“”NATO is not a defense alliance, it’s a war machine. Ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya.” (-Mick Wallace)

“That depends, who else is going to be fighting this? Bc if it’s someone with different beliefs than me or that I label a “grifter” than I’m siding with the vinyl chloride mushroom cloud!” (-Elizabeth) ….who is obviously a very funny genius!!!

“The largely white working class community of East Palestine have human rights that are not being recognized by the government. Over 100 billion to Ukraine while infrastructure in the U.S. crumbles. Why? U.S. capitalists want Ukraine & care nothing about the people in both places.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

I look at all these political labels floating around and I want to make it clear to all of you that I may on your side on some things but I’m not on your team.

I’ve been on this Earth long enough, seen enough, lived through enough, been enough places and done enough myself to know that just about everyone of the people that act like they are so morally superior that they can’t even be around people with other views are full of shit. There is a speaker I don’t agree with on something so you millions of people around the world doomed to die from one of our wars, just dig your grave now until some tiny ass protest where everybody is as morally superior as I am comes around. Our Gov’t now consists of 2 war Parties being bolstered by propaganda being fed to us by both the Dem and GOP Corporate owned media establishments. The greatest fear of the Establishment is people from different ideologies finding common ground and uniting on stopping something they need to maintain their wealth, power and control

Staying in your bubbles so you can feel morally superior makes you a powerless joke to them. Don’t forget,

The disinformation campaign waged around the Hunter Laptop story wasn’t the Russians, it was the 51 former Intelligence Officials that tried to make us believe it was the Russians.”(-Black In The Empire)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “So, they’re not gonna give them money. Or safe water. But they will give them a handy dandy surveillance bracelet. Fuuuuuck youuuuuuu.” / Twitter

There will never, ever be a large antiwar rally that doesn’t get attacked for having the wrong speakers or the wrong message or the wrong whatever. ANY time an antiwar movement starts gaining momentum and turning heads, it WILL be attacked. And it WON’T be for the reasons given.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

The suppression of Seymour Hersh’s bombshell revelations about the Nord stream pipeline by legacy media speaks volumes about the worthlessness of the lapdog corporate press.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

In America, there are people stupid enough to believe that Russia chose Trump as their numero uno operative in the US and that the Chinese use balloons for high tech spy surveillance in 2023…. both Narratives originating from the same cabal of Biden neocon freaks….” (-Garland Nixon)

The US committed a chemical weapons attacks on its own people in East Palestine, Ohio. By US logic, the international community should be doing all it can to strip the dictator Biden of his power via regime change.” (-Danny Haiphong)

If you advocate radical changes to society — an often noble and vital act — then of course people will discuss the changes you urge; some will question them; others will oppose them. The job of an activist is to engage doubters and convince them, not demand they be ignored.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

🎗️Denver Free Assange on Twitter: “Great line up of speakers. We know the public will come together. The war machine is worse than any individual and hides behind a complacent media. Looking forward to marching in solidarity. ✊ #FreeAssangeNOW #RageAgainstWar” / Twitter


Oregon Libertarian Podcast on Twitter: “@rogerwaters @RageAgainstWar_” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: ““This is our one opportunity, the main opportunity this year, to rage against the war machine.” Roger Waters will make a special appearance on February 19 at DC’s Lincoln Memorial as we protest NATO’s escalation of the Ukraine proxy war” / Twitter


