Jennyfer Star

A new promo CD, a new project… hear STARLET SUICIDE’s singer talk about her new songs, downloading, Sweden, books she enjoys, etc.

So here you are as a solo artist, is STARLET SUICIDE definitely over ? How do you feel about the future…band or solo?

JENNYFER STAR: Right now I´m pretty sure I will remain as a solo artist. But only time will tell I guess.

Can you tell us more about the songs of your new promo CD?

JENNYFER: “As Good As It Gets” was a song I wrote earlier this year. I had been sick a lot, one infection after another. And with the band I never had time to recover, since you can´t just cancel a gig cuz yer sick.. So all of the infections and stress led to a deep depression with panic attacks and shit. So I just felt I had to write something about it. I´m really sick about be so troubled all the time. There is always something that bothers me you know.. I guess I´m a neurotic wreck haha.. So I asked myself if this is “as good as it gets” and the answer came clearly.. “there just has to be a twist about it. It turned out to be a real hit song and I´m very happy about it! “Be The Same” was something I wrote after I got out of the depression, had decided to leave Starlet and the spring had arrived. I was out walking my dog in the morning, hungovered after one of the first nights out for months, but I felt like everything´s gonna be fine. It was kinda like a happy song first, but the re-arrangement made it kinda melancholic. I like that there´s a certain feeling about this song. It´s kinda dreamy. And I like that it turned out so different than I had imagined it. The music is pretty blue and the lyrics gives a feeling of hope. “Power ballad” might be the right category for it. I also recorded a cover song. Betty Blowtorch´s “Size Queen” which will be on a tribute cd for the band (due to be released Spring 2008). It´s a real killer, a party song and I´m happy that I got the opportunity to be on the tribute cd since Betty Blowtorch is one of my favourite bands. This song, however, is not on the promo cd, but it´s available for download on my website:

According to you, what are the main musical differences between these new songs and the ones in STARLET SUICIDE?

JENNYFER: For me, it´s pretty hard to say. Since it´s still MY music… But I guess that the new songs aren´t as much glamrock as the later Starlet stuff and not either as punky as the early Starlet stuff. I guess it´s more plain rock, with a Jennyfer Star-edge of course 😉

Have you already played these new songs live, or will you?

JENNYFER: I haven´t played them live yet, and right now I don´t know when I will start playing live again. I feel pretty comfortable with having the summer off, for once. I have been playing so much for the past years, with no time to relax and think it all through. So I guess I need this “break”. I´m writing a lot of new stuff though, and it feels really good!

What about your fanzine Cherryfuck? Does it still exist?

JENNYFER: Actually, we just decided a few months ago that we should let Cherryfuck go. We had a lot of fun with it and maybe we will do another fanzine some day. But for the past year/s we have been to busy to run it and it also felt like that was the past. There were many things with Cherryfuck we weren´t proud of. Like that mental illness was always in the focus. Sure, it needs to be in focus, because it sucks and there is a lot of ppl not understanding, but at the same time we felt like we need to focus on other things instead.

You offer your songs to download for free… What’s your opinion on legal/illegal download? Weren’t records a better thing?

JENNYFER: I don´t really wanna take a side in that battle. I think both sides have good opinions. For me it´s all about getting my music out, and to offer ppl to download it for free will give me a bigger audience I believe. I do believe that records is a better thing, and if I download something I like I usually get the cd. Although, I like vinyl better than cds and most of the new stuff isn’t available on vinyl, so that kinda sucks.

Have you enjoyed any shows or bands lately?

JENNYFER: Yeah actually I went to a couple of shows last week here in Stockholm. Loud N Nasty played last Wednesday and on Thursday Crashdïet played as well as Sister. It was a lot of fun and a lot of beers included..

Do you have any explanation on the fact that there are so many glam/sleaze bands in the North of Europe, especially in Sweden?

JENNYFER: Actually I don´t.. Other than that we peeps up north must have nothing better to do that to play dirrrty rock n roll all nite long haha..

Do you enjoy books and movies? Any interesting ones you’ve read/seen lately?

JENNYFER: Yeah I read pretty much and I love to watch a good movie! I mostly read biographies/memoirs and one of my favourite books is “And I Don´t Want To Live This Life” by Deborah Spungen. (In case someone doesn´t know, it´s the story about Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sid from The Sex Pistols, written by her mom.) It´s one of the books that really ment something for me. And movies, I recently saw all the Rocky movies. I never thought I would like that kinda movies but I actually find Rocky really cute hehe.. Usually I like to watch romantic comedies, chick flicks and psychological thrillers though. A few other movies I loooove is: Natural Born Killers, Gia, Love And A .45, The People v/s Larry Flynt, Sid & Nancy and so on…

If you could play on your dream bill (bands or artists from now or the past), what would it be?

JENNYFER: I´d love to play with Betty Blowtorch. They are probably the best band that has delivered true rock n roll the past decade. Also Joan Jett, that would be awesome!

Are you working on new songs? What’s coming next?

JENNYFER: Yep yep, I´m writing like a maniac hehe… And hopefully I will record some new tunes by the end of the summer or early fall. I think it will be a lot like the songs I have released now. So keep yer ears on me! “As Goos As It Gets” will also be released on a compilation cd that the fabulous fanzine “Bubblegum Slut” is putting together. It will be out in June so check it out!