Lipstick “Lipstick II”

Following the 2015 debut album, “Lipstick II” takes us to another colourful space travel starting with “On The Eve of The Attack”, which sounds like a quite surprising mix of BOWIE and MEAT LOAF! “Fight Back”, “Cha La Head Cha La”, or “Girl Dressed as a Sailor Moon” have a more 80s L.A. glam metal sound, and sound quite catchy.
The album was recorded with many guest musicians, so it adds more variety, and songs like “Stop”, “Love of Some Kind” and “Teenage Girlfriend” have big theatrical elements to them which fits well with the image and concept of LIPSTICK. Some glam punk/70s glitter traces can be found in “Fake Nerd Girl”, “Rock’n’Roll Anime Girls”, “Stop Drop and Rock’n’ Roll”, “Christmastime Machine”, or “Gotta Eat When You Can”, and you’ll even hear some ska punk in “Lipstick Encourages You To Have Fun at our Show but not at the Expense of other Concertgoers”…
15 songs is a bit long for an album in that style, it probably would have been much better as a 10 song record, but it doesn’t ruin the fun./Laurent C.
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Lipstick releases first music video

Lipstick, an independent theatrical rock band from Nashville, TN, has just released their first music video: an homage to Conan O’Brien that pleads with him to invite the band to be his musical guest.

Conan O’Brien has always been a hero of mine,” states lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Greg Troyan, “I’ve been watching his show since I was thirteen years old. When he moved to LA to follow his dreams, it gave me hope and inspiration to move to Nashville to follow mine. He helped give me hope that dreams can come true. His words of ‘work hard and be kind’ is a mantra I truly believe in. So, I decided to write a song, telling him that I think he’s cool and that I’d like to appear on his show, because it’s always been a dream of mine.”

“We’re a positive band. We sing songs about rock n roll, time travel, true love, and following your dreams. We hope that this song spreads a little more positivity out there. Also, our mascot is an awesome dancing cat, and who doesn’t love awesome dancing cats?”

The band is asking its fans to tweet their new music video at Conan O’Brien on twitter (@ConanOBrien) and to use the hashtag #TheConanSong.

“We’re an indie band. We don’t have major label support, we’re young and hungry and out there trying to make our dreams come true, so we’re just trying to get Conan to notice us. We’re confident in the quality of what we do, and we think Conan will love the video…and so will you!”

The video for “The Conan Song” can be viewed below. Lipstick can be found at their website,, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @MrCoolRockNRoll.

Lipstick “S/T”

Introduced as a band that was formed after their lead singer and leader, Greg Troyan travelled through space, LIPSTICK is a theatrical glam influenced band from Nashville, TN. While you’ll find a good dose of L.A. glam metal in songs like “We’re Here To Rock You”, “The Conan Song” or “Alone”, LIPSTICK also brings 70s KISS, or the NEW YORK DOLLS to mind in “I Like The Way I Rock”, or “Having Fun.” The production is quite raw and sometimes reminds me of the early 90s Sunset Strip bands demos, which isn’t a bad thing to me, although a bubblegum rock, glitter pop song like “Tonight” would probably sound better with a bigger production.
While this album’s mood is definitely fun, LIPSTICK gets to surprise us with the last song, “I Want The World To Know”, a sad piano ballad that sounds way better than the typical power ballads you can hear on most glam metal revival bands nowadays.
LIPSTICK‘s colourful universe also seems to be connected to its members’ interest in anime, which probably makes them very Japanese friendly!
“Rock’n’Roll Forever” perfectly sums up the band’s spirit, and if you think that fun, fantasy and flamboyance have been missing for too long in music, then this album is for you./Laurent C.
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