But why aren’t they speaking out about Mayo Pete and Gropey Joe’s dereliction of duty in Ohio? It might be a lost cause trying to reason with or covert the redneck down the road with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag to veganism and rainbows, but the culture war is manufactured by the elites to justify their war on the poor. I lived in a rich white privilege town and they mobilized ten thousand landlordly airandb type, propery owning, college educated people to the parks for those women’s marches, no kkkops beat anybody up, that’s how you know it was an astro turf agenda at play- that whole show was all about Hillary, when all the virtue signaling feminists went home, they left behind 3000 men, women and children who were homeless, to die in the cold streets, locked all the public bathrooms, spent tens of thousands on putting sharp rocks beneath underpasses so the unsightly presence of mothers fleeing abuse and runaway kids and traumatized veterans did not harm the sports tourism and legal for white people weed boutique’s public image. Then, they hired Wakenhutt security thugs and these local private kkkops called “Downtown Guides” to push all those who failed to present as sufficiently bourgeoise middle class around at the bus station and library, and accused the poor people of shitting in the plaza, got their photo op of city workers in hamzat suits presure spraying WAYNE MORSE FREE SPEECH PLAZA, declared a “health emergency”, stole all the poor people’s tents and tarps and companion pets and backpacks. Told the yuppies it was for the public health. That’s how they do it. The public health, they say. “But I thought it was just a woman’s march down here yesterday and we’re gonna help all the women…” Nope just RICH women. RICH Gay people. RICH Black folks. That’s the part they left out when they promoted themsleve as a VIBRANT AND DIVERSE HUMAN RIGHTS CITY. …..EXCLUSIVELY FOR RICH PEOPLE. They keep the middle class busy bickering about gender and veganism and cloth masks and dog rights for rich ladies, but constantly scorn and blame and scapegoat and slander the people who have nothing, I knew two women who died on those streets, but city hall just repeats over and over this same textbook program about how it was a lifestyle choice, that they were travelers and layabouts, they say it’s their own fault, then, they take away the right to protest in public spaces. I love RuPaul, too, but this shit is outta control. They weaponized all the well intentioned instincts of the people’s movements, and use the culture war diversions to punish the have-nots at the bottom. It’s fucked up, but the Trader Joe’s people just wanna FEEL GOOD. They can see no evil, except for Trump. He’s just one asshole. There are millions just like him everywhere and always have been. Stop pretending he’s some unique anomoly. It’s a whole country of starbellied sneetch motherfuckers who only care about their own tiny marketing group.

J.D. Vance on Twitter: “Visited a local creek in East Palestine today. These waterways are still very polluted. It’s time for Norfolk Southern to finish the cleanup. Check this video out:” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “”Then along comes Seymour Hersh, the world’s most acclaimed living investigative journalist, who produced a detailed claim that the US and Norway executed the Nord Stream gas explosion. And I find it jaw-dropping that the EU is still not asking questions.”” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Another excellent article on the history of the war in Ukraine and what is happening now!!! Spin, lies fuel a bloody war of attrition” / Twitter

Angela McArdle on Twitter: “”Angela, you need to do outreach to the left.” “No, not like that!!”” / Twitter


The whole culture is so divided now by our non stop addiction to the propaganda onslaught of corporation controlled hypnoscreens and it’s nigh impossible to not get swept up in all the nonsense information streams, which is why I find myself perpetually longing for my lost youth eighties heyday when we met in dark places in real life with maybe a bit of makeup on and laughed and danced and drank and exchanged ideas that were not always dictated from the top down. I never liked that Duran Duran song “Too Much Information”, but I see they were right, with so many people so strictly only “identifying” with powerful media personalities who do not have our best interests at heart. I always liked RuPaul and Bernie Sanders but now, I suspect even they are being used byThe Man. My see no evil devoted feelgoodist NPR listening former friends and comrades do not want to hear that they are being bullshitted, or lied to, or that they are not immune to propaganda. They think if they stay glued to CNN and echo whatever the millionaires say, they will get special permissions and protections from the people upstairs, and maybe a few of them have, but I am somewhat less optimistic.

