Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “There was once a wing of the Democratic Party that stood up to the War Industry The New Democrats since Clinton have become shills for Corporate America and Arms Industry What happened to the Democratic Party? Why has it become IMPOSSIBLE to question War within the Dem Party” / Twitter

WHEN RAH RAH RACIST WARPIGS COME HOME TO ROOST Compton Jay on Twitter: “Ask yourself, what does this RESEMBLE? A – “Protecting & serving” this community B – Methods used to catch enslaved Africans by Slave Patrols And All of our TAX DOLLARS go to FUND THIS NONSENSE OUR MONEY NEVER GOES TO US!” / Twitter

Proof U.S. Government Is 100% Corrupt! – YouTube

“The only “movement” associated with AOC is the bowel movement she makes in the toilet every day. Which she should increase the frequency of because she is apparently still full of shit.Glad the world is quickly realizing that #AOC is a CIA asset & war monger & not progressive.” (-Evan Lefavor)

“Liberals really have no idea how crazy their blood thirsty anti Russia rhetoric sounds to ordinary people.”

(-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“Once you get out of this fantasy world created for us that says we live in a democracy and the Dems and GOP are fighting each other, you start to see the world as it really is more clearly. In Politics and in life in general always remember

The people who you think are your friends can do a lot more damage to you than the people you know are your enemies.” (-Black In The Empire)

““It’s possible that the empire’s violent shutdown of the awakenings of the 1960s

was the mortal wound that would ultimately kill us, & since then humanity has been bleeding out, waiting to die of ecocide or nuclear armageddon. It’s also possible that awakening is inevitable…” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Being pro environment doesn’t equal selling the Amazon to multinational corporations & couping presidents bc they threaten your cash flow. If that’s environmentalism I don’t it. The west can go on w electric cars while destroying the earth & limiting the movement of the poor tho.Can’t wait til the plebs are only allowed to drive 1000 miles per month while the “environmentalists” fly their jets and drive their Teslas to Green tech & charity events. You’ll own nothing and love it. Eat z bugs.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Billionaire-funded right-wing deficit hawks love to claim about measly spending on social programs

They conveniently never mention that 53% of the new US spending bill goes to the military Why? This ridiculous $858 BILLION annual war budget is bipartisan.” (-Ben Norton)

“BREAKING NEWS: White House insiders leak that the money saved by screwing rail workers out of sick pay will be used to replace torn and damaged copies of Mein Kampf for Ukrainian Nazis, because morale on the front lines is critical to military success.” (-Garland Nixon)

“Caught up w/ the Ukrainian diaspora delegation on their way into the Capitol to cheer for Zelensky

They told me $45 billion wasn’t enough, neo-Nazis do not exist in Ukraine and the banning of the Russian wing of the Orthodox Church & oppo parties was justified bc “martial law” (-Max Blumenthal)

“They should slash the military budget and use that money to help fund Nationalized healthcare for all” (-Jay Befaunt)

“Isn’t that what those fake progressives and the fraud squad campaigned on, took all those campaign donations from workers to campaign for?” (-Burntout Recluse Remembers)

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“NATO doesn’t promote peace, they create wars. Close to $100,000,000,000 has been transferred from the American taxpayer to the military industrial complex, and the most corrupt country in Europe. The Zelensky Show comes to America

Ticket Price : $34,000,000,000. I don’t know about the rest of the world because I’ve spent my life in the military and growing up and living in America So I can’t judge Russia, China or anyplace else I can judge my country and live in actual reality, not the one the rulers put on our TV. Did Zelenskyy come to America with a fleet of armored cars to carry our taxpayers cash? I don’t know why I refuse to accept the fact that our citizens are brainwashed enough to let our Gov’t and ruling class con us into willingly be involved in another one of their wars. Translation: We’re stealing billions more from you and giving it to our donors and the most corrupt country in Europe right in front of your faces to keep this war that we provoked going Thanks again Suckers.” (-Black In The Empire)

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Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “$100 billion out the door. And Flint still has dirty water. Ppl still don’t have Healthcare, sick leave, a living wage. Our government ain’t sh*t!” / Twitter

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“War is not all that’s profitable in NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine.

U.S. politicians would rather turn Ukraine into a charity cause than to demand peace. Why? Because the more dependent Ukraine is on U.S. financial help, the more their corporations can plunder from the country. Zelensky is a war criminal. Joe Biden is a bigger war criminal. The military industrial complex is run by war criminals. The entire U.S. empire and its junior partners are war criminals.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Zelensky got a standing ovation in the US congress for being an outstanding customer of Raytheon.” (-Hassan Mafi)

“Zelensky couldn’t give an interview to David Letterman in English, but he suddenly speaks it perfectly now that he’s begging US tax payers to send billions of dollars to weapons makers & foreign oligarchs

I suppose that as an actor, he’s used to selling a script.” (-Anya Parampil)

Capitalism would collapse without being able to take advantage of highly exploited workers of the global south” (-MC Squared)

Zelensky’s at the WH getting all your student loan debt relief. How about peace negotiations instead of handouts.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“No money for stimulus. No money for student debt relief. No money end homelessness. No money for Medicare for All. But all the money you need for pork barrel projects, intelligence agencies & the military-industrial complex. This is overt corruption.” (-Primo Radical)

When you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, the FBI now claims that the words of its own agents in tons of emails revealed by #TwitterFiles are conspiracy theories and misinformation.” (-Kim Dotcom)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “When does this guy get to speak to Congress?” / Twitter

Need help to make ends meet? Sorry, Jack! Your money’s going toward extending an unnecessary proxy war instead.” (-Holding Biden Accountable)

“If you want to know what unites Congress, it’s money laundering through war. This standing ovation is for all of the money going into their pockets in this incredible scam.” (-the Future Is Bleak)

“What the FBI is at home in facets of big tech, social media & the surveillance state domestically, the CIA is abroad at greater capacity & NATO is its allowable world agency existing under the guise of “diplomacy.” All are truly terrorist organizations that must be abolished.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“You know I’m beginning to suspect the “national security concerns” about releasing all JFK documents are concerns that it would completely invalidate the US government.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Remember when the MSM told us that believing someone besides Russia might be responsible for the Nord Stream attacks means you’re a crazy QAnon-Satanic-sex-trafficking-cabal conspiracy theorist?” / Twitter

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“Zelensky arrived at White House to make sure the US keeps supporting a conflict that risks taking us into a nuclear conflict with Russia. We need diplomacy, not more war!!! What is better, more war in Ukraine (over $100b in US$) or funding 12 million housing units to get people in the US out of the cold ($100b)? I vote to house people, not kill them. #PeaceInUkraine” (-Medea Benjamin)

“Kids in Virginia schools are now going to be taught these branches of the U.S. government:

Executive Judicial Court Jesters Ukrainian” (-David Swanson)

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“I see a million walk the city mile

The ticker-tape kings and the juveniles
Will anybody tell me which way to go
Will anybody come back on the C.B. radio

I'm counting the stars and the telegraph poles
And each one represents the hopes of a soul
You'd think that God wouldn't be so hard
When you see all the little children running, 
Running in the backyard

On a Mississippi gourd with a Sub-Sahran song
Somebody is wailing in the financial district sun
Can anybody feel the distance to the Nile
I wanna live and I wanna dance awhile

Gonna make like Eddie on my rockabilly train
Gonna beat out the blues on my ball and chain
Oh, you can't pull a hold-up with a Be-Bop gun
There's people living now
Who ain't got no heart and ain't never had none..." (-Joe Strummer)

“Mitch McConnell says that the #1 priority for the US government is giving the military-industrial complex and the Ukraine government billions more.

