New King Pizza Records releases: The Mad Doctors and The Nuclears

Brooklyn’s King Pizza Records have two new releases out:

The Mad Doctors “No Waves Just Sharks”
Noisy garage rock with sci-fi surf influences (“The Ballad of Jort Dad”, “Dead Beach”) that sometimes have a bit of a MUDHONEY feel (“Springwater Super Wizard”, “Lords of Garbage.”) Garage rock’n’roll fans will love “Justin’s A Cop”, “She’s a Psycho”, or “Mind Rot.” The band sometimes flirts with stoner rock (“The Rats Are Coming”), but doesn’t fall into the trendy clich├ęs of the style. In fuzz they trust!

The Nuclears “Record High” EP
Party punk rock’n’roll with a dose of irony.”Record High”, or “Rekall” bring the best of 00s Scandinavian rock’n’roll to mind, while “One Day You Might” is a fun BEATLES style song that will make you smile. These guys also bring BLACK SABBATH‘ spirit back to life in “Eclipso II: Black Atom”, and will make you dance with the 70s rock’n’roll influenced “Afterparty.”