I first discovered Japan in the pages of “Smash Hits” magazine of course, in the early eighties, I had yet to escape my tumultuous upbringing in the hellish cornfields and stinky gymnasiums of the loathsome smlltown Midwest where they browbeat all the no brains males into military service. They were sortof like the ultimate band in many ways-imagine a cocktail that’s like three parts Roxy Music and one part Hanoi Rocks, right? What more could you ever ask for? 5 great records in like three or four years. If you wanted futuristic escapism and decadent urban thrills, and boy did I ever, Japan had all that and more. Japan were TOTALLY like Duran before Duran, probably. I’ve been on a big Japan kick lately. They had a night time spooky throb and arty guitar like Bauhaus, but with a deep disco groove you can’t really help but involuntarily move to, opaque, abstractly poetic lyrics sung in a sexy, sneery, Rotten meets Bowie, Scott Walker kinda sultry croon. If you love D2, Bowie, or Roxy or Human League, ya gotta dig deep into the Japan discography. I can listen to their stuff all day, they were so cool, danceable, visual, sensual, brilliant clothing, Enoesque keyboards, Chic or Ohio Players disco vibes, angular, stabbing, Television like guitars. David Sylvian looks like Nick Rhodes or vice versa actually, so dapper, moody, emotive. Punk-Funk before their time, they still sound so futuristic, it’s amazing. I just swoon for this stuff. If you ever wanna show me a real cool time, just provide a pint of vodka, a couple bottles of Champagne and let me play Japan real loud all night! I can just get lost in the cool grooves of this band. I think they achieved the perfect hybrid of like Roxy, Bowie, Talking Heads and seventie disco, really. Too sexy and soulful to be prog rock, but they bring all those layered atmosphers along with the sexy wildness. They were probably even better than Duran, but obviously nowhere near as well known. Whenever I think they’re gonna get too jazzy, they keep their sound rockin’, hard driving like the Power Station or Billy Idol. I love the vocalist so much! He’s one of the great rocknroll cult figures because his talent was just explosive and what a fucking band he had. Lucky. Motherfucker, really. Night Boat or Night Porter, it’s all New Romantic to me but if I was asked to choose between LeBon and Sylvian, it would be Syvian, everytime. All those guys were so fucking talented. I know my longlost old friend Brian Smith was influenced by them, too. The Pills and Beat Angels and Gentlemen After Dark guy. Personally, I still like their first record best but their more cosmopolitan fanbase seemed to like their latter day stuff when they finally wrangled Giorgio Moroder who Duran Duran have just recently finally collaborated with I believe, and also Roxy’s old producer, John Punter. Mick Karn went on to work with Peter Murphy in Dali’s Car and Gray Numan and Kate Bush all the eighties esoteric, more experimental and avant garde elites like Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Robert Fripp, and pinup pretty Sylvian went on to have a very successful solo career. 5 great records in like three or four years. If you’re a producer or guitar player who’d like to do something kindof Japan influenced and dark and glammy and urbane with synths AND snarly guitars, by all means, please do send me a Bat Signal. I think everything they did was extraordinarily entertaining and elegant and artfully ambient, but I like alotta stuff my rocker friends think are appalling and too cocktail jazzy like “Slave To Love”, and shit like that. I like Scritti Politti and ABC ya know? “Silver Moon” reminds me of Fra Lippo Lippi. Sylvian is divorced from Ingrid Chavez but they have two kids together. Remember that old Prince song, “Hippie Blood”?

“Delivering protests of intellect and

Persevere over singular verbs

Your head is fucked

And the sequel is indirect”

Japan Don t Rain On My Parade – смотреть видео онлайн в Моем Мире | Alvitina C (

Quiet Life At 40: How Japan Traded Glam Rags for the New Romantic Crown – Rock and Roll Globe

Japan – Adolescent Sex (“New Version”) – Assemblage 1981 – YouTube

Japan • Quiet Life • Extended Promo • 1979 on Vimeo

Stateline – YouTube

Deviation – YouTube

Japan • Quiet Life • Extended Promo • 1979 on Vimeo

Japan – All Tomorrow’s Parties (1983) 7″ Version – YouTube

Japan Halloween – YouTube

David Sylvian – Silver Moon (LYRICS) – YouTube

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours – YouTube


Japan Ghosts 480p Quality – YouTube

Ingrid Chavez – The first time I met Prince (Interview at The Current) – YouTube

Ingrid Chavez – Hippy Blood_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

Ingrid Chavez – May 19 1992 (HD Full Album) – YouTube

Ingrid Chavez – Heaven Must Be Near_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


UK Labour Leader Bans Corbyn as Party Candidate (

Caitlin Johnstone: Pentagon’s Propaganda Push in Ukraine (


Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Train derailment in Ohio while another $10 billion goes to Military contractors for Ukraine money laundering.” / Twitter



Unifying the Rage Against the War Machine (

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “#AllTrainsMatter” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “LOL. Biden and the Democrats, together with most Republicans, gave Ukraine $60 billion in the first 6 months of the war: basically the size of Russia’s whole military budget for the year, and Nikki Haley’s criticism is he didn’t give Ukraine enough and didn’t give it fast enough:” / Twitter

Sam Husseini — subscribe: on Twitter: “Collapse of the Peace Movement, Part II: Left-Right Cooperation There has been real success with the left and right working together. Rather than demonize the @RageAgainstWar_ rally, left-right cooperation should be expanded, esp per @votepact” / Twitter

Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “Professor Anthony Monteiro spoke with @dondebar about #RageAgainstWarMachine march” / Twitter


Nord Stream rupture may mark biggest single methane release ever recorded, U.N. says | Reuters What’s Reset Greta say about this?


“American liberalism has almost no interest in foreign policy and even economics in part because they share establishment ideology.