Meanwhile 2.5 million children in the U.S. are homeless; that is 1 in every 30 children in the county.” (-Abraham Marquez)

“We are participants in it whether we like it or not. And the biggest danger we face is our apathy in the face of authoritarian brutality and violent repression.

Fascism is intentional. It is intentional in its obsession with a fictional and romanticized past. A sentimental vision of a history that never happened. An addiction to the glorification of nationalistic militarism. It is intentional in its drive to silence voices that criticize its narrow understanding of history or the place and treatment of women or of minorities. It is intentional in its misogyny, its racism, its homophobia, its xenophobia, its violence. And given the right circumstances, like economic disparity, ecological crises or institutional rot, it can sweep through any society like a flood. And it can create a new normal in the blink of an eye, leaving us grieving for the life we once thought was simply ordinary.” (-Ken Orphan)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Evil is when you can smile your way into World War III and get away with it.” / Twitter

“There’s a HUGE star over Washington, D.C. You can see if from Lockheed Martin headquarters in Bethesda. People are starting to talk about the possibility that the Messiah has arrived. #Zelensky” (-David Swanson)

So Zelensky’s wife spent more money shopping in Paris for a day than most working people in the RICHEST country in the world make in a year?

Yup, sounds like democracy to me! Sorry but Zelensky traveling thousands of miles to the U.S. Capitol to beg for more weapons that only place the world at danger of World War III makes him neither courageous nor heroic. It makes him a criminal servant of Western imperialism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

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Book review of “Combat Trauma” by Nadia Abu El-Haj – The Washington Post there’s no glory or closure when you do inhumane shit for empire, you used to get a discount at Denny’s, but Denny’s is closed where I lived. The Nato fraudsquad fanclub and lockdown left only cares about Amazon. Those 4 men will show up at your funeral though. Hand a flag to your wife. Nt worth it. Stay human, be free.

“Stand With Ukraine?” Really?! – YouTube


Ya know I’m still negatively reeling from the stupid suicide of my childhood friend Jaysin B from about four years ago. I’ll tell ya the craziest part of it, to me, besides the fact that the kid was always so lovable, charming, talented and good looking is how unmoved the rest of our teenage delinquent squad were by his tragic exit, that shocks me, those guys are just so unmoved stoic, it tells me so much about how they really feel about me, too. I know people cope with grief and trauma differently but this kid was a huge part of all our lives and only two people we knew even seemed to give a flying fuck about it. I just shudder cause I always knew he could have been a comedian, an actor, a rockstar, a million things, but he had some heavy childhood traumas that kept him chained to that abusive town we came from, trying so hard to set things right and only ever being allowed to get it wrong again and again, he was just forever being busted by the sanctimonious courts and cops and pretty people he sought affirmation from. So sad, so dumb. He’s got a Facebook memorial page where some trendy people I never particularly got along with from the eighties at least are expressing an awareness of his loss, and he posted all these Alan Watts videos about consciousness and a video of some rippling water-was that where he killed himself, scene of the crime? I dunno but I’m already haunted by a long lost love who did the same shit, a beautiful bartender who killed herself the same age and day her mom did. That childhood trauma shit is a real motherfucker-especially in those fucked up, acutely dysfunctional little tankplant towns where the people act out all these night time soap opeera dramas they were programmed with growing up. Life imitates tv in sad sports shitholes. I tried unsuccessfully to pull that kid out of that punishing, loveless, sadistic enviornment on multiple occassions, but he kept on foolishly returning to the devil he knew like a dog to it’s vomit. He’s kinda always on my mind, he was one of my besties, we met in a counseling program for troubled teens. I used to read him my poetry back when that was not a thing that dudes shared with each other and he always got it, he knew exactly where I was coming from, cause aside from his being way better looking and therefore enjoying a little more social mobility, he was subjected to all the same crass bullshit. I think I just gave up before he did, I quit seeking that pat on the head from Judge Judy and Grumpy Coach Green. The girl’s volleyball coach Catholic school counselor was never gonna “get me”.  Poor kid, he was lovely. Flawed, troubled, but very sweet. Several of my other good buddies, and even a foxy goth girlfriend were foolishly hammered into military service by insane parents and smalltown screws-one of them killed himself too, and the others are so PTSD they can’t function or have sincere relationships anymore. These dumb wars don’t just slaughter the brown people over there, they also destroy the souls and families of the so called Real Murkkkan heroes that get abandoned on the streets, so rich Republikkans can cleverly yell “get a job” out their biggest truck guzzling tanklike vehicles, and nervous shitlib Black Lives Matter rainbow flag Karens can call the cops on ’em for begging for money at the offramp. When you get real physically sick, especially if ypu’re heavily medicated, you start thinking about all that happened, what you were trying to accomplish, what is important with what little time remains. I’m so lucky I got out when I did, even if i stupidly went back for more bullshit pummelings about two more times before I really got the message and it finally sunk in. I had this goth friend who was gonna go to college in New England, she knew I needed out of that wretched place, so she took me and my little tribe with her. it was hard times, a rough hustle, in a bad neighborhood in the blue collar ghetto where her aunt got us an apartment, always wondered if her family kinda put us there on purpose to thwart our rocknroll mission so she’d retreat back to her hometown, but she got us there and that was the important thing, mighta saved some of us really, cause we easily could have ended up like our fallen amigo had we stayed there like he did. any of us. Yep, even the millionaire everybody prays to now. Instead, we discovered a whole fast paced frenzy of meeting all these wild and influential characters like Doc Hume and Mister Butch, Monoman and Willie Loco Alexander, Ned “Flathead” Landlin, and Aimee Mann and Peter Wolf. We learned about alot more writers and sixties firebrand activists traditions. One of our lot started taking karate and then joined a chess club, and a blues band, then, he was collaborating musially with Fiona Apple like sexy ingenue waifs, then he went to med school. Another guy started taking acid and exploring other realms of consciousness and writing these heartfelt rootsy Amerikkana type songs in a Bob Seger or Soul Asylum kinda tradition, wooing many beautiful women dancing to rave music on the second loor of Axis-he even fronted his own band for awhile called SIX that played the big nightclubs. I was getting to know all kindsof new people like this older goth couple who wrote these really farout proto darkwave songs, a folkie girl who was really savvy about all the English bands. Some brothers from nearby Milford who taught me about all kinds of great music. I got a job at Tower Records and started meeting people like Led Zeppelin everyday. I saw Thee Hypnotics and that was a big gamechanger for me, like, “bingo”. Shazam. That was what I wanted to do, maybe a slightly less jammy version, but those guys threwdown in a way that nobody else was and that was really a big moment for me. They were all real nice guys, too. I kept in touch of some of ’em for years and years, until like one of ’em had  some unpredictable quickdraw shootout celebrity feud with another rockstar friend of mine and I kinda got caught in all the crossfire, collateral damaged. Didn’t matter, I got alot from those guys and still draw some inspiration from Brother Ray and Jim. I think they were brilliant songwriters, atmosphere conjurors, and keep blasting out new rocknroll with a religious fervor. The UK is just way more rocknroll than this NFL and Wal Mart lowest common denominator stupfied military culture. They “get” bands like Thee Hypnotics and Beasts Of Bourbon over there. Only a few big city slickers ever, ever really understood or recognized what my little gang was doing, but it was of that same spirit. They gentrification hipsters are the ones who made off with summa our material, or nicked our glam drummer or desirable girlfriends, or copped our style a whole lot down to the pink pants, same sunglasses, whole thing, but most people who’d see my little bands play were usually struck dumb, stunned, terrified, hated it. Nerds called us white trash bruisers, confrontational and challenging. It was not rocket science. We just had some hard and fast songs we delivered with some passion, and were therefore appaaaarently somewhat persuasive about our anger, that’s how I felt about it. We thrived on that dangerous kinda conflict for awhile, but really found it laughably absurd, when these nerdy sweater vest, prep school glee club pop geeks and backpack yearbook committee straightedge safespace namy pamby Subway worker college types would respond to us like we were G.G. Allin, cause we thought we were just playing real stripped down to it’s primal essence, authentic rocknroll with me singing from my savage lil’ heart. Now I’m old and feeling deathly ill here and I’m just so glad I got to experience some stuff like seeing the Fleshtones, the Waldos, Gunfire Dance, Pillbox, Phantom Chords, Wayne Kramer, and Thee Hypnotics. I really love Jim Jones-he’s what a male rocknroll singer should be like in my estimation. Wish I had a bottle, all I got is this here crazy fever and all the echoes of my mind.

