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Apparently they generate some controversy in Canada with their hard rockin’ untamed barbarian party people personas, some sensitive souls compare their vocalist to GG Allin, I dunno about all that, I’m just finding out about ’em cause you know I don’t get around much anymore, some other rock critic called Thunderfuck a “minotaur of a man” which to me, is funny, makes me smile, me and my old sleazy grebo-glam gang got called all that and more, so ya know I get what they’re all about, I think they’re a lotta fun, they’ve been around awhile now but I’m just discovering ’em, they kinda remind me of Sister Morphine, Rose Tattoo, Dictators, the Almighty, Zodiac Mindwarp, all the scuzzy heavy wild bikerpunks we all know and love. Check ’em out!

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Aint nothin where I live but a Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and some jivessass bullshit rich people trying to gentrify two streets by building all these prohibitively expensive airbandb’s for trendy hipsters from outta town. Trendy hipsters show up here insisting they can transform a deadpoor town of elderly people into OVERNIGHT BROOKLYN HIPSTERTOPIA, but like, by their third day, they realize there aint no audience, aint no chicks, nobody cares about their ZZ Top beard or occultic tattoo. Only people who can afford the ten dollar pints at the tourist trap bar are in their seventies and eighties, and the douchey Dave Matthews yuppified bar-bros are gonna be inhospoitable if you aint high tippin’ em everytime they pour a beer. You wanna go to the deadend desert, you’re gonna have to learn to cope with some deepass tedium. Everything is closed on Sundays AND Mondays. You can go for a power walk by the river with your two pitbulls but you’re likely to meet some low level meth crazies like Badger and Skinny Pete along your way. You can soak in them supposedly healing and therapeutic thirty bucks an hour hot tubs if that’s your thing but the hairy backed, faux new wage, wouldbe shamanic men here in the gold necklaces are all creepy swinger desperados ala “Three’s Company”. Nevermind the flooded streets and extreme winds. My kid is sick and I’m probably gonna catch whatever he’s got cause we are outta the vitamin C and have to order more through the mail, cause the good stuff is not available here. We had Covid over Christmas but knocked it out efficiently with a certain protocol I can only share with you at the hobo bonfire by the railroad tracks. Buncha trees blew down in my yard so I integrated them into the broken down fence, halfheartedly trying to keep the cows out. They love to fertilize the side yard at night. I don’t mind really, I kinda like free cows. I love Susan Sarandon who showed up at Donzinger’s trial fighting the horrible fix is in Chevron fascists. It seems like anytime a rich and powerful person fights for good, they get fuckedover by the pig-media and all it’s loathsome zombies of death slogan reciters and shit slingers. So I just wanna be one tiny voice in the darkness saying, “I Love Susan Sarandon.” Ralph Nader, too. I no longer believe in anybody associated with the DNC services corporation and their pro war stance and primary rigging, not Sanders, certainly not those turncoats and fucking soldout supermodels of the fraudsquad. And those horrible rich women of “The View” are just the worst kind of grotesque servants of empire and kneejerk protectors of the status quo. Yeccch! Horrible. Susan Sarandon though, gives me faith in some human beings still having some integrity, soul, and principles in this rich get richer hellscape society. God bless her. We used to be “friends” on the fascist book, but I understood when she abandoned that corrupt platform of her own accord, way before I got lockedout by the spooks for my anti-war shit-postings and linking to independent media from a Real Left perspective. Remember when people used to say, “keepin’ it real”, but then, that turned into some kinda jive justification for saying something rude to somebody? I still look for the real music, the real news, the real science and the real history. I know that aint gonna be found on the monopoly airwaves or Rockefeller funded public radio-they even got Amy Goodman burying the anti war movement and helping promote future regime change war on Iran. So yeah I don’t really even trust Democracy Now as much as I used to-everybody gets bought or controlled. Somebody killed Michael Hastings (RIP), but even “Rolling Stone” helps sell bullshit war narratives and provides cover for the secret police. I object to that. Shitlibs call that being a crazy conspiracy theorist. I don’t mind. I’m keepin’ it real, yo. I watch the Convo Couch, Kim Iverson, Revolutionary Blackout Network, Glenn Greenwald’s System Update, Lee Camp at Mint Press, and Consortium News personally, I check out what they have to say at I think everybody should be doing something everyday to end these forever wars for global empire based on lies and a Davos honcho’s oil and opium and mineral plundering agenda. Lithium is what Elon Musk wants more of. Never trust a billionaire. I don’t even trust very many millionaires, or upper middle class people, really. They’re all hoodwinked and bamboozled by the McCarthyist pants suit on the tv.

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “I can’t understand why the world does not want to follow the US neoliberal economic model so they can achieve these kinds of results?” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Unconscionable for EPA Chief Regan to drink unsafe tap water in Ohio. @EPA still has not tested for deadly dioxins and phosgene gas produced by Norfolk Southern’s reckless detonation of its chemicals. An agency dedicated to public health should never do PR for a polluter. ⤵️” / Twitter


Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Good old America and it’s neoliberal freedom… The neoliberal economic model works so well…” / Twitter

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“Why is Tucker Carlson the only corporate news show to allow me to bring on an Anti-War message & tell the truth about Ukraine?