The only thing animating them is the culture war.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

RFKJ, who I like more than most rich and famous dudes from political dynasties, and who I trust more than all the secret police and weapon maker owned and operated popular politicians, or NWO pushing freakish oligarchs with dick rockets who want to chip people’s brains; his activist group’s newsletter has a headline about how Elon Musk and Klaus Scwab have different visions for the future, and I just don’t believe that, honestly. See, I can like somebody, but still disagree with them. I don’t imagine I agree with Comrade Misty or Caitlin Johnstone or Max Blumenthal or Ray McGovern or Jeremy Scahill or Sabby Sabbs about every subject in the world, but I can still admire and appreciate them and be interested in what they have to say. I think the real rightwing, the deep state warpigs, the Cheny Bush and Clinton cartels have totally infiltrated and undermined the Real Left. I say this as a person who’s been queerbashed and called a faggot and smeared and excluded my whole life. Now all the twitter wars dorks and nerds are calling me this or that or that or this and I see they are nor true allies of the poor, so I stay away from them. Mostly, I’m still live and let live, and believe in the right to freak freely as you will, so long as you harm no others, I think we all deserve food, shelter, acesss to real medicine and real education, not experimental drugs or Agenda 21 indoctrination, but the Davos billionaiires don’t want that at all, so they deploy all the gatekeepers to discourage us from ever uniting to overthrow our common oppressors. They told all the college kids that somehow I’M their oppressor. Me without a car, or any money, who owns nothing. I’d ride my bicycle mikles and miles into the rich colege part of town to help feed cold homeless people grilled cheese, only to get berated by rich gender studies motherfuckers in furry animal hats and zaney backpacks from Hot Topic in the mall who demand I “unpack my privileges”, blah, blah, blah. So I don’t get the people in the pink knitted pussyhats saying don’t attend an ANTI WAR RALLY, cause some libertarian might be there, that is nuts to me. Really just some uptight madness. They are Division Muppets and think cancelling black, transphobic, free speaking standup comics on Twitter is more important than stopping wars. I might be old, but I am not part of that censorship is activism sect. To me, free speech is non negotiable, sacrosanct, the bedrock of legit leftism. The perpetually offended college peeps  might as well be the PMRC or Jesse Helms, they just got cosplay clothing and made up lexicons. I’m not with any of the “just me” cults. Rights and freedom gotta belong to everybody. Even the people you disapprove of. Even the people whose lifestyle or religion you object to. I think it’s like when the professional left of controlled media, the Salon and Huffpost writers who take big paychecks to pen all the ongoing hyperbole about Trump voters protesting at the capital…while obediently ignoring all the people dying suddenly, train bomb toxic fumes in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and war provocations with Iran and China in addition to Russia, and off the hook murderous police still killing people at a rate of over six a day. They pretend they are different from Republikkkans, but I just don’t buy it, all they got is “Not Trump”, as if Lyn Cheney is some beacon of integrity because Gender, ha ha ha ha ha, or the whole ubiquitous media juggernaut of transkid’s rights which is just creepy people in California writing laws about how children, minors, can change their gender without their parent’s  permission, that’s the only “progressive platform” they have to distinguish themselves from Republikkans. Really? When I was young, you could not get a tattoo without your parent’s permission, that makes sense to me. What a crazy time we live in. First of all, shitlibs are extremist rightwing conservatives, they just prefer some token gay people and black women be involved in all the mass incarcerating of the poor, mandates, pipeline building, racial profiling police thugs beating up the disabled for straying into their gentrification privilege zipcodes, fracking, drones, torture gulags, and war. They’re totally cool with the Empire’s murderous policies, just want to see all the Colors of Benetton be represented in the highpaid professional class bureaucracy. They are also the people who think it’s cool to push their sexuality on children, like with the bringing sextoys to the young kid’s classrooms and promoting permanent gender reassignment surgeries to young children, I’m not one of them. Big distinction between believing in freedom for consenting adults to do their own thing their own way, in the privacy of their own homw, and have all legal rights and access to services and freedom to hold hands in public and medical and housing and everything all citizens deserve, and thinking the reading time drag queens need to bring sextoys with them around young kids, I’m not down with that. I’m not down with cys born terf hetero-normative pass privilege people pushing their sexuality on young people, either. Hey, Biden, leave those kids alone. I figure the safespace middle class will always call me a sexist or a transphobe or some shit like that, and the working class machomen with big trucks go vroom vroom will always call  me a fag and a commie. I don’t care anymore. I used to believe I was gonna hitchhike around this country til I found the other people like me, but all the people I found only cared about owning houses and joining the system and getting the most hits on social media and having the biggest record collection. Those were not my people. Why do you think the millionaires kicked all the rebels and dropouts and real punks and conscientious objectors out of the big cities in 95? Why is it only rich people are allowed to even make music nowadays? They don’t want no real alternative messages getting through. Everytime somebody like Assange or Cobain or Tupac or even Dave Chappelle starts finding a popular audience, they get slandered, taken down, removed, or killed off. Replaced with some obedient richkid. They killed Prince, replaced him with Bruno Mars, ya know what I’m sayin’? What ever happened to the right to be left alone? They taught the shitlibs at the university it was there job to make those of us on the bottom comply with the fickle and mercurial whims and preferences of the rich. These middle managers are who keep telling people you should not protest against the wars because there might be somebody else present who you disagree with. It’s okay to disagree, it’s just not okay to push your overzealous fanatical bullshit on other people. James Baldwin wrote a lot about that. Special People don’t seem to get that. Like if somebody of your same gender or label or religion does something creepy and wrong, it does not just magically become okay. Or woke and classy. I thought we already had these meetings.

