Semi Precious Weapons “We Love You”

“I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous!”… I’m sure a lot of glam people could relate to this at some point in their life!
We always think about Los Angeles when we think about American glam bands, but how could anyone forget about the NEW YORK DOLLS or more recently the TOILET BOYS? Well, SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS is the much needed band putting back NY on the glam map! Forget about the boring arty indie bands the media is trying to force on you, this is the new exciting band you’ve been waiting for!
While the MANICS were screaming in style “You Love Us”, SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS answer in decadent elegance “We Love You” with the help of legendary executive producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T-Rex, Morrissey…) The band put a bit of wild garage rock and early AC/DC in their sexy flamboyant glam rock in which you’ll also find a bit of a Hedwig feel and a little blues dose.
Singles like “Magnetic Baby”, “Her Hair Is On Fire” or “Semi Precious Weapons” will make you dance in high heels until your make-up fades away while you’ll be able to put more lipstick and dark eye-shadow on before crying glitter tears on the slower emotional songs like “Bleed To Heal”, “Genius” or “Time Zones”.
SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS were able to play in England and France thanks to Justin Tranter (vocals)’s home made jewelry. How cool is that? “That’s Kunt” in their own words.
And since “Rock’n’ Roll” Never Looked So Beautiful”, I personally can’t wait to see the band live and I’ll join NEW YORK DOLLS’ Steve Conte in saying “SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS are my new favourite band!”./Laurent C.