You’re being lied to about Ukraine and by the exact same people who lied us into Iraq, Libya , Syria, etc etc..America is the world’s terrorists.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“As the rest of the world talks about the need for negotiations, NATO continues to talk about the need for more weapons. One of the things Ukraine is getting in the new $10 billion from American taxpayers is money for healthcare. If the United States cared about the sovereignty of Ukraine they wouldn’t have taken it away in 2014. The U.S. Gov’t doesn’t care about the sovereignty of Ukraine or about bringing ‘democracy’ to Taiwan

These countries are just pawns to be used as battering rams against Russia and China because the U.S. wants to remain the world’s only super power. The fewer Americans that continue to care about Ukraine, the more our Gov’t is gonna try to tell us how much we all care about Ukraine. The rulers of the US and our Gov’t are looking at the chess pieces left and for the first time in years sees they can’t win so now like a bunch of spoiled brats they are just knocking all the pieces off the board. Looking at US foreign policy it appears that our ruling class has decided they’d rather see the world end in a nuclear war than the West lose their control of it” (-Black In The Empire)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “NEW: Law Sought by Brazil’s Lula to Ban “Fake News and Disinformation” Online — and to Punish its Authors — Threatens Free Speech and the Free Internet Far Beyond Brazil: Throughout the Democratic World:” / Twitter this is some Davos shit.

gusanofsharpton on Twitter: “I Love History.” / Twitter


Goldberg likes a lot of the same music I do and his descriptions are astonishingly vivid like when he says John Lee Hooker is so careful with what notes he plays, he compares each note to hundred dollar bills, ya get me? He’s a real gifted and descriptive writer who can entertain somebody like me for hours by digging deep in to what makes our favorite performers tick, he asks real questions. My wife was saying she aint interested in some entertainer’s backstory, only in how their song makes her feel. I’m quite the opposite in that regard, I always wanna know what happened that made Sinead O’Connor or Bob Stinson become who they did. Not so much nowadays, none of those short shelf life face tattoo rappers, or lab born Dizney slut puppet girls speak to me at all except I turn it off. I don’t ususally like anything that big 5 corporate media qualifies as mainstream, I did not even like the manufactured “alternative” they saturation marketed, Starbucks style, to people in my age group and younger in the nineties, so you can safely bet, if I was not all that wild about Lillith Fair or Lollapalooza or Woodstock 99 era acts, it’s gotten only worse, since then, which is why it is so refreshing and rejuvenating to read these dispatches from the last days of real rocknroll being heard on the  mainstream airwaves, as penned by a really intuitive and perceptive watcher of popular culture and appreciator of authentic music, Mister Michael Goldberg. Like me, he started off doing a fanzine called “Hard Road” before graduating to taking photos of Morrison and Janis and in 75, he and his old lady did an interview with notoriously difficult Frank Zappa. Ya know I been reading this guy’s stuff all my life, ’cause he wrote for all the good rock mags before they were weaponized by The Man. You can feel how he is a right-on cat and shares our genuine love for good rocknroll music, whether he’s talkin’ ’bout “When You Were Mine” and “Manic Monday” or the majestic, shimmering tones of sound poet, James Calvin Wilsey from Silvertone, the original Chris Isaac band. He wrote the book about those dudes, and it is one of my favorite rock tomes of all time THIS WORLD IS ONLY GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART | Reviews (, partly because I love the subject matter, but also because this writer is so compassionate and genuinely hip and gets it, and is so clearly and sincerely devoted to the music, you can feel he has an emotional investment and therefore skin in the game, he aint one of those paycheck cashing hustlers and shysters they pay to promote fabricated culture wars and lie to us about assemblyline post-boyband muzak in “Spin” and “Rolling Stone” nowadays. 

