Lester Greenowski “It’s Nothing Serious Just Life”

LesterItsNothingSeriousLESTER has been releasing records since the early 00s Euro glam punk wave, when his band The LANDSLIDE LADIES (later known as LESTER & The LANDSLIDE LADIES) used to share stages with international acts such as FASTER PUSSYCAT, BACKYARD BABIES or The VIBRATORS… More recently, LESTER hit European roads as a bass player for The BOYSHONEST JOHN PLAIN, and since our Italian friend always has something to cook for us, he’s now back under his own name LESTER GREENOWSKI to offer us his first solo album wrapped up in a great looking colourful digipack.
On “It’s Nothing Serious Just Life”, LESTER mixed all his favourite styles, from glam punk (“Trail Of Graffiti”, “It’s Gonna Be Wrong”, “Ritalin Baby”, “Pussy Galore”…) to catchy sparkly power pop (“Such a Shame” or the CHEAP TRICKish “Angela (A Space Odyssey)”) and 70s glam rock’n’roll (“Electric Blue” and its cool sax hooks. The quality of the songwriting is impressive as usual, songs like “Beautiful”, “Carrie Nation” and its New Orleans touch, or “Say Bye Bye” could have been 70s classics, and the ending song “Bittersweet” is a powerful anthem full of melancholy.
If you’tre into The RAMONES, early KISS, CHEAP TRICK or AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, then big chances are you will love this album, and don’t trust the over, LESTER is not ready to shut up yet!/Laurent C.

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Landslide Ladies

Here is one of the coolest new Italian bands, they’ve just released an acoustic EP called “Six Strings & Cigarettes” and we couldn’t resist asking them a few questions… A good way to start the year.
So, when did you start LAND$LIDE LADIE$ ?We started in 2002 , but so many things happened in such a short time: a bunch of line-up changes ( 2 rhythm guitar players, 3 bass players, 2 drummers), 2 Eps recorded, 40 gigs only this year ( that in Italy for a band like us is quite a lot ), a tribute compilation to Kiss, a promotional tour to the compilation? and then, as Iggy once said: blah, blah ,blah. 😉There is only two members on your acoustic EP “Six Strings & Cigarettes”, is it because you couldn´t find other musicians? I read that the band has got brand new members.

We were ready to record or second Ep, when our bass player decided to leave. We won’t let 2004 pass by without Land$lide Ladie$ had the chance to leave their trace, but we need to look for a new guy, so we were kind of stuck. The band was there but we where broke and in need of rehearsals, lazy Italian motherfuckers. Me and Mr.Gold ( the only two original members left ) decided that it could be fun just to sit and play as when we write songs. In 2 evenings we recorded as natural and honest as possible and the fruits of those sessions are the songs you can find on the Ep.

You sound less “hair metal” than most Italian glam bands, is there any other band in your style there?

Italian Glam oriented underground scene… it’s like a big self service where you could get what you want from Cock Rock to Glam Core from Hair Spray Punk to Speed Glam. Personally I think there’s a bunch of cool bands down here. Everyone is influenced by glam and glitter but everyone have something to say ‘in their very own chords’, able to propose their influences in an original and personal way, some of them: Thee S.T.P., Crackhouse, Bastet, Hollywood Killerz, Jany James & The Bandits, Decadenza, Pouty Lips, Babyruth, Lovin Doll$, Fuori Uso, Latexx Teens, Zap…

How have your shows been so far? Any anecdote, good or bad memories?

Pretty cool actually, we’re not great musicians and we don’t care about it, we try to give people a good time mixing glitter to proto-punk attitude. We do the same old stuff sweat, shout, jump, fall off the stage, get drunk, do a lot of that cheesy choruses. Anecdotes? too many to mention one in particular: I remember playing with 38 temperature under a mix of alcohol and pain killers kind of scary, get naked in a little club in the country side, while singing ?Anyway you want me, anyway you dream of me!? never though someone could have such horrible dreams?

Choose one (and explain why):

-AC/DC or KISS? Kiss especially the Alive! period they were just unbelievable, they looked like 4 super rnr heros out one of that Marvel comics and the music was so genuine ( no Ezrin bullshit ), so cool, so catchy but at the same time so hard. My bedroom it?s still full of posters, photos and memorabilia stuff from them!

-DAVID BOWIE or LOU REED? So hard to choose but I would say Bowie in his Ziggy years, truly I never really forgive Bowie to let Ronson run away. I was also very fascinated by his alter ego the white duke even if he had an awful hair cut. Long story short I love them both so my choice is Iggy!!!! Raw, wild, outrageous, witty, ironic? That trailer thrash guy has a spell on me!
-CLASH or SEX PISTOLS? Sex Pistols cause I can’t stand politics!
-NEW YORK DOLLS reunion or HANOI ROCKS reunion? No Johnny, No Jerry, now also no Arthur sorry? no Dolls! Hanoi are probably my all time favourite band, I saw Andy and Michael 3 times. Surely this Hanoi is not the same thing of old Hanoi , but Twelve shots is great ( even if mainly sounds like a Michael solo album). Finally real Hanoi dimension is on stage ? Natural Born Hell Raisers!
-DOGS D´AMOUR or QUIREBOYS? AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!! Tyla drives me nuts! Saw him supporting Alice Cooper: amazing! Still waiting to get him acoustic he?s simply great. Lately I?m listen almost every day to THE POET & THE DRAGON ?Live… Somewhere In This World?. I don?t know why but Tyla always finds the way to touch me very deeply!
-BACKYARD BABIES or HELLACOPTERS?Backyard Babies cause I’m much more into NewYork Dolls than into Mc5, and my main interest in the ‘copters was Dregen!There´s a lot of new rock bands in the media these days, especially these “The” bands, what´s your opinion on that?They’re ok some of them are quite cool, some of them make me puke but as in every trend there?s a good side and a bad side. I still prefer The Rolling Stones or The Heartbreakers or The Wildhearts that have nothing to do with the so called “The” bands but they’re some of “The Coolest” ever!What are your projects?

We’re trying to realize a Split Cd with one of the coolest band in Europe, but my lips are sealed sorry!

Anything else to add for our readers?

If you are still interested in this 5 spaghetti – weirdos please check http://www.landslideladies.com . Thank U Laur you ROCK!, but you don’t need me to tell you, what you done to support the scene is great! Thank U from all those wasted – glitter – punk – thrash – borderlines out there that are still looking for a great big Ki$$! $MAAAACCCKKK !