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“Shitlibs once again melting down because Noam Chomsky is 100% right about Ukraine war propaganda and the hypocrisy of the west” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

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Celebrating John McCain’s Death Is Good, Actually: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

“…the FBI once again interfered in a presidential election by bolstering the fabricated notion that Hunter Biden’s laptop was possibly ‘Russian disinformation,’ thereby justifying unprecedented censorship of reporting about it.” (-Aaron Mate’) 


I guess I been Writing too much since getting locked outta Falsebook by Zuck and his Langley spook cronies, but I suppose I just feel a bit powerless about all the bad corruption and wars and shit I see goin’ down and the most I can probably do is gently shake summa my former associates from their big pharama numb hypnoslumbers, even that much is a long shot, but as Lennon sang, “we’re all doin’ what we can…” My old lady might help me put one of those Substack things together but for now, I just wanna say thanks to all our friends and fellow glamrarchists for giving me a mic and a soapbox, here. I feel like it’s just us damaged dropout malcontents and aging androgynes against the fatcat fascists and evil billionaires and all their baffled tv watching slaves.

Hey man I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this, but much like Ajamu Baraka, the social media monopolists have not only censored, Facebook jailed, and finally, locked me outta their platform for being Anti-war, but where I used to get hundreds of “likes” on every fuckin’ post, gradually, over the past couple years, it looks like I only get one or two likes or reposts. I get that the fix is in, but do me a solid, as the kids say, and if you agree with anything I got to say here, “like” and repost and subscribe just in case any of it might work, so my webzine homies can know you value my rebellious ravings on some level. Thank You Friends.


I guess it was my sixteenth birthday, when my arty downtown high school girlfriend brought these two hardcore/goth mohawked punks over to meet me. Some asshole local stoner heavy metal guys had crashed my no alcohol attic party and stomped loudly down the step dad’s stairs  kicking or knocking heirloom Christmas decorations down the steps and disappearing an old bass amp on their way out, so my stepdad threw me out again, and I was happy to be free of him. I started hanging out with the mohawked guys who had a crappy goth band. I say crappy, cause that’s how I felt about it back then, but now, I see how creative and innovative they were with such limited technology. They were doing like a Ministry/Skinny Puppy thing on a no budget, D.I.Y. level and we would convene nightly in the older guitarist’s nasty rodent infested, loudly clanging furnace basement studio apartment nightly and he’d play us old seventies imported punk vinyl and we’d drink beer. I was already on my second make believe bullshit garage band with the metalhead guitar players and we could never find drummers where we lived cause we were not into Bon Jovi or even Led Zeppelin. I got along with a pothead drummer who went to the Catholic school and we used to walk home together, but he was friends with some real sadistic heavy metal goons, and burnt somebody’s house down and got away with it, and was afraid to be seen with me by the metalheads, so I never really trusted the kid, and looking back, I’m glad I chose to stay away from him. The older mohawk was really fascinated with Charles Manson so all his artwork always had like a visual reference to say, Barker Ranch, or something. I had grown up loving the Doors so I had always felt a calling to the desert, and now I live in the ghost town South West, I get to see stuff like a skunk just chilling with my outdoor feral cat friends on the side of our disintegrating trailer this morning. Some pimp named Red was said to have burnt down the guitarist’s low income housing apartment, but I had become good friends with the mohawk kids. One went to the downtown high school with me and my arty girlfriend but was given a wider berth for dresscode violations than me because he was honor roll and his mom sold real estate. He grew up and got into real estate. I’m still violating the dress codes.

   Being an empty pocketed pauper with many responsibilities, it is seldom that I am able to indulge in some selfish purchase like a book or hat or something, but I’m aware of those Alvin Gibbs books-I know they’re out there, and the “Trouble Boys” book about The Replacements, and yeah, of course, I am kindof coveting those tomes. I often say that as a crazy kid, it was Dramarama and The Replacements who gave false hope to me and my gang of underage beer drinking record store clerks and alcoholic janitors that if we composed a diverse oeuvre of songs we might also be discovered and recorded and able to make a living performing shows, making record albums, and selling black skull t shirts from the back of our scuzzy black van-that was the popular mythology, anyway, pre Nirvana. There was a whole network of basement show and bandhouse venues, college radio stations, and medium sized magazines about underground music like CMJ and Alternative Press and Flipside and Maximum Rocknroll. Soul Asylum and the  Goo Goo Dolls were two other examples of Replacements inspired garage rockers who broke into the mainstream. I loved the whole Replacements story because it was so easy for us to identify with all those characters-they were so much like my lot. I had an older guitar player who was living like a crusty punk, not bathing very often, kinda being a little antisicial and self destructive, who drank alot,  but I knew he had real potential and artistic ability that bled out when he played guitar. I remember the first time hearing he had learned the Brian James solo from “I Never Believed” rather than just letting our other kid, the flash “Young Wayne Kramer” learn the part. 

    When half my band fled the Midwest and got convenience store jobs on the East coast, we met a kid named Jake who was a writer. In the words of the Great And Terrible Heavy Metal Impresario, Sleazegrinder, “he’s an even better writer than US!” Jake never officially joined the band but my lead guitar hero taught him how to play bass and he joined a more popular local band, but contributed many lengthy screeds to my subversive fanzines back in the day, before joining the nine to five world in later years. He shared my love of The Clash, The Replacements, and Hunter S. Thompson, we’d stay up all night long talking about resistance subcultures and him and his gutter punk girlfriend Theis would sing background vocals for me and my dueling guitarists in their big Park Drive bachelor pad. Summa the songs we wrote back then have been covered by other people. Even after those guys were on their way into proper adulthood, me and the crazy rhythm guitar player were still stubbornly trying to get discovered with our heartfelt garage punk Songs About Drinking! I kept trying to encourage the lost lads back into our broken dream, but they were already gone for good.  The Replacements pissed all the Adult World people off at “Saturday Night Live” and on some Tom Petty tour. They drank. So many of their songs spoke so deeply to my generation, ya know even the squares who followed the prescribed path to cubicles and cable and purchasing Glade Air Fresheners and Dyson vacuum cleaners from Target on Sunday loved shit like “Unsatisfied” and “Answering Machine”. I’ve seen Joan Jett bring everybody at the county fair together-from the pink haired LGBT kids to the old bikers singing, “Androgynous”, which everybody now thinks she wrote. Of course I relate to Bob Stinson, many of my closest friends were tortured clowns and soulful guitarslingers. I was not as wild about the stuff they did without Bob Stinson, though all the tunes Paul wrote about band breakups and shit like say, “When It Began” and “Happy Town” and “Rocknroll Ghost” all got tattooed on my heart n soul. 

     I could always identify with The Replacements, until Paul started phoning in stuff like a professional pandering power balladeer. I liked all his early insecure romantic shit better than his overconfident actress wooing stardom shit. Me and a guy named Brett Milano, I think he was some bigfish Boston Rock critic, were both actually pogo jumping for joy in the front row, when we saw Westerberg with Dave Minehan from the Neighborhoods covering “Daydream Believer” at a tightly packed sweaty show in Central Square. By the time all those Professional Replacements Imitators came along-you know, like half the bands in “Big Takeover” magazine and EVERY band in “No Depression”, I was becoming increasingly cynical about the value of showbiz and celebrity and even the songwriting itself cause it was all becoming so rat race-y. People I grew up with just wanted to become “popular” and ride that fucking awful, loathsome, fuckedup alternative hoax grunge train no matter where it went-they’d join generic bands with dudes who had nothing to say. Whoever had access to pay to play “popularity”, post Nirvana, all the bands became so contrived and formulaic and insincere and eventually, every band was consolidated into just the fucking Foo Fighters, all that was left of rocknroll on the airwaves was Foo Fighters-the ultimate triumph of goober mediocrity. An emo kid band came out and called themselves Plain White T Shirts. They did a really overtly precious tribute to Westerberg and company, not only were all the middle class college people in the ya’allternative public radio world imitating Westerberg like those Wilco and Uncle Tupelo dudes, but now all these horrible fucking suburbanite emo kids were, too. I made friends with a crazy alcoholic bartender we’ll call A2-he’s dead now, but he used to wear this leather cowboy hat I gave him that made him look like a real pirate, and he had a dart team called the Whiskey Dicks, was something of a pool shark-he was the biggest Replacements fan I ever met, he’d always give me quarters for the jukebox and want me to play “Here Comes A Regular” at the little old man, dirty, dark divebar where we were both artists in residence for a couple of years, in our mid to late twenties. Like 25-27. I sure have missed that guy and most of our common friends who have also long since passed. I say my youth ended in ’95 when my high school friend overdosed like two weeks before he was set to graduate from a prestigious college way out in Seattle, but the next two years after that, I spent it with about seven or eight hard drinking, hard living, extremely soulful, kind, misunderstood, and extremely talented people at a disreputable hoodlum bar in the Midwest, all of us were kindof  haunted and traumatized, embittered and broken hearted but making each other laugh through the tears and even dance in the streets. One by one, they all disappeared from this world but I still write songs about all of them that nobody ever hears. My wife told me the one I wrote a couple weeks ago was not as good as the stuff I used to write about ’em. I guess I never got over it. Any of it. And yeah I used to be better than I am now. Don’t you know who I think I used to be?


Digital Militarization of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations – RAIR – Vigilant Links

Petition update · Julian Assange Files Appeal + The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights met Stella & lawyers” ·


Sorry Slaves, dude in the tall hat and the dress and rhinestone slippers who never holds any of his big cult child abusers accountable and lives in a city of gold is not more important than any truth teller with soul. One thing I always loved about Sinead is how she always insisted we can all sing undermining the whole Simon Cowell proper pitch Olympics. I kinda objected when she eviscerated Aerosmith for goin ‘down in the elevator but free passed Eazy E and Ice Cube, but now I am old, I see where she was coming from. Sinead got me into Public Enemy actually. Kristofferson was one of my favorite lyricists so when he came out onstage to defend her when Dylan failed to, made me like him even more. In the years since they killed Tupac, ya know all we’ve had are these dumb model robots like “Marky” Mark Wahlberg and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus who they pummel into superfame with their bullshit mockingbird media first, and then pay Rolling Stone and Spin wankers to artistically legitimize later. I think they all suck so bad. Man I miss real artists with soul power like Tupac and Sinead an awful lot. I said it before, Fuck Dr. Phil and all assholes like him.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are skyrocketing (

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Fuck Pete Townshend. What a dick. Abbie Hoffman is ten times more rocknroll.

Meet Abbie Hoffman, Iconic Antiwar Activist And Chicago Seven Defendant (

Abbie Hoffman: Leading the 60’s Counter Culture Revolution – Bing video


Man, I miss my old teacher-mentor-filmmaker-girlfriend, Lisa, sometimes. Don’t even know if she is alive or dead, she took me in off the street and protected me and I’m still sorry about the shit I did wrong under her watch. The Lower East Side was still a magical world back then.


We had such a good staff at Tower Records-the mgt. were even decent. I don’t think I could befriend loss prevention people nowadays, but back then, Sam, Mike, Dave and Tim were all goodfella close pals of mine. Old dude Jim M. was a manager, Thom was the indie/import guy. Michael Dow, Noah from New Orleans, Chris who did his big college paper on the NY Dolls. Danielle who used to do my reg shift so I could sneak out the side door to Charlie’s Cheeseburgers. Mark O’Connor, Barrie and Dermot from Ireland. A chick named Erica who bleached my hair Warhol white in my wannabe Jeffrey Lee Pierce phase and sang the fuck outta Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” with a townie band uptown.

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A real cool teacher from Missouri got me into Dramarama who were the best band besides The Replacements in the era we grew up in. My bands were way more glam than Replacements or Dramarama, like we were equally as in to Hanoi Rocks and Generation X as we were these song oriented bands, we wanted to put on a big blinding backlit Rock Show as well as write so many sad slow songs about drinking in small towns, but yeah it was hard to find an audience because we were too sincere and sentimental for the Guns N Roses mobs and too silvery trousered and pink winklepickered for the college peeps. The lady who booked the Middle East at the time, I  don’t think she ever even listened to out tape because we had long black hair she wrote us off as headbangers. I met John Easdale at the Coconut Teaszer when his side project The Bentback Tulips were playing. He was so, so cool. I loved all his lyrics and the highest compliment I ever got from somebody besides Bebe Buell or Phoebe Legere was the underground music journalist who compared one of my shortlived dead end crash and burn bands to Dramarama. When Clem Burke was in the band they probably became the best band in the world and I am glad they are still around.


When Billionaires And The Government Work Together To Control InformationFacebook restricted visibility of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 election after receiving counsel from the FBI, according to Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.“So we took a different path than Twitter,” Zuckerberg said during a Thursday appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. “Basically the background here is the FBI, I think basically came to us — some folks on our team and was like, ‘Hey, um, just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. There was the — we thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. We have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump of — that’s similar to that. So just be vigilant.’”Zuckerberg said a decision was made to restrict that information on Facebook’s multibillion-user platform. He said that unlike Twitter, which banned the sharing of the article entirely, Facebook opted for the somewhat subtler option of censorship by algorithm.”The distribution on Facebook was decreased,” he said, adding when pressed by Rogan that the decreased visibility of the article happened to a “meaningful” extent.As we’ve discussed previously, censorship by algorithm is becoming the preferred censorship method on large Silicon Valley platforms because it can be done to far more people with far less objection than outright de-platforming and bans.BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.— Minds�� (@minds) August 25, 2022In addition to being censored across social media platforms, the Hunter Biden laptop story was first ignored and dismissed by the mainstream news media, then spun as a Russian disinfo operation. Those media outlets eventually came around to admitting that the leaked emails were probably authentic, and Hunter Biden tacitly authenticated them himself when he acknowledged that the information “could” have come from his laptop. Nothing that came from that laptop was anywhere near as scandalous as the unified front presented by the news media and Silicon Valley in reducing the political impact of an October surprise before a presidential election.And now we know that the reason the world’s largest social media platform censored that particular story was because they were cautioned by the FBI against allowing such information to circulate. How many of those other institutions suppressed that news story because they were told to by the FBI or other government agencies? How often are US government agencies involving themselves in the act of censorship? What other information is being suppressed in this or similar ways? What other information will be suppressed in the future?Because of the veils of government and corporate secrecy which obscure our view of the behaviors of power, we don’t get to have answers to these questions. All we get to have is what oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg choose to tell us, in whatever way and to whatever extent they choose to tell us about them.But even what we’ve been told is pretty ugly. A government agency and a social media platform of unprecedented influence teaming up together to silence impactful political speech is censorship by any sane definition. Mainstream liberals can come up with all kinds of arguments for why the continually expanding justifications for online censorship are fine and normal and not really censorship, but are they able to maintain those justifications when government agencies are actively involved? Is it really better when political speech is being censored by a collaboration of government operatives and billionaires than censored directly by the government alone?Thread��Twitter is hiring a TON of FBI agents. Searching employment websites, it is clear Twitter has been extensively recruiting from the FBI, employing a dozen former feds.My new @mintpressnews investigation explores why and what this means for us.— Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) June 21, 2022Alan MacLeod has been putting out a number of reports with Mintpress News documenting the way many veterans from the FBI, CIA, NSA and other government agencies have been recruited to work for tech companies like Google/YouTube, Facebook/Meta, and Twitter. The intimacy with which these government and corporate entities are working together is growing closer and closer, and they’re making less and less effort to conceal it.In a power structure without clear boundaries separating corporations from the government, corporate censorship is state censorship. The mightiest power structure on earth is growing more and more brazen and shameless about this reality.You know you are living in an oligarchy when Mark Zuckerberg has more political influence over your country than any elected official. Democracy is an illusion. Those who live under the US empire are a propagandized and politically impotent population who only think they are free because they’ve been given the illusion of freedom, and less and less effort is being made to sustain that illusion.We are ruled by unelected sociopaths who have no wisdom, no compassion, and no intention of ever relinquishing their rule. This will continue unless and until enough of us wake up to what’s going on to stop them.