‘Too loud to read in my crazy household on the edge of town, so I’ve been enjoying this beautiful hardback book from the comfort of a lounge chair in the middle of my yard beneath the desert sky, surrounded by butterflies, raptors, and an omnipresent symphony of birds song and the windchimes in the tree out front. It is a wonderfully curated collection of his inspired rocknroll raves, he’s less judgmental than many of us, I mean I was telling my old lady how I’ve become a real bastard in recent years, you get burned enough times by ex friends and music industry vampires, fakes, and the government and corporations, but I repeat myself, lying to you all the time, about every topic, you start to think the worst about people. Michael Goldberg’s writing was more open minded than that, he was one of those real old school just the facts ma’am geezeers who were all about reporting the observable truth on the ground. He’d go and ask Prince questions, and come back with a real story. Prince didn’t do autographs. I had no idea and I think I know shit about Prince. Erotic City Come Alive: Holy Holy PRINCE Raved Unto The Slut Glamtastic by General Labor – Veglam I don’t usually go for many of the big name music journalist compilations filled with official narratives and conventional wisdom, same people who always fuck up that bogus Hall Of Fame farce so badly. Greil Marcus wrote the foreward to this book and the cover illustration is old Hardy Boys retro pulp fiction illustration, but my dude’s writing will take you back to what was for me, a better, freer, more joyful and innocent era, when music did not suck, the news was less fake, and the culture had not deteriorated to the point where Milli Vanilli and Spice Girls seem like O.G. soul people. He interviews Mark Eitzel from the American Music Club who I always kinda appreciated as a songwriter-I knew his muse (RIP)  Kathleen’s best friend, so I brushed with her a couple of times and my old drummer Boogie was quite enamored with her. Goldberg’s books make fine companions. This one is jam packed with top notch music writing, the likes of which we seldom see in this country where print media was killed off by the monoplies. At least you city slickers can still sometimes access “VIVE LE ROCK”, which is the last beacon of real rocknroll journalism, if you ask me. I’ll be telling you more about “ADDICTED TO NOISE” as I dig deeper into it. So far, it’s exactly what I was hoping for from the author of that poignant and powerful James Calvin Wilsey book. SENSATIONAL MUSIC WRITING ABOUT MANY OF OUR FAVORITE ARTISTS!

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So yeah once my first band split up into what I came to see as the hot rod faction and the glam fag faction, I brought in the former roadie/bodygard on AC/DC guitar and we commenced to write a lotta good songs together, even as our other guitarist was beginning to drift away from us. He’d met some more adultish, career minded people who were telling him about how to get into college while me and the rhythm guitar player were at our most decadent and dangerous, spontaneous fun loving and debaucherous, going to all the derelict bars in the ghetto every night, meeting lots and lots and lots and lots of girls. The women and the booze you might say were distractions from the music, but really fuelled and inspired all the songs we were writing back then, predominantly about drinking and girls. So we met a guitrarist at our horrible affinity credit card telemarketing job-he was our supervisor. He shared our love of recreational pharamceuticals, I think one or both of those guys were supplementing the telemarketing wages with selling acid to telemarketers. Sometimes, our associates and roommates were probably alienated by our ridiculous LSD loud laughing, you know we thought we were like real rocketmen space explorers, star commandos. One of my closest pals back in the sticks was the ultimate garage punk connosieur acidhead sixties burntout who was still really living the hippie code. He was one of the only other people besides me and a bullfrog voiced, train hopping anarchist drinking buddy, who really was not chasing the Yankee Dollar or any kinda prestige or popularity. He was a real super cool laidback cat who loved to drop acid, drink, smoke weed, or as he always called it, “Get Mellow”! Aw man I loved that guy-we lived together for about a year at my purple apartment that has since burned down supposedly by a vagrant but I tend to suspect gentrifying forces downtown. Anyways, that was who had been teaching my friends and I about all the sixties punk bands, it was like we knew Lenny Kaye. He got us into cool reggae, cool country, the blues, so much farout stuff. Hooker, Wolf, Muddy, Lightnin’, Canned Heat, the Seeds, the Elevators, the Stooges, the 5, and Love. Our trippy telemarketing supervisor really loved T. Rex and Bauhaus, so we were realy compatible with that guy, even if his shit was more hippieish than what we were doing. He had a goth band that played the Middle East all the time, and that place was supposedly the hippest place in town back then. He played a 12 string guitar, all these weedly leads over our very savage and primitive three chord punk songs, and suddenly we were sounding more like Dogs D’Amour. Or Crybabys. He helped co write two very epic songs I felt were kinda dark and poetic and had many parts to them, but with some real potential to get us signed to a label if we could get ’em heard by an A&R person. We knew one guy who had a studio and was sorta famous, but he was more interested in one of my girlfriends back then. So we were doing a lot of drugs and listening to a lot of Mother Love Bone, the Cult, and the Jacobites and Waterboys. When I asked our new lead player if he was hip at all to Arthur Lee’s stuff, he kinda chuckled and said, “yeah when I was a kid, my mom was his manager, he’s my godfather and we used to live with him in Laurel Canyon”. The rhythm guitar player and I made brief eye contact to confirm telepathically how neither one of us believed this farfetched story, but we were at his house and weren’t gonna call him a liar, as we were basically all semi immobilized by the acid and the speedballs and the whiskey and cheap champagne. I have cassette tapes from those days full of promising songs that had hit potential, and the rhythm guitar player’s hedonistic preacher’s daughter girlfriend laughing at us because we were too high to record effectively. I’d forgotten how to work the tape recorder and was nodding out during their lengthy introductions. They’d co created this snaky, Middle Eastern sound tapestry and it was a little hypnotic if you were on speedballs and acid and booze. I was mad at our old bandmates for jumping ship cause I knew me and the Rock Savage had some heavy punknroll mojo working, and this new guy was really contributing to our endeavors, mostly by adding nuance and texture, like Brian Jones. He had a difficult girlfriend, we all did, and all the girlfriends had their own problems with various substances. But yeah, our songs were starting to really happen, they were blossoming, it was like seeing flowers grow.

