Les Suzards – Sons of the Dogs

After reviewing their debut album out on Wanda Records, we decided to send a few questions to Les SUZARDS in order to know more about them. T Boy Stoogeling (vocals/guitar) tells us about the band’s history, French rock’n’roll, their last tour and influences…

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the band and this name choice? You’re sometimes called Les SUZARDS or The SUZARDS… Which one should we use?

Well the very begining was early 2013, I met Bibi (the drummer) and we started playing together, then, a few months after that, McFly (bassist) joined us, and so the band was born ! Then, we made an EP on Adrenalin Fix/ Barbarella Records, and now the LP is out…
We decided to call our band Les Suzards probably when we were drunk, don’t remember exactly, it’s a name made mixing two French alcoholic drinks, Suze and Ricard… You can use Les Suzards, I love the French touch of it, but The Suzards is funny because it of course doesn’t mean anything in english.

Your first album is out on German record label Wanda records. How did that happen?

Well he allready knew our band because he has our first EP for sale in his mailorder, thanks to Adrenalin Fix, so when I was looking for a label, I sent him an email, and he was ok to do it ! And that’s so cool, because he released bands i really like, Ricky C Quartet, Gaggers, La Flingue among others, and Monster is just an amazing guy!

Tell us a bit about the recording of the album…

It was recorded in Toulouse by Lo Spider, in three days it was almost all done, just had to do two additional session to add the piano on « Business Kids », acoustic guitar on « I Tell lies », that kind of stuff you know ? And I remade some voices on some songs, and of course, our friend Romeo from Rythm’n’blues band Les Grys-Grys played guitar on « Searchin’ », that was so cool ! Lo Spider also plays guitar on « You kill me », I think it helps to give different colours to the record. It was all recorded on analog equipement.

The DOGS influence is pretty obvious in your music. While it’s not rare to find foreign rock’n’roll bands who talk about the DOGS influence in their music, it’s quite rare to find French bands who do the same. Is there an explanation for this to you?

I don’t know… But I saw that many French people like to hate French bands haha… So maybe it’s part of the explanation? I’m personally a lot into French bands, there’s some very good stuff, Dogs, Little Bob, Coronados, Olivensteins, etc etc… But Dogs have the little something that makes the difference between a good band and a really great band, they are obviously more than a curiosity like « ho, a French band ! nice », they are part of rock’n’roll history, they have that strangeness, that little something you can’t explain that’s typical of every great and important band… Something magic, something special, something else, something else, something that’s rock’n’roll, something magic, something strange, something real, something that moves my soul…

Any other French rock’n’roll bands you like these days?

Hell yeah ! Asphalt from Toulouse, La Flingue, Sun Sick, Tomy and the Cougars all from Marseille, Cheap Riot from Paris, Scaners from Lyon, Les Grys-Grys from Montpellier, Avenue Z, Magnetix, Videodrome, Cockpit from Bordeaux, Dragster from Rennes (now Bruxelles) and I’m pretty sure I forgot some…

You were on tour on a few weeks ago. How was it? Places you’ve enjoyed the most? Any anecdotes?

LesSuzards02That was fucking amazing man !!! Really mind blowing !!! Except Italy that was not that good, we had very cool audiences, sometimes really packed, it was honestly fun everywhere, of course Germany is one of my favourite country to play, but Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, France, it was cool everywhere !!! By the way, I wanna say thanks a lot to our driver Jojo who did an awesome job on the tour. Anecdotes, well there’s a lot, you know, drinking, doing drugs, playing in a band, there’s like hundreds of anecdotes haha, Amsterdam speed is very good, Zagreb weed is very strong, Bruxelles audience is so cool, we met so many incredible and nice people !!!

5 albums you couldn’t live without?

Well, “Funhouse” by The Stooges, it’s probably my favourite album ever ; Dogs “Too Much Class For The Neighborhood”, a fantastic and underrated album ! “Crack In The System” by Dead Moon, I’m a huge fan of Dead Moon and Fred Cole’s bands in general, that album is my favourite, listen to the song « Unknown passage », always blows my mind… “Radios Appears” by Radio Birdman, of course !!! Fantastic band, incredible record, it got everything : Detroit like energy, 60’s garage influence, surf references, Blue Oyster Cult strangeness like on “Secret Treaties”… Then maybe “5th Dimension” by The Byrds, one of my favourite bands ever, but I could pick “Forever Changes” by Love as well… It’s hard to stay with only 5 records haha

Thoughts about the 40th Anniversary of Punk?

That’s corporate bullshit. Who gives a fuck ?

What’s next for the band?

We just recorded new songs after the tour, we have a pair of festivals this summer, a French tour would be nice, Spain again and Portugal, and Germany I hope, next year probably.


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Les Suzards “S/T”

Judging from the name of the band, I would have never expected them to play this kind of rock’n’roll. For your information, Suze is a famous French/Swiss old-school alcoholic drink. Despite their admiration for this drink, the power trio from the West of France has been on a steady DOGS/NY DOLLS diet too.
Opening track “Hate Me” sounds like a mix of The BRIEFS and NEUROTIC SWINGERS, an adrenaline shot right from the start, and it won’t calm down with “Mojo Night”, and “Searchin'” that will please every DOGS fan around for sure.
The album was recorded by JERRY SPIDER GANG‘s Lo Spider, and it seems like it was the right choice, since you can feel the live energy through the whole album.
Put your best slim buttoned jacket on, have a Suze, and get your kicks from “Business Kids” and “You Kill Me”, you won’t regret it!
This fine record is out on German punk rock’n’roll label Wanda Record, and the band is tourin’ Europe right now, so go and check them out if you can./Laurent C.

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