New King Pizza Records releases: The Mad Doctors and The Nuclears

Brooklyn’s King Pizza Records have two new releases out:

The Mad Doctors “No Waves Just Sharks”
Noisy garage rock with sci-fi surf influences (“The Ballad of Jort Dad”, “Dead Beach”) that sometimes have a bit of a MUDHONEY feel (“Springwater Super Wizard”, “Lords of Garbage.”) Garage rock’n’roll fans will love “Justin’s A Cop”, “She’s a Psycho”, or “Mind Rot.” The band sometimes flirts with stoner rock (“The Rats Are Coming”), but doesn’t fall into the trendy clichés of the style. In fuzz they trust!

The Nuclears “Record High” EP
Party punk rock’n’roll with a dose of irony.”Record High”, or “Rekall” bring the best of 00s Scandinavian rock’n’roll to mind, while “One Day You Might” is a fun BEATLES style song that will make you smile. These guys also bring BLACK SABBATH‘ spirit back to life in “Eclipso II: Black Atom”, and will make you dance with the 70s rock’n’roll influenced “Afterparty.”