 When Ray Manzarek and the poet Michael MacClure came to town, I wanted to go because the Doors were my first real rebellious music pre punk and new wave, when I was like in the fifth or sixth grade. They were playing at the supposedly hip bar that was never friendly to us leather clad hoodlums cause it was like all about ska and folk music at the time, but imagine who the opening act was. None other than Arthur Lee. He did some acoustic stuff, “Signed DC” was very moving, and a loud psycheddelic set backed by Das Damen, basically. This dude influenced everybody-Hendrix, the Doors, on and on, Jimbo just wanted to be ‘as big as Love”. So I took the lads backstage and Arthur was signing stacks and stacks of rare antique vinyl all these old Cambridge hippies had shown up with. I nudged the lead guitar player who was sortof shy all of a sudden. He nervously stuttered, “Uh, hey, Arthur…” Without looking up from all his autographing Lee says, “Yeah, what, kid?” Me and the Rock Savage are sorta smirking now. “Well, I don’t know if you’ll remember, but when I was a kid…” Arthur looks up with a big look of shock on his face and drops all the expensive vinyl straight to the floor, pissing off all the boomer collectors with the big hippie beards and he embraces our dude with the warmest hug and biggest love. “TONY! What did you ever do with that Vespa scooter I bought you?!” It was all true. Our lead guitarist who was enhancing our jangly punk songs was indeed, Arthur Lee’s godson and had lived with him when he was growing up. So Arthur picked up some groupie and after the show, we spent the weekend getting wasted with Arthur Lee back at Tony’s second floor apartment, me kinda still tripping from the night before. You can’t make this shit up. Arthur was a delight and totally downhome and summa the stories you can hear him tell in those documentaries, we got to hear from him, in the flesh. It was wonderful and I probably forgot to call my old girlfriend in all of the excitement, or we were arguing, or something cause I don’t remember her being there. So anyways, we kept working on new songs and sometimes, we’d be joined by our other musical friends, the ex guitar star who’d been reinventing himself would even showup and co wrote a pop song with me that people in NY still cover. We were rounded out by a  couple of real talented brothers, some pop dudes, and occassionally by some mercenary industry hustling song stealer we did not know was a snake at first, our other drugdealer roommate the guitar teacher, a sax player from Killbuck. Eventually the guitarist’s difficult girlfriend became too difficult so we said he could move in with us. We had a bigass apartment in the ghetto. As I recall, we continued having many nights of merry frivolity as a band together, writing, singing, drinking, making a lotta merry, we ran some cheap Casio through some effects pedals and were doing some musical experimentation and this lifestyle went on for awhile until dude kinda put the moves on my difficult girlfriend and we asked him to move out. Never saw him again. I always liked him, though. We replaced him with a Beatlehead pop guy, but I never felt like the chemistry was as good as it was with the departed 12 string warlock goth/hippie. It was sad because he had it. He was one of us. He brought his own authentic rocknroll flavor to the hobo stew, whereas, after that, it was usually just like a lotta leeching deleinquents stealing ideas and songs. When we were the Bastards, Tony was one of the full fledged Bastards as far as I am concerned, he had a rare star quality, not everybody has that. I hope he’s alive and still doing his thing.

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“The Black Alliance for Peace has been clear on Ukraine war from the very beginning. We always understood that the war started in 2014 & cost 14 thousand lives before the 3rd phase of the war started last year. We were also clear that NATO was a white supremacist structure.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“”Their whole function is to divert all meaningful leftward movement away from inconvenient areas like demilitarization and economic justice and toward convenient areas like whether there should be solar panels on Abrams tanks.” (-Caitlin Johnstone on gender hustling DNC bullshit warpig capitalist scam merchants.”

“Musk started Tesla with a huge U.S. government welfare grant. He has taken taxpayers to the cleaners for his factories and for Starlink. He is a gigantic corporate welfare king masquerading as a capitalist businessman.” (-Ralph Nader)


Let compassion be the cure to our division.” (-Erin Brockovich)

Corporations Have ‘Weaponized’ the Government. Here’s How to Stop Them. • Children’s Health Defense (

sarah on Twitter: “not satire” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Removing art by Palestinian children because some people feel “victimized” by it? This is the grossest, most cynical, self-indulgent weaponization of trauma. Anyone who feels the “vulnerable” because of this art is either unwell or a disgusting human being. If @UKLFI had any 1/” / Twitter

Simon Ateba on Twitter: “BREAKING – DEADLY LIES: Independent researchers at Texas A&M University have just contradicted federal government regulators, saying that toxic air pollutants in East Palestine, Ohio, could pose long-term risks. The Washington Post writes, “Three weeks after the toxic train…” / Twitter

No more lies. on Twitter: ““The sooner Americans stop falling for the fake two-party puppet show and begin pushing for real change, the sooner our world can move toward health. These people do not care about you.”” / Twitter

