KickStarter “One Stop Shop”

Direct from the San Francisco Bay area, Chris Ban and his boys, currently operating as a power trio, bash out another trashy classic GlamPunk set of Thunders/Dead Boys inspired Rock and Roll. From the D Generation tinged “Not Thinking About You” to the Stooges flavored “Cheap Disguise”, this CD packs a major punch and a good kick in the arse to the trash punk scene. If that doesn’t rock your boat, then the boys blast out the super sexy riffing and vocals of “Drinking Game” and the 70’s Glam stylings of “Hot Rod City”(think Ziggy Stardust). This release is a killer mix of Punk/Glam/Sleaze tunes for your direct listening pleasure, for those rock fans into Motley Crüe, Iggy and the Stooges, Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys and Jeff Dahl!
KickStarter’s last CD received rave reviews in Classic Rock Magazine and they were able to secure major distribution via Koch, and this release is sure to follow that path and is currently available via CD Baby. You can get to the band at or KickStartermusic on Facebook. As with what is up with the band currently, speaking with Chris Ban, he informs that the band are gearing up to do their own monthly club in Redwood City, Ca., as well as rocking the Bay Area steadily, any chance they get. Keep rocking, L.A.M.F. (Teddy Heavens)