The Piggies “… And Now!” EP

Japanese band The PIGGIES have been around since 1997 although they broke up in 2001 and reappeared in 2017. They are a quite mysterious band (it’s actually hard to find any info about them online!) with cartoonesque girl vocals. They mix power pop, 60s girl bands and punk pop in an interesting way as you can hear in “Tell Me”. Songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or the amphetamine fueled rock’n’roll “Evelyn” are very catchy and hard to resist. Short but sweet, this 6 song 12″ is out on Monster Zero Records (on nice clear vinyl!) /Laurent C.

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King Brothers “Wasteland”

Japan’s KING BROTHERS have their own vision of garage rock’n’roll in which classic STONES guitar riffs and harp meet modern deconstructed drum beats. Known for their energetic live shows, the power trio managed to re-create this wild and furious atmosphere in songs like “No Want”, “The Machine”, or “Bang Blues” in order to give birth to some kind of noisy and hypnotic chaos. This is raw and dirty, but you’ll still find some melodies (“The Farthest End”, “No Thanks.”) “Kick Ass Rock” and “Sympathy For The XXXXX” get their influences straight from anthemic 60s/70s rock’n’roll songs, but still dance on the craziness edge while “Break On Through” is pure noise punk. The ghost of The WHO can even be heard in “No No No”!
While their 2001 album was released by Toshiba EMI in Japan, this new album is out on Hound Gawd! Records and there’s a limited edition of 100 copies on orange vinyl. This probably won’t be your neighbour’s favourite new record, but if you think that rock’n’roll is doomed to its past, then check out “Wasteland”! /Laurent C.

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