 It’s a crazy world, I don’t know what the shitlibs really stand for anymore except a police state and WW3 with more mean women in charge, more Gina Haspells and Hillary Clintons. Nikkki Hayley and Lyn Cheney are certainly qualified to lie for empire, drone or torture people and ruin more poor people’s lives, they seem to really get off on that shit. I’m still anti-killing, anti-torture, pro freedom and human rights. Now when Republikkans say freedom, I think they mean the right for oil companies to plunder Syria with a textbook “mad dictator uses chemical weapons on his own people” cover story. Or the freedom for the overfunded, unaccountable, low IQ kkkop to beat black people to death just because. Nope, not me, when I say freedom, I mean your right to control what happens with your body and not take orders from billionaires. The freedom to love who you want, dress how you want, self reference how you want, and eat how you want, dance your own way, worship as you feel called to, or not,  just don’t endanger others, harm children, or try to make me conform to your preferences. Kalltha Kops Karyns want to kontrol other people, that’s a problem. They endanger people just to get their own way, enforce their preferences. I’m not a fan of those self deputized see something/ say something vigilante groups, or the armed hulks who respond to their phonecalls looking for a poor person who needs to be taught a lesson. All these frothing at the mouth aggressor culture warring factions are why I left the Pacific Northwest and moved to the dead quiet doomy desert. I don’t wanna be in conflict with all those assholes. Democrats, Republikkans, Nurse Ratcheds, Tipper Gores, Blue or Red Magas, Blue No Matter Whos, Got-Mines and They/Them know it all, new lingo Shit Havers, I avoid ’em they seem to thrive on drama and conflict, I’m too old and I know they all the kkkops and all the money,  but man, they seem like so programmed to me, like that Bot dude on Star Trek–like they are genuinely losing their humanity, People who are more interested in undermining an antiwar rally, than in learning to work with or peacefully live beside people who like different shit. Where I live now, no one is into what I’m into, but they aint trying to haze, initiate, update, remodel, or otherwise force me to become exactly like them, either. So is it loneliness or freedom? I’m still trying to figure it out! I can tell you I have zero illusions that some big pharmaceutical executive or surveillance tech billionaire or lithium mining fat rich kid is coming to save me, or that any puppet politician with a D behind their name cares about me having a good quality of life. They are just police state corporatists in pants suits. Some empty slogans about justice. Whenever sovereign nations start talking about making a new currency like Gaddafi did or wanna realign the planetary power structure, that’s when Nato and the Pentagon start doing the coups and bombing them and sending in the proxy armies to do bad things they can blame on the local figureheads. But Murkkkans till believe they are doing all that shit for democracy or feminism. The empire does not care about democracy or feminism and the new language being developed and new definitions are not being enforced because suddenly the rich white people just developed a conscience and love the gay folks. There is always a divide and conquer agenda at play. Imagine how rich you’d have to be to get Webster’s to alter meanings in the fucking dictionary. That’s some scary Bill Gates madness and it aint cause he loves you or wants to prolong your life with his scientific philanthropy. All these division programs are being inserted via the colleges, sure, but it’s a top down program. They want you hating your neighbor not organizing against the rich ruling class, depopulation czars and cashless society surveillance warpigs.