🕯Brian Morgan🕯 on Twitter: “You absolutely have a choice in every single election: Right or Center-Right, and in the end they honestly don’t give a fuck which one you pick as long as you’re out there tweeting stickers and shaming non-voters” / Twitter

Anti-China rhetoric is off the charts: what explains the mass hysteria in the West? – Pearls and Irritations (

Nick Brana – #PeoplesParty on Twitter: “On my way to London right now to speak at #No2NatoNo2War with anti-war heroes @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW @ClareDalyMEP @wallacemick @Lowkey0nline @MaxBlumenthal @anyaparampil @danielmkovalik @richimedhurst and more!” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “So will this be the policy going forward from now on? When a newspaper like the NYT or the WPost get an exclusive sent to them by a government source, or when CNN and NBC get told what to say by the CIA, will they immediately share it all with every other news organization?” / Twitter

Dan Kovalik on Twitter: “Looking forward to this event! Thanks @georgegalloway for spearheading this!” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “”Peace in the Crossfire of Modern Media” Webinar Saturday, 2/25, 1pm ET #Ukraine Register here: @DrJillStein @danielmkovalik” / Twitter

Ben White on Twitter: “Israeli forces invaded Nablus today, & killed 10 Palestinians. 100+ wounded, dozens shot. Armed, unarmed, young, old – all killed by an occupying army using incredible violence in a busy city in broad daylight. 59 Palestinians shot & killed since Jan 1.” / Twitter

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CenterClip on Twitter: “Where is the worst censorship and disinformation? @TedRall does a 4 minute analysis in light of war in Ukraine:” / Twitter

Rod on Twitter: “On Today’s Episode of The Backstory We Have: Guest(s) Ted Rall @TedRall -Forgotten History, Jose Vega @JosBtrigga – Confronting Our Pro War Political Class “Mediocrity is America’s New Standard of Excellence” Rumble Link👇” / Twitter on Twitter: “Did you know gay liberal activists stormed the NIH in 1990❓ They blamed Dr. Anthony Fauci for blocking cheap and effective AIDS treatments and for only promoting expensive and toxic drugs that benefited Big Pharma. Fauci did the exact same thing during Covid-19.” / Twitter


I’m so ginnedup about Z Raw, very cool, right up my alley, my kinda jam, exactly! It’s always so thrilling to discover a current band who is making heartfelt music I can relate to. A friend of mine in 80’s Ft. Wayne, Indiana had a birthday yesterday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOUL SISTER! I remember her playing me some demos by a local Indiana goth dude who she knew way back in the day, real low budget, D.I.Y. style and me just not being open to it because it felt like he was a celebrity for imitating Robert Smith and I was envious of his stardom, like one is, at that bitchy age, but now, when I look back, I imagine I’d probably really appreciate his stuff. I’ll try to find out his name from my dear comrade, it was kinda in the same spirit as Z RAW, which is to say, cool and dark and emotional. Z RAW is summa the best new music I’ve  heard in awhile.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “I know Dr. Littell very well. Ashamed for @SMHCS and all those in the room. Hospital boards are obligated to hear all points of view on therapies to help patients, particularly in a novel #coronavirus pandemic. #censorship kills. #courageousdiscourse @AAPSonline” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Bill Gates, the World’s Leading ‘Health Expert,’ Predicts “We’ll Do Better Next Time” With the Vaccines @jimmy_dore: “Here’s a guy who’s a college dropout, talking like he’s a scientist, a virologist, a specialist. He’s neither of those things. He knows about as much about it as…” / Twitter

susan abulhawa (@sjabulhawa) / Twitter Susan Abulhawa: books, biography, latest update

“Forcing cultural beliefs on countries halfway around the world while people are sleeping under every bridge in your own country is textbook imperialism.” (-Dirtbag Leftist)

SPEECH: Racism Was Central to the Invasion, Albert Barrow, 1990 | Black Agenda Report

Stef Zamorano on Twitter: “Great to know there is so much diversity in Biden’s admin and even better that women, people of color and LGBTQ folks all agree on #MoreWar #LoveMIC #PeaceIsForPussies” / Twitter

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“Before Covid “Doing your own research” just meant “READING”.