“People often ask me where I stand politically. It’s not that I disagree with Bush’s economic policy or his foreign policy, it’s that I believe he was a child of Satan sent here to destroy the planet Earth. Little to the left.”
― Bill Hicks

“They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you’re high, you can do everything you normally do just as well — you just realize that it’s not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.”
― Bill Hicks

People I’ve known in real life have actually told me they now love Lyn fucking Cheney just because she goes on tv and says she dislikes all purpose bad sexist boogeyman Donald J. Trump, like that is some kinda feminist forward leaning position. Still blows my mind how many rich white zipcodes have legalized reefer boutiques just operating out in the open, while other poorer peoples are still in fucking jail or on slippery slope probation or parole for non violent so called drug offenses. I never really liked reefer, personally, but obviously, believe no one ever should have gotten shot by cops in bed, or beaten to death, or mass incarcerated. for smoking a medicinal herb. I’ve been outside trying to cutdown my frontyard desert weeds, post monsoons, before the fanatical gentrification zealot fascist code enforcers show up again in their shiny black, new, tank like vehicles to fine us or whatever. I got blisters on both hands and it feels like I been workin’ on the railroad all the livelong day. I do my work with a very primitive garden tool my ole lady bought at the farmer supply store-we had an actual working and more realistic weed whacker from Wal Mart but it fell apart first time I used it. I know you’re REALLY smart having gone to college. You heard of planned obsolescence. So yeah, my hands hurt, my clothes are wet, I’m ill tempered alot of the time. Arthritis, depression, anxiety, PTSD,bitter about the band stuff, about being banned, but no relief is forthcoming. Burroughs said he had to write his way out of the hole-maybe that’s what I’m trying to do, too, against my better judgement. Man, I miss Bill Hicks, Paul K., Paul Mooney, Tattoo Mark, and Glen Ford. (RIP)

Blondie’s mind-blowing “Against the Odds” box set includes the fan’s Holy Grail of archival songs |

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The Bush-Cheney Cabal – Ralph Nader

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“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly colored, and it’s very loud, and it’s fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, “Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?” And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, “Hey, don’t worry; don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.” And we … kill those people. “Shut him up! I’ve got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.” It’s just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”
― Bill Hicks

Who Killed Michael Hastings? | Civil Liberties Defense Center (

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered? –


Mainstream media really is a fear factory, aint it?! One of my former Facebook friends was a fearless seventy something lady activist from California who died last year, she was a good soul who’d gardened and demonstrated and organized, she endured much in her lifetime including having her kids taken away from her by a richer former spouse, which is something I know about, and I’ll miss that good lady who would always give me courage, spur me onward, advise me, “fuck fear”, that’s how the sick sociopaths at the top of the ivory towers control us serfs and peasants. With fear. Fear they’re not gonna sign your band, or let you work at the record store, or steal your original work, or not let you ever record your original works, or blacklist you from all begrudgingly even desirable jobs, or offer all your girlfriends high paying easy jobs, or use their rich parent’s money to monopolize the Scene or take away your kids, or dispatch oversized, brainless mooks with dumbfuck Lollapalooza tribal tattoos and cargo shorts to pound you into the sidewalk again, or whatever. I’m not sure if it was Burroughs or Thompson who said that paranoia is just knowing a little about what’s really goin’ on. Bravery is doing the next right thing, in spite of your fear. Imagine being Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who saw his cousin put out that magazine, the title of which is said to have dimed his father’s killer. How frightened would you be, if you’d seen your uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews exterminated by shady powers and secret societies? He knew what happened to Paul Wellstone. Bernie Sanders promised to fight for The People, but apparently received the Dick Cheney memo and got in line and endorsed rightwing corporate police state Gropey Joe. Another Facebook friend, Martin Truther, talked about all this stuff before dying when the cops showed up and assassinated him in his home for failing to pay back taxes. I personally got no space in my life for people who cheerlead for the Cheneys or Pompeo or Clinton or Kissinger or Gates or Zuckerberg or Bezos or Musk or Bloomberg or Obamas or Bush family. I can’t even get past the Benie Sanders betrayals. But yeah, the secret police probably threatened him or his loved ones, and Lockheed Martin is the biggest employer in Vermont. I never believed that it was just another oopsy daisy, whoopsie coincidence when JFK Jr. died in a small plane crash so Hillary got to become senator from NY instead of JFK Jr. There are documentaries about it. Look for ’em. Same way Jackie O sought refuge and safehaven with billionaire super yacht owner from Murkkkan deep state, post hit, so did Princess Di, post jockey’s son Harry, post divorce, ya know? 

   Your shitlib friends all say the one and only thing that ever threatened Murkkan “democracy” is Trump lovers convening in the rotunda of the Capital insisting that elections were rigged, when Clinton and Wasserman Schutz had already admitted in court(!!!!) the DNC private services corporation fixed the primaries. The Dems argument was they have a right to fix the primaries, because they are a private corporation. Similar argument shitlibs have been taught to repeat ad nauseum is supposedly, how it’s not censorship, if big tech in bed with the soldout government, buries big stories for big pharma, big oil, the deep state, the DNC, or other power grabbing shock doctrine disaster capitalist billionaires. Everytime someone has a big audience and is critical of the USA, they have an accident-from Hugo Chavez to Gaddafi. Fred Hampton and the Kennedys. Bill Hicks to Seath Rich, they always mysteriously die young. Always an oopsy daisy coincidence, say the shitlibs. A random burglary. Pancreatic cancer. Small plane crash, suicide with two bullets to the back of the head. All these scientists, investigative reporters, almost all the people who made films or who wrote books about 9/11—just youtube that shit, Ferguson and Baltimore uprising activists, vault #7 and drone whistle blowers, Dr. David Kelly said that Iraq had no WMD’s, found dead. Shitlibs think Epstein killed himself and the fact that monarch mind controlled Hinkley, a Bush cousin, is free, is just another whacky, zaney, oopsy daisy coincidence. Um-hummm.

SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTube – © blogfactory

SnowShoeFilms 2009 “Wellstone: They Killed Him” Part 1 of 2 – YouTubeReblogged on

“There are so many things going on re 9/11 that just don’t make sense”.

— Senator Paul Wellstone

“I asked him how his week had been. He said, ‘it’s been tough. Vice President Cheney called me in and told me to get on their bandwagon or there would be serious ramifications in Minnesota. ‘And stop sticking your nose into 9/11; there are some rumors going around, but we are going to get to the bottom of this.’ When Paul made this statement, there were about 10 military veterans standing around us, and he spoke to them about 9/11…’There are so many things going on about 9/11 that just don’t make sense…’ Wellstone knew 9/11 was staged. Wellstone was after 9/11.”

–Pat O’Reilly, Wellstone’s close friend.

Although warned by Dick Cheney to “tow the line”, Senator Paul Wellstone questioned the official version of 9/11. For that he paid with his life. What follows are interviews with eyewitnesses, first responders and friends on his fatal “air crash”…

“The Joint Operations Command (JSOC): It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on.”

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“Here is my final point…About drugs, about alcohol, about pornography…What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, or take into my body as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet? And for those who are having a little moral dilemma in your head about how to answer that question, I’ll answer it for you. NONE of your fucking business. Take that to the bank, cash it, and go fucking on a vacation out of my life.”
― Bill Hicks


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Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century: Thompson, Hunter S.: 8601400093351: Books

Did Hunter S Thompson witness Bush selling cocaine? – Democratic Underground

“Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”
― Bill Hicks\


Jesse Ventura Calls Out Dick Cheney – YouTube

Soul Hangout » Blog Archive Jesse Ventura On The View: “Bush and Cheney Did 9/11!” | Soul Hangout

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Gunfire Dance Limited Bundle LP + T shirt – Easy Action

Bill Hicks – Relentless [1992] – Stand Up Comedy Full Show – video Dailymotion

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Even though top US officials admit that US troops are in Syria for “leverage” (a fancier way of Trump’s admission that US is there to steal oil), US outlets never report that. (-Aaron Mate’)

“Some 40% of Black DC public school students 12-17 will be refused education under this policy, which aims to coerce them into taking an injection that does not prevent viral transmission or infection, and which requires constant boosting. Welcome to actual vaccine apartheid”. (-Max Blumenthal Gray Zone)

DC’s NAACP chapter complains, “Mandatory vaccinations may negatively impact attendance, and attendance impacts school funding, resources and students’ academic success.”

“Billionaire Jared Kushner got PPP loans that were forgiven in full—meanwhile small business owners like Jamie, a Philly bar owner, will be paying off his PPP loan of $32,700 for the next 15 years.” (-Staus Coup News)


By the time I made it out to L.A., glam was kinda dead, except for like the Last Call dregs who lived with strippers and played cattle call concerts at the Coconut Teaszer on like Thursday nights. Those Motley Crue babies were all way more into living out some kinda Tommy Lee party lifestyle than they were into songwriting, which was sorta my thing. My old girlfriend Steffani tried to introduce me to some famous locals and gave me phone numbers for people like Kristy Krash Majors who I had not that much in common with but I thank her for endeavoring to help my search for the right group of players. Another cat she hooked me up with was Alistarr from The Ultras who was dead cool and funny and generous and sweet to me. I was surprised by how open and accessible he was because having herd his Bruce Duff produced EP, I had already sortof put him on a pedestal. I felt like he was far and away the best lyricist in the whole glam scene. He had accomplished what I had set out to do, which was to form a larger than life spacedout seventies glam rock band with the showmanship and panache of old Ziggy Stardust and Alice Cooper but also writing vivid and lyrical SONGS! He was one of the only people I took seriously that I met in my hard times year and a half or whatever starving on the Sunset Strip. I was living on this horrible fortified wine they only sell in black neighborhoods called Cisco-the ingredients are classified as a trade secret. That shit makes people crazy. Alistarr was different from all the Aqua Net blackhairs who lived with my ex girlfriend because he was smart and cool and kind. 

Most of the metal years people were just kindof fucking dumb. Alice was hip to stuff like, the Only Ones. The rest of ’em never got past Poison, Skid Row and the Crue. I liked all that shit when I was like fourteen and even seventeen, but by the time I made it out to California, I was 22 and kinda past “I Want Action” and “Same Old Situation”.

“Biden just authorized a ~$200 B bandaid for the gaping wound of student debt. But every year the president authorizes ~ $ 1 trillion for the bloated military that impoverishes us at home & endangers humanity the world over. The duopoly has plenty of money, just not for us.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Just one of the ways the US security state manipulates domestic politics behind the veil of democracy. Another example: the high election season Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot manufactured by the FBI.”  (-Max Blumenthal)

“Nothing to see here, just a billionaire with a monopoly on information was censoring accurate news stories at the behest of the FBI to favor a political party & outcome.” (-Jimmy Dore)

Minds�� on Twitter: “BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.” / Twitter

“How is this not a huge story?” (-Matt Taiibi)

“Epstein was the mastermind of that Ponzi Scheme and, while Hoffenberg went to prison for that and related financial crimes, Epstein instead got involved with Clinton presidential fundraisers.” (-Whitney Webb)

“I don’t care what shitlibs say. Joe Biden is still a terrible president and a servant of oligarchs.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Still in Syria…. Getting rockets shot at us so Centcom can pull in a war budget, defense contractors can get paid & senior brass can have combat commands. And maybe we can bumble our way into a fight w/Iran/Russia/Turkey/Assad. What a scam.” (-Joe Kent for Wa-3)

“Stop occupying Syria. Stop bombing Syria.” (-Justin Amash)

“New documents show the US & EU plans to plunder Ukraine have been in the works for years. They plan to sell off public infrastructure, destroy worker rights, & secure massive giveaways to billionaires. Much of this has already begun.” (-Lee Camp)

“Ron DeSantis was the lone legal oversight for US Special Ops in Fallujah during the brutal troop surge,  tasked with ensuring “fair & humane treatment of detainees and military compliance with law”—he previously had that same job at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush torture program.” (-The Empire Files)

Intelligence Expert Believes CIA Behind Car Bomb Assassination of Daughter of Alexander Dugin – CovertAction Magazine

“On manufactured “crime surges”: “corporate retailers, police, and PR firms fabricated talking points and fed them to the media… All told, major “index crimes” tracked by the FBI are at nearly forty-year lows” (-Boots Riley) Police Departments Spend Vast Sums of Money Creating “Copaganda” (

The Confluence of Surveillance and Censorship and Violence Against Journalists – The Project Censored Show

Reports on Julian Assange – The Grayzone

NPR Host and NYT Guest Stress That Russia Is Communist While Vilifying Uninformed Republicans – Blog

Filipino Vice-Presidential Candidate Arrested Just Days After Secretary of State Antony Blinken Traveled to the Philippines To Pledge Greater U.S. Military Support – CovertAction Magazine

The Deadly Business of Reporting Truth – Censored Notebook, Dispatches from Project Censored: On Media and Politics

Elite Lapdogs Always Welcome in the Corporate Media – Censored Notebook, Dispatches from Project Censored: On Media and Politics

Howard Zinn Carried Out an Act of Radical Diplomacy in the Middle of the Vietnam War (


      Unless you count, say, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleroes or Hello Disaster, to me, the Last Band that mattered was the Manic Street Preachers. I had a girlfriend who was still in love with me back then who would go to the record store and buy me a stack of English tabloids and music papers, a fiddle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes and bring it all home to me tied up with a purple ribbon. I read all the early hype from UK critics but was pretty skeptical, was not into the idea that the guy who wrote all the good lyrics could not play guitar, so that was already kinda weird, then the singer had that high Freddy Mercury vocal range but was shouting slogans like that first Clash album, spraypainted clothes, ehh. I was still trying to get my own band together in the Generation X/Hanoi Rocks vein, part glam and part punk, and I had been talking to and working with these guys from deep Massachusetts smalltown suburbia hoping they would become our fulltime rhythm section, but the bassists was a lyricist/songwriter and they were a package deal, so they ended up doing a very Manics influenced band with the shorthair and skinny ties and stuff called Bang Bang Satellite while me and my two faithful longhaired guitar cronies from the Midwest in the scarves and black leather pants continued to stockpile originals and have no reliable drummer for years on end. It was those Bang Bang Satellite guys who got me into the Manics. One of their wives published a cool fanzine called “Machine Gun Etiquette” and that gang collectively made me reassess the Manic Street Preachers. I had bought “New Art Riot” from Newbury Comics but dismissed it as Clash copycats. We had songs of our own I figured were every bit as good as “Suicide Alley'”.  “Stay Beautiful” was what won me over, I played those four songs like a million times a day and yeah my old friend, the Famous Rock Critic, is telling the truth when he says I did not keep up with popular music or get into Crystal Pistol or Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rockstars From Mars or Whatever, or Brides Of Destruction or Velvet Revolver. The Last band that Really Mattered to me were the . They wrote about matters of the heart AND social commentary AND fought the empire and the forces of conformity AND wore makeup when they felt like it. They were the People’s Choice, the last real motherfuckers. I love ’em. 