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My aunt got me that big “I Love Rocknroll” lp for Christmas when I was 11 and still studying with the Greg Goldston theatrical troupe and it was an immediate hell yeah. I’d been listening to like all these middle of the road George Harrison and Wings records and Joan was like a bomb on all that. I was not aware of Johnny Thunders or Stiv Bators yet, but I was wise to the Go-Go’s and the Pretenders and only vaguely becoming aware of Iggy and the Sex Pistols from reading used copies of Trouser Press and Zigzag magazines from the nearby town’s hippie used record store, Mind Dust. I say “hippie” cause Bubble Puppy was like THE band to the much older guys who worked there, also Balloon Farm, and some foreign band called Charlee. I was one of those males who wanted to dress and look like Joan and Chrissie. I went on to discover “Bad Reputation” and the Runaways and had some bad impressions of Kenny laGuna cause the other Runaways always felt locked out of Joan’s post fame life and I still have truck loads of admiration and compassion for all those girls, but having seen that documentary several times, I get it now. He saved her from failure, poverty, obscurity, maybe an early grave. Everybody with that much talent and charisma should have somebody believe in them like the Laguna family believed in Joan. That’s what a ROCKNROLL VOICE sounds like. Joan Jett. Lemmy. Little Richard. Wild and untamed. Wild and untamed. That’s why we call it rocknroll, not Adelle or fucking cocktail jazz. How did people become so stupid these past twenty five years? Chomsky says college people are the easiest to propagandize, Hedges says our greatest flaw as a people is our profound inability to even IMAGINE how evil the technocrat billionaire ruling classes are. I think the Joan Jett story is not just about her advocating for the Riot Girl movement and for finding Mia Zapata’s killer, to me, the even more romantic part of her story was how a few Real Friends who believed in each other, shared a common vision and stayed loyal to their beliefs and to each other, set a shining example, overcame every obstacle as a team, broke down all the doors.  They believed in freedom and they believed in each other-so important finding other good people to fight for waht is right with. That’s what’s gone missing. Committed, passionate people can do anything they choose. She still has the fire, the sex appeal, the rocknroll authority, integrity, all that, but she also still has that tight knit family who she co created it all with. Lucky bunch. This one’s goin’ out to all the lost lads.

Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch ( New Year Live) – YouTube

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Any Weather (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Runaways: Live in Japan 1977 – YouTube


