Kristy Majors

Kristy Krash Majors has released a new album and is about to rock Europe so PRETTY BOY FLOYD’s former guitar player has got a few things to say about what is going on in his world as well as in the world in general…

You just released a new CD (“Sex Drugs ‘N’ Rock N Roll”), what are according to you the main differences between this new CD and your previous solo album “The Devil In Me”?

The recording quality is 100% better. The Devil in me was recorded on an 8 track and SDRR was recorded in a professional pro tools studio . It also has real drums as opposed to a drum machine and my song writing has matured into a sound that is me!

Did you record it all by yourself like “The Devil In Me”?

No, Keri Kelli and Chad Stewart played on the record as well. They’re awesome talented musicians.

Why this title “Sex Drugs ‘N’ Rock N Roll”? Just for the cliché or to underline a come back to your roots or something like that?

It’s one of the songs on the album and there’s no real meaning behind the title. I just liked it.

Songs like “Wasted In America” or “Kids On Dope” sound quite pessimistic and even though a song like “Sex Drugs ‘N’ Rock N Roll” has more of a party feel in it, there’s something dark about the state of the world today in this album, would describe it as pessimistic or maybe just realistic?

I just wrote songs that came to me over the course of 3 years. “Wasted in America” and “Kids on Dope” deal with how the government and doctors are shoving pills down everybody’s throat for a quick solution to there problems. While other songs on the record are just good rock n roll songs and some of them are personal as well. I’m being true to myself now instead of following a trend in music.

I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but I read about all the fights you had with Steve Summers on Metal Sludge… Are things better between you both now?

No. Steve is an ungrateful asshole, Period.

Isn’t it too frustrating to always be referred as Kristy Krash Majors from PRETTY BOY FLOYD?… What are the best things and the worse ones about your PRETTY BOY FLOYD days?

I’m just thankful I have fans and people who support my music. With my new record I’m getting FLOYD fans and new fans that never even heard of FLOYD. The best thing about being a part of FLOYD was that I had some fun for a few years when I was a teenager and learned a lot about the business. The worst part about it was being on MCA records who didn’t have a clue about promoting a rock band. I have no regrets though.

What bands/records have you enjoyed lately?

I love Backyard Babies, Social Distortion, Supersuckers, Turbonegro, Rancid, Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, Rob Zombie, Towers of London among many others. I love music of all genres.

Now that the music industry has been collapsing and mutating into this whole download/Internet thing, do you think that things are easier or more difficult for unsigned artists?

Selling records is hard. Music Stores have been going out of business, major label artists sales are declining each year and as Eddie Spaghetti says “ it sounds so strange to my ears that rock and roll records ain’t selling this year “!

You’ll be in Europe soon, can you introduce your band line-up? Any chance to see you in France?

Kristy Majors _ lead vocals and guitars Michael Thomas – Guitar Brian Saunders – Bass Chad Stewart Drums I would love to play France but it seems like it’s not in the cards this time around. I hope that my next tour in Europe will cover more countries including France.

Anything you want to add for your fans?

Thanks for your support and you can hear my new album at you can buy cool swag and cd’s at