Democrats and Republicans Pretend They Have Massive, Unbridgeable Differences So They Can Unite Seamlessly on War (

US Launches More Airstrikes in Syria, Says Four Killed – News From

Dylan’s ‘Murder Most Foul’ Released on the Eve of Another Corporate Coup | by John Dissed | Medium

How to Tie a Bandana – by Dan Denton (

The US Military’s JROTC Program Is Even Worse Than You Thought (

What Mother Country Radicals Misses About the Weather Underground (

Only Rebels Left Alive (New Music Podcast) (

Roger Waters added to Ukrainian govt-sponsored hit list – The Grayzone

Will the Idea of the ‘West’ Survive the Scourge of the Russia-Ukraine War? (

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (

The ‘Fact-Checking’ Liberal Media – Consortium News

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Don’t Charge Trump With Espionage – Consortium News

Black Agenda Radio August 19, 2022 | Black Agenda Report

The Other Shoe Drops: Blackstone Landlord Halts Home Purchases In 38 Cities As Market Crashes – Activist Post

Alison Morrow Interview with Whitney Webb – “One Nation Under Blackmail” – Activist Post

he Bugs That Keep Me Up at Night: Greenwashing Insects for Food – Activist Post

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Jeffrey Epstein business partner Steven Hoffenberg presumed dead at Connecticut home (

Fauci Not ‘Telling It Like It Is,’ Chair of COVID-19 Commission Tells RFK, Jr. • Children’s Health Defense (

WEF: ‘Solid, Rational Reasons’ to Implant Microchips in Kids • Children’s Health Defense (

“What if I told you that U.S. aggression toward Russia and China is the single biggest threat humanity faces today.” (-Danny Haiphong)

How One Spook-Run London College Department Is Training the World’s Social Media Managers (

Reports on Big Tech – The Grayzone

Reports on Russia – The Grayzone

Ukraine war veterans on how Kiev plundered US aid, wasted soldiers, endangered civilians, and lost the war – The Grayzone

They’re free to keep on killing us, as long as we keep thinking that they couldn’t be that evil (

Google Tests ‘Prebunking’ Strategy to Protect Readers From ‘Misinformation’ • Children’s Health Defense (

Cut your hair in front of businessmen
Kill yourself and censor health

Destroy words and ignore their truth
Wanna die and have never worked

I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling

I can’t feel no need to care
Narcotic of ambition poisoned my air

Wearing hate like they wear money
Sucking down vodka, spitting out Perrier, huh

I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
I feel like falling, feel like falling
In hate

Oh, the road is beautiful
You live stoned in obedience
Your vanity kills people, paint your ego in blood
Oh, the road is beautiful

The wall is a reason for you to believe
Is there too many numbers for us to sleep?
The wall is a reason for you to believe
Because there are too many numbers, numbers, numbers

Oh, the road is beautiful
You live stoned in obedience
Your vanity kills people, paint your ego in blood
Oh, the road is B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L.B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L

(Manic Street Preachers)


Gutter Gospel By General Labor: John Dissed Intw, David Swanson, 80s Music, Rejecting MSM, Gender Is Not Character & Stop Worshipping Bad Rich People, Boiling Frogs, Jill Stein Rocks, Unapologetically Anti-War, Not Following The Mad Herd! Dare To Be Different!


Please watch and share this entire video. It is really great and with very powerful messages from and to the Australian Government. Thankyou Lorese and Co. for organising the event “Converge on Canberra” to Free Julian Assange aand the team at Consortium News for the great Youtube video.

“At a rally before the Parliament building in Canberra on Thursday, Australian politicians decried the British and U.S. governments’ persecution of Australian journalist Julian Assange, the imprisoned publisher of WikiLeaks, and demanded that he be released.

“Watching them so brazenly re-define how they have always used “recession,” and then Paul Krugman adding it doesn’t matter if we’re in one or not (it doesn’t matter for him), all to protect the Biden WH, is a new level of audacity no matter how low your opinion of them already is.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“If someone criticizing the most dangerous agendas of the most powerful and destructive government on earth looks like Russian propaganda or Chinese propaganda to you, it’s because you yourself have been brainwashed by propaganda.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Democrats won’t fight for M4A, Green New Deal, free public higher ed, ending student debt, $15/hr or diplomacy over militarism. They just fight the candidates who do. Tell ’em where to go.” (-Jill Stein)

“Who supports Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan? GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Former GOP House Leader Newt Gingrich. Former Trump CIA Director/Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, also a neocon, There is only one party in the United States: The War Party.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“But, this fight has shown us how much the system is rigged against us. Even though Dems have control of Congress & the White House, fossil fuel companies still hold the pen on writing climate policy.” (-SUNRISE MOVEMENT ON TWITTER)

“Folks, U.S. officials don’t live in the same world with the rest of us. That is why their policies are failing & are doomed to fail going forward as they are now agitating the Chinese. This makes them an existential threat to all of us. In a logic that is consistent & predictable, U.S. authorities are now moving to openly criminalize political speech & association. With the FBI raid of Uhuru movement yesterday Black radicals are now in the cross-hairs of this effort. Never let any representative of any Western govt twist up their mouth to declare solidarity with Dr. King. The West has exposed itself in ways that can never be reversed. As predicted, Black radicals are targeted again for not falling in line with U.S. imperial agenda on Ukraine. The FBI raided headquarters of African Peoples’ Socialist Party in two cities. The allegations? It seems spreading Russian “misinformation.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi has said Medicare for All is a dead policy and she won’t support it. When pressed, Pelosi clarified that the American people won’t need healthcare once she is done sparking a two-front nuclear war with Russia and China.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Imperialist bipartisanship. For democrats if you don’t support war on Russia, you are Russia agent. We are not surprised because both parties are committed to doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” as U.S. national security strategy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“MARION, Illinois — Daniel Hale, dressed in a khaki uniform, his hair cut short and sporting a long, neatly groomed brown beard, is seated behind a plexiglass screen, speaking into a telephone receiver at the federal prison in Marion, Illinois. I hold a receiver on the other side of the plexiglass and listen as he describes his journey from working for the National Security Agency and the Joint Special Operations Task Force at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to becoming federal prisoner 26069-07. 

Hale, a 34-year-old former Air Force signals intelligence analyst, is serving a 45 month prison sentence, following his conviction under the Espionage Act for disclosing classified documents about the U.S. military’s drone assassination program and its high civilian death toll. The documents are believed to be the source material for “The Drone Papers” published by The Intercept,on October 15, 2015. 

These documents revealed that between January 2012 and February 2013, U.S. special operations drone airstrikes killed more than 200 people — of which only 35 were the intended targets. According to the documents, over one five-month period of the operation, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets. The civilian dead, usually innocent bystanders, were routinely classified as “enemies killed in action.”

When those who expose the crimes of the state are criminalized and sent to prison, tyranny is inevitable.” (–Chris Hedges)

“The white left can sit this out believing there might be credibility to these allegations. But as always, we (the Africans) are first & will suffer the most, but unless you completely surrender they will be coming for you. Now is not the time for cowards.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“It’s a continuation of the infringement of free speech and free association as seen most recently with the tech industry crackdown on political speech that is in opposition to the USA government war propaganda. Plus there are plenty articles on FBI targeting of domestic activists.” (-False Prophet-o1 on Twitter)

“To recognize the system is rigged, while confining yourself to the 2 parties of the system, makes continuing betrayal inevitable. Frederick Douglas’ wisdom is as true today as ever. “Power concedes nothing without a demand…” (-Dr. Jill Stein)


Man, I used to love Vanity Fair magazine because I thought Christopher Hitchens was an absolutely crucial writer even though I disagreed with him about war, torture, and atheism. Now my favorite Vanity Fair writer was Dominick Dunne, who someone I really respect by the name of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. despises, they fell out over a Kennedy cousin who was accused of stalking and killing a neighbor and I kinda recognize why both of them saw the story  through the lens they did. Dunne was a celebutante red carpet groupie partyboy, until some evil motherfucker killed his daughter, and then, he became a crime journalist. I grew up reading Dunne and consider him an influence, actually. I knew VF was over, was just ruined, when they started white washing the crimes of the Bush admin and trying to glamourize creepy abuser billionaires. I believe Robert F. Kennedy knows more about the government and media and capitalism and deep state corruption than you and I do,  and I sincerely think the corporate programmed shitlib idea, that books and whistle blowers should be kidnapped, buried, burned, banned or censored, or that dissident jornalists or whistle blowers should be feared, is completely rightwing Hitlerian. You should not talk about any book unless you have read it. Having said that, I really loved DD. His documentary “After The Party” is extremely entertaining.


Listen to This Article: “War with Iran” (

An interview with John Pilger: “Assange is the courageous embodiment of a struggle against the most oppressive forces in our world” – World Socialist Web Site (

PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Imaginary War – Consortium News


Songwriter, singer/guitarist, JFK researcher, revolutionary rabble rouser, human rights activist, insurrectionist podcaster, incendiary truth teller, deep state researcher, radical whistle blower and notable right-on freedom fighter, the courageous composer, essayist, and all around rebel rocker, JOHN DISSED is a powerful provocateur and genuine rocknroll motherfucker whose albums don’t receive enough attention and airplay, because moral courage is in such tragically short supply in this country and many of his ideas are off script, forbidden in the mainstream. He’s a real smart guy so I asked him to answer some interview questions. I encourage you to check out his music and podcasts. If you just wanna hear the reassuring view of Whoppi Goldberg, or Amy Goodman reading her Rockefeller funded Pentagon, neo-con talking points in a kindly ex hippie tone, you know where to find ’em. NAMASTE!

GENERAL LABOR: I guess I just don’t know very much about your background. Where are you from originally, what was it like when you were growing up, how were you first exposed to cool music?  

JOHN DISSED: I grew up in Riverside County, CA in a remote valley that we then called Menifee, but the area didn’t really have a name, I guess. Our address was Sun City, which is a little retirement town five miles away. The elementary school was called Menifee Union Elementary School, where I went to kindergarten. Then my parents moved just outside the district (to a shithole called Quail Valley) and I was bussed to Perris for 1st – 4th grade, which was more diverse, where I was exposed to poor kids of many backgrounds. I remember my friend Ghan from Vietnam taught me how to count to ten in Vietnamese, which I can still do. We moved back to Menifee where I started 5th grade and that’s where I met my friend Rick who turned me onto KISS, Aerosmith, Badco, Zeppelin, etc. From then on, I was obsessed with music. He was in fourth grade and had an older brother who played drums in a band called The Kind and would hang out with those guys on weekends and report back to me and my brother, and bring back tons of riffs like Ziggy Stardust, Breakdown, and Best Friend’s Girl. I wanted to be like Ace and play lead guitar, but my dad made me learn classical, which I am now grateful for. Even then I thought it was cool to play classical because Rick played piano. I used to sit next to him on the piano bench while he practiced Beethoven before we went out to his garage to listen to records and ride our bikes in circles and talk for hours. We did a lot of that. It was the country, we’d set up jumps and crank up a boombox and just take turns jumping with our bikes. We used to love to run and jump off the sides of freshly bulldozed roads on hills. You could just fly off the side of the road like you were jumping off a cliff and land in the soft dirt. We’d do that for hours too. We had an old trampoline set up in the middle of some high brush and we would jump on that thing until it got dark. There were tons of rocks to climb and horse trails to ride our bikes on. Through it all, there was always music playing. My parents didn’t have a TV so I would go to the library and check out books every week during the summer. So, when I wasn’t playing guitar or riding bikes I was reading. 

GENERAL LABOR: I was really charmed by that article you wrote about Randy Rhoades. When I was at rightwing baptist school in deep Appalachia-they really, really, really feared Ozzy, but my first 3 rebellious teen guitarists from my earliest basement bands, Harlot and Teenage Devil Dolls, were all super Randy Rhoades influenced. I don’t know if they’d admit that now. 

JOHN DISSED: Thank you. I didn’t admit it much either, but after many years of thinking my friend Rick was dead from a motorcycle accident, he contacted me, and we started texting about Randy and sending each other links to videos and interviews that would have blown our teenage minds. Randy was the closest thing I had to a hero as a kid. It went far beyond just the music: He had Shaun Cassidy/Mick Ronson looks, and fame, but all he wanted to do was play guitar. He was one of us. He was obsessed with learning and practicing and improving. You can hear clinics and lesson tapes students made, he was a guitar nerd through and through. He loved to teach. He was a man of the people. He was on tour with Ozzy, but he’d do clinics where he’d teach kids all his licks. They would just shout out songs and he’d say, “oh I just do it like this, it’s really simple” and play it for them. He wanted to quit rock ‘n’ roll and get a master’s degree in classical guitar. He was my inspiration to get my master’s in classical guitar, although I never admitted it to anyone until I wrote that Substack article. His death was a dark time for us because we were absolutely obsessed with him at that time. It still angers me when I think about it. He was like a rock ‘n’ roll angel. There aren’t many of those in the world. He inspired me to always strive to be a good person and treat people well. Rick and I started a guitar podcast called Strummertime and we are hoping to record an episode on the Blizzard of Ozz album soon.  

GENERAL LABOR: How did you meet Anthony and have you ever met Jimmy Dore? Don’t you guys go to see him sometimes?  

JOHN DISSED: I was doing a podcast, playing independent rock ‘n’ roll. My favorite band was Cyanide Pills, and I read a cool review of their first album. I liked the politics in the review, so I looked for more by the writer, and I stumbled upon an interview with Anthony of Slow Motorcade. It was at a time when I was discovering JFK truth and was getting close to my idea of a concept album on the topic, so his blending of deep politics with rock/glam/punk was extremely attractive. I contacted Anthony and started to play his stuff on my show. We’re both in L.A. so one day he suggested we hang out. We went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Donovan Leitch at the Roxy and have been friends ever since. 

Anthony turned me on to Jimmy. He had mentioned him a lot, but I didn’t check him out much. I had given up on all my progressive heroes. They all sold out or lost their minds. I missed all the 2016 Bernie fun. I liked that some of my friends were getting activated, but I just didn’t believe he was the real deal, or that the real deal would be allowed to do anything real. But that didn’t stop me from sending him money. When Hillary lost, I was relieved, but depressed over Trump. I talked to Anthony about it that night and he said “you’ve gotta listen to Jimmy Dore, the revolution starts NOW.” So, I did, and was instantly hooked. I remember tweeting at Abby Martin that I loved when she laughed at the MSM, and that we needed to mock them harder and more often. Jimmy was the answer to that prayer. I did meet him the first time I saw him live, in Burbank. It was March of 2017. I didn’t miss very many live shows after that. We all went to about one per month until the Covid lockdowns. Jimmy Dore has sort of replaced Henry Rollins for me. Henry’s interview at the end of One from None was hugely influential in my life. Talking about the machine and unplugging from it. But he’s now an unapologetic Russiagating Democrat. I don’t trust him at all. I have lots of theories about him that I don’t like to talk about because they scare me. I do think he means well, and his influence runs deep within me, but I can’t listen to him talk anymore. I used to travel to see Henry’s spoken word shows. I went to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield. I wouldn’t do that for anyone else. Maybe Jimmy. I met Henry once and he was super cool. I mean no disrespect. 