I probably brushed with this guy when I met Iggy and Andy as a kid, as I think he was touring with them at the time, but me and my doomed buddy Mitch (RIP) were too concerned with the usual crowd of grimacing, gathering, baseball capped fratboys who were giving us the glare in the back alley behind the collegetown nightclub, ya know, doing their obligatory menacing Ohio Male bit, the usual pack of dumbfuck bruisers required by state law there to kinda stare you down, to let you know some more how they Disapprove. Iggy saw the whole thing and shrugged ’em all off sayin’ that’s exactly how their parents and older brothers had treated him before he became famous. He was a real cool guy. He made us feel so great. Alvin’s been in a lotta cool bands, I mean the UK Subs were always one of the most fun and glammy of the English hardcore bands. I keep thinkin’ about Wattie from the Exploited collapsing suddenly and how we’re never supposed to ask any questions about anything ever, unless we’re “Russian Trolls”, or “Anti Science” or “Sexist Bernie Bros”, or blah blah blah whatever. I never could stand to be around the Obedients for every long, I’m sorta anti stormtrooper, I’ll tell ya that! I like rocknroll ya know and that’s what Alvin Gibbs is all about, he likes it too. I was always surprised when Cheap And Nasty were unable to get a break over here-especially with Nasty appearing in that painfully ubiquitous Guns N Roses video, and them releasing the old Hanoi lp’s on Uzi Suicide.  I’m glad as hell some authentic punk soul rockers cats like him and Charlie Harper are still treading the boards and of course I can’t stand no fauxwoke P.C. nonsense, internet know nothing, shit talkin’ rumor mongers slagging those guys as being nazi affiliated, especially not when these same vegan safespacers all voted for politicians who actually ARE Nazi affiliated, and paying real nazis lots of money to fight Nato targeted countries! I read stories once a year in my precious and coveted annual issue of “Vive Le Rock” magazine, if I’m lucky, about Harper and company still sleeping at squats, still getting in the van, still playing rebellious punk music for the people and I find that so inspiring. People I knew wouldn’t do that in their twenties, let alone their autumn years. We don’t have no real punks left over here, just maybe some old guys who get to be book signing red carpet celebrities, or get rich quick tattoo artists on the coasts, or some excessively rich and charitable rockstars give ’em money to open a bar or whatever, but I mean REBELLIOUS punk rockers. Not got-mine dickhead capitalists in leather jackets who just care about Making More Money. You know in the midwest where I grew up, there are still rightwing Kid Rock Woodstock 99 sports mooks with like Rev. Horton Heat t shirts and Doc Martin collections who tell our former friends I “can’t be punk” cause..why, my long hair! Ha ha ha. Somehow Iggy and Rollins and Gibby Haynes and everybody else can still be punk but they wanna see my credentials, my hall pass. They just mad I won’t be in their asskiss club. Fuck those chickenshit conformist cocksuckers anyways. Poison Idea were right as rain when they said “Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes”.The real truth is all those ten thousand record owning honchos can’t stand the fact that I’ve always stood for something and can’t be bought, it embarrases ’em to see anybody livin’ by any code, aside from their standard frathouse hazing, big truck wins, conventional bigmouth macho blowhard, my dad owns the auto parts store, Skoal chewin’, Joe Dirt, boy scout world. “Elevator goin’ up” and “Vroom Vroom” gun your manly automobile engine, all that shit. Brand Yeccch. Maybe I should’ve split for the UK a long time ago cause my country sucks, they’re all bamboozled and hoodwinked hive minds, just eagerly awaiting orders from Zuckerberg and Musk and Bezos. I can’t stand my fellow countrymen at this point. To most of them, rocknroll is just loud music you play during halftime chantings of “USA USA”, or to get real charged up and gung ho about Top Gun military service, it’s just a means to an end, something they copy poorly, because they desire wealth or tribal acceptance. I got motherfuckers trying to take credit for my original songs they only ever arranged covers of, had no real hand in composing, I mean I’m supposed to just accept that and hear some harpies singing “you shoulda gone to college, shoulda been a lawyer, shoulda bought more Bitcoin, shoulda had a parent in publishing, shoulda shoulda shoulda..” It’s tedious and gruelling at this point. A lady I was doing some work for politely laid me off and replaced me with more competant and qualified help-I can’t say I blame her really, I’m surly even when scrubbing, but I’m gonna need a new hustle once I get past this wretched virus, cause Gropey Joe’s war economy is killing us, which is obviously the big plan, bringing their puppet to Congress for many standing ovations like they did with Netanyahu, more bullshit lies for war and scapegoat boogeymen and all that shit–meanwhile everything has quadrupled in price and everybody’s greedhead gouging and Blaming Putin. All I can think is how my longlost homeless blackeyed bassplayer, Kid Loser was right when he said, “No one cares and no one remembers, fuck those people.” He was so right. He had a better sense of humor than me, pissed his inheritance away in like a couple of months, never took anything seriously. I always liked that kid, he was a bratty mooch with a big mouth and people were always punching him, but he never let it break his little troublemaker spirit. I hope he’s still alive out there, drinking his Milwaukee’s Best Ice, talkin’ all night about the Ex Idols and Mother Love Bone and Veruca Salt and Urge Overkill and pissing off everybody who believes they are “More Popular”. We wrote good songs together that people who dislike us both still cover. He used to carry his guitar around and we’d belt out “Drunk Like Me” in the street at lunchtime already shitfaced. Infuriated all the squares and nine to fivers and they took rather more than a pound of flesh from us. I’m still alive to tell the tales, so who knows, maybe he is too. Last time I saw him was at the Public Library where he spent his days cause he became houseless in the cold winter. I gave him twenty bucks but I had to leave the midwest. Long Live “The Kid”.

Alvin Gibbs is one of those dudes we all looked up to cause he was always dead cool and not mucking about. Ya ever hear Brian James & The Brains? “Cold Metal”? He’s a real true rocknroll motherfucker and that’s like a dying species. Chrissie Hynde and others keep predicting a new rebel rock will emerge from all this oppression and tyranny and mediocrity and forced bullshit, but I ain’t seen no evidence of it yet. Only real signs of rebel rock I see when i squint are still coming from Australia or the UK. I do like Factory Superstars from Hollywood quite a bit. Dramarama, but other than them, aint nothin’ really happenin’ at all. So here’s some Disobedience for ya, the way it should be, played properly. With guts. How it’s done.Reminds me of US Bombs a little bit. Good vocals. Bit Vanianesque. Apparently, he’s an author as well. You probably already heard his funny Andy McCoy impression on Youtube.

Only things I miss about big cities are indian food and “Vive Le Rock” magazine and access to record stores that have cool cds and lps on the shelf. 

Alvin Gibbs & The Disobediant Servants – Desperate Dave Is Dead – 100 Club – 10/6/19 – YouTube

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Did you ever suffer over motherfuckers who thought they were your friends but they were only ever using you to “get somewhere”, be around girls, or parlay their association with you into some kindof money scheme? Me, too. I look around at people in this country and they all seem like such suckers and rubes for buying into the whole Hierarchy and mushmouthed myth of Murkkkan “exceptionalism” and red scare and Muslim hating xenophobia, and hate your neighbor if he won’t do what you tell him, the batshit fauxwoke notion of being able to enforce your preferences or beliefs on others, and that whole dumb okeydokey hokeypokey? Me, too, man, but I was the same way once myself-I been a rube so many times, a fool for love, believed work will set you free, took bad abuse jobs trying to earn some kindof license to live, even if only in a lonely bedsit in the ghetto with a hairnet nd bloody wet apron and dead on my feet nad drinking shit bottom of the  barrel liquor just to cope and mostly just slavishly trying to not be fucked with by sexual predator cocaine promotors, the burly bouncer hockey players, and yachtclub untouchable Thurston Howell no shame junkie drugdealers, and Hee Haw yokel predators of Bottomfeeder USA. All I can tell ya is I did have some times when me and the Bastards bunch, my old band in ghetto Allston had much merriment and solidarity, creativity and good times cause we were loyal to the cause of working together, all pitching in and doing our part. That’s how the good stuff happens-you gots to be willing to share, not take more than your share, and you gotta stop ripping people off. Those two things. Carry your own weight, don’t rip people off callously. Should be easy to find four good people willing to adhere to those two simple guidelines, right? Not in a sports competition non stop repetition empire where they’re all trained from birth to believe that money is all that matters and winning is everything. I see the blood feuds all these rich fuckedup siblings get in, fighting over the parents shit, it’s just gruesome to me. I want nothing to do with the bloodsucking people on the hill, the tv watchers, the sports bar pinkyrings, and cetainly not their Globalist bankster NWO cult members or Nato one world government wooden dummies. I do not applaud Zelensky, or Fauchi, Netanyahu, Juan Gaido, Nancy Pelosi, the coup government they’re trying to force on Peru, or anybody else the Man tells me to. I do not like Elon Musk or the Kardashians. Fuck those people. Think for yourself even if high paid college grads on shitlib media tell you all day long to just trust the nice millionaires on tv over and over and over and over again. If I was gonna thank Obama for anything, it’d be for teaching me not to fall for snake oil hucksters in slick suits even if they speak in the cadences of gospel preachers, say vaguely uplifting words other people wrote, or have nice manners with their rich wives. Ex punks and former like, coffeehouse REM people who support these disgraceful wars cause the weapon makers tv provided them with a comic book fiction good versus evil narrative are tragic but also grotesque.

