compassion, who brag about their own achievements, while slandering those less fortunate, are sadly everywhere. Sometimes it seems the women are even worse, hissing that third hand Rush Limbaugh shit. Bukowski said a free soul is rare but you know it because you feel very good around those people, most of us adults are so scarred from abuse and baffled by ratrace bullshit, we can’t even tell a friend from a foe, anymore. Roseanne Barre, Rosie O’Donnal, Charlie Sheen are all blacklisted for questioning 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Phil Donahue, Keith Olberman, Cenk from the Young Turks, Dan Rather, they’re all banned from the mainstream airwaves.
How long until they retire Letterman for speaking the truth about the hideous perils of FRACKING? Everyone who still has cable, or reads those shitty corporate rock mags tell me about all the horrible music of today and I can’t believe they think I’m ever gonna like Kanye West. Last bands I liked begrudgingly at all were shit like, oh…Towers Of London, Red Star Rebels, These Animal Men, Tsar, that kind of thing. Forgotten gangs. Boys From Nowhere and Forgotten Rebels, Throbbing Purple. Rock anthems to lost causes and honest punk rock rebel songs. Mostly, I still listen to vintage trash like Mink Deville and Jim Carroll-gutter soul. Some country. Kristofferson and Hank The Third. Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine. You ever drive around, wondering who these people are, who still own all those big houses? Some are doctors, lawyers, pharma reps, stock brokers, computer wankers, heirs, bean counters, yes-men, accountants, but many others are just snitches, corrections officers, goon squads and agents of organized violence. These people are not to be respected, these roughmen who shoot you in bed. The enforcer class don’t even know they are slaves to the pharaohs.
Others still have Hope & Change stickers on their cars even as Obama and Kerry and Clinton hang around Henry Kissinger planning more coups, more regime changes, more wars. Why are they sharing all our e-mails and phone calls with a foreign government? Really, pause for a second and consider that.


RewindTheFilmI know they are all probably a bit older than me, but the Manic Street Preachers were all my generation really had, aside from Sinead O’Connor, New Model Army, and rap, in the way of provocative, intelligent, socially conscious music. When I first got the “New Art Riot” vinyl, I was like ho-hum. Preachy politics and stenciled shirts, the American suburbs were already teeming with lamesass Clash wannabe boy bands who were heavy on the Murray’s pomade and skint on ideas, or any messages beyond, you know, we like to dress cool. I fell in love with them when I first laid my ears on the “Stay Beautiful” e.p. They had a really fabulous pop feel like Gen X, almost; smart lyrics, but I was still unconvinced about the guy with the Freddy Mercury pipes singing the guy who couldn’t play but gave all the interviews’ lyrics.
They were dreamy pinup boys for kids who missed Sputnik, but also a bit like Cheap Trick, two models and two Regular Joes, all with a Marxist bent, teaching the more erudite and scholarly outcasts of the world about history and literature and persuasively convincing Smiths fans that Guns N Roses and Public Enemy were important. “R.P. McMurphy”, “Motown Junk”, “Motorcycle Emptiness”, “Little Baby Nothing”, “Condemned To Rocknroll”…the Manics started peeling off hits like a stockbroker at a stripclub, they made it look so easy, gave courage to my goth gang who were all taking our own early stabs at songwriting, now we had a reason and I’m still waiting. They were warning us about the banks, the warmongers, the media-fed consumer-zombies while the rest of the world was still in their fecking shiny, happy ska phase. Next, came “Generation Terrorists”, Richie’s slashed arm, and an American tour that failed to ignite the enthusiasm of the “alternative” festival attending, Fox tv discovering population.
The Manic Street Preachers became more experimental after their landmark debut full length, that was too literate for macho sports fans and too rockin’ for college radio Lemonheads dweebs. I’d have to say, they were probably the last band who really influenced my own little clique of heartbroken punk rock losers. This time of year, I always find myself missing those early days, when we wrote our first hits in grimy basements, our hearts seemed to beat in time with that long lost Gabba Gabba Hey spirit I always lament the death of, of former possibilities, faded loves and tarnished dreams. Hiraeth is a homesickness for the home that never was, but damn well should have been. Choose your poison to get to paradise lost.