I met Jimmy another time in Burbank, and once in Hollywood. He’s always cool. I have a photo of him laughing as we’re talking, and I think that says a lot about him. He’s a comedian who isn’t so insecure that he can’t laugh at a civilian’s non-professional attempts at humor. He can relax and hang out. The last time I met him with my girlfriend, he was making fun of my phone and showing us his new iPhone with three cameras he got to use for the show. I love the guy, he’s brave. He’s got what JFK had. He’s not afraid of death. He’s had near death experiences, he lives in pain, he actually lost height when his spine collapsed due to a bone disease. JFK had back pain too, severe. He wore a brace. His favorite poem was called “I Have a Rendezvous with Death”. I worry about Jimmy, I hope that he lives a long, long life. He could stop now and retire. He’s done his part and we should all be grateful for his amazing art. I think he will go down in history as one of our great prophets. Julian Assange as well. 

GENERAL LABOR: what do you do for work and what do you do for recreation? 

JOHN DISSED: I worked as a vault monkey at a shitty postproduction facility out of college. It was my first full time job, and I was treated like shit. They fired me for a mistake they couldn’t prove and tried to take my unemployment. I won the case and after the unemployment ran out, I got this job working for the company who made the software we used in the vault. It was like a different world working there. Not perfect, but it was like night and day compared to that hell hole. That company that fired me is the only company who was so awful to our support team that we cut them off. It made me happy to know they were stuck using an old buggy version forever, or forced to re-invest in something else. I still work for the same company. 

For recreation I read, listen to podcasts, music, watch political and Bitcoin videos, movies, and documentaries. Go to live shows when I can. Movies. Jimmy does his live shows now at a theater eight minutes away from where I live. It’s mostly standup these days so I don’t go too much. He did a game show recently which we caught live, that was amazing. The greatest night out ever was a Progressive Comedy Tour show with Graham, Ron, Steph and Jimmy all doing standup. One of the few perks about L.A. That team is broken up now, it’s sad. Fuckin’ Covid. 

GENERAL LABOR: When did you become interested in modern history and establishment propaganda? When did you first realize the US government was controlling the monopoly-media and lying to us?  

JOHN DISSED: I don’t know what made me not trust the media first. It might be the few times I was mentioned. I played in a classical guitar master class that got press, and I was the only person in the class who didn’t get ripped to shreds, and the L.A. Times made it seem like I got some praise, but then told a lie that I was asked to play the piece again, implying that I was then admonished like the rest of the students, which I wasn’t. That really pissed me off, because it wasn’t true. I nailed my piece and the guy told me I was brilliant. Then the school paper mis-quoted me about that same class which was embarrassing. I played a concert at a Jr. College and their school paper called me a genius. The journalism student who wrote it was very sweet, it wasn’t a big deal. But then the guitar professor from that school panned my classical record in the leading classical guitar periodical and spelled my name wrong. I didn’t even send it to him, or the magazine. He just found it and did that. I feel like the dude was just pissed about the “genius” comment, but of course I can’t prove it. So that taught me a lot. It never surprised me when they lied about anything because they blatantly lied about me for no reason. They have the power to destroy, and they can’t resist it. They went after Sinead, which broke my heart. So even before I was political, I hated mainstream thought, I hated the mob mentality. It was always cruel, stupid and dishonest. Mediocre. I could tell my college political science professor was completely full of shit, and I knew nothing about anything at that time. 

Speaking of college, I need to credit the CSUN conductor David Aks who taught classes in History of Symphony Orchestra and History of Chamber Music. He turned us on to Shostakovich, and he told us about the composer’s memoir, Testimony, that was published after his death in the ‘70s. That book taught me about authoritarianism and its relationship to art. It’s basically the story of the composer’s lifelong mission responding to the cruel Soviet leadership (mostly Stalin) in his music without getting himself killed. He wrote music that the people understood, snubbing the leader while giving the people an excuse to cry. They were afraid to show emotion. They had to whisper under blankets, due the power of Stalin’s surveillance. One poet friend he writes about wrote a poem, gave it to his wife to read, then tore up the paper it was written on and buried it in the forest. Many of his friends were shot. He himself almost didn’t make it. His music was publicly condemned more than once. I always told myself if I ever felt that such corruption was happening in the U.S. that I’d dedicate myself to writing music to fight it. It took me years before I started to see it. Shostakovich is a true hero to the people, and a prime example of how art can save us. The documentary Shostakovich and Stalin tells a lot of the story. 

I think the Anita Hill trial disturbed me, but the 2000 election was my first real lesson in corruption. Before that, I really didn’t pay attention to anything political. Then Afghanistan. My brother turned me on to Chomsky, who said that the Taliban offered to give up OBL if we provided proof of his involvement in 9/11. We responded that we didn’t need to do that and bombed them anyway. Then Iraq. I remember Rollins did an hour of war propaganda on KFI to get us pumped up for the Iraq War. I listened to it parked along the 101 in my car. That’s how big of a Rollins fan I was. I heard he was going to be on the radio, I didn’t have a radio, so I found a nice spot near the beach to park and listen. And he talked about why we needed to take out Saddam. On KFI, which was the same station that had Rush Limbaugh on. It didn’t really hit me then, but wow. Anyway, Iraq was a deeper level of awareness. I remember Saddam was making offers to do what they wanted before we invaded. We were like, nope, it’s too late, you are going to die. 

I watched Bush steal the 2004 election in OH. I had no doubt. They practically announced Kerry the winner, then it flipped. I saw a website flip. (I think it was Slate.) It was a Kerry announcement, not official, but I remember he was getting off a plane, smiling and waving, then I refreshed, and it was “Bush Wins!”. That same week there was a Ukraine election thing that the media was talking about. I wrote to Right, Left and Center asking why they talked about the Ukraine election, but not the U.S. election anomalies. The producer wrote me back and said they don’t report the news, they just comment on headlines, and the Bush/Kerry debacle wasn’t in the headlines. I replied that headlines should also include the independent blogosphere, which was talking about it a lot, and she wrote back that it’s too bad I don’t consider indie media to be the media. She just switched to my argument, nonsensically. I think THAT was when I realized everything was a lie. 

I heard former CIA officer, Ray McGovern talking to Brad Friedman one night on my commute home from work, and this was after Obama had just won. I had supported Edwards. He doesn’t get enough credit for being the first to not take corporate money that I know of. In comparison, Obama was like an MLK impersonator to me. But I did support him, although I voted for Dennis Kucinich. McGovern said that he thought Obama and his CIA head Leon Panetta were “afraid of the CIA”. That blew my mind. I also heard Brad interview Sibel Edmonds. I became obsessed with her Boiling Frogs podcast. I heard Russ Baker on there and read his book. At that point I was awakened to a whole new level of corruption and on my way to writing songs about it. 

GENERAL LABOR: How were you affected by Oliver Stone’s endeavor to shake out the truth about the Kennedy assassination? 

JOHN DISSED: I saw JFK when it came out and it was over my head. It felt like a bunch of theories all bunched together. It is confusing, the whole Garrison trial. But years later I read Russ’s book, and then a ton of others, and watched the movie again and I absolutely love it. I can watch it over and over. Kevin Costner’s performance brings me to tears every time. And Stone’s new doc is amazing. I think I’ve watched it three times. The four-hour version is on iTunes. I bought it and downloaded it. I wish I could get my friends to watch it. That’s why I made my album, to try to turn people on to this story. It’s so deep. It’s so relevant. All the answers we need are there. Not even Jimmy Dore will read about it. He said on his show “I am not going to read a book about JFK”. He’s supporting a third party that isn’t serious. I know because I’ve talked to them. They don’t get it. If we go that route, it’ll be just another decade wasted, ending in heartbreak. The guy I talked to was completely triggered by the fact that I mentioned that Sibel noticed some vague funding language on their website. She leans to the right, so he tried to dismiss her (and my) concerns. The guy ended up talking to one of his superiors about it though and got back to me that the language is there if, for example, one of their supporters wins the lottery and wants to make a large donation. They also leave themselves open to foundation money, which is how the intelligence agencies launder money and support many organizations “under the table”. They are naive. They think that the controlling of the politicians is being done at the party level. That every progressive Democrat is merely a “career climber”. I don’t know where they find evidence of that being the case. Elites in Davos have admitted that they control foreign governments with metadata. How does that mean that our own politicians are exempt? How can you not see that AOC is completely controlled? We can see examples of Obama being controlled. They leaked his itinerary. They let those uninvited visitors crash the state dinner. These are huge on-purpose breaches of security. Obama had to replace the head of his Secret Service. Russ Baker traced the state dinner breach to Robert Gates’ office. Those were clearly warnings. As Russ says, we ignore deep politics at our own peril. Jimmy refusing to read the JFK story is disappointing. I wish I could have a beer with the dude and talk to him. But then again, he goes far enough. Too much truth in his hands could be dangerous. Let someone else bring that message. I have a new song called Wasted Martyrs. It’s not fair to expect someone to give everything of themselves for this. We should all learn and do our part. Be the media. Look at Assange who sacrificed himself for us. And only a tiny percentage of us even care. JFK/RFK/MLK/X and so many other martyred themselves, and we don’t even know the truth about their sacrifices. We don’t teach it to our kids. We just think some insane “lone nuts” targeted them for their egos. I think Jimmy gets it, it’s just too dark and he needs some hope. But that People’s Party needs to toughen up. My bass player, Junior (who I do the Discontented Podcast with) says we need a #ForceTheVote party. The candidates need to be like soldiers. They don’t even need to win, they just need to tell the truth, the deepest and darkest truths about the grip that’s on our country and what we are really up against. We need an army of soldier-candidates flooding local politics and on up. The JFK community doesn’t get it either. They are all Trump deranged. A lost cause. They can’t even apply the information they’ve gathered to modern politics. We need to take their work and do good with it. They don’t know how. 

GENERAL LABOR: What was your involvement with Occupy Wall Street? Weren’t you telling me that big tech was already spying and censoring back then? why do so few seem concerned that the NSA monitors and records their every communication-is that not the exact definition of orwellian dystopia? Then, they removed all the payphones, ya know? TSA gropes your Granny, how come  the woke pinkhat shitlibs are okeydokey with being fondled for freedom fries? 

JOHN DISSED: I followed OWS closely. What you’re referring to is the fact that my brother and I noticed that if we used certain terms in an email, that Yahoo would block the email. Right at the beginning of the movement. It was either OWS or Occupy Wall Street, or something. We tested it, it was eery. But I didn’t have direct involvement. I tried to get someone from the ground in NYC to talk to for my podcast at the time, but they put me in touch with some dude who was going on Fox News. He didn’t want to talk to me. I should look him up, I’m sure he’s now working for the Democratic Party. He blew me off of course. But I was down with Occupy. It showed me the power of a leaderless movement. There was a plan to assassinate their leadership with snipers. We know because the FBI document was released. The FBI knew and didn’t warn them. What saved them was that there were no leaders to assassinate. Anarchy in the USA. 

GENERAL LABOR: Don’t you agree this whole Capital Hill shitshow is just a big staged psy op to incriminate activist groups and outlaw protest and get shitlibs to support superfunding the police state and do you think they are preparing Lyn Cheney to run for future office as a Democrat? 

JOHN DISSED: I wrote a thing about Jan 6 a few days after it happened, and I still believe now what I wrote then. It was like what we did to the Soviets in Afghanistan, or the Russians in Ukraine. The protestors were lured into the Capitol. We stole an election, seems to me. I have no proof, but Biden was not a popular candidate, just like Hillary wasn’t. Then we made it a crime to talk about it, even though we talked about Trump/Putin stealing 2016 for four years straight with no evidence. Then on the day the election was to be certified, we let protestors into the Capitol and branded them as terrorists. Provocateurs even pushed them forward from what I’ve read from witnesses. The proceedings were stopped, taking away the Republicans’ opportunity to contest the election. I watched Barbara Boxer contest 2004, which was a historic event completely blacked out by the media, including Right, Left and Center. Yes, Jan 6 opened up a new era of “domestic terrorism” that can be easily tied to former constitutional attorney Obama’s 2012 infinite detention that allows U.S. citizens to be disappeared indefinitely. Chris Hedges sued Obama over this, and SCOTUS refused to even hear the case. Same thing they pulled with Sibel Edmonds’ case, which would have revealed 9/11 truths.  

I will not be surprised if Tim Kaine and Lyn Cheney run together because the Dems now love Bush/Cheney. Why not? They had the same policies as Obama. But watch for a pivot to the GOP. They can’t have too many years straight of Dem control before it becomes obvious that they are never going to do anything for the people with their power. It’s just a “shitshow” as you say. That’s how we don’t stop believin’. It’s time to make the Democrats the villains again. The Republicans have a great opportunity with Joe’s obvious dementia, these vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and inflation. I also think it’s an opportunity for a real third party fighting medical tyranny. If those people can get together with the #Med4All people, we could really get something done. As more U.S. Americans realize they’ve been poisoned and lied to, that movement will grow. Scary times. 

GENERAL LABOR: What do you think is going to happen now with so many of our fellow citizens being so willingly blind with the whole partisan pingpong shuck n jive? How can we ever get these corrupt corporate tyrants off the thrones and their rotating villain puppets and pinups out of office when the secret police can hack the votes and the media keeps everyone in such a heavily censored and propagandized hypnospell? 

JOHN DISSED: It’s dismal. We just need to keep talking to each other. I can talk to conservatives easily. We bond over hating the Democrats and then I try to warn them of the lies they are being told about open borders and things like that. I don’t know about the border, but I do know that Obama wasn’t called the Deporter in Chief for nothing. And I watched Biden tell a Mexican-American to vote for Trump when he expressed concerns. I wish Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson would tell the whole truth. I wish someone with some facts would debate them and pin them down on the party propaganda. The conversations always get a bit wacky.  

Did you see Megan Kelly interview RFK Jr.? That was fucking beautiful. His book is a must-read. I think it’s the Achilles Heel. The vulnerability spot in the Death Star. I think the Alec Baldwin thing was a warning to RFK not to put out his book. He had just recently done an interview with Alec, and they are known to be friends. 

GENERAL LABOR: So we are kindof already in world war 3 with Nato expanding on Russia’s frontporch and our government and media manufacturing consent for wars with China and Iran, why is there no significant peace movement anymore? I mean i know it has something to do with Obama and the Squad and middle class people just staying in some kinda regressed celebrity Teenbeat fan culture. Why don’t people care that our government mass murders so many people in these shameful wars based on lies, resulting in so many veteran suicides? 

JOHN DISSED: I sure don’t have the answer to that, but I do know that we love war. We love authoritarianism. I read a book about Skull and Bones and one of the main agendas of that organization is to get us to worship the State. It’s deeply embedded in our culture. That’s why even the left only considers options like Communism. What attracts me to Bitcoin is the idea of making the state irrelevant. I think there is a chance that it will fix everything, just by being perfect money. It would happen slowly over time, probably not in our lifetime. But it gives me some hope.  

When Iraq happened my friend had a friend who had to go, and he talked to me about it. He went on a long rant about how his friend had to go and die in this war based on lies. It was a beautiful rant and I have to say that it moved me deeply. I really relate to David Swanson. But I send his stuff to friends, and he offends them. They must feel triggered because war fever is so embedded in their psyches. 

We took war off the TV. We made it illegal to show the coffins coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I volunteered a couple times at Arlington West where every weekend they put out a cross for every dead soldier killed in those wars on the beach in Santa Monica. (They’ve since moved it.) I remember a lady walking up to me and asking what the crosses were for. I told her and she asked, “What war”? If we showed Obama’s double-taps on weddings and funerals, and what we put our own kids through when we put “boots on the ground”, we’d have an anti-war movement like we did in the ’60s when we had Vietnam on TV. I mean, we don’t have a draft which is also part of the problem, so it may not be just like the 60s. Instead, we just get Joy and Whoopie talking about how brave the troops are fighting for democracy, what should we expect?  