“It’s half way understandable why liberal chauvinists & Eurocentric latte-leftists would be excited by the visit of this Zelensky fraud but it’s unbearable to see Black & colonized people caught up in this nonsense.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Liberals are fascists.” / Twitter

“U.S. propaganda about China is pure projection. “China is imperialist” = the U.S. has been imperialist for at least 150 years “China is collapsing” = the U.S. is already collapsing “China is spying on you” = the U.S. has spied on you for decades Just insert the U.S. for China.” (-Danny Haiphong)


Newly Declassified Clues: Lee Harvey Oswald, CIA, and LSD (

David Swanson on Twitter: “This is a disgusting way to frame this. If I thought fueling a war in Ukraine would help Ukrainians I would not give a shit whether it also helped people in the U.S. who are NOT the only people anyone should care about. But fueling war in Ukraine harms us all.” / Twitter

“With latest UKR aid, cost will reach $115B + countless lives lost in war we could’ve avoided, had we not moved NATO east, supported Minsk or simply not scuttled Turkish peace deal. Meanwhile 1/2M in US are unhoused, 87M lack HC, 4M kids in poverty w/out expanded child tax credit.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “There’s been over $21 TRILLION of unaccounted-for “adjustments” on the Pentagon’s books. They don’t deny this fact. How much exactly is 21 Trillion? You won’t believe it if you tried.” / Twitter

Bianca van der Kamp on Twitter: “”Too many died. War isn’t worth one life.” ~ Harry Patch (the last #WWI trench Tommy) War shouldn’t be glorified. War should be stopped. #hour4peace #ceasefire #negotiatepeace #ChristmasTruce Your voice matters for a @WorldBeyondWar:” / Twitter

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RootsAction on Twitter: “”Joe Biden is not a progressive candidate. He is not taking advantage of the bully pulpit & the power of the presidency, for example executive orders. He’s dead weight on the party. His numbers are down” @normansolomon on @kthalps talking about #DontRunJoe” / Twitter

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Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine while his father the VP was put in charge of Ukraine and his father is on video bragging about firing their prosecutor.

We’ve been told there was nothing to see here. Ukraine isn’t better off with the billions American taxpayers had stolen from us, but the weapons industry, Ukranian Oligarchs and our politicians damn sure are.

Ukraine could have just honored their signed peace agreement with Russia and it would have cost us and them nothing. The same people telling you Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 elections have now been proven to have interfered in the 2020 elections. For 8 straight years Russia was working on implementing the agreed upon Peace agreement, while the West who never planned to honor it was arming Ukraine for war.” (-Black In The Empire)

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I still somewhat redundantly submit these columns here cause I been censored by almost every magazine I ever wrote for in this country and my town aint even got a print shop so I can’t make fanzines no more, maybe I’ll do a limited run chapbook sometime this year I dunno cause the wife uses the printer for her resell biz and ink cartridges get expensive. I keep trying to connect with even one other person who sees all the same kinda shit I do. Is there anybody out there? I keep thinking about that “Rock Art & The X Ray Style” song. Joe had so much figured out, just about the value of community, the bonfire, the cb radio, of making art even if the dumbfuck general public never understand it, or you only have very limited or primitive tools to work with, of broadcasting our tiny smoke signals to the faraway black sheep and fellow exiles and wrong kinds of non comformists. Trying to find the others and communicate is part of how we Stay Human, which is something Tessa Fights Robots talks about. There is rights to protest or privacy or bodily autonomy or free speech in Murkkka, believe me. If you’ve seen the articles about the Cop City compound they built, you’ll understand why they needed to make such a fuss about the Maga protest and had AOC baying for anti protest laws cause she wa s traumatized. She is definitely an intelligence asset, mostly vetted for her marketable appearance and willingness to sit down when Pelosi instructs her to. There is certainly no free press here-it’s all weaponzied Pentagon Media, propaganda of the lyinass fascist dystopian NWO/Davos elites, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and the big banks, you dig? Other countries where I distantly know a few people seem way more free and observant, like, hip to what’s really goin’ down in front of them, than this one. Can you believe I used to consort with people who never even mention Julian Assange? La da da, look at my hair, la da da, come to my spoken word, la da da, buy my product. That’s all they care about, becoming products. I’d rather stand by my beliefs and priciples than shift some fucking boxes of stuff I paid to have made. Sheesh. No Values is the spirit of the age. The Big 5 mockingbird media is all powerful among the Divided Slaves Of Amnesia, they’re all just trained to unconditionally “identify” as this, or that. It’s all the same shit of course, but with a different sports team uniform color. They all think tv is real, elections are real, regulatory agencies still function for the good of the people, and that the fraud squad are their friends. Rightwingers are trying to champion a Gitmo human rights violator as some beacon of liberty. If he’ll dehumanize and torture human beings based on their religion, in Dick Cheney gulags, he’ll do it here, too. Of course Biden will, too, he’s helping overthrow Peru and giving all our healthcare and universal housing money to a Nato puppet for more endless war right now. I do not know any anti war activists where I live. All my former associates parrot television. “Go Team, rah rah” motherfuckers. They’re all Thank Obamas-they identify as liberals and progressives, but support no progressive values or principles, not unions, not peace. They let people like Klaus Scwab and Bill gates tell them who their enemies are. It’s all about worshipping puppet politicians and overpaid liars on tv and repeating what they say. “Orange Man Bad”. You don’t say…? Just came up with that one on the spur, just now, did ya? How VERY illuminating, I can see you are HIGHLY educated and that you Trust The Science and stand with Zelensky and it was Her Turn and you respect Lyn Cheney’s bravery and Chelle really MADE A DIFFRENCE and you wanna go back to how it was under Obama when it was also classy and dahing and we just need more techlord protections from Misinformation and Russia Troll farms hacking our elections with those dastrdly Buff Bernie memes, online. China bad, Russia bad, Iran bad, Saudis good, Israel good, Gropey Joe good, Foo Fighters and Billie Eilish? Extra special secret sauce super dooper double good and Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They are geniuses. And the Kardashians are self made, strong, independent single ladies. Grim, grisly, darkening days. Not a lotta introspection happening over here in this country. I figured the whole shithouse was up in flames when a geeky Phish kid, a jamband reeferhead I knew and worked with in a thanklessly hot kitchen, enlisted in the military to go fight those bad guys who were coming here for our freedom fries, good jobs and benefits and just hated us for our freedom. Laura Bush said we had to invade Afghanistan For Feminism. Worked like magic. Like Colt 45-“Works Everytime”.