Authoritarians always try to sell ignorance as strength. Pro-Censorship Authoritarians like Sam Harris hate that you get to have the same access to information as they do & so they shame reading as “conspiracy” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the US does not support Ukraine attacking Crimea, a major red line for Russia.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland then turns around and says the opposite. The Biden administration is a neocon hellscape that’s gonna get us all killed.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “As I emphasised in #EuropeanParliment last month, #Israel is a lawless Terrorist State which has no respect for International Law and no respect for the Human Rights of #Palestinians – And they carry out atrocities on a daily basis because #US and #EU have no problem with it…” / Twitter

Unsettling Events: Five People From CTEH Die In Plane Crash, En Route To Ohio To Investigate Bedford Explosion AND Man Found Murdered At Crash Site (

Rachel Corrie Foundation on Twitter: “In a few weeks we’ll mark the 20th anniversary of Rachel’s death. She was killed just before her 24th birthday, on April 10. There will be several events in her hometown – Olympia, WA, and we hope you join us wherever you are in carrying on her vision for Gaza and for the world” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Malcolm X’s “internationalist perspective and practice politically and structurally integrated the struggles of Africans in the U.S. into the global anti-colonial/anti-capitalist movement”. Brilliant article by @AjamuBaraka” / Twitter

Trump ADMITS U.S. Was Behind 2014 Coup In Ukraine – YouTube

Retired Army Colonel Senator Black: We Are Headed For A Hot War With Russia AND China – YouTube

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “There’s no bottom to Trump Derangement Syndrome. These people are the monsters they claim to oppose. Joe Biden just crushed a railroad strike & is currently in charge of ignoring East Palestine while giving $500 million to a proxy war in Ukraine. They want u to #HateUrNeighbor” / Twitter

The Other Son on Twitter: “Wonder if Joy Behar knows Obama won Ohio twice?” / Twitter

David Moss on Twitter: “@KeithRuscitti They don’t care. They’d blame the residents of a “blue” state too. Anything to punch down and never ever blame anyone with any power, or the system itself.” / Twitter

Nathan J Robinson on Twitter: “Mike Pompeo’s new memoir acknowledges openly that the U.S. attempted to force regime change in Venezuela because it “violated the Monroe Doctrine” (i.e. we own Latin America), and even considered “the military option.”” / Twitter

“The Daily Mail can’t bring itself to note that Middleton was a central target of a foreign espionage investigation and pled the 5th over 20 times when he testified about it to congress, incl when he was asked if he was a foreign agent. No interest in going deeper from DM. This is probably because that scandal is sort of a successor to Iran Contra (many of the same ppl involved) and Epstein was meeting with Middleton at the WH at the same time he and Wexner took over the CIA airline from Iran Contra, Southern Air Transport. The above podcast is roughly half of the research contained in Vol 2 of One Nation Under Blackmail. Much more detail in the book and, if I ever make a Vol 3, a lot of it will be about the Epstein-Middleton relationship – that’s how significant it is. For starters – Middleton was a central figure in the 1996 campaign finance scandal, also known by some as “Chinagate”, apparently the Daily Mail is allergic to that information. This is probably because that scandal is sort of a successor to Iran Contra (many of the same ppl involved) and Epstein was meeting with Middleton at the WH at the same time he and Wexner took over the CIA airline from Iran Contra, Southern Air Transport.” (-Whitney Webb)

Whitney Webb: One Nation Under Blackmail (by Jeffrey Epstein) – YouTube

Toxic Forever Chemicals Found in More Than 330 Animal Species, by Kenny Stancil – Dandelion Salad (

Radical Graffiti on Twitter: “”ACAB includes (NYC Mayor) Eric Adams” Poster seen in New York City” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “We have the power to stop the war machine from stealing our right to peace and a livable future. Say NO to endless U.S. wars! March with us⤵️ 📝Sat March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House” / Twitter

Communist Party USA on Twitter: “On this day in 1868, the father of the movement for black liberation, W. E. B Du Bois was born. Du Bois was a prominent civil rights activist, historian, and a proud member of the CPUSA. (1/6)” / Twitter

Richard on Twitter: “”In the CIA we didn’t give a hoot about democracy. If a country didn’t co-operate with us, democracy didn’t mean a thing, and I don’t think it means a thing today” (ex-CIA Philip Agee)” / Twitter

BurningMama420🌿 on Twitter: “I just want to punch him in his rat face” / Twitter

In Context on Twitter: “Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and peace activist, addresses the UN Security Council on the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. “Has the New York Times mentioned Seymour Hersh’s article? Or has it even reported the denials? No, not yet.”” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “Dozens of anti-war, anti-racist, and other progressive organizations have now signed on to support our national protest! March alongside us to demand peace in Ukraine! 📝Saturday March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House See our updated list of endorsers below⤵️” / Twitter


US Power Alliance Says It’s Coordinating An “Information War” Against China (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “This is the Democratic Party’s true face. This is them telling you who they are.” / Twitter

🔥✊🏽fluxus✊🏽🔥 on Twitter: “Classic example of why we despise liberals and Democrats sooooo much!!!” / Twitter

Residents Of East Palestine Gathered For A Meeting. “We’re At War. We Need Help Now, Not When These Lawsuits Come…We May Not Be Here.” (

In Context on Twitter: “Need more reasons to defund the police? How about 1.1 billion? That’s how many US dollars New York paid out over alleged police misconduct and civil rights violations since 2015 says @RichardSudan #ReparationsNow #refundcommunities #PoliceBrutality #BlackHistoryMonth” / Twitter