Jimmy Dore talked about how The View is called “the” view because it’s “the view”. All the ladies have the same stupid opinion, and it’s handed to them by the powers that be. They are giving us “the view’ every morning. It was just a joke in passing but it hit home for me. That’s what our media and education system do. They give us “the view” with tiny deviations here and there.  

The propaganda is so thick. People on the pseudo left think they are doing their part by hating Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan. #ForceTheVote revealed a lot to us about what many thought was the actual left, and so does this vaccine mandate thing. I knew long ago that most progressives are full of shit. The JFK community is full of shit. People are just in it for their egos. They won’t talk to me. They hate anyone trying to do anything. They want to shine. They hate Jimmy for his success and the adoration he gets from his viewers. He’s the Howard Stern of progressive independent media. His success comes from having the intelligence to see the truth and the balls to tell it. He’s interesting, too. That’s just a gift he has, a lot like Howard. He’s not afraid to be hated. He’s stared deep into the abyss and he’s not afraid. These motherfuckers are lightweights. I’ve dealt with a few of them. The last thing on their minds are kids dying from our bombs or the Trump/Biden vaccine. They are careerists, and some of course are paid to lie. The truth is in smaller media. Substack. Read those comments, those people are the brightest bulbs in the world. Just everyday people who are reading, paying attention, connecting dots. It makes me proud. Those of us learning this stuff need to talk to our friends, spread the truths we learn and teach each other. Learn from each other. 

Howard Stern used to talk about a doctor named John Sarno. He learned how to heal pain with the mind. I read his book and I healed some excruciating back pain in a single night. The pain is caused by the brain creating mild oxygen deprivation in muscles to create a diversion from repressed anger, stress or emotional pain. The cure is to tell your brain that you know what it’s doing, and that it’s just creating more problems. So, the pain goes away. Understanding the problem fixes the problem. Howard healed his OCD in one night using Sarno’s technique. We need to understand our world, who the real enemies are. Teach each other. Learn from each other. And the problems will melt away. So, talk to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, and be patient. Guide them toward the truth. It’s all you can really do, and I do believe we are well on our way to reaching the level of understanding necessary to create change. 

Whitney Webb, my favorite journalist, is now featured on a Hulu documentary about Victoria’s Secret and Jeffery Epstein. This was deep stuff a couple years ago. Now it’s in the mainstream. Everyone knows about the Great Reset. That was conspiracy theory just recently. I think this is remarkably hopeful. 

GENERAL LABOR: How about Vanguard and Gates and Blackrock buying up all the farmland and rental properties-how are poor people going to stay housed and fed? 

JOHN DISSED: Terrifying. I think the homeless problem is a direct reflection of our lack of morality in this country. Even more than the wars. It’s right in our neighborhoods. Think about all the virtue signaling about Trump and trans rights while at the same time the woke culture says never a word about the fact that there are people sleeping under every bridge in every U.S. city. This stuff falls into the same category as the mandates. Progressives aren’t particularly concerned. And I must say that the mandate people aren’t concerned with the homeless problem either. Not from a perspective of compassion anyway. I just read this morning a Robert Malone article where he printed a quote from someone saying that one reason CA is bad is that people were “free” to be homeless. Like it’s just a bunch of hippies partying in the streets for fun. I love that guy but he’s so misled in some ways it scares me. And he’s going to support Republicans, and they could achieve power and betray him and the medical freedom movement just like Obama betrayed the progressives. Another wasted opportunity for change. 

Did you hear what Obama said about why he betrayed the progressives? This comes from Ray McGovern too: Obama was having dinner with some of his progressive activist friends, and they asked why he betrayed their agenda, and he said something to the effect of “don’t you know what happened to Dr. King?” But I digress… 

GENERAL LABOR: Please tell me something about each of your records. 

JOHN DISSED: My first record worth mentioning is only available from me at live shows, but I am posting a lyric video from one song soon, so it’s sort of being revived a bit in my tiny world. It’s called The Shooter EP, and it has two political songs on it. At the time, I had an opportunity to work with a producer and I had three songs lying around, so I used them. The fact that they don’t go together was problematic. I realized I wished I had done three political songs. From that point on, I’ve stuck to politics. It just feels right. Caterpillar is inspired by two cases where Israeli military murdered U.S. activists. They were Rachel Corrie and a teenager named Furkan Doğan, who was aboard the second Freedom Flotilla and shot five times, once in the face, and once at point blank range. The other is a tribute to Sibel Edmonds, who changed my life with her book and podcasts. 

Next came Red Flag in 2012. That was basically my response to the Bush years and the beginning of Obama. Songs about empire, war, rendition, and austerity. I have a song on there about the 9/11 jumpers inspired by Chris Hedges. No one ever talks about them, so I wrote a song. Red Flag is a full album, with a band, produced by me. Steve Postell taught me how when we made the Shooter EP. And my friend Tom had befriended one of our heroes, Mixerman, and actually was living with him working on a script. Mixerman had done an online journal about being hired to produce a mainstream rock record in 2002 or so, and it was amazing. My friend and I were hooked on the story. He was a controversial figure on the audio message boards, but I could tell from much of what he said in his diary that he had original ideas and was a master at his craft. I asked Tom to ask Mixerman if he’d mix my record, and he said yes. That was a lucky break for me, meeting Mixerman. It’s super fun to work with him. The album is a bit more Stonesy than what I’m doing now. 

Lastly is American University, which is my JFK concept album. It took me five years. No researcher would ever endorse it, because I read a ton of books and all the researchers hate each other. You have to just take it all in and make your own conclusions. I do have original ideas, but it’s all based on research, and I know that a lot can never be proven. I have no idea how the album comes off, but I feel like it’s a primer, and if you go to my website, you can see the list of books that informed the songs. Lyrically inspired by Slow Motorcade, Stiv Bators and The Wanderers, Queensryche‘s Operation Mindcrime, and probably Pink Floyd a bit. Musically, KISS, UFO, Ramones, AC/DC, Nirvana. I think the story is a modern romantic Shakespearean tragedy, and everyone should learn about it. Also mixed by Mixerman. 

I think independent music is important, which is why I started a podcast playing independent rock ‘n’ roll 13 years ago. It didn’t catch on. People get that journalism needs to be independent. But for some reason they think rock ‘n’ roll needs to be corporate funded. Jimmy Dore was just ranting about this the other day, about how rock ‘n’ roll isn’t rock ‘n’ roll because of everyone selling out to the woke agenda. Yeah, but so does CNN, dude. Corporate rock was dead when it became corporate. We don’t need them to make great sounding records anymore. So why even bring it up?  

My next album is all about the control of our culture. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years. Nothing you see is what you think it is. This is all a show. Manufactured reality. What was so great about the rockers Jimmy thinks are rebels? They sang about their dicks and all the underage groupies they fucked. About how they fell in love with groupies who broke their hearts. About life on the road. Partying. Maybe early Dylan and Lennon. We can see what happened to Lennon. And it’s pretty obvious Dylan backed off after the JFK assassination. It was cool seeing he paid attention though. Murder Most Foul was kind of gratifying to me, it gave me a sense of validation after the total rejection of American University.  

I have a new band with an incredible Cuban-American rhythm section and I’m super excited about this next album. 

GENERAL LABOR: where can people hear your podcasts and buy your merch? 

JOHN DISSED: I don’t have merch but I do have podcasts and music and a few videos. You can get to everything from I’m on twitter but I’m trying to get kicked off so I can start building something new on a platform that doesn’t censor. The only good thing about twitter is that you can fuck with the woke people. If we move to other platforms, we’ll just be preaching to the choir and that’s not necessarily what we need to be doing.  

Thanks for asking, and for featuring me. Your work is always great and meeting you and Anthony has inspired me to no end. I don’t know if there’s anyone else out there like us, but I’m mostly grateful to having learned about Stiv from you guys. I loved The Lords in college but had no idea about Stiv’s politics and lyrics. He was a soldier for the truth, and so are you and so is Anthony. Thank you for everything you do and for your support and friendship.

David Swanson – War Is A Crime

“US is speculating that Russia killed Ukrainian POWs & then staged a scene to frame Ukraine. When similar allegations are lodged against insurgents in Syria — except with overwhelming evidence (see OPCW leaks) — that gets dismissed as “atrocity denial” &”conspiracy theories.” Also worth nothing that the allegation that Russia, not Ukraine, bombed a Russian prison of high-value Ukrainian Azov Nazi POWs is great timing for the current bipartisan push to label Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Fascist Fox News host shows the Neo-McCarthyite tactics of the authoritarian US regime: If you don’t support war with China, you’re going to be labeled a secret Chinese agent” (-Benjamin Norton)

“I’ve had a hard time writing of late and didn’t know why. Then I was reminded of the one year anniversary of Glen Ford’s death and put and two together. Glen Ford was an irreplaceable revolutionary journalist. And I miss him greatly.” (Danny Haiphong)

“Wow. Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise allegedly ran over an UberEats deliverer with her car and then took off. She was not made to take a breathalyzer or drug test. She is refusing to resign.” (-Zellie)

“So how did these corporations get so powerful & how do we fight back? 1) They consolidated their power to the point where most industries are now controlled by a handful of monopolies. 2) They bought off our politicians & both capitalist parties to rig the laws in their favor.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Democracy Now is where you can watch a hippy read MSNBC transcripts.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“12 years to the day since the publication of Afghan War Diaries, here is Julian Assange speaking in 2011: “The goal is an endless war, not a successful war” #FreeAssangeNOW” (-Wikileaks)

“No Australian citizen should face over a century in jail for the crime of telling the truth” Senator


#FreeAssangeBig protest for Assange being censored by Youtube today but tell me how we live in a free democracy and have representation again. You booj pig sons a bitches.

Consortium News on Twitter: “Debut of new song in tribute to #JulianAssange, @xychelsea and Aaron Swartz.” / Twitter

Price Gouging at the Pump Results in 235% Profit Jump for Big Oil: Analysis (

Since it’s probably just you and me here, I’m gonna be honest and tell ya, man, I think it’s pretty fuckin’ depressing, the way this world is goin’. A handful of sociopaths, billionaires, secret societiy douchelords at the top-people like that king of Saudi Arabia and Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos-those kinda dudes are fuckin’ robbin’ all us poor people of any kinda quality of life, keep starting wars for resources and control of everything and everyone, and that batshit Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger devil’s chessboard bullshit. Meanwhile, what few people still have any surplus or influence in this society just keep goose stepping in lockstep formation behind these tech monopoly fascists, endlessly repeating their advertising buzzword mantras, don’t even ask no questions no more. I’m thankful for comedian Lee Camp, and comedian Jimmy Dore, and antiwar activist David Swanson, and heroic and courageous Doctor JILL STEIN, cause most of my former peers who are all so proud and confident of how “educated” they are have never even fucking hard of motherfucking Black Rock, ya know? All they know is what Whoopie Goldberg and Rachel Maddow tell ’em. Ya know that dude John McAfee had a whole tattoo on his arm that said, “whacked”? He was one of the many who have made public comments when they said they were not suicidal and if they were found suicided, it was a hit. How often does that shit happen? Michael Hastings told people he was working on a big story and was concerned somebody was following him and messing with his car. When his car lost contol and burst into flames incinerating the Rolling Stone journalist who had embarrassed Hillary and several high ranking generals, many knew it was a hit. The Young Turks even did shows about it, but that was before they took big millions from an HRC megadonor and started reading the official script from the teleprompter. WIKILEAKS Vault 7 proved the deep state have tech to kill people who drive newer cars by remote control-they just threw the book at the guy who leaked that story. Same with Daniel Hale. College people always dismiss Sibel Edminds, Colleen Rowley, Ray McGovern, Naomi Wolf and Col. Ann Wright as “conspiracy theorists”, but seem themselves and like, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher as “critical thinkers”. Anybody who strays from preferred rich people and deep state narratives is automatically branded some heretic or crackpot by the Microsoft robots. I’m just nobody, but for the record, If anything happens to me you know it’s some bullshit. I’m still trying to do shit. Make records, reconvene with lost loved ones, stir some people to conscious action for peace and human rights. You dig? Don’t believe the HONKY DEATH MACHINE!

Anti-War Voices Warn Against ‘Insanely Provocative’ Pelosi Visit to Taiwan (

China Is Issuing The Same “Red Line” Warnings About Taiwan That Russia Issued About Ukraine | ZeroHedge

The Shadow Bank That Owns The World (

Cognitive Warfare: Israel Targets Journalists Who Threaten Its Reality-Creation Tactics (

Jill Stein: “I am the only candidate that is not controlled by predatory banks” BBC News – YouTube

“The David Lee Roth track is fire, I’m so glad Dramarama is still churning. Dave’s new tune or new to me at least is a strangely reminiscent of some of your more recent Musings. The Dramarama is, well, Dramarama, took me back to better times in the basement on Pleasant Street.” (-Nasty Bastard)

MoA – What Presidents Say Does Not Matter. It Is The Execution Of Policies That Counts. (


I do my best to avoid all the drug crazies-you can usually see ’em coming-or hear ’em, cause they all seem to have car stereos that are more valuable than the cars. I can usually spot ’em walking from a couple blocks away. They all seem to have that desperate forward leaning druggy gait if they’re on the speed, or the slow zombie lumbering “Thriller” dance like walk, if they’re on the other shit that’s out there nowadays, I dunno that much about it, but you can feel the whiteboy jailbird predator vibes rolling off all these cars with two bald males in the front seat, driving in slow circles. It is a tough hustle trying to get money in a dead end desert ghost town in the middle of an intense heat wave and hardcore recession with all the capitalist price gouging, post Covid. People are getting more desperate down there by the dollar store which is like the main drug hub where people panhandle. Low income housing neighborhood with all the shifty people in the ghettofied park. I was out there looking for something to generate revenue myself this morning. Looking for something to resell online, doing the hard hustle, trying to turn a nickel into a dollar today, but things aint nothing like they used to be. I never seen so many “Sorry We’re Closed” signs anywhere, and all the people I used to know just act like this shit is acceptable, the new normal, cause tv says, ‘blah blah blah…Moneypox…blah blah blah Bitcoin…blah blah blah billions for Ukraine…blah blah blah blame Russia and let’s also have war with Iran and China…Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, trump, Trump, Trump, blah blah blah, own nothing and be happy…blah blah blah, diversity and science.” I felt almost bad for the missing teeth meth lady who came outta one of the alleys and complimented my kid’s drenched in dad sweat $7 from Wal-Mart KISS t shirt. I thought that was suspicious, naturally, she asked me if I had a couple dollars to give away so she could get a pack of smokes, well, the hard fact is a pack of smokes is at least ten bucks now, and if I had ten bucks, I’d be trying to find  a way to turn it into fifty, so I could buy a birthday present for a loved one. Right now, I gotta worry about this upcoming electric fucking bill that’s gonna be a mean motherfucker. Can you imagine being one of those fake bumper sticker shitlibs, self described academics, ex punks, celebrity class entertainers, “woke journalists”, teachers, boomers ee no evil tv believers, or media broadcasters who refused to stand up for Julian Assange? People are too cowardly to even say they are anti-war nowadays, because the tv programming is so powerful, they are afraid their peers in the cubicles will get mad at ’em for not reposting the Ukraine flag today and demanding more billions to warp speed some Monkeypox boosters to all those poor war babies on the frontlines in the Ukraine. Oh man, it is HOT here in the desert, had a hard time sleeping here last night, kept waking up hot. Most mornings, my body moves itself almost instinctively outta this dumb chair and away from the corporate propagandizing hypnoscreens and puts me outdoors on the mountain trail to listen to a symphony of birds and get some sunshine and fresh air, but when it’s this hot with the swamp cooler running indoors, it’s too hot for a walk. I’m sick of sunburn-my kid comes up and hugs me and ooh ya don’t want nobody squeezing your sunburnt flesh. I’m trying desperately, nervously, prayerfully, to sell some rare mint condition collector object online cause a family member’s birthday is coming right up and the electricity bill with the cold air running all the time, is gonna be a hardship for my family. Biden’s inflation, which is really just the Wall Street Walton family gouging us poors some more, because they can, makes it real hard to pay for anything but the most basic essentials. We used to get about three or four times more groceries for what we’ve been paying since Nato launched the provocation with Russia, requiring them to gift this celebrity magazine coverboy showboat Zelensky with another 80 billion for weapons every few days that will all end up on the black market, they just want permanent wars over there, to Balkanize the Russian territory and bleed alla Russia’s, and next stop, China’s resources, for their big imperialist new world order Gates Reset plans. Anybody who opposes full spectrum dominance and endless wars and nonstop billionaire surveillance techlord and secret police censorship is being branded a commie or Russian sympathizer by this bigass overfunded bureaucratic juggernaut bipartisan war machine. No politicians have stood up and said maybe we can negotiate a peace settlement because none of their significant donors, the private contractor proxy armies and weapon manufacturers, big pharma, and big oil, want peace. That’s how you know they are not real  liberals or progressives, they are just corporate shills and popularity puppets. Stop worrying about your teen magazine favorite politician’s feelings and start worrying about the future of the planet. 