About 100 years ago I was friends witha hard partying couple who would always say, “I’m hit”, or “I got hit last night”, meaning they were still hungover. I got hit by that creepy plague. Oh man, this dreaded covid bullshit gets worse by the day, tore up from the floor up as those self-recriminating people like to say, the bodyaches, the chills, the sore throat, it’s pretty awful. You know they concocted some real evil shit when you been through it all and did most of it twice, but you’re laying there helpless for twenty hours a day thinking you might die. I remember one other mutant virus where we had to go get some special prescription pack of pills to shake it about fifteen years ago. I remember being told my fever was so high in the county hospital post seizure that I almost died, that was all the way back when I was about 22, maybe 23, the nurses had me velcro strapped down to a gurney while they punishingly applied ice packs to my burning body as I screamed. I’ve had alcohol poisoning a couple times, food poisoning a few times, and cough syrup overdosed in a dark tattoo shop with a beautful girl who ended up seeing me in a shocking state, but this…is bad. I think about my grandparents who mostly raised me, how I must have worried them way back when I left home at a young age and galavanted around the big cities searching for my own place in the sun. I was not there for my grandfather when he was dying cause a woman decided that’d be the perfect time to divorce me, bit of a distraction that, had to find a place to live. I know I really failed him. Our last conversation was gruelling, I don’t think he really forgave me for never measuring up to his  middle class standards, and a jealous family member always rubbed that in. I did much better caring for my grandmother and aunt for their last few years. I moved back to my hometown and retrieved medicine and grocery shopped and cleaned and took a bad night shift job, and walked back n forth from the hospital, while I was doing all that, my ex took my kids across the country, bonded them to a series of strangers and now they don’t really know who I am, It took me too long to follow her out there almost three years probably, and even then, she’d already conditioned them to sorta reject my side of their family. No word from my daughter in years. Seems she cut ties with her more controlling and powerful other relatives, too. I’ve tried to make peace with my own kids and parents and some faraway people I owed amends to. You do the best you can and give the rest to a higher power, I’m not in charge of any outcomes, they say, in that cult of perpetual self blaming. Ended up in too many one-way relationships with people who only showup empty handed when they burn all other bridges and never even think to bring anything to the table, or in our tradition, the hobo stew, they just feel entitled to take what little we barely got left, so I waste less time investing in those types. I was reading that Chrissy Amphlett bio and man she went through even crazier, more brutal and chaotic shit than me, from a performing arts childhood with a traumatized veteran father and doting mom, to being a surfer party girl at the druggy beach, to discovering psychedelics and hippie-drifting all around the globe relying on the kindness of strangers, bartending, trading on her looks, having affairs, and pinballing from one loser nowhere band to another. She knew all along she was Born To Rock, but it is ever so difficult to find the right people. She knocked around from town to town jamming with an autoharp in junkie squats and singing sea shanties on boats and performing in corny undergound plays and eight piece jam bands and open mic nights and all the horrors every wouldbe frontperson is subjected to if their first couple of garage gangs aint superfunded by some showbiz uncle. It’s mind boggling how much rejection she experienced. Most of the competent musicians didn’t understand her, could not appreciate her one of a kind, offbeat style of vocalizing, a wild wailing, usually associated with hardass male singers, such as Bon Scott or Angry Anderson.”They laughed and told me I was TOO DIFFERENT to make it as a rocknroll singer. They said that with my quirky voice and dress and buck teeth I didn’t sing or look like a lead singer should. They were saying success and acceptance comes with conformity. THAT WAS CRAP. ROCKNROLL IS FOR REBELS.” Hear, hear, my dear. Me, too. 

   I was laying in the sick bed last night smiling as I remembered the time some super gifted guitar prodigy who drove an old yellow vintage convertible like a Beach Boy and lived in a haunted mansion, had invited me to audition for his very painstakingly tight, studio musician band at some well to do square’s suburbanite house. They banged into a whizbang perfect Wrecking Crew rendition of that old Monkees song, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and obviously you don’t call me, if you want Davey Jones, a lead singer’s job is to put his own stamp on it and entertain the people so I let ’em have it, the full bug theatrical, Birthday Party shambolic, lounge singer gone bad, howlingly combatitive, wildeyed rocknroll business, just like Iggy Pop or Jim Morrison would. They were shocked and appalled and kept asking me to do it again but sing normal. You get me for your band if you want somebody with their own voice and vibe and point of view who can command a room and has stories to tell, not if you’re looking for some Ricky Martin/Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake/Harry Styles note perfect milk n cookies guy to be polite. No, I’m not cutting my hair. No, I don’t care that your friend the wrestler does not like me. No, I don’t care that your wife’s mother’s hairdresser says I’m the devil corrupting the children with too much Aqua Net and Dramarama records, no I’m not here to make desk job people feel proud about voting for Kamala cause it shows how they can’t be racist. It’s always been that same old shit with the gadfly booj peeps, they invite you into their thing, but say you have to change completely. The shredder’s rhythm section were horrified when the sweat started pouring and the makeup started running, my waist length hair was wet and the shirt came off and you know I used to wear a buncha crucifixes and rosaries underneath my shirt and they thought that might be something really bad, and I started improvising beat poetry on the spot I expected them to jam to. They were clearly uncomfortable with the black shiny pleather clad presence of my much beloved, beautiful old bartender/roommate/confidante/soul sista Jessa Belle, who’d accompanied me to the audition and brought a big bottle of booze along for laughs. They were oblivious to the irony of wanting to cover “Pleasant Valley Sunday” while insisting it be properly music school renditioned. They were such scolding, humorless, textbook squares. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”? They WERE the weekend warrior uncool people on the hill, pompously trying to repremand me for not being serious, refusing to “sing normal”. Does anybody tell Rotten that? Lux? Bators? Taime Downe? Billy Hopeless? Bryan Small? Jim Jones? Texacala? “Sing Normal”. That was some tv people shit, and they were supposed to be the big Cobain lovers. They’d never seen punk rock in real life. That town jumped on the Nirvana bandwagon but it was all real new to the sports doofuses. You had one group trying to be Beatles and one group trying to be Pearl Jam, not a lot of real action. There were only a couple of punkish outfits in their circle: a comelately hot rod satanic jugband with many tattoos when Nashville Pussy was the latest thing, and a trust funded Cramps ripoff band with sixties antique fuzz pedals and tube amps and expensive guitars galore, hundreds actually, and very rare and hard to find echo machines and their own recording studio, so they could endlessly churn out garage noise for hipster labels in disco shirts, they’d all applaud for that band in that town, but not for their tunes really cause they had none, they were applauding their money, the rare gear they played badly through. Rich Sees Rich. People blindly, deaf and dumbly, applaud success or accoutrements of succes in those rightwing wealth worshipping sports enclaves. Man fuck those guys, they did not get rocknroll, at all. That prodigy guitarist’s brother was a promising drummer who was smart and decent, rare characteristics in that particular town in the grunge era, but he needed to be accepted by their rich lawyer dad way, way, way more than he needed to rock, he needed to belong with his obedient, mansion dwelling, “Less Than Zero”, business minded classmates, so ya see his picture online now, and he don’t look like nobody from Oasis anymore, he looks like a showbiz shark, sports jacketed Doc McGhee rock manager. Had a similar experience in the recording studio with some locals only fellas who had their one and only exacting familiar process and I was expected to emulate the vocalist of their local band, which is just not what I do. No thanks man. “Sing normal, they said.” They had an exaggerated opinion of their own singing voices-the “normal ” ones. They’d wipe the first three takes instead of mixing ’em together, and in my world, that’s where the magic usually is, all the feeling is embedded in the first or second take. 

