Jolly Power “Like An Empty Bottle… Again”

It seems like this Italian band has been around for quite a long time since they released their first demo in 1991, and from what I understand this album is a re-release of the one that was out in 1994 which was only available on tape at that time. I guess that’s why you can find this typical 90s glam metal vibe in the band’s music.
Indeed, you get the idea from the start with “It’s Only Our Law” that introduces a band somewhere between ALLEYCAT SCRATCH and BANG TANGO. You can guess this sounds a bit raw, but it’s never been a problem with this style of music, it keeps the rock’n’roll edge alive as in songs like “Downtown”, “Thank You (Goodbye)”, “If Your Heart Is Closed” or “Rebel Soul” ,in the HANOÏ ROCKS/THROBS tradition! You’ll also find a bit of BLACK CROWES and DOGS D’AMOUR in “No Room For You” for instance, and some MOTÖRHEAD traces in “Beautiful”. The four last songs of the album sound dirtier, the punkest one probably being “**** You” but it probably doesn’t look too surprising to you when reading its title, though “Smoking Pills” is quite a glam punk anthem too!
So you can thank Street Symphonies for releasing this album on CD and just hope that JOLLY POWER releases something new soon…/Laurent.