I’m seeing cockroaches and scary hairy spiders around my place, it is summertime in the desert, but I am not a big fan of bugs. I’m outta  drinking water again. We used to buy these three dollar generic 12 packs of carbonated water that went up to $6 under Covid but they quit selling them and the dickhead grocer acted personally offended when I inquired about them ever returning to the shelf. “It’s the price of aluminum because of Putin! And supply chain issues! I don’t know! I can’t get them, anymore!” Dumb people buy in to any media script so the social engineers and spooks on social media really don’t even have to try that hard anymore. Murkkkan tv obeyers are happy to thrust the blame for Murkkka’s oligarch’s criminal enterprises, money laundering and merciless greedhead behaviors on any random foreigner. Putin, Gaddafi, Bin ladin, it’s all Hussein to them. Just don’t say THE SQUAD SHOULD BE FIGHTING FOR POOR PEOPLE, that’ll piss off some motherfuckin’ Amazon ordering Netflix watchers. All the booj mimosa sippers stay behind their big walls and only come out behind the wheels of their gigantic gas guzzling, tank like big vehicles, ya know? These MSNBC watchers they all insist the town’s just getting so HIP and TRENDY. They think it’s “gentrifying” and they are all gonna “GET RICH OVERNIGHT!” with their maxed out already investment property, but truthfully, the place died when they did the shutdowns and it aint gonna make no big comebacks just cause there’s four rich people saying it over and over, how it’s gonna be a “tourist destination”. Those ten airbandb owners are fuckin’ dreaming, just kidding themselves. Five fake business owners on the strip are only even open maybe, what, twelve hours a week? Even if some real creepy mansion builder can successfully sic city hall and their entire code enforcement apparatus and police force on a couple of hoarder old man cowboys for having too much junk in their yard, that don’t mean anymore rich people from outta state, that oft dreamt about, “Big California Tech Money” will ever ever wanna congregate in the crazy 106 degree heat and get followed around by Breaking Bad Slim Shadies with broken out back windshields. Nope, the place is dead as hell, it’s ghettofying more everyday, as all the loony drug people keep coming over the hill from the crime ridden nearby town to look for customers, suckers, weaker people to shakedown or extort from, old folks to potentially rob, any kinda easy prey. I’ve lived in bad places all my life and just in the past couple of weeks, I’m seeing and feeling the escalating tension out there. When the locals start kinda getting real animal like. Everybody’s hunting. Not just hurting, but HUNTING, with an “n”. I feel it especially at dusk. Freaks come out at night, hut hut hut. It’s hot outside and my wife got me a sonic gizmo that promises to deter leashless dogs, thusfar I’m seeing mixed results from it. Nothing deters mentally ill old geezers in the middle of these manic meltdowns. Mental illness is sad to behold, especially when all middle class folks have been tv trained to believe there are some kind of still existing social safety nets. All NPR listeners seem to yap on about the imaginary “services” they imagine all us unsightly poors are enjoying. Fox watchers and obnoxious Ann Coulter types still moan about those $600 checks some people got and refer to creepy Crimebill Gropey Joe the bankster servant as a (cough, cough, snort guffaw) “radical leftist” cause their fake ass culture wars fictions. AS IF he aint been voting with the Republikkkans for fifty years, mass incarcerating seven times the immigrants Trumop was at the border and superfunding cops, starting wars, and appointing rightwing judges. Come ON, man. Sometimes, I wanna shake ’em but they will never wake up until the hard times evictions, layoffs, sudden deaths or extreme health problems affect them personally. Or MAYBE if it happens to someone they love, but even then, they tend to just parrot catch phrases from television commercials. Ask your doctor if sudden death is right for you. Some side effects may include…


In my book, the self titled Concrete Blonde record is one of the most perfect albums I ever heard. I love every song on it. They were so good. Everything I want from a band, poetry, punk, and soul. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. I’m 52 and still trying to put together my own band like that. Johnette is so talented, compassionate, heartfelt, I always vibed with her songs. I don’t know what she’s like anymore, fame kinda seems to have it’s way with people but I will always be grateful for her musical contributions that enhanced my travels and experience here. I think she may have dropped out of the ratrace and moved to the desert to be a happy hermit like me.


One of the last concerts I saw was L.A. Guns about 13 years ago. Tracii Guns was not in the band-just Riley and Lewis and various blackhaired sidemen. They were good. Phil was sortof borrowing heavily from the Zodiac Mindwarp bag of tricks. I liked Faster Pussycat as a kid, not as much as I liked the Joneses but I liked em when it was the original lineup or semi original couple of lineups. I never understood how guys as famous as Mark Michaels and Zowie Ackerman can just disappear off the face of the earth like Richie James Edwards, no body, no death certificate, just nothing? So yeah I’m seein’ all the same footage from the current metal tours online as everybody else. makes me feel better about my own old man singing/dancing/stamina and energy level. In a certain mood, I can listen to Cinderella‘s “Gypsy Road” over and over, but after about oh, maybe five songs, all these screechy metal guy voices start wearing on my nerves, honestly. I used to be like on nodding terms with him back in NYC and my friend Ratboy knew him and we’d pass him sometimes in his velvet newboy cap, but really I only properly met and conversed with Danny Nordahl once and we got along like a house on fire. He was even helping to hide me out from nazi skinheads at the NY Loose and Rev. Horton Heat show my ole pal Katie’s brother took me to. He’s a fantastic person, in my book. I’ve fallen into the drums a time or two myself. God bless him! I love that dude!

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If you know me, you know that growing up in the 80’s a lot of my only friends were early rap enthusiasts. Yep, we just called it rap, back then, but my homies had the two turntables and the shelves of 12 inch records-some were “mixologists”, some were MC’s, my buddy Wuzzy had a breakdance troupe-the Jammasterz! They used to let me carry the boombox and big piece of cardboard around, but I turned out a punk.

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A federal district court in California on Friday denied Google’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the Silicon Valley giant is violating federal antitrust laws by preventing fair competition against its YouTube video platform. The lawsuit against the search engine giant, which has owned YouTube since its 2006 purchase for $1.65 billion, was brought in early 2021 by Rumble, the free speech competitor to YouTube. Its central claim is that Google’s abuse of its monopolistic stranglehold on search engines to destroy all competitors to its various other platforms is illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, which makes it unlawful to “monopolize, or attempt to monopolize…any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations.”

It is rare for antitrust suits against the four Big Tech corporate giants (Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon) to avoid early motions to dismiss. Friday’s decision against Google ensures that the suit now proceeds to the discovery stage, where Rumble will have the right to obtain from Google a broad and sweeping range of information about its practices, including internal documents on Google’s algorithmic manipulation of its search engine and the onerous requirements it imposes on companies dependent upon its infrastructure to all but force customers to use YouTube.

Founded in 2013, Rumble began experiencing explosive growth in the run-up to the 2020 election. Americans were encountering escalating and aggressive Big Tech censorship of political content as the election approached. Conservative politicians, followed by a wide range of heterodox voices on the right and left, began migrating by the millions away from Google’s YouTube to Rumble, which has promised and thus provided far more permissive free speech rights. That was at the time when Google and other Big Tech platforms — at the urging of the Democratic-controlled Congress, began aggressively increasing its censorship of political video content on YouTube on the grounds of “disinformation” and “hate speech.”

The explosive user growth which Rumble enjoyed in 2020 has continued to rapidly increase, as Big Tech generally, and Google specifically, clamped down further on dissident views in the name of the COVID pandemic, and now even more so with respect to the US/NATO role in the war in Ukraine. More and more prominent politicians, journalists and commentators, along with smaller content creators, have either been banned by YouTube or left on their own accord to join Rumble as Google’s crackdown on free speech intensifies. The ability to speak more freely on Rumble regarding the most contentious political debates has become one of the key drivers of the exodus of users — both those with large public platforms and ordinary citizens alike — from YouTube to Rumble.

During the COVID pandemic, Rumble allowed far greater questioning of the claims and policies of U.S. health policy official Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization — regarding the virus’s origins, the efficacy of masks, and the justifiability of vaccine mandates — than Big Tech platforms permitted. For the first year of the pandemic, Big Tech users who questioned or rejected the official story that COVID-19 was zoonotic rather than due to a lab leak in Wuhan were silenced or banned: a censorship policy that was reversed only when the Biden administration itself admitted that it did not know the answer to that question and would officially investigate it.

Similarly, Americans who were stifled or outright barred by Big Tech from citing pre-election revelations about Joe Biden from the archive of his son obtained by The New York Post found a place, on Rumble, where they could openly reference and discuss them. And Rumble has aggressively resisted pressure campaigns from the U.S. government and corporate media outlets and outright legal bans enacted by the EU requiring all platforms to cease allowing “pro-Russian” news outlets such as RT and Sputnik to be heard.

Rumble’s user growth, driven overwhelmingly by growing anger toward Big Tech censorship and de-platforming, has continued to swell this year. As Investor Place’s Ian Cooper wrote in April, “its user base hit a new record of 41 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2022. That is 22% growth quarter-over-quarter.” Moreover, “Rumble is setting user engagement records. In the first quarter of 2022, Rumble users watched about 10.5 billion minutes per month.”

As discussed on this page and as was reported by The Washington Post, I was one of a group of nine journalists and commentators, along with former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), to make Rumble my primary home for video journalism in mid-2021 based on support for its free speech principles and the need for alternatives to centralized Big Tech repression. Though the purpose of that Post article was to predictably malign Rumble as a cesspool of hate speech and disinformation — relying on and extensively quoting a “disinformation” expert who happens to partner with U.S. and British intelligence agencies and Big Tech platforms such as Google and Facebook — The Post was forced to acknowledge how significant Rumble’s growth has been (and since that August, 2021 Post article, the growth has increased further):

Rumble has grown from 1 million active users last summer to roughly 30 million, said the site’s chief executive Chris Pavlovski, a Canadian tech entrepreneur who worked a brief internship at Microsoft and founded a viral-joke website before launching Rumble in 2013. And its traffic has exploded: According to data shared with The Washington Post by the analytics firm Similarweb, visits in the United Statesto the site grew from about 200,000 in the last week of July 2020 to nearly 19 million last week — a 9,000 percent increase.

Though Rumble’s audience size is still significantly smaller than YouTube’s, the threat posed by Rumble to YouTube is real. Rumble’s imminent merger with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) CF Acquisition Corp. VI will effectively make Rumble a public company and is likely to arm it with far greater capital to compete even more robustly with YouTube.

But the major obstacle to competing with Big Tech giants generally, and Google specifically, is that these companies have acquired such extreme market dominance in so many key areas of the internet that they abuse that power to prevent competition and crush any competitors who pose a challenge. That these four Big Tech giants are classic monopolies in violation of the antitrust law was the emphatic conclusion of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law’s comprehensive 2020 report, a conclusion that now has ample support from leading members of both parties.

The lawsuit brought by Rumble against Google is designed to ensure free and fair competition, so that the public is not effectively forced to use YouTube but can instead fairly choose among Google’s competitors as well. The primary allegation is that Google abuses its power as the dominant search engine and destroys free competition for online video platforms by manipulating its algorithms to prevent YouTube’s competitors, including Rumble, from being found by the public.

Attempts to find Rumble videos through Google searches are purposely thwarted by burying Rumble’s videos and instead redirecting the user to YouTube, the lawsuit alleges. Google’s “chokehold on search is impenetrable, and that chokehold allows it to continue unfairly and unlawfully to self-preference YouTube over its rivals, including Rumble, and to monopolize the online video platform market.” I often am unable to find my own videos using Google’s search engines even when I recall the title of the video more or less perfectly, and have frequently heard the same complaint from viewers.

Further illegal monopolistic acts alleged by the complaint include Google’s manufacturing of its Android phones with a pre-installed YouTube app as the default video setting, and imposing agreements on other Android-based mobile smart device manufacturers to pre-install YouTube, place it in the most prominent position, and prevent users from deleting it. The court summarized the alleged anti-competitive results of Google’s behavior this way (citations omitted):

[Google] “requires Android device manufacturers that want to preinstall certain of Google’s proprietary apps to sign an anti-forking agreement.” [Rumble] alleges that once an Android device manufacturer signs an anti-forking agreement, Google will only provide access to its vital proprietary apps and application program interfaces if the manufacturer agrees: “(1) to take (that is, pre-install) a bundle of other Google apps (such as its YouTube app); (2) to make certain apps undeletable (including its YouTube app); and (3) to give Google the most valuable and important location on the device’s default home screen (including for its YouTube app).”

As another example, [Rumble] asserts that “Google provides share of its search advertising revenue to Android device manufacturers, mobile phone carriers, competing browsers, and Apple; in exchange, Google becomes the preset default general search engine for the most important search access points on a computer or mobile device.” And, by becoming the default general search engine, Google is able to continue its manipulation of video search results using its search engine to self-preference its YouTube platform, making sure that links to videos on the YouTube platform are listed above the fold on the search results page.” [Moreover], Google’s revenue sharing agreements allow it to maintain a monopoly in the general search market and online video platform market).

As a result of the denial of Google’s motion to dismiss the complaint, the lawsuit will now proceed to the discovery stage. After denying Google’s request to dismiss the lawsuit prior to discovery, the judge scheduled a conference at which a discovery plan would be established. This phase of the lawsuit is when one party can obtain a broad range of documents from the other relevant to the claims of the lawsuit.

The antitrust specialist Matt Stoller, Research Director of the American Economic Liberties Project, said about the ruling: “Getting past the motion to dismiss stage is quite meaningful, and depending on what turns up in discovery Google could be in serious trouble.” This ruling should enable Rumble to acquire and utilize extremely revealing documents about how Google exploits its algorithms to manipulate search results on its dominant search engine, as well the burdensome requirements it imposes on other companies dependent on Google’s infrastructure to ensure prominent promotion of YouTube.