Dollar Store “Mania” Hits Small Kentucky Town | ZeroHedge

George Stroumboulopoulos 🐺 on Twitter: “Last night, Dr. Gabor Mate and I had a compelling conversation on Instagram Live, getting into the important topics he covers in his new book ‘The Myth of Normal’. In this clip from, we delved into the complex interconnection between masculinity, toxicity, and the economy.” / Twitter

5G Towers Can Make Healthy People Sick, Two Case Reports Show • Children’s Health Defense (

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “On day one of my private @Chevron prosecution, two extraordinary women showed up in support. One is an actor-activist; the other now plans to be President of the United States. Our system is broken. A leader like @marwilliamson will help us dismantle corporate corruption.👊👏❤️” / Twitter

Yellen Says US Will Send $10 Billion in Economic Aid to Ukraine – Activist Post

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Leaving aside the substantive question of whether the war was “unprovoked” or not, it’s enormously creepy that they’re all using the exact same word as though it was programmed directly into their brains” / Twitter

Canada Criminalizes Dissent – Activist Post

After The Fugue – Caitlin Johnstone

Supreme Court Hearings on Section 230 Point to Broader Showdown Over Future of Online Speech • Children’s Health Defense (


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Israeli apartheid forces invaded the occupied city of Nablus, assassinating several Palestinian resistance fighters, while the army fired indiscriminately at residents and killed an additional 8 Palestinians” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “We’re live” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “US corporate media: book burning is a “powerful symbol”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “There’s that Sonnenrad on the Ukraine state-backed Azov Regiment’s uniforms which Brenton Tarrant emblazoned on his rucksack. The ADL recently cleared the former’s reputation for some reason.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “There are now countries with laws banning and punishing “fake news”: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar (where those guilty of “fake news” can be jailed for 5 years). The results are exactly what you’d expect: dissent is deemed “false” or dangerous. Turkey:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The Omidyar-funded #NeverTrump neocon site headed by liberal icon Bill Kristol attacks Gov. DeSantis for his failure to pledge eternal loyalty to Joe Biden’s policies of fueling proxy war in Ukraine. Neocons and Dems are 100% fully aligned on everything.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “But, alas, this is the world we live in. Bernie, AOC and the Squad mindlessly march behind Biden’s policy of endless proxy war. To hear skepticism on the war, one needs to listen to non-Europe nations, the international left, and Trump/DeSantis/.🤷‍♂️” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “All sorts of subsequent forensic analyses conducted by experts concluded that there was no evidence of fraud in Morales’ victory. Do you think the US media and political figures who supported the coup based on this call themselves “election deniers” and “pushers of the Big Lie”?” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “What is deemed Absolute Truth in one moment (WHO, March 2020: don’t wear masks for COVID!) becomes falsity the next (WHO, April: Everyone wear masks!). In 2018, fact-checkers affirmed the truth that Lula was a “thief.” In 2022, courts barred election material that asserted this.” / Twitter

Dildo Gaggins on Twitter: “Hey look, the administrator of the EPA during 9/11, who told New Yorkers that the asbestos filled air was safe to breathe, is now the co-chair of Andrew Yang’s Forward Party.” / Twitter


Buttigieg Press Secretary MELTS-DOWN Over Palestine Questions – YouTube

The Saints (’73 – ’78) – (I’m) Stranded – YouTube

London Quireboys – 7 oclock – HD – YouTube

“I Won’t Investigate Nord Stream Attack” – Dem Leader Hakeem Jeffries – YouTube

Why Embracing Anti-Colonialism Made Malcolm a Marked Man | Black Agenda Report

Tucker Carlson Given Unreleased Jan 6 Footage-Democrats FREAK OUT! – YouTube

10 Ways the War in Ukraine Threatens Our Environment – Dandelion Salad (

Protest March 18-19: Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars – ANSWER Coalition


Lovesores – Rock’n’Roll Animals!

We asked ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott Deluxe Drake a few questions about the LOVESORES. He also tells us about a few records that changed his life, and about his radio show The Golden Age Of Rock’n’Roll.

Can you intoduce the band?

The Lovesores are: Saul Koll (guitar), Adam Kattau (guitar) Alex Fast (bass) Boz Bennes (drums) and me,
Scott Deluxe Drake (vocals)

Can you tell us about your new record “Rock And Roll Animal”?

Rock and Roll Animal is our most recent release, it’s a 10” vinyl EP (4 songs) on Hound Gawd! Records (Germany).
I think it’s our best record yet…but that’s for everyone else to decide.

How did you get to find a song title like “The Erotic Adventures Of Coca-Cola Jones”?

While we were on tour in Europe, we started joking about people who live in Florida…because there are always stories in the news about bizarre crimes that happen in Florida. Adam Kattau said “Maybe all these crimes are being done by one person. His name is Coca-Cola Jones or something like that”…so, Coca-Cola Jones has become a recurring character…he’ll show up in other songs soon.

You toured in Europe last year. How was it? You also toured in Europe before as a solo artist, will you do it again? Or are the LOVESORES a “full-time band”?

