LTNO “Sea, Sex & Burn” (2003)

Limited Teenage Noise Orgasm is back with this second album, the first one (“Global Cut”) was released in 1999. This new CD definitely has an electro influence but still keeps rock roots, it could be described as a mix of electroclash and glam (especially because of the vocals and catchy choruses.) The first song (“Inflatable Idol”) is a powerful one with some heavy guitar riff reminding me of MINISTRY, then two other hits follow: the killer “Sea, Sex & Burn” that you’ll sing to yourself night and day and the sexy “Number Five”. There’s no bad songs on here, most are interesting and innovative and the last ones are in a darker (“Lucifer Rising” and its MANSONish vocals) and more experimental vein. You’ll also find an awesome cover of Sabrina’s “Boys, Boys, Boys” as a summer bonus track as well as two videos. I’ve been playing this CD a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that you really need this.
/Laurent C.