Google did not respond to requests for comment on the judicial ruling. Rumble’s statement was naturally celebratory: “We welcome the court’s decision, which is a significant step toward ending Google’s unlawful preferences for YouTube and helping to put creators first. We look forward to starting discovery.”

When Rumble first filed the suit, its founder and CEO, Chris Pavlovski, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the company’s data specialists had determined that, with its search engine algorithmic manipulations, “Google has redirected up to 9.3 billion visitors to YouTube instead of to Rumble.” These anti-competitive practices by Google, he argued, destroy the possibility for innovation and competition: “Imagine being a tech entrepreneur trying to build an online video platform. You absolutely do not have a shot. You do not have a chance. You have pre-installed YouTube apps on phones. You have a rigged search engine. You have no ability to compete in this market.”

Lawsuits like these have the ability to unite people across the political spectrum. Stoller, one of the nation’s leading scholars on the question of Big Tech monopolistic dominance, noted that “the case leverages antitrust action by the government pursued under both Trump and Biden. It’s also notable that this ruling came from an Obama-appointed judge. Clearly concentrations of power worry both sides.”

Regardless of whether one is an avid admirer of the modern iteration of capitalism, there is nothing to cheer when a tiny group of corporate giants can corner a market and prevent competition. That is particularly true when — as is obviously the case for Big Tech — the “market” in question is now the primary means by which Americans gather information, politically organize, receive and disseminate news, and question and debate the most consequential political controversies. The political and propagandistic aspects of these anti-competitive practices substantially elevate the public interest in fostering free and fair market competition. To allow a tiny number of tech giants to maintain a stranglehold on the digital public square is self-evidently dangerous, especially as they escalate their censorship regime, due to some combination of their own political interests, the demands of the majority political party in Washington, and the incessant grievances of their own work force.

These dangers are not abstract. Perhaps they were most vividly seen in January, 2021, when Parler — designed as a free speech alternative to Facebook and Twitter — became the most-downloaded app in the country, fueled by anger over the pre-election censorship of the New York Post‘s reporting on Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine and China as well as the banishment of President Trump by a consortium of Big Tech giants. As soon as Parler rose to the top spot, Democratic politicians such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and censorship activists groups such as Sleeping Giants demanded that Google and Apple immediately remove Parler from their app stores, preventing any further downloading. Other Democratic lawmakers then demanded that Amazon Web Services, the dominant hosting company that had enabled Parler’s website, terminate its agreement with Parler.

Within forty-eight hours, all three Silicon Valley monopolies complied with these demands. Parler instantly went from the most popular app in the country — thanks to the free speech principles it upheld — to utterly crippled if not destroyed. It attempted to come back but never really recovered. That was as brute and stark a display of Big Tech’s ability and willingness to destroy any successful competitors as one might imagine. And in the process, they not only abused their anti-competitive dominance to destroy one of their few successful competitors but also, heeding the demands of Democratic Party politicians, abolished one of the few significant venues on the internet where Americans could gather to freely question and dissent from the orthodoxies and pronouncements of their leaders.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

There are other antitrust actions currently pending against the Big Tech giants from both private companies and, increasingly, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). But this suit from Rumble has enormous potential to open competition in the vital video uploading market and, perhaps even more importantly, shed substantial light on the extremely opaque and guarded algorithmic manipulations Google uses to force down the public’s throat the content it wants them to see while hiding that which it does not want them to see.

Telegram: Contact @benjaminnorton

LAST GANG IN TOWN….(-Random reviews and regularly scheduled rocknroll rant by Geordie S. Pleathur)

“Corporate profit is the driving engine of foreign policy. Our elites do not care about human rights or civil liberties, not to mention the illegality of pre-emptive war, any more than Putin. Ask the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia how much moral authority the United States has to denounce the violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign state. Ask those in our black sites and offshore penal colonies how much moral authority we have to denounce arbitrary detention and torture. Ask the 1.3 million people who lost their extended unemployment benefits in December or those who saw food stamp cutbacks reduce their spending by $90 a month how much moral authority there is left in our corporate state.” (-Chris Hedges)

“Mubarek is out of prison and Obama is protecting the Bush regime, I think they should have a tea party and laugh uproariously at how they persecuted the shit out of Chelsea Manning and other righteous political prisoners like Lynne Stewart and the Cuban 5, among many others.” (-Cindy Sheehan)

“Be nobody’s darling; Be an outcast. Take the contradictions Of your life And wrap around You like a shawl, To parry stones To keep you warm. ” (- Alice Walker)

“Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” (- Nixon White House Counsel HR Haldemann on what prompted the Nixon Administration to formulate the ‘War on Drugs’.)

“There are huge efforts that do go into making people, to borrow Adam Smith’s phrase, “as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human being to be.” A lot of the educational system is designed for that, if you think about it, it’s designed for obedience and passivity. From childhood, a lot of it is designed to prevent people from being independent and creative. If you’re independent-minded in school, you’re probably going to get into trouble very early on.” — Noam Chomsky (“Education is Ignorance”)

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin…we must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” (-MLK, Jr. Beyond Vietnam speech, April 04, 1967)

“How did a facility a mile and a half upstream from the drinking water plant that gets drinking water to 300,000 people have this leak happen? And the answer is: in my mind it’s the coal and chemical industry in this state has fostered a culture of deregulation. They’ve captured the major institutions in the state, including the major media…The major university systems, both political parties, are beholden to big coal and to the chemical industry.” (-Russel Mokhiber, Editor of Corporate Crime Reporter)

“Two cops who smashed the face of Kelly Thomas, an unarmed, 120lbs schizophrenic man as he cried ‘please, I’m sorry sir’ until he died from his face being crushed found NOT GUILTY of ALL COUNTS, including lesser charges of ‘excessive force.’ This is the justice system working. Cops can commit brutal murders on camera, and it’s deemed legal. We gotta keep fighting these cops, but criminal trials for killer cops are just one small front in a larger battle. This is endemic of a rotten system that employs cops as its armed guards and enforcers. This will be the status quo until we live under a new system that is run by the people, not a sham democracy set-up for the super rich to lord over the rest of us. FIGHT POLICE BRUTALITY – FIGHT THE ARMED THUGS FOR THE CAPITALIST CLASS – FIGHT CAPITALISM…” (-Michael Prysner)

“Don’t be fossil fooled. Your climate and food supply are being destroyed because Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Fartgas won’t allow you to have clean transport or energy systems. They suppress the truth and technology, bribe, blackmail and kill the inventors, rake in trillions from your ignorance, lie to you with impunity through their media outlets and effectively kill your babies. And all the while idiots do their work for them by denying that climate change is happening, because half the population is always below average in every respect, and most can’t keep their eyes on the prize and succumb to mindless wage slavery, feeding the beast with their every waking hour. The hippies were always right. Pollution kills. Alternatives exist. Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT of the system and create something new with your TIME!” (-Ram Ayana)

“To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.” (-Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; translated by John Beverly Robinson)

“You have to face the fact that whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to” (- HR Haldeman, Nixon White House Chief of Staff in his diaries on the formation of the ‘war on drugs’)

“Before us, the denizens, operatives, propagandists and enforcers of the old order grow more certain of their convictions in direct proportion to its accelerating rate of decay. Stoned-faced phalanxes of soldiers and bristling, militarized cops stand guard before the entrances of shoddy, swaying towers. Yet: Lies cannot be built to last. The lipless grins of a billion skulls mock the illusory staying power of deceit. What endures is the perennial yearnings of the heart — that is coupled with the eternal present. Love songs ring out among the rot of empires.” (-Phil Rockstroh)

“When a soldier who shared information with the press and public is punished far more harshly than others who tortured prisoners and killed civilians, something is seriously wrong with our justice system.” (- the ACLU’s Ben Wizner)

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.”(-Anne Lamott)

“Never underestimate the power of owning the Mass Media and print Media for generations.” (-Pearl Chanter)

“Our homeless are not a problem that needs fixed, they are people entitled to basic human rights.” (-Alley Valkyrie)

“Hillary Clinton constantly has moved toward the center of US politics. And when the center migrated rightward, she migrated with it. She might be more electable now – not because she is a woman, but rather because she is a friend of the Money Power and willing to compromise on the issues that matter to it. Feminism in this context is just a gimmick to attract some voters who place gender above any other issue. Respecting the rules of the Money Power during a campaign means toeing the line of oligarchy while in power. Neither men nor women benefit from this. Clinton and her neoliberal allies are hijacking feminism and the rhetoric of diversity.”(-Pierre Guerlain)

“It’s not hippies who give us punks a hard time in the streets.”( -Eater)

“There is something inherently creepy about Facebook. It is the postmodern West’s version of the Iron Curtain secret service that hired your neighbors and even your relatives to spy on you – yet it is packaged in a way that makes us do it ourselves, willingly, unconsciously, and with pep. What’s the critical path to constructing an equally addictive social network that does not data-mine us for corporate control, but facilitates cooperation and the construction of a truly regenerative society, helping us to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, develop a transparent democracy, and transform the corrupt financial system…”(-Daniel Pinchbeck)

“If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need-go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help–the only ones.” (-John Steinbeck)

“Consumerism turned relationships into shopping. Marriage is no longer affordable for a lot of working-class men.” (-Lynn Porter)

“The tragedy of it is that nobody sees the look of desperation on my face. Thousands and thousands of us, and we’re passing one another without a look of recognition” (— Henry Miller)

“People who don’t have music in their soul are dead.”(-Ray Gange)

“The worst crime a person can commit in this country we live in is to be poor. The only thing worse than that is to be poor and a person of color. In my opinion, there are many degrees of privilege.” (-Anna Chorlton)

“I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence.” (- Eugene V. Debs)

“I believe that the persecution of PFC Bradley Manning, from his illegal detention, torture while in military prison, and unjust sentencing, are yet more aspects of this (in)justice system that persecutes truth-tellers and protects war criminals in the prior regime. My heart, as a Mother and an American, goes out to Bradley Manning and everyone who worked so hard on his case and the movement in solidarity with him. Another shameful day in U.S. history.” (-Cindy Sheehan)

“US/UK imprisons whistleblowers, calls journalists criminals for working with their sources, detain my partner under a TERRORISM law and take his passwords to his Facebook and email accounts, block Evo Morales’ plane from flying, smash the Guardian’s hard drives, but – WE are the ones being “threatening”” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“As the years pass, we negotiate the terrain of life with broken hearts. Old friends die and pieces of it are torn from us and we are left with wounds that will never fully heal. Our illusions are broken like delicate wings and our spirit descends into sodden despair which dries into brittle cynicism. Yet being wounded allows for wounds to become the womb of creative endeavor. The loss of illusion can beget a type of freedom of thought engendered when a pattern is broken. Re-imagining replaces habituated thought. Novel possibilities present themselves…delivering a libation of blood to suffering shades of memory. In the soulscape of experience, events play out closer to art than to autopsy. The important thing is…to enter into the thick of it all. To reveal your face to life…to allow for the interplay of quotidian ravaging and numinous ravishing to mold your character…And evince it without shame. This way, what is unbearable bears sustenance. What is irreconcilable to the mind becomes a handmaiden to art.” (-Phil Rockstroh)

“Why is the United States behaving so arrogantly? All that Bush wants is Iraqi oil. What I am condemning is that one power, with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly … If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.” (-Nelson Mandela, January, 2003)


….Like you, like most pop culture kids, there was a time when I wanted to be famous, but that time is long gone. If Kanye Kardashian and Snookie and Fergie and Harry Styles and Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are celebrities, and not just middle school product brands, you know, what value does fame possibly have? There was a time when Marlon Brando won an award, that he’d send a representative of the American Indian Movement to read a statement about indigenous people’s rights, nowadays, not one effin’ bigname celeb dares risk there cushy lifestyle advocating for anything on an awards show watched by millions beyond promoting designer labels and their own vanity. I still struggle from time to time with frustration about not being able to efficiently record and perform my own punk rock protest songs, especially when so many obnoxious big name fame whores ask me for money to fund their new albums on Kickstarter campaigns each and everyday, but there are worse tragedies than not getting to participate in show business. Nearly every band that people rave to me about from Lordes to Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend to the Kings Of Leon and Queens Of The Stone Age leave me cold and bored. I hated grunge. I still hate techno. These media pros all make a mint vomiting up mediocre bullshit that all sound like the Foo Fighters to me, and none of ’em say shit about NSA spying, TSA groping, or the Koch affiliated Freedom Industries poisoning the water of West Virginians and hundreds of casualties being rushed to emergency rooms when the government falsely claimed it was now safe to consume. Just like when B.P. poisoned the Gulf. Plenty of these hipsters and brand names have access to pig-media, everyday, on late night talkshows and various award shows, but no one besides Neil Young ever speaks out, for fear of being Dixie Chicked. They are busy shifting merch. and counting their money. Re-modelling their houses and moaning about the help. The oyster class. Out here in occupied Amerikkka, we have trouble breathing, because the air quality is so poor, the water is toxic, and we consider ourselves fortunate, if we can make it to the corner store and back without being killed by steroid monkeys, or reckless big truck drivers. I’ve known my share of greedy, ruthless bar owners who were in bed with violence crazed police who co-create this atmosphere of brutality, but this poor homeless schizophrenic man in Fullerton, Kelly Thomas R.I.P., who was savagely beaten to death, while desperately pleaing for mercy and crying for his father, just haunts my soul. I know literally hundreds of programmed middle class apologists for police state brutes and oil empire assassins, who pretend like this unspeakably inhumane shit is acceptable, that cops can be such horribly malicious sociopaths and get donut duty and paid vacations, that it has made my world very small, as I can not continue relationships with people who make like this shit is alright, just because they are racist, hate the poor, or the money feels good and their life, they like it well. So tired of the whole “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” brigade. It’s not okay to harm people, just because they are not rich people, badged, flagged, or popular drug dealers. Cops groped the breast of an Occupy Wall Street protester, leaving a giant bruise handprint, before beating her into a seizure and the fascist government duped a cable-dumb jury into convicting HER for assaulting a police officer. Punks don’t wanna talk about it, they just wanna tell you more about their famous friends and old Cocksparrer and Skrewdriver 45’s.