   So yeah I take heart from Chrissy’s hardknocks sordid tale, it’s a real hair raising, roller coastering, holy smokes barnstormer, she did hard time in a foreign prison, endured all manner of grisly abuse, so when the usual lazy lackey self proclaimed journalists started shooting off the mandatory questions about how hard it supposedly is to be a beautiful and talented female with a killer band in rock, she’d just sorta chuckle and roll her eyes. She went places you wouldn’t go with a gun. What a powerhouse, all soul, always and ever only about singing it from the heart, she got that–in spite of childhhod forays into choir and ballet, she was just there to deliver the feeling, she was All Feel, and she’s brutally honest and I love that about her, too. One of my alltime favorites. When you’re going through all the hard times, lookin’ for some kinda sense or meaning, taking inventory, contemplating the hard facts of life, giving up on humanity, there are still these half forgotten artists from ancient times, you can read about and listen to who get it, who felt the same way and wern’t just trying to milk some jive hustle and get over and make money, who really seemed sincere and true and good and heartfelt. I love them for all that. The first two Divinyls albums were like AC/DC meets Billy Idol. Chrissy was the unprecedented Wild Card. Real Rocknroll is ALL ABOUT the Wild Card. They got lucky when they recognized the right character to manage them and he jettisoned the first wanker bassplayer who thought he was the cat’s pajamas cause he’d played with Mark in Air Supply, like that was something to be proud of, he fucked over the band on copyrights and a shady publishing deal, that was fucked up. Mark McEntee was ALSO wild, I mean he was like an elegantly pouncing, slashing Malcolm Young or Keith Richards real  instinctive kinda guitarist but he had a Billy Duffy or Steve Stevens like flash and talent, just more understated, he let the song breathe, made room for Chrissie. And let’s just repeat for the record how he flatout always just looked cool as fuck, and moved ever so cat like gracefully, him and his model wife ran a super cool rocknroll boutique that sold threads to Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry and Amy Winehouse called Wheels & Dollbaby–if you aint from Australia it’s almost impossible to imagine rock god Mark ever playing in Air Supply!!!? Mark McEntee is one of those rare snow leopard guitarists who are so impossible to find anymore. A unique stylist almost like a Brian James. What an excellent band. Even though she’d done time in every corny cover band and Belgian experimental Hawkwind dervishing hippie collective, when she strted composing intimate original like “Boys In Town”, it took her awhile to summon up the appropriate nerve and audacity to deliver those songs with the inflammatory, take no prisoners, no apologies, storming authority they deserved, so her manager took her to see AC/DC, and she stole Angus’s gimmick, which seemed even more dangerous on a voluptuous female-the schoolgirl persona helped her release her incorrigible, bratty banshee side the world all came to love in the new wave era. They were touring with bands like Simple Minds and the Furs and gaining an audience overnight. First fame’s hard on people. They got ripped off so bad, their publishing was stolen when they were young and naieve and “desperate” as the song goes-at least they signed the dotted line, nowadays, these industry manuvering social vampires got ways of trying to steal your shit without ever paying you a cent and with no signed contract. They just copyright your shit. Fuck you, ha ha, the end. House always wins. The Fix is always in. Don’t kid yourself, sunshine. I think the world is becoming more wicked by the day. Maybe I just feel crummy cause I’m so shockingly sick, I dunno man, it all seems so bleak. I got no trust or faith in people, they’re like demons. Mass hypnotized soldiers of the Nato/Bill Gates/imperialist Status Quo. You can’t talk to the see no evil coincidence theorists. They spend their whole lives in school but never heard of any most basic, well documented, historical facts…except for shit that makes them FEEL GOOD, they are the proud, the many, the virtue signaling, on trend, bumper sticker people, “I VOTED”, they feel scientific cause they watch all that good guys versus badguys copaganda on tv. Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. They make excuses for coups and wars and censorship and torture and kidnapping, murderous cops, big tech spying, poisoned water, bad medicine, human experimentation. I been social distancing for a real long time. I don’t see that changing much.

Divinyls – Siren – YouTube

Divinyls – Don’t You Go Walking (LEGENDADO) – YouTube

Divinyls – I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Live TV) – YouTube


Divinyls – Only Lonely (live) 1987 – YouTube

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Divinyls – Girlfriends – YouTube

Wheels & Dollbaby – Official Store ( if ya wanna get me anything for Xmas…I’m medium-size.

“The CIA didn’t kill JFK to replace him with Lyndon Johnson.

The CIA killed JFK to replace American democracy with an unaccountable shadow government that you can’t vote away. HUD says that it would cost $20 billion to end homelessness in America. We are told that that is impossible, yet the government is about to pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill, which includes an ADDITIONAL $44 billion to Ukraine. Our government isn’t just corrupt — it is evil.” (-Primo Radical)

The progression There are no Nazis There are only a few Nazis The Nazis don’t have any real power These aren’t the same kind of Nazis Doesn’t matter if the Nazis are fighting for your country So what, Every country has Nazis The Nazis have been deradicalized now…The former President of Ukraine and German Chancellor Merkel both admitted that the Minsk agreement signed with Russia was only signed to bide time for Ukraine to build their military and they had no intention of honoring it

Our Gov’t is tells us that Russia can’t be trusted…Our ruling class is not as dumb as many think

They cut off Europe’s cheap energy supply and got them to pay our companies 4x more They have weakened Russia, though not as much as they hoped and stolen billions from us to give to their donors. That’s not me saying this, it is the words of the former Ukrainian President and Merkel. American propaganda wins.

Sadly, Ukraine had to be sacrificed…Propaganda working is having Americans look at what is happening to Ukraine and believing this is what winning looks like, when they could have just honored the Minsk agreement and none of this would be happening. Maybe we should be using all these new IRS agents to audit the Pentagon The United States has more people in prison than any country in the world…Is it possible that some of your so called allies telling us about women’s rights, just don’t want black babies born? 

We don’t live in a democracy. There is no Dem vs GOP. Our Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukrainians. Fauci works for Big Pharma. Trump doesn’t care about working class whites. Obama doesn’t care about Black people..We are all just pawns being exploited.” (-Black In The Empire)

“A new poll shows at least 80% of people in Peru reject the right-wing oligarch-controlled congress, which launched the coup against elected President Castillo on December 7, with US backing.