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “You can cleanse your insular left-liberal circles of dissent if you want. You’re not getting rid of doubts, just scaring weak and vulnerable people out of expressing them. And all you’re achieving is making yourselves feel powerful. On the NYT letter:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “That Nikki Haley “changed her name,” as The Atlantic’s @jemelehill claimed today, is an outright lie that has been repeatedly debunked even by “fact-checkers” with liberal corporate outlets.” / Twitter

“And once again: in case there’s any confusion, I can barely think of anyone I would less rather vote for than Nikki Haley. I would literally vote for a person randomly selected from the phone book (ask ChatGPT what those were) over her.” (-Glenn Greenwald)


Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Psychotic warmonger launches bid to continue Biden’s neocon warmongering” / Twitter “Russia, Russia, Russia, gender, gender, gender.”

“Make not believing or trusting governments & corporations care about your health, wealth, safety, prosperity or anything remotely related to your well-being the new normal.” (-Probably Austin’s Best Roofer)

“Neoliberal democrats are again playing games with the political cover given to them by the House being controlled by republicans to imposed bipartisan austerity on the population. Like when Biden threatened a windfall tax on oil companies – all theater!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Upward News on Twitter: “🚨 BREAKING: Massive 5 acre fire has broken out a warehouse storing plastic plant pots in Kissimmee, Florida. Hazmat teams are monitoring air quality due to the large amount of smoke coming from the burning plastics. Residents with breathing issues should remain indoors.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is the reality that the rulers who move around the world know but don’t want the people in the U.S. to understand & that is the lack of public investment & control of social & economic infrastructure has reduced the U.S. to the status of a “developing” nation.” / Twitter

You Have To Be Trusted By The People That You Lie To: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone


David Lee Roth really liked & elected to use Steve Vai’s demoed guitar solos for the album ‘Skyscraper’ – Sleaze Roxx

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Implications of US Destruction of Nordstream 2 Pipeline (

“The biggest problem with the western anti-war movement is that there is no western anti-war movement. All the other problems you think you’re seeing in your “anti-war movement” are at best a very, very distant second to the fundamental problem that your movement has no movement.We can fight this by working to exacerbate public distrust in the institutions that manufacture our consent, spreading public awareness of the fact that everything we’ve been taught to believe about our nation, our government and our world is a lie. All our world’s troubles are ultimately due to propaganda; people only consent to status quo systems which hurt their interests because their consent is manufactured via propaganda. And that propaganda only works because of public trust in the messengers. That’s why it gives me hope that trust in the mass media is plunging to historic lows: if people sufficiently distrust those who lie to them, then those lies won’t take root in their minds anymore. Without trust, the propaganda machine can’t function. It’s the difference between wanting to be a doctor and wanting to play one on TV. If you actually care about peace, you’re not quibbling and throwing inertia on this or that aspect of the “anti-war movement”, you’re focused on getting actual movement into your movement….The worst thing about Australia is America. All of the most destructive and dangerous things our country has done in recent decades, and all the most destructive and dangerous things it continues to do, have been the result of our role in the US-centralized empire.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


“Do you know who the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world is? The US Government.” (~ US Senator Rand Paul)

“Can we change the phrase “Stockholm Syndrome” to Germany? Because man, that country is embarrassing itself on the world stage…BIDEN: We’ll destroy the Nord Stream pipeline!

POLAND: Thanks USA, for blowing the pipeline! BLINKEN/NULAND: Hooray the Pipeline was destroyed! NED PRICE: Accusations that we blew the pipeline are Preposterous and nothing but Russian Propaganda.

BREAKING NEWS: White House insiders leak that they are coordinating with Politico to release an article revealing that 51 retired intelligence officials believe that Seymour Hersh’s Nord Stream article has all the earmarks of Russian disinformation.” (-Garland Nixon)

Dave DeCamp on Twitter: “This is a pico balloon, and it may be what your government shot down with heat-seeking AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles, which are worth over $400,000 each” / Twitter

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Status Coup News on Twitter: “”He was projectile vomiting across the floor out of nowhere…he was shaking, he was begging for water, he said he couldn’t breathe, he broke out with some rashes—I’m terrified to go back,” Zsuzsa, on her 9-year-old asthmatic son’s reaction to East Palestine Ohio train fire” / Twitter

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“I love the Buttigieg Transportation Department. every other month there’s a huge fuck up by a set of transportation companies. a bunch of people say it’s not under his purview, he’ll do nothing, and then say “I will not apologize for holding companies accountable.”” (-iPad Expert)