I try connecting to the music on late night tv shows, but it all sounds like feckin’ James Taylor and Tears For Fears without the emotion, to me. No meaning, no message, just complicit rich kids showing off their music lessons and lighting budgets, at overpriced festivals and expensive nightclub showcases. Yeah, I know it’s old fashioned, but I still prefer like, Eater, and the Adverts. Subway Sect and Motorcycle Boy, to any of the rich kid bullshit corporate music being made, nowadays, it’s all horribly, unfortunately rehashed, nineties alternative. No thanks. And I’m expected to give a shit about it, just because all those jive bands have money, most of ’em came from money, but I just don’t. I know people who earn over fifty thousand a year, who are becoming their Archie Bunker fathers in big chairs in front of big televisions, all of ’em enraged about paying three to twelve dollars a year to support millions of post Nafta, minimum wage earning, working poor, families on welfare; but who are apparently happy(!!?) to shell out over four thousand a year(!!!) for oil company welfare, and thousands upon thousands to incarcerate non violent pot smokers, and invade and kill and torture and spy on law abiding citizens, both here and abroad. Can’t question their higher-ups, without altering their lifestyle choices, so what can you do, but blame the poor for the crimes of the rich?! Nafta and TPP (the next Nafta on steroids) and the big banks and military industrial complex? Go team. They all whistle for the wolves of Wall Street. That’s obscene! Money. Once you have it, it’s like cancer, or aids. It’s not always immediately terminal, but generally, it’s only a matter of time. The poorest sons of bitches in the world, you give ’em a fancy shamancy title, tell ’em they are assistant executive co-managers, hand ’em a “V.I.P.” backstage laminate, some wine and cheese, fughettabout it. A tiny little bit of executive class privilege and they lose their motherfuckin minds. “Now you funny, too…” Who needs friends when you interview personal assistants? It’s so fucked up. No one talks about the drones or the wiretaps, indefinite detention, or the war. If they ever do it’s vaguely racist, anti-Muslim fear conditioning. Democrats push far right agendas and support the KXL pipeline, prison industrial complex, regime change dirty wars, and domestic spying. 1 in 4 Americans are military veterans, we are raised in a violent, spots indoctrinated, aggressively gung-ho militant, perpetual war state. Conditioned from birth to worship guns and hate the symbolic other. The consolidated media is controlled by a few hawkish, greedy men in a conference room. That means all the radio blow hards, faux liberals, glossy magazines, sportscasters, super hero movies, all of it. Watching TV for the past week, has reminded me why so, so many my old pals seem no numb and unreachable–they are fed mountains of lies and bullshit 24/7, by the weaponized culture machine. The corporate bullhorns of the honky death empire. Ex punks, in an accumulation oriented, honky death spell. We need to redefine heroism—heroism is not killing people for Halliburton. Heroism is giving of one’s self, helping people, creating, being true to the better angels of your nature, building community, resisting bogus war. In the big media and militarized school systems, we are taught that keeping the trains running on time and enabling the dominant bully genocide machine is “maturity”, and defending the planet and human rights is the folly of youth, or something. Bollocks. I admire anyone blazing their own trail, or following their own moral compass, even if it leads some of my favorite old scoundrels away from me and my little outpost here in the weeds, with my binoculars and broken boombox. The foolish thing about those still pulsing, nagging memories and emotional attachments, though, is how you might pass up some of your own opportunities, waste precious time, by clinging to some archaic, beguiling, illusory notions of soul-brothers and wearing your gang colors…only to find that while you were harboring all that misplaced worry about leaving a soldier behind, and all that grandiose Three Musketeers and Honeycomb Hide-out bullshit about “when you’re a Jet”; you might realize in an unguarded moment, that you were just a stooge, a stepping stone, a doorknob to others, sadly raised in this every man for himself culture of ruthless consumerism and conformity. I remember how one of my more gifted old cronies was universally dismissed as a dumb-fuck heavy metal stoner by all the R.E.M. college types, all our lives, until he made it big, and now, they are all in line to high five him. Funny, innit? I think I’m gonna be unable to attend the high school reunion at the sports bar. I just don’t wish to see those blonde fat people drunkenly line dancing to Depeche Mode.


I seldom have cash ya know, but gave a paltry sum to a shivering houseless guy in the cold rain today and he was so earnestly grateful, it took me back. Later this evening, I was at the corner store and saw a different guy, who is always on the sidewalk in the same spot, and asked the cashier if she knew him and was he approachable because he seemed to be muttering some obscenities which is actually something I can relate to, but I just asked the cashier if she knew the guy, because in twenty some years of retail, I generally knew everybody in the neighborhood like the old Sesame Street song, but instead of giving me any relevant feedback, she went straight into cop/loss prevention mode, stiffened, raised her voice, looked out the door three or four times, claiming she could not see him, right there on the sidewalk, and I was taken aback by her assertive response, so while I was paying, I explained it was really cold and I was just wondering if I should approach him, and the more I spoke to this uptight convenience store retail lady, the more berserk she got, and I realized I had on a leather jacket, and a pink, silly, female wool cap that belongs to my wife, but she was sizing me up as a potential robber, or something. Come ON! This is what an ex rocker, fat dad looks like, in the rain, who doesn’t care if he impresses anyone with his appearance so much, anymore. A pink striped furry hat, ya know? But she was in emergency mode, loudly saying things like, “I’m NOT Alone!”, and me, I’m like, yeah, okay, cool, where do I sign? Yeah, be vigilant. Wow. Ridin’ home on my bike, in a heavy, heavy fog, I realized I too, actually, tensed up, seeing this large black athletic fella, and he actually smiled kindly and murmured something about the fog. We are all tense, ya know? Dude meant me no harm, I meant the cashier no harm, homeless guy in the rain was just gettin’ rained on. I’m kind of blue, somedays, about the pains and pangs and ruined knees and various random symptoms of aging, while no longer fronting a glammy, gothic, punk rock and AC/DC influenced pop combo. I still write songs, but there’s no one to collaborate with, and I’ve been resistant to learning some feckin’ drum machine program on the computer like everybody else does since few Americans actually socialize off-line, in real life, anymore. In the football suburbs where I live, it’s all about “kicking ass” and rooting for bloodshed and regime change in foreign lands, Kanye Kardashian, techno whiteboy D.J. culture, or fake-reggae jam bands. I have no interest in becoming Moby or Skrillex, ya know wot I mean? If I was a a fat chick with a rain stick, I’d be a star. I don’t smoke ganja, I don’t wear camo-shorts, or flip-flops, and I don’t like Sublime, so that pretty much rules out doing much around here until I’m able to someday relocate and let’s face it, with the radiation, fluoride, wars, corporate soft-kill, and the taser crazy paramilitaries and chem-trails and chemical spills, nuclear meltdowns, and non stop fracking, now ain’t really the time for long term career goals. If you don’t do it now, chances are pretty high, you ain’t doing it, at all. Sonofabitch. I peaked, babies. On my way down.

THEE FACTIONSinging Down The Government (The War of Position And How We’re Winning It)” (-review)

singing-down-coverTim Yo, of “Maximum Rocknroll” was right about most everything. In the early days of all that nauseating Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant blue blooded, academic political correctness, it was fun maybe, to take jabs at Tim for being precious about his principles, but everything he warned us about, has since come to pass. What remains of “punk rock” is simply rich people selling products and athletic, chisel jawed, trust funders, jumping up and down. Nobody gives a fuck about anything in these regressive highschool cliques and upper middle class music scenes, aside from you know, gossip, schmoozing with old famous people, sucking up to celebrity, being seen, and accumulating rare shit in bags and under glass. What any of that has to do with rocknroll, I dunno. Americans are all pretty much brainwashed by their institutions and controlled media. Even when their own water, soil, and air are being poisoned, even when spooks are rummaging through their sock drawers, even when hard-on bully sadists are beating the piss out of disabled victims, these conditioned consumers could give a fuck about anything beyond their collections and vanity. You know it’s bad when even the drag queens and crusty punks only care about acquisition and high school hierarchy.

You know it’s bad when the weight lifting ex punk graphic artists openly ridicule activists for giving a shit about civil liberties and human rights and anything besides showing off their souped up vintage cars (but check out these cool cars really) and pimping bobbleheads. Yeah yeah they may have spiked their hair with gel in ’83 and known Darby Crash, and hated Reagan thirty years ago, but face it—most of those aged jocks are more pig than punk, nowadays. They all think we wanna hear their toughguy fight story from the eighties again and pay them for the honor and privilege. See any of ’em (besides Duane Peters or Jello Biafra) blogging about anything beyond how you should buy another overpriced concert ticket, or autographed copy of their fecking book? Or pay to shake their fecking hand? No. These old fecking surfer types have been rich for so long all they can find to bitch about is targeting low hanging fruit like Toby Keith. I mean, sure, that corporate cowboy is nothing but a rich shill for Ford trucks and bullshit patriotism, no doubt, Henry Rollins, but I’d rather see you use your fame platform and formidable intellect challenging actual powers, not easy targets like redneck product brands. While all the faux liberals moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned about those bearded bigoted hicks on “Duck Dynasty”, Obama signed the revamped NDAA, is ramming through TPP, baiting Russia, overthrowing elected foreign governments, and justifying Stasi style surveillance. Rather than organizing concerts to elect Cindy Sheehan governor, or making a difference locally, in small elections where you can still effect meaningful change, many West Coast punks are content with the idea that their private prison and fracking shill, Jerry Brown banged Linda Ronstadt thirty years ago. Police brutality, radioactive waves, airport gropings, massacred homeless disabled cadavers beaten to unrecognizable pulp by cops who walked free and may even get their jobs back? Fuckedup eco-systems, non-stop fracking and poisoned water? Demonization of the poor and houseless community….So what-? “Look how buff I look in my glossy promo 8X10!”
I got some bunny ears antenna at the junk shop, so I can see like five or six tv channels and always wonder to myself who all those thousands of kids are who can afford fifty dollar concert tickets to see these tepid Radiohead knockoff techno bands that fill the Greek Theater, or three hundred dollars for passes to those gigantic outdoor concerts. Working class people in Amerikkka can’t afford to go see shitty bands, everybody I know is broke. Funny thing about Americans is how we are all programmed to claim we are middle class-from the poorest homeless guy to rich kids with million dollar homes, we all say we’re middle class. Some of us are just coming out and admitting we’re poor, we don’t really think it’s a crime, or a sin, or something to be ashamed of. Look at your rich people. Who would want to become one of them?

Middle-class suburban snobs only ever liked snazzy Paul Weller for his clothes, so I kinda doubt many elitist Vespa owners here in the capitalist wasteland are gonna get that geeked about the soulful, garagey, pub rock influenced, “Socialist R&B” of THEE FACTION, but it’s a damned shame, ’cause these guys deserve to be heralded from the rooftops by mods, punks, and rockers alike. They write scathing, brilliant lyrics as good as Morrissey or Ian Hunter. They are defiant like the Sex Pistols. They are as fun as Madness, or ya know, like The Beat‘s “Stand Down Margaret” type stuff. As smart as Billy Bragg. You know how all those flannel shirted baby boomers who still swoon over Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band? THEE FACTION are the authentic voice of the working man. They know the game is fixed, they stand with the workers, they advocate for the lower classes, lifting consciousness, they fight for liberty, equality, social justice and human rights. They stand for truth and justice, they make music that means something. AND YOU CAN MOTHERFUCKIN’ DANCE TO IT! America doesn’t have bands like this, because we’re all too broke to rent rehearsal spaces or buy p.a.’s and instruments, and the people with money just rehash the past for fun and profit, but THEE FACTION can be our band, too, because if we had a band of our own, we’d want it to have the literate conscience and Joe Sixpack heart and soul power of THEE FACTION.
I know I’ve raved about them before, but a band with this much rebel soul deserves more attention. Tell all the people that you see.


JohnDissedJohn Dissed is a soulful California songwriter who might remind you of Johnny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars or Jason Nesmith, but he has an edgy, consciousness-raising approach to songwriting, he demands his listeners open their eyes to see the lies right in front of them. Discovered by power-pop cult favorite and underground radio personality, Anthony Castillo of SLOW MOTORCADE fame, Mr. Dissed shares Anthony’s enthusiasm for truth telling, using podcasts and anthems to educate the masses, and music with stinging lyrics and consoling melodies. John Dissed is the kind of artist that punk generation diehards yearn for in this soldout, apathetic age, where yesterday’s rebels only care about having their egos stroked by young Green Day fans and showing off their new hats at the booksigning, or being the nostalgic expert on the panel, retelling their fight story from ’83 when they still hated the pigs, again. He is a middle finger in the Botoxed face of yuppie ex punks in this embarrassing era of self stroking consumer obsession and cable brainwashing. He has a social conscience like TV Smith, Boots Riley, Manic Street Preachers, or Steve Earle. He’s maybe more truth oriented and confrontational than some of his own former influences.

I’m a big fan of anyone who uses their voice to bravely advocate on behalf of human rights, compassion, liberty, and peace. Songs like “Vampire”, “Austerity”, and “Black Site” have the intelligence of Jello Biafra or Joe Strummer and are reminiscent of eighties pop from the MTV era, like say, the Godfathers, Midnight Oil, the Plimsouls, or Men At Work. Soccer moms will dig John’s smooth singing voice and he ought to be touring with Jacob Dylan‘s Wallflowers. His guitars will please fans of George Harrison, and Rick Springfield, while his words will stimulate people who read “The Nation” magazine and and appreciate Phil Ochs, Paul K & The Weathermen, or the Gin Blossoms. There’s plenty of descriptive, mellow, sundrenched Wilco vibes and a Costello-esque approach to waking up the drowsy, acquisition oriented masses we don’t hear enough of these days. If you love the politics of Tom Morrello or the Coup, or the catchy pop excellence of Dramarama, you’ll dig the dark, cerebral pop of John Dissed. I urge all my pals with dayjobs in public radio to add this cat to their playlists.


img_cd_vacant_lifeEven if, like me, you’re the embittered and jealous type, it is nearly impossible to dislike No. 13‘s lead singer, Larry Poccia, who just has this infectious zest for life, you can plainly see the gratitude and generosity rolling off of him, he’s obviously figured out how to live the life he loves, and love the life he lives. Larry’s had the great honor and fortune of collaborating with some of the most soulful and important underground music heroes of the past quarter century, including the peerless guitar god, JIMMY JAMES from the COMA-TONES, HANGMEN, & BARRIO TIGER, as well as our much beloved and dearly departed cowboy bluespunk, BOBBY DURANGO (R.I.P.) of ROCK CITY ANGELS. Lately, Larry’s been seen hangin’ around people like Paul Stanley from KISS and his mom, who is clearly a great woman. Larry’s the kinda guy we all wanna roadtrip with, the diamond dude you trust to gather the ice chest, flashlights, fireworks, KISS sleeping bags, and other essentials for that summertime party in the woods, ya know what I mean? He’s got organization skills, but still clearly loves a good time. An amazing graphic artist, he’s dated some cool women, he has a dazzling Osmond smile. He will probably have no trouble selling you his used Trans-Am.

His band, the No. 13’s play catchy stadium pop with commercial appeal. Def Leppard. Van Halen. That kinda thing. Slap this CD on and you’ll immediately find yourself nodding your head along to their crunchy, sunny pop rock, especially if you ever enjoyed the poppy glam of American Heartbreak or Buckcherry. Their lead track, “Anything” sounds fantastic in the car with the windows down. “Bleed” reminds me of Chelsea Smiles and the Black Marquee. Midwesterners with backbreaking outdoor labor jobs will enjoy listening to songs like “Alltime Low” and “Maybe God Stopped Loving You” on the boombox, particularly at the end of the day while looking forward to the radar love ratrace to the beer store. The No 13’s have a solid songwriting sensibility and major potential to capture a huge listening audience of badly aging metalheads and beautiful blonde bikini top wearing rock festival ticket buyers. “Vacant Life”, “Go!” and “Suicide” will echo in your head all day while you reminisce about your long lost, stonewashed streetgang and sun dappled good times still stubbornly stuck in your mind like some black and white video that accompanies the corny road ballad of your most sacred youthful memories. If you ever knew a blue collar couple like Bon Jovi‘s mythical Tommy and Gina, as a kid, if you ever teared up while listening to David Lee Roth‘s song, “Damn Good”, you’ll instantly appreciate the coolness and songwriting of the No 13’s. This is a great band.



*Being unexpectedly jailed is terrifying and the first few days are understandably the most difficult. How about we help make this time more bearable by writing to Cecily to let her know we give a shit. Her current address is: Cecily McMillan Book & Case Number 3101400431 Rose M. Singer Center 19-19 Hazen Street East Elmhurst, New York 11370 For up to date information and other ways to help, make sure to visit The conviction of Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan for assault on a police officer shows that the judiciary is corrupt and dissent will not be tolerated. We can no longer call ourselves a democratic society, and as Chris Hedges says, we are living in the “post-constitutional era.”


The Scholars Who Shill for Wall Street