The Lovesores are a full-time band…I wouldn’t do a solo tour unless The Lovesores stopped for some reason. We had a BLAST in Europe..I love touring over there..mostly because I think European people have more respect for musicians than American folks do. I’ve always been treated very well in Europe…I can’t wait to go back!

The HUMPERS also played a reunion show in July in California, right?

Yes, The Humpers generally play one or two shows each year…we’ve talked about making another record but it’s difficult because I live 1000 miles away and also because some of the guys are very busy with their day jobs.

Can you tell us a bit about The Golden Age of Rock and Roll?

The Golden Age of Rock and Roll is my radio show in Portland, Oregon (it’s a webcast). Ive been doing it for about a year now. The station it’s on is House of Sound (the only uncensored radio station in Portland). I usually do the show every other week on Tuesday nights. I play everything from early primitive rock and roll from the late 40’s and early 50’s to current bands.

5 records that are important to you (and why? How you found out about them, etc.)

Hmmm…I had to think a lot about this. I decided I’d talk about records that changed my view of music, not necessarily
my “favorite” records. First, I’d choose “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe. I bought this 7” when I was a little kid…maybe 5 or 6 years old? It was the first record that I ever heard on the radio that made me think “ I must have this record!”’s just bubblegum music but I still like it today!
Next would be “Through The Past Darkly” by The Rolling Stones. It’s just a compilation LP of their early hits but it was the first real rock and roll LP I ever got…it made me realize that there was more to life than The Beatles hahaha.
Next would be The Ramones Leave Home…I had only heard one or two songs by The Ramones on the radio and I was fascinated by them. When I finally got this record, I was blown away to think “These are people who think like me!!!” It was very empowering to start imagining…”maybe I could start a band?”.
The first Sex Pistols / Clash / Damned / Generation X LPs were huge to me, but it’s hard to choose which one had the most impact….so…I’ll jump ahead to the first Black Flag record, the Nervous Breakdown EP. This record was important to me because it sort of separated people into two groups…people loved it or hated it. A lot of people saw it as not being “rock and roll” enough…by I really was thrilled by the energy…and ever since then my goal has been to marry the structure of traditional rock and roll with the energy of punk…sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t!

Any new bands you’ve enjoyed lately?

I’m currently enjoying the renewed interest in Glam Rock (and I don’t mean 80’s LA Sunset Strip stuff)…especially the revival of the sounds of the early 70’s British scene….I think Giuda does it best from the bands I’ve heard…I’d love to hear more bands get into that sound and move away from all this stoner / metal / prog, etc.


Your favourite shows with the LOVESORES so far?

I’d say my favorite shows have been in Spain (Bilbao and Teruel) and Germany (Berlin). It’s always a great feeling when you’re far from home and the people “get it”…it makes you feel like there’s a greater purpose to what you’re doing.

What’s next for the LOVESORES?

More rock and roll! We’re currently writing a full-length LP…then we have some gigs in Southern California in January…and hopefully we’ll be touring Europe again in Autumn of 2017…..see you then! Ciao!

Facebook page


Lovesores “Rock And Roll Animal” 10″

Four brand new tracks on blue vinyl by ex-HUMPERS frontman Scott “Deluxe” Drake and his gang. “Rock’n’Roll Animal” will give you the right idea from the start, mixing 70s glitter rock to early punk, and “The Erotic Adventures Of Coca-Cola Jones” (probably the best song title of the year so far!) will make you sing along, bringing the best of Detroit punk rock’n’roll to mind.
The LOVESORES knows that rock’n’roll is all about being wild and sexy, and you’ll hear that in “The Wicked World” that sounds like an orgy between The STOOGES and the NEW YORK DOLLS! Hard rock’n’rollin’ song “When The Lights Go Out” almost sounds as if TURBONEGRO was getting back to their best era, and it sure will let you think that this is short and you need more… The best LOVESORES release so far!
Hound Gawd! Records brings us a 10″ record that looks as good as it sounds, so hurry up! There might not be enough of them for everyone./Laurent C.

Buy from Hound Gawd! Records
Facebook page

Lovesores “Formaldehyde” 7″

lovesores2After touring Europe under his own name, ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott “Deluxe” Drake is back with his band The LOVESORES (they already released “Bubblegum Riot”, a 10″ record before), and a brand new 4 song 7″ on transparent yellow vinyl! Quite a good looking piece for you vinyl lovers!
There are some strong rock’n’roll roots in the LOVESORES‘ music, and this makes me think about a clash between British ’77 punk and 80s Californian punk (There’s a bit ot DEAD KENNEDYS in Scott’s vocals, and some BLACK FLAG in the guitars) giving birth to some high-powered tunes (“Your Secret Face”, “Lightning”…) You’ll even get a bit of Johnny Thunders’ HEARTBREAKERS in “Revolver.”
Fast and tight, if you have to buy only one 7″ this month, then make sure it’s this one!
The LOVESORES will be touring Europe in 2014!/Laurent C.