Andrew Mark Miller on Twitter: “I asked Norfolk Southern why they weren’t present at a town hall in East Palestine, Ohio to talk about the toxic railroad spill that has endangered millions. They told me it was too dangerous for them to attend.” / Twitter

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Universal basic Income sounds like a groovy idea to all those of us on the left who believe thta food and shelter are human rights, until you find out it’s the sme pathological, unfathomably rich assholes at Davos who plan on depopulating and human experimenting and microchipping us like cattle for their dystopian control grid, casheless society that wanna be in charge of it. The very same greenwashing scumbags who are fucking up the enviornment with all their private jets and wars. We can’t have any progress if we stay cloistered forever in the little identity echo chambers. I read Breitbart while I’m surfing the webs in the morning, mainly cause I’m scared a Gitmo torturer Desantis is gonna be the next figurehead, or pro torture anti free speech lobbyist, diabolical bigmouth Lyn Cheney cause she’s a woman, or nefarious NWO neo con job Nikki Hayley, and so I can stay up to date on all the rightwing crazy shit they tell the gun owners in this part of the country where I live, who mostly seem freaked out about all the immigrants I just never see and I’m right on the border, and they maddeningly, still refer to the whole dystopian transhuman microchip Gates and Schwab thing as, the “radical left agenda” which is just plain bizarre, if you ask me. Davos elite corporate billionaires are not the left! Meanwhile, all other media keep pretending their demented figurehead aint stirring up WW3 and conspiring with big tech to control all the online algorithms and make it took like nobody “likes” Ajama Baraka’s posts. Sheesh, what a horrorshow. Looks like everybody’s got outrage fatigue though, and no matter how much bad shit they lay on us, controlled media is gonna keep saying it’s all okeydokey for science and diversity and wokeish pro nouns. I knew shit was irretrievably fuckedup when they convinced all the middle class feelings motherfuckers that jetset Nancy Pelosi was somehow, “THE RESISTANCE” cause she tore up a piece of paper, or mock clap rebuked Trump, or did a photo op with RuPaul once. Meaningless, hollow performative theatrics are just nothing. We are so fucked. Doomed, I say, all of us, even you highly educated Whole Foods shopping Sleater Kinney and Tegan and Sara folks. The real powers that be don’t give a shit how you self identify, they are coming for your freedom, same as mine. I kept trying to tell my Republikkkan friends that but they never believe me, cause they think their flag keeps ’em safe, now the citified mimosa brunchers think the rainbow flag keeps them safe, too. I dunno man, I got a bad feeling, sensing a tremor in the force. SO MANY HEALTHY IMPULSES AND RIGHT ON ENERGY ARE JUST ALWAYS DIVERTED AND SHEEPDOGGED BACK TO SUPPORTING THE WAR PARTY. Say no to war and abusive police, say yes to holding rich peopel accountable for their lies. Be sure you know in your heart what you’re even fighting for. Don’t be a fucking fascist like the monsters who abused us that you revile. Stand for something better, something good and pure and true, that can be shared.

Summa my peeps aint even hip to the chemical train bomb in Ohio, even though it happened February 3rd. After a thirteen day coverup, government officials and pig media are finally starting to mention Palestine, Ohio’s train explosion where all the animals are dying, the locals are having nausea, rashes, dizziness and vomiting, did I mention the animals are dropping dead, the water’s black, everybody’s sick and angry, but the governor’s spokesman says the tap water’s safe, the air is safe, to wipedown countertops with bleach and open the windows, and that those symptoms might just be Covid or the flu so you know, the townspeople better go get more extra boosters for public safety, health and science, for the public good. The train company is providing bottled water for now, have been conducting an extensive investigation of themselves and find they’ve done nothing wrong, same as  it ever was, you know they’re all in bed together-every lobbyist becomes a politician and vice versa, and  the government is only watching the mile radius around the initial crash site, as if the toxic plumes haven’t been blowing around, way beyond that circle, for days and days. Of course, this is of grave concern to those of us with loved ones who still remain in that area. The train company and state bureaucrats are thusfar not even offering outta town hotel vouchers for townsfolk like they did in New Orleans and Flint, back when those ecological disasters were being similarly covered up. Even the Jeff Bezos/CIA affiliated Washington Post is finally admitting something is amiss with this obvious train bomb coverup, after so many stories of corporate media reporters having previously been arrested by local cops for trying to cover the story on the ground started stacking up on TIKTOK and became too unmanageable to deny, exactly like when Obama’s admin memorably had private military contractors blocking access, while they were covering up the oil on the beaches during the big BP spill. Shitlibs will still bring up how W mismanaged the floods, but never the BP spill, it’s like it never happened. Or Standing Rock for that matter. Only bad thing that REALLY ever happened was that time when Trump voters doubted Joe Biden’s popularity and gathered in DC to redress their grievances at the invitation of many politicians. Always smelt so fishy to me. I don’t have to agree with you to protect your most basic right to free spech and public protest. What few tiny steps we ever gained during the sixties and seventies counterculture movements were because people organized and mobilized. Shitlibs look the other way while famous bicyclist, Mayo Pete, the so called transportation secretary, provides cover for the rich, and facks all this up for his donor class Blackrock shareholders and secret police bosses, cause they’ve been impossibly programmed to think if he is cuddly and cute like Will & Grace gentrification adorable, he’s allowed to have a free pass for any negligence or abuse of office, no matter how bad he fucks over the poor. “They should have gone to college and gotten better jobs. Probably low information Trump voters, who cares about them, anyway?” I’m not exaggerating, that’s standard middle class empathy for ya-ask around. It’s never the pig corporation’s fault. Or the government, it’s the sick and poor people who are to blame.