Protesters have been in the streets demanding the closure of congress and new elections” (-Ben Norton)

Chris Hedges: Ukraine, Iran, Palestine, Twitter Files, Media Censorship and Assange – Dandelion Salad (

JPierre on Twitter: “The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is the soft power arm of the CIA. Its operations in Haiti have played a large role in undermining sovereignty.” / Twitter

Walter Benjamin Warned Us Against the Illusions of Capitalist Progress (

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “this is such a sick joke. “free speech” twitter under emperor elon is hardly playing out as advertized.” / Twitter

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As New Cold War Ramps Up, Cuba and Russia Fortify Historic Geo-Political Alliance | CovertAction Magazine

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Ron Paul: “Twitter Files” Make It Clear, We Must Abolish The FBI – Activist Post

johndissed on Twitter: “Guess what? “A cause of death has yet to be revealed.” And in case you’re losing track, there’s also a video provided of other recent young and old celebs who have passed.″ / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “We Charge Imperialism: US Sanctions Against the Global Majority This is a very important, must-watch event organized by @Iran_Solidarity, featuring @bikrumsinghgill, @MullinCorinna, @KillSanctions, @nodutdol:” / Twitter

Kucinich Says Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine-Russia War Must be Heard; Silencing of Congressional Progressive Caucus Casts Dems as the “War Party” – Dandelion Salad (

“Twitter’s attempt to suppress my reporting on the relationship between UK Foreign Office/MI6 and the world’s largest media organizations gets to the heart of the social media platform’s collaboration with trans-Atlantic intel. Twitter introduced its “hacked materials” policy when I exposed Reuters, BBC and Bellingcat as UK intelligence cut-outs running Foreign Office ops against Russia.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Just a reminder that last month Ukraine bombed Poland (a NATO member) killing two people, tried to blame Russia in order to start World War III, then refused to apologize.

Yet they’re continuing to get tens of billions of dollars from NATO.” (-Primo Radical)

America believes in Freedom of the Press

That’s why our Gov’t plotted to kill a journalist that exposed their war crimes, then kidnapped, jailed and tortured him and one of our allies dismembered a journalist and another just shot a journalist in the face while we did nothing.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Nancy Pelosi salary: $193,400

Nancy Pelosi net worth: $196million Mitch McConnell salary: $193,400 Mitch McConnell net worth:$54million Like it or not, they both play for the same team. Neither party is on your side. They are on the side of getting themselves rich.” (-Tyler Todt)

Putin is just evil and a vicious dictator that went into Ukraine for no reason, just bored I guess The proof is simple. Our Gov’t and media says so and is of course fighting for democracy There is no amount of evidence that will convince us otherwise. (-” (-Black In The Empire)

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Mainstream US reporters silent about being spied on by apparent CIA contractor that targeted Assange – The Grayzone

“The same ones convincing us to hate China, when they’re the ones who gutted our middle class giving our jobs to China

Nobody seems to notice. Americans get out of the Matrix.” (-Black In The Empire)

Former German Chancellor Merkel Admits that Minsk Peace Agreements Were Part of Scheme for Ukraine to Buy Time to Prepare for War with Russia | CovertAction Magazine

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Media Roots on Twitter: “New Media Roots Radio w/ @AbbyMartin, @FluorescentGrey Fake News For Regime Change, Homophobia Escalation & War Criminal Ron DeSantis Exposed Ft. @MikePrysner of @EyesLeftPod” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro denounced the overthrow of Peru’s Pedro Castillo as an undemocratic “parliamentary coup,” saying it is a warning for all elected left-wing leaders in Latin America. Transcript here:” / Twitter

The Twitter Files reveal influence of Russiagate disinformation (

“The Pentagon honors the CNN correspondent who functioned as its most loyal stenographer, churning out press releases in the form of articles and granting it untold millions in outsourced public relations services.” (-Max Blumenthal on war propagandists complimenting each other.)

As leaks expose UK op to ‘weaken’ Russia, suppression of Grayzone reporting backfires – The Grayzone

Katalin Pota ☮️☮️☮️ on Twitter: “It’s 29 degrees in NYC and homeless people are sleeping on the street.” / Twitter

Media Roots (@MediaRootsNews) / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “I can’t wait to participate with many others who are terrified that this war in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear disaster and want to see peace talks NOW! It’s definitely time to @RageAgainstWar #peaceinUkraine” / Twitter

“The Left in the USA is overwhelming a Middle-Class formation

It’s the FIRST LEFT historically to have NO CONNECTION to the WORKING CLASS A big chunk of these people say they don’t want to hear about poverty” (-Compton Jay)

“When any white man in the world says, give me liberty or give me death, the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing he is judged a criminal and treated like one.” (- James Baldwin)

In her Best Steve Urkel voice AOC says “Did I do that?” About Her Political Choices | Premieres Thurs Dec 22nd at 1030AM ET (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “AOC is more unpopular than Hillary Clinton 🤣” / Twitter

REVEALED! How Twitter & CIA Spread Pro-War Propaganda – YouTube

“$45 Billion more to “Ukraine” proves that the war is really between US & UK led “neoliberal/predatory/finance based economics” and “industrial/commodity/reality based economics” of Russia, China, and the Global South.” (-Garland Nixon)

Zelensky Makes Outrageous Demand During U.S. Visit – Biden Accommodates! – YouTube

Liberals have their heads shoved so far up the “Democratic” party’s ass that they now support the military industrial complex, FBI, and CIA and falsely accuse those of us who distrust our corrupt government of being MAGA. There is no polite way of saying it: They’ve become sheep.


Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “Super Natural”

It was quite a shock when The JIM JONES REVUE announced their split in 2014. The band was doing really well everywhere, and especially here in France! As you know, cool cats always get back to their feet, so Jim Jones quickly got a new band together with the help of his long time musical partner Gavin Jay (bass.) After two promising EPs (“Boil Yer Blood” and “Aldecide”), JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND offers us this debut album on Hound Gawd Records who show their great tastes again with this new release.
The artwork for this record was made by French illustrator Jean-Luc Navette, and it really is a work of art (even the download card looks amazing!) On this album, Jim Jones explores new territories and still keeps the wild flame of rock’n’roll alive. “Base Is Loaded” and “Till It’s All Gone” have a bit of TOM WAITS in them, with a sleazy garage, bluesy vibe, “No Fool” sounds as an intense live ritual with SCREAMIN’ JAY AWKINS as a master of ceremony, and “Heavy Lounge #1″resurrects the best of early 70s psyche heavy rock. There’s almost a voodoo atmosphere in these songs when rhythm repetition meets psychedelic guitars, something that could also sometimes be heard in Jim’s old band The HYPNOTICS. The shadow of The STOOGES is also haunting this record (“Something’s Gonna Get Its Hands On You”), and IRON BUTTERFLY‘s ghost probably paid a visit to these guys when they were recording “Boil Yer Blood.” This is the kind of album in which you can find something new every time you listen to it, and when the atmosphere is getting quieter on “Shallow Grave” and “Everyone But Me”, it takes your mind far away to strange and beautiful lands with Lynch-esque colours.
When so many bands flirt with cheap occult clichés these days, JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND managed to create something spiritual, intriguing, dark and sexy at the same time, definitely “Super Natural”! /Laurent C.

Buy from Hound Gawd! Records

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