“Playing all the records
Praying that they’ll never stop

There is too much heartbreak
In the nothing of the now
I want to see it all
Never going to let you down”

…We continued to follow them, as we got older and ruined our lives with pills, bad wives and cursin’, usually identifying with their melodic testimony and defiant upstart objections. Dumbfuck Murkans still don’t know what to make of a Welsh rockgroup who sings something like, “and If I can shoot rabbits, then I can shoot fascists”.
Richey went missing, some of my gang died, some of us fell apart and spent a decade and a half trying to pick up the shattered, missing pieces of our former selves. Early on, our own personal fortunes seemed to rise and fall with Bradfield and company, but whereas they gained entry to epic recording studios and the big media, we splintered off into various factions, and watched in horror, as most everything the Manics, and the Clash before them, warned us might happen, happened.
Now, some of us are getting older, facing death, still asking questions, and the Manic Street Preachers continue to grow and ache along with us. We are often reminded that the past is past, how we had our window of opportunity and blew it, and now we should shutup and die quietly, but some of us remain haunted, just like the Manic Street Preachers.
They are always able to convey these difficult to articulate, hard truths about life, love, pain, other people’s pain, war, exploitation, and alienation in songs like “Sorrow 16”, “Spectators Of Suicide”, “From Despair To Where”, “Everything Must Go”, “Kevin Carter”, “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”, “Let Robeson Sing”, “Show Me The Wonder, “Nostalgic Pushead”, “You Stole The Sun From My Heart”, “Design For Life”, “So Why So Sad” and the new title track, “Rewind The Film” that similarly longs for those fleeting precious moments when we still had friends, we laughed ourselves stupid until the dawn’s early light, rocknroll seemed possible, and we were dumb enough to actually try it. “Rewind The Film” is a heavy, challenging, tough album for some of us fatally flawed lost souls to absorb in autumn, in the midst of our annual depression, where we involuntarily find ourselves tediously still wringing our arthritic hands about a long loathed youth we can not alter, nor revisit, and an ill-starred destiny we can not escape, as we watch on, in sheer horror, as our loved ones are fucked over by their doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies; as the last shreds of democracy and human rights are trampled in the name of glorious winners take all greed-head fascism, genocidal depopulation, and unprecedented income inequality. We see a nation where a little less than half of the population are still enraged by the mere idea of a half black Commander In Chief, while the majority are content to overlook his broken oath to defend the Constitution to prove that they somehow AREN’T racist, that they are down with the hip-hop yo, that they are “post racial”, while Black America is still under the heavy boot of the private prison profiteers and the bogus drug war.
Only nowadays, white poor people, and their family pets, are also being shot everyday, by an insanely militarized 5-0, for no reason. We feel a burning awareness that we have a finite amount of time left, and more dead comrades than living ones, and the leaves crunching beneath our duct taped Creepers only serve to remind us of how we were always alone and that shining moment when we were still part of an optimistic gang of seemingly like-minded rebels was just a smoke ring, a soap bubble, yesterday’s buzz.
Some will call “Rewind The Film” a departure, but attentive longtime listeners will instantly recognize the maudlin mellowness as this once angry young band has always been extremely versatile, and much more nuanced than the familiar Beatles Meets Queen big U.K. radio hits. It’s the voice of weary experience, stamina and fatigue, of grief and longing, compassion, regret, bitterness, defeat and perseverance, and genuinely earnest concern for the generation to come. Maybe James Dean is comfortably ensconced in some posh studio on the beach somewhere but this is one old punk who still has it, he still gets it, he’s not afraid to remember: “It’s the longest running joke in history to kill the working classes in the name of liberty.” Just goes to show that even the losers really do get lucky…sometimes. “Not in MY time, but in our sons and daughter’s times, if you get the feelin’, call…and you got a room.”

Press shots by Alex Lake.


studies showing that power increases the likelihood of hypocrisy here, that wealth increases the likelihood of reduced empathy here, and finally that conservatives are more likely to make up facts to justify their beliefs here

Rinse and repeat until the corporatocracy burns to the ground.