What’s really horrific is how people continue to believe the government cares about their safety and health. You won’t hear any outrage from the Squad or Springsteen or Sensitivity Majors who wanna cancel comedians, or from any bigmouthed self important assholes in bands who chose to demonize whistle blowers, rather than ask any questions about the Hunter Biden/Ukraine coverup, or anything related to Covid profiteering or Gates capture of our regulatory agencies, or Russiagate, or big tech collusion with the government in censoring free speech, or the lies for all the wars, or sudden deaths after brief illnesses that no one can explain, or kids having heart attacks, or athletes all dying just because. Ohio’s attitude has always been, those are poor people, fuck ’em. Same as it ever was. I keep seeing bad news about Andy Taylor’s stage 4 big c deteriorating health but man I’m sending good vibes to him and all my ailing hombres and faroff family, life is short and getting ever shorter under the watchful evil eye of the WEF billionaires, so we aint gettin’ our time back. This is it, so it’s important to believe in what you do. I’m here trying to write a song about the train bomb.

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Um…what’s THIS guy think he knows about SCIENCE? Is HIS name Harari? Didn’t think so. Now, Dr. Jill Biden is A DOCTOR, I’ll have you know! A Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor! AND SHE KNOWS OBAMA! Personally! She’s FRIENDS WITH CHELLE! I think that settles all science, once and for all. Science is what Klaus Scwhab and Bill Gates say it is. The end.

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Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Isn’t it rather notable and odd that there’s not a single Democrat in Congress – not one – who is willing to ask the question of who blew up Nord Stream 2, let alone explain its importance with the conviction of @ClareDalyMEP? Could anyone imagine Bernie or AOC getting near this?” / Twitter


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The Piggies “… And Now!” EP

Japanese band The PIGGIES have been around since 1997 although they broke up in 2001 and reappeared in 2017. They are a quite mysterious band (it’s actually hard to find any info about them online!) with cartoonesque girl vocals. They mix power pop, 60s girl bands and punk pop in an interesting way as you can hear in “Tell Me”. Songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or the amphetamine fueled rock’n’roll “Evelyn” are very catchy and hard to resist. Short but sweet, this 6 song 12″ is out on Monster Zero Records (on nice clear vinyl!) /Laurent C.

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King Brothers “Wasteland”

Japan’s KING BROTHERS have their own vision of garage rock’n’roll in which classic STONES guitar riffs and harp meet modern deconstructed drum beats. Known for their energetic live shows, the power trio managed to re-create this wild and furious atmosphere in songs like “No Want”, “The Machine”, or “Bang Blues” in order to give birth to some kind of noisy and hypnotic chaos. This is raw and dirty, but you’ll still find some melodies (“The Farthest End”, “No Thanks.”) “Kick Ass Rock” and “Sympathy For The XXXXX” get their influences straight from anthemic 60s/70s rock’n’roll songs, but still dance on the craziness edge while “Break On Through” is pure noise punk. The ghost of The WHO can even be heard in “No No No”!
While their 2001 album was released by Toshiba EMI in Japan, this new album is out on Hound Gawd! Records and there’s a limited edition of 100 copies on orange vinyl. This probably won’t be your neighbour’s favourite new record, but if you think that rock’n’roll is doomed to its past, then check out “Wasteland”! /Laurent C.

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